Watch: The Red Shirt Diaries Ep. 5 ‘The Enemy Within’


Ensign Williams has to deal with not one but two Captain Kirks as she blogs from behind the scenes during the events of the Star Trek episode "The Enemy Within."

Red Shirt Diaries Episode 5: "The Enemy Within"

Each episode of The Red Shirt Diaries gives a behind the scenes look through the personal video log of security officer "Ensign Williams" on the USS Enterprise during the original Star Trek series. This week’s webisode is set during the TOS episode "The Enemy Within."

To catch up on the show visit And for more adventures of Ensign Williams, check out the webcomic which is also updated every Tuesday at

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Funny. Again, captain.

Always amusing. Is this a weekly series?

Keep ’em coming!

I love it. So Funny.

Kinda got confused with the jumbled references to The Naked Time and The Enemy Within. But, cute.

The finger in her face that looks like a not-a-finger is getting creepy.

Spock! Don’t cockblock me!


Ashley has natural comedic chops! Kudos!

Could you stop pushing this quite so much? If it had been funny the first two times I tried watching it, I’d have subscribed.

Periodically TrekMovie choose to feature a certain web series or podcast, currently Mission Log and The Red Shirt Diaries. This webseries wraps up first season with 10 episodes. As with all articles, it is optional on if you choose to read them.

7 – If this is the worst thing that gets pushed on you today, you’re having a great day!

And she is cute.

Anthony — It’s great to see the other iterations of Trek lunacy. Ignore the grumpy targ.

I usually don’t go for stuff like this, but was pleasantly surprised – it’s respectful of the almighty TOS, and pretty funny.

And, yeah, she’s geeky book-nerd cute.

#7: No one is pushing anything on you. If you didn’t like the first two, then opening up this post and commenting on it was a nonsensical thing to do. Redshirt Diaries is Trek-related, and is thus on-topic for this site. Don’t like it? Don’t read or watch it. Problem solved. But just because YOU don’t like it doesn’t in any way mean TrekMovie should stop covering it. You’re free to go away if its presence offends you.

#7: Besides, yours has been one of the only negative comments on any of the threads. It’s pretty clear people are enjoying it. Don’t be such a killjoy.


What a buzz kill, man!

Can you please stop pushing this creepy photo that I assume is suppose to suggest Captain Kirk exposing his “privates” to her?

@15 “suppose to suggest Captain Kirk exposing his ‘private parts’ to her”

Hey, if Ensign Williams thinks that finger is an accurate representation of size, I want to show her Mr. Happy!