Kurtzman: Second Season Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Will Not Be About Klingon War

One of the major story points that has been revealed in the last month is how Star Trek: Discovery will focus on a war with the Klingons. However, in an interview with Digital Spy  Executive Producer and co-creator Alex Kurtzman intimated that the Klingon War arc will not be the focus of the entire series. He also gave more details on the backstory of Sonequa Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham.

Discovery’s Own Undiscovered Country

Fans should not expect to see the Klingon War dominate Discovery’s entire run. Kurtzman said:

“Each season needs to be about a different thing. I wouldn’t necessarily want to bring the Klingon War into season two.

“However, the results of the war are going to allow for a lot of new storytelling that will be the result of everything that happens and the people that are left behind; the casualties, the things that have grown in Starfleet as a result of the war. That’s what we’ll inherit in the second season.”

As we recently reported Bryan Fuller first approached CBS with the idea of doing a Star Trek anthology series (like American Horror Story) with each season telling a different story in a different era. This idea was shot down in favor of sticking with the same crew in the same time period, however based on Kurtzman’s comments, it appears we could still see a change of focus for this crew each season.

That being  we reported yesterday on about Kurtzman saying it was “totally possible” that more Star Trek television shows could follow Discovery, so maybe those different eras still have a chance to show up.

Alex Kurtzman at Star Trek: Discovery panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Burnham’s Klingon fixation

Commenting on Sonequa Martin-Green’s Michael Burnham, a “first contact expert”   who seems like the perfect Starfleet officer to seek out new life and new civilizations, Kurtman commented that

[Burnham]  is fascinated and fixated on alien races; particularly the Klingons, for reasons that we’ll come to understand are very personal for her given the fact that we’re at war with the Klingons in the show, she’s going to have a lot to say and do about it.

Sonequa Martin Green as Michael Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.

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Yes, good.

More of this kind of promotion.

Interest-piquing dramatic teasers that are specific enough to be meaningful, without really giving anything away.

“However, the results of the war are going to allow for a lot of new storytelling that will be the result of everything that happens and the people that are left behind; the casualties, the things that have grown in Starfleet as a result of the war. That’s what we’ll inherit in the second season.”

This tells me what the show will be about in Season 2. It tells me what sort of themes will be treated. It gives me a tangible idea of the mood and feel of Season 2. Now, it would be nice to have some of the same about Season 1.

I think the reason they are so tight lipped about season one are because they are trying to preserve surprises. I understand what you’re saying and certainly they could give us more without giving us spoilers. Sometimes creative people exist in a bubble and I think they are likely so determined for people to experience the show cold that they hold back too much.

I dont mind because Im a spoiler junkie and would consume everything they serve up but it would be nice to go in and be surprised (in a good way!)

Also great to get some talk of Season 2 which, while not a confirmation from CBS, clearly shows us that the EP is confident.

My sense from all the comments by execs, cast and crew is that they have something special on their hands. I hope and suspect they do.

We all hope that they do. (I hope.) :-)

But not, one hopes, like Laura Dern in Jurassic Park.

Given that most fans are outrage by everything they are hearing they be better off releasing some proper details about the show instead of all of this drip feed nonsense. An now effectively resorting to if this isn’t a success we aren’t giving you what you want which is a post voyager series. Well they can go an fuck themselves.

another blind person who juat refuse to see all the released details…..

Given that most fans are outrage by everything they are hearing they be better off releasing some proper details about the show instead of all of this drip feed nonsense. An now effectively resorting to if this isn’t a success we aren’t giving you what you want which is a post voyager series. Well they can go an **** themselves.

“Given that most fans are outrage by everything they are hearing they be better off releasing some proper details about the show instead of all of this drip feed nonsense.”

Have you conducted a poll?

The Trumpian levels of hyperbole by those few people trying to convince everyone else that their opinions are widely held facts is truly hilarious.

Most fans ‘outrage’?? Pitchforks and torches outside of CBS headquarters type of outrage?

I’m not outraged…..

Especially as a season will only consist of 12 episodes or some similar number. They’ll burn thru the episodes quickly so you want to keep as much of it as possible under wraps for as long as possible to maintain interest.

15 but that irrelevent, I know more about many other shows I watch and even new series than I do about star trek destiny.

