Pegg: It Makes ‘Perfect Sense’ For Orci To Direct Next Star Trek


The new Scotty is talking about the next Star Trek and how he thinks Bob Orci is the right choice to direct it. He also has some thoughts on JJ Abrams involvement in the movie. More details from new BBC interview below

Pegg talks Orci

While promoting his new movie Hector and the Pursuit of Happiness (opening this week in the UK), Simon Pegg talked to the BBC about Star Trek, revealing how Roberto Orci told him that he would be directing the next Star Trek movie (expected in 2016). From the article:

"He emailed me before the news broke saying: ‘Hey man, I might be doing this, shall we nerd out?,’ said Pegg who plays Montgomery "Scotty" Scott.

"He’s a good friend, he’s very much part of the Star Trek family," he added.

Pegg (a self-described ‘nerd’) went on to offer this praise for Orci and how he understands Star Trek:

"I’m really happy he’s doing it as it’s kept within the family kind of thing, it’s not somebody coming in from outside…Bob’s been there since the first Star Trek – by that I mean the 2009 one – so it seemed to make perfect sense that he come in as a director on this one because he gets it. He was always the most Trekkie of all of those guys anyway, he’s always understood the story the best so it’s great that he’s going to be involved in the writing and directing."

Simon also noted that while JJ Abrams isn’t returning to direct for a third Trek film (as he is currently directing the next Star Wars movie) he is still involved as a producer, noting:

"I don’t think JJ would be able to let it completely go because that’s not in his nature."

More from Pegg at the BBC, including his thoughts on spoilers and JJ Abrams new Star Wars movie.

Pegg’s ‘Happiness’ Movie Opening in Europe This Week

Simon Pegg stars as the title character is Hector and the Search for Happiness, which opens in the UK, Ireland and Germany this week. It opens in the USA on September 19th.

UK trailer for "Hector and the Search for Happiness"

Here is a fun video of Pegg promoting the movie by being interviewed by Comedy Central’s computer, including calling Jar Jar Binks a “rabbit-eared dick.”

Simon Pegg: Jar Jar Binks is a Rabbit-Eared Dick
Get More: Simon Pegg: Jar Jar Binks is a Rabbit-Eared Dick

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Well, lets see how long it takes the complainers to chime in….

Bob Orci,

I didn’t really have an issue with the new Trek films. Thought they were great fun. I would love to see you guys do something akin to “The Immunity Syndrome”, or something like that. Get as far away from Earth and the Federation as possible and do something really bizarre :-).

No complaining here, just a suggestion that his character gets a little more ‘weighted’ material this time around. Scotty in this new timeline has come across as a sort of goofball.

The character of Montgomery Scott is a serious man who has the capacity for humor, but doesn’t need to rely on it to get through the day. In others words, he needs to be more of a bada**.

#1. Phil – August 11, 2014

He’s saying things that I agree with in regards that this is is the best possible scenario we can expect from this incarnation of Paramount.

The only troubling thing is Pegg doesn’t exactly have a consistent history of shooting straight about a Trek in production that’s featuring him.


Not too long I’m afraid.

I, for one, will not be paying to see this at the door after the mess of Into Darkness. It will be the first Star Trek film I have not seen in the cinema in 35 years, such was I appalled and offended by the most recent effort.

I don’t care much about how many fanwank nods Orci can squeeze in, it doesn’t make him a fan who actually gets what Roddenberry was trying to accomplish. The fact is that this current group of filmmakers don’t get what Star Trek is about and why it has endured. Intelligent stories of exploration and human discovery (both of new worlds and of humanity itself) are what makes Star Trek stand out from the crowd and what has kept it going for all these years are a franchise of inspiration and one that bucks the trend of most others. The first JJ movie lacked that spirit, but it could be allowed because it was a origin story. But the second is where the chance to get back to what Star Trek does best was presented and ready to use, with a blank slate available no less. Instead we get rehashed plots and blockbuster summer action fare, which ultimately makes for a movie that makes a load of money in the short term from the action-to-order generation, but ultimately gets forgotten over time. In other words, the studio has become so short-sighted that they think it’s all about initial box office return and just assume that the loyal Trekkies will be there in the longer term whatever mindless crap they spit out. They don’t seem to get that Star Trek endured and because a money making machine over the long term because it’s ideas, uniqueness and appeal stood the test of time and kept the show going years after it went off air. This latest movies, especially Into Darkness, have none of that uniqueness. They just suck off the teat of past ideas and through what is milked from that into a hash of explosions and set pieces.

