Quinto Talks Into Darkness ‘Peril’ in Manhattan Mag + More Into Darkness Mag Covers

With Star Trek Into Darkness now just over a month away there is more publicity including more Star Trek stars gracing magazine covers. This includes Zachary Quinto in a cover story interview talking Star Trek to Manhattan magazine. Excerpts below plus a look at some more Star Trek Into Darkness related magazine covers.


Quinto Talks Trek In Manhattan Magazine

Speaking of Trek related covers, Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine are gracing the covers of a couple of regional fashion magazines. Quinto is the subject of a cover story for Manhattan Magazine. Quinto has an interview in the mag where he talks a little about Star Trek Into Darkness. Here is an excerpt:

The film isn’t a sequel in the purest sense. It’s a standalone story that hangs on the franchise. In the first reboot, we met the gang, and in the new film, they fracture. “Everyone is sort of on their own, and in peril,” Quinto says.

And what was it like to step into the shoes of the role’s originator, the inimitable Leonard Nimoy? “The first time I did it, it was my first movie. I couldn’t really think about that. And, lucky for me, the second was just so demanding to film,” he says.

The film pushed Quinto physically. In addition to stunt training, wire harness acrobatics and green-screen awkwardness, Quinto discovered his inner athlete. “Visually, there’s a tremendous amount of action for Spock in this film. I had to learn how to sprint. You think just because you can run…” he says.

Here is the cover…

Quinto on the cover of the new Manhattan Magazine

There are also a couple of Star Trek Into Darkness international magazine covers to look at from Mexico and Singapore.

May issue of Singapore’s F*** Magazine

Mexico’s Cinemania April cover

And finally, Chris Pine has a fashion layout in the Spring issue of C Magazine for Men (see more images from the mag Chris-Pine.org).

Chris Pine in C Magazine’s Spring Issue

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I’ve grumbled about this before, and I feel like doing it again… Regarding the cover of Singapore’s F*** Magazine: if those marks on Spock’s cheekbones appear in the movie and are meant to be Spock’s abrasions, similar to those on Harrison and Kirk, and if they are actually meant to represent red blood, rather than green blood, I will be mightily annoyed.

The picture is not clear enough to be sure, so it might be dirt, or the other guy’s blood, or it might be greenish after all, but if it’s red – that’s the sort of trivial error (like the UK flag being upside down in the Superbowl commercial) that can be really distracting.

@1 Chill Out. Spock as a child shows green blood after the fight with the other Vulcan kids. JJ and the team already got that right 4 yeas ago. Believe me they scrutinize every frame in a movie before release. Spock wlll bleed green if he does at all. However I don’t think he does from the trailer scenes shown so far.

@2 rogerachong

Unfortunately it wouldn’t be the first time JJ and team got it wrong. There was a very quick scene in 2009 where Spock is performing a meld on the unconscious Romulan, and he has a red cut on his hand. In fact, here is the text from the IMDb trivia site: “When Kirk and Spock beam aboard the Romulan vessel Spock leans down to perform a mind meld on one of the fallen Romulans. You can clearly see Spock’s right hand with a deep scratch revealing RED blood as opposed to green.”

Now, that goof wasn’t jarring because the scene was very quick, so even obsessives like me didn’t notice the first time round. It’s only when you are watching the DVD for the umpteenth time that you notice it. And that’s OK. All movies have goofs that, hopefully, you don’t pick up on the first time you watch the movie. After that, it’s a game to play when rewatching a beloved movie or episode: pick the continuity errors and other goofs. It becomes fun.

However, if the scene is long enough, or the goof obvious enough, to be noticed on the first watching, then it becoms jarring.

I understand that fashions and styles change. But looking at that Chris Pine cover just reinforces my estimation that Karl Urban is the ONLY one of the modern Trek cast who seems to know how to wear properly tailored garments.

I can just picture Garak wincing!

Dang, that F*** cover is so many levels of wrong for a Star Trek movie. I have yet to see a poster for this movie that let’s me know it’s a Star Trek movie (other than the words “Star Trek”).

Ehh, I’m a Struzan fan.

The F magazine cover looks like an H&M ad…not that I’m complaining. “Jim, you must tell me where you got that dashing infinity scarf?” Seriously, I want one!

OMG Pine, Quinto, and Cumberbatch all on the same cover?! I’m dead *keels over*


The flag was upside down because of disaster. That’s pretty basic knowledge. How old are you?

