Nichelle Nichols Announces Farewell Tour, Convention And Documentary

At the age of 86 Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols has decided it is time to retire and is lining up her farewell tour of public appearances that will culminate in a special farewell event next May. She is also working with producers making a documentary about her life, which is currently crowdfunding.

Nichelle Nichols Farewell Tour And Convention

The original Uhura, Nichelle Nichols, has announced she will be making her final public appearances over the next 12 months, with her last being a special “Hailing Frequencies Open…One Last Time!” convention on the first weekend of May 2020. It was revealed last year that Nichols was diagnosed with moderate progressive dementia and she plans on moving in with her son Kyle, who has been acting as her proxy and is joining her on her farewell tour.

For her final appearances, Nichelle is doing photo opportunities and signings, but not panels.  According to a representative for Nichelle Nichols, she is confirmed for the following upcoming events:

May 16-19 – MegaCon – Orlando Flordia

May 23-26 – Phoenix Fan Fusion – Phoenix, Arizona

June 28-30 – Wisconsin Comic Convention – Milwaukee, WI

July 4-7 – Florida Supercon – Miami, Florida

July 12-14 – Shore Leave – Baltimore, Maryland

July 31-August 4 – Official Star Trek Convention – Las Vegas, Nevada

October 3-6 – New York Comic Con – New York, New York

May 1-3, 2020 – Nichelle Nichols Farewell Convention – Burbank, CA

For more info on Nichelle’s upcoming events see her schedule at A representative for Nichelle says more dates will be added to the list. Also, note some of the above events have yet to be added to the website as new dates have been just recently confirmed.

Guests are still being lined up for the Farewell Convention next May, but the lineup already includes Star Trek stars Walter Koenig, Tim Russ, and Marina Sirtis. There are also a number of TOS guest stars lined up including Gary Lockwood, Sally Kellerman, Michael Forest, Jack Donner, Charlie Brill, Tanya Lemani, BarBara Luna, and France Nuyen. Some behind-the-scenes people from TOS will also be there, including writer D.C. Fontana. The event will include a party and a banquet, which Nichelle will attend and there are plans for a final stage event with various TOS celebrities and Nichelle as well. The convention is being managed by AtomiCon (formerly PlanetXpo) who also produced James Doohan’s Farewell show in 2004 and Walter Koenig’s Hollywood Star Celebration in 2012.

For more details on Nichelle’s Farewell Convention, visit the official site at

Nichelle Nichols at Comic-Con 2018

Nichols documentary seeking crowdfunding

Nichelle Nichols has partnered up with the team behind Renegades who are seeking to produce a documentary about her life titled Breaking Barriers. The goal is to tell Nichols’ inspiration life story and how she has influenced others. “Nichelle’s story is so important – not only to our generation, but all generations,” said producer Sky Conway. The producers are hoping to develop a “sizzle reel” with Nichelle which will be shot on a replica of the USS Enterprise (the one formerly used by Star Trek: Continues). This reel will be used to pitch the doc to distributors to get the full documentary made. They are currently crowdfunding for the sizzle reel with a goal of $25,000. Pledges of $10 and more will get access to the sizzle reel itself along with more collectible perks based on the level. Pledges of $120 and more also include tickets to the Nichelle Nichols Farewell Convention.

To learn more about the doc and the campaign visit

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She’s a Class Act. Godspeed.



I’d certainly wish her well, and a heartfelt thanks. I’d also advise patience from the fan base. Given her diagnosis, this aggressive appearance schedule is likely to change due to health related issues.


Please, oh please may there be nothing but kindness and patience and respect. My heart goes out to Ms. Nichols and her family. I have some personal experience and can relate.

I really, really hope to only see the kindest of sentiments at boards and blogs.

The family may indeed need to alter the schedule. Let’s hope all can go forward.

Nichelle is a wonderful woman. I was in line with her at LAX just a few years ago and she asked me to help her through security. I held her as she got out of her wheelchair and I walked her through the scanner. She held on to my arm even after we had passed through. We chatted briefly and I, of course, asked her for a selfie. I told her that I had actually met her in 1989 at a convention and her signed picture was on my teenage bedroom wall. We took the selfie and she gave me a peck on the cheek. I was floating for a few days. It breaks my heart that we all get old, then older and then pass. I plan on going to the goodbye convention to mark the moment.

We look forward to you joining us for her farewell event.

I’ll be there. No question

Thank you for sharing this. Heartwarming!

The surviving TOS cast is within a few years of my parents’ages So, this news regarding Ms. Nichols (plus Nimoy’s last days being in the news again) is hitting close to home.

We may not really “know” these persons, but through the power of mass media they became part of our lives. Robert Wise was right (as Ms. Nichols herself recalled him remarking, IIRC): they are living legends. And many of them have shown us glimpses of the beautiful people they are behind the characters they portray, through interviews, appearances, and moments like you shared.

Thanks again.

