Paramount Studio Chief: ‘Star Trek 4’ Close To Starting Line; Says Audiences Want More Kelvin Crew

Since Paramount announced plans to reunite the Kelvin Universe cast for another Star Trek movie to be released Christmas 2023, we have heard a lot from the cast about waiting for a script and a confirmed production schedule, and now the head of the studio is providing an update and explaining why a fourth film with the same crew is the right move for the franchise.

Starting Line

The planned Star Trek film will again be produced by J.J. Abrams, who was brought into Paramount’s Investor Day in February to make the big announcement along with new studio chief Brian Robbins. The studio is now riding high on the performance of Top Gun: Maverick, and Robbins talked to Variety about what’s next for Paramount, including a status update on the Trek project:

We’re deep into it with J.J. Abrams, and it feels like we’re getting close to the starting line and excited about where we’re going creatively.

Paramount has set a date of December 22, 2023 for the Star Trek film, and in February, Abrams announced the goal to start filming by the end of this year in order to make that date. According to previous reporting, Abrams and director Matt Shakman have solicited at least two scripts, with the latest reports of a script from Josh Friedman (Avatar 2) and Cameron Squires (WandaVision) based on an earlier draft by Lindsey Beer (Sierra Burgess Is a Loser) and Geneva Robertson-Dworet (Captain Marvel).

Audiences want more Kelvin

As noted previously, various members of the cast have talked about the challenge of getting all of their busy schedules aligned. After six years since the last Star Trek film with the studio putting a variety of different projects into development, Variety asked why Robbins decided to reunite Chris Pine and the Kelvin crew again. The CEO said:

 I’m a research nerd, and what the data tells me is that the audience wants that cast in this movie.

According to a report from Variety earlier this year, Paramount did market research to gauge interest before deciding how to move forward, which included asking if they should bring back the Kelvin crew. Eventually, executives “determined that there was still lasting audience enthusiasm for Pine, Quinto and the rest of the cast in their established roles, which allowed the studio to feel comfortable with moving forward with bringing them back.”

Chris Pine as James T. Kirk in Star Trek Beyond

Multi-year plan

In his new Variety interview, Robbins spoke in general about his focus moving forward with the studio, where he again mentioned the long-term prospects of the studio’s franchises, including Star Trek:

Going forward, I’m focused on our franchises. We are fortunate in that we have amazing franchises, which we need to lean into. We have adult franchises like “Mission: Impossible,” “A Quiet Place,” “Transformers” and “Star Trek.” And we have family franchises with “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “SpongeBob.” You’ve got to have multi-year plans for these franchises. You can’t just make a movie, see how it does and then decide to make another one, because if you do that, it will be years between sequels.

Brian Robbins

It has been six long years since the release of Star Trek Beyond in the summer of 2016, but maybe the wait for the next Star Trek film won’t be so long.

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‘Says Audiences Want More Kelvin Crew’

I don’t know about that.

Well I’m really looking forward to it.

I don’t want more Kelvin crew.

Good thing you have no say. 😆

I do think there are people who want the Kelvin characters back, the real question is how big of a audience is that? And I don’t think anyone really knows at this point. And people can still want them back but not see the film either if the film itself doesn’t pull them in. Or just wait until it goes to the home market like what happened with Beyond.

Either way, the budget should be much lower if the plan is to use them for another film after the next one.

I will watch it if Pine is back as Kirk. Otherwise i’m not interested. Also don’t want another space revenge villain. But what other template do they have except Khan. Its all the movies have done except V’ger TMP, Whales ST IV, The Search for god. STV. Even films where there were villains or heroes on a quest for revenge they had other plots. But basically Khan had the biggest impact on the series. Even Generations which kind of doesn’t fit the Space Revenge template had a villain in Doctor Soran. But the real villain was time, or death, age. First Contact was Picard on revenge against the Borg, and to save the future.

I was wanting to see something new in the Prime universe as the Kelvin movies never felt like Star Trek to me story wise or aesthetically. I really thought Beyond was going to be the Kelvin crew’s “Star Trek Nemesis” and they would be retired.

As long as there are no motorcycles, Beastie Boys, a character hanging from a precipice by one hand or “Do it!! Do it!!”, then I guess it will be ok and something new.

Oh and no villain with a bigger ship that almost completely destroys that ugly thing they are calling the Enterprise.

maybe they do but they want better, richer stories told with this cast instead of ‘mad man with a grudge, galactic WMD’

When one considers the alternatives… Berman era crews… Archer crew (which I like but admittedly isn’t as popular),,, The Secret Hideout crews… Or an entirely new crew…. It is entirely reasonable that Kirk crew would be the one general audiences would prefer.

I do.

