‘Star Trek 4’ Announced, Will Unite Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth

Paramount Pictures, Skydance Productions, and Bad Robot this morning issued a press release announcing that a fourth Star Trek film set in the Kelvin Timeline was in production.

Star Trek Beyond Producer J.J. Abrams last week revealed to Access Hollywood Reporter Scott Mantz that the fourth film would also star Chris Hemsworth, who will reprise his role as George Kirk.

The fourth entry into the Kelvin Timeline is being written by J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, both of whom were involved with Roberto Orci in writing a story that was ultimately rejected before Simon Pegg and Doug Jung were asked to write Star Trek Beyond. In describing the story of the fourth film, the press release states that “In the next installment of the epic space adventure, Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk will cross paths with a man he never had a chance to meet, but whose legacy has haunted him since the day he was born: his father.”

The press release also confirmed that Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth are on-board for the fourth film, and that the remaining cast is expected to return. As we have previously reported, Pine and Quinto have clauses in their contracts for a fourth film, but the studio and production companies would have to negotiate new deals with Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, and John Cho. Abrams last week stated at a press event for Star Trek Beyond that recently-deceased Anton Yelchin’s character of Chekov would not be recast.



HOLLYWOOD, CA (July 18, 2016) – Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Bad Robot today announced that the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise will return to the big screen for another voyage.

In the next installment of the epic space adventure, Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk will cross paths with a man he never had a chance to meet, but whose legacy has haunted him since the day he was born: his father.

Chris Hemsworth, who appeared in 2009’s “STAR TREK,” will return to the space saga as George Kirk to star alongside Pine.

The remaining cast is expected to return.

J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay will write the screenplay. J.J. Abrams and Lindsey Weber will produce through Bad Robot Productions. David Ellison and Dana Goldberg of Skydance will executive produce.

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What an interesting concept to start from when producing this film — this could become the biggest blockbuster Trek yet, if things go well for Beyond!

you know what would be badass? if he had to fight the MIRROR UNIVERSE version of his father!

I dont think they would use the mirror universe. As much fun as it is, they look at these films as needing to be accessible to the general public. And that requires too much exposition to make sense of. Not to mention the amount of canon already laid down. And if the idea is a Kelvin Timeline version of Mirror Universe, then lets just stop while we’re ahead.

This is gonna be fun

So lemme get this straight. On the same day that JJ states categorically that Shat will never be in the Kelvin Timeline, it’s no problem for nuKirk to meet the dad that died when he was born. This is doublespeak that George Orwell would have been proud of.

Makes no sense. There is more to this Shatner thing as to why he wont use him. Lets see how contrived it will be to use Chris Hemsworth

That’s because Chris is a hunk that will sell a few million extra tickets and Paramount thinks that no one wants to pay to see a fat 80something old man. Very sad.

They’re probably right. But it’s not sad; it’s reality. Do you really believe it would be a fantastic idea for Paramount to use an 80-something actor to lure a 60-something audience demographic?

Anthony Thompson,

Re:lure a 60-something audience demographic

Why not? As even the most bigoted merchants in the land of my birth came to learn, their dollars can line your bottom line with profits just as well as any others.

And apparently Paramount has no fear that Anthony Hopkins’ old age cooties will tank their much more lucrative TRANSFORMER movie franchise.

End of the day, it comes down to the fact the younger you are, the more likely you will see the film multiple times, buy endless merchandise, the video games, etc. The older you are, you’ll still pay but it will be much less. Lets face it, why are so many films geared to teenagers? Because they are the ones that will happily go to the same film 3-4 times in its run if they like it enough, shout to the heavens to all their other friends all over social media they have to see it and go buy all the fast food happy meal toys that comes with it. People over 50 will normally see the film once and call it a day. They dont go out their way on merchandise unless they been long term fans to begin with etc.

And yes having Thor back in the film is a big get although Heimsworth cant see to open a film on his own as Ghostbusters proved he still is considered a ‘name’ now so I can’t blame them.


Re:it comes down to the fact

It comes down to the fact that Paramount’s uninspired marketing bean counters merely believe it is “easier” to con the young into doing that. Just because they can’t figure it out doesn’t mean it’s a “fact”.

I am joking in this next suggestion but making a point, since Paramount love’s outsourcing so much they just need to outsource some of their marketing to Nigeria if they want to motivate the boomers to repsond to their marketing properly.

I’m not saying its fair in a way but numbers do bear this out. And for the record this is not even an American culture issue. I lived all over the world and other movie industries make films aimed younger these days as well. Maybe not as much as Hollywood but its there. In Asia its like people over 50 don’t even exist, movie wise I mean. I’m not suggesting anyone should be ignored because they pay less money and you don’t even have to be THAT old to be ignored in Hollywood lol. Anyone over 35 basically doesn’t seem all that important to them target wise. Sure they make movies for everyone but end of the day it really does come down to young adults college age and teen age years.

Comparing Anthony Hopkins and his acting chops to Shatner and his “acting chops” is like comparing a pile of gold to a pile of garbage.

Yea, basically. Unfortunate for legacy, good for the box office.

Yeah… While I think it could be a cool way way to get Shat into the feature using Helmsworth is obviously the bigger and more accessible way to go.

That said, the clip above really sounds like JJ is putting one on the host. But all the news agencies are reporting this as genuine… So…..

Where did dB JJ say this about Shatner?

That was a pointless comment.

Where did Abrams said that about Shatner?

Obviously some contrivance, probably time travel, is going to be used to bring in George Kirk. That said, a similar contrivance would have to be used, of course, to bring in Shatner. You’ve got one in the Nexus, harboring some of Kirk-Prime’s consciousness from Star Trek Generations, just as it did Guinan’s. Maybe you could craft a story where Pine’s Kirk ends up there and meets his father, as that is his heart’s desire, and Kirk’s Shatner. Of course, you’d also probably have to do some serious CGI on Shatner to make him look the age he was when Kirk died.

The problem with this sort of story, though, is you’d have to bring in the Nexus again, which was already a very deux ex machina/fantastical concept into the Kelvin Timeline and craft a story that will put Pine’s Kirk in there. After that happens, of course, he can just leave it at any time (and save the Enterprise which gets torn to pieces in Star Trek: Beyond?), like Kirk and Picard did in Generations (which still remains a huge plot hole, as writer Ron Moore admitted and which lead to a really contrived and lazy ending).

So, yeah, I don’t see Shatner appearing at all in any of these new films. Orci’s idea for the first film could’ve been used, with the holographic message, but now it’s probably too late. That ship has sailed.

It’s a shame. It’d be another way to tip the hat to the original Star Trek, but what’s done is done.

Having seen the film last night, (and I won’t give a spoiler), there was a mile-wide opportunity in the film to use Shatner, even sort of as they originally considered in the first movie (holographic birthday card if I recall correctly). I think anyone here will know exactly what I’m referring to when seeing the film. Aside from that, I liked the movie but it came nowhere close to approximating the scale and marketing efforts of Skyfall. Major missed opportunities here…

Very intriguing!

Some thoughts:

– Studio must like Trek 4 a lot, which is encouraging
– Studio seems to want to get a jump on Trek 4 and get it out sooner, which is also great news
– They must be far enough long to have a story if they have secured Hemsworth, which again is great news
– The writers are the guys that co-wrote the discarded Bob Orci Trek 3 script which is interesting…presumably they liked their work but really wanted to be rid of Bob, thus circling back around. Or Im reading too much into it.

That also might give us a clue about the plot. If the discarded story was more of an epic space adventure involving time travel, now they’ve brought back those writers AND announced Hemsworth, are we getting an epic space adventure involving time travel?

If they’re that far ahead on a story, they would know if they need or want any other past characters like Picard or, ahem, Shatner.

So this leaves a couple of possibilities: Time Travel, but not taking advantage of said time travel to involve anyone else. Flashbacks. And quite honestly, flashbacks seem awfully impersonal. The other possibility is George Kirk didnt die and was taken prisoner, setting up a Klingon storyline.

Either way, I like the actor and his inclusion intrigues me a lot. And hints at a broader story.

Only surprise is not involving Pegg at all…

Once again Forget Shatner
You are probably never going to see William Shatner show up in Abrams’ Trek movies, a la Leonard Nimoy. “Obviously it’s Star Trek, nearly anything is possible. There’s the fairly simple notion that on the day Kirk was born another timeline began. But in the other timeline, Kirk died onscreen (in Generations). I don’t know how he would come back unless we went into this other reality and we did a timeline and reality jump.

“In all the years we’ve been working on this, I’ve yet to hear a pitch that didn’t sound too contorted and contrived for an audience to swallow. And I’ve talked to him (Shatner) about it. If Kirk had lived there’d be an answer. But there’s something about his having died that makes it impossible.”

They can easily have Shatner in but not as kirk. Shatner could have been in the films but he didn’t want to do anything unless it was substantial, a cameo wasn’t enough.

They should have told Takei that they agreed the gay character should be a new original character. And announce he was being played by William Shatner. Boom.



LOL. That is just SO wrong on SO many levels…and yet Shatner just might pull it off as a flame.


Re:Shatner in but not as kirk

Why? Because only PT Spock can have an aged resurrection?

Lets face it Shatner wouldn’t do another role in these films unless it was Kirk. I love Bill and what he has done for Star Trek aside from the films . But one thing about Bill, he has a massive ego, always has. I understand the ego part. In Hollywood and any entertainment ,music, broadway etc. The competition is fierce and cutthroat. Other actors will do anything to get ahead, if not you get left behind.

My very first thought was either flashbacks or some weird alien is using the image of his father taken from his head or something like that.


And JJ also called Shatner, “I’m [JJ Abrams] calling, Bill, because the director [Roberto Orci] of the Star Trek [13] movie, the next one, has had an idea where you might be involved in it. So I am calling to see if you would be interested.”