An we know they tend to keep stuff they know will controversy hidden, they pulled the same crap with the films, even out right lying.

I am going to take a wait and see approach. Although I find the description boring, the actual result might be rewarding. I don’t know.

It would be nice if the first season didn’t completely focus on the Klingon war, like season 3 of enterprise it wasn’t just about the xindi, same with DS9 there was episodes in there not filler but maybe add some comedy and exploring for a few episodes to mix it up a bit.

We know Harry Mudd is in at least two episodes. Although the clip of him looks dark, it probably won’t be completely war-focused.

I will be interested to see Rainn Wilson as Mudd. I have always thought Jack Black would be a much better pick.

But I think Rainn Wilson is a Trek nerd, so it could be really good.

I hope I dont just see Dwight when he’s on screen. Looking at some pics, he seems to pick up on some of Mudd’s mannerisms (how he holds his hands) so that might bode well.

For big fans of The Office, it’ll be difficult not to see Dwight.

That’s part of the problem with Enterprise.
I, at least, saw Sam Beckett. I didn’t like Enterprise when it came out because of the “itchiness” of seeing Quantum Leap. The jumpsuit didn’t help.
It’s important for Star Trek to stick to relative unknowns for regulars. For a special guest he should be ok.
Hell, if ol’ LeVar Burton didn’t wear a visor, many people would have probably had either “reading rainbow” or “roots” stuck in their head.

I was really excited for Bakula but he was the wrong choice for THAT character. Had he been closer to Sam Beckett, he would have been great. More of a wide eyed curiosity and enthusiasm. Instead, he was supposed to play this tough, rebel type and it didnt work for him.

@Marja — Jack Black would be very interesting to see in the role.

Why does Mudd have to be the ONLY space-faring trader? Why not a community of them? Some in league with Orion syndicates? I should think there is plenty of room for Jack Black as a recurring character.

Because the current team can only reimagine past ideas and characters, they are incapable of comining up with new ones. Which is why we are getting the Klingon war instead of something new and interesting.

@DK — nice trolling … Seems like there’s quite a few new characters and ideas in DISC, so your statement is false on the face of it, and your agenda painfully obvious. Do tell me about where I can see the Klingon war originally dipicted, such that this is not new and interesting?

Well, considering how many people were jonesing for Axanar and the Klingon war, it’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that some won’t find this interesting.

Axanar was only a single film produce by fans who wanted to write about one specific event.

CBS making a whole series about war is what I’m against.

Kitbash canon,

Re:Why does Mudd have to be the ONLY space-faring trader?

Well,I suppose, someone always has to be the pioneer?

They mentioned an episode focusing on Saru and his background. Also: why would you need an astromycologist if all you do is fighting the Klingons?

very knowledgeable science officer would seem appropriate. Perhaps they are dealing with a mycologic menace throughout the galaxy? Hmmm, could be interesting.

Sorry, part of my reply got wiped by my touchpad I guess.
“I don’t know why they need an astromycologist when a very knowledgeable science officer would seem appropriate….” &c.


Perhaps, they’re using the mushrooms for the “new way to fly”… like the spice from Dune ;)

Suddenly I’m reminded of a gag from the “Fright Night” late-night horror movie TV show (pre Elvira)with the “Mushroom Tabernacle Choir” (a bunch of plastic mushrooms on sticks) swaying back and forth and singing “Fly Me Too The Moon”. [Hosted by “The Master of the Macabre, the Epitome of Evil, the most sinister man to crawl on the face of the earth… Seymour!” for anyone else who remembers.]

Kurtzman: “[Burnham] is fascinated and fixated on alien races; particularly the Klingons, for reasons that we’ll come to understand are very personal for her”

Thanks to SFX interview with Frain we already know the “personal reasons”:


James Frain: We see Sarek as a younger man, and we discover that he has been made responsible for Michael’s upbringing – her parents were killed while being hosted at the Vulcan Academy when there was a Klingon attack.

Yes this is a big character point, we wrote an article about it before the magazine was even on newsstands, and we link to it in this article too.

That aspect of the character seems kind of pro-forma to me. Does every ‘troubled’ Trek character have to have a backstory where their parents were victims of the __________?

Still, I think Burnham’s Vulcan backstory is potentially one of the more interesting aspects of Discovery, if handled well. Even if her relationship with Spock’s family is canonically dubious.

