Watch: Karl Urban And Sonequa Martin-Green Spar In ‘Star Trek Fleet Command’ Game Promos

Recently, Star Trek executive producer Alex Kurtzman said the line between television and movies is now gone, and now we can see the Star Trek universes colliding… to promote a video game.

Urban and Martin-Green face off for ‘Fleet Command’

The multiplayer real-time strategy and role-play mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command launched three years ago, with a Star Trek Kelvin Universe setting, and in 2020 it expanded to include the Prime Universe as well. Now in a series of promos, we can see two stars representing each of those universes pit their fleets against each other.

Karl Urban, who played Dr. Leonard McCoy in the three J.J. Abrams-produced Star Trek movies joins Star Trek: Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green in a series of promo spots to promote Fleet Command. The lighthearted promos show off features of the game while the two trash talk their opponent’s gameplay and ships. Check out all four videos below.

If you want to check out Fleet Command it is availed to download free at the Apple Store and Google Play.

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We must have a Star Trek crossover movie between the Prime and Kelvin universes.


IDW did one and it was fun. I’d love to see it done in on TV or in the films, but the cost would be enormous. Sadly, I can’t see the studio greenlighting it for the full casts–maybe one or two Kelvin characters.

I keep seeing that comment whenever a crossover is brought up and I always think ‘why?’.. Its not as if all the cast members (aside Shatner & Stewart) would be wanting 10million each. Anyway as you say it would never be for full casts (impossible and unrealistic to work them all in anyway) it would be really just a couple from each crew in the main/support roles (Shatner, Stewart,Frakes, Dorn,Ryan, Bakula,Blalock, SMG,Yeoh, Mount,Peck,Mystique and most/all of the Kelvin crew) any others in minor cameos if they wished

I agree with this as well. In fact I think that’s basically what is going to happen in Picard and have a select few actors from the various shows (but just the 24th century ones) like we got in first season although Seven was the only real cross over.

But I can see seasons 2 or 3 having a wider berth of characters like TNG, VOY and DS9. Doesn’t mean it will happen but yes it CAN happen.

And if you can get enough of them to do a show, I’m sure you can convince most of them to do a crossover movie, even they are paid less for it.

Its always about the money. The first TNG movie was supposed to feature the TOS crew and the TNG crew. And then they only brought on some of those characters. Apparently they narrowed it down to Shatner/Kirk and two others. Who originally were going to be Spock and Bones. Then became Scotty and Chekov. Sulu, Uhura, Spock and Bones didn’t make an appearance.

That would be sweet! Hope it is in the same veins as the crossover episodes of both Doctor Who and the Power Rangers combined.

Technically we already did with Spock :)

These commercials are fun! I always love to see actors from various shows and movies do stuff like this together. And no matter how people feel about the Kelvin movies I think most agree Karl Urban’s Bones was easily one of the best highlights of them. Get him in the Prime universe. Maybe he becomes a Temporal agent in the future and comes to the PU in the 23rd or 24th century to stop other agents. Don’t really care, just make it so!

I tend to agree. The various actors from all of ‘Trek are amazing, and it will be LOADS of fun to see them interact in more than just the games, but in future story-lines and AT CONVENTIONS, and I mean the LIVE conventions. Beam us ALL up!

Honestly, I would celebrate if they just plunked him into Star Trek: Strange New Worlds as Prime McCoy. Of all the characters, his seemed the most “on-the-nose” with the original portrayal.

Unfortunately I think he would be a little too old in the timeline, but yeah I can ignore it!

So basically The Boys

Still think Discovery is coming back to the 23rd century after third season?

I still think it’s possible for the last season. I don’t think I ever said they would go back after the third season. They still have a story to tell in that time setting. Just remember that they abandoned the ship in Calypso and the Federation became evil.

Dude you said it MANY times lol. I said prepared to be disappointed but you acted like it was a foregone conclusion and told that to me and others. Nothing ever disappears on this site. ;)

And um, I was the one that said over and over if they ever went back home it would probably be the last season like Voyager and maybe they will go back in the last episode when the show ends. But I doubt they will even do that now. Because they said in an interview a few months ago Calypso happens far beyond even season 3 so it could take place in the 42nd century or even the 50th century. The short was vague enough to basically happen any time or anywhere. So chances are they will abandon it in the 32nd century or even farther in the future now!

