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Remastered “Where No Man Has Gone Before” Screenshots and Video [UPDATED] January 20, 2007

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

Trek’s second pilot gets the CGI treatment, featuring a different Enterprise…

SFX Video



New and Old
Intro Shot
Starfield on the monitor
Starfield on the viewscreen
The barrier on the viewscreen
Approaching the barrier edge
The Enterprise delves into the barrier
The barrier storm as seen on the viewscreen
Leaving the barrier
Clearing the barrier
The Enterprise limps in space after the barrier
Approaching Delta Vega
Delta Vega on the viewscreen
Delta Vega in the evening
The Enterprise leaves Delta Vega
Closing Shot


Assorted Shots

The S.S. Valiant Probe Transmits

The credits squence with pilot Enterprise

The Department Heads on the bridge

Spock shows an unusual amount of emotion

A new angle of the Enterprise in the barrier

You’d better be good to me

Dr. Dehner strikes a pose in sickbay

The "gods"

Kirk is forced to bow

New close-up of the Phaser rifle fire

The first torn shirt


1. Naib Michael - January 20, 2007

It’s not there! Oh, why is not there?

2. Naib Michael - January 20, 2007

Wait, nevermind, it just came up.

3. Anthony Pascale - January 20, 2007


4. jonboc - January 20, 2007

Good stuff. Ship looked gorgeous, love the early ship of the cage being used here, it blends right in with the different look of this episode. The shots with the nebula and the shots with the barrier were really nice, can’t wait to see them in HD someday. What happened to the new matte? Maybe it’s actually present in the un-edited version but got cut for syndication. The colors were particularly nice, never noticed the command green collars and tunics, I always thought they were brown like Kelso and Mitchell’s. Another revelation was good old Mister Leslie, dressed in blue, standing silently in the background. Never really noticed the green walls and viewer in sickbay either…great job on the color correction here. And no T. on the tombstone..thank goodness…I actually enjoy that little inconsistancy. Well done CBS!

5. Captain Pike - January 20, 2007

Just a note. I’ve set a couple updates to the TOS-R schedule e-mail but it still says for Seattle KSTW 10:00 Saturday.
After Balance of Terror in Sptemeber this was changed to 6:00pm Saturday

6. Naib Michael - January 20, 2007

Sorry, Anthony. The video wasn’t there when I first went to view it on YouTube. It must have just been uploaded. I was worried something had happened with CBS.

7. Anthony Pascale - January 20, 2007

bear in mind there is always a dl option under the video…which is better than the res you get at youtube

8. Naib Michael - January 20, 2007

Yeah, just realized that. :)

9. CmdrR. - January 20, 2007

Dang, you’re gonna make me stay up until 3:05am again, watching Star Trek. I need my beauty sleep, but I know my priorities.

10. CmdrR. - January 20, 2007

Actually like that the nacelles look burned out after their encounter with the barrier.

11. Gary - January 20, 2007

If this is all that was fixed, then it was not nearly enough. I bet those guys at CBS-D probably want to fix everything, but don’t have enough time.

12. Greg Stamper - January 20, 2007

WNMHGB could also be known as “Kirk trashes Pike’s Enterprise”. The Captain Pike era Enterprise (w/Spiked Nacelle Caps) sustained serious damage in its Galactic Barrier encounter. Repairs seems to have been good enough to reach a Drydock somewhere after the episode. Between this segment and The Corbormite Maneuver the USS Enterprise has been Upgraded both inside [Bridge, Briefing Room] and out [Warp Engines]. Not to mention Uniforms – Everyone’s Sideburns (still to come).
Also, there is an added Phaser Rifle Beam as the Rock topples into the Grave. The original was always too short a burst not in sync with the sound effect.
Great work CBS Digital. However, the ESP Reports on Screen did look like a 1960’s typewriter did them … wonder why?

13. SPOCKBOY - January 20, 2007

First of all, thank you VERY much Joe for capturing and posting those clips.
Much appreciated.

1)-The opening shot of the Enterprise was beautiful.
2)-I CAN”T believe they didnt fix the lack of reflection of the table. Damn! That’s bugged me for years!
3)-Delta Vega kinda looks like a bowling ball. I thought the original planet looked just fine.
4)-The angle they used for the Enterprise limping away after the encounter with the barrier seemed completely pointless.
5)-The barrier was beautifully done.
6)-The back of the nacelles looked wrong.
7)-The Enterprise pulling away from the planet was sweet (as usual)
8)-I’m sick of CBS rushing these poor bastards!

WE (the fans) dont mind waiting 2 weeks instead of 1.
Let these guys do their job!!!
Other than the nacelles(back of them) the Enterprise looked very nice (especially in the barrier)
WELL DONE on that.

It kinda worries me a bit now that Doomsday Machine is going to suck because there are SO MANY effects shots.
-Wrecked Constellation.
-Doomsday Machine.
-Enterprise and Constellation phaser battles with Doomsday Machine.
-Viewscreen shots.
-Shuttlecraft sequence including hangar deck.
-Destroyed solar systems.
-Destroyed Doomsday Machine.

MY GOD there are alot of FX shots in there!

14. Father Rob - January 20, 2007

Two words. Absolutely Unacceptable.

I just finished watching this episode, and at this point I have almost nothing good to say about it. This was very 2d, lame, dead, lifeless. It even looked like the transporter effect was missing from the recorder-marker -though I was watching on a fuzzy TV with rabbit ears, so I could have missed it.

The shots of the Enterprise had potential, but looked little better than cartoons. Delta Vega looked horrible. This was just so very, very, VERY dissapointing. The Story/Directed credits just before the closing credits were in the wrong font, the galaxy looked fake, the barrier was passable, the Enterprise had potential but the aft of the nacelles look horrible… this was just simply unacceptable.

I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I am with this episode.


15. New Horizon - January 20, 2007

I was enjoying the CBS Digital work for the most part these last few weeks, but this episode feels like a step backwards. The effects just didn’t feel right. I don’t understand why they insist on still using that awkward zoom in angle of the Enterprise…it didn’t look right with the original model, and it doesn’t look right now.

Overall, the effects looked alright…but they didn’t really look like they fit with the existing live footage. That’s the main issue I’m having with this project…their attention to matching the original live footage is spotty, and all over the board.

It’s good work, but it’s not good TOS.

16. DEMODE - January 20, 2007

Fantastic job CBS-D. The new effects looked amazing!

17. chris - January 20, 2007

Looked really good. Really enjoyed it

18. New Horizon - January 20, 2007

Just want to make it clear that I understand the time constraints of this project.

Whoever is in charge at CBS…cut these guys some slack already and give them MORE TIME to do a good job on these episodes. What the hell will you accomplish by only letting them half do their work? It’s pointless.

19. StarTrekkie - January 20, 2007

I haven’t seen it on TV yet, but everything looked fine except the milky way looked a little odd on TOS style stars. Someone called it a nebula earlier, but it’s not, you’re looking horizontally through all the stars in the milky way. So to have that put on top of big bulky TOS stars just doesn’t fit. And why was it in so many of the shots?

20. Commodore Z - January 21, 2007

I think the credits were exactly the same font as original, although I agree that the lighting on the ship this week was pretty poor. And I still don’t understand why they didn’t fix Gary Mitchell’s reading screen.

21. chris - January 21, 2007

what the fetch?!?!
Everything had been looking SO much better the last few eps. that this one while very very ambitious, just doesn’t look finished. I really looks like a video game to me. I give them alot of credit for the work but it just doesn’t look right.
Sorry, my opinion.

22. SPOCKBOY - January 21, 2007

Will somebody please go down there and show these guys what LIGHTING is all about?
I mean SPACE SEED looked great. Everyone said it did. It didn’t look like a cartoon and dont give me this nonsence about lighting taking a long time. If you know what you’re doing, you’ve done it right before, and you have a look that’s already established, it shouldn’t take any longer than anything else. Scott Gammans, Daren Docherman, and Dennis Bailey (to name a few) never had ANY trouble with lighting that I noticed, and these are guys sitting alone on their PC/MACs puttering away without nearly as much equipment and manpower as CBS has.
I don’t mean to sound negative but I’m so sick of this lighting thing.
Who’s deciding what looks right down there, Bugs Bunny?
“Yeah, dat’s good doc more cartoon-like”
Here is the correct comparison cap(the original fromTrekcore, the new from here) Now look at the original. It looks real. It looks like it actually exists. Other than the black matte line it looks great. Look at how bright the lights are, and that’s shitty 1960’s lightbulbs. Now look at the new one.

I’m sorry but enough is enough.

23. Josh T. (The Motion Picture) Kirk - January 21, 2007

I liked this episode a great deal.

The opening shot of the Enterprise emmerging from the nebulous material INSTANTLY transported me to the opening scene of the Enterprise approaching in “The Search For Spock.”
The depth of field and mass of the Enterprise had a motion picture quality to it.

Frankly, I’m uncertain what sort of monitor or television screen people complaining about it were watching but, it looked breathtaking to me.
Ah how art is subjective.
The galactic barrier was fantastically depicted and menacing.
I liked the blue and purple color palette used, as the Enterprise approached the barrier I was reminded of it’s approach years later towards Vejurs’ cloud.

Outstanding work CBS Digital, when is that Damn DVD coming out??

24. Duane Boda - January 21, 2007

Does anyone know why KWGN (The Denver Station) didn’t show Star Trek Tonight at their usual time….I haven’t watched it in several weeks. Have they had a time change for it? Instead they had what seemed to be a small marathon of The Shield on instead. Any information would be appreciated.
Thank You!

25. foobar - January 21, 2007

Whiners, complainers.

The episode looked great.

And Yeoman Smith was hot, hot, hot.

26. Josh T. (The Motion Picture) Kirk - January 21, 2007

As to the lighting of the ship, what’s the beef?

The original model was flood lit from all angles, unrealistically so,
the CBS Digital model is illuminated from one source of light, as a real object in space would be.

27. SPOCKBOY - January 21, 2007

It’s not whining and complaining foolbar,

It’s analysis WITH suggestions, the main one being…


and Yeoman Smith WAS hot.(but not as hot as Yeoman Rand)

It’s all subjective……: )

28. SPOCKBOY - January 21, 2007

Dear Josh T. (the motionless picture) Kirk;

What do you mean ONE source of light?
What do you think all of those stars are?
They’re suns… : )

silly, silly, billy.

Besides, if CBS actually WAS using one source of light then at least the ship would have some constrast and not look to flat and grey. Trust me, they are NOT using only one source of light .
Anyway we are NOT talking about reality here, were talking about a TV show.
Look at TNG, DS9, VOYAGER, ENTERPRISE. None of the lighting is realistic. The only difference is, now is they have ONE light brighter than the rest to simulate realistic light.
The truth is unless there was actually a sun(star) nearby, all you would see are the lights of the ship cruising by(which are too damn DIM in this case).

Wait a minure, did I say “too damn dim?”

My God I need a vacation.

29. SPOCKBOY - January 21, 2007

Yeah that’s right I said constrast!

It’s just like contrast………………………. only BETTER!

30. Josh T. (The Motion Picture) Kirk - January 21, 2007

Are ALL of those stars equidistant from the Enterprise providing uniform illumination Spock Boy? Not in the real world, only the studio flood lit model of the Enterprise from the original unaltered episodes.

The CBS Digital illumination provides the best of both worlds.