Right and I recall Shatner turned it down. If the actor turned it down ,why even have this debate. Shatner seems to think because he is Shatner and been around awhile he has some entitlement ,when the studio just doesn’t see it that way. To them he is just another actor. When your time has passed, it’s passed.

That’s Shatner’s fault in the first place because he agreed , Kirk would die in Generations. Rick Berman later said that was a mistake having Kirk die and why you said what you just said Tom. I think ( one of the trek novels) had a story where Spock went back to the nexis and saved Kirk from dying. Kirk dying in that film is what makes it impossible to bring the Shat back . And unless Shatner had more than a cameo ,he wouldn’t do it anyways as Nimoy wouldn’t do Generations.

Whatever they end up doing to shoehorn Chris (Hemsworth) into the plot, I can guarantee you that he will be at his maximum hunkiness. They want a short haired Thor to push the sales of tickets to hormone-drenched teenagers, and they won’t take the chance to age him.

But let’s “shoehorn” Shatner into a supremely unlikely plot.

The rumored Kirk-message-to-Spock-via-hologram scene made sense, but was a “cameo.” Unsat for a certain actor. Please don’t be all bitter at BR for that. Yes, they did not ask Shatner to appear, but Shatner had made his parameters for an appearance pretty clear, as I recall.

I’m not bitter at BR for not including Mr. Shatner. I just find it ridiculous that they could not manage to come up with a way to include him in a relevant manner. The “he’s dead” excuse obviously lame now that they intend to bring back another character is also obviously dead.


When it comes to Shatner , JJ is just full of it

No you have it backwards, when it comes to Shatner ,he is full of himself. If he went along with J.J he would have been in nu trek ,but Bill’s ego just won’t let him. It’s all about Bill ,always has been. I understand Bill’s part in Star Trek as Kirk and what that means. No studio or director is going to throw the whole movie under the bus just to please one actor. Shatner could have appeared in one of the good fan films as Kirk as many others from Star Trek did. Star Trek is doing just fine without him. I don’t see any other actors or actors that played Captains from any of the other series wanting to be in a Trek film. I guess Bill feels he has enough money now that he can make his own calls . Every great actor of the past took minor roles when they got older, why can’t he.


Aren’t you retconning history?

“I’m calling, Bill [Shatner], because the director [Roberto Orci] of the Star Trek [13] movie, the next one, has had an idea where you might be involved in it. So I am calling to see if you would be interested.” JJ Abrams

If you ask me, it sounds like they are repurposing whatever trick originally devised to bring Shatner’s Kirk back to Hemsworth’s Kirk.

Having another (younger Hotter) character from another time intereacting with kirk is easier hiving him intereact with an older veresion of himself that doesn’t look like him & is acting like Denny crane

Let’s not forget there have been at least two different ideas submitted for Shatner coming back, the cameo hologram and the one in Bob’s rejected Trek 3 story. Anything is possible. Im hoping for an “Epic”


Re:they did not ask Shatner to appear

You are wrong. They did ask Shatner to appear in Orci’s movie and all indications were that it was a go before they clamped the NDA on him when he mistakenly broke the news thinking Orci had spilled the beans in an interview and up to Paramount puling out.




You keep repeating the false street wisdom on that. Shatner was NEVER shown NOR offered NOR in anyway given any indication of that cameo. According to Shatner JJ, for whatever reason, showed him a sham script and asked his opinion of it and it did not include that cameo and wasn’t anything like the 2009 effort that Shatner eventually got around to seeing.

@ValCanuck ‘hormone-drenched teenagers’ are going to fall all over for a mid-30’s actor? Really?

He’s freakin’ Thor, Anthony Thompson. So yeah, they go giddy all over him.

It’s hard for me to not see this as a convoluted way to get Chris Hemmsworth in the picture. Who know’s? It might be cool.I’m maxed out on parallel universe and time travel scenarios. George Kirk not dying in the kelvin would be corny.
Anybody else?

They can’t meet in a flashback. And if there is time travel such that they actually meet, then it means the KT timeline is overwriting the Prime timeline. Otherwise, Pine’s Kirk enters a whole new timeline. And if that happens then Shatner Kirk can likewise be accessed in a universe where he did not die, but he won’t be Prime KIrk … He’ll be Prime adjacent Kirk who managed to avoid the Nexus, or never went into it in the first place.

And then there’s the fact that they better be careful hinging a script on a Shatner appearance at his age.

I guess it could always be Q.

But an “easy” way to do it would be George didnt die. Has the makings of a political story if the Klingons “rescued” George, kept him in an effort to interrogate him and eventually felt they couldnt reveal he was alive due to how the Federation would respond, so they just locked him away.

I hate those kinds of retcon stories though. They pull them all the time of course, especially sci fi. And it takes away from the moment. Its like “SURPRISE, I didn’t die in that molten lava after all, you only think I did because you saw me fall in and screamed horribly but it was really just the doing of Section 13 who faked my death so I can build weapons for them to invade Bajor. But in short, I am your father.”

I really hope he always died at least if they are going this direction.

Ok, I’ve got it. The Narada was some sort of Borg tech so it some how absorbed what it could of the kelvin to assimilate it along with George Kirks DNA or beamed him out at the last second. Then there was some sort of reason to recreate or repair him by the Borg tech of the Narada. Sometime between that and when the Narada gets sucked into the black hole, this George Kirk is separated from the Narada and is alive in the Kelvin timeline.

Forget what I said Tuvok…that could work.

Curious Cadet,

The smart move would be to write it so that Pine or someother character could takeover in that actuarial instance.

Pulling double duty is alot of work. Pegg is probably tired since he was very involved with the create process for Beyond.

Considering will see a new Star wars film every year, I think Paramount should put out Star Trek at least every 2 years. No reason they can’t.

Interesting that the script’s being tasked to Payne and McKay. I hope Pegg and Jung have influence; Beyond’s getting a lot of praise in that department.

Anyway, I’m thrilled, although the George Kirk pitch really doesn’t do much for me on paper.

Wait. If Kirk saves his Daddy, won’t that unleash the Reapers upon the galaxy?

There’s nothing to suggest Kirk saves his Daddy.
It simply states: “In the next installment of the epic space adventure, Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk will cross paths with a man he never had a chance to meet, but whose legacy has haunted him since the day he was born: his father.”

Fine. JJ saves Kirk’s Daddy. Or the writers do. Way to step on my Dr. Who reference… Sheesh!

@CmdrR – well, I appreciated your Dr Who reference anyway. Who (ahem..) knows – maybe the Reapers work for the Department of Temporal Investigations…

Interesting. Paramount has a lot of high hopes for Star Trek Beyond.
None the less I do like the cast, very talented actors.
Not sure about the who’s who are writing it however.

As long as there are no tinfoil hat conspiracy theories involved… ;)


Guardian of Forever?

Interesting idea. Very interesting.

Nice. Like that….

They should use the Guardians of Forever on the Kelvin Timeline. Kirk goes through the gates to find bones. He ends up with Spock on the kelvin before Nemo attacks bonds with his father , prevents the attack, return the Original Timeline. The ship and interior is different, Cold war with kiglions is noticable. Kirk and Spock don’t know any history or events ( Kahn appears as benecio del Toro – dark skin) but they must return to thier time line. Kelvin must die

You cast actors that looks like Chekov, Sulu, Urara, scotty( his son), bring back the green turnic captain shirt.

Not unless Uncle Harlan gives the go-ahead first…

Give him a exective producer position

Give him a exective producer position

This crew has not time traveled even though their existence is a direct result of time travel. I think it’s dope that George Kirk is coming back. Of course it will be Time Travel. I guess that Shatner cameo window is closing. It is on Bryan Fuller now to bring him back for a proper farewell.


Total shame. You would think that with the kind of story they are proposing that they could work Shatner in

He certainly deserves better then he’s getting…which is nothing for this 50th anniversary. Nemoy said once in an interview that without the Capatain Kirk character there wouldn’t have even been a Star Trek. There’s probably very few places in the world where the iconic character of TOS Kirk isn’t at least recognized.

Anyone who thinks the name is spelled “Nemoy” is really in no position to comment.


Anyone with tendencies that would indicate a dismissiveness of William Shakespeare and his works because he didn’t likewise spell his name or his words with consistency should be in no position to comment as well.

There is always the possibility that George Kirk survive.
We don’t know the story yet.
This is very exciting news!

True but then they have to explain what happened to Nero during those 25 years. Maybe George Kirk ended up on Rura Penthe and was left behind when Nero escaped. Maybe they have enough footage of Nero to shoot around that for flashbacks.

Or maybe Prime Spock left instructions for resetting the timeline, and in doing that KT Kirk meets his dad.

I pushed that theory too. George was somehow beamed off at the last second by the Klingons that captured Nero. George was a political prisoner. When it became clear he was considered a hero back home, the Klingons couldnt just hand him over so they kept him locked up…or let him live somewhat comfortably but never to go home. Kirk finds out…voila. Could kick off a big Klingon war story.

If Starfleet orders Kirk not to go after his father…if politics wont allow, Kirk dis-obeys and we get a sort of Search for Spock vibe. Search for George.

If there’s any kind of time travel in the 4th movie that allows dad and son to actually meet, it blows Orci’s QM MWI theory of time travel out the door, which means that Abrams timeline is overwriting the Prime timeline. Either that or Pine travels to yet a new universe where his dad never died, in which case we’re in a whole new timeline.

I would do an Irish jig if its revealed the 4th film is “resetting” the timeline.

I like Jason Inman’s (@Jawiin) theory where they’ll meet but before the Kelvin is destroyed. Then Kirk sends his dad back knowing that he’ll die but will keep the timeline intact.

Yeah it’s called the Prime ( the Orignal Series TOS timeline)

Curious Cadet,

Re:blows Orci’s QM MWI

Not if George Kirk was merely moved forward in time, through some conveyance, via near speed of light relativistic speeds to his son’s 29th birthday.