Michael Hall, and Disney protagonists too. Their parents always die, either father or mother or both ….

Yes, I agree that Michael’s relationship with Spock’s family seems canonically dubious. Perhaps she will die in Starfleet before Spock announces his intention to go into the service? Otherwise why would Sarek stop speaking to Spock for 18 years?

Per Memory Alpha, Spock was already serving on the Enterprise when STD takes place (~2255) and he was commissioned as an officer ~5 years before STD takes place (Spock served under Pike for 11 years). Not really related to your overall point, but I think we often forget/don’t realize how old the Enterprise was. It had been in service for 40ish year when they blew it up in STIII. It’s already 10 years old when STD takes place.

So I wonder what the Enterprise of this universe will look like. From what we have seen of the ST:Discovery ships so far, I imagine it will look quite different.

@Marja — Spock was Sarek’s flesh and blood. Michael is not his blood, and indeed they have suggested she represents a study to better understand humanity, how embarrassing then after studying her and watch her leave to join the academy, his is unable to persuade his only half-human son and blood offspring to stay and follow his path. I think it’s exactly as it should be from what I’ve seen …

Curious Cadet

Re:a study to better understand humanity

What the heck does that imply about Amanda? Or Spock for that matter?

Or put aside that they were all a Sarek “study” how the heck could Sarek’s HUMAN ex-schoolteacher wife acquiesce to her husband experimenting on any child, no matter how well-intentioned, let alone a human one?

with TOS, that was only true of Kevin Riley as I recall – a character who only appeared twice. They wanted Garrovick to recur, and he would have fit that same bill, but I don’t recall those kinds of traumas as backstory on TOS going in.

True, I was referring to the franchise as a whole. (Worf, Tasha Yar, 7 of 9, etc. etc.) It seems a pretty over-used device at this point.

kmart, I’m sure you’re aware that Riley was originally “Lieutenant Daiken” in earlier drafts of “The Conscience of the King,” but Bruce Hyde was available so they just went and changed the name. It’s pretty much the actor’s performance that keeps the character consistent over those two episodes, and it’s pretty funny that Riley is now grousing over being stuck in the same engineering room that he’d commandeered just a few episodes earlier in “The Naked Time.”

Personally, I always liked the character (more than Chekov, to be perfectly honest), and wish they’d kept him on.

Nothing in this show, shows any originality what so ever.

As opposed to your posts, which could never have been written by anyone else.

Ugh, the grammar nazi in me wants to yell at Kurtzman, “fascinated BY and fixated on! And you call yourself a writer?”

But then he’s a professional, so the hell with it

I don’t know that being a writer has much to do with how much focus one puts on grammatical construction in conversational speech. If anything, I’d think professional screenwriter might be less concerned with exact grammar as long as their point comes across. (Because precise grammar is not super important in writing screenplays, where the focus is on often intentionally ungrammatical dialogue + snappy stage direction.)

Kurtzman is one of the biggest hacks in the industry, I prefer almost anyone but him and bad robot team to be involve in this.

Bad Robot is NOT involved. Educate yourself.

The only thing worse than having someone from the Star trek movies involved in this would be to have someone from the Transformer movies or Lost in Space or Batman and Robin involved in this.

Aw crap.

Yeah, fine. However, that sorta implies that S1 will be MAINLY about war, doesn’t it. I really hope we won’t have to sit through fifteen episodes of death and darkness.
They sorta kinda have Nick Meyer on the writing staff, don’t they? – It was Nick Meyer who had the character of Carol Marcus say: “Starfleet has kept the peace for over a hundred years.” in TWOK.

Yeah, I know it’s only a single line (and actually, considering the evolution of TWOK’s script it might as well have been a leftover from an earlier version), but when I recently rewatched TWOK, it nevertheless made me wonder how much of a Klingon WAR, as in “all-out war”, there can possibly be…

Well, no more than a single season per this article!

Heh, fair enough. Heck, if it’s a proper Trek show, one first season of war won’t stop it from achieving greatness.
Just like a whole first season of “WTF are we actually attempting to do here?” didn’t stop TNG (even though, to be fair, those were vastly different times).

Kirk an crew actions in TOS don’t show the level of hostility one would have expected from a recently fought large scale war with the Klingon’s. More evidence that this isn’t set in the prime universe like they been trying to promote.