What’s more, in my personal opinion a true Star Trek fan, who gets what the franchise is about, is not the sort of man who launches childish rants at fans and demeans them (without knowing who they are and what they themselves do for a living) and then doesn’t even bother to apologise! Orci lost me when he did that I’m afraid and even if the next movie truly gets Trek, I’ll not be lining up to pay for it as I refuse to pay for anything helmed by that man after his atrocious behaviour.

Simon Pegg just seems like an eternally optimistic guy. I’m hoping his faith is well-placed.


Yeah, Pegg understands Trek so much that in response to even a shred of critcism over STID he tells fans to f*ck off. If he understood Trek he’d at least sit down and take that on board, even if he ultimately didn’t accept it. I think Pegg’s nerd credentials are over-egged somewhat. After all, this is the same guy who railed against Lucas for the Star Wars prequels but didn’t hesitate to run and kiss George’s arse when he was offered a part in the Clone Wars show. Pegg’s integrity only goes as far as his bank balance, then he’ll blow in whatever direction it takes to get his pocket lined and his career chugging along.

I liked ST09, loved STID, and am looking forward to the third film.


#1 yeah, but the worse are the ones who complain about the complainers, before they even manifest themselves…

I’m just hoping Bob is not as maniacal with secrecy as JJ was…

#1. More tears because there are actually people who have been fans of Trek for going on 50 years that don’t care for the Abrams/Orci interpretation of Star Trek? Are you insecure and would prefer that there be no opinions counter to yours?

I did not like STID. It was poorly written and directed. It was an action movie that depended upon special effects more than story. That’s my opinion.

I believe Orci is not a visionary and believe that he does not have the chops to direct a Trek movie. Also my opinion.

As for Pegg, sorry laddy, but you are no authority on Star Trek.

I ask again, what would Gene Roddenberry and Gene L. Coon have to say about NuTrek? Has anyone seen comments by Dorthy Fontana regarding NuTrek? I’d be curious what she thinks.

What I would like Mr Orci do next year is some kind of publicity at the ST Cons. SD Comic Con gets all the preview/upcoming movie news for all types of films so why cannot we have a simiilar thing going on for us ST fans at the Cons we attend.

True, it might be hard to get up to the minute news about the 2016 film when Creations has 4 or 5 cons during the year. Then that leads one to consider, do they pick one con (Vegas being the biggest) or spread it out over the cons during that year?

Tough call, but is this preview stuff up to the director or the studio ? Perhaps Creations is barred from doing publicity as that is from the studio PR dept? Who knows, but it would be nice to see something or get details at the ST Cons. What better place to generate a buzz (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) going when you have such a huge attendance?

@ 9. Silvereyes – August 11, 2014

“#1 yeah, but the worse are the ones who complain about the complainers, before they even manifest themselves…”


Interesting to hear such an honest opinion from Pegg, the man tell no lies !!

Pegg: “[Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is] not just another disgruntled alien. It’s a really interesting… sort of… thing. Obviously I can’t talk about it… It’s not Khan. That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s not… I think people just want to have a scoop. It annoys me – it’s beyond the point to just ferret around for spoilers all the time to try to be the first to break them. It masquerades as interest in the movie but really it’s just nosiness and impatience. You just want to say, ‘Oh f— off! Wait for the film!’”

What many are forgetting is that these new Trek movies are also targeting a more mainstream crowd…

So just be thankful we Bob at the helm because “Red Matter” would be some really complex science compared to whatever Michael Bay would throw at us!


