Mission Log: Star Trek TNG’s ‘Hide and Q’


Q returns for the first time since the Star Trek: The Next Generation pilot and this time he sets his omnipotent focus on Riker. Today’s Mission Log snaps its fingers at TNG’s “Hide and Q,” take a listen below.

Mission Log 105 – “Hide and Q” (Star Trek: TNG Season 1, Episode 10)

Q wants to play a game and he gives Commander Riker the power of the Q. And John and Ken play along to discuss Star Trek: The Next Generations’s “Hide and Q.



If only



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this episode really stunk up the place. Good thing it got better!

Vicious animal things…enough said.

Sean and Ben are great hosts. Very entertaining.

Worth watching just for Picard and Q’s Shakespeare smackdown. The rest is silly, but at least it’s fun in a cheesy way. Very TOS actually.

This is a terrible episode and Q is an overrated character.


Yeah, most definitely the worst Q episode of TNG.

Meh meh meh. I remember watching this when I was 14, and even back then I thought it was weird.

this best bit was Wesley getting stab worse bit was Riker making him better,the program was at first on the BBC network,18;00 hrs,it was cut so we did only saw him from behind,when Wesley looked at his chest !!!!!! just it was a bad episode,thank the great maker when pillar came on a sorted it out

Like so many failed Treks, there are several moments, bits, and ideas here that just don’t add up to a good episode.

“Vicious animal things…”

Q is a great character. This wasn’t his best episode though. I never understood, why he thought it was a good idea to give Riker out of all people Q power.

its a carry on from the pilot episode,Q took a liking to Riker, plus i bet they were not to sure if the not so young hairless English person fans would take to