@DK — you really should go back and watch Errand of Mercy. Not only do you appear to be a troll, but not even a good one, much less a fan familiar with the subject of Trek.

Fan: “I don’t care for this show. It seems to be just about war.”
Another Fan: “How do you know?! You haven’t seen the show yet!”
Producer/Actor/Writer “WAR[…]DARK/GRITTY[…]FUCKED UP[…]WAR!”

Having the Klingon War be the main story arc does not mean the entire season is a dystopian future. People who want to dislike the show before seeing it are looking for reasons to do so. And thats fine. It’s their right. Its everyone else’s right to think those people are goofballs.

I hope they will have some stand-alone episodes without Klingons. God bless ’em, but I’ve just about seen my fill of Klingons.

@Marja — yup, there are episodes of TNG, I just have to turn off, even if I’m not really paying attention to it, because iits all about Klingins and their tiresome, tedious, honor … Yikes that dialogue became so trite and tedious …

Yep.. if I hear “it is a good day to die” just once, I’m reaching for the remote! :-D

There so many other races in star trek surely it can’t be to hard to come up with a story that uses any of them. Honestly any other species would make for a more interesting story than the klingons. Who have had plenty of air time.

The marketing for this show just like the marketing for the films especially Star Trek Into Darkness has been nothing more than a disaster. They ain’t got a bloody clue how to market star trek to fans or none fans alike.

If they were just honest and straight with us from the beginning.Tone down the attacks on the fan base from the actors and production crew. Stop encouraging the attack articles from the press which were clearly encourage by the production team.

Show us they actually care about star trek and understand the universe they are working in. Perhaps then wouldn’t be so much hatred and negativity about this series or the films.

“The marketing for this show just like the marketing for the films especially Star Trek Into Darkness has been nothing more than a disaster. They ain’t got a bloody clue how to market star trek to fans or none fans alike.”

…ah…so that’s why Into Darkness made more money worldwide than any other Trek movie. Ever.

Star Trek Beyond was a flopped, proving that Into Darkness destroyed whatever good will the first film created among the movie going public.

But Trek Beyond wasn’t a “flop”. Being not as successful as Into Darkenss does not a flop make. It was still one of Paramount’s top movies for the year and made butt loads of money. It just didn’t make as much money…and in the turmoil that paramount is facing now, they need to make MORE money. You’re argument is invalid.

I loved Star Trek Beyond!

DS9 was about war and it was some of the best Trek ever. Don’t be so pessimistic.

Exactly! For many fans DS9 is their favorite show and not just because it turned into a war theme but how it was handled was done so well. If Discovery is done half as good as that then they may have a winner on their hands.

As long as the episodes about war are deeply characterized — and politics, motivations of enemies and the Federation and such are explored — I don’t object. War-just-for-gory-action-‘n’-starship-dogfightin’, yeah, I object to that.

DS9 did a good job with their war arc.

They did, but I hope DSC does better. There were some great shows about the horrors of war and the ethical issues of successfully prosecuting one, but I would have loved to have seen some real dissention on the Starfleet side, especially with all the people who signed on to be scientists, engineers, and explorers who are now expected to pick up a phaser and kill on command. In other words, less WWII and more Vietnam. For my money, in the context of the Star Trek world that could have been fascinating.

Per this article, the first season will also be explicitly about ENDING a war, so I think you’re maybe getting out ahead of yourself.

But…But….But….all the haters assured us there would be no second season, let alone another series. How can this be?

Actually many were convinced there wouldn’t be a FIRST season. I remember arguing with someone on another site who was convinced Discovery was never going to see the light of day AFTER the first trailer was shown. Even then people were convinced it was some weird face saving campaign but that Discovery was still going to be shelved anyway.

People like this are just bizarre and so determined to hate something to the point they are now assured of its failure even when basic facts says other wise. And I don’t mean how good the show is, just the fact that its even airing.

Just ask Isaacs. He knows the answer. :-P

I’m not hating. Just having an opinion, but I don’t like the klingon if that’s what it is. It looks he’s wearing a mask, which he is of course.I think it’s the ears. I’ll get over it, just sayin

I think we’ll all have lots of little things to get over, since we each have our own ideas about what Trek should look and ‘feel’ like at this late date, all of which are derived from over 700 hours of TV episodes and movies that are very different from each other. If the stories and performances are good, that shouldn’t be a problem.