I love the Kelvin crew. It would be idiotic not to do a Kelvin film.

We’re deep into it with J.J. Abrams, and it feels like we’re getting close to the starting line and excited about where we’re going creatively.

This is exactly as I’ve been saying all along. This is an entirely new Paramount leadership team and you simply can’t claim it’s a “pattern of behavior” trend for them to have a production misfire on this movie like what happened on the several Trek 4 production misfires under the old inept, pre-merger Paramount leadership team with a studio that was also deep in the red financially. Apples and Oranges. 

Worst case is the release gets pushed back 6 months because they were over aggressive on the original target date, but this is a 99% done deal as I’ve been saying all along.

Phil, see!, I told you so, dude. :-)

Eyy, I’m digging this optimism. It’s infectious!

Yeah hopefully it will happen this time, but until they actually give a starting date and the cast has signed on, some people will still be cautious about it regardless. They keep saying it’s happening and yet nothing beyond that for a movie that is suppose to open in a year and a half from now.

And Phil is far from the only one who doesn’t think it’s a done deal. That’s a lot of people here, including me. Again can’t blame them. It’s a lot of boy crying wolf when it comes to the next film. It does at least look like they are more serious this time.

Please don’t take all the fun out of me pushing Phil’s buttons. ;-) What a buzzkill! :-))

Lol sorry! Push away!

Just sitting here, sipping my coffee…..


Paramount’s management has been changing every other year it seems. Each new regime kills the projects of the previous regime. Maybe Robbins will actually be around long enough to see a new Trek movie put into production, but I am skeptical until that happens.

I understand that for the previous kelvin movies things like props and uniforms (ans ships?) had to differ about 25 % from the originals, right? Will this be true for the coming film after the merge of cbs and paramount?

That is incorrect. It’s misinformation that got pushed by the Fandom Menace.

Could you be more specific on that?

that is simply wrong. it was based on a single FB comment that was misunderstood and out of context. CBS and Paramount can do anything they want with any Star Trek, even before remerger. That is misinformation. CLOSED

Oh we want the cast back for sure. The cast is the best part of the Kelvin timeline. But what we really want is good storytelling.
Also, is it too much to ask that the Enterprise not get its ass handed to it in the fourth movie?


Good storytelling and a sturdy hero ship?
Yes, please! 😁

Amen to that. We’ve seen that ship go down in flames in the Kelvin universe way too many times.

All hype and BS. It’s coming real soon now! We’re happy with where we’re going creatively… What? More words that mean nothing. There’s nothing new here.

I would be curious to see what a fourth movie would look like, but I also have to wonder how much of Strange New Worlds is already filling the gap it’s left since 2016. You got the Enterprise and Pike again, plus Spock and Uhura. They’re even bringing a young Kirk into the mix, aren’t they? I guess if and when they do bring back the Kelvinverse it would probably have to be even more an alternate universe to distinguish itself from SNW.

Ah well, more of Urban’s McCoy can never be a bad thing. Bring it!

They’ll just have to make it the kelvin version of the 80s movie era – reimagined maroons, refit Enterprise,Reliant,Excelsior,Mushroom spacedock, BoPs, Saavik, Terrell, Cartwright. And bring in some of the legacy actors somehow (CG/DF style)

I can go along with that.

They already have a different Enterprise now, the Enterprise A. I’ll be curious to see if the interiors will be vastly different from the original ship like how different the E-E was from the E-D.

Maybe they could continue at that point and have the Enterprise meet V’Ger or “God” at the center of the Galaxy. ;-)
Or have them meet with the Kelvin-version of the Enterprise D and make the movie Generations should have been.

They’ll have to do something ‘hook wise’ to get fans/general audiences excited after the relative non event of Beyond, and since ‘legacy sequels’ with returning casts and multiverse shenanigans are ‘in’ then a Generations type crossover with a ‘Prime’ Enterprise (TOS, movies, or TNG) would be an obvious way to do it (via some CG/deepfake of course)

Yes but the exterior design for the A just wasnt right imo. Hoping for something sleeker similar to TOS movie era (its not like any of the new shows go near that era). And yeah the interior has to be radically different to the ‘apple store’ (surely out of fashion now). a redress of SNWs Ent would be the obvious way to go.

That is actually one thing I did not care much for in Beyond. So very much hated those bloody letters after the ship names. Just another bad thing that TVH left for us.

I know man, but it’s been part of canon for over 30 years now. It is what it is.

It has and I have mostly tried to ignore it. But it became difficult when TNG came along.

I get it, but it’s pretty minor end of the day. But I understand its your hang up.

