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“Wink Of An Eye” Screenshots and Video January 13, 2007

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

Here are the usual assortment of screenshots from the remastered Wink of an Eye. Plus the new Season 3 opening credits which features the newer CGI Enterprise model.

SFX Video


New and Old

In orbit of Scalos
The landing party
The Scalosian distress message
Phaser spread
Spock replays the message on his screen
A last image of Deela
Leaving Scalos


Assorted Shots

Kirk feels a kiss from nowhere

Kirk fires his phaser at Deela… very slowly

Compton hyperaged

Rael is jealous of Deela’s attraction to Kirk


1. Demode - January 13, 2007

WOW… Looks amazing!! great job!!!

2. Skippy 2k - January 13, 2007

Very niiiiice. :) Can’t wait for the video… Great matte, ship pics look good and I wonder how they did the new sweep? Guess I’ll have to wait for its full glory.

3. Matt Wright - January 13, 2007

The new sweep was pretty cool, the phasers shot out at varying angles to blanket the forcefield. The old effect is of course a hand animated blobs that very quickly just become a screen full of green. The new version is actual beams that vary their arc of fire.

4. Skippy 2k - January 13, 2007

I was just curious how they got around that green blob, I mean did they just hold over the shot before it starts and add some movement? I would think actually removing it would be impossible or at least very difficult. Looks good though from what I can see.

5. Lao3D - January 13, 2007

Looks cool! There’s something very Space:1999-ish about the new Scalosian city, especially when they’re in front of it in their shiny suits — but I liked Space:1999 too, so what the hey…

Glad they updated the ship in the credits also!

6. Xai - January 13, 2007

I have not researched the remastered series on this, but perhaps we should be seeing more planetary approachs with part of the night side showing? I think I see some hints of that here.

7. JON - January 13, 2007

Love that they departed from the standard enterprise leaving orbit to show a parabolic post orbit tradjectory(“leaving scalos”,in above NEW and OLD).I’d love to see a sub-orbital top view of the enterprise and so on.with some planet features (ala google map).What says they need to do the same enterprise orbital shot different color planet everytime like TOS ?Well maybe when “Tomorrow is Yesterday”arrives?

8. Matt Wright - January 13, 2007

#4 I just went and scrutinized it. I see now how they did it. They froze the image of them holding their phasers just before they fired. Then they manipulated the image via CG to show their hands moving as they aim the phasers in a spread.

9. Father Rob - January 13, 2007

I watched portions of the episode, but -to be honest- I was more interested in watching the Saints beat the Eagles…

The opening credits were bad… they kept the singing instead of putting in the loud ‘dings’ (I prefered the Third Season theme to the first two)… and when they came back from the opening commercial, things had already started to go wrong way too quickly (i.e., syndication cut).

As I kept noticing cuts, I just decided that Eagles/Saints was far better than sliced “Wink”.


10. Anthony Pascale - January 13, 2007

oooh look blue titles. I always preferred the yellow, but it does show how committed they are to being true to the original.

good work as usual Matt!

speaking of mattes…they really get a lot of milage out of that one matte painting dont they

11. Dr. Image - January 13, 2007

Yet to see the ep, but that grab from the titles looks great.
Wish they’d throw more color into that deflector dish.
Matte paintings seem to be up to the “Al Whitlock” standard they’ve set. Wow. Now that’s a phaser sweep…

12. Skippy 2k - January 13, 2007

Thanks Matt. I figured it was something like that and glad they were able to. It makes me wonder if and how they will deal with “A Piece of the Action”, I’m pretty sure thats where they lay down a wide pattern phaser. I think it just shows seperate green blobs appear over all the people. :)

13. Adam Cohen - January 13, 2007

Thanks Matt, awesome work as always.

I think a caption contest is in order for the “Kirk feels a kiss from nowhere” picture above. Here are a few of my submissions:

“Amidst all the confusion, Kirk wonders if he forgot to turn the coffee pot off!”
“After a few off-duty Romulan Ales with Bones, Kirk can’t tell if Uhura is wearing her hair differently.”
“Is Pavel going bald too? It must be these damned synthetic uniforms!”
“Kirk insists on watching Lifetime television while on the bridge”

14. Buckaroohawk - January 13, 2007

I have one more caption.

“Kirk wonders if anyone will notice that he just passed gas.”

Sorry. It’s late and I’m a bit punchy. Couldn’t resist.

15. Matt Wright - January 13, 2007

Nice ones Adam!

Let me have a crack at it…
“This coffee just goes right through me, I wonder if I should start wearing adult diapers”

“I wonder if anyone will notice I just farted”

16. Buckaroohawk - January 14, 2007

Matt (15):


Great minds think alike. Or at least ours do.

17. Matt Wright - January 14, 2007

I know, I hit post only to see you beat me :o

18. Adam Cohen - January 14, 2007

A couple of more:

“Spock, do I have any poppy seeds in my teeth”
“Did I just sit on my phaser again?”
“A bobby pin? What the hell is a man doing with a bobby pin?” (see Airplane 2)

19. Cafe 5 - January 14, 2007

The shots look great. Would like to see the episode but KPDX here in
Portland pulled Star Trek from its Saturday nite line up. Now I’ll have to
wait weeks to see the new episodes. I was looking forward to WNMHGB.
It too will have to wait. AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!

20. Mark 2000 - January 14, 2007

Eh. The phaser shot looks like an opengl screensaver. The matte back is excellent, though.

21. Joe Coatar - January 14, 2007


effects reel

22. Anthony Pascale - January 14, 2007

thanks again joe…reel is now embedded in post and available for download

23. The NCC Factor - January 14, 2007

These shots just keep getting better and better each week! It’s a shame I can’t watch the episodes in the UK. I think they’re probably getting more and more “adventurous” with these external shots of the ENT, rather than just replicating old shots (see leaving Scalos). Very nice, I can’t wait for Where No Man Has Gone Before!

24. Dom - January 14, 2007

That last shot of the Enterprise leaving was superb. You can actually appreciate the size the ship is meant to be.