I like the new Klingons the more i see them. If they had long hair, they’d really fit in. I think the purple skin tone is just the lighting of the photo.

It might also be a ceremonial smearing of Klingon blood. Who knows until we see it.

This may bode well for the series. . . assuming it’s worthy of a second season at all.

You know what would be cool? If there were longer segments of time between seasons, or even between episodes. It would allow us see the world actually develop as we watch the show. And it would be a neat excuse to refurbish the sets and introduce new prop designs every once in a while. ;)

Paul, Yeah, umm, that refurbishment can be pretty expensive. They’re already at multi-million $ per episode.

I think thats likely what scared CBS to begin with though it sounds like they never said no. They said wait and see. If they had to refurb every season, thats a lot of money. Although keeping the ship allows you to do minor re-dresses of the ship locations over time.

This is why, although on paper the anthology idea is awesome, it is somewhat less practical for Star Trek, than for American Horror Story and American Crime. Besides the sets and costumes, they’d have to do a lot of casting every year. In those other shows, a lot of the cast returned and played different characters each season. For AHS, there’s some reason for this that they’ll get to eventually, and for like American Crime, it didn’t matter since they were totally separate stories.

But doing the same for Star Trek might be more confusing since it’s all meant to be in the same universe, and unless you forced human actors to be covered up with makeup, and vice versa, it would be harder to suspend belief.

I meant “human characters.” I assume they’re all human actors.

It could be something they keep in the back of their minds. It would be really interesting to have a series that jumps time using the same ship.

What made the USS Enterprise special? One thing, it seemed timeless. because we saw it in the 60’s…80’s etc. It seemed to be around forever.

If they can create a series where the same ship is used over decades that would be pretty cool. But its hard to commit to an idea that forces you to change cast when you might love that cast.

Then again, The Queen is doing just that, changing the cast after the second or third season due to the story aging beyond what is reasonable for the cast to play.

If they had had Enterprise jump years but kept T’Pol, minor changes to the ship and the occasional cameo from previous actors in aged make up, that immediately sounds interesting.

I’m reading this as ‘Season 2 will be a whole lot less expensive to make’.

I’m not reading that at all. We don’t even know how much action will be in this series.

In other news Fantastic 4 II will not be about Dr Doom. Ghostbusters II will not be about the ladies fighting a painting. STD will be lucky to get a second season. Cough “Midnight’s Edge” cough…..

Thanks for the pro tip on Discovery‘s chances, though some intel on the ponies would probably be more useful.

Everyone seem to be pretty down on this series. Fans hate the fact it another prequel, many aren’t clean on the fact it appears to be a series base around war. The fact it base on the Klingon’s again like they ain’t be covered plenty of times in the past and has also put plenty of fans off.

Caste members who seem to hate everything star trek stands for and hate us fans.

The press with the backing from CBS are attacking fans. The test screenings were reported to have been disastrous.

Netflix are said to be pissed of that they aren’t getting what they paid for, which is a series set in the prime universe. They are funding this show.

Then there the fact they are already considering alternative ideas, this monstrosity of a idea of basing a series on Khan being marooned on that planet for example. Do these people even get that star trek is about exploration, hope and a optimistic future?

Anything else you want to make up on the spot while you’re at it?

Seriously, I’d appreciate a link to anything substantiating any of this.

I love Star trek but not paying CBS for all access.

Counting the food that I buy, I spend about 24 dollars when I go to the movies.
CBS All Access is only asking me for 5.99.
I can live with that.

That’s fine–but why do you think the rest of us should care?

Do you pay for your STAR TREK books, toys, memorobilia, etc. or do you normally like to get them free also?

Trek Core is reporting that Michael Burnham is a xenoanthropologist. Having a main character who specializes in alien cultures just sounds SO cool to me, because Star Trek’s aliens have always been some of its most interesting aspects. I can’t wait to see what they do with this!

An he would be a awesome character to have if the ship was heading into unknown space filled with unknown and exotic life forms.

Instead this show is base around the Klingons and the Vulcans.

First, Michael Burnham is a woman. The character is played by Sonequa Martin Green (seen in the photo above). Second, there’s still a lot to learn about Klingons. It seems that Discovery really wants to take a deep dive into Klingon culture. This could be much more interesting than seeing a new bumpy forehead of the week that we barely get to know every other episode.

