Watch: Colbert Makes ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Klingons Presidential + Jones Reveals More On Saru

Before we get into our New York Comic Con coverage of Star Trek: Discovery there are a few little updates, including a bit from late night TV, the connection to Chilean football, more details on Saru, and how Discovery is actually bi-partisan.

Colbert re-imagines Discovery Klingons

Last night The Late Show with Stephen Colbert did a cold open with Star Trek: Discovery, adding some new “deleted scenes” with presidential subtitles to the Klingons.

Discovery appeals to both sides

Speaking of politics and Discovery, a report from Business Insider says data shows that the new Star Trek is one of the few shows that spans the political spectrum in terms of interest. The data comes from social media research firm Fizziology:

[Fizziology cofounder] Carlson said there wasn’t much of an overlap when it came to liberal and conservative television preferences. There were only three shows that liberals and conservatives both seemed to enjoy equally: “Dancing with the Stars,” “Star Trek: Discovery,” and “The Orville.”

Jones: More to Saru

In a new interview with Newsweek, Doug Jones reveals more about the Kelpian Saru. Here is an excerpt:

Saru, according to Jones, is especially adept in water, though we won’t see him afloat in Discovery. We will, however, see Star Trek’s only Kelpien when he unleashes other abilities. Jones says he saw how many Trekkies were complaining about his character’s fearful nature on Twitter while the first two Discovery episodes aired, and he assures us that there is more to Saru than meets the eye. “When a prey species is backed into a corner, they do have some fight in them,” he says

Jones also revealed that “Episode 8 will prove just how skilled Kelpiens are at getting around on their hooves.”

Doug Jones in “Context Is for Kings”

The Discovery Chilean Football connection

Chilean Trek fan Ramon Urkiza tipped us off to a tweet of a 1977 photo of a Chilean football club that had some very familiar looking uniforms.

Members of the Discovery crew moonlighting as 1977 Chilean footballers?

TrekMovie made a little joke about the photo on Twitter and it caught the attention of the Star Trek Discovery writers room who had a witty retort.


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