Brazil Star Trek Into Darkness Press Screening Reveals Big Spoilers + Peter Weller’s Character

Another press screening (this time in Brazil) has revealed more secrets for Star Trek Into Darkness. This time there are many new spoiler details revealed including the identity of Peter Weller’s character and much more. You can read a summary of the report below but beware there are major spoilers.   



Brazilian site has a report from a press screening for Star Trek Into Darkness from Sau Paulo which was presented by producer Bryan Burk. 38 minutes of the movie was shown, mostly from the beginning of the film. TrekMovie has confirmed that the event did happen and that the report is accurate.

Below are some highlights from the report

From the extended beginning of the film…

  • Opening sequence (previewed at IMAX theaters in December) has been reordered to have Nibiru Volcano sequence now opens the film followed by title card and then the scenes in London and at the hospital

  • Nibiru mission ends with Kirk rescuing Spock by violating the prime directive by revealing the Enterprise to Nibiru natives so he can beam Spock out of the Volcano

  • Kirk has a scene in bed (back in San Francisco) in bed with two "cat women"

  • Kirk makes mention of hoping to get assigned to a "five year mission" (implying that the famed five year mission hasn’t started yet for the time he has been captain)

  • Kirk is demoted for violating prime directive on Nibiru, loses command of Enterprise with Pike to take over command Kirk as first officer

  • Pike wanted to send Kirk back to Academy but was convinced (possibly ordered?) to make Kirk first officer of Enterprise by Admiral Marcus (played by Peter Weller)

  • Spock assigned to another ship

  • The "father" character uses his Starfleet ring as a bomb (dropping it into water for a reaction) and destroys a facility (in London)

  • London attack leads to big meeting of Starfleet captains which itself is attacked by John Harrison, resulting in Pike being injured…Harrison transport away

Later scenes in the film….

  • Enterprise severely damaged falling to Earth with Spock in command ordering evacuation

  • Kirk and Scott seen in Engineering trying to stabilize ship

  • Later Spock scene beaming down to San Francisco and starting long chase with Harrions

  • Eventually Spock meets up with Harrison and engages in a fight

You can visit to read the full report but it is written in Portuguese so you will have to translate it.

Motion Poster for Star Trek Into Darkness

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Why did I read that.

Thats it?

I’m with you #2 …

But, I will say I think Kirk’s new position under Pike may help address the criticism that Kirk got command too quickly (especially if it’s mentioned in dialogue).

Those damn Brazilians. Spoiling the surprise. Just kidding. O que você está fazendo?

in beds with cat chicks. That sounds interesting.

Well, there .. Some more info … And no really big spoilers. See JJ .. It can be done. I am now more excited instead of losing interest. Hey,when u get a chance go take a night class on marketing. It will do wonders for you. Fans shouldn’t have to resort to secret showings, in other languages, on a projector and white tarp between two trees deep in the Amazon.

He better not pull this secrecy crap with Star Wars .. Disney will kick his butt to a long tine ago in a galaxy far far away!

Anyway, sounds cool. Pike back in command! I am soooo there.

holy crap. holy crap. HOLY CRAP!!!!

This is just my opinion, and I realize that fellow fans may disagree, rightly so. I am not pretending to speak for anyone except myself.

I am saddened to learn about Kirk and the felines (!) because for the first time in almost 50 years, James T. Kirk will disappoint me.

James Kirk does not disrespect women, alien or human. He is NOT a Lothario. That is a meme, but not true. There is no episode or film where Kirk ever disrespected a woman. He was always respectful and had emotional connections with the women he was with. The exception was if they were a “bad guy” and he needed to act to save his ship. It was never casual.

It appears from the report that Kirk casually engages in this behavior. I have never seen a film where a man slept with two women where that was not used to demonstrate that he was a villain. That is because historically and symbolically, such an action shows women to be objects in the world of cinema.

If the answer is that in this nu universe, Kirk is this way, then this is no Kirk to admire. For writers who knew the hearts of these characters excellently in 2009, this is surprising and a mistake. It makes a joke of Kirk and demeans him, as it does women.