Well, for one thing the KU is for all intents and purposes a reboot. SNW is not really filling in any gaps because while its producers are telling us it’s Prime so very much in it indicates it really is more of a reboot than the KU is. Personally I majorly prefer the KU Trek to what we have been getting from Secret Hideout mainly because they have been up front and honest with the audience about what their version of Trek is. The KU will not be “more alternate”. It will be what it is.

It will be what it is.

Which is the problem. Doesn’t really matter what universe it’s set in or if it’s a reboot; that’s minutiae most moviegoers couldn’t care less about.

If it’s too much like something people can easily watch at home, or worse, if it’s like something they’ve already seen too many times in so many blockbuster movies, then it’s going to struggle to find an audience. The latter reason is why Beyond struggled, I think.

Not so sure. The Marvel films tend to be extremely similar. Have been for years. Yet they still rake in the bucks. Not saying Trek should expect that. It’s a bit of a different animal. But if the film is fun, even if it is derivative of what came before it still ought to do adequately at the box office. The P+ fare I don’t think will affect the B.O. of a feature Trek film in the slightest.

I like the cast fine but never really cared much for JJ’s take on the franchise. I prefer the Strange New Worlds aesthetic.

So true! The cast is excellent, but the Kelvin-universe films didn’t satisfy that Star Trek itch the way SNW does.

I’ll go see it, but I hope Abrams gets someone else to choose the script, one of the SNW people who GETS Star Trek.

Disagree. I get more Trek satisfaction from the KU Trek than from SNW. Even with the overblown action packed movie stuff in them. It’s not that I prefer that to smaller TV stakes. I just see the KU as being more honest with the audience.

You could argue that, but then they gave us white Khan in STID but told us it was suppose to still be the original all along…

I am forced to agree that SNW is closer to the TOS aesthetic. While that is the only element I prefer from SNW over KU Trek KU Trek is an alternate take on the franchise so every change they make is reasonable from an in-universe viewpoint. The changes SNW has made beyond the aesthetic changes are just inexcusable for a show that claims they are prime.

I found it hard to get that excited about these for but especially now there are countless hours on the small screen, especially with Strange New Worlds which in my view is just a much better version of the same thing.

But I will see it so . . .

Also the reach of P+ is probably well below those who’ll go to a tentpole movie, many of whom won’t really notice any overlap.

Agreed. I’ll watch it if it comes out, but movies are about events, and the TV shows– in particular Strange New Worlds– are about ongoing exploration, which I love more about Star Trek. SNW is satisfying my interest and beyond in ways Trek hasn’t for years. Plus, it looks fantastic.

Star Trek needs to stop rehashing the 23rd century Pike/Spock/Kirk era. It’s been done to death with the first three Kelvin films, DSC seasons 1-2, and now SNW. Paramount isn’t going to be happy when audiences don’t show up or are confused as to whether this ties into SNW.

To be fair, there is now Picard, Discovery season 3+, Prodigy and Lower Decks. So that is four post-Nemesis shows. And there will be more. They will most likely replace Picard with another 25th century show when that ends because they know that’s what fans want. On TV there are more shows going forward again and only one prequel with SNW. And I’m not a big prequel person at all, but this is fine. And if you need to do a prequel, SNW is definitely the direction to go in.

The Kelvin movies are still their own entity. They are a different crew in a different universe. Only two of the characters from SNW are in those films, Spock and Uhura. I don’t think people will be that confused since the movies have been around since 2009. The next movie just needs to tell its own story and give people a real hook to see it (and please no more villains trying to destroy the Federation).

It’s a different universe but not different enough, in my opinion. It’s still basically episodic adventures of the starship Enterprise with the handsome captain, his stoic but strong first officer, ‘eager young space cadet’ underlings, etc. going up against weird and sometimes angry aliens. I think maybe they’ll have to put some radical new spin on it in order to keep people interested.

Probably a big concept novelty like bringing in a de-aged Shatner. (You know they gotta be thinking about that.)

We agree that the universe isn’t different enough. While they destroyed Vulcan, they basically played it safe with everything else. But I don’t think that’s the reason that will stop most people from going, just if the movie itself doesn’t look interesting or fun enough.

But I agree, they need a big hook to get people to go regardless now that there are five Star Trek snows on the air. You couldn’t get enough people to even see Beyond when it was the only Star Trek content around and celebrating the 50th anniversary at that So no matter what, the next film is a bigger risk; especially for Trek fans who only went to watch these films because there was nothing else around.

I can imagine the response at corporate level if this next film happens and then tanks or underperforms: they will literally trot out what Bennett said after TFF, invoking TNG as what kept audiences away (paraphrasing here), about how audiences that previously would pay to eat turkey annually aren’t that interested in spending more for it when they find out they can stay home and eat it for free every week. It will be a handy way to wrap up any idea about future trek features until the admin changes again or the TV projects start to fizzle.

