Star Trek into Darkness will be in Dolby’s new Atmos sound format

Dolby Laboratories, Inc. and Paramount Pictures, a division of Viacom Inc., today announced at ShowEast 2012 that J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production of Star Trek into Darkness will use the latest technical achievements in cinematic storytelling to deliver a new experience to audiences. Star Trek into Darkness is scheduled to be released by Paramount Pictures on May 17, 2013.

Star Trek into Darkness will be released in Dolby®Atmos™ to deliver a more natural and realistic soundtrack that moves sound around and above audiences, transporting them into the outer regions of the universe.

“We are in the incredible and lucky position to have access to the latest technology, the best possible tools, and the most talented artists in the business,” said Abrams, the producer and director of Star Trek into Darkness. “We are therefore thrilled to announce that we will be employing the amazingly immersive Dolby Atmos audio system to bring the Star Trek into Darkness soundtrack to life.”

Academy Award® winner Andy Nelson and multiple Academy Award nominee Anna Behlmer are the re-recording mixers at the helm of the Dolby Atmos mix; Academy Award winner Ben Burtt and multiple Academy Award nominee Matt Wood are the supervising sound editors. Dolby Atmos is a new audio platform that revolutionizes the experience of sound in entertainment. It allows sound designers and mixers a new level of creative control and ensures that audiences will experience the full impact of the sound mix, regardless of theatre configuration. Said Mark Christiansen, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Operations, Paramount Pictures, “Dolby Atmos brings a new sonic dimension to the amazing visuals Star Trek into Darkness will deliver audiences.”

The list of theatres selected to show Star Trek into Darkness in Dolby Atmos will be made available closer to the release date.


More About Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is a brand new audio technology that can have up to 64 channels, 61 channels of audio and 3 subwoofer channels of information (61.3), which allows for a much more granular, and thus realistic, presentation of sounds all around the theater audience.

Hollywood studios including Disney/Pixar (Brave), Paramount Pictures/DreamWorks Animation (Rise of the Guardians), Twentieth Century Fox (Taken 2, Chasing Mavericks, Life of Pi), and Warner Bros. (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) have adopted the Dolby Atmos format, increasing the count of 2012 Dolby Atmos titles to six.

In 2013, three titles, including Gravity and Pacific Rim from Warner Bros. and Star Trek into Darkness from Paramount Pictures, are already scheduled to receive the Dolby Atmos treatment, with additional studio titles to follow.


For lots more about how Atmos works and sounds see this thorough write-up by Sound and Vision Magazine here:

List of current Atmos enabled theater locations:

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REALLY looking forward to hearing this new format when The Hobbit gets released. By all accounts it’s a huge step up in immersive sound fields.

Thank you for this thread.

I have read a little about JJ Abrams using the Dolby Atmos sound system for STID on TrekWeb and links already posted here. However, being first at posting new information about something does not necessarily mean that what information has just been released is always the most accurate or the best understood and explained.

No one has to always be first at everything and that includes this site when it comes to posting articles dealing with latest breaking news.

This is very interesting and cool. Nice article!

Will need to find a local theater with this new technology.

I was hoping the first teaser trailer would be attached to the James Bond film today, but I guess it didn’t happen. Maybe the Hobbit.

BOBORCI – Your VAN HELSING is going to be about Bram Stoker’s Abraham Van Helsing, not Stephen Sommers’s Gabriel Van Helsing, right?

Will the tone be more down to earth and gritty?

Good to see somebody is manning the ship. Um… but this story was reported at Trekweb on the seventh and later posted on Chat. Here’s some more Trek news. Fan proposes to girlfriend in front of the TNG cast. Again reported at Chat. Link.

In before tears!

Thank you for the article!

Great to read Ben Burtt is back on sound again. I wonder though- isn’t 64 channels of sound a bit excessive? And how would they deliver that many channels without using compression? The majority of releases today (at least on Blu Ray) don’t use compression any longer, though theaters still do.