It is deep space, therefore the Enteprise isn’t illuminated like a Halogen light.
There is stark contrast and shadows.
There is self illumination i.e. the windows.
The Enteprise is finally depicted the correct color (Camouflage Grey) and not Turqouise, blue, green, or white.

Yes, it’s a T.V. show and not reality, therefore the team has only their own artists eyes to fall on and satisfy, speaking of Constrast, perhaps the issue is you should adjust your television?

31. Josh T. (The Motion Picture) Kirk - January 21, 2007


See the shot above titled “closing shot” which features the rear view of the Enterprise approaching the nebulous instellar material?

See the reflectivity and luster on the secondary hull?

Now go watch “The Motion Picture” as the Enterprise approaches Vejur from almost the same angle.

Movie quality effects here.

32. Joe Coatar - January 21, 2007

the originals have a luminosity the new effects lack, they ‘pop’ right off the screen

33. DaggerMind - January 21, 2007

“They’re suns… : )

silly, silly, billy.”

And they’re also really far away, thus negating most of the light they send. Only one source of light would dominate in a single star system. Having the Enterprise lit from different angles could only be realistic in a multiple star system.

34. SPOCKBOY - January 21, 2007

Yes but DaggarMind,
What do you mean they’re far away?
How do you know?

MY assumption is that there are stars all over the place in varying degrees of distance.
It IS the universe isn’t it?
They’re not all side by side like some sort of grid are they?

-some near
-some far
-some very near
-some very far
-multiple star systems

yadda yadda yadda…..
You get the idea….

My other point was obviouly lost on you….


Alright then. Lets settle on this…
I will agree that to make it look more realistic there should be less sources of light.
But for God’s sake lets bump up the intensity a little bit shall we?
Even the flashing lights on the ship are practically invisible.


: )

35. AJ - January 21, 2007

Didn’t the original opening credits lack Shatner’s narration?

36. SPOCKBOY - January 21, 2007


There is stark contrast and shadows.
There is self illumination i.e. the windows.
The Enteprise is finally depicted the correct color (Camouflage Grey) and not Turqouise, blue, green, or white.

First of all I NEVER complained about the color.
Second of all you say there is STARK CONTRAST?
You need LIGHT to have contrast my friend, and thats the whole problem.

Third, What self illumination?
As I and many others have stated we can barely SEE the flashing lights for a start, and if you want to talk Star Trek the Motion Picture-check out the flashing lights on that baby.

Finally your statement;
See the reflectivity and luster on the secondary hull?
Now go watch “The Motion Picture” as the Enterprise approaches Vejur from almost the same angle.
Movie quality effects here.

Okay, you wanna see quality effects with a TOS ship?
You want lustre and reflectivity?
And some actual light thrown in for good measure?
Authentic detail?
All with the same aforementioned camera angle?
scroll down to scene 14 and check it out…

37. Greg Stamper - January 21, 2007

#24 Duane “Does anyone know why KWGN (The Denver Station) didn’t show Star Trek Tonight at their usual time….I haven’t watched it in several weeks.”

KWGN moved Trek Remastered up to 10:00pm local a few weeks ago, its a good thing. I watched it here in the East at Midnight last night. Two episodes of “The Shield” now follow.

38. Duane Boda - January 21, 2007

Greg: Thanks for the information. Now I just wonder….do they still show the previous weeks episode at 6:00 P.M. Eastern? Change is good as they say.

39. Nostromo - January 21, 2007

#22 Spockboy, I agree that in general CBS have been playing it too safe with the highlight on the ship’s hull but in that comparison the light on the planet is coming from the right and rear of shot. In the old version the enterprise is lit from the exact opposite direction, so in the new version the lighting on the Enterprise has been matched to the planet – hence most of the illumination will be on the far side of the hull.

In contrast, the ‘Enterprise in Orbit’ shots just prior to and after the matte painting of the surface in the VFX reel have a lot of brilliant sunlit highlights on the Enterprise (you can see a hint of the same thing in the final “closing shot” screengrab above.)

40. Aphelion - January 21, 2007

I may be through with TOS Remastered. Just saw “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and I’m more disappointed than ever. While the TOS-R team has proven themselves technically proficient with their enhancements, they are patently incompetent when it comes to deciding what to keep and what to change. Never mind that I knew going in that the tombstone wouldn’t be fixed to show Kirk’s correct middle initial, “T” (as opposed to “R”, one of TOS’s most notorious glitches), but to think they actually decided to keep the early 20th century typewriter text on Mitchell’s and Dehner’s records as it shows on the viewscreen is UNFORGIVABLE. This is either pure stupidity or total laziness. No more will I anticipate the trailers or the episodes themselves, and if this level of neglect continues, for certain I will not be buying any TOS-R DVDs. What a complete and utter waste of opportunity. The whole thing reeks of the half-assed Star Wars special editions where attention isn’t given to the real details that matter. And I’m willing to bet that the “they’ll fix it later for the DVDs” belief will prove false. If they don’t have time to re-do simple f*cking viewscreen text now, do you really think they’ll go back and do the tombstone plus insert the new Enterprise model into the first handful of shows? Not gonna happen. It was a fantastic opportunity, to de-cheesify TOS and make it fit into the rest of the canon, but this team seems to want to do 25% of the work and pretend like it’s a done deal. Unacceptable.

41. Father Rob - January 21, 2007

Art is definately subjective…

I am completely fine with suspending my disbelief in order to enjoy a program, but these effects were simply bad.

As I have reviewed some of the screenshots, there are even differences in the model that they went to the trouble to recreate for WNMHGB (though I could even overlook those if the effects were of better quality). The SFX looked like a cartoon. I hated those ‘stopping short’ shots of the ship… the overhead shot of the ship limping back from the barrier was terrible and flat (it looked like a Star Fleet Battles piece being drug across a hexboard!)

The Enterprise in the original episode had some weight, and the planet looked good. Now both seem cartoonish, rushed, and unfinished.

Also, can someone confirm for me… did the Valiant’s recorder-marker just fade in or did it have the transporter effect? I couldn’t tell because I was watching on Rabbit Ears.


42. Jim J - January 21, 2007

As far as I’m concerned, all looked fine even though they used the model that I hate (I’ve always hated the big deflector dish and spiked nacelles). I just feel that version (whether CGI or a model) has always looked more unrealistic. Makes sense that they’d use it, though, since this was the pilot episode.

I STILL hate the shot of the ship from way up above looking down (as the ship limps off to Delta Vega. Just reaks of the word “fake”. Other than that, I’ll live with this one. There are some great shots, yet this one kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Not sure why. Kinda weird.

43. Greg Stamper - January 21, 2007

#38 Duane “Now I just wonder….do they still show the previous weeks episode at 6:00 P.M. Eastern? Change is good as they say.”

Previous weekend episodes air at 6:00 a.m. ET Saturday Mornings [4:00a.m. Denver local] and that is not a good thing. But the Primary Denver 10:00 p.m. Saturday night slot [Midnight ET] is better than their original Midnight [2:00 a.m. ET]. So there must have been some demand for the series to move it up a couple of hours.

44. Greg Stamper - January 21, 2007

#41 Father Rob “so, can someone confirm for me… did the Valiant’s recorder-marker just fade in or did it have the transporter effect? I couldn’t tell because I was watching on Rabbit Ears”

The Transporter Effect was there but it was not very noticeable. Very Dim. Understandable why you could not see it on Rabbit Ears.

45. Greg Stamper - January 21, 2007

Transfer Trouble? Did anyone else notice [every once in a while] a small dark spot dropping down the center of the screen? Most notable during Mr. Sulu’s “If you want the mathematics of this” segment. This spot occurs at times throughout the episode.
I’ve found it during all feeds of this weekend’s episode.

46. An olde timey fan - January 21, 2007

#35 AJ

The Cage and WNMHGB (broadcast version) did not have a voice-over. That was added for The Man Trap. The orchestration they used had the organ and a fantastic piece of wind-band score!

47. Talos V - January 21, 2007

This is tooo funny. Why can’t youse guys just sit back and enjoy the fact that they are actually showing these episodes? All this nitpicking and and blaming is crazy. Go watch the old versions if you like them better. It seems like it has been clearly stated that the group remastering these episodes is under time constraints, yet there are comments like “UNFORGIVEABLE.” Criminy!!! Get a Life People!!!

48. Kyle Nin - January 21, 2007

If you look carefully at the Delta Vega facility scene, you’ll notice that the clouds are moving from left to right in the sky, very slowly. I’m not sure it was like that in the original. Actually, I’m not sure they could have done that for the original.

Also, I noticed that when Gary and Elizabeth are zapping each other at the end of the episode, the color has a more pinkish hue to it, instead of the pale-white of the original.

49. Picardsucks - January 21, 2007

Holy shit I thought I was cynical. This was Awesome!!!!! The opening shot of the E coming into screen was beautiful and the engine rumble was great. The altered opening credits with the pilot model were an excellent touch. When the E was twisting through the barrier energy I almost pooped my pants!!!! It looked gorgeous. There was a terrific sense of scale. On the closeup you get a sense of the E’s enormous size then as the angles change you see just how small our E is when compared to a stellar phenonoma or the vastness of space. The lighting of the ship was proper on true HD it will have even more punch. it makes me hope they redue TWOK mutara nebula in a similar manner. The end caps were correct as were the impluse engines with the multiple round exhaust ports instead of the round balls. The only difference was they went black with the caps instead of the original silver. I thought they nailed the E in Tribbles but I am contunuely impressed with the subtle improvements each week. I too wish they would go back and redue the landscapes but we can’t have everything. They have to have a reason to re re re release another remastered special edition 5 years down the line afterall. Some have complained of the remastered scenes being too dark. These are HD masters being shown on an analog signal, you don’t get the true potential of how gorgeous the film is in this manner. The xbox 360 HD episodes don’t have this problem especially on a big screen HD tv. In any case I’m blown away and very happy

50. Al - January 21, 2007

Why fly through the barrier and not over or under it?

51. MichaelJohn - January 21, 2007

I like that fact that the CBS Digital team used the “pilot version” of the enterprise and didn’t update the ship to match the version most seen in TOS. They really are making a conscious effort not to change the original special effects and graphics too much.

I’ve been very pleased with almost every remastered episode so far, and I’m really glad that these new special effects are, for the most part, subtle improvements of the original.

Mike :o

52. Kelvington - January 21, 2007

I think is one of those situations where, I can forgive some of the mistakes made. CBS-D is really under the gun, and we have no idea why they decide to change somethings and not others. I think they want to avoid lucas-ifing Trek Remastered, so it’s not called Trek The Special Edition.

Rest assured that within the next ten years, CBS-D or who ever ends up buying CBS/Paramount will give us a whiz-bang version of these, with going into warp effects like on TNG and fix every single little thing. They will extend Spock’s console so it doesn’t look like the bridge ends there, and they will do a frame by frame fix.

I remember clearly when the project was announced they were showing some guy removing dots and scratches from the episodes by hand, what happened to that guy? Lately we are seeing all the dots and lines left by the optical printer, I can imagine this is time consuming work but still where is he?

As for the type written reports with red ink marks on them, I’m not sure what they were thinking there. I assumed they were looking at reports that were at one point printed out and had been marked up by the attending doctor. But still… wow did they look out of place.

If we are not happy we should just make it known that we aren’t going to be buying the remastered DVD’s unless a real effort is made to REALLY fix every little thing. Which I have no doubt they will, or fans will in the next few years.

