REVIEW: Starship Farragut: The Crossing

The crew of the Farragut has returned to spacedock with The Crossing, their fifth installment in their long-running series. Green-lit after a successful Kickstarter campaign, which broke the $20,000 mark out of a $15,000 target, it’d been in the post-production phase for just over a year.

Initially premiering back in February at the Farpoint Convention, it’d come out to strong word of mouth and positive comments and so we’d been excited to check it out. Continuing with the ever-popular Mirror, Mirror storyline, they expanded both on the TOS episode as well as bringing in elements from their own earlier Farragut episode, For Want of a Nail.

The Farragut receives a distress call coming from an apparently damaged USS Potemkin only to find it carrying the sword and Earth markings of the Terran Empire. The after-effects of the events in Mirror, Mirror has resulted in the Empire falling into civil war with the various alien races, led by the Vulcans, have chosen to break away. The Potemkin, led by Captain Wilcox, has come through a rift between the universes to seek the Federation’s aid in restoring the stability of the Empire.

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While Wilcox has an approach of negotiations and mediation, other members of the Potemkin’s crew plot to take a more direct route to securing the assistance of the Farragut.

The evolution of fan films’ production quality as well as acting chops has been exhaustively written about elsewhere on TrekMovie, and the bar continues to be raised year over year. That advancement has left an ever-widening gap between those productions who are fortunate enough to have ready access to professional and semi-professional actors and experienced crews, and those that are more left to their own devices and who have to gain their experience along the way. That disparity leaves those in the latter camps to win and keep the loyalty of their fans to carry the day with heart, enthusiasm, and strong storytelling.

On the one hand it’s unfair to compare Farragut to Phase II, Continues, or Horizon, but at the same time it can’t be denied that the metaphorical bar does exist and its in the mind of viewers. The Crossing unfortunately has its challenges with that bar, as the acting, direction, and especially editing is uneven throughout the episode.

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One of the advantages of working on independent projects is that those involved gain experience and have opportunities to hone their skills. In this case, unfortunately, a number of scenes are beyond the current ability of the editor to bring the pieces together cleanly. In a particular brig scene there are a series of cuts so jarring that it becomes distracting to the viewer. There’s another moment where there’s less than a second of a cut back to an earlier scene that feels like it was accidentally left in place.

Overall the story is actually pretty good and well thought out. The dialogue is similarly better on a page and in the execution. Writer Paul Sieber has created a viable storyline that by itself can readily stand alongside STC’s Fairest of Them All.

The Farragut team has upcoming episodes on their slate, and hopefully they’ll be able to take their experience from The Crossing to wow us as they embark on their next mission.

You can watch The Crossing for free on YouTube and right here.

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