We had plenty of deep dives on Klingon cultures in DS9, Voyager, STNG.

Plus they aren’t doing deep dive on the Klingon’s in the prime universe. They are making their own shit up, from what little they told, it will be base on a off shoot of the Klingon race, one that clearly doesn’t exist by the 24th century.

Given what some of the cast members are saying I hope this series flops badly, crashes and burns. They don’t respect the source material or the fans so they don’t deserve our respect or our eyes.

You’re SO wrong I’m beginning to suspect you may be Donald Trump in disguise. :-P

To be fair to that guy he sounds far too eloquent to be Donald Trump. And there was no SAD at the end of his sentence to heighten the point.

Star Trek isn’t about war it about exploration, it about a optimistic future where humans have set aside their petty differences for the most part. Until the powers at be realises this I won’t watch this or anything else Kirkman, JJ Abrams or CBS/Paramount produces.

Who’s Kirkman?

And if you’re not watching, why are you here? But, in any case, you WILL watch. You won’t be able to stop yourself.

What about Discovery have you seen that makes you think humans have not set aside their petty differences? TOS was full of conflict. So was Voyager and DS9 and Enterprise.

Humans have still set aside differences to explore space. And they come into conflict with things they find there. Why is this so hard to understand?

Yes, watching a one hour show every week where the cast stare at a view screen, eat breakfast, maybe make popcorn and watch old films in the mess hall might sound like a fun optimistic view of space exploration. I guess.

They have no intention of doing different eras, there license don’t allow for a proper post Voyager series.

What are you talking about?

Complete nonsense. CBS owns STAR TREK, the franchise. It doesn’t own the movies made by Paramount. So, it can’t use stuff from those movies unless a deal is made. But there’s nothing in the movies that prevents them from going post-Nemesis. Nothing. And even if it did, it would be a simple thing to have an agreement with near-bankrupt Paramount about this.

People, Ted Sullivan was on Supergirl – one of the most fun and optimistic shows, a personal Guilty pleasure. If he can lead a cast of writers to bring that to Star Trek in a believable way, we might actually simply WANT to watch it.

thats because there will be no second season.I love Star Trek but this show is going to be a wreck. So, like any other S.T.D the sooner it ends the we can move on to better things.

Yes, CBS is sure to cancel a show that cost nothing to them (thanks, Netflix!) and already made a ton of money with licencing products, just because.

Oh boy. Go rewatch the first season of TNG. Quality-wise, that was a show that deserved to be cancelled. And yet it was not, and became one of the greatest things in TV history.

Even if DSC’s first season is a so called “wreck” (and I don’t believe it is), CBS will renew it for a second season. That’s how it works in this franchise. Sorry to disappoint you. But you have to be thankful for that! Got you 7 seasons of TNG!

Season 1 of TNG is a masterpiece.
WTF are you talking about??

LOL one thing about Star Trek, its pretty hard to get it cancelled. ;)

For instance, did you know TNG was under threat of being cancelled in second season? Well that worked out right? In fact no Trek show has lasted one season. The shortest one was TAS with twoi.

And I just find this argument absurd. The Good Fight got renewed after FOUR episodes and it had no hype nor any international distribution. Netflix has help pay for this shows first season with their deal. And its AA flagship show. You honestly think their flagship show will go after just one season? I think Discovery will go 3 seasons regardless. It could just go 2 but its definitely getting renewed 1st season given all the build up to it.

I think CBS is making a valid attempt to get this cancelled in 1 season. They are already talking about replacement series. The fans are out rage and most aren’t happy bunnies at all, no one wants to pay for CBS Access. Hardly anyone is happy with the stuff coming from the show production teams. The actors are attacking the fan base already.

If this survives more than one season I think everyone will be shocked.

There are no rumors of Netflix being unhappy. And if CBS is trying to get it cancelled they sure are going about it the wrong way. Bringing it better SFX people, increasing the budget, increasing the order and the CEO praising it are all sort of the opposite of what you’d do if you wanted to cancel it.

In fact CBS would, you know, just cancel it if they wanted to cancel it. lol

If rumours on the internet anything to go and Netflix really aren’t happy with what they are getting in the form of STD, funding for season 2 might not show up.