Finally, I agree, how about we show a new remastered Trek about … oh once a month? Give these guys some real time to do things right? There is no reason on Gary’s green earth… I mean God’s green earth that we need to see new ones forty times a year. How about showing classic Enterprise episodes three times a month and a remastered Trek once a month… oh wait what am I say? There aren’t any Classic Enterprise episodes. Damn I knew there was a flaw there.

Regardless, how can we put pressure on CBS-D to let these artist do the job they were hired for and now be so under the gun?

53. Spock's brain - January 21, 2007


You can’t . The barrier is bigger than it looks. I believe it’s intended to encompass the galaxy so if you approach it from different spots, you get the same phenomina.

54. CmdrR - January 21, 2007

Did anyone else spot the small device on Kelso’s wrist in the early scenes? It appears to be a portable version of the ship’s chronometer. Hmm. A wrist chronometer.
There are a lot of things visible in this remastered episode, as in others, that have been hidden for 40 years. I love the new barrier, but hate Spock’s original make-up. I’m so glad they fixed the eyebrows, the uneven yellow pancake, and the shouting.
I understand why the aft parts of the nacelles look burned out at some parts of the script, but they stay ‘unfinished’ even after the repairs. It looks as though CBS-D had to go with what they had again. Can anyone say whether there will be another complete pass on each of these items before they sell us these eps on DVD?

55. ety3 - January 21, 2007

When will it appear on iTunes?

My local affiliate screwed up; airing “Wink of an Eye” again. I’m willing to pay $1.99 for it, but I want to make sure that the version I download will be the remastered version, because there’s no way to tell looking at the iTunes store.

56. StarTrekkie - January 21, 2007

@ #4 (jonBoc) and #23 (Josh T.) It’s not the enterprise emerging from a nebula or nebulous material. That’s the milky way galaxy, trillions and trillians of stars.

57. Nelson - January 21, 2007

I noticed Kelso was wearing a 20th Century time keeping device too, maybe he was into antiques, perhaps he influenced Kirk’s interest in antiques.

Someone else already commented that Shatner’s “Space, the final frontier…” monoloque was not used on the original WNMHGB. That’s true, I am watching the DVD and recording in synch to compare. The title theme music is actually not bad. It’s not a very exact recreation, but as a stand alone, it’s not bad sounding, follows the original better. In listening to the original, it sounds like a Theremin was used, but I have no idea, it just doesn’t sound like a conventional musical instrument.

I am surprised by the amount of green in Kirk and Spock’s costumes and the sick bay. The old transfers really did a number on the color timing! The walls in sickbay are a warm gray color. That whole sickbay scene was so cut up!

On the barrier thing, I had a sort of reveleation here. In listening to Spock’s dialogue, he mentions the Valient was swepted into a storm as it left the Galaxy. The synopsis of the episode on the DVD say the same thing, and then calls it a barrier. So what is this energy thing, sounds like it’s a storm that formed as both the Valient and Enterprise approaches it and causes all the troubles for both ships. I like this better then the idea of a barrier that encompasses the Galaxy.

I agree that it was a surprise the screen graphics of Mitchell’s records on Spock’s station screen wasn’t enhanced. A few other screen graphics were decided to be left alone too. On the whole, they did what they felt was necessary.

The first shot of the ship in the teaser did look a tad gray and flat. Other shots later, the ships looks great, with plenty of light flicks off the hull. My favorite shot is when it leaves Delta Vega and pans across the screen, looks terrific and “feels” realistic. I agree on some shots, the lighting on the ship looks too dark. But I think they are trying to light it to look like it’s in deep space, where there’s very little light. I think they are trying to capture a balance between reality and artistic license. The shot of it in orbit does look quite good, as it passes the camera, there’s light reflecing off the secondary hull and the color of the planet reflecting on the saucer. This is right before Scotty calls Kirk ask if Spock got the phaser rifle.

There’s a degree of truth that the remastered show’s CGI look pretty terrific on an HD monitor!

Oh yeah, #45, Greg above asks if one can see little spots on the screen when Sulu gives us the mathematics of Mitchell’s evolution, I saw it too.

58. Nelson - January 21, 2007

One more thing, upon reviewing the CGI panning shot of the Enterprise leaving Delta Vega at the end of the episode, the original shot is longer then what was broadcast! They cut to Kirk doing his official loses Captain’s log sooner. Subtle.

In looking at the pan shot, the texture mapping looks very CGI. The motion is good! I am curious now as to what software is used. I know that Lightwave is used by many and was used on Enterprise and Daren Doc I think. Perhaps the flat look is a result of the software and not the artist?

59. neal - January 21, 2007

I sure love the passion of these messages. Folks care so deeply about this stuff. Two quick geek observations:
re #56, there are about 100 billion stars in the milky way, not trillions and trillions. (who cares? well, I do …).
re #26, 28: Stars are not a significant light source. If you have any doubt of this, drive out to the middle of the country on a moonless night, and hold up a plastic model of the Enterprise. Can’t see much, right?

And: I liked WNMHGB this week. I for one am grateful that any of this work is being done at all, and absolutely can’t wait for the true high def experience.

60. Skippy 2k - January 21, 2007

Here is something like I had hoped to see… it only took a few minutes. Allthough it may not be as good as what they could do I was hoping the typwriter screen would be gone. I didn’t crop Gary’s pic so its actully him on the bridge from the episode. :)

Gary Mitchells Record:

61. Nostromo - January 21, 2007

I do like the shot of the E leaving Delta Vega in this VFX reel. Any chance of anyone posting a high-resulution screencap? I do wonder whether we’re not missing some detail from the effects shots watching them on YouTube, particularly the surface texture of the Enterprise. I’d be intrigued to see what this thing looks like at full resolution.

62. ZtoA - January 21, 2007

I’m torn on this one… I agree that the CBS-D team needs more time to complete these episodes and yes there were some things about the ship that were irksome… I’m not certain how comfortable I would be about letting them go hog wild on the effects because it would create a visual discontinuity to have pristine effects and not so pristine production qualities on everything else. They were right to try and match the E as it was with the spike nacelles… but the rendering or the lighting on some shots was simply incomplete.

If it’s an issue of money per episode… I’d be willing to bet that every Trek fan would GLADLY send paramount or CBS-D a check equal to the price of a movie ticket to help underwite this effort. I would be willing to send considerably more than that as would many others. This is a GREAT effort and CBS-D has my FULL confidence because for every wince there have been 10 “Wows!”

Keep up the great work CBS-D… the exucitives at Paramount need to re-think the timelines for airng these episodes because they are not practical for doing the kind of work TOS deserves. One a month would be acceptable to me if CBS-D could make EVERY episode look like “Space Seed.” That kicked a** in almost every respect.

Doomesday, Ultimate Computer and Immunity Syndrom are the “can’t fail” episodes. I’m hoping that some of the incomplete work we’ve witnessed is because people and rendering times have been tasked to make the aforementioned episodes spectacular.

63. StarTrekkie - January 21, 2007

@ #59 – Thanks for the correction. Point being, it’s not a nebula, just a lot of stars!

64. mrtew - January 21, 2007

I agree about the contrast lacking. It’s like they are trying not to have any part of the ship in darkness so you don’t miss any details. In the original fx shots the contrast was so high that it looked like half the ship was white and the other half was black, rather than a dull grey like in the remastered episodes. I hope they get a clue and make it more like the original which was so nice.

65. scott - January 21, 2007

Nicely done #60. That would have looked terrific in the actual show.

66. scott - January 21, 2007

I also just want to than Matt for the screen caps, which I love looking at every week, regardless of how much I have liked or not liked the week’s enhancements. Thanks, Matt, for taking the time and effort to get so many great shots, both old and new, and for getting everything up so quickly. You and Anthony and everybody involved with the site do such excellent work day in and day out, and I am really so appreciative. This is the only Trek-related site I look at anymore, and I commend everybody for their consistently excellent work.

67. Nostromo - January 21, 2007

Ditto to the thanks for the site and the hard work.

68. FlyingTigress - January 21, 2007

Not that my .02 necessarily matters…

Sure. It would have been nice to completely re-do everything… the inset shot of Dehner’s psi/esper report, the shots in the sickbay, but, my guess is that they have “X” amount of budget (time and dollars) to remaster, do CGI replacements, clean-up old negatives, etc. They can do “A”, but that means “B” doesn’t get done. Or, they can do “B”, and “A” doesn’t get done. Or, they can do “C” and “A”, but not “B”… ad nauseum. No matter WHAT they (since they are the one’s behind the door at CBS, they get to choose… not a snarky fan who wants “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, ….”XX”, “XY”, “XZ”…. fixed) do, someone is going to piss and moan about what didn’t get done — or what they could have done only having to focus their attention only on their favorite episode. I work for an employer that has to make decisions like that all the time, and invariably someone — either inside or a (collective) customer who holds the pursestrings — pisses about what did vs. didn’t get built.

WNMHGB(R) could have been better. But, sh_t. It was a huge improvement, without making things seem SO out of character (Lucas…are you listening?) from the remainder of the footage — particularly given the inevitable decisions about priorities (even if means that the “R” remained) about what effects are redone. And, lest we forget, there was probably a boat-load of the Remastering budget that would have otherwise gone to new effects, that likely went to cleaning up the 41 year old original material.

It’s akin to what was said in the commentary/additional material for ST:TMP special edition. They could have redone some of the effects to look very 1990s CGI, or they could have done something that is 1990s CGI but looks like 1970s FX techniques. They opted for the latter, and, I believe, that was the right decision.

kudos, and thanks, for the screen caps — and nice reporting — here.

/low-key rant

69. mrregular - January 21, 2007

I’m new here but not new to trek-I’ve watched it for 40 years.
As to WNMHGB..the enhanced encounter with the Galactic Barrier blew me away..I was awestruck. I was riveted to the screen-the barrier storm is the best job yet from CBS-D!!
I have seen the un-aired original pilot with the intro narration by Kirk and it would be fun to see that version enhanced too, someday..
#60-great job!! I wonder why that and the tombstone weren’t touched up..
oh well.. you can’t get everything you want..
One final thought..Kirk is in real jeopardy here, fighting Gary in his godlike state. KIrk has no Enterprise or Klingon Bird of Prey waiting in the wings to fire photon torpedoes or phasers as in Star Trek V.

the new F/X produced lafirst 15 minutes of the show produced the most

70. mrregular - January 21, 2007

Oops. Disregard that last sentence fragment at the bottom of my previous post-my pc is giving me grief.

71. gregored - January 21, 2007

After reading messages over the past weeks, with comments about the overall quality of the transfers, etc, I wonder what the original effects would look like if CBS were to put them through a digital grading process. I wonder how the original Enterprise would look after such a grading process.

72. Big Bill Cox - January 21, 2007

60. Skippy 2k

I really like the updated Gary Mitchell file on the screen. Good work. If only the folks at Paramount had more time to address little details like that. The typewriter font in the episode makes the thing look horribly dated. Also, I really wish they could have removed the damn ‘R’ from the tombstone. But I thought the pilot Enterprise and the galactic barrier looked pretty good. Just my own two cents.

73. Ron Jon - January 21, 2007


Actually, distant stars could be a significant source of illumination. If you take your Enterprise model out in the middle of that field on a clear, moonless night, it would indeed look pretty dark, since your eyes are optimized for normal daylight. A more sensitive camera, or a camera using a bigger aperature or a longer exposure, could certainly get a properly-exposed image. With such a setup, the ship would be illuminated by a soft, overall light. One could easily imagine such a more sensitive camera being standard for use to film a starship in deep space.

