Shatwatch 2014 – Featured in new Visit California promo

Shatner sighting! Not only is Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk featured on latest TV spot, his segment was shot at his old stomping grounds, in the backlot of Paramount Studios.

Click here for a short look at the making of his segment: is the web site of the office of tourism for the state of California,  tasked with providing travel information including California vacations, California tourism, and other events throughout the state. Mr. Shatner is one of several celebrities lending his talents to this latest promotional effort.

On a related note, if you find yourself in Frankfurt, Germany on February 21st, and are looking for something to do, William Shatner is scheduled to appear at Destination Star Trek, in Frankfurt. Looks like Trek will be well represented at the event next weekend.

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Only Shat can list on his resume: “I’m Shat” and make money!!

I am not Herbert
Harry Ballz

Never mind Shatner, how about that chick on the water jetpack?

I am not Herbert

…and, oh yeah… SHAT RULES!! =D

I am not Herbert

…yeah, I LOVE LIVING in (Northern) California! <3

…too bad we are running out of water… =(

Thanks, greedy free-market profiteers! =(

I am not Herbert

Hey Harry Ballz! =)

YAY! for (California-grown) boobies! =D


I think you will find it is spelt Frankfurt.

Harry Ballz


Hey, how’s it going, I am not Herbert?

I’ve been to California about 20 times in my life. I LOVE IT!



Good ol’ Shat, I love his sense of humor about himself!

Herbert, The 8 years I spent in California were the best years for seeing natural beauty [plenty of male pulchritude on view, too]. I love the hills, ocean views and redwoods, the fantastic campsites, and more. I used to walk on the beach in Alameda and look at the GG Bridge and the Bay Bridge and the city, lit up like jewels …

I will never forget my drives up the coast on Highway 1. I can rhapsodize about CA for hours. I am sad that I couldn’t afford to stay. Plus the drought conditions worried me [indeed, “thanks” Las Vegas and other diverters of NoCal’s natural watershed supply].

So I moved to north Flori-duh [the politics here are nothing like NoCal’s, believe me. I don’t think they’ve ever heard of the Green Party here]. The water supply here is good at least for the rest of my life, and though the summer heat and humidity are horrible and there are NO mountains or hills or evening fog rolling through the Golden Gate, at least the oak trees in North Fla are nice :-)

The Georgia mountains, unlike the California hills, are over three hours away from where I live. In Alameda I could be at the coastal hills in about 30 minutes.


I am not Herbert

Hey Marja =)

I used to live in Alameda… great little town! =)

…but right across the bridge from Oakland… ;-)

my sympathies re: florida political reality… hope u can make a difference! =)

Happy Pez’s Day everybody! =D

I am not Herbert

you must have been in the navy… ;-)


@5. Well, being from southern CA – a contracts a contract, had it over.

I kid – CA’s water woes are, to some extent or another. self inflicted. Northern CA has some really weird ideas on how to waste water as well, and still seem to have issues with adding storage capacity. So, the big question mark is, while CA is bone dry, the Colorado River drought seems to be easing – record snowfall at the headwaters for the CO. River should ease the problem.

Regardless, it’s a good idea to save H Two Oh this year, regardless of where in CA you live.

Good to see William Shatner in action again. I hope he’s active in the Star Trek universe come the fiftieth anniversary. But I don’t want him in the next movie because it doesn’t make any sense. Regardless, he should be actively involved in the celebration of Star Trek at year fifty.

Captain Dunsel

@Marja & I Am Not Herbert

“But, vhere is Ah-lah-meedah?!”


No offense to Shatner, but he is a native Canadian, who makes his U.S. home in Kentucky.

As a citizen of the great state of California, I’d like to seen “true Californians” featured in these commercials, of which I bet are partially funded by the state taxes I pay in California.

Let Shat promote Canada and/or Kentucky — his homes.

I am not Herbert

New Study: Internet Trolls Are Often Machiavellian Sadists


Lousy Canadian/Kentuckian carpetbaggers.
When will this country wake up?





Not related to this story,,
but an interesting Star Trek add !!


@ 2, 5

I am not Herbert,

First let me admit that I do digress from the story at times when I post. But what does allegedly “fake snow” have to do with William Shatner doing California tourism commercials?

Second, I clicked on your hyperlink on your name which features one of those “look out for the new world order” websites. (CLG) It seems the guys behind it are also 9/11 truthers. If this is your website then let me apologize now. Your website is you, assuming you are behind CLG.

However you bring up fake snow. By the way, I haven’t heard any legitimate scientific organizations make that finding. You link a paranoid website about government conspiracies. We’re not dumb. You are saying fake snow is some type of government conspiracy. This has nothing to do with William Shatner or the great state of California. The logical conclusion is that you are proselytizing, Please stop it.