This is something that I hope gets edited before the film’s release.

so Peter Weller is playing Carol Marcus’s Father? Holy BUCKETS!

If Weller is Marcus, who is April… XD

GOOD! Finally some spoilers… I really don’t share other people’s negativity about spoilers. I HATE watching films not knowing exactly how it’ll play out. I read the NEM script back in late 2001 when it hit the web, one year prior to the movie’s release and I didn’t regret it. I’ll see the movie several times anyway and yeah, I want to be spoiled before seeing it the first time. I know it’s “cheating” but it’s much better than being surprised within the film.

But then, I don’t expect anyone to share my take on spoilers. Those who like to avoid them should be left alone…

Admiral Marcus…Duh…So he’s Carol’s father…

I love the bit about the Prime Directive. It’s not just violated out of sheer ignorance (like that infamous buggy chase in NEM) but for the purpose… saving Spock’s life and establishing serious consequences…

Oh wow. Kirk in bed with catwomen…I guess this is just another way of exploring the galaxy and those who dwell in it. Why not? Nothing beats QBE! So Pike wants to send Kirk back to the Academy. Perhaps it indeed was Kirk who got that lecture from Pike on humility. Pike is pissed! Also, it is clear that not only can Pike sees Kirk’s potential but others as well and were prepared to give him another chance as first officer…

Comprehensive story outline. Sounding very good so far.

I just hope that come 9 May (in NZ) that I can look forward to being a little bit surprised (pleasantly, I hope) by something in the film that I have not read about or seen already. I know – I do not have to come here etc, even leave the computer off, but this is like someone handing me a dozen bags of chocolate caramels and expecting me not to eat…sigh….

This link reveals the new 2-part Klingon helmet. There is apparently an oxygen mask below the outer helmet.

Can wait!

So far, no Khan. I’m happy.

“Pike wanted to send Kirk back to Academy but was convinced to make Kirk first officer of Enterprise by Admiral Marcus (played by Peter Weller)” – Hmmm, did Marcus ‘go easy’ on Kirk because of his own history with April? I can’t wait for this movie. Let me rephrase that: I don’t want to have to wait for this movie. May is too far away…


Hi Sisko,

My translation of the original site, however, does state that John Harrison is not likely the character’s real name, it is an alias used in the film.

So is Benedict Cumberbatch is de-aged or enhanced Robert April?

meh i’m so angry with myself right now for having read this
it tells you the entire movie already

#8: Maybe it’s a way to demonstrate s*xuality is dealt with far more liberal in the future, which I’m hoping for. Threesomes do NOT show any disrespect for WOMEN but certainly for outdated moral beliefs. It’s sad that even 45 years after the s*xual revolution, progress in that era is slowly eredicated by the return of ancient morality…

I hate it when people speak out against s*xual liberty in the name of feminism. Feminists claim stuff like p*rn reduces women to objects… Ridiculous. It reduces MEN to objects, for they are nothing but…you know what… S*xuality is power…and women own this power. Two women even more than one alone.

But those who are afraid of that power (as they used to be afraid of witchcraft) want to keep it under wrap: the churches, other religious fundamentalists…now abusing feminism to counteract liberties…Despicable!

#8 – I agree with you. When I saw that in the description, my heart sank. It’s just going to make Kirk look like a jerk and a cretin. I know in the TV show, Kirk got around, but you make a good point. It was always respectful. You NEVER got the impression that he was out to use anyone. I feel like this is just an example of trying to appeal to the “Fast and Furious” crowd of immature 15 year old boys out there. It also shows that maybe, just maybe, J.J. Abrams really doesn’t “get it.”

Thank you for the article, Anthony!

#8, Kirk had no emotional connection with the green girl in the 2009 film. He just wanted her to do something for him (rig the Kobyashi Maru test).

Whoa Bob! – Kirk into Alien Bestiality? You sick Mutha :) Hehehe

Glad they changed the IMAX opening it would not work for a mega budget highly anticipated summer movie like Star Trek ID you have to open big & throw your budget right up onto the screen not start with the personal family story. Only 2 months for me to wait now as I live in UK & they just pushed it up a week (a sure sign its going to be massive as it will be 1 week after Iron Man 3 so a lot of competition).