25. andoriano - January 14, 2007

cada capitulo que pasa parece que los FX son mejores.

26. Father Rob - January 14, 2007

#24- Just saw the YouTube video, and I agree… that was a very good shot. The effects appear to be pretty good, though I still feel the matte painting of the Scalosian city is off… it just doesn’t look right. Also, I still think that they should have went with the third season version of the theme instead of recycling the first/second seasion version. The S3 theme was the best… higher energy and no annoying voice ;)


27. trekmaster - January 14, 2007

Hmm, somehow the new Enterprise seems to be little bit longer and less high in proportion.

28. JB - January 14, 2007

FX shots look good. Trivia item: Kathie Browne (Deela) was married to Darren McGavin, the “Old Man” in A Christmas Story. She’s a major award!

It just occurred to me that everyone in the time of TNG must have become infected with Scalosian water, since they can duck out of the way of a phaser beam. Somewhere in the course of Trek evolution, phasers went from being this incredibly destructive weapon to something about as dangerous as a high school science project.

Here’s a question only a Trek fan could love: are phasers supposed to travel FTL? While it’s never explicitly stated, in TOS they must, since the Enterprise uses her phasers while traveling under warp on several occasions. But I recall reading in the old TNG script bible that they “corrected” that, saying phasers were only for use at sub-light speeds, and that photon torpedoes must be used when traveling FTL. It would be interesting to know if any of the spin-off series violated that premise. You could probably argue it either way; if the Trek scientists were able to figure out how to make a radio beam travel FTL (subspace radio), it’s no more of a stretch to say that a phaser beam travels FTL, as well. But that brings us back to the whole ducking-out-of-the-way problem.

29. mike - January 14, 2007

Forgive me, because I didn’t watch or tape this episode and I’m just going by the effects trailer posted above, but in the shot where Kirk is talking on the communicator, it looks as if he and the red shirt are casting a shadow on the background (lower left; subtle, but there). It gives the effect of them standing in front of a screen with a projected image on it. I must be wrong, because this would be a huge goof. Can anyone clarify this?

30. earthclanbootstrap - January 14, 2007

copied and pasted from the earlier thread; I didn’t notice this one was up:
It’s kind of funny that a goofy third season episode actually gets me to post, but I have to say it: CBS Digital just gets better and better with the rendering of Enterprise. I look forward to eventually having all of the episodes in hard copy. Damn, they’ve found a way to get me to spend yet more money…
I can’t wait for next week.

31. Stanky McFibberich - January 14, 2007

I remember watching Star Trek the first time through without ever caring about nitpicky details. I just liked it and didn’t care why. Those were the good old days.

32. JB - January 14, 2007

29 – The only shadow I saw was the one Kirk was casting on the red shirt. Unfortunately the stage lighting for this scene conflicts with the natural lighting suggested by the matte shot behind them, making it harder to believe that they’re outdoors.

33. Picardsucks - January 14, 2007

Deela got the captain’s log!!!! Cool new phasers. The bridge looked exceptionally crisp and quite beautiful this weel, perhaps it was the way it was lit and shot or perhaps the original print was exceptionally clean or both. The E pulling away from orbit – really sweet!!! I love seeing her from new angles this ship is clearly the most beautiful science fiction space vehicle of all time and when you get to see it from angles that give you a sense of it’s size and grandure (it is the length of 3 football fields afterall) it really drives the point home.

34. Stanky McFibberich - January 14, 2007


35. SPOCKBOY - January 14, 2007

Thankyou for those shots and the effects reel guys.

I agree that CBS is definately improving. That LAST Enterprise shot was SWEET indeed.
I too however, wish they would add some color to the deflector dish.

The city looked exceptionally good.

36. Magic_Al - January 14, 2007

I wish the FX reels would include sound.

37. Greg - January 14, 2007

More great work by the CBS digital team. Nice to see the port side of the big E and whatever they’re doing (wide angle “lenses”?) the ship is looking much more to scale.

38. Kelvington - January 14, 2007

The leaving orbit shot was great, plus we get to see the side of the ship not really seen in the past. Although I always thought, well if they can out run a phaser shot, they why not just shot them from behind? Or at point blank?

Plus I think my favorite shot of the series is when Kirk is pulling on his boot. It was subtle but got the point across.

Doomsday Machine will be the ultimate benchmark of these effects shots since it’s been re-done by fans for years. We will know in just a few short weeks.

39. Nelson - January 14, 2007

I think the overall effort was great!

The things that caught my attention were:

1. How nicely they rotoscope out the old Scalos city matte with the new and also match the camera pan as Kirk walks out of the matte and into the area of the set where McCoy and the fountain is.
2. The opening titles are improved and looked great. Appreciate the new music mix that reduces emphasis on the soprano. But it’s still a bit too much in the front. Another re-mix would be good!
3. The new phaser effects was very well done. I agree with the above poster, technically commendations for achieving that over an existing effect.
4. I really liked the new shot of the Enterprise leaving orbit/

One last thing, I just don’t understand why my broadcast image on a digital station looks so dark. The close up of Uhura at her station at the beginning of he episode is so dark, you barely see the console, except the lights on the consoles. Overall, the bridge was dark before Kirk is sped up. I hope it’s just the way the digital signal is processed and transmitted and not a reflection of the actual final product.

40. r - January 14, 2007

The effects look good… Thanks, CBS!

41. Stanky McFibberich - January 14, 2007

i did not notice any reduction in the level of the singer…nothing against the singer, but it should not be noticeable above everything else.

42. sentinel - January 14, 2007

WOW! That parting shot as the Enterprise leaves orbit is spectacular! The Enterprise looks exactly as I’ve imagined it in my head for so long.
CBS is doing amazing work. Thanks guys!

43. T Negative - January 14, 2007

My favorite new shot was the phasers blasting the force field. Great Job CBS Digital!! The original phaser effects really looked bad in that scene, hopefully CBS continues these kinds of improvements.