These were the actual remarks which arent a “never”

-You are probably never going to see William Shatner show up in Abrams’ Trek movies, a la Leonard Nimoy. “Obviously it’s Star Trek, nearly anything is possible. There’s the fairly simple notion that on the day Kirk was born another timeline began. But in the other timeline, Kirk died onscreen (in Generations). I don’t know how he would come back unless we went into this other reality and we did a timeline and reality jump.

“In all the years we’ve been working on this, I’ve yet to hear a pitch that didn’t sound too contorted and contrived for an audience to swallow. And I’ve talked to him (Shatner) about it. If Kirk had lived there’d be an answer. But there’s something about his having died that makes it impossible.”

****Pretty silly remarks too. Although, I guess Abrams respons to Bob’s story involving Shatner is that it was contorted and contrived. Too bad. Not sure why Kirk in the Prime timeline needs to live for that Kirk to show up in the alternate time line. if you’re using time travel already, what the heck difference does it make?

He used the term impossible. It sounds like they are not even trying anymore

Shatner had a “proper farewell.” It was called Star Trek: Generations. Let’s move on.

@ LM – i prefer to think of his ‘proper’ farewell as being in ‘The Undiscovered Country’. The Shatner (and his crew) seen in ‘Generations’ was clearly from an ‘alternate’ universe to begin with, even before their ‘Nexus’ high-jinx started… ;)

@ Luke: I think the “proper farewell” for the whole TOS crew was in Star Trek The Undiscovered Country. Generations was more like an after thought that – depending on whom you ask – shouldn’t have happened.

It was certainly a farewell, but I thought it was pretty badly done. So much potential wasted in that film. Oh well.

The opening of ST09 is replayed, only this time we see that George Kirk ejects before the collision, and his escape pod is swallowed by the black hole from which he emerges in the path of his son’s Enterprise.

You’re welcome.

There is no more black hole by the time the Lelvin collides with Nero’s ship …

Sure there is. Even a writer with Orci-level skill could make it happen effectively.

Red-Shirted Monkey,

Well, that’s just it, no matter how one interprets Orci’s time travel rules, Einstein’s Theory allows time travel forward when traveling near the speed of light which apparently all these ships can manage on impulse. Not to mention supposedly the Jellyfish confirmed this type of forward time travel in the new universe back in the 2009 effort.

So yeah, have the Narada beam George aboard and him manage to escape in one of its lifepods while the ship was at relativistic velocities.

Wish they would see how Beyond performs before jinxing it with announcing the next 1 and why would you give scripting duties to the people who’s original Trek 3 script was thrown out? Why aren’t Pegg and Jung been mentioned about scripting again if all the reviews about Beyond are true? is JJ pranking us.

I hope the time travel is done via the Guardian portal. Harlan Ellison could use more cash!

What if the crew goes back, saves Kirk’s dad, and then accidentally time travel to 2017! Or is that too much like Star Trek IV? I’d throw in Harry Mudd and Cyrano Jones for good measure. And Arex. And Kor. And Gary Mitchell’s sister.

Guardian of Forever maybe?

Kirks brother perhaps?
George Samuel Kirk (Sam)

I don’t think so. The press release and synopsis indicate he’s playing Kirk’s father.

the press release specifically says “his father”.

@Allister, The announcement says “[Kirk’s] father” … I like the brother scenario much better, less of a convoluted storyline demanded.

To be fair, we dont know the story so we dont know if its convoluted. Could there be a story thread in Beyond that can impact Trek 4 and this storyline? There is a rumor about Beyond I heard that sounds similar to something from the rejected Orci script…so maybe?

What about his mom?? Where’s my damned Corvette? So many questions….

KIRK [sheepishly]: Sorry about the car, Dad.

I’m with Forbes on this one – I think this is largely just about getting as much publicity for STB as possible. Makes Paramount seem super confident in Trek when, really, awareness has been merely OK, and summer blockbuster season has been struggling. If STB is a smash hit, then hooray – ST4 goes forward and this news remains triumphant! If STB tanks, then Paramount basically loses nothing by issuing a press release about a movie that’s probably incredibly early in development.


@Fritz Kessler,

Yeah, Mendelson has a point. They should wait till after the opening week before making an announcement.

Yeah I dont get the point of studios doing this? I mean the ‘confident’ argument seems dumb especially since A. It rarely works and B. Its just more embarrassing for you when you have to walk it back. Now to be fair to them they had always planned to make a part 4 when it was announced Pine and Quinto had already signed on so its not exactly a new idea. But I dont get this sudden push of announcing Hemsworth and actually giving details of a plot this early when we didn’t even get freakin details for the last 2 films until after they started rolling.

I dont want to say it feels desperate but does feel a bit grasping. And clearly someone thinks Hemsworth is now a big star since they are using him for their next film. Hopefully it works out as they hope but with the film predicted to make only $60 million at opening this could actually be the lowest performing one in the series although I cant see it doing worse than 09 film internationally. My feeling is it will do the same as it did for STID overseas but fall hard domestically this time and would be a real shame since its the U.S. that is still Trek’s biggest market bar none.

Fritz Kessler Today 11:03 am

Oh, it’s 100% an attempt to garner publicity for STB. I find it interesting in marketing terms. Paramount didn’t see the need to pre-hype a subsequent sequel during the marketing blitz for STID. And industry analyst reports forecast a relatively weak opening for STB. So, what does it tell you that the studio is advertising the 4th movie before the 3rd one is even released? It’s the studio saying, “Wait! Don’t lose interest! There’s more coming!”

“Marvel and Walt Disney DIS +0.60% went and announced Captain America 3 just a few weeks before Captain America: The Winter Soldier opened both as a “double dog dare” to Warner Bros.’ Batman v Superman and to express utter faith in The Winter Soldier. In that case, their faith was justified. But two years after The Amazing Spider-Man 2, not only is there no Amazing Spider-Man 3 but none of the would-be spin-offs ever came to pass. If Star Trek Beyond outright tanks or severely underperforms, we probably aren’t getting Star Trek Subtitle That Seems to Be Missing a Colon in summer 2019. But if Star Trek Beyond is a hit, well, we now know what the next one will be about.”

Thanks for the link, btw.

91% on Rotten Tomatoes currently biatch, 91%. Stick that up your turbolift.

Yeah at RT liked STID too. No accounting for taste. If RT had Beyond rated poorly would you come here and say “gee the films must suck?” No you wouldnt. So who cares? Why is it important to you that everyone else agree with you? Go watch it. Watch it a dozen times. No one cares.

Anyone remember the announced TERMINATOR:GENISYS sequels that later got pulled?:


What was it Paramount said “It didn’t make enough money to justify the fast track.”?

So Original Trek IV was time travelling.. maybe New Trek 4 will be Time Travel story? Who knows?

Personally think it could be good to have the “Guardian of Forever” in a film? Nu-Kirk discovers Guardian, realises what can be done.. goes back to save dad on the Kelvin, when he does it he comes back to “now” only to discover hunk Hemsworth Dad now looks like Legendary Shatner Dad.
Chris Pine-Kirk “now” has turned into Scott Bakula (Enterprise: Archer) who has to leap back to put right what once went wrong.

Oh frack. see what happens when you mess with the timeline?

Cant imagine them wanting anything to do with Harlan Ellison unless they have cleared that hurdle already with a licensing agreement that gives them full rights and he goes away with a nice cheque.


Harlan’s not that hard to deal with, as long as you pay him what you are contractually obligated to do.. Many forget Paramount sought him out to pitch a script for the first movie. Ellison walked after the Paramount exec in charge insisted that Ellison’s tale of time travel back to the age of the dinosaurs that they’d have to find Mayans there too.

Jesus that idea sounded awful lol. Kind of glad they went another way and proves just because you came up with one successful idea doesn’t always mean you will hit lightning twice.


The entire tale is better than that tiny snippet that I recalled:

As noted in Stephen King’s DANSE MACABRE, page 396, footnote:


quote OCR rendered as:

“Paramount had been trying to get a ‘Star Trek’ film in work for some time. Roddenberry was determined that his name would be on the writing credits somehow…the trouble is, he can’t write for sour owl poop. His one idea, done six or seven times in the series and again in the feature film, is that the crew of the ‘Enterprise’ goes into deepest space, finds God, and God turns out to be insane, or a child, or both. I’d been called in twice, prior to 1975, to discuss the story. Other writers had also been milked. Paramount couldn’t make up their minds and had even kicked Gene off the project a few times, until he brought in lawyers. Then the palace guard changed at Paramount and Diller and Eisner came over from ABC and brought a cadre of their…buddies. One of them was an ex-set designer…named Mark Trabulus.

“Roddenberry suggested me as the scenarist for the film with this Trabulus, the latest…of the know-nothing duds Paramount had assigned to the troublesome project. I had a talk with Gene…about a storyline. He told me they kept wanting bigger and bigger storylines and no matter what was suggested, it wasn’t big enough. I devised a storyline and Gene liked it, and set up a meeting with Trabulus for 11 December (1975). That meeting was cancelled…but we finally got together on 15 December. It was just Gene and Trabulus and me in Gene’s office on the Paramount lot.

“I told them the story. It involved going to the end of the known universe to slip back through time to the Pleistocene period when Man first emerged. I postulated a parallel development of reptile life that might have developed into the dominant species on Earth had not mammals prevailed. I postulated an alien intelligence from a far galaxy where the snakes had become the dominant life form, and a snake-creature who had come to Earth in the Star Trek future, had seen its ancestors wiped out, and who had gone back into the far past of Earth to set up distortions in the time-flow so that the reptiles could beat the humans. The Enterprise goes back to set time right, finds the snake-alien, and the human crew is confronted with the moral dilemma of whether it had the right to wipe out an entire life form just to ensure its own territorial imperative in our present and future. The story, in short, spanned all of time and all of space, with a moral and ethical problem.

