Eyeing new episodes, New Voyages launches 2015 Kickstarter

c0a9444a13c8d1d6c36f2cacacfaade0_originalStar Trek: New Voyages/Phase II has been going strong for 13 years now, and it feels like they are just hitting their full stride. With nine full episodes under their belt and three more in various stages of production they’re turning back to the fans to help them keep moving along at warp speed with a fresh Kickstarter campaign.

Taking a page from Star Trek: Axanar, they’ve set the initial bar low and readily achievable so that they can pay to shoot their upcoming episode, Torment of Destiny. As additional stretch goals are reached, it will feed directly into additional sets and episodes. With two weeks left to go, they’ve already handily passed their first goal of $20,000 and are just past the halfway point to their $50,000 first stretch goal.

Their episodes continue to be recognized at film festivals with nominations as well as awards, as they did when Clay Sayre recently won the Best Supporting Actor award from the Star Trek Independent Film Awards for his portrayal as the Klingon Kor in the episode Mind-Sifter.

The independent Star Trek film and series projects continue to see newcomers entering the pack, and for most of them they are learning from each other and the level of production quality as well as performances continues to step up. Original cast members have been part of many of the episodes, including Walter Koenig, George Takei, Grace Lee Whitney, and Denise Crosby to name a few.

With a nod to classic tastes as well as new, their most recent episode, Mind-Sifter was made with both styles of ship models and effects, so if you’re someone who prefers the classic 60’s-era look, you can watch that version, or if you’re more of a later films fan, then you’ve got another variant which will do your 3-axis maneuvering heart good. Visual effects artist, Tobias Richter and his company, The Light Works, are fans themselves first, so they continue to create scenes that they would love to watch themselves.

The perks range from $1 to $8,000, with a number of the $5,000 range donors receiving actual pieces from their bridge set. If you’ve always wanted to have Uhura’s or Spock’s full sized stations from the bridge of the Enterprise, this is your chance (note you have to come pick it up yourself from their set in New York). Sadly there are no producer or associate producer slots available, but if custom made costumes or signed scripts speak to you, then those are available as options.

So many beloved series have been swept away before their time (Firefly and Farscape both leap to mind), and it’s through fan-produced continuations of the series that networks can best realize that there’s still a hunger for more stories in those universes. If you’re a lover of Trek, check out their episodes if you haven’t done so already, since it’s by supporting and watching independent efforts that will keep the flag flying.

UPDATE: It seems the lack of the Associate Producer perk was an oversight and they’ve now added it into the mix. Thanks guys!

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