SkyShowtime Launching In Europe With ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ And ‘Prodigy’ But Not ‘Discovery’

Paramount Global is taking a two-pronged approach to its streaming strategy in Europe. Paramount+ is launching in most of the biggest markets, covering about half of the total population of Europe. For the rest of the continent, Paramount is partnering with Comcast for the SkyShowtime joint venture streaming service which features a selection of content from Paramount and NBCUniversal. SkyShowtime includes some Star Trek content, but not everything that is included in Paramount+. The service has already launched in a few countries with more coming in December and into 2023.

SkyShowtime arrives with some Star Trek content

SkyShowtime is currently available in the Nordic countries, the Netherlands and Portugal. When it comes to new Paramount+ Star Trek shows, the service includes the first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and the first half of season one of Star Trek: Prodigy. However, it does not offer Star Trek: Discovery and a spokesperson for SkyShowtime confirmed with TrekMovie that “SkyShowtime hasn’t acquired this title from the franchise.” It isn’t known if or when that decision would change. As for Lower Decks and Picard, those shows continue to be available on Amazon Prime Video throughout Europe.

When it comes to the latest Star Trek episodes, SkyShowtime is not currently adding them to the service as they are released weekly on Paramount+. This means that for Prodigy, episodes from the second half of season two are not yet being added to SkyShowtime. Presumably, the episodes will show up on the service after the season wraps up in December, however, the spokesperson for SkyShowtime has not been able to confirm this. It is also unknown how SkyShowtime will handle the release of season two of Strange New Worlds in 2023.

SkyShowtime is also launching with a limited selection of legacy Star Trek content, currently offering all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation and four Star Trek feature films: Nemesis and the three Kelvin-era JJ Abrams Trek films. The Spokesperson from SkyShowtime noted that available titles are subject to change and can vary between different countries.

Prodigy on SkyShowtime in the Netherlands (NOTE: SkyShowtime counts the first two episodes as a single episode, explaining why it lists only 9 episodes)

Romijn and Peck at Amsterdam launch

Last Friday Strange New Worlds stars Rebecca Romijn (Number One) and Ethan Peck (Spock) were in Amsterdam for the SkyShowtime launch event. Here is a video of them talking about bringing the show to the service.

SkyShowtime launching in more countries in Europe

SkyShowtime will launch in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia on the 14th of December. Albania, Czech Republic, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia will all be getting SkyShowtime in February of 2023. Launches in Spain and Andora are also planned for 2023.

SkyShowtime is priced at €6.99/month in European countries that use the Euro. It is priced at SEK 79 in Sweden, NOK 79 in Norway, and DKK 69 in Denmark.

For more details visit And here is more video from last Friday’s launch event in Amsterdam.

Paramount+ is currently available in the UK, Ireland, and Italy. Paramount+ will launch in France on December 1, followed by Germany, Switzerland, and Austria on December 8.

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So not all bad then?

Joking! Joking! Before people get overly fraught ;)

Why can’t they just permanently show ALL Star Trek?
They can keep discovery though..

Did you even read the article? Discovery is not included — that was a major point of the article?

Why can’t just launch Paramount+ everywhere and why can’t it just have all trek? So I don’t have to pay for 3 different streaming services to get all Trek.

Yeah, because all about your personal convenience and not about Paramont making enough dollars to keep the franchise growing across worldwide markets. Give me a freaking break. Lol

That’s a shame as Discovery is my favorite of the current shows. I like SNW but it’s my least favorite of the current shows.

Depending on which country you live in, maybe you can catch Paramount+ instead of SkyShowtime. Paramount+ isn’t available where I live, but I would hope that it includes Discovery (as well as SNW and Prodigy).

Ah, I see. I didn’t know that they basically split up the market between these two services.

For example I thought that Paramount Plus had been available in the Nordics for some time, but now I read that it has actually been replaced by SkyShowtime there. So really bad luck for people “stuck” with SkyShowtime unless that service changes their mind about adding more Trek shows.

This patchwork rollout is a clown car.

How is this any different than say the NFL or NBA in terms of worldwide streaming and broadcast agreements?

I love how people act like there is some magical, ubiquitous worldwide TV service…lol

Not all studios have the money and clout of Disney.

I was really hoping for Star Trek Discovery and all the PrimeTrek movies… I hope it doesn’t take too long to release it in the rest of Europe…! It’s also a pity that we don’t get the rest of the episodes of Star Trek Prodigy, really like the series!

Does anyone knows how the releases are settled/restricted?

Rebecca R. is really such a beautiful woman.

I feel the same way about her and Sonequa Martin Green both actress are beautiful women.

Agreed. Both are great, and do a great job on their parts.

Yeah, if I were an executive who wanted to grow the popularity of the Star Trek brand in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Albania, Czech Republic, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia, I would probably hold off on the ol’ Discovery for a while.


I think he’s suggesting that those areas of Europe aren’t quite ready for the level of strident social liberalism that Discovery offers. IIRC, in response to a Pride event in Belgrade, a local Orthodox bishop publicly wished for a gun. And it wasn’t as unpopular a statement as you’d hope.

OK, but half of those countries are pretty darn liberal. The Czech Republic and Hungary are the online p-rn centers of Europe, and the Clintons are worshipped in Kosovo, with a major statue of the former president even. Having travelled in about half of those countries, I don’t really see any major political-social shock factor for them watching Discovery. So I think his suggestion is likely a well meaning one, but shows preconceived notions about those countries that are not accurate.

You make a good point; I too thought some of those were not like the others. But I understood the point overall being made, geography notwithstanding.


So first they yank discovery off Netflix with the promise, people will get to see it on paramount+ in the next year. After waiting nearly a year, and finally getting sky showtime with paramount+ titles we are still screwed because discovery is not available. This sucks.

Ever heard of VPN?

It has launched it’s bad app and service i Europa.
But 1080i /25fps /stereo, belong between 2000-2010.
So how long I keep this service, (even with half or for life), I don’t know. But paying for stuff like Halo that actually came out in 2160p and Dolby Vision and Atmos, and onmy be able to see it with poor sound, no hdr and 1 fourth the pixelsize is not a good start.


Well I’m amazed that Europa even has the bandwidth to support the service. Well done, NASA!

Whoever was in charge of the roll-out of SkyShowtime should be sacked.
There are not apps for consoles or Samsung smart TV’s. You can only use it with apple Tv, your smartphone or trough Chromecast. Customer service is barely exisitant.
They put shows on there and half of them are incomplete. Hell there is barely any noteworthy content. Yeah the sign-up now and get a 50% lifetime discount is nice since I now only pay €3,49 a month. But they should have waited with the launch instead of launching this half ass service.
If they actually put the same amount of effort into the service as they did into the launch event in Amsterdam. It would actually have been a decent service, but it ain’t. It definitely has the potential, but it just feels like a rush job atm

Fans overseas complain when they don’t have the Trek right way, and then when they fast track it to get it out as soon as possible, fans complain that it doesn’t support all platforms at launch.

They are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

If you can’t do it properly within a year, maybe they should have postponed their plans and let Netflix, or something like it, show Star Trek.

It isn’t damned if you do and damned if you don’t. It’s damned if you do it badly and not damned at all if other streaming services show the shows.

Think a bit more before you nitpick every post.

I disagree. I think rolling it out with access to the major streaming interfaces first, and then adding the secondary ones like Samsung Smart TV apps later is fine. Besides, those brand centric platforms like Samsung and Panasonic are notorious for only have the major streaming apps supported — it’s probably more their issue for not working this correctly.

But feel free to disagree.