All Access: Walter Koenig Interview & Star Trek Production Update [FIXED]


Tony and Laurie start with a news round-up now that the strikes are over and everyone can talk Trek again: Strange New Worlds is gearing up for production again (and Jonathan Frakes will be doing some directing) as is the Section 31 movie event, guest star Elias Toufexis is excited about Discovery season 5, and Mike McMahan’s talking about the next season of Lover Decks. There’s also news about the missing 3-foot Enterprise model that used to sit on Gene Roddenberry’s desk, which may have just resurfaced after 46 years.

Today’s big interview is with Star Trek: The Original Series‘ Walter Koenig, who talks about life on the set back in the 1960s, the emotional Chekov scene he filmed but never saw in Generations, his take on people who say William Shatner overacts, and his uncomfortable moment on the set of The Wrath of Khan.

They wrap up with a quick plug for each other’s recent appearances on other podcasts—The 7th Rule‘s news show and Trek, Marry, Kill.