New FOR THE LOVE OF SPOCK Trailer Will Hit You Right In The Feels

The first trailer for For The Love of Spock, the Leonard Nimoy documentary that raised over $660,000 on kickstarter, released its first trailer, warming hearts and watering eyes everywhere.

For The Love of Spock is a documentary project funded on kickstarter and spearheaded by the son of Leonard Nimoy, Adam Nimoy, to explore the character of Star Trek’s Mr. Spock and the mark he left on the world. The project was originally conceived as a project in which father an son would work together. But, after his father’s passing, Adam decided to carry on making a film very near and dear to his heart.

Today, the film dropped its first trailer, and it’s as heartwarming as one might expect.

Along with the trailer, the group also released the first movie poster.


For The Love of Spock will premier at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month.

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So much love for your dad and Star Trek! They made me the Mad Liberal that I am now and always will me! It’s only logical

There was some talk on the post Undiscovered Country article that Spock would still be alive during the timeframe suggested for the new series and was heavily involved in the peace process with the Klingons. Unfortunately since Leonard is no longer with us it would be hard to portray Spock.
Maybe I’m insane, but his son certainly bears a familial likeness to his dad and perhaps with a bit of make-up artistry there could be a possibility for Spock’s infrequent but necessary appearances. Certainly nobody can replace Nimoy’s Spock.
But perhaps this is a possible option?

I was met Leonard Nimoy briefly at a convention in NYC decades ago and spoke with Mark Leonard at the same convention. Had my picture taken with Grace Lee Whitney at another convention and chatted briefly with Walter Koenig in a restaurant in Soho.
All before the age of computers have taken over our lives.

I believe I was at that convention. Nimoy, Lenard, and Jane Wyatt at what was then the Penta Hotel. When The Voyage Home was brand new. Good times. Also, I’m old.

I was there at the Nimoy/Wyatt/Lenard convention … and I made audio tapes of their appearances. Good times, indeed.

Leonard Nimoy was the textbook definition of a mensch.

Looks good!

I wonder if the Sheldon footage made it in…

ANYONE who says “Star Trek” is just a TV show is a fucking simpleton ….