44. Picardsucks - January 14, 2007

#38– Ultimate Computer might very well be every bit the benchmark episode that Doomsday should prove to be. Also Elyan of Trois has a battle with Klingons that should prove interesting

45. Nelson - January 14, 2007

Forgot to mention, while these new Enterprise shots are great in the new titles sequence and the excting new shot of it leaving Scalos, there was still something bugging me. And I just realized, it was nicely rendered with texture and shading, but what was a tad off was the lack of any reflections on the surfaces. Nothing huge, just that minor bit of reflection and highlights here and there. Maybe I just didn’t see it since my picture was so dark!

46. CmdrR - January 14, 2007

Even if you’re hyperaccelerated, doesn’t a phaser shot move a tad fast for you? I mean, doesn’t it still pop out at the speed of light? The ratio would still seem to be comparable to trying to dodge a bullet.
I know — nitpicky me. Besides, Deela still got stunned by the James T. Kirk love gun.

47. Trekweb Forever!!! - January 14, 2007

43 – Do you think they’ll go back at some point and re-do the phaser effects in the earlier shows, like “The Menagerie”? I think they should redo the scene with the big cannon aimed at the door.

48. Glenn Shaheen - January 14, 2007

Yeah, some really great digital work in this episode. Like everybody else, I was also amazed at the parting shot of the Enterprise.

#44 – I have to agree with you. I’m sort of more looking forward to Ultimate Computer than Doomsday. I prefer it as an episode, and there’s the E vs 4 other constitution ships. It should be interesting to see what they do.

As for Wink of an Eye – I find I’m always a grand third season apologist, even sometimes crazily calling it my favorite season, but there were really a lot of holes in this episode. A great concept, but the execution was kind of poor. I can see, though, that CBS would want to do a low key episode before tackling No Man. Also, if they did all the great episodes first, then it would be sort of a let down later on, right?

49. Spock's brain - January 14, 2007

Effects look great!

Would liked to have seen a updated effect for the Scalosian disruptor weapon. Also the dryer tubes coming out of the machine that’s supposed to be puting a deep-freeze on the E, that thing looks stupid! Even my wife noticed how bad that thing looked.

All in all, great work!

50. Commodore Z - January 14, 2007

Beautiful city. Great phaser beams. GREAT costume on Deela. Ship still looks flat.

51. Thomas Jensen - January 14, 2007

Those captions are funny guys….. Here’s something not politically correct for the picture above, “Sulu’s gay? And I let him sit in my chair!”

And I didn’t see this episode, but Father Rob mentioned they didn’t recreate the actual third season music and now use second season music with the over blown singer??? What gives, if this is true???

I’m on a vendetta against changing the title music. Dolby 5.1? Sure! Re-record it for the upcoming release? Sure! Remixed soprano heard over and above the title music? NO! And to not have all three seasons done as they have always been is just wrong. (If true). Every season had it’s own arrangement. The third was somewhat upbeat as compared to the second.

Anthony, can you do some interviews with those who did the music and do a little update/article about the title music?

52. TomBot2007 - January 14, 2007

Still haven’t seen this yet~ later, though.
LOL! RE:#13-15
My caption: Kirk suddenly wonders ” Perhaps one too many Escrito Burritos? “

53. Nelson - January 14, 2007

Thomas brings ups a point I was thinking of too. Since Trekmovie has such a relationship of sorts with CBS digital, could a chat be set up or an interview with Mr. Rossi or Mr. Okuda and anyone else on the team.

We have not heard much from Mr. Rossi recently after the new CGI Enterprise has made it’s debut. It would be interesting ito see how he feels and how it’s going. Perhaps it’s timed after a landmark episode, like Doomsday or another effects spectacular show. Maybe quesitons can be taken by the readers here and presented to them. I have a few and there’s surely lots from others!

54. SPOCKBOY - January 14, 2007

Hey guys,
Check this out.
I took 4 pics of SOME of the incarnations of TREK CGI from the original to CBS DIGITAL. It is the same shot from the opening credits of the sideview of the Enterprise orbiting the orange planet.

You can see we have come a long way.


55. Screen Rant - Movie and TV Commentary - January 14, 2007

Hey there,

I am so glad I discovered your blog! I love your coverage of the new CGI updated Star Trek episodes. I knew from the very first episode that these were going to be excellent. :-)


56. Anthony Pascale - January 14, 2007

RE: anthony can you do an article on the music

ok let me just whip this out


by the way if you clicked on the \’music\’ category on the list on the right you would have found that easily….those category tabs are very usefull…i suggest you all start clicking them now


RE: vic and others

thanks for the compliment, but at TrekMovie.com we do not consider this a \’blog\’ the site has multiple contributors and is built to be the best news site and information for what is goingn on in Star Trek. The site does contain some \’editorials\’ and reviews which are often written in the first person (like a blog) but all features and news items are written in standard 3 person news format


thanks and I hope you enjoy the site

57. Kev - January 14, 2007

Phaser spread. l thought they used the phasers in that scene to flood the hallway (corridor) with energy, not shoot at a forcefield. So why add beams? The idea was that the fog of energy would clear away any invisible Scalosians, unless I forgot, which is possible.

58. New Horizon - January 14, 2007

Love the work in this episode. :) Top notch stuff. I hope that the preview we saw for WNMHGB wasn’t the final cut of the effects. They looked very off compared to the usual offerings. Best of luck CBS Digital…we’re critical, but damn it…we’re rooting for you here. :)

59. Scott Vela - January 14, 2007

After seeing the episode in full their were subtle things I have liked to have seen. Overall I like the effort the remastered team puts into the episodes so far.
When I was watching the episode the Digital matte painting seemed
off like so many of you. It no longer looked like planet “generic ” .But it still looked like another matte painting. It didn’t make itself look that city actually fitting the Image. I felt they should have had some kind of 3-D object to give it some sort of depth. Maybe a monument of some sort so the background would not look so flat..

Maybe its just me but I’m use to seeing the phasers blue as well. What they did was a improvement but didn’t go the full ten yards.

