STAR TREK 50th Anniversary TV and Movie Collection available September

Own all original series crew adventures in a giant Blu-ray set!

CBS and Paramount have teamed up to combine every TOS cast movie along with the three seasons of The Original Series, and as a special treat, this box set is the debut of The Animated Series on Blu-ray, plus exclusive swag all in one 30-disc collector’s set.

As rumored earlier this year, The Animated Series is coming to Blu-ray, it appears it’s coming in the form of this new 50th anniversary collection (no standalone release has been announced yet).

The movies appear to be the same 2009 Blu-ray editions, except of course for The Wrath of Khan which is the brand new Director’s Cut disc (which includes both theatrical and director’s cuts).

Full press release details:

STAR TREK 50th Anniversary TV and Movie Collection

Debuting September 6, 2016, Limited Edition Box Set Boasts 30 Blu-ray Discs with Every Movie and TV Show Featuring the Original Crew, Including the Newly Remastered Animated Series on Blu-ray for the First Time Ever!

Set Also Includes a Brand New, Multi-Part Documentary Chronicling
Star Trek’s Cinematic Voyages



            HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Embark on a mission to the final frontier with the biggest, most comprehensive Star Trek collection ever offered when the STAR TREK 50th ANNIVERSARY TV AND MOVIE COLLECTION is transported to Earth on September 6, 2016.  Just in time to commemorate the September 8, 1966 airing of the very first “Star Trek” episode, this epic limited edition gift set includes 30 Blu-ray Discs featuring all new disc art and every feature film and television show made with the original crew, plus a brand new, multi-part documentary with nearly 2 hours of new footage chronicling the franchise’s amazing 50-year journey.  Enclosed in collectible packaging, the set includes the Animated Series remastered on Blu-ray for the first time ever, the newly released Director’s Cut of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, an exclusive Starfleet pin commemorating the 50th anniversary and new mini-posters for the first six feature films designed by acclaimed artist Juan Ortiz. Over 20 hours of previously released bonus content is also included in this comprehensive collection.



The 30-disc set includes the following:

·       Star Trek: The Original Series Blu-ray

·       Star Trek: The Animated Series Blu-ray

·       Star Trek: The Motion Picture Blu-ray

·       Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Director’s Cut Blu-ray

·       Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Blu-ray

·       Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Blu-ray

·       Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Blu-ray

·       Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Blu-ray

·       Star Trek: The Journey to the Silver ScreenNew 50th Anniversary Multi-Part Documentary

o   The New Frontier: Resurrecting Star Trek

o   Maiden Voyage: Making Star Trek: The Motion Picture

o   The Genesis Effect: Engineering The Wrath of Khan

o   The Dream is Alive: The Continuing Mission

o   End of an Era: Charting the Undiscovered Country

·       Collectible 50th Anniversary Starfleet Insignia Pin

·       Collectible Mini-Posters for Movies 1-6

·       Plus over 20 hours of bonus content!

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Where’s the drool emoji? So much awesome in one beautiful box set. Thank you Paramount and CBS. Thank you.

Thank you for thanking them. After all, they did it out of the goodness of their corporate heart. ; )

Aren’t they the best? :-)

Boy, how many iterations of this series are we going to have to endure?

The next box set will be in 4K and Smell-ovision!

Harry, the smello-vision feature will just be active for the Klingon episodes. And perhaps the “sickly sweet” smell of the ‘Obsession’ cloud creature?

I’m not sure I’d want that particular enhancement.

Actually, it’ll be an option for any episode where Kirk sweats.

Wait, that’s dirty, never mind.

He smells like Old Spice

Or, for “V”, when Kirk says “I could use a shower”, and Spock agrees with him.

I haven’t bought any ST in Hi-Def- this looks like a good way to start.

I’m surprised they included that new 4K transfer of WOK- so I gratefully thank you, Paramount.

Since they have the new transfer, I suspect that SKU going forward will be the way they distribute TWOK on Blu-ray, and they will “sunset” the previous disc. Based on what I’ve read so far, that would be a good thing.