74. Dip Thong - January 21, 2007

While it would be nice to see things like all the bridge viewscreen shots redone, don’t forget that doing such shots was never a part of CBS-D’s original mandate. They were directed to do “spaceships”. This was never a project about correcting every flaw real or perceived. As with every TV production, there are never unlimited funds or unlimited time. It just doesn’t work that way. We’ve been lucky that CBS-D can sometimes manage to get in an unexpected treat — like the Gorn eye blink. It’s easy for fans (who aren’t shelling out a dime) to make statements like, “give the artists more time!” but in truth an extra week of time costs a LOT of money. TIme is money and changing the production schedule to allow for another week of tweaking will not only cost more in terms of payroll, expenses and overhead but it will mean that the episode will spend an additional week off the market not generating ad revenue. Does every one understand this? Lots of additional money going out, no money coming in. That’s why schedules and budgets are set far in advance. It’s then up to the artists and producers to do the best they can with the resources they’re given. That’s the way it works and the only way it will ever work.

75. scott - January 21, 2007

I understand it fine. And I still wish they had changed Mitchell’s profile on the viewscreen. I’m capable of understanding the one and still feeling the other.

76. neal - January 21, 2007

#73. true enough, in an absolute sense. This all started with: how would a spaceship really look? Light sources are relative, and if you are close enough to a sun that it’s shining like our sun, then it’ll wash out and render insigificant the starlight. In deep space, the running lights on the ship itself would wash out the starlight! In NASA photos of actual spaceships, it’s impossible even to make out the stars when the ship is in full sunlight.

But what fun would star trek be if we couldn’t see the stars? I’m happy with a bit of artistic license being taken.

But here’s a funny thought. Why is the milky way so apparent in the title shot? I mean, why do we not see the milky way in nearly all the shots throughout the series? To move from, say, Earth to the very edge of the galaxy would mean that the bulk of the milky way is even further away, making it even harder to make out.

Not that I am complaining — the new shot looked bloody cool!

77. Thomas Jensen - January 21, 2007

This episode shouldn’t have the voice over narration, nor should it be the same musical score as the other first season episodes. IT STANDS ALONE IN THIS REGARD in comparison to all the other episodes! WHY THE HELL DID THEY CHANGE THIS!!!! As it was, it was unique. I’m not talking about the visual, just the soundtrack.

Another title sequence trashed in the name of progress…… idiots.

78. Michael Hall - January 21, 2007

Spockboy, thanks for the link to the work on Scott Gammans’ website, which is both interesting and inspirational. I’m not nearly as sold on his updated look for “The Doomsday Machine” as you are, though–for my money he takes what many of us have found lacking in CBS Digital’s look too far in the opposite direction, with the ships being overlit in a way that gives them a plasticky finish reminiscient of the old AMT model kits; I also don’t like the specular maps he uses he uses to simulate hull plating, which are far too unsubtle and actually more suited to the TOS movie era. On the plus side, I really liked his concept of making the Constellation an older-model starship of the Pike/early Kirk era, and his planetary rubble fields are very picturesque, if a little over-the-top.

*Sigh* As for “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” given my pretty caustic comments here after seeing the preview trailer I’m a little suprised to be writing that the effects turned out somewhat better than I’d thought they’d look. The edge of the galaxy forming the backdrop of the opening and concluding shots was nicely evocative of everything the Enterprise had left behind–the ship was never more isolated from its own command authority than it was in this episode–and the new galactic barrier turned out to be not as bad as I feared, though I still think the original aurora-based effect was better at hinting of a galaxy-spanning forcefield. As with the ‘modern’ version, CBS’s pilot-era CGI model is a mixed bag. Lit properly it was reasonably effective, but many of the details were incorrect and the the rear nacelle cowlings in particular were far too dark. The shot of the ship departing Delta-Vega’s orbit looked better than it did in the preview, but the scenes of entering and exiting the barrier were still fairly video-game awful. And yes, the failure to correct the horribly dated onscreen reports was simply inexplicable–if there was no way to accomplish that give the time constraints, then the resources should have been diverted from “Wink of an Eye,” a turd no amount of digital polishing could ever salvage. So while this remastered version of one of Trek’s best and most important episodes did turn out somewhat better than I expected, I’d still have to rate it as a major disappointment.

79. Talos V - January 21, 2007

77. Thomas Jensen
Go back and watch the old version then. Watch it over and over. I’m reasonably certain that not all copies of it have been suddenly erased.

74. Dip Thong
Well said. I wish some of these people would read it. But even if this project had unlimited time and money they still would find stuff to gripe about. Criminy!!!

80. Commodore Z - January 21, 2007

#76. I think the point of the Milky way background in the opening shot is to show that the Enterprise is leaving the galaxy behind. That’s one of the pleasant surprises with this episode, despite the bad lighting on the Enterprise.

81. Cafe 5 - January 21, 2007

I thought over all the new shots looked real good. The old typewriter font on
the view screens looked really bad. The first shot of the Delta Vega station
was the original shot. The next time it was shown in the episode it was the
new shot with the lights showing on the towers and under the tanks almost
a twilight shot. Loved the reflection on the glass on the front of the station.
When they get time the old font on the screens has to go and the “R’ on the
tombstone needs to be replaced. I too noticed the dust blobs in several shots. Many of the shots had a motion picture feel. Great work all you folks
at CBS Digital. Tell your bosses you need more time to work on effects heavy
episodes and tweak what you can before DVD release of these episodes.

82. Thomas Jensen - January 21, 2007

Hey Talos, If you don’t understand the nature of my comments and can’t form a constructive idea about it…. then take a walk. Keep your ‘cute’ comments in your little head, I don’t appreciate it.

83. Imrahil - January 21, 2007

So…did they do away with James R. Kirk?

84. Talos V - January 21, 2007

82. Thomas Jensen
Yes. I see. You mean constructive like your rant above where you call some people “idiots?”
Actually, I think I will take a walk so I don’t have to continue to read your crying and whining. You win.

85. Anthony Pascale - January 21, 2007

Jensen…and everyone

tone it down

just a TV show and all that

86. Matt Wright - January 21, 2007

Two things stand to me about the episode.
1. They kept the awful 1960’s typewritten profiles on the viewscreen and in the sickbay. That is quite an anchronisim given this is the future. I really feel CBS-D should have fixed it. #60 did a nice job demo’ing what could be done.
2. They didn’t get the pilot model quite right. The biggest being the end of the warp engines. They are not silver/gray, in the pilot model they are the same color as the rest of the warp engine. Yet in CBS-D’s model they have series model silver color to the ends. They do have a grate at the back instead of a cream colored ball, but you can’t tell very easily thanks to the gray/silver color (that isn’t supposed to be there). Hell has what seems to be a fairly accurate list of changes from pilot 1 to pilot 2 to series, and has some pretty clear images of the model.

87. Jeff Bond - January 21, 2007

No, haven’t you been listening to the complaints? :)

I don’t see this until tonight…it does seem clear though that on an effects-heavy episode they would not have the time or budget to do the “little” fixes we’ve been spoiled with in other episodes. And while it’s not a perfect situation to acheive perfect results, the way the budget operates is the syndication package pays for the remastering and upgrades–therefore the show has to make air dates like any other show, and if we were seeing these once a month and therefore waiting five or ten years for the project to be completed, wouldn’t that be driving people crazy too?

I haven’t seen the redone title sequence yet but the earliest main title themes were NOT rerecorded–the early version was done with an electric violin, not a theremin, and I believe that finding this kind of idiosyncratic instrument and someone capable of playing it to match the original performance was just not possible to do under the schedule of rerecording the main titles.

88. Granger - January 21, 2007

#77, #82: Thomas, your purist approach regarding the soundtrack seems odd in the face of the incessant visual changes brought about by the remastering. So for me Talos V has a constructive point in that we can always view the original episodes to see them in their “pure” state. And I thought it was appropriate for you to be tweaked a bit when you undermined your own interesting comments by calling people “idiots” at their conclusion. Frankly, you’ll likely be happier if you calm down a bit.

As for me, I saw this episode through a static fog since a snowstorm was disrupting transmission, so the stars etc. looked hunky-dory to me! I too wish they’d had time to tweak the typed ESPer reports, but I’ll trade those improved barrier shots for improved screen fonts anytime.

89. Anthony Pascale - January 21, 2007

if you remember such little fixes were surprises early on…like the wall disolve in Devil in the Dark. But the team have always been clear that these are the things they will try to do after they finish the space and matte shots. They were surprising moments of delight a couple months ago…

Now people start screaming and namecalling when they dont get their little extras?!? I am sorry but this is a bit childish. Perhaps CBS should never have done any of them because now people feel that they must fix every single thing that they personally see.

I would like to have seen more done, but I understand that it is ‘extra’. It is just reality…this project is for a syndicated show and has a fixed budget and timetable….those things will not change.

As I understand it the ‘extras’ will become rarer and rarer as time goes on. They are ‘nice to haves’ but you should not grow to expect them, especially (as Jeff notes) on the episodes with a lot of space and matte shots.

…and I am sorry but the namecalling and over the top whinning is really not called for. This site has never shyed away from critiques, but this kind of thing goes beyond that

90. Thomas Jensen - January 21, 2007

In actuality #84 I called no one idiots. My post is rather general in that regard. And as far as it being a “rant”, it isn’t. That’s your politically correct jargon to get me to say what you want. I don’t respond to that or to your sarcastic comments either.

Now to the important part of the subject.

CBS in their video makes the point that by re-recording the titles, they didn’t intend to change things, just make them better by doing them in digital stereo. ….And that’s a good idea. But they are changing things. Many people here have noted this as well.

If they are going to change the opening of this classic series, then it’s something beyond what we were told was the original intent.

Many on this site want the new cgi ship to reflect what was originally done with the 11’2″ model. A few want no changes whatsoever, many are open to new shots and discuss the subject displaying a knowledge of the techniques which I don’t have. I just know what I like and don’t like about the fx and pretty much leave the discussion to those that are in the know. Me? I comment on the opening titles. I’ve done it all over the place.

It’s my thing because I care about the opening titles of Star Trek. After posting my comments about the second & third season, I find many people agree with me. (Or maybe I agree with them). And again, I say I’m not making comments about the visual effects during the titles, only what we hear.

Today I watched this episode and I liked the visuals. Like I say, I’m just amazed they are doing this to the show.

But when I see the title music changed from one of the only times it was used in the opening and then I hear our good Captains voice narration when it wasn’t originally there, I get upset. Pilot episode opening titles changed……not a good thing.

I’ve certainly have an open mind about this whole project. I welcome it. But I think there are limits to what they should do with the opening themes from an audio standpoint.

91. Thomas Jensen - January 21, 2007

Anthony, I posted the above after yours. I will. :)

92. Thomas Jensen - January 21, 2007

#88 Granger. You are right. I shouldn’t have said “idiots”. However, to defend myself again, I didn’t mention anyone by name. It wasn’t my intent to be specific. And I’m actually fairly calm, I guess my posts today don’t reflect it. Thanks for your comments.

93. Ken - January 21, 2007

I think the thing to remember here is that these are not the original episodes any longer. While CBS is not pulling a Lucas and saying “OK, the original versions will never be available again (until I can make tons of money on their release on DVD years later),” they are creating new versions of classic stuff — yes, also for money, but that’s besides the point.