Thanks for sharing that story.

I love it that she used her fame to recruit minority astronauts for NASA. So although she’s always been stunningly beautiful, she’s not just a pretty face.

Women in Motion!
God bless Nichelle Nichols for bringing women into NASA!
What a vibrant spirit.

Thank you for helping her, that just brought tears to my eyes…I can only imagine how thankful she was for someone to be so nice and lend her a hand =)

The Very Best for the lovely and warm Grand Old Dame of Trek ! Cheers !!!

This is a retirement well earned. She is always so gracious at conventions. Hopefully I can make the NY Comic con one. I wish Alex Kurtzman could have done a nice special with the TOS characters on All Access if they couldn’t find a way to include them in Discovery

I’m hoping that CBS will be open to Kurtzman’s production company doing documentaries and specials.

The Short Treks were a really cool innovation that never would have been possible on broadcast TV.

Now that the DS9 retrospective is being released, the market for this kind of thing may have been established.

I’m hoping that TPTB at CBS and Secret Hideout go for a Michelle Nichols story as a CBSAA original.

This shouldn’t need to be crowd-funded.

Agree that this should not be crowd funded.

Another reason to do this under CBS auspices would be to avoid having to negotiate and pay for rights.

It sounds as though Behr’s DS9 project involved a great deal of administrative work getting access
to video archives.

CBS has rights not only to TOS, but to CBS News stories on Trek.

For example, a quick search in the Vanderbilt Television News Archive found a feature on a 1986 Trek Convention that includes an interview with Nichelle speaking about the impact of Trek on her career.

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t in love with this lady. I hope that never changes.

One of my favorite Trek personality pics I’ve ever seen is the one of President Obama with his childhood crush, Ms Nichols!

She shouldn’t retire…she should be in the Picard show.

While we’d all love to see her, the lady has dementia. She’s more than earned her rest.

Did you even read the article? She’s more then earned her retirement, without having to deal with self centered nonsense such as this.

God I love her so much. I remember getting into Star Trek as a little boy because of my mom who told me how much she looked up to and loved Nichelle Nichols. Brings a tear to my eye that I’ve never gotten to meet her and thank her.

I’ve never been to a convention and have never really wanted to, but I’ll go to the Vegas one just to see Ms. Nichols. .

My dad has dementia, and things can change quickly. All the best to Ms. Nichols and her family.

Since you brought it up, I fully understand the issues with a parent with dementia. My dad had it so I can empathize. When he passed last year I was kinda relieved as he was just hating what his life had become. I wish you the best, Jack.

She always gives a wonderful convention appearance. After all these years, she deserves a rest. Best to her.

All my hopes.

[[All my hopes.]]

I see what you did there.

Sure seems to be a giant turnaround since last summer when there was a momentary barrage of news articles about Angelique Fawcette protesting Nichelle’s son from have conservatorship, etc. There was a whole Trekcast podcast interview about it… articles in main stream celebrity gossip websites, etc.

You can bet Shatner won’t be there.

Nichelle might have a better time if Bill isn’t there. :-)

May she enjoy this last year spent with her fans, she will never know the fans she never met but to us she is an Inspiration and a Icon and someone we will always remember.Thank you Ms Nichols. Eric M.

I met her at WinterCon a couple of years ago & she was so kind, humble & gorgeous. I told her how much of a “Trekkie” I am (I’m going back to the mid 70s) & I purchased a couple of photos & a selfie with her. It was a moment I truly treasure & I hope to see her at the NYCC for this epic last time!!!

I wish her the best, such a classy lady. Some people in my family have dementia and it’s heartbreaking :(

I wish her well, but I hope she isn’t one of those people that stops moving and then just stops. If she’s healthy, I can understand not wanting to travel as much, but I hope she stays engaged. An appearance here and there that doesn’t require getting on a plane isn’t the worst thing in the world, if she enjoys it. And if not, may she find a hobby that she enjoys that energizes her so she can truly live long and prosper.

She’s not healthy, diagnosed with moderate progressive dementia. Hence her withdrawal from the public, hopefully allowing her some dignity to deal with a debilitating condition away from prying eyes.

She has brought so much to Star Trek and we all appreciate her by showing our love for her and she gives that love back to us. My wife and I look forward to seeing her in Las Vegas this year and then at her con in 2020. She will be missed, but never will she be forgotten.

I was so honored to be part of her last appearance at Starfest in Colorado…..

Oh well. Only saw her once when she visited Hawaii. Live Long and Aloha from TLOH “The LAST Outpost, Hawaii.” May God Bless her.

Seen her at two Wizard World Comicons in Portland, OR a few years ago. She was in a wheel chair. She is a strong woman i am surprised she is still going to Cons!

I saw “Woman in Motion” last month at the Florida Film Festival. It’s a wonderful documentary about Nichelle Nichols’ life and how she recruited minorities and women for the Space Shuttle program during the 1970s.