This episode isn’t a heavy effect’s episode. And I am looking forward to the next two weeks.

I would have to agree the Enterprise parting shot was great and I wouldn’t mind having that as a gif avatar.

60. orbitalic - January 14, 2007

off topic slightly… the “Boldly Go” hummer commercial was just on the Bears/Seahawks game…
Hummm de hum… da dadda da da Da!

61. Thomas Jensen - January 14, 2007

Anthony, I’ve posted to the article you’ve mentioned. I’ve gotta say that they just don’t have the title music completely right. This should be fixed for the DVD version that they’ll eventually do. It should be easy as compared to the fx fixes they’ve made.

I may just be in left field, but I don’t think the title music is completely right. My post explains this as well as my previous posts about the music. Maybe at some point we can get a third season mp3 download of the new title music for comparison? After all the years of listening to the show via mono cassette tapes in the 70’s, I’m looking forward to blasting the new HD DVD sound through my system in glorous dolby 5.1 with the updated fx titles.

62. Father Rob - January 14, 2007

In the article on music it reads: “Because they were determined to match the originals so closely, they created three different versions of the theme, one for each season. The biggest difference is the inclusion of the soprano singer for 2nd and 3rd seasons, but the team endeavored to emulate the smaller differences between the seasons as well. For example the 3rd season version emphasises organ in the mix, which ends up effecting the the ‘vibrato’ of the soprano.”

They failed.

I may not have been alive when TOS aired, but I do have TOS on DVD, and have been watching TOS for almost 25 years. I have never noticed the voice on the third season episodes… even if I give and say that it was there, it has to be very subdued. The third season versions was always my favorite version, and it’s ashame that the soprano voice overwhelms the unique qualities of the 3rd season theme.

No offence to the young lady who sings, I just would prefer them to use the original theme from S3, which I think sounded just fine on the previous DVD release.


63. steve - January 14, 2007

Just want to say I don’t agree with the critics who say the matte lighting doesn’t agree with the live action lighting. If you notice on the still shots, there is a shadow that starts between the cityscape and where the actors are standing that suggests that they are standing under some sort of overhang that would cast a shadow over them, so the light on them is not the direct light of the cityscape but more like “reflected” lighting.

64. Greg - January 14, 2007

Is it me or does the Big E have bigger balls at the back of the engine nacelles finally? The whole “model” looks to have more mass, especially the saucer section. It looks better than original TOS-TV and approaches the ST-TMP look of the Big E actual model and lenses.

The deflector dish could be more colorful, like the dish on the “Mirror” Big E and on the Big E in the preview of next week’s episode. Still, excellent work by CBS digital and it is much appreciated.

65. CmdrR - January 14, 2007

54 – thanks.
I love CBS Digital, but of those four, Dennis Bailey’s got some serious coolness.

66. Thomas Jensen - January 14, 2007

I’m with Rob on this one. Thankfully, it’s not just me, this issue about the soprano singer being too loud for the second season and now, the third season, should be addressed by CBS. Just as the Enterprise CGI was re-done to make it better.

The singer should not be heard in the third season version, only the organ sound. The previous second and third season DVD versions hit it right. And, as well, no criticism of the singer is implied, but we need a re-mix of the new title recordings.

Those of us who have spent time taping the episodes have probably heard the shows more then seen them. I lead the old original fans in storming the gates of CBS with boomboxes playing the original versions as we storm into the offices! :)

67. FlyingTigress - January 14, 2007


Re: the space matrix restoration cojones. :)

I noticed that they seemed to be larger than they were in previous ST:TOS(R) episodes, and am really happy that the CGI team are continuing to make improvements to the model of the Big “E”.


68. He's Dead Jim - January 14, 2007

Did anyone else notice in the opening titles that the Enterprise doesn’t go
zooming past the camera before the “Star Trek” title appears on the screen? The “whoosh” sound is there but no Enterprise. Maybe Scotty
was still using the Romulan cloaking device from “The Enterprise Incident”. Hopefully in 2 weeks when the next 3rd season episode is on they will have the missing flyby fixed.

Other than that everything looked good.

69. Father Rob - January 14, 2007

#65 – Yea, Dennis’ image looks the best of them all by far… most like what the original would have wanted to look like, and -most importantly- most photo-realistic. I know that real models and CGI have been combined on Starship Exeter to an extent, and Dennis’ shot looks like a model, not a CGI image.

#66 – I grew up with an off-TV audio cassette recording of “Time Trap” (TAS), “BEM” (TAS), “Balance of Terror” (TOS), and a few other episodes that I really liked… and became intimately flamiliar with the music and such. I transitioned to video in the late 1980’s when we got a VCR. I have watched these episodes time and time again, and it’s just wrong. Most notably missing from the remastered S3 theme is the triange ‘ping’ and the almost snare-drum like ‘snap’ to the theme. I don’t exactly know how to describe them.


70. Ebar - January 14, 2007

Not many things to “fix” in this episode, but well done nevertheless!

71. ety3 - January 14, 2007

A few things …

Scotty’s hair — At the very beginning when he’s giving the “captain’s log” monologue, his hair is the comb back sorta pompadour-thing. After the tease, it’s the shorter, “caesar-cut.” I never noticed this before.

Also, I think we need the “original” and “remastered” shots of the destruction of the Scalosian deep-freeze device. In the original, I’m fairly certain a special effects technician’s hand was visible (though “ghosted”) holding a sparkler. As far as I can tell in the remastered version, they managed to get rid of that.

Can we see a comparison?

72. Thomas Jensen - January 14, 2007

I’ll tell you Rob, I agree with you completely. The ‘snap’ isn’t there, the ‘ping’ etc. I’ve been all over this at this wonderful site. If they are trying to do it as it was, but better…then they should at least review what they’ve done and fix it. From seeing the video and the article, about the music, they claim to not want a change for the music. Unlike the FX which doesn’t claim to adhere frame by frame to the original opticals. (Which I agree with, go do some visuals as before, only make then better and create some new shots. That’s great!)

