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“The Paradise Syndrome” Screenshots and Video February 24, 2007

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

Kirk goes native in all its’ remastered glory!


FX Video


New and Old

Orbiting Amerind
Approaching the asteroid
The asteroid on the viewscreen
The Enterprise tries to deflect the asteroid
The Enterprise in front of the asteroid
Firing at the asteroid
Phasers hitting the asteroid
The obelisk fires its deflector beam
Sucessfully deflecting the asteroid
Leaving orbit


Assorted Shots

The trio enjoy the tranquility

Kirk’s memory is zapped

The lovely Miramanee

Salish — The former medicine man

‘Kirok’ and Miramanee

I am Kirok!

Spock mind-melds with Kirk

A last tender moment with Miramanee


1. DEMODE - February 24, 2007

Looks very impressive. I love the shot of the deflector beam coming from the Enterprise.

2. Skippy 2k - February 24, 2007

Looks pretty cool! I think that picture of the obolisk deflector and it hitting the asteroid look nice. Someone mentioned though the line in the ep that refers to it as a “blue flame”… eh can’t wait to see the vid!

3. Matt Wright - February 24, 2007

yes there is dialog that mentions it being blue, so I don’t get why CBS-D changed it.

4. THEETrekMaster - February 24, 2007

Looks like another home run from CBS-D!!! Great work guys!!!!

5. THEETrekMaster - February 24, 2007

“Looks pretty cool! I think that picture of the obolisk deflector and it hitting the asteroid look nice. Someone mentioned though the line in the ep that refers to it as a “blue flame”… eh can’t wait to see the vid!”

Those damned color blind natives! ;-)

6. EBAR - February 24, 2007

#3 This is a HUGE mistake made by CBS Digital. The deflector beam from the obelisk should be blue! This is just shoddy work . . . simply inexcusable.

I hope they correct it for the DVD release.

7. Chris - February 24, 2007

Way to go Okuda. How did he screw this one up?

8. Stanky McFibberich - February 24, 2007

Is it just me, or did they remix the theme to tone down the singer?

9. Xai - February 24, 2007

I have a problem with the word “inexcusable” in your post.
Someone made a mistake on the level of not examining dialogue and how it compares to FX. I cannot recall too many instances where dialogue describes an effect such as this, thus a mistake was made. It’s on par with McCoy saying “Jim, my phaser shoots a red beam”. It doesn’t happen often.
Note the word “mistake”. It’s human error, someone will hear about it at CBS D and something will decided.
I think they’ve done fine work overall despite a steep learning curve.

10. Chris - February 24, 2007

It is an excusable mistake, after all the bragging they do about how they check things.

11. Stanky McFibberich - February 24, 2007

re: 9. Xai
I agree. Well said.

12. Xai - February 24, 2007

Here we go… another “R” contoversy. This will dominate the thread

13. Xai - February 24, 2007

thanks Stanky

14. Xai - February 24, 2007

10. Chris, how’s things in your perfect world?
Are you saying excusable or inexcusable?… your sentence conflicts what I think you intended.
You are excused.


15. Mysterious Stranger - February 24, 2007

Absolutely magnificent and I didn’t have to sit through a Dennis Bailey diatribe to watch the show, or see the lovely shots.

16. Xai - February 24, 2007

We need one of those “blue” asteroid deflector things for that big rock moving into earth’s neighborhood in 2036.
Wal-mart got them?

17. Xai - February 24, 2007

#15 Mysterious… this was a screenshots and video article, not a review. Perhaps you should volunteer to Anthony to be a reviewer?

18. CmdrR - February 24, 2007

I can make a blue flame come out… wanna see?

19. Stanky McFibberich - February 24, 2007

Re: 16
I hope Chris is there in 2036 to let them know if the deflector beam is the wrong color. :)

20. Diacanu - February 24, 2007

Hah! They did it! The beam came from the dish!
It’s canon now!

Now I ain’t gotta spend 2-3 paragraphs breaking the scene down whenever someone says the old Enterprise never did that trick.

21. Xai - February 24, 2007

#19 Stanky… no doubt, Someone has to be sure things go perfektly.

I’ll likely not care by then, I might be dead or in a retirement home muttering to the nurse..”I am Kirokkkkkk!… wanna see my blue flame? I learned it from CmdrR before he set his pants on fire.”

22. Matt Wright - February 24, 2007

WMV video link is up and the YouTube version will become active once it is properly processed by their video engine.

And yes there is a slight sound sync issue, I tweked it as best I could, now you all know why we generally don’t include the sound ;)

23. Skippy 2k - February 24, 2007

Like I said I think it looks cool but I wonder/hope they fix the color for the DVD release(or future airings like the mirror mirror shot) but I guess if they don’t I guess maybe it was just a higher/stronger setting….like the green stun, red kill.

24. DreamerOutThere - February 24, 2007

I’m wondering? Why again did the phaser fire blow out the warp drive?

25. Gary Seven - February 24, 2007

Yes, they have to change the beam from red back to blue before this goes any further than this broadcast. We can all make mistakes, but it is not OK, in my opinion, to just let it go and not correct it. THAT would be inexcusable. The script clearly says blue flame, so c’mon. Change it.
Other than that a very good job, CBS.