And once Georgiou went to wherever she went via the GoF, that officially killed the theory the ship was going back to to take her back. It doesn’t sound like she’s going back to the 23rd century either and there is really no need to anyway.

Anyway, loved seeing you were proven wrong yet again. Take it easy and stop trolling.

I really don’t remember saying that. I had a lot of bad things to deal with last year. I really don’t know. Anyway I still think they will go back and Calypso is the key. You’re not thinking in terms of the magic of time travel. What we see in Calypso is the aftermath. The ship was de-retrofitted. Why do that? Maybe you do that because the ship goes back to the 23rd, maybe they hide the ship to protect the infospere. Who’s to say that the ship hasn’t been sitting there for thousands of years. Space is big. It’s easy to hide stuff. Think outside the box Tiger.

Oh and buy Dogecoin. I made enough to pay for my Thailand in a matter of hours. :)

Yeah, yeah, yeah man. You don’t remember anything anytime you’re proven wrong. If you want me to find one of your MANY quotes to prove said it over and over again, just ask. ;)

And I already said it’s possible they can go back, but yeah it just seems unlikely at this point. They clearly are making the new century their new home. And man I ALSO said the ship can still sit a thousand years, just in the time they are in now right?? I said it sounds like it will sit starting in the 32nd century now that the writers confirmed Calypso takes place a long time after that century.

Either way, you were wrong again. Discovery is in the 32nd century to stay. And thank Kahless, being in the 23rd was not only boring, now the show actually feels like it’s in a century it should’ve been in from the start. They all recognized that. And Discovery can actually expand on Star Trek in a way no other show has done since TNG, so you should be happy. It’s setting its own canon, even if its 800 years away from everything else.

Hopefully SNW will do a better job being a prequel. This is the most I’ve talked to you in two years. It may be another two years before we talk again! ;)

Did you buy some Dogecoin yet?

What if Bruce Greenwood Pike met Anson Mount Pike. Or Quinto Spock met Peck Spock. Weirdest of all would be Shatner Kirk meeting Pine Kirk.

This is great, really like the first clip. Made me laugh. :P

Set a course for the Clio Awards.

Love Karl and Sonequa but… DUMB promotional material.

Why did they make Sonequa sound evil, and why is referring to doctor ness a low blow?

It’s not being a doctor that was the low blow, it was him failing as a captain. Calling him a doctor was a funny way of saying he very much was not a captain.

They both sound evil. Karl just does it with a little more humor. Sonequa comes off a bit more intimidating, almost emulating her menthor Emperor Georgiou…

These are mildly amusing, but the way they promote this game with graphics that make it look more than it is just annoys me.

It just hurts to see how much more charisma he has and jet she’s the one that’s “carrying” her own show …

I started playing this game when it first came out. Was somewhat enjoyable until you progress farther into it and are constantly being hammered by higher-level players. I’d like a game like this but with more focus on resource gathering and less on combat.

Fun videos. I especially like the fact that the Kelvin Enterprise doesn’t seemed to be ridiculously oversized in comparison. I never liked that bit of “canon”… The KT Enterprise is only slightly bigger than the Prime Enterprise and certainly not bigger than the Enterprise-E as “falsely” extrapolated on YouTube so often.

You may still argue the bigger size is canon because it was mentioned on-screen. But so was the Enterprise-A having over 50 decks in TFF… In my book, the oversized KT ENT is just a blooper like so many before…

My memory may be failing me, but wasn’t that over 70 decks in TFF? I think those kinds of incongruities are simply because the people responsible for making the movie/episode don’t know themselves the details of Star Trek. When Shatner directed TFF, I’m sure he had no idea whatsoever how big the Enterprise was supposed to be. Only diehard Trekkies know or care about those kinds of things.

Agreed. Why shouldn’t concepts be complicated, nay, Byzantine? I modestly offer my own take on adding plums to the pudding. Star Trek: Tiberius gives us Jim Kirk’s piratical Grandpa stealing Transporter technology, with the story of Sarek and Amanda intertwined. I suspect that Tiberius steals the technology from the Romulans, this royally pissing them off. They in turn actually stole the tech from Vulcan scientists.
I keep on adding twists and turns, and will note these just in case a studio is interested! Copyright can be shared…..

Sonequa looks way better in her natural hair. Captain Burnham could really rock that look.

Even here the Burnhamisms are on full show….

I Love It!! Their banter and wit. Soo much fun. TYVM