When he says he loves living in Northern California, that means he loves smoking weed in NoCal.

And that certainly explains a lot of behavior here on this website over the years.

I am not Herbert

FYI: it’s not MY website, and I am most definitely NOT proselytizing…

as usual, you and your ilk are trying to throw me under the bus… =(

…just hoping to inform my fellow fans of Sci-Fi-like “weirdness” ;-)

(BTW: If you are not concerned about secret government (Illuminati) maleficence, you ARE dumb.)

Re: “…smoking weed in NoCal.” What’s not to LOVE?? <3 <3 <3



Damn, i even live in Germany, but don’t have enough money for the train to go to Frankfurt.


#22 Exverlobter

Damn, i even live in Germany, but don’t have enough money for the train to go to Frankfurt.

My friend, take a flight to Frankfurt. Isn’t flying dirt cheap in Europe compared to trains?

Ensign Ricky

I have no desire to ever visit California. Besides there are enough Californians over running the Flathead Valley in northern Montana.


Shatner, cool.
California, cool.
But no news is NOT good news. At least not for me. It’s almost as if another Trek film’s not gonna be made!
It’s almost as if that’s asking too much!?! But Bad Robot, Paramount, CBS…SOMEBODY!!! THROW US A FRAKKIN BONE FERKRISSAKES!!!

Sorry. Venting.

And frustrated.


Daoud, The Sinfonian

William Shatner has his primary home in Los Angeles, California, MJ. His home in Versailles, Kentucky is for when he’s there working with his horses that are based there and race on the Louisville-area circuits.

“Go climb a rock.”


@25. I know I’ve pretty much been accused of spiting into the wind on this, but 2016 is already shaping up to be a very busy year in cinema. 2016 is going to be bracketed with Episode 7 at one end and Avatar 2 at the other. We know K/O already have commitments to Spider Man sequels and The Mummy reboot. Ms. Saldana is going to be busy promoting Avatar 2 in the last quarter, and with Superman 2, more X-men, and Marvel all over the calendar in the summer it’s going to be a very competitive year.

Let’s face it, Trek’s 50th is going to be a TV extravaganza, and really, that’s where it belongs.


What about the other celebrities who appear in this commercial? Are they all originally from California or even the USA for that matter?

If we are going to be exact in these matters, MJ and others, perhaps we could look at just who are the true born and bred Californians among the latest Star Trek cast and whether they could *legitimately* be part of an advertisement revelling in the wonders of California. Let’s see, shall we?

Zachary Quinto – born Pittsburgh and brought up in same
Zoe Saldana – born New York and brought up in same
Karl Urban – born NZ and brought up in same
Simon Pegg – born UK and brought up in same
Bruce Greenwood – born Canada and brought up in same
John Cho – born South Korea and brought up in Los Angeles as a child (we’re getting close – just)
Anton Yelchin – born Russia and brought up in California from 6 months old (closer)

and last, but definitely not least –
Chris Pine – born Los Angeles and brought up in same. Not only that, his mother also born LA, California. CP for the win!!!

So there you have it. Chris Pine is only true Californian with a Russian and South Korean born respectively coming in a second/third. Yet William Shatner has lived and worked in California far longer than any of these three guys can lay claim to.

William Shatner can quite legitimately (as if he couldn’t) advertise the glories of the state of California as well, if not better, than many others!


@27. I think MJ was just venting. Shatner owned a home here, so if he established residency at some time, he’s fine. Besides, the old joke is that no one is actually from California, anyway. Everyone came here from someplace else.


@26. crazydaystrom & 28. Phil,

As MJ pointed out in one of his posts, Bob & Alex are world class procrastinators. They are so busy with all the various TV & movies projects that a project like Star Trek might be delayed for months & years. This happened with ST 09 which was supposed to come out in 2008 & with STID which was supposed to be released in 2012.

But I’m sure they will honor the 50th anniversary & will release ST XIII in 2016, on Saturday, December 31, 2016 to be sure :)


@29. Keachick

“William Shatner can quite legitimately (as if he couldn’t) advertise the glories of the state of California as well, if not better, than many others!”



31. Ahmed – February 18, 2014

As MJ pointed out in one of his posts, Bob & Alex are world class procrastinators.

But I’m sure they will honor the 50th anniversary & will release ST XIII in 2016, on Saturday, December 31, 2016 to be sure :)



No doubt





Yea, you can bet it will be a late 2016 release. It will come out at least two, if not three weeks before Avatar. Probably December 4, 2016.


The ad should be either from people born in California or who currently live here as their primary home. Shatner fits neither of these criteria. His current primary home in KY.

There are plenty of actors/famous people who fit this criteria. Chris Pine Leanardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Anniston….I can name dozens more.