I have the originals on DVD and I consider them the one and only classic Trek episodes. I find these remasters lots of fun and downright amazing. But not classic Trek.

For example, I love… love the sequence coming up in The Doomsday Machine when Kirk says “We’re moving and the Enterprise isn’t. Maybe that thing will see us and let the Enterprise go. If I only had some phasers…” That sequence, to me, is the best two minutes of the orginal series. It shows Kirk at his very best. And, you know, what adds to it is that crappy plastic Constellation jaggedly moving across space, and the moment that single phaser bank fires. Now, I KNOW the new version of this will be awesome to behold, but when I want to relive my two-minute Doomsday fix, I will watch the original.

So… you guys, yes there are changes, yes Kirk’s voiceover is there in the title sequence of WNMHGB, but we will always have the originals, and in my opinions, still the best versions of Star Trek. End Communication.

94. Jeremy1975 - January 21, 2007

blah blah blah. blah blah blah. blah blah. blah. blah. blah blah blah blah.

I don’t wanna hear, I don’t wanna know
Please don’t say you’re sorry.
I’ve heard it all before, and I
can take care of myself
I don’t wanna hear, I don’t wanna know
Please don’t say forgive me
I’ve seen it all before, and I
can’t take it anymore …

No matter what we say, No matter what we do. It doesn’t matter.

We are too deviant of a group to ever have a unifed stand. There is no pleasing us, no matter what they do. Some people love the cheesy pilot model, some hate it. Some have been trapped in their parents’ basements living the single life for way too long, some of us actually have a life.

So, let me share my opinion. Who said we needed to see these episodes RIGHT NOW this INSTANT anyway? Where did we bitch that we needed these guys to rush and have a time constraint?

I’m not going to bitch about the small details anymore. Like which model of the Enterprise to use, and not use. That is ultimately not up to me. I am just one person in a lake of billions. Obviously, the digital powers that be listen to some of us, because they have made corrections. But, which ones are right? Which ones are wrong?

This show was made in the 1960’s with very little money. Gene, and his trusted writers, only had the knowledge of space as humans knew it at the time. The show, much like its spin offs, was in a constant state of development. Did Romulans even exist when they wrote Where No Man Has Gone Before? Not likely. Heck, the UFP and Starfleet weren’t even in the vocabulary at that time.

They didn’t have warp power. They had time warp (which we later found out in ST IV was slingshotting across the Sun or what have you.) They didn’t use PHASERS, but lasers. Not because the technology was different or wasn’t invented yet. It is simply because the writers at the time chose that terminology. Heck, we didn’t even have dilithium, but just plain lithium. That word was changed simply because it didn’t sound futuristic enough. Simple things, people.

This is why that I totally support TOS as it was: a 1960’s TV Show with a limited budget, cheesy SFX, and inconsistent writing when it came to what was what, and exactly what this new “world” they were trying to create really was. Things were eventually solidfied and fixed when it came to the movies.

Therefore, I 100% support a reboot of the series. Start all new. Keep everything that means something (the characters, the core values, the stories, and the foundations of the “world”) — but drop everything else and start NEW. Especially drop inconsistent development errors.

(Side note: I would love to see a story telling the first mission of the Enterprise back in 2245 with Captain Robert April … I remember reading the book “Strangers In The Sky” when I was a kid, and it told that story, and James T. Kirk’s father, Commander Samuel Kirk, was its first officer. Now this would make a good movie/TV series, in my opinion.)

It’s time for a 21st century Star Trek — one where all the bugs are worked out, and now we can concentrate on the core values.
OK. I’m done. I’m sure this was a pointless, but hey I wanted to express my opinion too.

95. JPH - January 21, 2007

I assume that updating the records of Gary Mitchell and Elizabeth Dehner from pencil-marks-on-typewriter-paper to more plausible text would have been straightforward. Did the CBS Digital people just run out of time and/or money?

Otherwise, there was lots of good here. From the energy barrier to the fuel station. Excellent work.

96. Kev - January 21, 2007

The lighting doesn’t do the ship justice;light in space is variable. it could be bright or dark, depending on where you are. It’s a stylistic decision to do what they are doing. There are no real factual justifications, it’s a TV show and the ship was a character.Take the uniforms. Does anybody really think Kirk would beam down in pajamas? No. But it’s sexier to do that than wear body armor.

97. Skippy 2k - January 21, 2007

I am on my lunch from work and got to playing around with the headstone, just wanted to give it a try. I tried darkening/contrasting up a pic or two of the ship and I thought it made it look better.

98. Commodore Z - January 21, 2007

I’m sure it would have been a lot of work to fix the headstone, especially with so many moving camera shots. I really wish they had, though. It bugs me whenever I see that stupid “R”.

99. jonboc - January 21, 2007

#74 – well said Dip Thong. Anthony- Dip Thong’s post should be copied and pasted at the beginning of each remastered thread, it sums it all up rather nicely…and hopefully, some will begin to understand how the cogs turn in hollywoodland.

100. Kelvington - January 21, 2007

Just wait for Doomsday, it will really tell us what they are capable of, and I know there will be 100’s of comments on that one. The good news is we can all argue and talk things through here, and we all love trek.

Is CBS-D perfect? No. Are they going to make us all happy? Hell To The NO! But by making a new enterprise model, and some of the little treats they have thrown in, they at least are showing us some very good faith. And unlike Mr. Lucas and company, they aren’t trying to change the plot or story (beyond the cuts for syndication that is).

So hold your breath and wait for Doomsday when we all will REALLY have something to talk about. Personally, I’m waiting for Mudd’s Women, where McCoy is suppose to be smiling at the women in the transporter room, but his close up, is actually a shot from sick bay. If they change that, I’ll be a happy fan.

101. Serenity » Blog Archive » WOW! - January 21, 2007

[…] Trek Remastered: “Where No Man Has Gone Before” […]

102. k.f. - January 21, 2007

I loved it. I don’t know what the problems are. I think they did a great job. The effects didn’t pull me out of the show to say, hey, thats new. I just enjoyed it. I loved the moving clouds, the new barrier shots and the camera movement.

103. Mariner - January 21, 2007

Matt Wright, there are a bunch of things on this model that are not on the 2nd pilot model, such as additional windows, holdover details from the series ship, etc. You don’t even need the caps from to see this, it’s easily viewable from any screencaps of the model.

I really am sorry for the CBS Digital people to work under these conditions, but I really can’t take this project seriously when do revisionist stuff for no reason. I really down the slack-jawed CBS managers would care about the 2nd pilot details.

I just hope that all of this leads to an remastered-original, HD release. That’s probably not going to happen though.

104. Gary - January 21, 2007

I don’t remember the walls in sick bay as green. shows them not green. Was the green originally there or is this part of the remaster?

Not green walls:

105. Duane Boda - January 21, 2007

Do the people at CBS have intentions or even the ability to clean up this episode any? I noticed that they was a black (yet light) recurring circle that kept dancing through the middle of screen (up to down) when they were in the conference room discussing how they were going to deal with Gary Mitchell….was it apparent anywhere else in the episode?
I can’t imagine CBS selling or being happy with such a poor quality copy.

106. Matt Wright - January 21, 2007

Remember CBS-D does the CGI, another contractor does the film scanning, cleanup, and final prep. for broadcast.

#104 if you look the color balance is quite different then the DVD, this is true of many episodes. They went back to the original film stock and scanned it in, so the remastered episodes should be close to how it really is on the film. But I do agree that is quite a bit more green then the mild difference in color detail in other episodes that we have seen from the new transfers. I wonder what the story is here.

107. Josh T. (Tyrannus) Kirk Esquire' - January 21, 2007

It just goes to show you the adage is true.

You can’t please everyone all of the time, so please some people some of the time.

I’m pleased CBS Digital, and frankly, thats all that matters to me.

108. Alex ASlanidis - January 21, 2007

#77 I agree with you, I was disoppoited by the voice in the intro hence they have been keeping everything close to the original way such as second and third season themes being so closely to the way of the originals. “Where no man” is the second pilot so it is different by nature and shouldn’t of had a generenric theme thrown in, now, I do love and appreciate the visuals in the this episode right down to the “cage” Enterprise in the theme, that was awesome and great bit of effort to make it consistent with the original styling so if they made that effort, the voice over was over looked and thats all i am bitching about, a complete observance not just visual. I do love all the work and am thankful people care enough to fix things in the first place. so Thanks you CBS!
This is just an observance i made.

109. Matt Wright - January 21, 2007

Just a quick follow up, I can make the DVD screenshots look similar to the new versions with a slight contrast boost in the green channel and an overall mild boost in contrast.

110. Duane Boda - January 21, 2007

I thought that the color – against the star background (overall contrast) of the Enterprise was extremely sharp!
It was one of the best features (improvements) of the entire episode. I hope that they continue on with this in future episodes.

111. Greg Stamper - January 21, 2007

#105 Duane This goes back to my #45 post. Yes, I did see the same light, dark spot in other scenes — one was on the bridge (I think between a Kirk/Spock scene but I’d have to check on it). I’ve noted over the past weeks that the New Transfers are not without flaws – scratches, dirt, etc. still remain

112. T Negative - January 21, 2007

I liked the view of the Milky Way at several points during the episode. It really made it feel like the E was way out there. This is an excellent idea on the part of the re-mastered team simply because this is how the Milky Way would look from the very edge of the galaxy looking back to the center.

Overall good job here, but bummed they couldn’t do more. Here’s hoping for a definitive version on DVD in the future.

113. Xai - January 21, 2007

Trek fans are a devoted group…. love their show.
Trek Fans… me included… need to remember that there are real people doing this work… I believe doing their damdest… to provide the best possible look for this show.
Trek fans… need to show their integrity and “superior intellect” by commenting on the show, etc and not resorting to insults (“idiots”) or absolute judgments (“…simply unacceptable.”). Mistakes and errors will be made and frankly… we’ll have to live with them. And if you can’t – you have other problems that this site cannot help you with.

CBS-D…. Good Job.

114. T Negative - January 21, 2007

Also, the clouds are moving (left to right) on the matte shot at Delta Vega. Nice touch!!

115. Duane Boda - January 21, 2007

# 111 Greg: (The NEW Johnny Bravo?) Get it? Anyhow….thanks for the response to my input. I appreciate your answer. I just can’t help but wonder IF this numerous defects will fixed before its released to the general public for sale? Anyone have a answer on that? Oh….when I refer to Johnny Bravo I’m actually mean the character name they gave Greg Brady….when he was on the verge of becoming the next teen sensation. Greg Brady = Mr. Cool Guy! (He wishes!) Anyhow…..Thanks again for answering and have a nice week!

116. paul austin - January 21, 2007

I hope they realize their error and take out the main titles narration. that really sloppy.

117. scott - January 22, 2007

I just want to agree with and amplify what #113 said – the more our remarks drift into hyperbole, the more we feed the cliched perception of “trekkies” and sci-fi geeks as unsatisfiable detail-obsessed malcontents, a la the Comic Book Guy from “The Simpsons”, declaring everything the “worst >fill-in-the-blank

118. scott - January 22, 2007

ever” or the Star Wars fan who insists that George Lucas raped his childhood because “Greedo shot first”, the less seriously we’re going to be taken. If we can keep our remarks in the area of “I’m disappointed that …” or “I didn’t agree with this decision …” or “I wish they had done something different …” the more we’ll be able to show our appreciation for the hard work involved and our ability to be constructively critical. The vast majority of the people posting here really seem to have their heads screwed on straight, especially compared to a lot of other talkback fora, so let’s continue to give serious and appropriate feedback and leave the hyperbole to ain’t it cool and elsewhere.

