Lindelof: Destruction of Vulcan Had 9/11 Effect On Federation For ‘Into Darkness’

In a new interview, Star Trek Into Darkness co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof discusses the process of making the film at length, including how they are dealing with tying into the the last film and the rest of Star Trek canon. He also talks about Kirk’s arc, the time setting of the movie and more. Excerpts and highlights below (minor spoilers).



Lindelof on connection between Star Trek 2009, Star Trek history and ‘Into Darkness’ & more

It is worth checking out the full interview at Collider with Damon Lindelof which was done at the Bad Robot event a couple of weeks ago, but here are a few highlights…

Lindelof wouldn’t get specific on how Into Darkness will deal with the destruction of Vulcan (from 2009’s Star Trek), but did offer a general comment saying…

…we understood when we did it in the first movie that it was going to have a 9-11 level impact on that universe. In the same way that 9-11 happened over ten years ago, but we’re still talking about it and it still influences everything about our daily lives…Anything that happens in our new timeline has to walk in lockstep with Vulcan was destroyed and what is the impact of that on the federation? And what is the impact of that on Spock? What is the impact of that on Kirk? What is the impact of that on the geo-politics of the galaxy itself?

The writer also talked about how even with a new timeline, they "do their homework" to ensure they honor the prime timeline….

I think the fans want to feel that that stuff had a lot of thought behind it and that we’re not being casual about referencing the original series or the Trek-verse. And you have to do your homework especially because we started a new timeline. You have to be very responsible about the sequencing of things because it’s not we can do whatever we want now. Our timeline can’t really abberrate before the first movie where Nero basically destroyed the Kelvin.

Vulcan destruction (in 2009 ‘Star Trek’) had ‘9/11’ type of effect on Federation

Other highlights

  • Confirmed six months passed in-universe between end of 2009 Star Trek and opening scene of Star Trek Into Darkness’ mission on Nibiru
  • Kirk’s arc is still in the "phase that preceded" the type of captain he was in the original Star Trek
  • Changes were made to some of John Harrison’s dialog after casting Cumberbatch, but "that didn’t mean that John Harrison did anything differently, or it didn’t change the story in anyway."
  • Despite "Darkness" title the film contains Trek’s signature humor as "totally dark Trek is not Trek"
  • There is "reasonable expectation" of redshirt death but they don’t want to be "too cutesy about it"
  • Feel that Earth "needed to play more of a role" in their Star Trek movies due to "relatability"
  • Studio has given team a lot of freedom and "no mandates" (like x number of explosions, etc.)

And much more including discussion of how the sets are connected, how the writing process works and more at Collider.

Spock Prime watches Vulcan’s destruction (Star Trek 2009) – Lindelof says team makes sure new movies stay true to prime timeline

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