Pretty sure we’re largely stuck with KurtzTrek going forward (in a sense that was the case even with the Kelvin stuff, given he was a big part of that vile braintrust.)

I remember reading that somewhere years ago from Bennett when TFF didn’t performed as hoped. I actually don’t disagree with him that much only in the sense once the bad reviews came out for it, less people were in a rush to see it because they were getting weekly Star Trek again, so they can wait it out. Why pay for bad Star Trek if you are getting it for free? But that still comes down to the film being bad in itself, so that can’t be avoided either way.

As for this movie underperforms, also agree. Look how long it’s taken just to get another one??? And that’s obviously because Beyond bombed (or maybe I should just say ‘failed’ because that word seems to trigger some people for some reason). Imagine if we waited all this time and the next does the same bad performance?? I can’t imagine how much longer another one will be.

That’s also why so many of wants the budget lower of course, because we actually want the film to succeed. If Beyond cost around $140 million which was the original estimate for it, we probably would’ve had another one by now with the same BO take from Beyond. I know you aren’t a big fan of this series but I actually do like the Kelvin movies. NEVER been in love with them but like them. I see them more as fun distractions than anything and don’t look at them on the same level as the other movies. They are big and loud popcorn action movies and that’s fine. They aren’t designed to make you think, just escape. But yeah I still have many many problems with them as well. BUT if they are doing another one, it would be nice to give it real closure or do something more interesting with it that the first three never really tried to do.

But personally I still feel they should’ve just started over with new actors and characters. Something they can make cheaper from the start. I hate to sound cynical but I feel the Kelvin movies have lost any real anticipation at this point. That was another reason Beyond didn’t do that great, a lot of fans had simply moved on and that was six years ago already. I could be wrong though, maybe it will surprise me. I was definitely wrong about Top Gun Maverick. I thought that film would make $4-500 tops. I couldn’t be so wrong lol. But it’s still Tom Cruise and returning to a movie that made him a big star in the first place.

Maybe they should call the next movie Star Trek: Maverick and see how it does. ;)

Or cast Cruise as the villain, so he can have a hand — and profit factor — in EVERY Par franchise?!

But since SH Trek is behind a pay wall people aren’t getting that turkey for free. I suspect that people buying P+ for Star Trek will still go see this feature and people who do not buy P+ who are still interested in Star Trek (and that number I think is a decent size) will likely go see the move.

There is the wild card here… Which is the true reason Beyond underperformed. I suspect the lion’s share of that was Paramount’s fault but it could also be that it didn’t play well to the non Trek fans. We shall see. It’s a very different time now.

To be fair I think it obvious that one of the reasons Beyond failed to live up to expectations at the box office was Paramount’s fault. Part of me thinks they know that which is part of why they are willing to give it another shot.

Sure, Paramount definitely deserves a HUGE amount of blame.

But as I been doing for five years now, I have to bring up the fact Beyond also had the biggest second week drops out of the three movies by far. Both 09 and STID had between 40-45% drops. Beyond had a 60% drop. Out of all the Trek movies, the only ones that had a worse drop than that was Nemesis with a 67% drop and Insurrection with a 62% drop.

That tells me either the word of mouth was not that strong or a lot of fans who saw it the first week didn’t bother seeing it again the second week (for the record, I’m one those fans who did go back the second week to watch it and even convinced my girlfriend’s brother to come too who isn’t a Trek fan at all).

So it’s not just bad marketing alone. There just wasn’t a groundswell for this movie and I think partly because the hype just wasn’t there for fans like the first two. I’m talking about the people ALREADY in the bubble like us, not just casual fans. I think a lot of those just chose to stay home as well.

I hope not.
De Aging doesn’t work well on everyone.
That could be risky.

But risk is their business! (Well, it’s Hollywood, really it’s not.)

Anyway, yes, doubtful they have Disney kind of money to play with.

Regarding prequels, I think that sandbox is bigger than just Pikes escapades. There are plenty of places they could go.

But given Secret Hideout’s record I really feel like they need to abandon the prequel concept completely and everything they do should be well forward. No prequel series until we get a more competent organization running Trek.

You don’t like SNW? I thought you really liked it outside of the canon issues?

I still think it has potential but it seems that nearly every episode has either a giant error in it that totally takes me out of the story or a really bad creative decision that does the same. And again, the errors are so amazingly frustrating because so far every single one of them could have been dealt with with zero changes to the stories they wanted to tell. In other words… The changes weren’t NEEDED to tell the story they wanted to tell. What SNW needed was to get people who actually respect and care abut the source material running it. Not people who say they are going to dive into the cracks of canon but in reality destroy bring down the entire wall.

Let these guys stick to the Picard era forward and the less they mention anything from TOS or Enterprise the better.