But with the title music it should be done as it was only with a new recording. That’s all. It seems to me they so loved having a live singer in the mix that someone got carried away with her contribution to the whole deal. She’s the ‘cartoon’ nacelle version of the whole thing.

73. Greg Stamper - January 14, 2007

Thomas Jensen & Father Rob,
I am often surprised just how many fans “back in the day” audiotaped the series. Doing so without contact with one another. For my part I taped all the original series and animated (during animated’s first run). This was the pre-VCR era, when an episode played it was going to be some time before it came back around again. This method was the best we could hope for at time.
First audiotape- The Devil in the Dark
First Video- Friday’s Child

74. Holo J - January 14, 2007

Thanks for the clips Joe, Matt and Anthony. This is my Number 1 site.
I always look forward to see what is being done and without this site I wouldnt know what was being done. So I am really thankful for your time and effort.

The work is looking very good from what I can see from the video. I have noticed that it seems they are flipping the planets when they show the Enterprise in orbit. On the first few moments of the clip the Enterprise is going into the dark side of the planet then she appears to come onto the other side from the darkness into the light. It doesnt really bug me that much but I would have thought they could have made a complete globe for the planet with land mass and different patterns on it. But like I said its not a big thing just something I just noticed.

I would really love them to put some life into some of those bridge view screens they wouldnt have to do them all just anitmate one or two each episode to show them being functional. Maybe change the really bad looking ones with the blobs for planets or whatever they are meant to be.
They could tie in the graphics or whatever they replaced them with something relevant to the story.

I thought the matt background looked excellent. It really was a big improvement and I felt it really adds alot to those scenes.

Like alot of people I also am really loving the new Enterprise leaving orbit shot. I hope they keep showing us more shots like this. Well just more new angles. I’d love to see some shots with some people walking by the windows that would be cool!!!

I am really looking forward to the day I can own my own copy of these on DVD…. But I hope they dont rush these out onto DVD to get some money back… I will gladly wait so they can go back and put a final polish on these episodes and maybe even add stuff time hasnt allowed them.

I’m loving the work thats being done though, keep up the good work CBS!!!

P.S Do either Matt, Joe or anyone else have a video of the new season 3 start they could upload?

75. Greg Stamper - January 14, 2007

#74 Holo J wrote: “I am really looking forward to the day I can own my own copy of these on DVD…. But I hope they dont rush these out onto DVD to get some money back… I will gladly wait so they can go back and put a final polish on these episodes and maybe even add stuff time hasnt allowed them.”
As Slim Pickens from “Blazing Saddles” said, “Ditto!”

“Bravo” to the Enterprise Departure Shot and Phaser Sweep as well.
Thanks Matt for the Screenshots and Joe for the Video

76. Jeff - January 14, 2007

They’re rally nailing this now :D

77. Thomas Jensen - January 14, 2007

#73 Greg, welcome to the club. My first episode was “Turnabout Intruder” on June 3, 1969. I gave all the episodes to fellow trek fans in the late 70’s when my interests in hearing the episodes waned as I’d heard them many times in those years. I wish I’d kept the original NBC summer re-runs from 69′ cause they had more then just the episodes, bumpers, etc.

78. Al - January 14, 2007

Scotty’s hair – the opening scene is lifted from The Empath.

79. Greg Stamper - January 14, 2007

#77 I’ve still have all my tapes in a briefcase (wonder if they are OK?) Because my local stations aired Trek reruns without edits a 120 minute audio tape was necessary to record the entire episode. This was not recommended by audiocassette recorder manufacturers in taping or playback. I’ve burned out a few devices in my time.
Keeping everyone silent during taping was always an issue. So much so that everyone wondered if the same held true when the VCR first came along. No joke.

80. T Negative - January 14, 2007

I really like the Season 1 theme they re-recorded, but like many here, I do not care for the season 2 and 3 theme’s at all. The soprano’s voice is too loud!!!

This needs to be addressed!!

81. Thomas Jensen - January 14, 2007

#79 It’d be interesting to hear if they survived. I edited all the commercials out of mine. When VHS made it’s appearance, somehow it didn’t matter to have the tapes

82. Thomas Jensen - January 14, 2007

#80 ‘T’ join the club. I think the first season is fine, too. It’s the second and third seasons that need addressing.

83. Greg Stamper - January 14, 2007

#81 Thomas, I edited commercials as well. I’ll have to dig and see if I can find them. Same here, with the home VCR the audiotapes (now fully memorized) didn’t seem as important.

84. Matt Wright - January 14, 2007

Season 3 opening video coming later on tonight, and I will try and see about a comparison for the scene with the Scalosian device explosion. I forgot that there was a goof there of a technician’s hand. If there is a change I will add it the group of pics.

85. Thomas Jensen - January 14, 2007

#83 Greg, It’s kind of funny, I spent so much time taping the episodes and listening to them that find myself wishing I hadn’t heard them so much as I memorized them so well. But I was good for a few laughs here and there as a line would come up from now-where. These days, I know the lines, but don’t have complete scenes memorized quite so well. Of course, I know what’s coming as it unfolds. Even so, I still love the show.

86. Greg Stamper - January 14, 2007

#85 Thomas, same here. I’m so well versed I’m always pleased to learn or hear something new. Speaking of which, in “Wink of an Eye” notice Kirk during his Sickbay examine — hears the intercom whistle — walks over and says, “Kirk to Spock, come in”
How’d he know Spock was attempting to reach him? Audio gaffe, just like the Menagerie Part I in the Commodore’s office (no whistle). These “corrections” should be easier to fix than the visuals. Yet CBS Digital has chosen not to. Possibly a small but too time consuming effort?

87. jonboc - January 14, 2007

..regarding all the feedback on the theme song, and the audio cues…. would that even fall under the category of something that the FX guys work on? Are the remastered music and sound cues the responisbility of the CBS digital “team” as well, or is there another dept. that is responisble for things like music, editing…basically anything that isn’t CGI work? Just curious.