Please do 4K transfers of all the films and director cuts of TMP, TUC and Final Frontier.

This is cool but I’m in the market for a 4K TV and Atmos this year hopefully so I’ll probably hold off for the inevitable UHD versions

What do you expect to see on a 4K TV? How big is your screen going to be? 4K is for projecting or giant screens. Don’t be marketed on something that is totally redundant at home

That’s what many people said about HD. Many people have a difficult time handling change and will complain about anything that is new with the argument that what they have will do just fine. ;)
However I will say, 4K should prove to be the threshhold in home video for content shot on (35mm) film. The resolution is enough to capture all the information on the film, and along with an increased color depth (10bit), it is a virtual master copy of the movie.

Basically, 4K is like a wet dream for people who like to freeze-frame through movies looking for the smallest details (often they are searching for errors). The human eye is very forgiving with moving images which is why videos actually look quite fine even at lower resolutions. It’s only when you stop the video (or the video doesn’t have any motion in it) that you see that the detail is missing. 4K TV sets seem to be directed at people who will pause a video and then complain that they can still see individual pixels. I don’t deny that you can see a difference. But watching a movie (that is the moving image, not individual still images) in a lower resolution wouldn’t really take away from the enjoyment.
The main difference you will notice when watching TNG on Blu-ray versus the DVD is not the higher resolution. It’s the different color timing.
Apart from picture these HD and UHD releases also propose to offer superior audio quality. While you can definitely hear the difference if there are more speakers, the difference between compressed and uncompressed audio takes very good equipment and a trained ear.

I’ve not seen UHD 4K, but I have seen upgraded transfers from a 4K source, most recently with Independence Day, and found it to be superior, if only slightly.

Even when released, the other Star Trek movies tended to be “OK”, but even in their theatrical forms, they could be vastly improved.

I’m one of those that loves seeing a great transfer of a movie, color timing is part of that, the way DNR is employed (should be minimal) and edge enhancement (If you need it after DNR, the DNR is too aggressive generally, so if there’s no sign, that’ better).

No thats just anal. I dont pause a film. But I like to see as much detail as possible. I’ve seen 4K in action and I see a big difference. So I want it. I collect films. Im a moviephile. I want to see it as rich and detailed as possible. if you dont want to, or you dont want to spend the money, that’s great, but dont insult or condescend to those that do.

So you folks can see and appreciate a difference, and are willing to spend for it. And that’s great.

Others, as I have noted whenever a new smartphone comes to market, just want The Latest Thing, want to spend money to shine up to their peers, and so on. I think that’s a bit sad, and a comment on our marketed-to, acquisitive society which tosses perfectly good stuff (some very hazardous stuff, ecologically speaking) to get new stuff.

Advances are great for those who can appreciate and actually use new features.

I’m usually a generation behind, and I’m okay with that.

lol I guess I cant tell the difference. Well either my mind is playing tricks on me or I CAN tell the difference. Either way, its worth it. And to answer your question, probably 86″. So I think sufficient to see a noticeable difference, especially compared to my 52″ that was new in 2008.

Don’t worry about the nay-sayers, raging against the forward march of technology is as old as technology itself. “You don’t need round wheels, these square wheels work just fine!” 4K is not a marketing gimmick, I’ve got a 65 inch UHD set and the difference is remarkable. The real change with 4K is Deep Black and HDR. The additional color range isn’t something you appreciate until you see it in motion, not freeze framed.

The ability of today’s home theater equipment to replicate the movie going experience has never been better. You are only limited by your preference and your budget.

@Greed – thank you. I agree. I also have an “older” HD TV so even a newer HD TV would be a vast improvement to me so a 4K is off the charts. I have my eye on a very expensive HDR UHD 86″ for when the time is right. And the Atmos system sounds cool too. Why not?