I still think the concept of prequels is good. It just has to be in the hands of people who respect the genre. At this point it’s pretty bloody obvious these people don’t. They want to do their own thing. Which again, (repeating what has been being said for years now) Star Trek Discovery and SNW should have both been 100% reboots from the get go. And they should have been up front and honest with the fans about it.

OK I understand your point for sure. And you know I agree with a lot of it. I’m just not as bothered by it personally but yes I wish they would try a little harder to stick to canon instead of pretending they are, but that’s for another thread.

On its own though, I do think SNW is a great show and honestly probably my favorite live action show since Voyager so far. It feels a lot like Voyager to me (without the being lost in the Delta Quadrant part ;)) so probably another reason why I’m enjoying it so much. It’s doing weird and trippy Star Trek regularly again. But PLEASE no episodes where anyone turn into salamanders after hitting warp 10! That’s too weird and trippy even for me. ;)

But man you have to like at least ONE of these shows lol. You seem to really like Prodigy so far but I still think that can turn too.

No films automatically make money or are successful. They could make a good Star Trek film if they brought it in under budget and on time. Didn’t try to make a Disney Star Wars level budgeted film at 250 million dollars or more. But can Bad Robot do that.

OS era is still the one the general public remember the most, despite success of TNG on tv

Yeah but remembering and caring are two different things. I don’t think the general public cares about any of it if they aren’t actually watching the show or movies.

And there is a reason why most of the shows on now are actually post-Nemesis, because the people who actually watch it wants to see more new eras.

To be honest, the movie will reach WAY more people than P+ will. There will be nearly no one who will be confused by the differences in the KU and SNW. Not many are even aware SNW even exists.

Also, The Batman came out and no one seemed confused it wasn’t linked to Justice League or other Batman versions.

I honestly think they are pushing for another movie now due to P+. The movie could do very well in theaters, but the reality is probably way more people will be watching it on P+ when all said and done and that seems to be their main focus right now.

But I agree, I don’t understand why some people are afraid people will be confused by the two? Unless you’re a teenager or watching Star Trek for the very first time recently most people are highly aware of those movies since the last one didn’t come out that long ago. They also know about SNW. And both of them are sitting on Paramount+ together if they are watching any of the new shows. I haven’t seen a single post anywhere on any boards that people watching SNW are now wondering if that’s a prequel to the Kelvin movies or something?

That’s the odd disconnect, there are ALREADY three movies out there right now with this cast. This won’t be the first film, it will be the fourth. SNW has had five episodes so far and no one seems confused over the two existing together. Why would that suddenly change just because they made another one?

I guess no one at Paramount has seen The Rise of Skywalker

One has nothing to do with the other.

What do you mean? Both franchises have JJ involved.

That is an easy to see thing though, Treverrow was hired off the incredible success of Jurassic World, and his next movie failed. So JJ was slotted in. He was hired to course correct Last Jedi. Rise of Skywalker is a sequel to Force Awakens, Duel of the Fates would have been a sequel to Last Jedi. Somewhere along the way there was a disagreement on the sequel trilogy, i imagine Bob Iger wanted to continue Force Awakens success and Kathleen Kennedy had full faith in what Rian was doing but the fans, a small subset of them boycotted Solo and maliciously made it fail. They weren’t able to derail the train of Rise of Skywalker but they tried.

Worst Star Wars production since Life Day. Not as easy for me to see past.

I respect Rian as a filmmaker and Last Jedi came the closest to being a Star Wars film we haven’t gotten since the 1980s. JJ makes fan pleasing non original remakes and reversionings of things from our memories/childhood. He does pastiche Spielberg, Lucas etc. I’m still waiting for him to mature as a fillmmaker and making something wholly original and something you can say is art. Not corporate fanfilms/fanfiction.

I honestly don’t think what you’re waiting on is in that guy’s DNA.

It would be one thing if he had something spectacularly excellent in his past and then went astray, but I don’t know that anything in his record, writing or directing, is particularly watchable. TFA is semi-rewatchable, which puts it ahead of TREK 09 and most of TREK ID, but it’s a near thing. I got fooled into renting his SUPER 8, hearing that this was his STAND BY ME, and that was as gross a misrepresentation of goods as I’ve come acreoss since low-carb frozen pizza at Costco (which made my blood sugar go up 280 points and then mysteriously disappeared off the shelves the next time I was back there, intending to complain about it.)

You are talking about Rise of Skywalker, right? That movie was so amazingly bad words cannot describe it.

I sure wish I hadn’t. Between TROS and AOTC, that must be five endless hours that felt like fifteen.

I’m not a big SW fan, but I can admire the craftsmanship and some smarts on display throughout SW (esp the editing) and EMP, which I’ve seen many times.