Same for me number #2 and #4 – rats i must stop using my eyes!
Gotta say it all sounds damn good!

#8 – Interesting comment about Kirk’s apparently disrespectful behaviour.

I realize that this is your own opinion and I also realize that we are hearing about the scene out of context (until we see the complete movie, everything we read will be a little out of context)

What I would like to say is, even on this planet earth, monogamous intercourse and relationships have not always been the norm for many cultures and people. In fact, for many thousands of years polygamy/bigamy tended to be the norm for most societies, for better and worse. It does appear that monogamy has become the preferred way for a couple to relate and indeed bigamy and polygamy have now been outlawed in most countries, but not all. However, some bigamy still persists, even in affluent western countries, despite the penalties.

We have no idea what these alien catwomen are like, what their understanding and culture is. The first thing that occurred to me was that perhaps these females were a pair (quite normal for their species/race) and they engaged as such even when it came to having sexual relations with a male/s of their own kind or with an alien male like Kirk. Perhaps Kirk preferring one over the other could be seen as the ultimate insult to the female he chose not to be with. In other words, he got both or none. He chose both…

I am so biting my tongue about Kirk getting it on with….cats….

I was right! Weller plays daddy Marcus!

Pass the Katnip to heighten the experience!

Now that i’ve read that I can easily forget all about it by May 9th :)

Just glad that it’s FINALLY laid to rest that Weller is NOT playing Khan and neither is Cumberbatch.

Let it DIE.

Uh Alien Bestiality in 3D Imax…

It now seems like the crew could end up in April’s decommissioned Enterprise after Harrison’s siege on Earth, something more closely representing TOS Enterprise.

After the new Enterprise is wrecked and Pike is injured, Kirk would ask about the decommissioned Enterprise because of his encounter with April in the comic. Hell, it might even be on display in San Francisco. Scotty would love the solid old technology.

some star trek writer has been watching too much neko anime heh

No matter what the news is, some idiot says it proves there’s no Khan.

So on the spoiler site it says Kirk lies in his mission report (pretty stupid move to begin with). And then, apparently, doesn’t even bother to check Spock’s to make sure they say the same thing? I thought he was supposed to be a genius.

And can we stop with the designating ‘Other’ women as sex objects? Matching sex objects, even – since I’m assuming the two cat-women are the twin actresses on the movie’s IMDb, apparently named “Sexy Girl 1” and “Sexy Girl 2”. They don’t even get names. It was the same thing with Gaila – gaze upon the exotic green lingerie-clad body. Has nothing changed since the days of James Bond surrounded by a harem of ‘matching’ bikini-clad Asian women?

I’m hoping these scenes are less stupid and less offensive, respectively, than they sound.

So Marcus sympathises with Kirk for saving a race by breaking the prime directive because he helped Robert April do the same 20 years earlier!

Maybe he’s still helping him………

Anyone else here confused how you can be demoted back to being a cadet after you leapfrogged every other rank to be captain in the first place?

Real professional lol.


Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your commentary and for not presuming my argument was moralistic or trying to change anyone else’s thoughts.

My thinking is based on several factors. First, cinema symbolism has always equated these kinds of sequences as villainous (I am not saying whether I think it is villainous or not, just that cinema has tended to use this as an archetype for villainy and not for heroes).

Kirk has never went to bed with a women unless (1) he had a relationship with her (Carol, Ruth, perhaps Edith, etc.) or (2) he had to rescue his ship and utilized his masculine charms as a ruse. It has never been casual. He is not James Bond and he is not a space age Lethario. Never has been in the Shatnerverse, anyway.

As a sociology professor, I am aware that many cultures have differing ideas, including a tribe in Siberia that marries rocks! Diversity is a wonderful aspect of Star Trek. If the intention of the act by Kirk is to have a message about diversity, I am not seeing it. This is a standard adolescent fantasy. Kirk is not with two men, it is not two men with a woman, it is not Kirk with another man, it is a male with two females, something we have seen in many films before. If there is a progressive message here, which I welcome, it may be lost on me. You are right though, this is not contextualized, we do not know the feelings of the felines (!), and I will wait to see the film before protesting too much.