“Trabulus listened to all this and sat silently for a few minutes. Then he said, ‘You know, I was reading this book by a guy named Von Daniken and he proved that the Maya calendar was exactly like ours, so it must have come from aliens. Could you put in some Mayans?’

“I looked at Gene; Gene looked at me; he said nothing. I looked at Trabulus and said, ‘There weren’t any Mayans at the dawn of time.’ And he said, ‘Well, who’s to know the difference?’ And I said, ‘I’m to know the difference. It’s a dumb suggestion.’ So Trabulus got very uptight and said he liked Mayans a lot and why didn’t I do it if I wanted to write this picture. So I said, ‘I’m a writer. I don’t know what the f–k you are!’ And I got up and walked out. And that was the end of my association with the Star Trek movie.” — Harlan Ellison

Before the “Beyond” receipts are even in! This is good hopeful news for NuTrek fans, innit.

Hemsworth “aged” …? Maybe he’ll have a beard, that ages a man by at least a decade. Who knows, maybe the Enterprise crew will do the Time Warp dance [that would be fun to see in an outtake]
@ValCanuck, Hemsworth appeals to more than hormone-drenched teenagers, trust me.

No more JJVerse, NuVerse, AltVerse, Alternate Time Line,,,,
Funny it took this long to coin a standard name.

It’s called the Kelvin Timeline. And unless they clear up the means of Orci’s QM MWI time travel, then it’s likely overwriting the Prime Timeline. I much prefer Kelvin Universe since that makes it clear it’s a separate universe and not a new timeline in the same universe.

My head hurts.

Absolutely agree. Either way, I’d like this issue properly clarified once and for all in the next movie…as Pegg muddied the waters even more with his own recent description of how the PAST events of this reboot universe (wherever-they-are) are likely ‘altered’ too!

Actually if its time travel back to save George, its not writing over the Kelvin, its creating another time line…so three MAIN timelines would be at play. Which would be hilarious in making none if really matter.

@ Tup – yes indeed, depending on *what* kind of ‘time travelling’ is actually involved, and which ‘writer’ is explaining it afterwards… ;)

@ TUP – on the other hand…maybe your theory is correct…except it turns out to be a *deliberate* attempt to free the makers from everything seen/designed in these current ‘KELVIN timeline’ movies so far…WITHOUT returning to the ‘PRIME timeline…

…not that it would be a bad thing… ;)

@Cervantes – One of my criticisms of the Kelvin timeline was that it never paid off the premise – the film makers said they needed to be free of canon but they used canon all the time. It just freed them of having to be conscious of errors and write their way around canon. It let them be lazy.

Anyway, I felt the Kelvin timeline made everything not matter. Because the stakes just arent important. Vulcan destroyed? Who cares. It exists in an infinite number of other universes and time lines. Pike dead? Doesnt matter. He lives everywhere else. The Back to the Future time travel raised the stakes, the time travel used in previous Trek incarnations raised stakes because you COULD change your own future.

There was no reason whatsoever to have a new timeline. So having yet a THIRD major timeline (fourth if we consider Mirror Universe to be a major alternate timeline in Trek) just weakens the whole thing even more.

But that has ALWAYS been the case with Trek. TOS acknowledged alternate universes with the episodes Alternate Factor (which no one seems to remember) and then the more famous Mirror Universe. And then parallel universes was carried on in TNG (closest one resembling these films), DS9 (in a big way) and later Enterprise. I think (oddly) Voyager was the only show that never touched a Parallel Universe and I could be wrong on that because I think an episode involving Kim going back to Earth was basically a parallel universe in disguise. Why do people make a big deal about it NOW? Its been part of Trek from the beginning and been used over and over again.

It only ‘weakens’ it if you don’t care that people die. I mean there could actually be parallel universes in reality, does it make the death of someone you love less traumatic because you know there is another version of them out there somewhere you will never meet? Just doesnt make sense.

Honestly I dont think we have to even wait THAT long. i’m guessing the new show is going to clear it up one way or the other. And I really think CBS wants Trek fans to know the show and the movie are two seperate things which means it will be set in the Prime universe. Now if its set before the 23rd century they I guess we’re back at square one lol. But I have a feeling it will be post TOS at least. How far who knows but at least far enough to let us know what freakin universe its in.


Re:good hopeful news innit

Not if you go by what Paramount did after announcing the TERMINATOR:GENISYS sequels early.

Next one to Zack Snyder please 🖖

After what Snyder did to Batman vs Superman? No way!

Eh? Wasn’t STID getting the Snyder treatment enough?

So we get yet another film that centers on this Kirk’s daddy issues.

CRANSTON, that may be the KEY miscue in how the reboot proceeds, apart from there being the new timeline. Making this about Kirk and real by-blood family as opposed to true ‘chosen’ family pretty much flies in the face of most of what I took from TOS (and FIREFLY, and even a show like CHEERS) to begin with. Let’s hope it is just more of a mirror universe type thing that is a gimmick rather than a huge aspect.

Announcing a date for ‘Star Trek 4’ costs nothing. You do not announce a guest star unless they are signed. That costs money, even if its just a portion of the overall deal (Likely pay or play).

This shows one of three things:
1) They LOVE the script/outline they got from Payne and McKay (Did they work on a script in parallel?)
2) They think Beyond will bomb and want to boost the franchise OR
3) They think Beyond will be a hit


“They LOVE the script/outline they got from Payne and McKay (Did they work on a script in parallel?)”

They both worked with Orci for a year on the original ‘Star Trek 13’ script that was later rejected by Paramount in 2014.

@ Ahmed: It’s possible that Paramount/Bad Robot saw potential in Payne and McKay as writers and asked them to work on a new story. I doubt they plan to do the story in Kelvin Trek 4 that they rejected in 2014.


Re:story in Kelvin Trek 4 that they rejected in 2014.

Why not salvage it? It’s obviously not the idea of resurrecting dead Kirks [re:STID] that Paramount has a problem with. It’s which dead Kirk is chosen for resurrection that’s the rub.

What I meant was, did they [continue to] work on a script in parallel [to production of Star Trek Beyond]. It almost sounds as if they did.

Mirror Universe George Kirk (maybe with little age makeup), guaranteed.

Enterprise discovers Guardian of Forever. McCoy gets drugged, escapes into the past and accidentally prevents the death of Kirk’s father, effectively erasing the entire Kelvin timeline. Kirk has to travel to the past in order to ensure his father’s death…

A repeat of time travel and daddy issues. I was hoping for some original creativity and direction. :-(

It would somewhat explain why they kept the daddy issues thread going in Beyond…

What if Hemsworth is playing Q…. But it could also be mirror universe!

Nice. They’re going to realize the timeline is altered and travel back in time to fix it with the help of George Kirk. And then it’ll be like none of this ever happened. Then paramount can sell these as a Kelvin Timeline box set in multiple variants for decades to come.

They already know that the timeline has been altered.
For all we know, George Kirk has been In a klingon prison all of this time.

Bob Orci has made it clear a dozen times now there is no fixing the timeline. Its ANOTHER universe. People can argue it to death but the people who WRITES the films like Orci, Pegg, Kurtzman, etc all understand that and will continue to write it in that vain.

Interesting news, especially as we still don’t know how Beyond will perform at the box office.

Also, people seem to be thinking up all sorts of improbable and complicated ways in which George Kirk can return but I see a much easier one: maybe he never died during the Kelvin incident with Nero. We know there were scenes filmed of the Klingons capturing Nero and his crew; maybe the just beamed George Kirk out of the ship before it went up in flames and he has been a captive of the Klingons all this time. A bit of exposition or even just finishing the FX on the scenes of the Klingons capturing Nero that were on the Trek 2009 BluRay and you have your doorway to re-introducing George Kirk without more clumsy time travel stories.

True, then we can just put him in clumsy 30 year old makeup.

Yeah, that won’t work for an extended appearance. After my initial posts I also did some lookups and much to my surprise, it turns out that Chris Pine (age 35) is actually older than Chris Hemsworth (age 32) so that may further throw my theory out the window. Then again, they could just freeze him for a few years.

It will be interesting to see how they meet, assuming the film even gets made of course.

I’m certainly liking the ‘possibilities that re-introducing Hemsworth as nuKirk’s ‘father’ may offer for any ‘time travel’-orientated storyline in the next movie.

Leaving aside the fact that the waters are currently well and truly muddied onscreen as to whether the ‘Kelvin Timeline’ is actually a new ‘timeline’ which leaves the original ‘Prime Timeline’ events intact…or whether it effectively ‘overwrites’ them, for the time being…it will be interesting to see which scenario is eventually involved for this.

…will it involve some yet another type of ‘wormhole-like, temporal anomaly in space’ which the nuEnterprise flies into, that somehow involves ‘travelling backwards’ WITHIN the ‘KELVIN Timeline’ to an ‘earlier time’ (either to the supposed ‘Prime Timeline’ part BEFORE ‘Nero’s incursion altered things…or to a whole new ‘altered PAST’ version of the ‘KT’?, as suggested by Pegg’s recent description of how it might work.

…or will it involve some sort of incursion to a SEPERATE yet different ‘timeline/universe’ to the ‘KELVIN’ one altogether?…a sort of ‘mirror’ one so to speak, where Hemsworth plays his ‘father’ with an ‘altered nature’ to what we saw in the 2009 movie intro.

…or will it actually NOT involve a ‘time travel’ element at all..but instead some sort of ‘McGuffin’/or ‘Super Being’ which somehow creates this scenario for nuKirk to deal with along the way?

