Watch Entire ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season Two Premiere For Free

Just as they did for the first season, CBS has made the first episode of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery available for free. For season one they broadcast “The Vulcan Hello” over the air on the CBS network. This year they are making the season premiere “Brother” available to stream for free on YouTube for the next two weeks, for those that haven’t already checked it out. As for the rest of the season, you will need to subscribe to CBS All Access (in the USA) to see it.

UPDATE: Space allows viewing of “Brother” in Canada! See below

Introduction by Sonequa Martin-Green

Watch “Brother” for free

Space (Canada)

Click here to watch it on



NOTE: As with all CBS videos, the video is region-locked to the USA.


Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else. The second season debuted on All Access and Space on Thursday, January 17th, 2019, and on Netflix January 18, 2019.

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Nice marketing move by CBS. The bait and switch is always useful but in this case the audience knows full well that you have to subscribe to see the rest of the season, so it is not unethical. Space Channel has also unlocked its website episode one up here. Interesting to see if this was always the plan or is reactionary in some way but no matter what, if this works and draws in more viewers including some of those who disliked S1 but are willing to give S2 a try, that is great for all of us.

It’s an intersting move to say the least, but if I were to have a guess at the rationale behind it, I’d say that it was probably a reaction to the overall postive reception of the episode. Maybe someone just said: Hey, people are starting to see Star Trek in this – let’s throw them a bone!

I think you’re right on. They are giving a freebie to those who are leerie about it after Season 1. I have one friend who is a big Trek fan, but gave up on DSC after the premiere last season. I’m urging him to check out this on youtube, to show him how it’s changed (and is probably more what he was looking for).

Lol, of course when a show is doing really well they put it up for free – said no one ever.
Getting people to sign up to an all access trial didn’t work, making short treks didn’t work, now their last resort in getting some kind of subscriber count is reduced to giving it away, for free.

Smart move by CBS. Can’t hurt. I was thinking after the premiere last week that this episode might have done a better job attracting new viewers that Vulcan Hello did.

Now it says “This Video is Unavailable”.

It’s available again. Apparently they had intended for this to go live at 10AM PT, so they pulled it back for a few hours.

For as well as the season opener was received, this is a GREAT move by CBS. Episode 2 has been getting great reviews so “buzz” is the name of the game. Episode 2 was so good by the way like I thought I was watching a TOS episode with modern production values.

“Episode 2 was so good by the way like I thought I was watching a TOS episode with modern production values.” YESSSSSS!!!!!! That was also my impression!

Agreed! Definite updated TOS feel to “New Eden.” Only problem I had was it felt a little rushed or undeveloped a little, particularly the concluding third or so. 43 minutes felt like a disappointing run time after last week.

It will be Interesting how 24th Century will be updated on screen when the 23rd now looks well ahead of what we saw in any of the 24th Century shows (maybe except the holodeck?) And movies.

Sometimes I feel like I’m beatin’ a dead horse
And I don’t know why you’d be bringin’ me down
I’d like to think that our love’s worth a tad more
It may sound funny but you’d think by now
I’d be smilin’
I guess some things never change
Never change

They did this with Twin Peaks S3 and it worked on me, I signed up for Showtime for that show and remain subscribed. Hopefully it pulled in more subscribers for All Access to keep funding all this awesome Trek!

As poor as YouTube compression is, it’s probably still better than CBS All Access, so don’t get used to it, folks who start this way!

lol I have not had any problems with HD on CBSAA. I’ve watched on my 50″ tv, and it looks as clear and smooth as any other service. I had a couple of problems last season, where it took 5-10 seconds for the picture to reach full clarity, but they were few and far between.

The largest issue I encountered was with the first season premiere, where halfway through the episode my stream froze, and suddenly started u 20-30 seconds prior to it freezing. That said, the freeze lasted all of 3-5 seconds.

Looks just as good on my 60″.

no problem for me. you need a better ISP

I use CBSAA over Roku on a big HDTV. Looks great.

It looks great to me on an Apple TV.

CBSAA had some really big issues during the first half of S1, but it’s pretty good now.

All streaming services have difficulties when they first start in this manner. A good rule of thumb is 10x the amount of bandwidth you anticipate you’ll need but streaming services NEVER do this at first. Bean counters don’t understand how any of this works.

But it’s so easy to go to sites like yesmovies, pirating wont stop so the companies need to find ways to still profit. Now that there are so many streaming services and Disney is starting theirs soon, people will just go back to downloading everything. The music companies finely got the picture so when wilm the TV studios? People stopped using cable and starlite because it was getting to expensive for what you got and now we have to pay for a ton of differnt services just for one or two shows that are actually worth wstching it just like having to pay for 1000 channels when you only watch a few of them anyway.


Imagine actually paying money to watch Star Trek: Discovery.