26. Josh T. (The Undiscovered Wrath of Spock Voyage The Motion Picture) Kirk Esquire' - February 24, 2007

Fantastic episode, absolutely fantastic.

The Enterprise appeared gallant and majestic as she should.

The asteroid appeared threatening and sinister.

Miramanee had some smoking ass hot legs.

Salish got owned.

Kirok had some funky Elvis sideburns.

That’s all.

27. James R Kirk - February 24, 2007

Red? I saw Sky Blue Pink.

28. Spock - February 24, 2007

Actually, the simulated appearance of the particle beam weapon emanating from the Preserver shrine/temple oscillated between the narrow band ultraviolet and infrared spectrums facilitating a rather curious phenomenon within the realm of human rod/cone cognitive perception.

The annihilation of free hydrogen atoms contributed to the faux red appearance when in actuality the weapon was blue.

Additionally, you may conviently adjust the tint on your primitive 21st century viewing device in order to promote a more acceptable and satisfactory visual perception.


29. Matt Wright - February 24, 2007

“Miramanee had some smoking ass hot legs. ”

Amen to that, I was drawn to her legs in every scene she was in.

30. Matt Wright - February 24, 2007

Ok so call me a horn dog, here are some best of Miramanee leg moments:

31. Lt. Arex - February 24, 2007

thanks matt, five times over

32. Skippy 2k - February 24, 2007

Looks like the red/blue beam is actually ok, there is an additional scene cut for syndication that shows the color selection…. the team tried to make the new shot fit with the tech of the day :-)


33. Darth Dogg - February 24, 2007

Matt, Dude you are a god. Much more so than Kirock. Any way, I was kinda hoping for a shot of the asteroid realy dwarfing the E. Spock said it was the size of earths moon but I didnt really get a sense that it was anywere near that big with the angles thay chose. Other than that. Great episode.

34. Matt Wright - February 24, 2007

#32 — LOL, It is a new 23rd century children’s game ‘Electronic Spock’

35. Josh T.( The Undiscovered Wrath of Spock Voyage The Motion Picture) Kirk Esquire' - February 24, 2007

Whatever became of the actress that portrayed Miramanee?

It seems she essentially fell off the face of the planet after her tenure on Trek.

36. Mark 2000 - February 24, 2007

I understand they needed to leave quickly to stop the asteroid, but shouldn’t spock have left a search party if they knew they were coming back in “a few hours”?

37. steve623 - February 24, 2007

Matt, you are my kinda guy.

Re: the blue/red ‘flame’ – I think this is the first thing the CBS folks have done that I consider a genuine “ooops” moment. IIRC ‘Mirror Mirror’ had a misplaced shot that didn’t belong, that I think was described as an editing mistake rather than an effects mistake. They changed the ‘Mirror, Mirror’ shot ASAP, and I hope they will change the deflector beam shots. My gut says they will, if for no other reason than taking pride in their work.

And I am still pissed that DKY preempted the show for effin’ infomercials.

38. Josh T.( The Undiscovered Wrath of Spock Voyage The Motion Picture) Kirk Esquire' - February 24, 2007

The edits were particularly brutal on this occasion, some key dialogue and dramatic moments were edited that disrupted the narrative a bit too much.

Ex. When Salish forces Miramanee to join Kirk on the platform and Kirk attempts to push her away fearing for her safety.

Also, I don’t recall the mentioning of Miramanee being preggers?

39. ZtoA - February 24, 2007

Got give mad love to CBS-D on this one… I’m not sure if you noticed but on the side view of the E as she fires deflectors… you can see interior features through the lower hull windows. Very very nice touch.

40. Kelvington - February 24, 2007

It is an odd mistake, but maybe when an asteroid or something bad is very far away, it’s blue and the closer an object gets before it’s shot out of the sky or moved it heads towards red, so this color corresponds to the energy level it needs to move it out of orbit, thirty minutes later and it would have been a red beam. I think the phrase, hanging a lantern on it comes to mind here.

I think the best news is CBS-D actually listens to fans and tries and fix their mistakes, the warp shot in “Mirror, Mirror” comes to mind, they screwed up and fixed it.

It’s also possible that the guy doing the effects was color blind, or there was a color correction issue. Perhaps a blue beam didn’t have enough contrast to it.

Of course, the fact it’s blue in the original and not in the update is puzzling maybe they wanted a visual way to make it look different from the phaser effects.

Either way, shots look cool, legs look great and it seems shatner finally found a way to keep his hair on outdoors, with the use of a headband.

41. Josh T.( The Undiscovered Wrath of Spock Voyage The Motion Picture) Kirk Esquire' - February 24, 2007

It seems the much commented upon rear engine domes were far more illuminated on this occasion as well

42. Driver - February 25, 2007

As the beam looses power over time, it changes color from orange/red to blue. This takes 100’s of years. Therefore Tribal Chief et al would have come to accept the blue flame. Spock’s correction restored the obelisk to full power, hence the orange/red fully charged flame.

