Watch: New Alternate Teaser Trailer For Star Trek Into Darkness

As TrekMovie first reported, Paramount released a new teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness this weekend, attached to showings of Oz The Great and Powerful. This new trailer is now (unofficially) available online. This ‘kids-friendly’ trailer has about a minute of actual film footage and about 50% is new. You can it below. Of course it contains some spoilers.      


New Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser #2 (aka "kids teaser")

Here is the new teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness which is showing this weekend with Oz The Great and Powerful. The trailer is about a 50/50 mix of new footage combined with stuff seen in the IMAX preview and/or other trailers or the Super Bowl commercial.

This appears to be an unofficial release, however it is very high quality and not taken with a camera in theaters. It is possible that it may get removed from YouTube. As we reported before, Paramount sees this trailer as being the one that is more "kid-friendly." If they follow the same pattern they did with the more kid-friendly trailer for the 2009 Star Trek film, the trailer may not be made available on the official site but could get aired on kid’s TV, like the Kid’s Choice Awards on Nickelodeon, which is what they did in 2009. The Kids Choice Awards airs on Nickelodeon on March 23rd.

And as TrekMovie reported earlier this week, the full (longer) theatrical trailer will be released in 3 weeks with G.I. Joe: Retaliation on March 29th. If Paramount follows their usual patter, that should be available exclusively on iTunes the following Monday April 1st and then via YouTube and elsewhere by Tuesday April 2nd.

Analysis coming up!

TrekMovie will have the usual shot-by-shot analysis of this trailer coming soon.

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I think shorter trailers are better because they don’t tell to much and are concentrated on a few eye-catchers. So you long for more and aren’t oversaturated.

wow this is the trailer we’ve been waiting for

I LOVED it!!!

;-) :-)

Stun. Ning. !

I think they meant May 9th at the end! :P


Looking good.


May come in handy for some…

The ship Kirk and Spock are flying looks a little like Star Wars.

Looks so good ! Each new trailer makes me MORE Excited. Only 8 weeks to go !!

Man this movie looks like its going to rock! :]

6. SherlockFangirl – March 9, 2013
I think they meant May 9th at the end! :P

Yeah May 9th in the UK :) :) x

And the trolls roll in………………..3………………………..2………………1……………

Ok noticed this:

Peter Weller’s voice: “By now all you’ve heard what happened in London”

Kirk say “Punch it” to go to warp like Pike did in Star Trek 09. If I recall correctly the shot is also framed in a similar way.

For gods sake, we’re 2 months from release and there’s nothing so far that even comes close to explaining what the hell is going on in this film.

Where’s a trailer that comes even close to conveying a sense of scale as this one:

Didn’t give away the whole plot, but still really felt like a sprawling and enticing story, and that MUSIC… god. Still gives me chills.

So far for this one we know a starship crashes into some water, Kirk, Spock & apparently Uhura pilot some dumb looking shuttlecraft and Spock makes a quip at an inappropriate time. And Cumberbatch looks menacing.

Less than 2 months until this thing is released in the UK. How about some PR?

Wait, wait! TrekMovie staff, you didn’t call this an EXCLUSIVE. I’m disappointed. I only read this blog for the EXCLUSIVE content that you EXCLUSIVELY get. After all, you never cease to remind us that it’s EXCLUSIVE.

What’s the deal?

Just as Kirk says “Punch it!”, he has a cut on his cheek that looks suspiciously like a Starfleet delta shield.


And I’ll add IMO I hope Abrams can come back to direct the sequel (I know I’m jumping ahead and its probaly unlikely) because from what I’m seeing in these trailers the Bad Robot team has taken TOS and moved it up to a visual level that MAY even be ahead of ST:TMP, and thats saying something.

I mean these trailers are visually stunning IMO, epic even. I’m crossing my fingers and hope they can continue to be directly involved in any further Trek films or TV especially. These guys have nailed it.

Ruins of a Starfleet ship at 0:25 seconds…

Harrison’s hovercraft is some kind of emergency vehicle…

Qo’Nos suddenly looks like Coruscant… XD

Love it!

Hate to say it, but this looks like a big, dumb loud action movie that takes place in space…Kind of like TOS meets Die Hard V.

Thats awesome!
Excellent Teaser, can not wait to see the new full trailer at the end of the month.

Thanks for posting it Anthony!

The ship docked at Spacedock (just as the Enterprise goes to warp) at 57 seconds has red warp nacelles!

Punch it! BOOOOOM!!


Love the Enterprise next to the Starbase…Absolutely stunning wallpaper if applied!

Anybody remember when Star Trek wasn’t just about revenge and big explosions?

@29 Yeah that was the TV Shows. Most of the Trek movies (and as it happens the best ones) were all action movies about revenge.

Looks awesome …….1080P download please Bob!!!

How come Chekov isn’t in any of these?

also, when Kirk says “Punch it”, isn’t there just footage from the 2009 movie?

“Anybody remember when Star Trek wasn’t just about revenge and big explosions?”

Yeah, that was Star Trek 1 and 4.
Two Movies out of 12. The other ones were always that kind of way.

Looks like a good couple of hours of popcorn movie entertainment. I m looking forward to seeing it.

Tell me this is going to work, I Belive in you” is such a cool line.

NCC 07 – ¿B?

Looks like “NCC-07 9” to me. Doesn’t seem to be anything between the seven and the nine, so could it be a nod to Seven?

At :28 what starship is that!?!?
April’s old decommissioned Enterprise? This guy says YES!

“Anybody remember when Star Trek wasn’t just about revenge and big explosions?”

Anyone ever remember a post from this guy where it wasn’t about whining and bitching about JJ-Trek?

— This trailer looks awesome!!!!!

…Bones? Doth mine eyes deceive me? Is it really you, buddy? What are you doing in Star Trek promotional material? Silly guy, he must have wandered into the frame by accident.

Looks great and can’t wait! I hope Scotty is more than comic relief in this film. He has tremendous potential to be a badass.

@40 YankeeWhite, nice catch there pal.

What a twist that would be if two Enterprises turned up to the same distress call.

Really nice trailer, liked it! Very much “not our fathers Star Trek” – but for movies it will work pretty good. But still can’t imagine a new TV show in this style.

Don’t see how Trek can return to the small screen when we are getting movies of this scale. Animated is the way to go for TV imho because then the ‘budget’ is as limitless as the movies.

@16 Dude…calm down. The longer 2 minute trailer that will probably be equal to that trailer you linked is supposed to be coming with Gi Joe at the end of the month. That exact concern was mentioned in the article 2 posts back from this one.

That shot of the Enterprise at 1:00 remindes me of the shot from TMP!

In the sky diving scene, you can see a federation-looking ship in the background we’ve never seen before that looks like the ship crashing into San Francisco bay.

Wow that was a good Star Wars trailer!!