BOB: More Immersion! That’s one thing STID really does better than ST09, it’s all in the details! (but I suppose it’s also thanks to the bigger budget)

Also, that idea you said you had for STID, where you show the Federation rallying behind a devastated Vulcan? Still sounds like an awesome thing to do!

And no long assed platform jumps…..


So we should be grateful for a small pile of steaming cat poo instead a a rather large steaming pile of dog’s mess? No, sorry pal. Not me.

It is entirely possible to do and intelligent movie that still retains enough action to keep the mainstream moviegoer happy. I cite the recent Dawn of the Planet of the Apes as a great example.

warning to Chup
that kind of language and attack just isn’t the type of thing to do here.

Paramount set a release date for a Ninja Turtles sequel (June 3, 2016) just one day after it’s opening and we still wait for an announcement on the big Star Trek anniversary and it’s schedule. :-(


I am hoping they remake the episode “Spocks Brain”. Imagine the possibilities.

Well, Phil, you certainly lifted the lid off a pile of smelly worms, not that they weren’t already worming their way out anyway…:)

Oh dear – they just can’t help themselves, can they?…sigh…

Oh – and I agree with Simon Pegg. I have always stated that I am (cautiously) optimistic about Bob Orci sitting in the director’s chair this time round. Also, if this makes me some silly fangirl who apparently doesn’t get Star Trek, despite having seen it since 1968, so be it…:(

From what I have read here, a lot do not seem to get Star Trek either, particularly, ironically, the ones most critical of the latest efforts.

El Chup – I’d rather have to clean up cat or dog poo than read your literary offerings to this thread/site.

Phil you just chimed in yourself. So that didn’t taken long. ;’^)

# 17. Androide – August 11, 2014

” Paramount set a release date for a Ninja Turtles sequel (June 3, 2016) just one day after it’s opening and we still wait for an announcement on the big Star Trek anniversary and it’s schedule. :-(” — Androide

It is interesting that they did that with no script, isn’t it?


Well, you’d best go find some some cat poo then because you’ve obviously read my “literary offerings” to the site already.

May I suggest the DVD of Star Trek Into Darkness? :)

El Chup – For the record, I have had to deal (at times, quite extensively as on a daily/nightly basis) with baby poo, human poo and vomit (enough to have me produce some of my own – not a good state), cat and kitten poo, dog poo, *rabbit poo, *guinea pig poo (something that will require my attention in the next few minutes), bird poo, cow and bull poo, sheep poo, goat poo. I had the interesting experience once of stepping into freshly delivered cow poo…

So, as you can see, I am well acquainted with poo and urine but at least this is good, wholesome matter, most of which could be used to help bring lovely flowers to bloom – unlike the kind of stuff that you bring here.

* It is the urine of these animals, in particular, that is more of a *problem* than the dry poo pellets (the animal is sick if the poo is not whole or dryish).

E chub
Paramount won’t miss your money.

I’m confident in Bob Orci’s skill.
I am hoping against hope that he takes risks and shows us something truly dazzling. It doesn’t have to be perfect… just his own.

Sorry el chub

#23 – And may I suggest that you acquaint yourself with real poo. Maybe volunteering at an animal shelter may do the trick.

I have the DVD of Star Trek Into Darkness. I bought it on the day of its release in NZ, so you do not need to bother yourself on my account in that respect.

Its makes perfect sense for someone else to direct this. Lets hope Paramount change their mind as its not official yet that way Orci would then walk away forever from Trek hopefully!

@29. Anthony Pascale –

“warning to Chup
that kind of language and attack just isn’t the type of thing to do here.”

Just out of curiosity, what about this ?