What BB said. Get back on your game Trekmovie, Trekweb is scooping you.

Question for Matt Wright – How will the movie sound in a cinema that does not have the latest sound/speaker technology? I think that most of our Events cinemas here in NZ have the Dolby system and surround-sound but would that be enough for the Dolby Atmos technology to be effective, as in give the audience the kind of sound experience explained in the links you posted here?

@ BB, Craiger, anybody else – if you have nothing to ask or add that is positive – then, how do I put this succinctly, yet politely –


Rose, we are trying to help this once great site. Trekmovie movie used to have multiple articles a day just like Trekweb and now not. BB, I and others are sad that this once great site has fallen.

Rose didn’t you just complain about this site not being moderated because we now have duplicate posters in here along this possibility of a fake Bob Orci. If this site was moderated more we would also see new multiple articles a day.

Sounds good. See what I did there?

This is actually kind of a bummer. As this will sound awesome in ATMOS theaters it will not sound so great once out on Bluray on the average home theater. Using Dolby Digital True-HD means that the normal 5.1 surround setup will only play 640 Kbps DD. Thats lossy DVD quality. If they used DTS then it would be full Lossless 1500 Kbps on the Bluray. They will not include both formats I can tell you that is a certainty. Ive been seeing to many movies coming out lately in Dolby only and that means the audio suffers once it hits video. I can not afford to upgrade to a 7.1 surround system that is Dolby Digital True-HD compatible yet.

Yes, Craiger, I can understand your point of view, but clearly what you and others are doing is not working. It is only annoying and alienating, especially for people like Matt Wright who do make an effort in bringing us the latest genuine news relating to the new movie.

The complaints that you and others have made about the downturn occurring on this site, re numbers and quality of articles being posted, has been going on for months to no avail. All it adds is negativity and a turn off for anyone new coming to this site.

If this site were properly moderated, then it is more than likely that the imposters and sockpuppets would disappear, but I’m not so sure that we would necessarily see new multiple articles a day. People got tired of reading about what the actors, Chris, Zach, Simon, Ben… couldn’t tell us about the new movie, as much as I suspect that these actors must have felt they were going around the bloody twist having to say a lot of nothing…

For God’s sake – give it a rest!


Has it occured to you that there might be a very good reason why Anthony has disappeared? It’s his site – folks such as Matt, Kayla, and others are doing their best, but ultimately this is Anthony’s baby. Clearly he has something far more important in his life right now. Constantly repeating the same thing OVER and OVER is not going to get Anthony or anyone else to post more frequently.

I know this may shock you, but Star Trek is not the center of everyone’s universe. Real life sometimes takes precedence.

But by the time this site posts news it is old that’s another reason we are afraid this once great site will become obsolete. We like this site and are trying to save it. It used to be fun but now not even people involved with Trek aren’t even posting here anymore. We don’t even know if Bob is posting here anymore. I liked it when we chat with the people involved with Trek. Also discussing with other Trek fans the multiple daily articles sometimes the people involved with Trek would post in the news article also.

Hope we get Dolby Atmos where I live. I was going to ask the dumb question “what’s Dolby Atmos?”, but the video does a great job of explaining what it is. I want the best STID experience possible and this would definitely help!

I think this was floating around in some trade papers before Trekweb posted it. I’ve just taken to Googling STID – tried looking at Trekweb, and it’s seizure inducing.

Thanks for the update, Matt.

@ 10

Rose as in Keachick,

Okay, I made a little dig at the site. But that’s how change happens. If nobody complains about the site’s problems, nobody at TrekMovie is going to do anything. And I was not putting down Matt. But this site is competing with other Star Trek sites. They all deserve our attention but this is our favorite site and it may not be that way if TrekMovie fails to report the stories. Right now on this site we, the fans, are reporting the news.

