New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Promo Shows Dramatic Moments For Michael Burnham

Today CBS released yet another video promo for Star Trek: Discovery on Twitter. It is mostly using footage from previous trailers but there are a few moments with some new bits. Watch it below.

NOTE: Video is locked to USA only. For those outside USA, a region free version is now up on Instagram

New bits

Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham – appears to be on bridge of U.S.S. Shenzhou

Burnham in U.S.S. Shenzhou transorter room looking down and screaming

Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs) welcoming Michael Burnham to the U.S.S. Discovery

Props and uniform promo

CBS also released a different promo yesterday. This one was essentially a mashup of the various prop promos they released leading up to SDCC last month.

NOTE: for those outside USA, a region-free version of this is available on Instagram.

Discovery writer talks canon + shares eclipse away mission

Over the weekend Star Trek: Discovery writer Bo Yeon Kim held an impromptu Q&A and Twitter. One of the more interesting responses came from a fan who asked what was the biggest challenge for them with Discovery. Bo responded talking about the legacy of the show and canon. 

Speaking of Star Trek writers, yesterday Bo shared this image of some of the writers taking a break to watch the eclipse.


Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere  on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.



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Loving the writers room rocking the eclipse!

Uh oh. One of the writers has a darth vader t-shirt on. Brace yourselves for a JJ-hater melt down :P

Another writer has a Cap’n Crunch t-shirt on. All the Trix rabbit lovers are going to start moaning…

And yet another is wearing a House of Stark shirt from the Game of Thrones. At least their geek creds are intact. :-)

They can all go climb a rock. I saw that on a t-shirt. Or was it a movie of the week? Either way…he was no messiah, but what he’s done will be puzzled over and studied and followed forever. People will have conventions, posters, books, CD-Roms…you’ll envy him.

Who are you talking about?

John Draper?


Given the fact that Captain Lorca referred to her as Michael Burnham rather than insert rank Michael Burnham it appears that the theories that she either left Starfleet or received some sort of punishment to where she has temporarily no rank is accurate.

Or he just uses her name without a rank because sometimes that happens. Or they edited out her rank from that quote because it’s a spoiler (like, she’s just an ensign at that point, or something weird). Or, yeah, it could be the theory you mentioned, but not necessarily.

I’m a lieutenant, but I get called my first name all the time – especially by higher ranking officers….

Hopefully those of subordinate rank are not referring to you by your first name, LT. If so, you need to quash that right now.

Just some friendly advice from a former NCO.

A commanding officer (or higher ranking NCO/ SNCO) has the choice of referring to subordinates by their first and last name. Rank has it’s privileges.

Cpt. Lorca’s desk appears to look a bit like Picard’s, doesn’t it?

First, no. Second, there’s not enough visible for it look like ANYONE’s desk. Third, he appears to be standing at a railing or console, not sitting at a desk. (Definitely not standing at one, unless it’s a standing desk.)

I was actually thinking of one of the scenes from “Brokenbow” when they did a quick launch ceremony for the Enterprise prior to their first deep space mission to return Klaang to the Klingon Empire.

Georgiou’s line “Contact Starfleet Command. We have engaged the Klingons.” is a pretty nice callback to Picard’s ” . . . dispatch a subspace message to Admiral Hanson. We have engaged the Borg.” in The Best of Both Worlds. Nicer still if it’s deliberate.

Is that an old-school TOS microtape in its reader in front of Lorca? The blue thing? Would be awesome if it was.

My thoughts exactly!

The Shenzhou and Capt. Georgiou are not long for this world, methinks…. She’s on the Shenzhou, she’s talking to her mentor abouther first command, then the ship gets shellacked by Klingons, Burnham starts a war, and she’s moved to Discovery to help finish it. That’s my prediction, anyway.

As usual, modern writers confusing “dramatic” with “emotional”. Outbursts and violence are not drama, just as jump scares are not horror. There’s more drama in Shatner getting the eagle eye, surveying his staff, and saying “Gentlemen…” than there is in any screaming hysterics.

Get off my lawn, modern writers!

As usual, modern fans confuse “have seen a trailer” with “I know what happens in the show”. Speculation and theories are not “knowing the future”, just as trailers are not the show.
There´s more accuracy in Shatner stupid twitter rants than in someone who pretends to know stuff better than the people who are actuall profesionall writers.

Jako, I think some people like to make predictions and be proven correct later. Boosts their ego.

Then there are some real nuts who, if proven wrong, resort to stupid behavior on the site. I don’t think [he/they] are here anymore though.

My thoughts exactly.

Still TV-MA… so it wasn’t a mistake in the last trailer…I’m scared!

The pronunciation is Michael as in the male name, not another spelling for Michelle as some had proposed… So it’s Spock’s Sister Michael :-)

It’s never been another spelling for Michelle except in the minds of people who’ve never met a woman named Michael (and who live very sheltered lives). Meanwhile, plenty of us know of women named Michael (pronounced “my kull” not “mi-shell”) both in real life and from such examples as the actress Michael Michele:

Having a woman named Michael is utter stupidity. Of course, in our denizen of, current insane mayhem of, gender identity crises, why expect sanity?

