Cumberbatch Wins Emmy – Mulgrew Doesn’t + Bakula Presents


Kate Mulgrew wasn’t able to become the second Star Trek main TV cast member to win an Emmy Award on the 66th Annual Emmy Awards held in Los Angeles on Monday. However, Star Trek Into Darkness’ Benedict Cumberbatch was a winner. See below for more, including pictures of Mulgrew from the event.

Cumberbatch Wins Emmy – Mulgrew Doesn’t

Kate Mulgrew was hoping that tonight she would join William Shatner to become the second Star Trek TV main cast star to win an acting Emmy Award. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for her role the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Going into the Emmys, while Kate Mulgrew had some predictions going her way, more were predicting Allison Janey would win for Mom, which is what happened. But Kate she took her loss in style. Here are some shots of Kate from the red carpet.



Star Trek Into Darkness bad guy Benedict Cumberbatch won his first Emmy on Monday, with his third nomination. He won for Outstanding Lead Actor in A Miniseries for his title role in Sherlock. Cumby wasn’t at the event, but here is video of the announcement of his award.

A former Star Trek guest Star Sarah Silverman (Voyager: "Future’s End") won her second Emmy Award, this year for Outstanding Writing in A Variety Show. Here is video of her win.

The Emmy show also featured Star Trek: Enterprise’s Scott Bakula presenting an award (see below).



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Congratulations to them both.



Wins again.

While this crap awards show was on, I was watching the premiere of CHAOS ON THE BRIDGE.

The new documentary by William Shatner that recounts the launch of TNG and blasted the crap out of Roddenberry.

Was this only on TV tonight for Canadians like me?

Rain Robinson gets an emmy, but not Captain Janeway.


I don’t understand the relevance of this to Star Trek. It’s not like Cumberbatch won the Emmy for STID, but rather for the vastly superior “Sherlock”. Star Trek had nothing to do with that; he was a great actor before and he has remained one after. Mulgrew and Bakula — great to see that they’re also active, but these appearances are also irrelevant to Star Trek. Isn’t it more likely that Star Trek fans will follow Star Trek, regardless of who it features, rather than follow specific actors just because they appeared on Star Trek?

The show was better than most in recent years. Seth Meyers was funny, just tell jokes and move along, no elaborate song and dance numbers and only one extended pre-recorded sequence… good plan.

The awards themselves though… something needs to change in the rules. How did “Breaking Bad” win the Emmy for Best Drama twice for one season? There should be a “minimum number of episodes” clause (it was only 8 episodes these past two half-seasons and won both Emmies for Best Drama. It and the cast were nominated against shows that did 10, 12 or 20 episodes each year, and that seems very close to cheating to me.

At least the Emmy voters didn’t fall for “Orange is the New Black” and “True Detective”, which were nominated in categories in which they had no business being included.

Level the playing field next year, and have a review committee decide whether nominations are in the correct category.

I Visit here often, Since the Beginning,,, Don’t comment much, but I must say, I enjoy any and all Trek related news. Keep up the good work,

I fell in love with Sarah Silverman in that Voyager two-parter… =)

Sarah Silverman is beautiful, intelligent and talented! =) LOVE HER! =D

WELL deserved! =D

Silverman was HAF. Bless her sweet soul.

8 & 9 – Catch up on “Masters of Sex.” Sarah Silverman’s got a recurring gig and… um, you’ll see much more of her than you have before.

thanks for the tip! …I’ll be waiting for the second season on Netflix! ;-)


How do you know just how much of Sarah Silverman I have seen?

@6. Thorny:
There are rules about minimum episode numbers.
But I believe it comes down to having 3 episodes.

It’d be great if Archer made an appearance in the next film.

Doesn’t have to be as a 150 year old Admiral. Just some reason why the Enterprise crew are reviewing logs, prepping for an away mission. And up pops a visual record and reason for Scott Bakula to appear.

@6 Thorny:

I think that Breaking Bad won for two different seasons, no? Anyway, IMHO “Breaking Bad” is the best show of all time. So, if it were up to me, I would just award the “Best Show of All Time Award” to Breaking Bad and cancel the Emmys forever, no need to award shows that will never be better than BB.

BTW: Cumberbatch is so cool that he was not there to accept his award. That’s awesome. You show them, Benny!

BTW2: I’m so glad that Matthew Mcconaughey lost to Bryan Cranston.