The photos of Chris in the C For Men magazine are awesome … in the photo used on the cover of the Mexican magazine ‘Cinemania’, he looks like a baby, a teenager … he’s gorgeous, but not fascinating … photoshop is annoying sometimes…


I don’t know maybe I’m wrong… ;-) :-)

These covers are pretty good. I never understand why people nitpick so much, as if finding a fault or making one up is such a wonderful thing.

1. ObsessiveStarTrekFan: They’re just shadows. Look at Cumberbatch’s cheekbones.

I wish I had cheekbones like his…


What bothered me more was how Spock bled red in the “Nero” comic, and then it wasn’t corrected for the trade paperback.

On another note, the sooner those micro-lapelled, skinny fit suits go out of fashion, the better.


In the words of the shat himself:

“Get a life”


See, I like the Cinemania cover, because it’s the only one that *doesn’t* look Photoshopped to hell.

In TOS, Spock’s blood was a light green colour

However, would his blood be necessarily just green or red? I would think it would have a dark green/red look, because he is a combination of vulcan and human. I would also think that it might be hard to find the right kind of blood to give him a transfusion, if he ever needed one. His best option would be to become a blood donor, for himself.

There’s no real British tradition that flying the union flag upside down indicates distress or disaster. That’s an American thing. Our flag is so commonly flown upside down in error that it could hardly be

@8. Anthony Thompson

Why, thank you… They fixed the flags to be up the correct way in the International trailer – if you care to compare the two clips – so I think not.

In answer to your second question: old enough to be your mother (at least), so keep your sass to youself.

@11. Jovius the Romulan

Yep, you are right about the comics. I’ve noticed the red blood there too. However, I get less hung up on those – don’t really know why – maybe because they are comics. I recall in the first couple they couldn’t decide what colour Kirk’s eyes should be. And for some reason the cadet uniforms in several of them are grey when they were red in the corresponding film scene.

@15. Keachick

If Starfleet wasn’t stockpiling his blood before, they should be doing it now. According to TOS Journey to Babel, his Vulcan blood type is T-Negative (with just a few Human factors), which is rare even in the Prime universe. I guess it’s even more rare now after the destruction of Vulcan… At least, both Sarek and Spock Prime are also T-Negative, so he’s not the only one in existence to have it.

15. Keachick: Only in “The Man Trap”, where it was nearly yellow-ish and hard to see against his skin. After that it was more emerald green (probably due to the latter observation) as seen in all subsequent Star Trek installments. (They seriously effed up on the Klingon blood in ST6 though.) I agree it makes more sense for him to have almost brownish blood rather than green or red for that matter, but for story expedience in “Joruney to Babel” they made it so that his father’s Vulcan side was more dominant so his blood was compatible. It should also be mentioned that they didn’t make his mother human until later. In “WNMHGB”, he simply says that one of his ancestors married a human female. (Which is a pretty distant way of referring to his estranged father, in hindsight!) They later retconned it so he was the direct offspring of a human mother.

But then… in ST09, the Romulan miner Sulu stabs has light greenish/yellowish blood — like Spock did in The Man Trap! Really confused. It’s never been clear just how closely Romulans resemble Vulcans, but those brow ridges were downright stupid from the getgo in TNG… much preferred the subtly altered ear shape and heavy brow they did in ST09.

You run into all sorts of problems if you think too much about this stuff, haha.

18. ObsessiveStarTrekFan: Yes, speaking of obsessive Star Trek fans…

I haven’t read the whole thing, but why did they not just make them blue like Pine’s are? If they were attempting to make them hazel like Shatner’s, that’s kind of weird. It’s even weirder when you consider that Nero had a holo-image of Shatner-Kirk rather than Pine-Kirk in “Countdown”…

The pink klingon blood was supposedly because they wouldn’t allow them to show that much red blood and keep their rating. I don’t know if that’s true or a myth.

Is that true about the red blood in Trek ’09? It seems unlikely that they’d make a mistake like that.

This whole marketing process is so bizarre — they do huge rounds of publicity and magazine covers a year or more after they actually did the work. I know, it’s every movie — but it’s weird. I barely remember the work I did last week.

I’m getting a little tired of hearing that that image looks nothing like a Star Trek movie because they’re out of uniform and have guns. Sometimes in Star Trek they use guns and are out of uniform. Why *wouldn’t* they show something fresher/different than Kirk in gold and Spock in blue standing side by side.

How many magazine covers did we see, for years, of the various movie leads just standing there in uniform, a few extra pounds and a bit more grey being the only hint that it’s a different photo than the identical ones from the previous movie.