There are a lot of women… including actresses… named Michael. Look it up, this way you won’t look utterly stupid… to quote you.

You say “There are a lot of women”. As a proportion of people named Michael, women make up an utterly tiny proportion. The absolute number is meaningless without this relative scale, so for you to say “a lot” is completely your own twist and made you look utterly stupid AND arrogant. With that out of the way, it is perfectly reasonable to say that it’s silly to call a woman Michael and that there was a motive for this.

Wow ziplock… you are an arrogant dick. I know 3 women in my group of friends named Micheal. Just because it’s different for you, doesn’t mean it isn’t what some parents want to name their child. Whether there is one woman named Micheal or 1000, the fact is, Michael can be a woman’s name. I guess things that are different and not the norm according to you are a scary thing.

I have never encountered this thing, therefore I reject it! Differences are scary and uncomfortable. Homogeneity FTW!

@Earthking “Of course, in our denizen of, current insane mayhem of, gender identity crises, why expect sanity?”

Um…try that again, but this time as a coherent sentence. And then keep it to yourself.

Oh look, another silly retrogressive who knows nothing real about current society from having grown up in a cocoon.


That top picture looks like any fan who found out that they have to pay for an online service in order to watch anything beyond the first episode.

I wonder what it is like to be as tedious as you are.

Got a good chuckle out of that one, David…:)

Yeah… do you mean its not free like Game of Thrones, Sense8, Stranger Things, Preacher, House of Cards, Organge is the new Black and all that other free Shows that no one watches…. QUESTIONMARK

You said it. Also, this fool expects the show to be on CBS Prime just like that, ‘because’ when it can’t be like that because it wouldn’t survive on regular network TV.


Just wondering but would any of you like to see them do a special episode for Anton Yelchin? Not sure how or in what way but maybe a nod or a In Memory of or something like that?

There is a dedication to Anton Yelchin in Star Trek Beyond. Since he wasn’t involved in Discovery in any way it doesn’t really make sense to put something into Discovery. And given Chekov’s age in Star Trek 2009 wouldn’t he be a kid by the time of Discovery? Sure, they could have little Pavel running through the background of a scene but would that anything to his character of the show?

I would like it, when there is a Ship in Discovery that is called the U.S.S. Yelchin….

its a great Shipname.

Why? And for what? The tribute in Beyond is all he needs. His character will likely be dealt with in the next movie.

They should just stop talking about canon. They keep using that word, and clearly it does not mean what they think it means. If they just dropped the act life would be so much easier for all involved.

Life is difficult because YOU think they aren’t adhering to canon??? Wow. Life must be so easy for you.

Aaaan another “Fan” thinking he knows is better than actual profesional writers.

Why are so many supposed Trek fans so damn melodramatic. That post is ridiculous and over the top. Relax, kid. It’s just a TV show.

I don’t understand the point of this article. There’s nothing new here.

Did we ever get an explanation of why they gave the female character a boy’s name? I’m assuming there’s a reason other than wanting to confuse the audience.

My wife, Mark, has also been wondering.

Granted, it’s mostly a boy’s name. However, there are females named Michael. Apparently, it was at its most popular as a girl’s name during the 1970’s in the US. I don’t think the makers have explained why they chose that name. Then again, they’ve only explained their reasoning for the name of Stamets who is named after a real-life mycologist.

I always think of the actress Michael Learned when this topic comes up.
Four time Emmy winner.


Frankly there are bigger issues with ‘Discovery’ than the male name issue. But here is the answer to your question.

the producers explained it during the Television Critics Association press tour.

“That was Bryan’s [Fuller] idea, actually,” Alex Kurtzman replied. “I think he just felt that name.”

“We’ve worked on many shows with Bryan. It’s a motif,” fellow EP Aaron Harberts added on Tuesday at the Television Critics Association press tour. “It’s his signature move to name his lead women with names that would typically be associated as male.”

“When we were kicking around ideas … we were going through male names and we all sort of hit on Michael,” he continued.

“The entire room was like, ‘This is a really, really interesting name,’” Harberts went on to say. “Of course, an archangel is named ‘Michael’ as well. It just had a lot of potency for us.”

“It just had a lot of potency for us” so it was indeed designed to provoke. Nice one :(

why bother premiering a new program if, people who like to view this program, are not able to view it, without having an added cost they cannot afford ??? viewers can barely afford television now, because of television providers !!!😠

They are premiering it on regular TV to get people interested. Yes, if you want to see subsequent episodes you have to subscribe to their service (if you live in the US). However, there are probably very few people who are so tight financially that they really cannot afford $5.99 per month. There may be a lot of people unwilling to pay it but I’d say there are very few people unable to afford it.

There are always extra taxes and fees. That raises the price a couple of bucks. Just sayin’.

I don’t live in the US so I don’t know how it works with prices there. Here, if it says it costs $5.99 per month then it costs $5.99. Anyway, even if it’s $10 after some magic taxes I’d be really surprised if there are many potential viewers who don’t have that money. Not wanting to pay, sure.

well if with the taxes added, it is seven and a half or close to eight dollars, that places it closer to your average Netflix Subscription.

It costs less than an average movie ticket.