14 Dunsel, When my ex-husband and I watched STIV:TVH, and Chekov and Uhura arrived at the “Enterprise’s” berth, my ex said, in a loud whisper: “That’s not the Enterprise! It’s the wrong hull number.”

[rolly eyes] Jane’s Naval Warships strikes again ….

Daoud, The Sinfonian

@35 Ranger was a stand-in for Enterprise. :) Nowadays, it’s a simple fix with CGI. But back then, I don’t think the USN was willing to repaint Ranger to be as convincing!

I just like to think of it being in an alternate universe where Ranger and Enterprise have each other’s numbers.


11 Herbert, U.S. Coast Guard! Also on Alameda. In fact the USN was beginning the process to close Naval Station Alameda in the 1990s. But “Coast Guard Island,” Alameda, lives and breathes. As to Flori-duh’s politics, I live in one of the two most liberal counties in the state. Even so I’ll do what I can to unseat Rep. Sutherland [another “Tea Party” toadie].

12 Phil, I remember being gob-smacked at seeing a store owner in a Southern CA resort community using a waterhose to clean the sidewalk in front of his establishment. I still wish I’d asked him what the hell he was doing in the middle of a drought.


31 Ahmed, 33 Daystrom, Maybe this is why they’ve delegated the ST3 script drafting to Two New Guys. They’ll simply have oversight, spending minimum time [sigh]. Yeah, 31 Dec sounds about right. Hellz, summer 2017 would still be within the anniversary year, dammit [if they don’t use Inclusive Year, which would be Sep 2015-Sep 2016, 50 years if you count em on your fingers and toes].

34 MJ, Oh “goody,” another hammering at the Box Office for Star Trek. Can they really be this dumb twice in a row?


@34. Anything that releases in December prior to Avatar 2 is going to get bludgeoned in the box office. I’d be shocked if any studio releases any movie in December 2016 with a budget north of 100MM. Assuming Bob can pull a script out of his @$$ sometime in the next sixteen months, a release in August-October makes the most sense right now. And again, setting aside that most everyone involved with STID is off on other projects right now….and with the one year anniversary of STID three months away there hasn’t been a peep out of anyone (credible) about the third installment. The safe bet continues to be some sort of commutation on TV at this point….

Okay, I get that Shat has his detractors, but come on now, a California purity test to be considered for a part on a tourism board commercial? Maybe they should produce their CA tax returns as well? Personally, I don’t fault anyone who has made their money for establishing residency somewhere where the taxation environment is a bit more friendly…


PSA: All your STID questions will be answered TOMORROW!

Star Trek: Khan #5

In Star Trek: Khan #5, overseen by Roberto Orci, the “climactic chapter of the origin of Star Trek‘s greatest villain” is presented.

“But how did he come to be called ‘John Harrison’? How did his vendetta against Admiral Marcus and Section 31 begin?”


commemoration, damn it, not commutation….


@38. Phil – February 18, 2014

“@34. Anything that releases in December prior to Avatar 2 is going to get bludgeoned in the box office.”

Yes, they will stay as far away as possible from Avatar 2 & unless there is something new in the next few months, then we will not see ST XIII in 2016 at all.


Want a tip off about what future Trek is going to look like? Take a peek at the artist renderings on the Paramount Park in Spain that supposed to open next year – yep, the future world looks like JJ’s Trek. Better get used to the alternate universe, folks, it looks like it’s going to be around for a while.



Looks awesome. So much better than the silly next generation derived monstrosity they used to have in Las Vegas.

Now this looks like Star Trek — looks like the future I want to be in!



Thanks for that link. That closes the Khan issue once and for all — it shows his appearance was altered.

So much for Keachick’s and others crackpot theories on that not being “the Khan” in STID. We can put that nonsense to rest now.


@41 @34

You guys don’t understand holiday movie dynamics very well. If you have at least two solid weeks for a tent-pole before another tent pole comes out, that’s about standard practice these days…but, it’s better right before the holidays, and you will get better attendance when the other tent-pole comes our because so many people are off work between Christmas and New Years. 2 weeks before Avatar could be a great release date choice.


42. –
Thanks for the link, Phil. That concept art does look awesome. Always wanted to go to Spain. There may be a European vacation in my future.


Wow. I didn’t know that there are people here who visited Alameda, let alone the Bay Area. :-)



I love Alameda as well. Great. sort of a throwback, community of neighborhoods. I hope they never sell out to developers there, because that would be really prime real estate. The way the rich are gutting Santa Monica and other LA coastal communities now should be a lesson for places like Alameda.


@49 well, they just opened a Target near the Marina Village, and they are definitely building new homes in and around the old Naval Air Station. I think the city is mandated to put low income housing where the barracks and personnel housing used to be. But, I do hope that Alameda doesn’t change too much. At least the old Victorians between the Marina and the beach are kept prestige…