I can rewatch ROTJ and TFA (the only Abrams movie I’ve ever liked even a little bit) if I’m bored, and actually think I might rewatch TLJ again, as I admired a whole lot of it (esp the use of the color red and the hyperramming.)

ROTS (cute acronym!) had one good scene in it, but I guess I would have to watch it again to see what it was, because that was a one-time view. TPM was at least shot on film, so parts of it look good — that didn’t offset the rest. I found SOLO dismal throughout.

ROGUE ONE looked like a SW movie in large part, and parts of it felt like a real movie-movie, but I think however they rewrote/remade the last act may have sabotaged trashed the thing, because it left a very bad taste in my mouth, after being pretty excited by some of what went before. Since the guy who ‘fixed’ that film is the guy running ANDOR, I have some doubts about that as well — between his having directed DUPLICITY (huge disappointment) and BOURNE LEGACY (expected disappointment) and having written the original BOURNE trilogy (only got through the first one because I thought I was getting paid to do so and because Clive Owen was TheMan), outlook is dismal.

Man, that’s the longest I’ve even thought on SW outside of my script about the formation of ILM in quite awhile … maybe I’ll do a SW/EMP/TLJ sequence, just to judge the newer film in perspective against the ones I find really do work.

You mean the movie that brought in $1.07 billion at the worldwide box office? It demonstrated clearly that even bad movies can make a billion dollars…

I’d love to see several more movies with the Kelvin cast but the scripts have to be much smarter than the last two.

STID especially reeked, to the point I’ll never watch it again. Beyond was a little better, but the story was still pretty flimsy. What a waste of the great Idris Elba.

One thing I will be excited about as a Trek geek is that we could have THREE Enterprises showing up next year with SNW, this movie and possibly Picard. It will be a lot of fun to have so many Enterprises around and two of them could be newer ones at that with the Enterprise A in the Kelvin universe and possibly an Enterprise F in Picard. Honestly if we don’t get an Enterprise on Picard in it’s last season with the entire TNG cast back, that’s going to leave a bitter taste in people’s mouth. I think they well know people really really want to see a new Enterprise on that show; especially now. Doesn’t have to be the F, we’ll happily take the E back too!

Anyway, it’s sad this idea excites me more than anything lol.

I liked the design of the JJPrise more than The LinPrise, other than its hot rod engines/bussards. I hope they can redesign it for the next movie and make up some lame excuse for why it looks different. The USS Franklin i liked how that looked more than Justin Lin’s Enterprise. I was hoping the A would look like the refit Enterprise of the old movies. Just sleeker and more modern.

To be honest, not a big fan of either, but I accepted them. I don’t think any of them will look like the original movie Enterprise though because it would defeat the purpose of being part of a new universe; which I’m completely fine with. But it can still look better. ;)

Ugghhh I’m not interested in another JJ Trek movie. Count me out. JJ is terrible at Trek.

I will say Abrams did better with Star Trek, even if he didn’t understand it. He knew it was about Kirk, Spock and Bones. He messed up Star Wars though, ruined it thoroughly and he did much much worse with fidelity to the legacy characters. He damn near treated the Trek characters with reverence in comparison to making Luke Skywalker a worthless mystery box and maguffin. Regressed Han Solo and killed him off. Made Leia pointless since she was supposed to restore the Republic, and instead she was a military General of the resistance. His new characters i liked them as much as i did Rian’s Rose, i liked Rey Poe and Finn it is the only positive i got from those movies other than Lando, the original trio were destroyed utterly. Beyond was meh, i hated how they blew up the Enterprise again. But it had good character moments. But Krall was a waste of Idris and his talents.

“He knew it was about Kirk, Spock and Bones.”

The irony is that a lot of fans thought he wrecked that trio by replacing Uhura with Bones in the first two films as she had a stronger arc and presence in them than he did. It was another reason Beyond was a more satisfying movie for many fans who didn’t like the first two films because Bones became more important again and felt more ‘TOS’ in the process.

I personally didn’t have an issue with either grouping. I thought it was fine for Uhura to have a bigger role, especially being the only woman in the main cast and also a POC to break up the white guy club that it always felt like. But I also liked having more Bones in Beyond too. He was a big reason why I liked that film more too. It’s also my favorite out of the three.

It’s just more proof though no matter what you do you are going to wrinkle feathers. You rely on too much nostalgia, fans complain. Not enough nostalgia, fans complain more lol. It’s never an easy balance and the Star Wars sequels are the epitome of that in every way.

