Today’s Mission: Scan This Rare STVI Photo To Win Points On Star Trek App

Today TrekMovie is proud to be the destination for a new exclusive mission on the official Paramount Star Trek app. Today’s mission is to come to and ‘scan’ a rare behind the scenes photo from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Check out the cool photo from the Paramount archive by clicking the ‘more’ button below to win points on your app.   



Star Trek App Mission: Scan this image from Star Trek VI

To win points and go up in rank with your Star Trek app you are sent on various types of missions. Today’s mission is to ‘scan’ this rare Paramount photo with director Nicholas Meyer on the set of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

SCAN above image for Today’s Star Trek app mission (click to enlarge)

DOWNLOAD IMAGE (Right Click chose ‘save link as..)

Mr. Meyer tells TrekMovie that after Star Trek VI he he convinced Paramount to make the Starfleet blankets (seen above) which were sold to fans at conventions. He says he still has several of them.

Get the app

The Star Trek App works with both iOS and Android devices and if you haven’t downloaded it yet CLICK HERE. The app offers exclusive content and regular contests. For example this week the app has a contest to win a trip to the 2014 MTV movie awards.

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would love to but my app (for droid x) stopped working months ago :(

I’d rather win one of the blankets.

“Meyers” should be changed to “Meyer.”

Nicholas Meyer in both his Star Trek VI commentary and his “The View from the Bridge” book loved to talk about how he got Paramount to make official Star Trek blankets. Wish I was old enough to talk my parents into getting me one.

My optical scanning bit quit working like two or three weeks ago. I can still scan sound but images just refuse to work. :(

I agree with AyanEva.

The sound scanning works, but the image scanning stopped a long time ago. Very sad.

My app won’t ‘see’ the image. This thread might spiral into to tech support

no sound and no image scanning here… :-(

Got it, almost a Commodore :) 6 & 7 i would try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, it is really wonky on the Droids i have used.

Would love to get some of those blankets!!


Borrow a friend’s iPhone for 10 minutes, install the App, sign in with FB and scan. Then sign out on your Droid and sign back in and the points will be there!

Uh, I would scan it if Image Scan worked! I really can’t believe that the app developer has made absolutely no effort to fix that.

Anyone who is having trouble with the scanning on Android:
1)Go to Settings>Apps>Downloaded>Star Trek
2)Force stop the app
3)Clear data
4)Restart app
5)Sign back in

Scanning should now work.

I could never get the app to work correctly on my Razr Maxx HD- so I had to take it off-

@10: Thanks for that! Just reinstalled and now I can catch up on all picture the missions. :)

#14 Did as you suggested. When I get back home I’ll test it and hopefully it will work!

Was just informed by Emperor Mike and AJ that today is Anthony Pascale’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Anthony. What would Spock say? Oh yeah. Live long and prosper.

Im a lieutenant commander so far :D

Comment #14 by Sean – Confirm as working on Nexus 4 running 4.2.2

Thanks for the tip.

I really didn’t like how the movies started putting the darn Star Fleet logo on EVERYTHING. And that became standard.

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times… Message, Mr. Spock?

scaned it ,cool love to have a blanket for my bed ,Happy Birthday Anthony a fellow aries,my B-day is tax day


“None that I am aware of, except of course: Happy Birthday!”

LOL well all you that can’t do pics and can do sound I envy you. I can’t do sound on my Iphone!!!!

The app worked great for a long time — But hasn’t been able to scan an image or sound for about 4 or 5 weeks now. BUMMER!!!!

Happy Birthday Admiral Pascale! And thank you for your years of dedication to!



Anthony, happy birthday!

Where can I get one of those blankets?

Are those Kim Cattrall’s butt indentations in the top picture? Wait, that’s LN’s toe marks at the bottom. Good lord!

Happy Birthday, Lord Anthony, sir!!

Hope you’re enjoying it.

(I dare you to re-post your momentous entry onto the bridge when Shatner was there. C’mon!!!)

I Just read the tweet from Shatner now. Happy Birthday, Anthony & as our Vulcan friends say:”Live Long And Prosper!”

#14 Just got back home and tried scanning and it works! Thanks so much for the instructions! 60 more points to Lt. JG! I can make that up by scanning all the crap I couldn’t scan before.

Like most other people, I can no longer scan images, including this one. This REALLY needs to be fixed.


Glad to hear it! FYI, it’s not necessarily a permanent fix, I have had to do it more than once to get it working again.

I’ve still got one of these, used it briefly and it has been in its original packaging since then. Can’t remember where I picked it up.

@10. rm10019
“Got it, almost a Commodore :)”

COMMODORE? Seriously? Did you have to go on a road trip to all the “map” missions? I’ve done every mission except for those and I’m only 50/300 through Commander. I’m not about to go on a road trip for an app…

By the way, anybody know of a good place to find a list of images for this thing? Sometimes it tells you where to look, like today, but sometimes it just says “find this photo,” and those take a really long time to hunt down.

Happy Birthday Anthony! May you live long and prosper!

#14: Thank you! I’ve finally made it to Commander with Image Scan back in business.

#38: You don’t have to go on a road trip. Download a location “spoofer” from Google Play or the Apple store if you’re so inclined.

#41 Cannot find any location spoofer in the iTunes store. Any suggestions on what to search for?

Has anyone had any luck scanning the Entertainment Weekly covers, 2009 blu-ray or Empire magazine images? I have had no luck with online images or the actual physical articles.

How cool is it that the Shat himself tweeted you B-day wishes.
Happy belated AP & all the best.

Anthony Happy Birthday. Great job with this site LLAP

#42: Sorry, I’m an Android guy. Someone just told me that Apple doesn’t allow location/GPS spoofers in the Apple App Store. I’m told you can go to to get a location spoofer for iPhones.

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? None of the photo scans work on my phone. The audio scans do. Is there a trick to it?

Some of the photos are tricky to scan. The software is smart but not perfect. Keep moving the camera around, try different angles. You don’t need to get the entire picture in the frame, so try moving closer to the picture. Some people’s apps may not be working at all. All I know is mine works.

#42 “Has anyone had any luck scanning the Entertainment Weekly covers, 2009 blu-ray or Empire magazine images?”:

For the EW covers and EM images, I just put the pictures of those covers and images that were posted here at trekmovie up on my screen and scanned. Move the thing around long enough and it eventually worked.

Scanning the disk was by far the hardest. I suspect it’s because of the reflective quality of the surface. I used the DVD, placed it on a brown blanket on my bed, under my ceiling light and tried to get a straight-on view without casting a shadow on it (which was hard because my ceiling light is in the exact center of my ceiling). I was about to give up when I finally got it.

I just had an idea if you’re having trouble getting the disc to scan. Try taking a snapshot of your screen on the mission description where it says to take the photo (it has a picture of the disc). Then upload that image to your PC and put it on your monitor, then scan it. Don’t know if it would work, but worth a shot.

@myself, earlier in this thread
Speaking of hard to find images, the new mission is to find a slitscreen photo of Shaner vs Gorn in the 60s and the same photo today. It gives no clues where to find the pic, but it appears to be this one:

Eek nevermind that wasn’t it. Sorry for posting so many times in a row. We have no “delete” button.