119. Buckaroohawk - January 22, 2007

Just got through watching the episode here in Pittsburgh, PA. Some thoughts:

New Exterior FX: Glorious! I’m glad they used the earlier version of the Enterprise. It fits better with the interior set design. In my mind, there was always a good deal of time between this 2nd pilot and the first episode of the series proper (maybe about a year in Trek time), giving Starfleet a chance to refit the ship and give the crew snazzier uniforms.

Personnel File Screens: If I were heading up this remastering, I would have made sure these were changed. A glaring missed opportunity.

Phaser Rifle Fire: They added a bit more in during the final shot when Kirk finishes off Mitchell. A very good move indeed. I wish they had spruced up the earlier shot when Kirk fires at him directly, though.

New (Regular) Opening Credits: It’s about damn time somebody did this. the original credits to this episode were dull and it distanced the episode from the rest of the series. I’m so glad they decided to do make this change. And adding the older version of the Enterprise was a nifty little treat.

Overall, this episode was a step back from some of the previous ones we’ve seen, but not a drastic one. It would have been nice to see more tweaking, but what was there was top-notch. As ever, I’m looking forward to next week’s episode.

120. Kevin - January 22, 2007

So, we have the argument of budget. I understand budgets and money. But there are always more than one view point when products are concerned.

Say for instance I go to the store to purchase a toaster. I find a new toaster but it doesn’t have the spring mechanism to pop up my toast when it’s done. This means when my toast is done I would have to dig it out w/ a knife. When I ask the store clerk why this doesn’t pop up itself he tells me it wasn’t in the manufacturer’s budget. Do I want to buy this toaster? Does it make any sense.

I keep hearing things like “just stop complaining and be happy they are doing this at all” (that’s in quotes but I’m not actually quoting anyone). Does that make sense? Should I just be happy to purchase an inferior product? Is this the mentality we’ve developed in our fast food, Walmart, everything made in China 21st century?

Now I realize we are not going to agree what we would like to see. Some people interpret what the 60’s effects should look like today differently. Most people however agree that typewriters won’t be used in the 23rd century anymore than they are used in the 21st. We all know James Kirk’s middle name does not begin w/ an “R.”

I already have the TOS DVDs, so if I were to run out and spend more money on these I think I’d have to be really wowed. They’d have to be the product I want to buy. Not that I’m not paying for these already by sitting through the advertising. Anyone who lives in Denver and watches these in the late evening will understand what I mean when I say how much I really want to punch these “Pleasures” guys in the face.

121. Josh T. (Tenacious) Kirk Esquire' - January 22, 2007

Could someone post a video of the Opening Title sequence to this episode, I really enjoyed it.

I think Star Trek fits more into the movie universe now with all of these enhancements.

122. FlyingTigress - January 22, 2007

“Say for instance I go to the store to purchase a toaster. I find a new toaster but it doesn’t have the spring mechanism to pop up my toast when it’s done. This means when my toast is done I would have to dig it out w/ a knife. When I ask the store clerk why this doesn’t pop up itself he tells me it wasn’t in the manufacturer’s budget. Do I want to buy this toaster? Does it make any sense.”

I don’t know that is a correct analogy, but, to borrow it for a second, if you tell the clerk that all you have available is $0.50, they aren’t going to point you to the toaster with the spring-up mechanism.

This has been stated elsewhere, but, technically, you’re not the customer. Certainly (unless you also pursue purchase of the DVDs of the remastered series when they become available) you’re not a paying customer. The local broadcasters are the customers, or, the local affiliates’ advertisers (indirectly) are the customers.

The OWNER of the intellectual property known as “Star Trek (Original Series)” and the legal posessor of the film stock (etc.) has done the math, and determined that there is interest to the tune of (pick a round number) $100/episode from those properties that had long ago been milked for about all that they continued to be worth (factoring in the age of the property, the 700+ hours of other versions of the Star Trek property and the glaring disparity between the 1960s FX in TOS and 21st Century FX expectations as raised by Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Harry Potter, Independence Day, etc) in the marketplace. The customer is the local affiliate broadcasting. If all that they are willing to pay for the broadcast rights (in exchange for advertising time) is $100/episode, CBS “ain’t gonna provide” the guys in the tech room $120/episode to ALSO update (the image on the sickbay screen, the phaser shot, the ____). They get a budget, and MAYBE, MAYBE if it there is a perception that another episode close by in the order of remastering might come substantially under the allocated budget (and they are — on average — running over their expected profit for the project), then PERHAPS they’ll let the CGI team do another clean-up — IF THE EPISODE GET’S OUT ON THE COMMITTED SCHEDULE.

It sucks. But the only extent to which we are ‘the customers’ is the incremental viewership that we might contribute as individuals. The local affiliate doesn’t have a clue, in most cases, whether you are, or are not, watching “TOS(R)” or reruns of “My Mother the Car” [dating myself, here] or “Nanny and the Professor”. Whether a percentage of the Trek fans who might otherwise watch don’t because they get their collective knickers in a twist because of the 10…15….20 percent of the FX aren’t updated is immaterial. I’m guessing that the math has been done and that the potential loss is balanced by long-time Trek fans who will now start watching their station’s offerings (and, their advertisers’ products) because they (the fans) want to see a cleaned-up version of TOS, and some level of re-do of the FX.

I’ve got an opinion. And, if asked, I’d express my preferences, and my disappointments. But, I don’t own the property, and they don’t ask me to send a check to cover the cost of the tech and the techies. Nor, are they even likely to since that would bring ownership issues into the mix.


123. Paul W. - January 22, 2007

Wow.. just goes to show you can’t make everyone happy.. no matter what you do to improve on something. I think CBS is doing a commendable job on this. It’s amazing that they were able to redo lots of what they did do.. but I have to say, no matter what they do.. there will still be people that aren’t happy with it.

I, for one, like what I am seeing. Keep up the great work CBS.

124. V'ger - January 22, 2007

Seems like everyone missed the mistake with the forcefield of the brig on Delta Vega. :)

If you lok at Mitchells foot you see it sticking out from under the forcefield. :)

125. Bryan - January 22, 2007

As to the color of the Enterprise … there is a website ( that takes on that weighty subject. In reality the 11′ original filming model was not a battleship grey. Sorry to inform you all but it was in fact a greenish-blue gray (concrete). The original builders/painter of it say it was a automotive paint. On the original blueprints of it was some overspray and on the original model the color was found on some unaltered parts of the ship. The Smithsonian restorers documented this fact prior to the first and second restorations. So in reality the TOS-R cgi work should color it more cool gray than the dull neutral gray, which does seem lifeless. My opinion is based on fact. Check out the website.

126. Tallguy - January 22, 2007

As someone who has been enjoying the heck out of TOS:R (so I’m not one of the “CBS is improperly touching my childhood” camp), I have to say this one missed the boat in a few places. Notably the Galactic Barrier shots. I loved the new Milky Way backgrounds, but the barrier itself left a lot to be desired. It didn’t have the same pop that the old one did, and I wasn’t crazy about the new camera angles.

Of course, this is one of my two or three favorite episodes ever, so I may have set the bar high.

I’m assuming they’ll be saving this barrier for By Any Other Name. *sigh*

127. cd - January 22, 2007

Well, I too was hoping for those little fixes: the typewritten records and so on. At least straighten the text on the screen as Spock monitors Mitchell’s reading. Hopefuly this is still a work in progress and can be addressed for the DVD. I was also hoping for a more fully redone Delta Vega shot, but of course this matte has been reused in other episodes ( I believe) so may be they can redo it for those.
As far as the starship shots, nothing really stood out as extraordinary. Perhaps the problem is my cable company and bad feed from the local station: Bad feed meaning double ghost images, especially on the starfield. I suspect I would be more impressed with a clear view. (impatiently waiting for U-Verse to come to Metroplex). After the syndicated run, maybe they can run this on Sci-Fi or of course it will come out on DVD. I wonder how much those will be?
Good job, but really missed the extra bits. Is that wrong? Is that whiny? I don’t know, maybe. But what the point of re-doing these if you don’t address the little bits along with the big stuff? But seriously, keep up the good work.

128. Scott - January 22, 2007

Re: #97 (Skippy). Nice job. The tombstone is a pretty simple fix, IMHO, despite tracking issues. I think it was just too controversial to deal with at this time. I think they’ll do something with it for the DVD release. Add a “T?” Take out the middle initial? Dunno, but something should and probably will eventually be done.

Also, nice job “correcting” the birth and death dates, something I haven’t seen anyone mention, oddly enough!

Re: #120. I agree with you, Kevin. Paramount/CBS isn’t doing this project as a Valentine to Trek fans. I’m sure many of the folks involved love Trek as much as or more than some of us hanging around on this message board, but…. This is not charity work. They fully expect to see a return on their investment. This “enhancement” process has the potential of reviving future syndication profits on what was winding down as a money-maker, never mind the DVD/Media X sales. I say let the complainers complain. Even the most acidic comments are because of our love and concern for what many of us feel is the best TV show ever. I think Paramount/CBS would welcome any reasonable criticism. In fact, I’m sure they’re ticking off a list of additional changes to make before releasing DVD versions of these to ensure future sales. Bet on it! It’s like a DVD release of any movie these days. Commentary tracks, outtakes, production documentaries, cut scenes…these “value added” features are expected! We’ll be seeing some of the “because fans demanded it” fixes we (most of us anyway) wanted to see.

Scott B. out.

129. StrikeFalcon - January 22, 2007

Someone was saying they were disappointed about the quality of the model used in this episode: too many windows, end caps the wrong color, etc. Odds are that the CBS-D crew is very rushed and that they only had time to make the major modifications to the model that they did. Taking a couple hours to count the windows or to erase some decals not added until the next production episode would be a major waste of time and money.

130. Lao3D - January 22, 2007

Some may feel a lot of this is a bunch of us fanboys being whiny and nitpicky — if I were CBS Digital, I’d think of it as tons of free market research and focus groups. I fully respect and admire the team and its efforts, but to be told “well we really didn’t have the time or money to fix that…” is a bit disheartening. Some of us may not have the time or money to rush out and buy the HD-DVD sets when they hit the shelves, if too much of it feels rushed or half-done.

That said, and limiting myself to what WAS done for the episode, I’d say its a mixed bag. The barrier was very well done (although there was a strange cut when we start to zoom in to the Enterprise, then stop, and jump to a similar angle of the ship farther back in the distance and zoom in again; seems like one continuous shot would have been smoother.) The long shot of the crippled ship from above, while conceptually nice, failed due, in large part, to the huge stars in the background. Their scale relative to the ship made it look toylike and unconvincing. Also as others have pointed out, the rear ends of the nacelles were extremely dark, almost blending into the starfield at one point. I know its an earlier Enterprise, but what are they burning back there, dilithium or coal?? ;)

All in all, much good stuff, some weak stuff and a few missed opportunities. A solid B-effort, but on an episode of this caliber, I don’t think we’re too out of line for wishing for a bit more.