I was not implying any moralistic quality to Kirk’s action. I am not qualified to define morality for any other person. I was speaking to cinema’s symbolic use of this kind of scene as traditionally objectifying women. Mine was not a religious argument, it was a film argument.

Thank you for your thoughts and ideas. It is great to learn what fellow fans think.

Sorry Benedict, I have opened the box of chocolates and I’ve begun to glut!

Well, I think they could have introduced Caitians (the felinoid species from ST, first seen in Star Trek IV) in the JJ Verse in a little more… tasteful manner.

I know for sure that the catgirl jokes will be flying left and right when the film comes out.


Hi David

There is nothing in the original article that says it is not Khan. In fact, the original article says that, if my translation of Portugese is good enough and I understand properly, that John Harrison is likely an alias the character uses. That acutely could help the Cumberbatch is Khan argument. We will know in a few weeks! Thanks!

Very cool stuff. I liked the preview with the movie opening with the alarm clock and the scene of England and going to the hospital THEN going to the volcano, I am not too keen about the switch up, but whatever.

I am also very interested to see these two cat ladies with Kirk, ME-OW!

Where, in the outline given so far about this movie, does it have Kirk using anybody? Kirk is hardly a villain, if he goes back to save his first officer’s life, even if it may mean violating the Prime Directive. That is not villainy – anything but. Therefore, equating seeing someone who is clearly not an uncaring individual with two females sharing the same bed with him as being a stereotypical villain, is a bit sad.

I guess the other question must be – how much closer are these so-called feline women to being humanoid than to being something else? I assume they are more humanoid with features which appear cat like to us humans.

Gaila seemed to find Kirk just as *useful* as he did her. The scene where Gaila helped rig the KM test was a DELETED scene, so I do not consider inclusion of that scene to be at all relevant to this discussion. As far as I am concerned, DELETED scenes are NOT CANON.

… ‘cat women’ – does this mean we will get to see Caitians on the big screen, or will they turn out to be a different species? Apparently M’Ress had a brief drug-induced fling with Scotty in TAS…

Naturally people are finding a bunch of dumb crap to complain about. This sounds awesome.

First of all, to the people whining about Kirk being with two Caitians:

1. Kirk HAS been a Lothario ,whether you want to admit it or not, even in the prime timeline. Anyone remember the opening and closing of “The Immunity Syndrome”? You know, the one where the Enterprise crew was planning on taking shore leave, and Kirk makes a log entry about it while creepily eyeing some female yeoman on the bridge saying he’s looking forward to rest and relaxation? And then says the same thing at the end while creepily eyeing ANOTHER yeoman?

2. This is an alternate reality, ergo, not the Kirk we know and love. This Kirk had different experiences and did not have a father with which to model his relationships after. It’s been shown that children usually look towards their parental figures when learning how to build relationships with others. This Kirk didn’t have that, instead, he had a stepfather who threatened to “whip his ass”


You don’t know the context with which he’s being demoted or even the dialogue in the scene, so sit down instead of judging it before you see it.

And as for the complaints about women being sex objects…again, you don’t know the context of the scene. AND we have Carol Marcus in this film, someone who theoretically is gonna be smart and maybe hip to Kirk’s attempts to get with her (and I’m assuming he’s gonna try). In any event, I very much doubt that she’s gonna be just a “sex object.” Uhura sure as hell isn’t either. So again, take a seat before you start whining and pre-judging.

This gives me renewed hope in J.J. & company. These next 2 months are gonna be insane.

In fact Pike persuaded Marcus:

“Again the film back to San Francisco. Jim is in a bar, getting drunk after being demoted. When he will exert all his glory as flirtatious Kirk, Pike appears. He has good news: he persuaded Marcus to put Jim, as his first officer on the Enterprise while Spock is transferred to another ship.”

Ugh… I want more, more!!!!! Smh
Btw, welcome back Anthony.

Dude, spoiler alert, much?