Posters and images show/exaggerate conflict. Look at all those R.I.P. comic book covers over the years.

By the way, taking half-human literally (his bllod should be half red and half green,) is dumb.

@21. Jack

“Is that true about the red blood in Trek ’09? It seems unlikely that they’d make a mistake like that. ”

If you have the DVD, you need only to freeze frame on the meld scene with the unconscious Romulan on the Narada and look at Spock’s hand.

#23 – Wow, thanks Jack – not.

It is canon that Spock is HALF human, HALF Vulcan, so therefore one could assume that his blood would have aspects of both parents, hence the colouring I alluded to. However, I agree that the more likely colour could be brownish in nature, but I guess that may not look so good on film. After all, they want to show a feeling, thinking Spock being hurt and showing red blood qualifies…except that some people still think that Spock does not have feelings, except that he does because Vulcans also have feelings. Sarek said so, in ST09. It is just that over time Vulcans have developed methods to effectively suppress most feelings or at least the expression of such…

Sorry – I must be channeling John Harrison at the moment. One hopes it will pass…

@25. Keachick

It is canon that Spock’s blood is copper-based (Human blood is iron-based)and green: McCoy’s ‘green-blooded…’ rant from several TOS episodes as well as TWOK and Star Trek 2009 for example clearly reference this. We also see Spock’s green blood in TOS Patterns of Force, for example, and Star Trek 2009 (the scene where Spock as a child has a split lip – not the scene they forgot to fix of adult Spock on the Narada).

25. Did you say that? Hadn’t realized. But I think we, and Trek writers, take half-x, half-y too literally. I’m presuming even fictional inter-species genetics don’t work that way (mom’s eyes are blue, dads are hazel, so kids eyes will be precisely half-blue, half hazel or a precise 50/50 combo of the 2). What do I know?

24. Huh. That’s bizarre. You’d think somebody would have noticed.

24. ObsessiveStarTrekFan – “If you have the DVD, you need only to freeze frame on the meld scene with the unconscious Romulan on the Narada and look at Spock’s hand.”

I wonder, has any asked Zachary Quinto if perhaps he actually injured himself? Certain HIS blood would be red. (Unless there’s mor eto him than we know…)

Hope, the final frontier…


I agree with Abrams who said in a recent interview with the UK’s SFX magazine:

“The biggest argument I hear against it (Star Trek 2009) is that ‘it’s not what was done before. Its different.’ And yet Star Trek is all about boldly going where no one has been before! So you either have to say, ‘I love Star Trek and I’m willing to see where this goes’ or ‘I just don’t want to see anything thats not with William Shatner”

Jack – I did not like it that you called me “dumb”. OK, I am probably taking stuff too seriously…oh dear. You are right. Strictly speaking, Chris Pine should have one blue eye and one brown eye, but he doesn’t. He has blue eyes and his sister has brown eyes. His father has blue eyes and his mother has brown eyes.

Actually, I have seen someone with one blue and one brown eye. Seems it can happen, rare though it is.

The problem with giving Spock brown blood is, when he bleeds, people will claim that he’s full of crap!


Buy yesterday CINEMANIA ;)…’El cine hecho Revista’ (Movie’s maiking Magazine)

Sorry, Keachick. Didn’t mean you…

21. Jack: Frankly, even with the pink/purple blood, I’m surprised the film didn’t get a PG-13 rating. The theory’s been out there for a while, but Nicholas Meyer seemed unaware of his mistake (astoundingly so, after over a decade of fan reactions!) on the DVD commentary. He simply said that he was originally going to make it green but chose purple due to Vulcans already having dibs on it. D’oh! Unfortunately, his inexperience with Trek occasionally did him in with things like that. Plus, I never understood why Starfleet phasers would make someone bleed… that’s something one would expect with a disruptor if anything. (Like the Jem’Hadar weapons, which contained anti-coagulants to make a non-lethal wound bleed an enemy out.)

28. Captain Dunsel: I’ve never noticed that “goof”, but just hearing about it now I’d also have to assume Quinto got a small boo-boo on set during the phaser fight. Still would have been nice if they caught it in editing and either CG’ed it out or colour corrected it green. Ah well. I’m sure a fan edit will take care of a lot of ST09 griefs someday. :P

32. Red Dead Ryan: Psft. Not like McCoy doesn’t give him that enough already. :)

blood……those marks could be just bruising…..remember what copper looks like before it oxidises, the green could come from richly oxygenated blood, while depleted cells/tissue could have that brassy or “new penny” look, just as human bruises go black and blue.

….just a guess