131. Scott - January 22, 2007

I do have a question I haven’t heard anyone address. In that opening scene of the Enterprise coming toward us, it looks as if it is first obscured by the Milky Way “gases?” It’s as if it’s coming out of a nearby, and extremely dense, nebula, rather than a thousand-light-year distant galactic plane. Of course, I’m just going by the lo-res YouTube snip, so maybe I’m not seeing it clearly. Is the Enterprise first clouded by interstellar gas? It’s kind of a cool idea, but does it strike anyone else as wrong?

Scott B. out.

132. Dr. Image - January 22, 2007

No one can make everyone happy, BUT there are some things wrong with the CGI- E in this ep that are fairly glaring. This either indicates the CBS team is under EXTREME pressure to get these out, or they just have stopped caring. I suspect the former. (I HOPE this is the case!)
Those nacelle back ends were horrible. LOOK at the original footage!! I looks like they didn’t have time to get the hole pattern right, so they just darkened them down. What is up with the color of the deflector dish?
I understand some specular reflectivity, but to the expense of virtually all color saturation? Come on. Where are the nav strobes? How obvious is their omission? Also, some smaller things like the presence of the “nipple” that’s NOT supposed to be there on this version on the lower sensor dome and the big, lighted “window” below the bridge dome that IS.
I’m sure there are more things, but these things are more than a little obvious.

When the real story comes out, it’ll be interesting.

PS- The barrier looked great, but the stars keep looking like the headlights they used on the background sets of ‘Destination: Moon”.

PPS- Is it just me or has the attitude on this board gotten a little nastier lately?

133. Lao3D - January 22, 2007

Scott B. — I’m pretty sure that’s an anamoly of the lo-res video. Didn’t see anything like gas curling around the edges of the ship in the episode as aired (although it does kind of look that way in the You Tube clip). And yes it would have been wrong — wrong on so so many levels…

134. LD - January 22, 2007

I loved the final hot of the ship pulling away and heading back into the nebula, but can anybody tell me why there were stars MOVING in that shot??? As I understand it, the moviing starfield is a phenomenon of observation from within the vessel moving faster than light. from the “outside” of the ship, they should appear stationary. put it this way, the nebula wasn’t moving , whay would the stars move around it?

just sayin’

135. Greg Stamper - January 22, 2007

#124. V’ger –
“If you look at Mitchell’s foot you see it sticking out from under the forcefield”

Good Eye, I see both You and I are in the FOX 56 Lexington, Ky viewing area.

#115. Duane – You have a good week too! I shall make an attempt to present myself as somewhat “Cool” – – I’ll let You know.

136. scott - January 22, 2007

#135, count me as a Fox 56 viewer as well. I’m pretty grateful to them for putting the show on at 5 o’clock on Saturday afternoons and not in the middle of the night.

137. Greg Stamper - January 22, 2007

#136 Right with ya scott. I’ve said before, Lexington has always been good to Trek no matter what form it was in.

138. Jordan - January 22, 2007

This was an episode I’d been waiting for since they first announced the remastered Star Trek was going to air. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed. There were several shots that could have been changed and one of those was definitely the typewritten text of Gary Mitchell’s record.

Anyways, it’s clear that the team doesn’t have enough time to properly fix some of these episodes and Where No Man Has Gone Before needed plenty of work. Hopefully, they’ll go back and redo this episode at least partially.

139. Commodore Z - January 22, 2007

#124. V’ger –
“If you look at Mitchell’s foot you see it sticking out from under the forcefield”

Great find!

Still, if I had to choose, I would have them fix the tombstone or the speed reading pages. Or the murky lighting on their Enterprise.

Doomsday Machine coming up soon!!

140. DEMODE - January 22, 2007

SPOCKBOY… After reading all of your posts here, I can safely say I think it’s time to return to your homeworld of Vulcan and undergo the Kolinahr ritual to purge your emotions.

141. Jim J - January 22, 2007

Wow, 140 messages about this one…can you imagine what it will be for “The Doomsday Machine” when it airs? “AP” is gonna need to hire some extra “police” on that weekend. I think I’ll take a better liking to “Doomsday” than this one though. I’ve never been a fan of the huge domed/spiked nacelle Enterprise…even if it IS appropriate to have it on this episode.

One thing that cracks me up on the opening credits of the show though (besides “The Shats” voice being heard) is the fact that they used ol’ spikey Enterprise…until the “zoom”/”swoosh” shots. Then it’s the lighted spinning nacelle’s “big E”. Kinda funny. Change it all to “spikey” or forget changing anything, me thinks! lol

142. DEMODE - January 22, 2007

(… I kid, I kid…)


143. Jeff Bond - January 22, 2007

Actually if you watch the ‘swoosh’ shots frame by frame it is the spikey Enterprise…

I really thought the work was fine on this–there was at least one ‘wow’ shot, the pan of the Enterprise approaching and heading toward the barrier. I’m on the fence as to the look of the barrier; I do feel the original is scarier in a way and certainly works with Courage’s music better, but the final look was better than I thought it would be and the shots of the Enterprise maneuvering in and out of the field were cool. I do wish the end caps of the engines hadn’t been made black–do they change after the opening shots to indicate that they’ve been burned out? I’ll have to check it again–but unless you look close the back looks like the old undetailed AMT model. Then again, as some have pointed out, I have a feeling these shots really do rely on high-def to work. I’m watching them on a 52-inch high-def-capable TV, but I’m watching them in regular definition and through Tivo so there’s even more compression going on. But even under those circumstances, some of the shots people were screaming about, like the long distance overhead shot of the Enterprise, looked fine to me, so these may just look bad on a 32″ screen.

144. Adam Cohen - January 22, 2007

To a few of you critics, don’t forget your “future history”:

Gary Mitchell’s service records were created using a mimeograph that was discovered in a time-travelling expedition several years earlier. Starfleet Command, in trying to better understand antique Earth technology, ran a pilot program to produce various official records via this “ancient” method from the 20th Century. News of this project became a sensation, and culturally it had a profound impact. Servicemen like Mitchell elected to have their records done in this old way. Starfleet personnel, caught up in this new nostalgia craze, researched the archives on mid-20th Century fashion and hairstyles. What was once a fad in Starfleet Academy, soon spread like wildfire throughout the service. Starfleet Command seized this youth craze and marketed service in the fleet as “cool” and “retro-cool” to new recruits. With recruitment booming and fashion flowing, Starfleet was reinvigorated and received larger budgets to construct many more starships. Deep space missions became possible with this influx of personnel. Thus, the Federation grew exponentially.

So… that Gary Mitchell record you all scoff at- well, it’s evidence of Starfleet’s emergence in the galaxy!

145. david - January 22, 2007


146. Dr. Image - January 22, 2007

#125 Bryan- EVERYONE with doubts about the E’s color should check that link. It puts all color arguements to rest once and for all.

147. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - January 22, 2007

#144. Adam Cohen

Too funny… I can always count on you to “even the keel.”

Haven’t been here in a while… Crazy as ever.

Haven’t seen the episode yet… hopeful I’ll enjoy it. Ahhh, I’m sure I will I’ve always liked Star Trek… when it was cool and when it wasn’t.

Thanks Adam… for keeping it real.

148. Matt Wright - January 22, 2007

#125 and #146 this also fits with what is written at, I would tend to think we have a pretty good idea of the proper color. Now I would hope CBS-D pays attention to the evidence. Your link actually confers with the man who build the freakin’ thing! So I would tend to think we have as close to the real color value as possible.

149. Kelvington - January 22, 2007

V’ger, that’s great! I think they would explain it in one of two way. Either the force fields start about 3cm from the floor so they can easily slide food trays under the field without having to turn it off.

Or, the room in this case was built on an old Starfleet bowling alley and it’s only really activated when a person crosses the foul line. I suspect CBS-D will add some pin marks to the floor before sending it to DVD. Maybe even the addition of digitally added gutters.

150. Josh T. ( Tungsten alloy) Kirk Esquire' - January 22, 2007

#134 LD

A bit of artistic license was used in that shot LD, it can be construed to represent from that distance out away from the galactic plane other galaxies , not individual stars. Or perhaps each of those did represent stars but infact super gas giants out on the edge of the galaxy.

Either way, it is a very visceral, pretty shot, and gave some depth to otherwise typical and mundane starfield shots. It reminded me of the departure from Mudd’s planet and the ringed world.
I think TOS more than ANY begs for nice richly detailed matte like paintings to serve as backdrops against the Enterprise and I would be in favor of coloring up the cosmos more often in this regard for future episodes.

Some of the early photographs taken of the galaxy and universe were an artists dream come true, esoteric and lovely. When you overlap photographs of the same object or area but taken in different wavelengths and spectrums, the resulting image clearly demonstrates an absolutely wonderful universe filled with color and light.
Granted, you wouldnt get the same effect with the naked eye, but Star Trek isn’t a 9th grade astronomy reel to reel film strip, it’s entertainment, and I wholeheartedly support a colorful interpretation of the cosmos such as what CBS is providing.

151. Ron Jon - January 22, 2007

134. I loved the final hot of the ship pulling away and heading back into the nebula, but can anybody tell me why there were stars MOVING in that shot??? As I understand it, the moviing starfield is a phenomenon of observation from within the vessel moving faster than light. from the “outside” of the ship, they should appear stationary. put it this way, the nebula wasn’t moving , whay would the stars move around it?

The nebula – which is really the edge of the spiral arm of the galaxy – is far away, so it doesn’t appear to grow much. The stars are the outer fringes of the galaxy, the stragglers that are just inside of the Great Barrier.

152. Ron Jon - January 22, 2007

I should clarify that the first part of my post above (#151) is a quote from post #134, in which LD is asking a question. My comment on his question is the second paragraph.

153. Adam Cohen - January 22, 2007

#147 Herbert

Thanks brother, I try! Everybody gets so serious sometimes.

154. Jim J - January 22, 2007

#143-Sorry, hate to disagree, but I put in my dvd that I burned of the remastered episode and IT IS NOT the spiked nacelles on the “swooshes” on the credits. No biggy, I just thought it was funny. I freeze framed them…it’s the spinning nacelles.

155. James Heaney - January 22, 2007

#145: Under the article on “Mimeographs”. If you can’t find it, it’s in the main article index, right after the articles on the Enterprise two-part arc, “The Interregnum” and “Debugging Entry.”

156. Marco - January 22, 2007

To be honest I really enjoyed this epidode as much as the other ones and I think the CBS team are doing a most excellent job.

157. Kevin - January 23, 2007

well, I present the argument one more time trying not to use such a glib analogy.

The channels that pay to show these episodes make their money from advertising. The more people that watch a channel during a certain time slot, the more companies pay to advertise during that time slot. Inversely, the fewer people that are watching the less companies pay. It’s all based on ratings and some marketing research that the companies perform. So the shows pass through several middle men before reaching us, the end consumer. We take these for our own entertainment and do not use them for anything further or make any money off of them.

It is true that we do not flip the bill for these directly. We pay for products that may be advertised. Of course it is pretty obvious that the powers that be intended to release these on DVD from the start. When purchasing a DVD we are directly paying for it… unless of course there are ads on the DVDs in which there’s still a little bit of that confusing advertising stuff involved.

I never said, or intended to say that we own the rights to Star Trek. No more (okay I know I said no analogies, but I can’t figure out anyway to say it) than we own the rights to Honda’s Civic model. We may own an individual car, but that does not mean that we own all of them or have the final say in what happens to next years model. However, if we’re not interested in the changes in next years model we don’t purchase it. If marketing research is not considered… well you become Ford.

I understand budget constraints. For instance, a new set of very pricey half assed done DVDs is not really in my budget.