WHATEVER…but *if* there’s an ACTUAL ‘time travel’ element to explain nuKirk meeting his ‘father’ (in whatever ‘timeline/universe)…then I sure hope it happens as the result of something a little bit more interesting than merely seeing the (next?) nuEnterprise flying into some sort of standard ‘space anomaly’ as the reason for it – personally, I truly hope that the reason for Pine’s character meeting up with Hemsworth’s character…turns out to be due to some kind of encounter with a large, all-powerful…nuGUARDIAN OF FOREVER, no matter what!

At least we could get some truly mysterious ‘exploration’ and ‘world building’ along the way before the nuCrew come across the device. The lead-up to it’s appearance could be done spectacularly with today’s big budget and ‘alternate timeline/universe’ setting…and that’s even before the nuGUARDIAN goes on to propel some of the nuCrew into whatever adventure involving Hemsworth is conceived.

Just pay Ellison WHATEVER it takes…as this kind of particular set-up on an as-yet-undiscovered nuPlanet could be just the thing to add a much-needed ‘spookily-unknowable’ vibe to this particular movie timeline…while at the same time offering a ‘time travel’-causing McGuffin that could end up more cinematically-interesting to film than the usual options were overly used to…whether it talks or not, in English or otherwise!

Ah well, I can but hope.

By the way, I’m at least glad to hear that Anton’s nuChekov won’t be recast with a different actor in the next one. Better to have a whole new character fill his post, whether ‘Human’ or otherwise.

Wow. That was fast! Remnants of the abandoned Orci story I suspect. Keep them movies coming, JJ!

Star Trek Lives!

Another interesting thing about this announcement is that it neither Pegg nor Jung would be involved in writing the subsequent movie. Isn’t that a little strange considering that the current Pegg/Jung effort has not yet been released? If STAR TREK BEYOND were to perform spectacularly, wouldn’t Paramount at least want to consider re-hiring its writers? And wouldn’t at least Doug Jung, if not also Simon Pegg, want to at least consider signing on to write the sequel if STB is a big hit? Does anybody else find it curious that the studio and the current writing team have already decided to part ways, even before their work-product has had a chance to be market tested?

Why not ask Alex Jones what he thinks of your conspiracy theory? I think he’ll love it.

Harry Plinkett July 18, 2016 4:54 pm

I did. He said it’s all the doing of the Bilderburg Group in coordination with the Trilateral Commission and David Rockefeller.

Conspiracy theories are right up Bobs alley actually. He’d love it for sure

TUP Today 7:10 am

Interesting that you mention him. There was actually a conspiracy theory about why his script was rejected and why he lost the directing job—that being that Bob’s script was too similar to the preexisting Trek script, “Planet of the Titans.” Pegg later offered the alternative explanation that Bob’s script was “too Trekky”—but, then walked it back months later by rephrasing that Bob’s script simply had too many Trek references. This raises the question that if Bob’s script simply had too many references, why not give him the chance to re-write it with fewer references? Pegg’s second explanation gives the impression that Bob’s script didn’t have any fundamental flaws, and could have been fixed. Something seems amiss.

But Orci DID rewrtite it, remember? Hell he was updating us hourly right here about it lol and it still got rejected. So I think its more than that too. I mean I want to know what happened SO much at this point. How do you go from the guy who is given the keys to both write and direct the next film, your script supposedly approved months before filming for it to all go to crap several months later and the guy is producer in name only. Remember that? He kept assuring us even when he lost the writing and directing job he would still stay on as producer and with all the promotion about it his name has not been uttered once anywhere nor has he given so much as a single interview about the film to anyone.

I think a lot went down in the most painful way possible. Everyone has tried to put a decent spin on it but its been clear Orci either got the shaft in a big way or he was so upset with what they wanted he just gave them the finger and walked. We’ll never know I guess.

Tiger Today 12:20 am

He kept assuring us even when he lost the writing and directing job he would still stay on as producer and with all the promotion about it his name has not been uttered once anywhere nor has he given so much as a single interview about the film to anyone.

You just kind of blew my mind there. I totally remember that. In fact, I remember his exact words, “I will be very involved as producer.” Very interesting indeed. I have the feeling that Bob is going to write a tell-all (or tell-some) book some day that will explain what happened. Because you’re right—it was a huge reversal of fortune for him. And that “plagiarism” rumor is the one Paramobius rumor that has never been resolved one way or the other. Most of his other leaks bore out true, more or less.

I certainly recall the speculation here that the “Producer” credit was simply contractual stuff and Bob was all but gone from Star Trek. That would seem to have been true.

The fact they are giving two guys with two rejected Trek scripts the gig on a story they already have would seem to show they liked 2 of the 3 writers originally hired for Trek 3. I think Bob probably became a headache. And I remember thinking HE leaked the Shatner thing to save his script (I know he denied it) but that makes sense and would explain why the studio (and his buddies at Bad Robot) were so quick to dismiss him and exile him from all of Star Trek.

But…the risk is in ANY elements of Trek 4 coming from those rejected stories…then you have to credit Bob, no?

TUP Today 6:50 am

I haven’t seen anything about elements from Bob’s rejected script being considered for a 4th movie. But, I do recall Paramobius saying that Paramount was displeased with Bob trying to pressure them into accepting his script by coordinating press releases with Bad Robot that announced shooting locations (remember Bob discussing shooting locations with the president of S. Korea?), and leaking that Shatner would be in the movie before Paramount (or Shatner) had agreed. Shatner’s reaction of total confusion, seems to have been genuine. He had not yet even been approached for a role in ST3 before it was leaked (allegedly by Bob and Bad Robot) to certain bloggers (like BadassDigest).


Here’s how HGN reported it:


”Abrams reached out again recently, making several phone calls to Shatner to gauge his interest on the project.

“I said ‘Oh, yeah. If it is meaningful.’ …So it depends on what you do with the character. I said ‘I would be delighted,'” Shatner said.

Abrams made one request that Shatner not tell anyone about their conversation. The star promised and said he wouldn’t even tell his wife. The point became moot within the next few days when the rumor spilled out about the possible scene.

“So I get back from Australia and it is all over the internet, that the director [Orci] held an interview and said they wanted Shatner and Nimoy to be in the next movie,” Shatner said. “I bet J.J. is frothing at the mouth. So the news is out that they have an idea that they want Leonard and myself. They might want Leonard and myself.”

Shatner might have thought the rumor came from an interview with Orci, instead of the unconfirmed Bada** Digest report, according to the fan website TrekMovie.com.” — “William Shatner Confirms Possible ‘Star Trek 3’ Role”, Headlines & Global News, Sep 29, 2014 12:33 AM EDT

Disinvited Today 11:54 am

Interesting… If the Paramobius rumor is true, then Orci leaked the Shatner news either without JJ’s knowledge and/or without his consent. An alternative is that JJ was in on the leak, though that would be going out on quite a limb for Orci. Orci would seem to have had the most obvious motive to leak Shatner’s involvement.

I’m thinking once was enough for Simon. It had to be exhausting, physically and emotionally.

Not really a big deal. I mean no one who wrote The Force Awakens wrote Episode 8. You can find that in a lot of franchises. It sounds like they started writing the other one well ahead for a change and probably Pegg or Jung wanted to write that soon or was too busy. But it sounds like Paramount learned its lesson with Beyond and to start EARLY with these things as Beyond was absolute crap show but it sounds like the final product didnt suffer that much. Still though this is good news. I dont care about Kirks dad coming back but I am intrigued.

Spoilers JJ, I want spoilers. Oh wait, I’m not supposed to know until ST4 hits the screen. So lets get on with it. 2 years, not 3.

The other takeaway from this announcement is that…how shall I put this…for those who’d hoped that Paramount might hire some top-tier writers or at least some writers with sci-fi cred and experience for the next movie (if it gets made), it seems pretty clear from this announcement that, at this point, the studio has no intention of changing their formula for these Bad Robot Trek movies.

Change your diaper before your next tantrum.

Harry Plinkett July 18, 2016 4:54 pm

I’m waiting for you to change it for me. And don’t skimp on the talc.

Dude what is with all the negativity? Yes its a Trek board we all expect that lol but it just seems like you WANT the film to fail and thats disheartening. I got it, you’re not a fan of these films, but at the VERY least you have to admit the reviews are encouraging. Yes I know, so was STID but give it a chance man. I mean whats wrong with that?

Tiger July 18, 2016 7:52 pm

What’s with all of the pressure to conform? To swallow Paramount’s marketing campaign hook-line-and-sinker for the third time in advance of a movie that, by all accounts, makes no attempt at even trying to correct the flaws of the previous two? I don’t find the reviews encouraging. Why would I say otherwise? I gave the last two movies chances. I bought all of the promises, all of the marketing tactics in advance of the movie. Fool me once, fool me twice… Life’s too short. I’ve read a dozen reviews and listened to an hour-long, detailed review of the movie. When even the POSITIVE reviews are in agreement with the negative reviews about fundamental flaws, like a thin plot and meaningless story, my experience tells me that they’re most likely correct. If I find myself with a different opinion after I’ve seen the movie, I will certainly say so. But, I’m not expecting that to be the case.

You ask “what’s wrong with” giving the movie a chance? Well, my comment above is in response to the studio having no intention of changing its approach to these movies. Quite a few people here, including myself, had expressed a hope that the studio might start to respect this franchise and actually hire some experienced sci-fi writers or at least better caliber writers than they’ve been hiring. This announcement by Paramount completely dashes those hopes. So, why would I react with other than disappointment? I’m under no obligation to lie about my own feelings or to go along with Paramount’s marketing efforts.

I’m not saying you can’t be negative, what I’m saying is you seem to be actively trying for everyone else to see it as you do. Its not just about you having an opinion, its like you have to prove the others wrong for having a positive one. I type on Trekcore occasionally there and seen you there as well and its the same thing.