I am big fan of Anthony for his work. I hope he’s okay. But if there’s something wrong, just tell us. We will understand. If there are other problems with the site, that’s understandable. But right now, fans of this site are in the dark.

As far as you telling me to “Shut up!!”, I’m a big supporter of the First Amendment. If you don’t like our speech, ignore it. I think you will be happier if you don’t read anything that Craiger or I write. But since you want to shut me up, I say to you…


BB, didn’t Anthony make it so you didn’t have to go to other Trek sites because he posted their news here?

Phil, I am getting my news from their but sometimes Trekweb has I.E. error messages, Trekmovie doesn’t.

Bummer…no theater so equipped in my town!

There’s no scooping, man. These are press releases. For some reason, the folks here can’t update this site as quickly as other sites get updated. Maybe their in a different time zone. Or, say, have other jobs and commitments. Or troubles logging into the site.

You want this stuff as quickly as possible? Do a google news search when you wake up or set up a Google News Alert for Star Trek Into Darkness….

I’m making the assumption here that those other sites got it from the same release.

And we know the First Amendment has nothing to do with Internet comments or private conversations — and yet it comes up everytime people say they’re sick of the complaining or someone gets criticized for something they say. Keep complaining, though, if you want. I’d rather see constructive criticism than the loads of complaints…

Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re trolls or violating your rights. But, no, nobody likes to get told to shut up. And nobody likes being ridiculed for their positions. It really doesn’t feel great to get mocked or have your argument torn apart… and I know I have to get better at disagreeing with folks on here, so that i’m not being a dick.

I think a lot of us have said that we really came to count on this site for reporting Trek news and that it did a great job. And that we’re honestly concerned that Anthony might have troubles that are keeping him from the

@ 22

First, Craiger, thank you for defending me for my post. We’ve had bitter fights in the past, and I appreciate your defense. I also want to say if you repeat an idea, go for it. I’ve defended others for repeating their arguments. See Captain Neill. He only got in trouble for spamming with Trek Princess. But not everyone has read their ideas. I say if you are a regular here and don’t like the ideas, don’t read it.

What this site did in the past, was that they searched the web better than we do. So, Trekmovie never had to resort to posting other Trek sites stories unless it’s an exclusive with that other site. If did regularly post stories from the official Star Trek site. So do the other Trek sites.

This site is an excellent Trek website. It’s often cited by other entertainment sites. See Ain’t It Cool News. We comment because we care. Hopefully, TrekMovie will come back and post all Trek news, small and big. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed the picture of the guy proposing in front of the TNG cast. (@ 5) Check out their reactions. Charming.

#21 – Of course you are a big supporter of the First Amendment….hahaha

I *love* it when Americans chuck the First Amendment into the fray, as if other people, especially those living outside the US, have no notion or understanding of such rights and needs. If only people would opt for and act on the other right sometimes, ie the right to be silent…at least, until they have something original, worthwhile, interesting, encouraging to say.

I guess it is time I exercise my RIGHT – to be quiet, lest what I write becomes just as repetitive, boring, discouraging and futile as much of what is posted here. Oh wait…it just may have. The pull of conformity is such a bitch.

No problem, BB.

Normally, Rose Trekmovie would also post Trek articles like that guy proposing to his girlfriend in front of the TNG cast that BB posted. Or new ships in the Trek Online Game, convention coverage, what the other Trek stars are up to, ect. Not just news about the sequel. BB is right about the members of this site are reporting Trek news instead of Trekmovie.

@ 25

Jack says,

“And we know the First Amendment has nothing to do with Internet comments or private conversations — and yet it comes up everytime people say they’re sick of the complaining or someone gets criticized for something they say.”