Sean Parker’s new gimmick of releasing films into homes same day with a subscription is an idea that isnt likely a win right now, but in a few years when so many movie philes have really great home theaters with large screens, I can see it being “something”…

Well, I guess you aren’t fooling around! 86 inches is a lot of real estate. Be sure to get the TV calibrated. There isn’t a current standard for 4K calibration, but if you calibrate for 1080p, you’ll get close. If you are unwilling to pay for a professional calibration, check places like AVS forum. You can usually find several posts with complete setting changes to make your set look the best.

I got the new Khan Blu-ray last night and boy howdy does it look and sound great! I love me some Star Trek and don’t think 15 bucks is too much for the improved picture, sound and the special features (old and new).

Let’s not kid ourselves, Paramount is a business. The studio will only spend money on films that are financially profitable. If we, the fans, boycott the release of films we love (for whatever reason), they will spend less money on these films in the future. In the early days of home video, special features were released separately on VHS and Laserdisc (The Making of Star Wars, Jurassic Park, etc) many of them costing between 30 and 100 bucks -in the 1980s- and the fans snapped them up. These days, folks want the studio to provide the film with the most content, best features, highest definition, but want it for free. Or if the release doesn’t meet up to their lofty expectations, they complain about “double dipping”. Or they just steal it, using whatever justification that allows them to sleep at night. If you enjoy complaining about home video releases more than watching them, maybe it’s time to find a new hobby. If you love film (or a particular type of film, like Star Trek), tell the studios in the only language that they understand – money.

Now THIS is podracing! ;-)

Why isn’t there upvoting any more? This comment needs a +1.

Wait, so, does this mean that the TAS is officially canon?

In my mind´s eye, everything is canon, including the MAD parodies :)

Victor Hugo Carballo,

Re:everything is canon

Even the blooper reels?

Still waiting for Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise…

We know Enterprise’s SFX and video compositing was only done in 720p, so full hi-def is out of the question (though I would accept the series fully mastered in 720p).
DS9 and Voy may only have SD cgi fx, but it has been hinted that maybe duplicate cgi was created in hi-def at the same time, so who knows…

Enterprise has already been released on Blu-ray. The live action footage was shot in HD but the VFX were only upscaled from 720p or even 480p.
As for DS9 and VOY, the CGI effects were done in 480p, but I’ve heard rumors that the original 3D software files may still exist and the models may have enough detail to look good if rendered at a higher resolution. If that is true, it would be a matter of re-rendering the existing files instead of re-creating everything from scratch.

Need more DS9. Need more DS9. Need more DS9. Need more DS9.

Do we know the price?

Probably somewhere between “I need a second job for a couple of weeks” and “I better sell a kidney”

Again, we need the upvoting. +1 to Harry Plinkett.

For the 50th, this collection should have had nothing less than new Transfers of all the movies, including an updated version. Of TMPThe Directors Edition.

@ Harland: That would have been nice, but it’s still Paramount we are talking about. The original series movies were produced on the cheap (except for TMP). The director’s cut for TMP was probably the most money they have poured into any of these movies since their original release, and even that was done on the cheap (they only did the new VFX in 480p).

Correct sir….and if they have not found the original Bloopers by now and have them transferred them to HD then so much for something special for the 50th. Boo-hoo Paramount.

I still don’t understand why they won’t transfer TMP Director’s Cut to Bluray… The fans want it and it’s the version of the film I want to buy. It’s the main reason I haven’t bought a box set of TOS films on bluray yet (though this might change that)

It requires more than a transfer. The new CGI VFX have to be ‘re-rendered’ at 1080 or better yet, 4K. The guys who did the directors edition still have all the original CGI project files, so the only real hold up is Paramount failing to contact them to hack out a deal.

Wow! now it may be a good time to put my DVDs to sale :)

Will this only have the TOS episodes with the new FX added or the original versions as well?

@ Joe: I don’t own TOS on Blu-ray but doesn’t the current set allow you to choose between old and new VFX? Since this new set is most likely just a repackaging of the existing TOS disks it should be the same.

I already own the movie pack and the BD of TOS. So the only reason I would consider this set is the BD of TAS and the new bonus material. Is it worth the price? I think not. If the released the new bonus material separately then I would have a decision to make. As it stands now? No thank you.