88. Stanky McFibberich - January 14, 2007

Just watched an old vhs of the 3rd season “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” recorded off the air and the opening credit music seems to include the singer, but at a lesser volume than the instrumentals. The ‘ping’ mentioned in an earlier post is evident.

89. AJ - January 14, 2007

I agree…this is an ‘easy’ one prior to WNMHGF. Lots of fun, and Deela is beautiful. I like the Scalosian city, and the photo posted on this site before airing is actually really cool. Redshirt looks totally psyched to be protecting the Captain. Once again, we have a huge M-Class planet with a nation ‘which once numbered over 900,000.” Any one else here. who is not accelerated? Typical Trek nitpick, but it’s like the Enterprise visited Rhode Island, and ignored China.

90. SPOCKBOY - January 14, 2007

I agree Greg,
I noticed that in the scene in ARENA when Sulu was about to beem up the landing party after the Gorns took off…

-Kirks communicator didnt make a sound when he activated it. In fact there was a weird scraping sound when he pulled back the lid because it went back too far.
-When Sulu hit all those buttons after Kirk gave the orders all you heard It would seem the sound man was sleeping during this 30 second segment because Sulu’s console made sounds all of the other times.

Now I know for a fact (from my own editing experience) that fixing these gaffs could be fixed in a few minutes.

I remember watching a DVD version of THUNDERBIRDS and they seemed to have layered sound over certain other sounds to fatten them up a bit and make them stereo. The most obvious improvement was in the explosion sounds. CBS Digital needs to tell their money men to get CBS AUDIO to help out , at least for the DVD versions.

The thing that puzzles me is I remember watching a remastered episode (I dont remember which) and when Spock walked across the bridge the usual creeking wood plank sound was replaced with a nice boots clicking on concrete type sound.

It is my nature to hate inexactitudes as I am obsessive about detail. I find alot of Trek fans are this way. I dont think its a bad way to be when it improves the quality of your work by setting a highest standard for yourself. Being that you are doomed to always fall short of it, PERFECTION should always be what you shoot for because you will inevitably end up in a higher place for the effort.

Personally, I blame CBS for making these poor guys work against the clock with an impossible schedule. I truly believe that if they aired the episodes every 2 WEEKS or even once a month instead, to give these guys more time to cover everything, the fans would be VERY SATISFIED.

What do YOU guys think?

91. Dennis Bailey - January 14, 2007

#65, thanks – but as it happens, that “Exeter” image is from an early test of a less accurate Exeter model. For better or worse, the shot as it appears in the show is:


92. Thomas Jensen - January 14, 2007

#86 Greg, Yeah, I did notice that one, and there are so many gaffes in the episodes. I just choose not to notice every detail (except when it hits me over the head, re: the title music soprano screaming). There’s a book called “The Nitpickers Guide to Star Trek” and it goes over all the mistakes in story, opticals, etc. I saw it in the bookstore, gave it the once over and put it back. I don’t really want to know about all the mistakes; sure, when Kirk forgets to pick up the security guards at the end of “Children Shall Lead” I noticed. Also I noticed that’s a crummy episode, but all of them have scenes and dialog that add to the show. As bad as some are, there aren’t guys running around in ‘carrot top’ suits like in Lost In Space as I seem to remember.

But as far as looking for every goofy mistake, naw, I just see the show as I once did when it was first on. And really, to be having these discussions with people who like Star Trek is really great. It’s been 40 years after all, that’s something for an old television show to do for people.

I’d also like to see these audio corrections as well, but really I never thought they’d ever redo the visual effects so I’m a pretty happy guy these days. I’m glad they are doing the fx, I just want it to look like they are using the filming 11’2″ long model…. only better, as they seem to be doing.

Hopefully we’ll get more items in the HDDVD versions.

93. Nelson - January 14, 2007

How cow, not sure anyone mention this above, but I just re-viewed my recording of Wink of An Eye and the sequence with the new phaser effect. CBS Digital digitally made the arms move so the phaer beams would move! Look closely and you can tell, particularly William Shatner’s arm, his upper arm is still.

94. Matt Wright - January 14, 2007

#93 check out post #8 :P

95. Nelson - January 14, 2007

Opps. Missed that, Thanks!

96. Anthony Pascale - January 14, 2007

re 53
setting up a chat with rossi, okuda, etc

yes that is something I have been thinking of doing, but in general i find live chats kind of a clusterf*ck really. What we may do is have people submit questions in advance or something like that. Still trying to get cbs to agree to everything…lawyers and such. will let you guys know

97. Matt Wright - January 14, 2007

#71 I don’t see a hand in the original version… any ideas?

98. Thomas Jensen - January 14, 2007

Anthony, good deal. I have questions about the title music as you already know.

99. Spock's brain - January 14, 2007

Notice the shadow of Kirk’s arm on the wall. You’ll notice his shadow doesn’t move at all. Pretty much proves that they CG’d the arms moving.
Looks good to me.

100. Laserlover2254 - January 14, 2007

Did that grading thing appear because of me? :-)

101. Major Joe Ely Carrales - January 14, 2007

I find it odd that people still keep making complaints about the “cutting” of the episode. I thought it was understood and made clear that the episodes are cut to allow for more commericals due to the modern format of Television?

I have been watching TREK on TV LAND and have noticed the same cuts people are lambasting REMASTERED for making. (for example in “The Untimate Computer” on TV Land they edited out the scene where DAYSTROM questions the presence of Dr McCoy after McCoy expressed doubts about the M-5…”Who’s this…sorry this is a secure area”) I think some people are just so agendistically biased against remastered that they see this as a “bastardization” of the REMASTERING PROCESS instead of the station.

I, for one, can’t wait until these things come out on DVD where they will be uncut and likely with commentary. If any CBS-PARAMOUNT people read this TAKE NOTE of THAT!!!!

102. StephenMartin - January 15, 2007

When these guys started this project they assured the fans that they wouldn’t change anything, but just enhance. But we are now seeing that they simply have not been able to resist (credits and fly away at the end). What a shame. Too bad they couldn’t keep their word.

