Deluxe Soundtrack For Star Trek Into Darkness Released + Giacchino Contrasts ST09 & STID Scores


Composer Michael Giacchino is headed to Philadelphia this week to perform the score for Star Trek Into Darkness with a screening of the film. He is also talking about why that score is ‘darker’ than his score for 2009′ Star Trek. In addition Varèse Sarabande has just released a Deluxe Edition of the Into Darkness score. Details on that below as well.

Giacchino Contrasts ‘Into Darkness’ with ‘Star Trek’ + Philly Trek Concert Thursday

This weekend the Star Trek: Live In Concert tour lands in Philadelphia. In an interview with promoting the event, Giacchino talked about the differences between his scores for Star Trek, and Star Trek Into Darkness, saying…

“The first one is more of a personal journey story, and (‘Into Darkness’) feels like more of a commentary on our sociopolitical status in the world today. It feels like it’s really talking about drone strikes and whether it may be right to go to war. Is it wrong? Is it moral? Is it immoral? All of these things are all over the news today. And so, this one was more of an exploration of those sorts of themes, whereas the first one was really about the emptiness of this one character and what he has to do in order to find himself and understand who he is and become a better person — and along the way, make some of the best friends he’ll ever have. But, both films have a very different backbone them. So, musically, the second one felt darker. It felt more operatic, it felt — not without emotion, mind you — like it was something that was always clouded in — I don’t want to say darkness, because it’s in the title, and that would sound cheesy — but it is a movie that is marred in emotional confusion as to what’s the right thing to do.”

Giacchino will be joining the Philadelphia Orchestra for a live performance and screening of Star Trek Into Darkness on Thursday July 31st at The Mann Center for the Performing Arts.  Philadelphia tickets for Star Trek: Live In Concert cost between $14.50 to $75. There will also be a costume contest. Details and tickets at

Star Trek Into Darkness Deluxe Edition Released Today

The soundtrack released last summer for Star Trek Into Darkness had 14 tracks with around 47 minutes of music in total. Today Varèse Sarabande released a Deluxe Edition which has has 51 tracks for around 2 hours of music total.  The limited edition 2-CD set costs $26.98 and can be purchased at


Track Listing:

Disc One:
1. Logos / Pranking The Natives (2:58)
2. Spock Drops, Kirk Jumps (1:43)
3. Undersea Enterprises Inc. (1:33)
4. On The Bridge And On The Rocks (1:42)
5. Sub Prime Directive (2:23)
6. London Calling (2:11)
7. Demotion Emotion (:53)
8. London Falling (2:33)
9. The Pride Of Iowa (:43)
10. Astronomical Manhunt (2:12)
11. Man vs Blaster (1:55)
12. Meld-Merized (2:41)
13. Admiral Exposition (3:23)
14. Personal Space (:45)
15. So Long Scotty (:57)
16. Chief Concern / The Moral Mission (2:15)
17. Covert Carol (:38)
18. Galactic Road Trip (1:16)
19. Torpedo Diplomacy (2:19)
20. Spock And Uhura (1:05)
21. Klingon Chase / Meeting (5:03)
22. Harrison Attack (2:46)
23. Harrison Brought Onboard (2:00)
24. Harjugal Visit (2:04)
25. Damage Control (1:18)
26. Scotty’s Floored (1:36)
27. Torpedo Tango (1:08)
28. Cryo Your Heart Out (:17)
29. Harrison’s Heart / Enter The Vengeance (3:44)
30. Mom’s Calling (2:19)
31. You’re Not Safe At Warp (:35)

Disc Two:
1. Kirk’s Last Stand (2:24)
2. Guns Down (1:07)
3. Chair Of Command (:57)
4. You Wanna Do What? (1:58)
5. Pull The Trigger (:27)
6. Ship To Ship (2:53)
7. Hallway Fight (1:33)
8. Head Games (1:48)
9. I’m Gonna Make This Simple (2:47)
10. Human Popsicles (1:18)
11. Earthbound And Down (4:19)
12. Warp Core Values (2:57)
13. Max Thrusters (:57)
14. Buying The Space Farm (3:20)
15. Go Get ’Em (1:13)
16. The San Fran Hustle (5:05)
17. Kirk Enterprises (2:57)
18. End Credits (8:43)
19. Ode To Harrison (6:36)
20. Ode To Vengeance (6:29)

Back Cover


The 2-CD Set costs $26.98 and can be purchased at The Deluxe Edition is limited to just 6000 copies.


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