We can also have gut reactions to things and in time like a movie we hated or at least respect what the director was trying to do but failed. I loved Force Awakens and Rise of Skywalker, i now like them the least at the very bottom now that the excitement and hype have died off. On the other hand i reviled and hated last jedi with a passion of a thousand blown up death stars, i now respect and even love aspects of Mark Hamill and Luke’s performance. But the first time i watched it, remember i had waited 35 years to see my childhood hero again i was gutted. I hated it loathed it, i boycotted it. Didn’t see it in the theater. I regret that as i do boycotting and not seeing Trek 2009 and only later seeing the DVD. I was such a hardcore TOS movie fan i was repulsed by the trailers.

The 09 trailer is on the front of the original crew blu-rays from that time, so I get that same revulsion/repulsion every time the sportscar comes on screen after I pop the disc in. It’s not on the same level as the built-on-Earth teaser trailer — which really told me all I needed to know about the minds behind the 09 — but it is close.

I have to say not only is this very true, but yes this happened to me too with both the 09 movie and yes ROS. The first time I saw those movies, I thought I watched some of the greatest Star Trek and Star Wars content in years. On my second watch, yeah, not so much lol.

The 09 movie had different conditions because I saw the opening premiere in Australia with the cast and crew. And it was the first Star Trek I had seen since Enterprise season one (I stopped watching the show after that). So it was just an overwhelming feeling to see something new and in that type of environment. But once I stepped back from it and realized alllllllllllll the plotholes in it, it fell a lot for me. Still likeable overall but not ‘great’ either. It’s currently #8 in terms of my favorites list. But when I first saw it, it was #1 and I was convinced only the sequel could make it number #2 lol.

ROS, it was just all the nostalgia stuff mostly. And it was a very entertaining movie. I came out of the theater not thinking I saw an amazing SW film, but one that wrapped up the saga well at least. That changed probably mere hours later and reading all the boards destroying the film. And as much issues I had with TLJ, I think it was still better than ROS but the trilogy as a whole is just a jumbled mess. The Kelvin movies not as bad, but not much better IMO.

There are some things i liked. I really dig the themes Hella Bar Talk and Enterprising Young Men. I liked the reveal of the Enterprise when Kirk is on the shuttle. I liked Nimoy and Pine. Really loved Greenwood as Pike. I liked the Kelvin and old Star trek style shuttle at the beginning. But i never really felt like Pine was Shatner’s Kirk, or Quinto Nimoy’s Spock. They were doing a version. Its not to say they aren’t valid because they are different. Only that we got so used to the other actors. But all JJ strengths like fast pacing and thrill ride and cool action scenes loosely stiched together don’t outweigh the negatives. He has a tendency to not do exposition well, or drama. His films are as deep as a bubble gum wrapper. He is obsessed with style, lens flares and snap zooms and shaking camera. The lens flares have basically ruined all the expensive sets they built and ruined the vision of the cinematographer. And made all attempts at rewatching the movie and seeing things in vain. I want to admire the craftwork without a migraine. The bridge is overly bright as is without anything else, and yeah it looks like the apple store.

Funny thing about my reaction to TLJ. When I walked out of the theater, I was thinking, not good. Don’t like it. But later that year when I watched it again on BD I liked it a TON better.

Maybe I should give ROS another chance? I hated it way more leaving the theater than I did TLJ, though.

solo not regressed, he went back to old life after painful fate of his son.

“I’m a research nerd, and what the data tells me is that the audience wants that cast in this movie.”

What “audience” is he talking about? The audience that hasn’t shown up to see the movie yet? Is he talking about the audience that has been staying away in droves? (R.I.P. Y.B.)

No, he’s choosing an audience to make the movie for, an audience that obviously does not include the likes of me and my friends.

But, I actually prefer this expression of deliberate exclusion to a faux-Kumbaya charade with platitudes about including old and new fans alike. This public statement dismissing the old fans saves me from getting my hopes up. Now, I can make better use of the time and attention I might otherwise have paid to the marketing of this project. Thanks, Mr. Robbins! I wonder if this guy was ever a loan officer at a bank. He seems well-suited for it.

If this guy was a creative, he’d be taking the Meyer route, which is not to give the audience what it thinks it wants, but to make the audience want and like what he is giving them.

If he were a creative.

A Star Trek movie with integrity… Oh, that would be wonderful! I’d watch it a hundred times or more, buy a bunch of officially licensed merch and propagandize it with pride.

Here’s to tilting at windmills. And to dreams — they can’t take those away from us yet.

Nice to see you posting, Cyg. Have I ever mentioned how much I’d like to see somebody make Spaceman of LaMancha? Tilting at rotating space stations and the like.

“I’m a research nerd” sound like all my bosses in admin stating “we love data” which is just buzz-word BS. I see right through it. Personally, I’m happy with the Star Trek we have on TV, I don’t need another movie right now. But if we did, the KU crew should emulate the uniforms from the 80s movies just to distinguish it from SNW,

I would love another movie in the alternate timeline with this crew! Hope it happens!