No such rumors exist. Stop it.

Hear, fucking, hear.

Apple has announced plans to spend $1 billion on the development of original content to compete with (on a smaller scale) Netflix & Amazon (and other OTT’s).

Exciting , and should be very interesting , TUP ! I was hopeful for Microsoft Studios , but they have since closed !

I agree! Its funny because in other threads we’ve talked a lot about streaming and some felt it was a saturdated market. But if its saturated now, look out. Every network and studio will have streaming. Not all will survive. But everyone will give it a shot.

Im excited about it because when you remove the aspect of corprate sponsorship (advertising dollars), you strip competition down to quality of the content. And we should get some wonderful content.

The nature of needing original content for streaming means more and more limited run shows with premium content and possibly higher calibre production/actors. Once created, that content is gravy moving forward for the OTT service.

I wont subscribe to 10 OTT’s, at least not in the forseeable future. But should Apple create a series that interests me, I’d certainly consider buying the disk or giving the stream a shot.

They have to make it as easy and convenient as Netflix which is pretty ubiquitous on just about every delivery platform

Apple should buy “Star Trek” from Viacom and set the ship back on course.

Given there was no Klingon war with the Federation prior to TOS, according to Day of the Dove, season 1 of Discovery is not canon Star Trek.

^^And here we go. Why I H-A-T-E prequels. For the record I’m fine they added the war but the fact that this will be cited as why Discovery is an abomination to some people is exactly why I don’t get the need to do it if all you are doing is upsetting anal fans you are trying to marke this to?

or they could try and listen to fans and actually give us what many of us want. May be hire some actual star trek fans to create it, not star wars fans in disguise.

A story set in the prime universe, which is what Bryan fuller was going to provide before he was sack from the project. A future that show some optimism. Exploration, that contains new races, explore new parts of the galaxy.

An abomination to SOME people??
Try “MOST” people.
I cannot wait to see this utterly & spectacularly FAIL.

Of course it is canon, since it is being shown by the rightful owners of Star Trek.
It is just a new universe. Again.

Only thing that is cannon is the TOS,STNG,VOY,DS9,ENT plus 1-10 films.

Well said, Sir.
It’s just that, on it’s face, this garbage is not canon.

Unless the first episodes – season is nothing ever seen or heard of (storylines) their is just

no way in hell I’ll be forking 💸 to CBS – they’ll need a heaven sent miracle from the stars

✨ above to survive and that won’t be happening anytime soon. 🌑

wish we could skip the war.
its been done before.
i want the ‘seeking out new life, new civilizations’.

And the “seeking out new life, new civilizations” hasn’t been done before?

been 12 years since ENT finished and the ‘trek’ movies are not interested in it so, yes, am looking forward to STD season 2.

STD??!?!?!? oops!

its DSC

So… just rehashing DS9 and the depressing ‘look at what Starfleet has been corrupted into’ themes from the relaunch novels (but presumably, with things being ironed out just in time for TOS to come around)?

TO: Unrelated To Topic
RE: “ShuttlePod” Podcast

They have now made it embarrassingly obvious that,
as I had always suspected, they are on someone’s payroll.
Their review of the DSC trailer is, quite literally, unlistenable.
Nary a bad word dare be uttered about that steaming pile,
lest whatever they’re garnering from said beneficiary summarily gets cut-off.
I know they don’t give two flying finooks, but in me,
they have now lost a long time and (previously) loyal listener.

I am not going to watch Discovery, for it just doesn’t feel epic and awe inspiring. Since we are living in a doom and gloom world, I am looking for something optimistic. Dystopia seems to be everywhere, so I am going to search for something new. I love Star Trek in general: however, I think the world needs a morale lift. Star Trek: Discovery second problem us that uts from one perspective. I would rather have a Trek series about 7 cast members.

Star Trek Discovery will evolve like its predecessors. Relax.

Is that new Klingon makeup from the old Outer Limits?

kurtzman will put the best spin he can, as usual (eyesroll)
disco looks like more of the same crap (nu-trek sucks)
i’ve heard the actors are looking for new gigs next year (sad!)
let’s hope moonves doesn’t screw-up the replacement (khan?) show…

…”anthology” LOLOL! =P

totally not canon and thats not a klingon. fugly