103. Paul - January 15, 2007

RE: #96

Anthony, have you and/or CBS Digital ever seen Daren Dochterman’s work:


If so, I was curious as to whether steps would be taken in the near future to at least emulate the quality of his work. I think that it’s a foregone conclusion that his work is hands down better than anything CBS Digital has produced to date. What do you think?

I just can’t help be feel that, if Daren was able to produce this kind of quality work nearly 4 years ago (with software at least that old), why can’t CBS Digital do as good, if not better, with the modern software available now? Is Mr. Dochterman that much more talented than anyone on CBS’ staff??? If so, they ought to hire him immediately. From the looks of his portfolio, he’s certainly no amateur.


Just think of all the DVD’s that CBS and Paramount would sell if they got Daren to do all the effects work instead. Wouldn’t that be something to see! :)

104. ety3 - January 15, 2007

Matt (#97) —


Am I thinking of a different episode? I remember as a kid while watching an episode and pointing out the hand to my Dad; he got a grumpy look on his face and didn’t say anything.

Thanks for looking, regardless.

105. diabolik - January 15, 2007

Dad was in effect saying, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

106. diabolik - January 15, 2007

Anyone else notice the very obvious shadow of the mic boom on Shatner’s chest when he was in sickbay, trying to track down the sound he was hearing? They just got careless in the third season. I also hate Uhura’s new hairdo, less flattering to her.

Most third season shows are hard for me to watch due to the slackness that came with Roddenberry’s departure and Frieberger’s tenure. The lighting to to bright and flat, the acting not as good ;Nimoy seems to have phoned in his part most of the time and Shatner got hammier. The stories got dumbed down, and the details glossed over. The good shows are the exception rather than the rule, which was the opposite of seasons one and two.

I liked the idea that the phaser sweep was blocked by the forcefield. They did a good job on fixing that. Too bad they can’t fix the rest of the show in regard to plot.

107. Jim J - January 15, 2007

Oh yes, shame on them for changing that break of orbit at the end. It totally ruined the story for me. Not the same show at all! MONSTERS!!!

108. bman - January 15, 2007

Hey, did Kirk’s hair always move on its own when he hears the buzzing whilst lying down in sickbay? I never noticed that before.

109. Kinooruen - January 15, 2007

Seeing the port side of the E during that way-cool departure shot got me thinking about how we never saw that side of the ship, other than by flipping the image, in the original shows, since it was torn up when the pilot model was retrofitted to run wiring to the nacelles. So nice to really see it now.

Still bugged by the fact that the “slow phaser” beam just ends where Deela stepped out of its way. Would’ve been nice to have made it continue on and dissipate against a bulkhead. But that would be changing!

Surprised at lack of commentary about Kirk & “fast women.”

110. Nelson - January 15, 2007

re: #96

I agree, a potential for a disaster! Submitting questions makes a lot more sense.

re: #108

Yes, Shatner’s hair does move in the original episode. I forgot about that, it’s very subtle. They must have used some compressed air.

111. KDoug - January 15, 2007

Regarding the speed of the phaser fire, I don’t think it could be faster than light or even as fast as light. In either case, in order for Deela to dodge Kirk’s phaser shot, she would have to be moving faster than light! I think that’s pretty unbelievable, so, phaser fire would have to be slower than light.

112. Kev - January 15, 2007

Re; redone phasers on stun. Did pistol phasers on stun ever create a beam during the whole run of TOS? I thought it was a burst effect all the time. If it ain’t broke… like the guy (Guy) said in Galaxy Quest; Don’t you guys ever watch the show? Yeah, they were beams in Return of the Archons, but on wide field. One more thing; in the original shot , the force field that stopped ONLY the guards was not shown initially, so it was clear that the Scalosians wanted Kirk and Spock, not the guards. The new way, we have a suddenly selective field. It actually would have been better if Kirk and Spock’s beams went through and the guard’s didn’t., which would have made the next FX shot; thereappearance of the field superfluous, but the intent was changed anyway. Directorial intent ?

113. An olde timey fan - January 15, 2007


Trying to email you but the links at your website are busted.

Olde Timey Fan

114. An olde timey fan - January 15, 2007

Ahh…. Deela is as scrumptious as ever! Thank you, Bob Theiss. Thank you from the bottom of my, um, heart.

115. An olde timey fan - January 15, 2007

#69 Father Rob

The drum action is called a “rim shot”, made by smartly striking the snare drum’s rim with the flank of the stick, with a little wrist flip. And yes, the triangle was a beautiful addition to the original score. Don’t know why it’s missing as it is still used in the orchestra.

116. An olde timey fan - January 15, 2007

Make that “BILL” Theiss.

Forgive me…

117. Father Rob - January 15, 2007

#113 – You can use the CONTACT ME link at http://www.stellarcross.org and fill in the form.


PS- Thanks for the tech-terms for the music :)

118. Jason Petri - January 15, 2007

The flashing lights on the transporter console when “accelerated” characters are in the scene have always bothered me. They should probably stay on or off the whole time, or at most turn on or off once. As it is, the lights cycle at the same rate they do in normal time.

119. ZtoA - January 15, 2007

Doomsday remastered vs. Ultimate Computer remastered…

Which is more complicated? Doomsday by far… there are way too many exterior shots of machine vs enterprise that the CBS-D gang will have to re-imagine and I hope they don’t hold back. I’d like to see an honest to goodness two-shot of the machine pursuing the E as well as an exterior E flyover while firing phasers (under Decker’s command). There’s also a golden opportunity to show a world-class shuttle launch with the machine in the background… that would be a great composite shot!

Ulitimate computer… To the best of my knowledge there weren’t many exterior fx shots of the E parring with the other starships. Some could be added, but I would be totally against adding a totally new scene, regardless of it’s magnificence, into an episode. Half of the pacing of that episode is the feeling of helplessness the audience gets from the actors as they are forced to watch their own starship decimate the others. Adding dog-fight sequences would take away from that pacing and remove the sense of urgency portrayed by the actors.