I’ll believe it, when shooting has been started and first photos are leaked.
Please no more super-villain-wants-to-take-revenge-with-a-super-weapon-plot.
How about some sci-fi-stuff, Discovery, Strange New Worlds (pun non intended, it just came into my mind)? I loved Interstellar and The Martian but was disappointed by Beyond.

What is their take on V’Ger or the Planet-Killer? (Ok, this might be a super-weapon, but not a evil villain)

And there still is the possibility of a multiverse-movie.
Take the TOS-Enterprise, The kelvin-Prise, the Disco-prise, the TAS-Version (tada!!!! here you have it! TAS was always an alternate 2-D animated universe!!!! Therefore it is canon!!!! Discussion closed!!!!), and have them met. Throw in the mirror-universe. Aaaand we still haven’t seen the Kelvin-mirror-universe. :-P

I thought the title of Beyond was about them exploring Strange New Worlds. The only undiscovered space was altamid and the bee ships and such. But it was exploring the crew relationships, what the federation/starfleet stands for. Not actually exploring space. There wasn’t much science being done it was an action movie. It was Kirk finding himself becoming the Captain he was meant to be but not living up to his father. Scotty taking Jaylah under his wing and learning new things from her and her friendship. Bones and Spock bonding. The Enterprise becoming a family, etc.

I love your idea of bringing TAS into the mix (à la “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and the recent “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers” movie). Could also include LDS, effectively making it its own alternate animated universe as well! 😆👍

After reading all of the comments on this page, I can definitely understand why Siar Trek will never have a successful movie. How could they? Everyone keeps saying that they want a more “Trek like” movie but no one defines what that is. I get that no one wants to see the ship destroyed or someone after the destruction of earth or Starfleet every movie, but you never say exactly what you DO want. My other comment is about their statement. I thought that they were already close to starting according to previous releases. It is beginning to sound like all the other false starts. We get the film announcement followed by dead silence for months. We then get extremely limited announcements that they are working on it followed by more dead silence, then all of a sudden the date of release gets pushed back followed by more silence. The last thing we will here is that the film has hit a problem followed by cancellation after a few more months of silence. I guess that I will have the “Been there, done that” attitude until I actually see where they are on location and the film is in production.

I’ll take more Kelvin crew, just don’t want JJ Abrams.

Go for it, I’ll catch it a couple of months after it comes out on P+, I assume. The Kelvin crew featured a good cast – Karl Urban the standout, imo. Not crazy about Quinto’s emo-Spock, but oh well. As long as the story moves along and makes some semblance of sense, I’m in. Not a huge fan of J.J. anymore, though. And please, no more Beastie Boys, motorcycles and British Khan. And I agree with those here who have requested that the Enterprise NOT get it’s a*s kicked, for once.

That’s sort of my thought as well, most people who either didn’t love the Kelvin movies or moved on long ago will probably watch it, but just wait to catch it on Paramount+. And it won’t be in a few months, my guess is in 45 days since that’s what they are doing with nearly all their movies now. Every movie released in theaters in the last year have all ended on P+ 45 days later. But maybe that’s the point as well. For the record they made clear that won’t be the case with Top Gun: Maverick unfortunately. Tom Cruise saw to that.

But it could make plenty of money in 6 weeks obviously. We know most movies are front loaded to an extreme these days. Doctor Strange 2 will have made over $900 million at the box office before it lands on Disney+ this month. It too will only been in the theaters 45 days. But that’s the MCU, not Star Trek. ;)

I’m just fine with another Kelvin crew movie; they’re not my favorite iteration of Trek, but I really enjoyed Beyond, they were an entry point for a lot of younger fans, and I like the cast. I’m just hoping this doesn’t turn out to be the rush project it feels like.

I just want them to make a good Star Trek Movie

Funny. The next Trek movie will be brought to you by two former “kid actors” from ABC Warner Bros sitcoms from the 80s. Brian Robbins was in “Head of the Class” as Eric and the (so far) director is Matt Shakman (coming off of directing “WandaVision”) who played JR in “Just The Ten Of Us”

I really do not care who they previously played or what they directed as long, as we get a well scripted, good movie that has not been thrown together at the last minute to meet a release date.

Yeah its a good thing the 60th anniversary is a long ways off or i would be worried. They can get a film into theaters before 2026 right?

wish they would do either The Temporal Wars or The Federation-Cardassian War even the the Dominion war.

This article is a perfect window into the nightmare dystopia that is a major Hollywood studio. It gets more horrifying with every word.

just make it a good film .. full on Klingon war.. not some time travel kirks dad shite !!