How much?

Can I assume the 4k WoK is not included in UHD here? Ie. they used the 4K transfer but its in 1080P? For those who have or are planning to do transition to 4K, would be nice to include the 4K as well…otherwise, I would think most UHD fans would skip this and buy WoK alone or wait for further 4K transfers of all the films.


Your thinking is on the right track, but you seem confused (probably intentional in Paramount’s marketing) into believing that they are planning on releasing a UHD BD of WOK this September. They are not. It is just a standard BD down rendered from a 4K source too. If you want a real Director’s Cut WOK 4K source for your 4K future system it will be a waiting game for you for that and the affordable player to play it, with there being no point in buying the September release separately.

Well I assume they intend to release it in UHD at some point. Im in no rush. I’d much rather they do 4K transfers of all the films if they can. I have the Blu Ray collection of the TOS films and they are fine, especially WoK but not magnificent and we all know the issues with them.

Give us the definitive remastering of all of them, including Director’s Cuts of FF…

I want this but I’m sure I’ll have to offer up my unborn, yet to be conceived first child to the gods to be able to afford it. Looks like THE set to own as a fan of TOS.

I want TAS on Blu-ray, but not enough to buy this new set. I already have all three TOS seasons and the movies, plus TWOK Dirctor’s cut is set to arrive at my house on Friday. Can’t afford, nor do I need an expensive new set of items I already own a couple of times over. Guess I’ll have to wait until TAS is released as a stand alone.


I definitely get you there. But for me, the logic is there’s always birthdays and Christmases looming so the rationale for me is do I have enough Trek fans in my life that would appreciate the duplicates as gifts thus killing multiple planned future present purchases in my budget with one stone?

The next logical quandary is what kind of gifter [Seinfeld?] do I want to be?

1. Benevolently generous: I give the new duplicates in their original packaging as gifts.

2. Gift con: Put my old discs in the new packaging to give as the gifts so as to create an illusion that I’m more generous than I really was.

3. Cheapskate: I paid for it. I deserve the upgrade, artwork and all. Mine. Mine. Mine. My Trek friends worthy of receiving a gift from me know me for the Ferengi that I am anyway. There’s no fooling those Vulcans. So they get my used old dogeared box sets. Besides they’ve been mooching all my unused UltraViolet codes for their free viewing pleasure for years now anyway. ;-)

This is very, very cynical to announce after already releasing TWOK’s new blu-ray and the again-repackaged TOS on blu-ray, which a lot of people would have already jumped on… :-/

i decided this year with both Beyond coming out and a new show six months later I’m going to start my first Trek Blu ray collection and just get ALL of it at once. All the shows, films, the reboot films and the new show, even if it sucks. I also want to buy 6 HD TVs and so I can play all the iterations at the same time lol. Ok the second part aint happening but yeah I’m excited about buying all these shows and films. And this collection will be perfect to get first for my collection. I’m not going to buy anything anytime soon I want to wait and see what other new packaging they have for the other shows and films but if not just buy whatever the best thats out there. I have Netflix and yes All Access has all the shows (I remember when posted all of the shows for FREE on their website 3 years ago. I saw every episode of Enterprise that way) but it is something special about owning something.

So this is an exciting set to have. Man so much Trek and its crazy 50 years on we are still getting new films and shows with new crews, time periods and ships. I love Trek even when its not perfect.

Been waiting for them (Paramount/CBS) to do something like this. Awesome!

HUGE Trekkie, and I’d love to have this, but since I own everything in it….. just can’t justify it. I’d love to see the documentary, but since I already own blu-ray TOS, all the movies etc,…. and to my eye, the TAS DVDs look fine, I guest I will have to pass it up. Now IF they had remastered ALL the movies and did the directors editions I’d be ALL over it.

Looks great.
But costly.

Same stuff repackaged

I hope it has Billy Blackburn’s home movies included with it. Those were really a lot of fun to watch!