158. V'ger - January 23, 2007

#135 Actually i live in the Netherlands. A friend sent me the pics to be posted on a forum.

#149 LOL .

159. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - January 23, 2007

Finally watched the episode… All I can say is kudos to CBS-D for another fine piece of work.

Could I bitch about this or that? Sure, but what would be the point? It’s not like these artists aren’t doing the best they can with the resources at hand.

Don’t get me wrong, this site is all about personal expression of a show we love. I never mind reading the queries and speculations of “Wouldn’t it be nice if…?” or “It would have been cool had they…” but sometimes the piling on is just… heartbreaking.

What bothers me the most is the hatchet job of the episodes to make them run in the allotted time. Can’t do a damn thing about that either.

However, the thing I’m most happy about… Star Trek is becoming relevant to many viewers other than the hard core fans that visit this site. I’ve been pumping my friends, my business associates and my employees to watch. These are people whom normally don’t give a hoot about Star Trek. They are being reintroduced to a forty-year old television show and they love it! (And just to be clear regarding my employees, I haven’t tied raises or bonuses to their viewing… yet.) ;)

Moreover, the re-introduction and sometimes first introduction of these wonderful shows has sparked a genuine and earnest anticipation of Star Trek XI.

All of the foregoing makes me one happy Trekkie… errrr, Trekker… or, mmmm? What is the correct term now-a-days?

160. Greg Stamper - January 23, 2007

#158 V’ger – Actually i live in the Netherlands

I imagine that is a bit outside the FOX 56 viewing area! (lol) Cheers!

161. Al - January 23, 2007

Did I get this right, they changed the dates on the tombstone, but not the R?

162. Mark T. - January 23, 2007

For the most part, I loved the digital work in this episode. There are some slight cartoony moments. However, that is purely a personal taste issue, not any kind of official critique. Once again, CBS-D is doing fantastic work.

Two things I do have to say about this episode…

1) I have to admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan of this episode. In syndication, I always saw them out of order. So, this one was so out of place to me with it’s different look. (Obviously, it was a while before I was aware of this episode’s place in the show’s timeline.) Once again though, I am reintroduced to an episode in a manner that allows me to see things I never perceived as a youngster. In this case, I am amazed that in this second PILOT, many of the characters are so fully formed. It just shows what decent actors can do with decent material. In the space of a few short scenes of dialogue, these characters (in particular, Kirk, Mitchell, Scotty, and Kelso) seem to have lived a lifetime. I immediately got the subtle sense of a history with all of them. From the first moment with Mitchell in the turbolift, where he says the throw-away line about Kirk not being there because of the panic in Kelso’s voice, I could see their whole backstory. Again, for a pilot, it’s really impressive.

2) Call me crazy, but I don’t mind the editing for syndication. Mainly because I know we’re going to get full episodes on disc soon. Also, it is because seeing this “brand new” show, at midnight, cut to pieces, with ads for diet pills during the breaks, makes me feel like I am ten years old again. It’s 1975. I am back home in Boston watching this on channel 56. It’s the purest form of time travel.

163. Nelson - January 23, 2007

re: #56- Interesting perspective! In 1975, I was watching every weekday after school on a black and white TV and audio tape recording it. And today, I am recording these new shows digitally on my Macintosh and watching on a plasma screen. Time travel to be sure!

re: #125, 146 and 148- On the color issue of the ship, I think there’s certainly more then one philosophy as to the proper color of the ship and how an artistic decision is made to chose it. I recall in the 70’s the predominate color the ship was thought of was blue-ish because that’s the way it looks on TV. So the TV image could be thought of as the proper color. Then I realize that the purist form of color is going straight to the original filming model. But it seems so many things we see on TV or movies never look like we perceive it on film. So what’s right? I’ve seen the model at the Smithsonian and other models from other film properties and reality is never like the fantasy!

164. Paul W. - January 23, 2007

have you guys seen this??

165. Dr. Image - January 23, 2007

It’s interesting that the robin’s-egg blue that the E-D was was originally painted came out of the perception of the original E’s color during early broadcasts.
In the prop arena, there had been endless discussions over the actual colors of the classic phaser II until the matter was finally put to rest a couple of years ago. The actual pistol body color?
A dead match for Krylon Shadow Gray.

I say render the remastered E in the concrete gray that it really was and let the (lighting) chips fall where they may.
(Now if they just can get those pesky- and obvious- details right…)

166. TomBot2007 - January 23, 2007

Wow. What a hornet’s nest at times… but so charming! To tell you the truth, I was kind of distracted during this episode’s air, and I didn’t record it… so I can’t mull over the lil details and sweat them too much, until next week’s re-run! :-D
I too noticed the colors of Sickbay, and was also somewhat disappointed that Gary’s Service Records weren’t updated. The example given earlier was fine attempt, though the bridge photo was an odd choice! “Gary caught candidly at his station!” ;-) To me the R, was also something to have been fixed, but not to beat a dead horse… what did R supposively stand for? Rico? Riker? Remaster? ;-)
It’s a great time capsule episode; the bizarre uniforms(-I’m so glad they redid them!), the clunkier tech, and slightly more advanced bridge. In some ways, I’m sure the Remaster Team is torn on which ways to go- in their effort. My vote is push it till it can’t be pushed no further- because, as stated, the originals are readily available, even at the aforementioned evil Walmart, all 3 O.G. TOS seasons are for sale!
The space shots were pretty good as far as I could tell, and I understand the reason of using a “more faithful” pilot Enterprise, so I while I distain it, I won’t say foul. There were a few odd choices… but perhaps it was syndications cuts that made them seem so odd? Chopped space scenes?
Anyhoo, kudos still to the CBS-team for their work… :-)

167. Nelson - January 23, 2007

re: #165- You must be a member of ASAP!

168. Matt Wright - January 23, 2007

163 — Agree it is open to some interpretation in the blue/green gray area, but CBS-D’s current model is pretty flat gray.

165 — interesting tidbit about the hand phasers I always wondered, what really makes things hard is that there are at least 3 variations of the hand phaser. I always wanted to build 3, one that matched each. The first season had a black body/white powerpack (handle), the second season we saw the more common gray/black style. There are also a gray/dark gray around in a few episodes I belive. But more importantantly there are at least two styles of powerpacks (handles). One is more angular and one is more rounded. It always bugged me that I couldn’t find kits/props/toys of the alternate styles.

169. Josh T. (Tumultuous) Kirk Esquire' - January 24, 2007

Alright kiddos, it seems it’s time for a primary school color wheel lesson in hue and value.

The Enterprise is CAMOUFLAGE GREY. As painted on the original 11 foot studio model.

That is 9 parts white, 1 part grey.

There is no green in the paint. There is no blue in the paint. There is no purple in the paint.


Now, with that out of the way, a little lesson on lighting.

Given the unique properties of the rods and cones within your eyeball that permits you to percieve “color” , no value or hue will ever truly appear the same to each individual, but rather approximations similar enough for a consensus to be reached that YES, this color is this, and that color is that.

How we percieve color and texture and hue value is entirely subjective and unique to the observer.

Lighting conditions are equally subjective, as no light source whether artificial or natural is immune to the phenomenon of optical and spatial relativity.

Back to the arbitrary selection of color palette for the CGI Enterprise.
It may not be your cup of tea, but it is technically accurate as it mimics the appearance of the studio model, not the appearance of your RCA 70’s color television.
If you want a dayglow Enteprise, patience is a virtue, as we now have a yellow Enterprise and a Pink Enterprise courtesy of Mudds Planet and the Galactic barrier.

170. Matt Wright - January 24, 2007

#169 — where do you get that color from? The people who made the model seem to think it is a green-gray, and I tend to believe them… considering they\’ve seen the model in person…. at the time it was painted…

171. Kyle Nin - January 24, 2007

Oh, and in addition to the moving clouds, the new Delta Vega facility exterior shot shows that the building (that Kirk and the others walked into) has a light on in one of the 2nd floor rooms. That’s different than the original.

I just wanted to point that out, since most people think that there’s nothing different about that scene.

172. scowl - January 24, 2007

The new effects shots in this one simply didn’t look like they belonged in a 40 year old TV series. In previous episodes they’ve done an incredible job duplicating the film grain we’ve seeing since we saw our first episode of TOS. In the rare occasions when they’ve forgotten to add it (like when the Enterprise was approaching the starbase in Trouble with Tribbles) it simply looks like a 21st century CGI shot shoe-horned into an old show. Here the Enterprise moving around in the barrier (with abundant camera motion!) just looked too clean and too elaborate to fit in with the old series.

They certainly should have replaced the “microfilm” ESP reports with something that at least looked like it was on a late-1980’s computer display. But then Spock mentioned the “burned out tapes” in the damaged probe so maybe there’s some retro-technology going on.

173. parosu' grasutz - January 25, 2007

They didnt fix the reflection of the monitor on the table. There is no reflection only a white “wall”. But that is the only thing i didn’t like.

Every thing else is cool, good job. I hope they will give you more time.

174. Robert Bernardo - January 25, 2007

There is a remastered effect that everyone missed. When Kirk fires the phaser rifle in the long shot, the beam has been “re-aimed”. In the original, the beam hits the center of his chest, and in the ensuing medium shot of Mitchell, the beam is suddenly hitting the area of his starfleet patch. The remastered tries to correct some of that discrepancy; in the long shot the beam hits starfleet patch area. However, the phaser “splash” effects in the long shot still eminate from the center of the chest.

175. V'ger - January 25, 2007

# 169 here is a quote from Richard Datin, the man who built both the models.
“Jeffries also furnished paint chips, for which I had lacquer-based paint custom-matched by a Fuller’s Paint dealer on Olympic Blvd. in Los Angeles”…..”it was not a Ford or GM paint or primer as some “learned” souls have decried. It was a flat finish–a light grey color with a light tint of green.”

From an article at CultTVman

176. SPOCKBOY - January 25, 2007

Alright Josh T(tumor in the brain)Kirk Esqueer,

“Alright kiddos, it seems it’s time for a primary school color wheel lesson in hue and value”

-This is NOT that time.

“How we percieve color and texture and hue value is entirely subjective and unique to the observer”.

You know, going all WEBSTERS DICTIONARY on us doesn’t validate your point whatsoever. If there wasn’t a GENERAL CONSENSUS on color then they wouldn’t have any designations.

Would they sweetie?

I have actually SEEN the 11 foot model in the Smithsonian. Granted Ed Miarecki’s paint job was horrific, but the top of the saucer was completely untouched and left as it originally was in the series and it was “definitely” a GREEN color. Especially the dirtying around the bridge.

177. SPOCKBOY - January 25, 2007

But I am NOT without compassion…
This may help you:

Oh and this….

I invite everyone else to chime in on what color the ship appears to be to THEM.

Being that color is all subjective and such : )

178. Matt Wright - January 26, 2007

lol, spockboy, I had a response prepared similiar to yours and then I decided to edit it down. But thanks for saying pretty much what I thought.

179. SPOCKBOY - January 27, 2007

My pleasure Matt.

180. jawick - August 7, 2007

Did anyone catch the added modern day participants to the background wearing a hot pink and white tank top and mini-skirt? She and her friend were behind Kirk and Spock as they played chess in the beginning of the episode. What utter disrespect for the series and its history.

181. SirRoland - June 10, 2010

Unfortunately they were unable to use CGI to correct the cringe-inducing sexism in this episode. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.