120. Vifx Twokay - January 15, 2007

Models are nice but art direction is boooring. The ’60s were about bold colors folks. If you’re going to do a new model, keep it in the same color palette. Making royal blue into grey is a fundamental alteration of the mood.

121. Tanru - January 15, 2007

Just one thing about the Enterprise – the hull looks quite dull, dark and flat… just something about it… it’s GREAT don’t get me wrong but it still feels a little… CGIish.

122. Al - January 15, 2007

A question…. about the nacelle caps. Do both rotate the same way, clockwise to each other or counter-clockwise to each other?

123. Scott Gammans - January 15, 2007

I still want to know how Kirk and Deela got on and off the bridge when the turbolift doors seemed to be frozen open for the whole frickin’ episode. :D

124. Skippy 2k - January 15, 2007

Thats something I noticed in the game “Legacy” the 1701 nacelle caps rotate the same way where the don’t in the shows. I was thinking when I had seen them before that the starboard one rotated counter-clockwise and the port one rotated clockwise. Just looking at “Friday’s Child”(Remastered) though its the opposite of that. Will have to take a look at an original ep and check it out.

125. Xplodin' Nacelle - January 15, 2007

The opening shot of the Enterprise orbiting the planet floored me. I was standing about 3 feet in front of my TV, & I actually leaned to the left to get out of it’s way. I laughed at myself, & said, “Holy Shit, I thought the ship was going to fly out of the screen, & hit me.” That’s really saying something, cause I don’t even have HD yet.

I think the soprano lady in the music titles is doing more of a different sound. She does an “ahh,ahhh,ahh, ahh,aah.aah. It should be an “Ooh, Ooh, ahh,aah aah, ooh aah. Her rendition goes right through me.

I agree with poster #49, that the dryer hose thing looks corny. Please update it CBS.

Did anyone else notice the dark matte lines around Compton when he dissapeared?

126. Xai - January 15, 2007

#103 Paul,
Daren D posts here and yes he does fine work. His work, his hiring or not hiring by CBS and his own comments have been subjects of discussion here for many weeks.

127. dil - January 15, 2007

Enterprise cgi great,other spots as noted nice. Should have kept the original statue at beamdown site. An intregal part of the original. Overall good work. Still would prefer widescreen.

128. Steve - January 16, 2007

QUOTE “Re; redone phasers on stun. Did pistol phasers on stun ever create a beam during the whole run of TOS?”

Yes, in “Mantrap.”

About Kirk firing the phaser at Deela. She would have to be moving faster than light to avoid it (the Scalosians would have to be moving FTL anyway, to be moving in the wink of an eye) but where she was standing, the phaser beam would have hit Uhura’s station and possibly Uhura. Does this mean that phasers have sensors that adjust the length of the beam to the distance of the target? That would probably be the best way to stun someone since adjusting the intensity of a beam weapon would be like trying to knock some random guy out with a generic tranquilizer dart. You would either kill him, or get him high, but unconscious…


129. Richard - January 16, 2007

Regarding He’s Dead Jim, comment #68 dated January 14, 2007, was it intentional for CBS to delete the Enterprise doing the warp flyby in the main title sequence right before the “Star Trek” title appears, or was that a blooper?

130. diabolik - January 16, 2007

re: post #123: I noticed that too. Kirk heads toward the turbolift but we don’t see him enter it. The doors were stuck open the whole time they were in acceleration.

Just another example of the “who cares? It’s just a TV show” mentality by the people that took over in third season. No wonder NImoy looks so disassociated from everything, he had to just walk through the role to make it.

If they had just shown them accessing ladders it would have explained everything. But, no.

131. freezejeans - January 16, 2007

All this talk of old recordings brings a tear o’ nostalgia to my eye. Did any of you who grew up in the early 70’s have those TOS 45rpm records? They were original stories for young folks, complete with a comic to correspond with the record. AWESOME stuff, probably worth a small fortune now if I can find ’em. My brother and I would sit there and play them for hours, using imagination to visualize what a live-action version would look like.

Thanks for sharing all of these memories, folks!

132. diabolik - January 16, 2007

Believe me, I spent more time listening to my cassette tapes of the episodes I had made than anything else. I guess that’s why I have such an appreciation of the fantastic music on the show. It was a joy to listen to even if you weren’t watching it, just for the music and sound. I still have them all, but I never listen to them anymore.

133. Dr. Image - January 16, 2007

Greg- #64
Yes! I think they’ve finally gotten the infamous “nacelle balls” the right size!

Now on to my FINAL CG Enterprise nit EVER- the windows under the hangar deck should be lit up.
I can’t understand why they’ve missed something so obvious.

134. Greg Stamper - January 16, 2007

108 & 110,
A downside to listening to audiotapes over the years — I had never before noticed Kirk’s hair move while on the bio-bed in Sickbay. Does look like compressed air off-camera.

135. Matt Wright - January 16, 2007

#133 what’s odd is sometimes CBS-D does remember to have it lit up.

136. tronnei - January 16, 2007

Add me to the list of those who audiotaped the shows. I’d barricade myself in my mother’s bedroom with my cassette recorder, unplug the phone and close the windows. Everyone in the house was banned from the room for an hour. Drove my family absolutely nuts. Still have all my cassettes, but they haven’t been played for about 25 years. I also have audio tapes of Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, The Prisoner, Saturday Night Live and a bunch of other shows.

137. Robert M - December 14, 2010

This was always one of my favourite episodes. It’s a shame that Next Gen. never followed up on this story line. Perhaps a future series will. The enhancements are well worth the effort. Well done!

138. Dr. Cheis - March 1, 2011

I did a Google image search for “hot dog hallway gif” and it showed me the original “phaser spread” screenshot from this page. I don’t know what Google was smoking when it did that. BTW I really enjoyed the new phaser shot, it was a really good replacement for the old one. I wish we could have seen more like that.

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