20. Keachick (Rose) – August 11, 2014

Well, Phil, you certainly lifted the lid off a pile of smelly worms, not that they weren’t already worming their way out anyway…:)

El Chup – I’d rather have to clean up cat or dog poo than read your literary offerings to this thread/site.
And may I suggest that you acquaint yourself with real poo. Maybe volunteering at an animal shelter may do the trick.

warning to all poo and poo-related commenters

I love TOS/DS9/VOY. I love nu trek as well. I felt the movies encompassed the spirit of the original series and the characters. I also hope that it returns to TV soon. However, I wish they would put an experienced sci fi director in for Star Trek 13 and more seasoned writers than two guys who worked on a graphic novel, for the big 50, if we even get a movie. The first two movies were fine for the off years, but this is the 50th anniversary!!! I am disappointed by Paramount’s treatment of the franchise going into the future.

20 Keachick (Rose)

“El Chup – I’d rather have to clean up cat or dog poo than read your literary offerings to this thread/site.”

Rose, I see you are as adept at making friends as always, as your continued predilection for gratuitous insults demonstrates…

Come on Paramount and Abrams, fish or cut bait already. Stop holding up production and make a decision already. The fans want a new movie. The wait was too long last time. Without the fans you have nothing. RESPECT US OR LOOSE US! ITS TIME FOR PRODUCTION TO PROCEED AT WARP SPEED!!!!

I think they will tell us a Release date before or Shortly after the new year….they have a Production date for next Summer so I am betting they will give us a release date as well soon, I really agree with #26, also Great to have you back Anthony.

I enjoyed the last two movies a lot, but I think the idea of this new one taking place during the five year mission out in space is still a really exciting prospect. I think having a fan in the director’s chair is certainly not a bad thing.

Folks should reserve judgment until we get more concrete details on the film.

@ Anthony Pascale – Agreed.

However, this is not the first time that some posters have alluded to animal poo in relating to BR Star Trek films. I find it intellectually insulting and a lacking of reality, hence my comments.

No more talk of poo of any kind, unless it is actually relevant.

32 Now that is some funny sh….
Sorry nevermind, – couldn’t resist.

It makes perfect sense in a world full of young and talented directors, who presumably could be familiar with this thing called Star Trek and who perhaps have experience in getting projects off the ground with ingenuity, on-time and on-budget to go with not “THE writer” but “A writer” of the last two films and the upcoming film?

I don’t even know how you get the gig of only writing when you have somewhere between one and six additional people to work with, but I admire Orci for securing it and making it so lucrative.

This “in the family” stuff, which is so prevalent in Bad Robot productions, isn’t necessarily in Star Trek’s best interest.

Just want to make one note.

I just saw Guardians of The Galaxy and in my opinion that movie portrayed the idea of a “federation” better than Star Trek 2009 or into darkness. “A peacekeeping and humanitarian armada” isn’t really eloquent nor does it paint a big picture. And granted in Kirks time, although the Federation was vast and inclusive, there weren’t many non Terrans serving in Starfleet, so that was accurately portrayed in the movies.

I am extremely happy at the deep space prospect. But I would like something unique. More Nolans interstellar, less Transformers/Ninja Turtles/Avengers these movies are all the same kinda deal.

Watching Guardian, I’m thinking, this is a test run for Star Wars, had many “Star Warsy” feeling moments. Im thinking, this is what the new Star Wars is going to feel like + Jedi + The Force. There were a few Trek moments like villains ship crashing into the city. Yea, like that wasn’t taken out of Into Darkness. I guess they just feed the mindless movie goers what they want, my brain requires something more to be satisfied beyond the surface. Uniqueness appears not to be the name of the game.

And I agree with Simon Pegg. It’s great when someone takes a chance on you when you might seem an unlikely candidate. It’s great when people have faith in you and are willing to give you the chance to prove yourself instead of trying to figure out your appropriateness like you are a factor in a mathematical equation, or based on some unintelligent set of criteria.

The world runs on stoopid, so it’s nice when someone makes a decision that looks intelligent rather than automatic.

Simon’s new movie looks great. ” ‘appEness” hahaha!

As for the rest, give him a break, guys. He’s naturally shilling for the Trek movie — he’s gonna be employed in it. You support your product, and maybe, just maybe, speak truth once it’s all over with, but usually in Hollywood it’s “love” all around. Nobody says, “Oh this movie’s gonna be awful, just awful if so-and-so produces/ directs/ co-stars in it.” Nobody.