Again I’m not saying you can’t question anything. I was the guy not 4 days ago who posted a negative review from youtube about this film on this very site on the article about the positive reactions over the film. So I have no issues with people being negative about it, but same time I’m not trying to convince anyone one way or the other, especially since none of us has SEEN it yet. But you already convinced yourself its going to be a pile of dung. And maybe it will be a pile of dung but the problem is you been so determined to hate it up until now was it ever going to be anything else for you?

Look I been up and down with this film myself. One bit of negative info come out, I’m convinced its going to be a total dog. Next bit a little more positive and I’m convinced its going to be less of a dog. I hated the first trailer like most but the second trailer gave me hope. Then some promos I thought, wow maybe this is something cool. Then others felt like the same generic story line we all think it probably is.

So its not that I dont hear you, but you seem to be making it your mission to hate this film and I just never understand that about people like you. And my guess is you are going to be there opening day anyway which is another weird behavior I never get. People spend literally years telling others how much a film will suck and then pay top dollar to see it opening day just the same. You have every right to your opinion, I guess my point is you seem to think thats the only opinion all of us should have without watching it first because you hated the first two.

Tiger Today 1:04 am

Who here am I trying to prove wrong? I haven’t said that anyone here is wrong about liking what they’ve seen and heard in the reviews. My beef is that I’m not falling for the marketing campaign this time around. Each time a trailer was released for STB, it was conspicuously lacking in substance. It showed pretty much nothing of the plot or central theme of the story. Each time I pointed this out, people complained that I was judging prematurely. And wouldn’t you know it, even the positive reviews for the movie have now confirmed my suspicion that it’s a meaningless story. Some people have expressed that they don’t mind a meaningless story because it won’t distract them from the camaraderie and witty banter between Kirk, Spock and McCoy. I don’t share this opinion, as I don’t find the BR re-writes of the characters all that interesting, but do you see me telling people that they’re wrong for feeling this way? No. I’m expressing my feelings about what I’m seeing. I appreciate your team-player, go-along-to-get-along attitude, but I’m through with that in regards to these movies. I’m calling it as I see it now. I’m not going along with Paramount’s marketing program for the sake of it, and I won’t be seeing the film in the theater. Honestly, I’m just not interested in this movie. There’s no shortage of fleeting thrills to be had in the movie theater these days, and my impression the third time on this merry-go-round is that any comic-book movie will satisfy that desire as well as this nominally “Trek” movie.

Tiger Today 1:04 am

P.S. And I appreciate your wanting me to have a good experience and enjoy the movie. But, it’s not my fault that Paramount has made the conscious decision to degrade “Star Trek” and bastardize it into something that bears very little resemblance to TOS in spirit, values and dramatic form. Time and again Paramount has totally dismissed the fans, assuming that they’ll lap up whatever the studio dishes out. During the marketing for ST09 and STID Paramount actually directed JJ Abrams to advertise that the movies “weren’t made for Trek fans”!! That is the degree to which Paramount disrespects Trek fans. And now you’re bagging on me for not going along with it all, when everything I’ve seen and heard about this new movie indicates that it’s just business as usual. You seem like a nice guy, and I’ll be happy to trade notes with you after I’ve seen the movie on home video. But, I’m not doing the ra ra thing for this movie. Not any more. Now, I do enjoy ana|yzing movies, and bad movies can be even more fun to ana|yze than good ones. So, it’s fun for me to comment on what I see and hear in the reviews. But, I don’t want to be one of those people, as you suggested, who complains about the movie and then pays to see it anyway. I would not feel good supporting this movie. Paying to see this movie would be promoting something that I feel is wrong. My sitting this one out will have no noticeable impact, but by putting my money where my mouth is, I’ll at least feel that I did my small part to vote with my feet.

OK man, well you’re voting with your wallet so even if I disagree I respect you for doing that. I just get sick of so much hot air how people think a film is the worst thing ever made but still show up opening day and see it on IMAX 3D. It just feels hypocritical in so many ways to me. But you’re putting your money where your mouth is by not parting with it lol. So fair enough. Hopefully one day you’ll see it.

In the TOS timeline Checkov though he had a brother – Peter. Perhaps in this alternate reality he really does!

Sucks to be the malcontents. On the other hand, two or three more years of non-stop b**ching about Trek is bound to tire them out eventually.
For everyone else, it seems to be a great time to be a Trek fan.

Yes, new movies, new series. Good to be a fan.

Man, I sure hope you tire out soon! Good point. This place is way more fun with the insightful and relevant dialogue and none of the griping and insults. Try it!

They should go old-school with this: just as the Kelvin explodes, we get one of those psychedelic ‘boing!’ sounds they used in TOS. George vanishes. Years later, Kirk and some of the crew disappear similarly while on a mission and find themselves turned into gladiators for the amusement of godlike aliens. Because time runs differently on the aliens’ home planet, George Kirk (now with a muscle bound Thor physique) is also trapped on this world, but not much older, and they have to join forces to escape.

While anything space-travel-based that involves traveling near light speed or beyond will inevitably involve time dilation issues, I will be staggered if they go for straightforward time travel again. If they do, they should just rename the whole series Time Trek and have done with it!

Very surprised they haven’t brought the Pegg and Jung team back. I half wonder if, in some way, they’re resurrecting the original screenplay intended for the Beyond slot.

Actually that’s a very good point … What does it say about the current film before it even opens, to announce the next film will be written by somebody else!?

I wondered the same. Because the announcement shows confidence in Beyond and yet they are givign two guys who sbmitted two rejected stories another kick at the can, and leaving out the two guys that came in under tough curcumstances to “save” Beyond and, presumably, have written a film the studio thinks will be a hit. Weird.

At least in the past JJ would say they are trying to find a way to get Shatner in. Now it basically sounds as if they have given up. It is so ridiculous that they could not figure this out. This is coming from a Producer director who accepted the Magic Blood. Utter nonsense. They don’t want him.

Good. I see JJ is smarter than some fans.

No he is smarter than all fans

These movies don’t need Shatner as much fun as it would be to see him as Kirk again I understand their position. Though he could possibly come back as old KT Kirk.

The scrapped script did have him as old KT Kirk

Oh it did? I hadn’t realized that.

Its true but it was also rumored it wasn’t suppose to be the Kirk in the old timeline but Pine’s Kirk as he is older and fans didn’t overly happy about it.

Prime Kirk died 20 years ago in ANOTHER universe. Guys its time to move on. And yes, its true its rumored Orci did write Shatner in his film but it was ALSO rumored it was suppose to be Kirk in this timeline, ie, Pine’s Kirk when he was older and surprise surprise a lot of fans seemed lukewarm to that idea although its the actor they want.

So why bother? Would I like to see Shatner in Trek again, of course, but not if they have to shoehorn in a story that he doesnt really belong in or its all about him. And lets face it the last time they did that was Generations and how did that go?

And look, we now have a TV show coming with more episodes and flexibility. MAYBE Shatner can get on that show. Although it means zip but he will be at comic con on a Trek panel hosted by Bryan Fuller who we all know is leading the show. WHO KNOWS? Maybe there has been some talk of getting him on there. And nothing would get the show some real fanfare before it starts if they brought Shatner back on that. Anyway there is still a chance he can be seen again but if not we’ll live.


Re:Prime Kirk died 20 years

And KT George Kirk died those two decades plus another decade on top of that. Your point being?

You left out the rest of my sentence “in ANOTHER universe” part Disinvited.

THATS my point dude. ;) If you want to disagree with me,fine, but don’t ignore the parts that makes my argument more valid. Oh and I forgot to add in my OP not only did he die 20 years ago in another universe but also 80 YEARS IN THE FUTURE!!!! The fact is how do you bring Prime Kirk back without making it the most convoluted story line ever? Outside of Q just snapping his fingers for Kirk to appear the whole thing would feel convoluted as hell. And you still have to explain how does he look so much older now if he died decades ago?

And I’m not pushing for George Kirk to come back either, but at least he died in the same freakin universe.


Re:THATS my point dude

You are confused. I’m saying that the elapsed decades don’t add any meaning or serve any purpose one way or the other. I was asking your point for throwing that in?

But I’m glad you made it clear that you think there is a valid point in there somewhere that it buttresses. In spite of the fact that it would mean that Prime Kirk, who’s been to more alternate universes and back than Prime Spock ever had, would somehow lose the ability to conceive and manage such a universe hop in seeking to bring his best friend’s katra home to its final resting place.

I was making the point the actor looks 20 years older…and it shows. ;)

So yeah you have to explain the aging of a guy you supposedly plucked out of the coffin somewhere. Of course when you been dead for 20 years you usually do look worse lol.

Anyway man, its a waste of time arguing with you. Shatner isn’t going to be in these films, so its a moot argument anyway. And I’m not the one butthurt about it because its just common sense why he wouldnt be, mostly because these films aren’t about him. George Kirk is actually part of these films, Shatner never was or will be. If you can’t accept it, take it up with Paramount, not with me.


Re:actor looks 20 years older

And the character George Kirk would have to LOOK nigh on 30 years older. So?

Also, PT Spock’s body under went an aged resurrection. Why is it all of sudden considered impossible for PT Kirk to experience something similar that only manages to stabilize at 80? The Next Gen films gave us a Starfleet obsessed with superhealing in the Borg War. So we are supposed to believe they never pursued Genesis wave regeneration research?

Also, who said I was advocating making the whole movie about PT Kirk? The problem for the way these KT movies were created is that PT Spock’s there. And now . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Spoiler Alert . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . …. . . . .. .. . . .. . .. . .. . . . .. . . .. . .. . . .. . .. . .. . .. . . .. . .. . .. . . .. . . .. . . ……… …………………… . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . .. . ..

They are going to have him die there when all the series and movies that Shatner’s done have established that his Kirk would probably do something impossible like comeback from the dead to get his friend’s katra home.