Don’t hurt my brain with that kind of talk. I’m still smarting from having paid out money to see SKYFALL and INTO DARKNESS in the theater because my wife thought Bardem and Cumberbatch would offset everything else going on in those offensive turkeys.

Well, I watched it. Liked Notaro a lot, that was my principal takeaway. Can see what Mount is going for. Spock’s voice sounded pretty good, though after hearing my wife guess that there was some weird brother/adopted sister sex thing as the backstory, I’m wondering if there was a threeway with him, Burnham and Sybok, and THAT is why older bro REALLY got banished. Still hate the cinematography with the fogging/flaring. Frain’s Sarek is as bad as I remembered, a non-presence.

Oh yeah, HATED AND DESPISED the closeup of modern bolt-and-nut wheels. That shows somebody doesn’t give a hoot. Never figured out why nobody put a plastic skirt over the office chairs in Berman era either, something to hide the fact that everything was so screamingly contemporary. Hell, I did that with my super 8 space movies.

Overall impression, it should be better than s1 (faint enough praise.) But still not going to pay to watch it.

Nuts and bolts are timeless.

It’s what messed me up on GENERATIONS too, with the bridge bolted into the mountain in a completely contemporary way. All they needed to do in DSC was slip some hemispheres over the sides, anything to hide the actual workings.

Alex Kurtzman was very clear in the Trek Live show that it was NOT a romantic issue between them

So you have to watch the aftershow to get the official story? I guess in the age of few novelizations, that almost makes sense …

That was one heck of a season premiere. I can’t wait until they are all available so I can subscribe and watch them.

This might backfire. I was debating whether I wanted to get CBSAA again and give the show another shot since people said it improved on the first season. Now I’m glad I didn’t. If anything this feels worse. Or I’m just more sensitive to the problems now and less willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I really do want to like the show but it still feels like all flash and no substance. And poor, lazy scripting. How many times did Pike say “That’s an order” followed by someone completely ignoring that order? Oh and my favorite moment, Tig: “Go ahead and take off your helmets” *seconds later* “Be careful, I don’t want you to get decapitated.”

Captain Pike was pretty interesting (and good), despite some not so great writing. The rest of it was sloppy. Other than Mount and Martin-Green, the acting is poor, most of the characters suck. Once again, NO SUBSCRIPTION FROM ME!

Pretty cool move and another strike against the doom’n’gloomers.

CBS All Access is going well enough that CBS can put its valuable, critically acclaimed first episode on YouTube for free after a week. If you do it this quickly, imagine how good the show has to be doing. LOL @ the ‘viewership is down’ troglodytes.

This will get even more people interested in it, especially after pretty much every review seemed to love the show. There’s still the final GOT season, but I don’t think anything else will be as big on TV in 2019.

in September I we get Star Trek: Picard.

Some could see this as an act of desperation as the subscriptions are not coming in & so many people were turned off by Season 1 & it is the only way they can get people to watch it. Not me of course.

Well, the downside to this strategy is DoomChicken and Random Mechanic have sent their toxic gatekeeping listeners to the youtube page to downvote and spam the comment section.

Is the subscriber rate so low that they are now reduced to handing out free samples?

I liked season 1 and had considered subscribing to All Access. But this was the worst hour of star trek i have ever seen. All flash and no substance. It makes the pilot from season 1 seem like high art. All my concerns from the trailers are reversed i’m intrigued by Ethan Peck’s Spock whose voice we hear in this episode, and i found Anson Mount to be the worst part as Pike. The cast from season 1 i love, but the writing and direction was just not up to par.

The landing pod scenes were reminiscent of the jump to the platform in Star Trek 2009.
I liked the episode for a season opener.
Now, episode 2? Other than being a bit rushed,it was fantastic.
Good move by CBS to show the premiere free on YouTube.
More video is watched on YouTube than on any other platform. It was a great tactic to reach the streaming audience.
This “I’m never going to pay for Trek” is getting tiresome.
It’s $5.99 FFS.
At a 5 month season it’s $30.00
A movie for two and snacks costs more than that.
Non payers move on please.

10 dollars a month would be a bargain if it we had new episodes every week. During hiatus its a ripoff because there is no reason to be subscribed. Short Treks is not worth ten dollars a month imho as much as i have liked some of them. Once season 2 goes on hiatus a lot of people will cancel until the show returns. Unless they want to see something else like New Twilight Zone.

And… the video has been removed. Didn’t even get a chance to watch it.

I’ve been listening to various YouTubers for the past few months and one particular YTr, Doomcock, has been hammering STD. His comments are, I’ll admit, ‘Out there’ but some of what he suggests makes sense. Right now, today, he says that there are layoffs occurring at Paramount with the possibility that STD will be canceled soon. Any truth to this?

Sounds like it to me.

Not biting. Talk about desperate CBS…