At this point, I’m fascinated by this new franchise for being such a train wreck.

The other day on youtube I saw a short video about the 1972 Star Trek convention. Clearly all these fans were responding to something in those Star Trek stories that excited them and engage their wonder. Their enthusiasm for Star Trek is so fresh, innocent and touching — it almost brought tears to my eye. The video also included the great Isaac Asimov opining about what made Star Trek interesting and engaging as science fiction. Can JJTrek inspire people that way?

Let’s be honest. There were always those who looked at Star Trek, and what I described above, and responded with “Eww. That’s not for me.” This was why Star Trek was never “cool.” It did have a broad enough appeal to sustain various incarnations and movies, but only because the English speaking world is huge and contains a lot of people not automatically turned off by fantasy/science fiction, a lot of people who were willing to endure some corniness as a price of imaginative storytelling.

J.J Abrams and his “Star Trek” writing crew are the sort who looked at Star Trek in their youth and went “eww.” Abrams himself said as much. Which is why this series is an unsatisfying disaster. Give me “Generations” and “Final Frontier” any day.

Which brings me to why this series has now become fascinating. How much lower will these non-Trekies sink? What else will they blow up?

So much negativity here… much of the “blah, blah, I hate nuTrek” and “blah, blah, Bad Robot destroyed my precious Star Trek, blah blah, blah” attitude and whining going on.

Why don’t the bunch of you just move on and let the rest of us (the vast majority, btw) enjoy nuTrek?

I’m always amazed at all the “nuTrek” haters and how so many alleged Star Trek fans would rather have NO TREK AT ALL then at least something that is trying to keep the flame lit on an otherwise dead franchise.

If it wasn’t for JJ Trek, Star Trek would be dead…unless you count the fan productions.

My opinion.

The English speaking world wasn’t huge enough to sustain Star Trek with movies like Generations and Final Frontier…let alone the double mess of Insurrection and Nemesis.

The most popular mainstream ST movies were Voyage Home and First Contact. Both time travel movies with the Earth in peril once again.

So, the studio says to Bad Robot – hey, give us more of the same – because that will put fannies in the seats again.

If the nuTrek haters want to complain, then go ahead – but direct it to Paramount. They hired Bad Robot to do a job and they have done exactly what they were hired to do.

And what Star Trek movie could be called great science fiction or inspiring? The closest would be TMP, and we all know how the so called “fans” reacted to that.

I think Bob Orci will deliver what we all are looking for in the next movie. I don’t get why people are writing off the next movie before they hear anything about it. This defiess logic, in my humble opinion.

Damn, I was going to post 12 paragraphs about poo.

If they get the foreign numbers up to Ninja Turtle levels, then they will get a one day announcement too. I know they will try.

45 rdr anyone who would blindly follow someone like mj (the “vast identities”) & all the trouble he caused and say that it was “glorious” like he was your cult leader like you did, should be the last to talk.

I find it amusing that so many detractors of JJ’s movie, seem to take it personally that, what they perceived as Trek’s “qualities”…over 50 years of watching 79 hours of TOS and 6 movies…wasn’t recreated, to their personal satisfaction, in 4 hours of screen time.
If Bad Robot’s Star Trek had 79 hours of screen time (which I sincerely wish was the case!) then you could consider a direct, apples-to-apples comparison. But, to expect Bad Robot to deliver 79 hours worth of storytelling and character development, in a 2 hour film, is hardly reasonable and barely rational…yet such comparisons flood these articles time and time again. To quote our friendly Vulcan…” Fascinating.

@ 45. Red Dead Ryan

“Why don’t the bunch of you just move on and let the rest of us (the vast majority, btw) enjoy nuTrek?”

The weird thing about SOME STID fans is their tendency to defend the movie, not by showing the merits of the movie itself, but by trying to silence the ones who happen to have different views.