OMG man, its not happening. Shatner is simply too old and Paramount don’t want to do a rehash. Its been 3 of these films, they have bypassed him in every one of them for a reason. Its nothing personal, he had his time as Kirk, it’s over now as far as these movies are concerned because they are simply too removed from those characters and timeline.

But notice I didn’t say he can’t come back at ALL, I have said a few times now maybe they can find a way to include him in the new show…and yet that gets ignored. I dont know why since A. Its a series so they can be flexible in telling different stories B.It shoots waaaay faster so no one has to wait 3 more years when Shatner is literally pushing 90 to see him in a final Trek product and C. More than likely it may take place in the PT making it a bit easier to have him.

The issue you’re not getting Disinvited says it all in your post. Look at that convoluted mess you have to do to even remotely bring him back in a convincing way, in a series that ISN’T about Shatner’s Kirk. This is what people keep missing. Paramount doesn’t want a movie where a third of it is explaning how they brought Kirk back…in any universe. Its NOT about him, period. And why the hell does KIRK need to bring Spock back??? Why can’t it be Chekhov, Sulu, Uhura, you know the people who are still alive?

Anyway. they made it about him in Generations and then they moved on. And this Kirk has zip in common with the other Kirk. It would just be fan service of the highest order. Didn’t you guys hate Generations? Didn’t you guys hate STID? Why do you suddenly think having Kirk in another movie for MORE glorified fan service is going to suddenly make it a better film? Obviously Trek record proves thats not always the case.

And for the record I’m not high on the idea of bringing George Kirk back either, but at least having him makes sense because its directly about his father in these films they have spent a lot of time reminding us about. Old Kirk has zero relation to these characters. Paramount know it, Abrams knows it, its about time the deluded fans get the memo. Its nothing personal it just makes no real sense to have him at this point…especially when you have to have those crazy hurdles just to have him.

Again MAYBE he can be brought back in the new show. Why don’t you guys push for that instead? Paramount has already made it clear. CBS might be more open to it especially if the show takes place in the Prime universe. Bryan Fuller and William Shatner are going to be in the same room in 4 days and counting. Who knows, right? Be hell of a ratings boost.


I’m hearing you that Paramount’s let the 50th Anniversary ship sail without getting on board.

And while Kirk is the only one that said he’d lose his immortal soul if he didn’t try and I’ve been fixating on that, you have a valid point that any of the crew that saw the katra ritual likely gets how important it is. That leaves it up to Uhura who’s the only one with universe hoping experience still alive.

But I would remind you PT Kirk doesn’t have a big goose egg in relation to KT Kirk. PT Spock let him know that he existed, and I extremely doubt KT Kirk came out of that mind meld with absolutely no sense of his predecessor.

And you are indeed persuasive that Paramount, et al, simply aren’t clever enough to bring him back with much sense and that it is the series that could better accomplish it.

BTW I’m not one of those that ignores THE ALTERNATIVE FACTOR. I’m always asking, “What of Lazarus?”

However, I hope you can understand if I squirm if it is revealed this is just a reworking of their Shatner script to accomodate Hemsworth.

OK fair enough Disinvited.

I hear you too.

And to make this perfectly clear if they DID bring Shatner back I would love it lol. I’m not against the idea so much as I understand why they don’t want to do it and I respect them for it. And I also have reminded people Shatner has been asked in the past to come back on shows like Enterprise and has refused which is his prerogative. He is on record saying when he heard about the cameo scene Orci and Kurtzman wrote for him in the first Trek film he wouldn’t have done that either because he doesn’t just want to do a cameo. Again, fair enough but if wasn’t interested in the ideas of how his character would be used in other people’s shows and films then maybe its just not meant to be.

Anyway as I said I HOPE they can figure out something for him in the new series if its remotely feasible. We obviously don’t know the premise to that yet and we know the post TUC time period has been debunked but if its not something thats too far out there maybe they can find a way to give him a cameo and honor him during the 50th anniversary after all. That would be nice IMO.

Not to be to much of a downer on Hemsworth, but outside of the Marvel products he’s not that much of a draw.

Yeah, but neither are the movies he makes, outside of Marvel. He was awesome as George Kirk.

I’d love the idea of a time travel movie. We could also get TNG crew, the Borg, the sky is the limits but please for the love of all that is holy DO NOT bring that octogenarian egotistic William Shatner onboard. Sure fire way to kill what has been a great series of Trek films. JUST SAY NO TO SHAT!!!

No worries, That is what they do best

prodigal mj


LOL indeed Tom, LOL indeed. Shocked you didn’t use an emoji to really top off that top notch comment.

No use shoehorning an emoji into it. Those dies in another timeline

I know I’ll burn in hell for this, but the odds of him still drawing breath when this ends up in front of the cameras is iffy, at best.

Not to jinx it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Shatner goes another decade. Seems like the more fat, the stronger the heart muscle in his case.

Hey, I hope that’s the case for me, too! ;)

Harry Plinkett,

Based on what what kind of evidence can you make this “sure fire” guarantee? He appeared in seven Trek movies and not a one of them caused the next film scheduled to be killed. The one film that you film death mongers believe killed the next, NEMESIS, he wasn’t anywhere near.

And what’s new about actors with egos? And last I checked, he’s still a profit participant in Trek as was negotiated in his first contract, what possible motivation would he have to kill the goose that laid his golden egg?

If you don’t like Shatner the man, fine, say so. but please refrain from making stuff up about what a great director can’t do with him.

I tend to agree with the crazy Harry guy. As much as it pains me to say it I think it’s wise at this point if Shatner stayed away from the new movies. IMO he’d be a distraction. Put him in the new show perhaps but I don’t need any more of the original Crew shoehorned into these new movies. This cast is really growing on me and spock was the necessary bridge. I think that was sufficient

I meant nimoy was the necessary bridge

Thanks Ted. An oasis of good sense in a desert of stupid.

Harry is the authority on all things that tumble out of his mouth. Just ask him.

Love the idea of bringing in every other character but the one most known for the franchise because THAT would kill it. hahahahahahaha one has to be incredibly dense to believe that.

Oh TUP, the one most known to the franchise was already in two of the reboot movies – his name was Spock. Oh I know the popular answer is Kirk but for me Spock is the most important character and Nimoy doesn’t embarrass the legacy of Star Trek the way that Jabba the Shat does.

You’re fatter.

@ Bucky Kramer – I’d have to be 839 lbs for that to be true.

Embarrass the legacy? By being an award winning actor? Still being a positive and active person at 85?

Post a photo of yourself at 85. Actually do it now, so we can make fun of you.

Shatner is a bad actor, IMO an atrocious actor. We don’t need his scenery chewing and overacting in such a great new Trek movie series. No it’s not a sure fire guarantee and I’m sure there are the old school Trek fans who will drool like idiots at a 300 pound 80 year old Kirk waddling around on screen acting a fool and taking away from the younger and better cast.

He was horrible in Generations and that Kirk died. Keep him that way. Yes to Nimoy. No to Shatner. Paramount made the right call, don’t change course now.

Why was prodigal sock puppet mj mark jenson banned last time? never learns

Harry Plinkett,

You do know that STAR TREK was about humans getting off the planet, throwiing off their assumptions about appearances and getting along with many challenges to their aesthetic preconceptions from other strange sentients in the galaxy? They even went so far as to explore a race of beings who’s looks so challenge our sensibilities that to gaze upon them would drive us insane.

Your having a personal problem with Shatner’s entertainment quotient for you is fine. But your constant harping on his appearance and age and your inability to do so without recourse to exagerated charicature and hurling baseless insults upon those that have learned from those stories to get around it, is causing many of us to wonder just what was it you took away from watching those 79 episodes?

Spock was not given the pointed ears because they thought it would make him look sexy and appealing. And they weren’t, initially. That’s why there was so much backwash from the network about losing the character, i.e. his appearance. Roddenberry wanted to give the viewers something to initially shock and repulse them in this apparent satanic visage as he used it to challenge our preconceptions about looks.

YES to Shatner. THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!!!!

This could be a good thing. Maybe nuTrek is going to rectify the mistake. Somehow Kirk and crew go back in time to when the Narada attacked the Kelvin, do something something something, and *poof* original timeline restored! Wishful thinking, but one can dream . . .

There’s nothin to restore since the PT is unaffected.

Prove it using only canon.

That will be proven January 2017. ;)

But meanwhile, the best I can do for now:


I mean how much MORE obvious does it need to be? I wish they were this obvious about it in the films themselves though.

Original timeline is still happening. All the blu ray you own of the old shows and films still happened. So you have nothing to worry about. ;)

That’s what I keep telling people….go look at your original Laserdisc, VHS,Betamax, DVD or Blue-Ray of
“the Trouble with Tribbles” and you won’t see Sisko, Dax, O’Brien, Bashir or Mr.Woof [as L.T. likes to call him]
So the original time-line is still happening, the one where a very old Kirk dies on the Golf Course of a heart attack {OK guys, I got that one from one of the old anthology novels, because “Generations” was actually a Rick Berman project, therefore another universe}.

They should use NuST4 as a set up film for a Marvel/’Trek crossover film. In fact, set one up for a SW/ST film, too, since time travel involved. BTW, who says that time travel will be involved? The next film could be a re-imagining of “The Cage”, as well as a possible Mirror Universe movie…

No one’s confirmed actual ‘time travel’ of any sort is going to be the way that nuKirk’s ‘father’ is involved, as far as I know,..so every idea is up for grabs at the moment.

Perhaps the movie will even turn out to be about some adventure involving ‘George’s command throughout, and he shown to wake up sweating from a ‘nightmare’ involving his 2009 movie demise (and it’s aftermath)… ;)

I just looked up the box office of Chris Hemsworth non-Marvel movies & most of them tanked except maybe ‘Vacation’ and ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’!

His 2015 movie ‘Blackhat’ earned just $19.7 million!!!

