These Trek Themed Acrylic Lights May Be the Coolest Thing On Your Bedside Table


Light up your quarters with these made-to-order acrylic lights from HeroLights that come in two ready-made Trek flavors: Federation and Klingon Empire. Or, design your own!

Looking to spruce up your drab quarters? Want to add a little Federation flair to your con? These acrylic lights from HeroLights will do the trick.

Starfleet Command – $36.99

FullSizeRender (1)
Klingon Empire – $36.99

Both designs go for $36.99 and come with LEDs that can be set to red, blue, green, or a number of combinations of the three. You can even set the lights to strobe for that raucous dance party you’ve been planning. For an extra $5, you can have HeroLights add a custom word or phrase to the light.

The lights are made by laser cutting a design into an acrylic sheet, adding the LED lights, and adding a pine wood stand. According to HeroLights’ etsy page:

The base is Hand cut and made out of select pine. The edges are also rounded to make safer for a kids. It is give a dark finish for a nice look.The middle is routed out to hold the LEDs and acrylic in place. No wires are visible from the front or sides. A small philips screw is on the back to lock the acrylic in place. There is some assembly required.

Design your own acrylic light
HeroLights has a ton of designs on offer, but one particular option caught our eye — a custom design starting at only $41.99 (and ranging up to $74.99 for the largest sized light). We thought we’d put HeroLights to the test and solicited our very own light.

We contacted Marcos Barriga, owner-operator of the Phoenix-based company, about our special order. He responded within the hour to our request and already had a design made up. It looked perfect, so we ordered. Within about a week, we had this beauty sitting on our desk:


As promised, it comes with an array of color-changing modes:

We call this one, “Red Alert”

The thing is of high quality, especially considering the reasonable price tag. The acrylic is precision etched and cut. The interior portion of the delta is etched with a thin mesh pattern that enhances its ability to be lit up by the strip of multi-colored LEDs that sit beneath the acrylic. The stand is lightweight pine wood painted black and ends up looking quite stylish while adequately supporting the light.


The inside couldn’t be simpler and is literally a strip of multi-colored LEDs (it looks like a modified Satechi LED strip) with a built-in controls to customize color and strobe effects.

All in all, we would definitely recommend a buy from HeroLights.

Hat tip to reddit user /u/BitchesGonnaHate who posted a pic of their light on the /r/startrek subreddit.

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How cool! Nice novelty item and good present to give a Trekster.

Buy four of them and then, every night, you could yell, “there are four lights!”

I’m thinking of the blinking and how it triggers epilepsy in THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN and thinking ‘601’ would be a great one for the Wise fan who has everything (else that is.) If THE GOD THING from trekbbs ever frequents these boards, feel free to take that idea for your own.

Or get Three and yell the same thing.

I must say the custom made Star Trek delta looks by far the best. They should get that one as a regular option.

In other news CBS and Paramount has seemingly clarified, in what regards Axanar is breaking copyright laws in their opinion.

Dang, I thought they’d be a lot more detailed than that, imagewise this looks like a Reader’s Digest condensed version of an illustrated non fic book proposal I made that Pocket solicited back in 1992.


Hmmm…apparently you never checked out the copy of document 26 that I posted for you in the Axanar thread via TinyURL?

I clicked on it and my computer hung up …. twice. Figured it just wasn’t in the cards for me to read it. Something seems wrong about how they went about this to me, but I really don’t know legal stuff at all, so that is just gut.

I’ll try it again, but not while my wife is around, because she is convinced that some of the computer attacks we’ve experienced in the last year come from clicking stuff on either this site or home theater forum. That was when we were using a modem that was past end-of-life, which is no longer the case, but she is still worried and she knows a ton more about this stuff than I ever will.


Not to mention the recent 3 prong definition for copyrighting objects ruling says they have to be distinctive.

Claiming copyrights for gold colored shirts and triangle military decorations seems a tad much. I can see claiming copyright for the distinctive clothing design and tailoring, that’s art. Maybe even distinctive color combinations but claiming copyright over shirts colored gold???? That’s as if Marvel tried to claim the American Flag violates Captain America’s copyrights to red, white and blue colored material.

Now spacedock originally had a distinctive design and I can understand their trying to claim that. Unfortunately for them in THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK they radically redesigned spacedock so that it bears absolutely no sign of evolving from that TMP design which, under the 3 prong test’ relegates it to that of a prototype and they also radically changed its function to that of a 5 star convention center with accommodations and the best d@mn parking garage ever!

I hope you have a license to use Star Trek IP!

Can they do a Sciences symbol in the middle of the Starfleet delta, instead of the Command symbol?