This site is a private site so the moderator can censor comments. But I disagree with your point that the First Amendment has nothing to do with the Internet. The First Amendment protects speakers from infringement by the U.S. government. See Reno v. ACLU, 521 U.S. 844 (1997)

My point is that I believe in a person’s right to speak. I believe in the marketplace of ideas. That from this marketplace of ideas, truth can come out. See Tinker v. Des Moines 393 U.S.503 (1969)

@ 27

Rose aka Keachick,

First, I’m not patronizing people outside who don’t know about the First Amendment. Freedom of speech is a basic human right. I just used it as defense since you told me to “shut up.” Until Anthony tells me to stop or you come over here to the states and try to shut me up, I’ll continue to speak.

I suggest you not read anything I write. You will be much happier and won’t be bothered by speech that you dislike.

Looking forward to hearing this new sound system. Seems. Out of this World. Lol.

Mike did you get the new Bose one that has it all in one box?

I remember years ago that Dolby was looking to add “elevation” to their sound field. Looks like this is it. Can’t wait to hear it.

Sorry, Mike didn’t realize you were talking about the new Dolby one. Duh. Thought I was in regular chat. LOL.

epic stuff. Can’t wait to watch this movie. I need some star trek!

Here we go again. Somebody posts something stating their concerns about the site, and Keachick tells them to “SHUT UP!”.

She has this habit of complaining about bitching that goes on here, and yet, recently complained about not caring about the TNG Season Two Blu Ray thread.

Once again, the pot calling the kettle black. SHEESH!

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Then you’ll get a daily email with a link to the newest edition as soon as its available.


Dang, I cant wait for this movie, seriously can 2013 get here any faster?

Now the trick will be to replicate this on a home theatre system…

Will we have to chuck all of our speakers, soundbars and subwoofers and start over? Thanks, but no thanks; I just bought a new sound system last year….


How about some Star Trek news?


Okay, now that I’ve warned Rose, here’s some Star Trek news. On tonight’s Big Bang Theory, Wil Wheaton had a funny part. And stay tune through the end, as there will be another Trek cameo!!!! Yeah, I know Wheaton is on the show regularly. I’ll admit I don’t watch the show. But some of you do. Anyway, plenty of Trek references for this hit show.

Here’s the site for the show. Check out the preview and I think they will post the show in the near future.

STID– Medical Acronym for Sexually Transmitted Infectious Disease. Wonder if JJ and company really thought that title thru. Sorry, but I think “Bones” McCoy would appreciate my medical humor.

See, they need more speakers cus it’s Khan

For more news on Into Darkness go to TrekWeb Facebook page and like it

#38. ” Somebody posts something stating their concerns about the site, and Keachick tells them to “SHUT UP!””

To be fair, you have to look at this in the proper context. More like, ” Somebody posts something stating their concerns about the site for the 438th time and Keachick tells them to “SHUT UP!”

Rose is right. The constant repeating is both tiresome and futile. Has been, and continues to be, as it seems to pollute every single article.(few that there are! ) I can skip this site for days and bet the rent that, when I return, there will be post after post from the same broken records, continuing to beat that poor deceased horse. Sigh.

…cool news about Dolby tho, sounds very immersive and I look forward to experiencing it. Also, thanks to all who are posting these cool little tidbits. now I’ll be on my way until I meander back this way in the days ahead…at which time, I’m sure I’ll read the same old complaints and threats from same old folks who threaten to leave, but never make good on their promises! lol

@ 46. Thor – November 8, 2012


In that article, it said:

“Abrams, who is in charge of the “Star Trek” franchise, has previously stated that is first love was “Star Wars” —as a youngster, he was not a big fan of “Star Trek”. It will be interesting to see if Abrams is tempted to direct the new “Star Wars” film, and what, if any, effect such would have on the rebooted “Star Trek” franchise.”

So, looks like JJ might jump ship & get to do what he wanted to do in the first place.


And if you paid any attention, you’ll know that Keachick does a lot of bitching herself. Often about things that don’t have anything to do with the article.


“So, looks like JJ might jump ship & get to do what he wanted to do in the first place.”

Yeah, except that, according to some on this site, he already did that five years ago under the the supposed disguise of “Star Trek”. :-)