I doubt it could be argued that Hemsworth didn’t make the most of the opening segment of Trek 09 – and I’ll express the same reservations about bringing him back that I did when the Khan rumors started flying around STID. It’s going to take everyone bringing their ‘A’ game to pull off a successful installment, otherwise you’ll end up with another ho-hum piece of fan service, at best, or blanket accusations of coat tailing the Marvel at worst. Judging from his lousy non-Marvel box office numbers, it’s a safe bet he’s been typecast….so if the average viewer looking at him in Trek 14 can’t get past Thor in space….we have a problem brewing.


Scotty upgrades the Franklin to captain’s yacht/rv, STAR TREK 14: THE VACATION HOME it is!

AJ posted this in the chat sec, but just to let others here know:



I love the guy but I don’t want Prime Kirk’s final appearance to happen with today’s William Shatner. You could get away with it for Nimoy as his basic build and look stayed fairly constant. Shatner’s final appearance as Kirk was and should remain Generations, whether you like that film or not.

I’m excited and very curious about Hemsworth’s return. Doesn’t seem that it could involve “normal new Trek” time travel or else a 3rd timeline would come into existence.

there is the magic of digital tech to slim down the Shat

If only there was some way to make Shatner look younger. if only, if only/

I want everyone here who is critical of Shatner’s appearance to post a photo of themselves when they are 85. In fact, do it at 75 and let’s see who looks better.

I’m laying down a marker right now: George will have a half-Romulan son to test his relationship with Spock.

[to test Jim’s relationship with Spock]

The original Orci, Payne, McKay script was rumored to have Shatner and Nimoy back as Kirk and Spock along with some effort to repair the damage done by Nero in the first movie. It seems like that story is being re-worked to make Hemsworth fill the roles Shatner and Nimoy may have played, although I think it’s possible Shatner could be involved in this next movie.

It’s great news. I think this Star Trek Beyond may have been that needed, enjoyable in between adventure that Star Trek needed before doing something big with time travel in the next one.

If Paramount did come around to accept some core idea from the original Trek XIII script, I don’t understand why Bob Orci isn’t involved.

Eventually Bob will tell his side of the story. JJ said in an interview they will probably never use Shatner.. Perhaps that is the part of the story the studio did not want, Or perhaps they are starting fresh although it is strange they are using that writing team again

We have to remember all those rumors when Orci got the boot was that part of the reason his script was rejected because Shatner was heavily involved and Paramount didnt want to use him. Who knows how true that is (and I find it bizarre Orci and the others would spend months writing a script involving a major character without discussing it with Paramount first) but it DOES sound like Paramount just no longer want Shatner in these films again. And frankly I dont really blame them. No one seems to be begging for Nichelle Nichols or George Takei to have a role in these films so why is Shatner so important other than the symbolic nature of it? They’ve already done that with Generations 22 years ago. Its a new crew in a new universe. Outside of Q showing up and snapping his fingers to bring him back or a dream sequence which NO ONE wants its just not worth it. The man is now in his mid-80s, what exactly do people expect him to do once he shows up? I dont want to see an old and fragile Kirk (although Shatner is in decent shape but he’s still 80). Do people want to see him fighting Klingons half his age or something?

It all depends on whether Les Moonves is running Paramount next year. Moonves wants a unified marketing front like Disney has with Marvel and Star Wars, and Shatner is the Han Solo of Star Trek.

Maybe 20 years ago but not today. I love Shatner like everyone but Trek has moved on from him a long, long time ago. Once TNG proved that it could get the popularity and more without Shatner OR Kirk that was proof that Star Trek is bigger than one character or crew and TNG came out in 1987 for pete sakes. My point is while having Shatner is nice, its just not necessary. I’m sorry, not even close. I was in college when Star Trek was its height of hysteria when TNG was winding down the TV world to go on to films and DS9 and Voyager was starting. There was a lot going on. And Shatner being back for Generations was a big, big deal at the time. Not only was he back (although it was only 3 years since TUC lol) he was a big part of the plot. And it was successful but nothing huge end of the day. Because FC showed up 2 years later and did way more BO than what Generations did. Having the old crew in Generations was cool but the kids want to see the Borg.

And today generation less so. We have to be honest with ourselves, only a fraction of people who watch these reboot movies are old school Trek fans. The vast majority are people who never watched Trek before or ever on boards like this. We are actually the minority in this situation although it FEELS like we are the majority but we’re not and Paramount knows it. I think they felt bringing out Nimoy for the first film was already enough of the passing of the baton for old Trek fans to feel satisfied. I think now the feeling is just to focus on the new crew and not be a nostalgia trip at this point. TNG did the same thing with Generations. They bought on the big guy and a few others for their first film and then the next 3 they just did their thing solely as TNG with some references to DS9 and Voyager. I think its the same attitude here. I mean if you were going to ever bring him back THIS wouldve been the time to do it. They purposely avoided it for a reason so I’m guessing Abrams is right, we’ll never see Shatner in a film again and the guy is only getting older. By the time the next film will even roll around he’ll probably be around 86 or 87. I mean poor Harrison Ford gets the age jokes and he’s an entire decade younger than Shatner.

And also why if they MUST put him in a Trek production one more time, the new show just makes more sense. Its more flexible, shot quicker and yes may actually be in the original timeline and not the Kelvin one which makes Shatner’s appearance make less sense. So again, he may be in Trek again but most likely the new show than a film.

As an old Trek fan I had no expectation of ever seeing Shatner again. It was JJ and team that brought the idea to life and he has been paying it lip service ever since. Now he is coming clean that it will not happen but if they really wanted it it would have happened

William Shatner is a huge star. People that dont think so, thats ok, but you’re wrong. The media generated over the “leak” of Shatner in Bob’s story prove that.

But I agree there is heat between the studio and Shatner. Probably because Shatner dared consider himself a businessman. Im sure the Studio couldnt understand why Shatner wouldnt just take part in Trek related events and consider himself lucky.. But wanting to be treated like the top star he would be in a Trek film is too much to ask I guess.

Shameful. Shatner will one day be gone. And there will be a lot of people lamenting that we didnt get him as Captain Kirk one last time.

Hopefully the series brings him on board and treats him in such a way the character and actor deserve.

I expect the same treatment and aversion as the movies. They want to be new and fresh.

Dude Shatner is NOT a huge star lol. Tell me the last film you saw the man in? You want to know what it is? Are you ready? That would be Star Trek Generations lol. Yes that was the last movie the guy was in believe it or not. NOW I’m not saying he hasn’t done a lot since, he’s done plenty but its mainly a lot of guest star roles on TV, commercials, narrations and yes Trek related stuff. Probably his biggest role since Generations was playing Danny Crane on Boston Legal. I loved him on that show. And I will say that is probably now his second most famous character after Captain Kirk.

But he’s not a HUGE star man, c’mon. I doubt anyone under 30 who ISN’T a Trek fan could tell you anything about his work other than that guy on Star Trek. Its not like he’s Anthony Hopkins or Patrick Stewart playing in these big tent pole films even for an older actor. Yeah we all love him but the fact you think he’s still a big star kind of proves your fanboy goggles are a bit tight. ;)

Now all that said would Shatner being in a Trek film bring a lot of press, of course it would. But doesnt mean the film is going to suddenly make a billion dollars over it either. If people can’t recall the last time Leonard Nimoy played Spock was in Star Trek VI so it was a LOT of fan fare that he was part of these reboot movies and yet the film still didnt crack $400 million for all the hype about it. Having an 85 year old guy in the next movie isn’t going to make the BO any bigger since its going to be all the same guys whose been going to these films anyway, even the ones who claim to hate them. The average movie goer who isn’t into Trek isnt going to see the film suddenly because he’s in it.

Oops I just remembered he WAS in more movies after Generations. He was in the Miss Congeniality movies. He was fun in those too. Ok so I was wrong on that but yeah still doesn’t exactly make him the Dwayne Johnson for the over 60 crowd.



Indeed you were wrong and totally dismissive of his Emmy winning BOSTON LEGAL fame as well.

I thought you were on the verge of a point when you almost suggested that if ST 14 would be a comedy, it would pull to his current noted strengths. You could have even backed it up pointing to his last turn as Kirk at the Academy Awards.

@Tiger – you are factually wrong. I guess if you’re judging huge star on the basis of “is he the highest paid actor? No? Then he’s not a star”, which means everyone from #2 down are not stars. But that is moronic. Shatner is 85 and possibly not up to the rigors of making motion pictures on a regular basis.

He was award winning on Boston Legal showing his acting chops and stealing every scene he was in…with some very good actors. And his role in the Miss Congeniality films was very good too.

Again, the HYPE over the LEAK proves how big a star he is.

All I can say is I’m definitely on a Trek board lol. You guys need to loosen the fanboy goggles. Shatner is about as much of a huge star as David Hasselhoff is a huge star. And I acknowledged his work in Boston Legal which I said I loved. I’m not saying he’s not a star or famous but to call him a HUGE star is utterly ridiculous lol. Shatner was actually a punchline for a lot of his career and this is a guy who people mock his acting skills for most of it. I love Shatner like the rest of you but you got to have, you know, perspective. ;)

Might bring Bruce Greenwood back as Pike now that it is ok to resurrect dead characters. A week ago the notion of George Kirk returning would have been considered fan service.

TOM—I second this. LOVE PIKE! Theres no one else Id rather see than Bruce Greenwood as Pike.

Too bad JJ couldn’t announce Shatner on board as well at Comic Con. Shat will be there. What would the reaction be??

A coronary?

He can still be on the new show, which he will be at Comic Con with Bryan Fuller so who knows maybe a different kind of announcement can happen there. ;)

Shame Phil would have a coronary. He should get more exercise.

Shatner announcement would be similar to the “leak” that happened when Bob was working on a Trek 3 script. It would be huge! Free PR.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Paramount expanded the number of screens before the official release on Friday.