43. Gary Seven - February 25, 2007

To all those who are “explaining, ” via scientific or other reasons, (some tongue in cheek, some apparently serious) why the beam is not blue in the remastering:

They are all exercises in rationalization. C’mon. CBS forgot (or perhaps never knew?) that the script said the beam was blue. Does anyone really think the CBS guys had all these scientific light waves, stun/full force color settings, human perception variables etc, in mind when they made it a different color? They screwed up, (but otherwise did great work) and hopefully they’ll fix it. The only human cognitive perception variables that I see at work is the defense mechanism of rationalization in such some comments. I hope we can get them to undo their error (I imagine it won’t be so hard to fix) and not explain it away.

44. Matt Wright - February 25, 2007

#38 — oh yeah man the edits were terrible. There were quite a few establishing space shots totally missing and one or two conversations missing. And yes the line about being with child was still in the episode, it is a rather key piece of information to Kirks life on the planet after all.

#40 — “maybe they wanted a visual way to make it look different from the phaser effects”

That was my thought as well.

45. DreamerOutThere - February 25, 2007

So, um? Why did the warp drive get burnt out?

46. Colin Campbell - February 25, 2007

A red “blue” beam? On all of the shows I’ve worked on, a bunch of us (production staff, tech staff, etc.) gather for a Q.C. screening – quality control, where arguments over individual frames are not uncommon.

And nobody at CBS-D caught this? Invite five people (at random) from this board to the QC… they’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again.

It’s just another example of “rushed.” This whole dang thing is rushed. And cheap. And I know TV wants it now, and wants it cheap, but damn it, this is Star Trek, one of the all-time great TV franchises, and for whatever reason — to get “another bite at the apple”, (or another byte at “The Apple”, for that matter), whatever harebrained moneymaking bottom line is driving this ship is in serious danger of jeopardizing the credibility of the project.

Anthony – is your site compiling a “master list” of “Things CBS-D has promised to fix for future airings or the DVD release?” Shouldn’t the need to compile such a list be a very serious warning that things are getting a little off track?

47. DEMODE - February 25, 2007

The red beam looks so powerful coming from the Oblisk. I really hope they don’t change it. That shot of it glowing as hot as the sun when it hits the asteroid looks stunning.

48. chris2 - February 25, 2007

Arguing “OMG the color of the beam is wrong!” “It’s inexcusable that they didn’t change the ‘R’ to a ‘T’ on that headstone!” makes one sound exactly like the kind of anal retentive fan that Shatner spoofed in his famous “Get a life!” skit.

49. chris2 - February 25, 2007

Oh, nice work by CBS this week. The enterprise continues to look exceptionally nice and the asteroid was well done.

50. non-fanatic - February 25, 2007

It all looks good to me.
I’ve read loads of comments over the weeks about the ball whatsits at the back of the tube thingies being too big / small / dark / light or whatever was said, but looking at the original version of “Approaching the asteroid” shot above, it doesn’t have any at all. Can’t get smaller than that.

Anyway, I think they’re vastly improving what was there before. The effects always made me cringe on the original series.

A non-fanatic.

51. Roger - February 25, 2007

They also edited out the scene where Kirk stoically walks out of the tent after Miramanee passes on to the great hunting grounds. Asks Spock for his phaser and has the tribe drag
Salish before him. “Here’s that blue flame you were asking about. Feel the wrath of Kirok” Burns down Salish in front of everyone. Looks at McCoy and shrugs. “Sorry, had a relapse”

52. Doug - February 25, 2007

re 41,

That’s the first thing I noticed watching the clip above. Rear nacelle caps were lit. After all the fuss about the rear nacelle caps and Dochterman’s Enterprise, I can’t believe we went 40 comments in without recognition of that little fact.

I like em that way,… they were never let before by CBS-D right? so this is a first??


53. Dom - February 25, 2007

Hmm. So we get glowing rear nacelle orbs and glowing IMPulse engines.

I like! :)

54. Stanky McFibberich - February 25, 2007

Anyone organizing a picket of CBS Digital? Maybe personally deliver your lists of demands on a flaming skewer?(Complete with blue flame) Carry signs that say “Blue Beam Forever – Red Beam NEVER!” :-{)

I am not above a little whining from time-to-time, but for crying out loud, the manner in which some of you do your whining could maybe be toned down some.

I like what they are doing. Maybe they will change the beam later, and if so, fine. If not, fine.

55. non-fanatic - February 25, 2007

I like the red beam.
“Red beam make rock go far away”

56. Greg Stamper - February 25, 2007

#35 Josh – “What happened to Miramanee?”

We discussed it last night in the previous thread – – hold on to your hat:

Sabrina Scharf plays Miramanee
“Originally started her career as a Playboy Bunny (in New York City) – later went on to become a California State Senator.”

57. diabolik - February 25, 2007

I must have missed the line “with child,” and I was listening for it. I think they cut it.

Liked the effects, BUT in comparing the ship’s phasers, I liked the old beams better, just look at the pics side by side. They are lighter blue now.

58. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - February 25, 2007

I’m not anxious to see this one… Not because of anything inherent in the episode but because the hack job done to the episodes for running time. However, I appreciate all your forewarnings so… I’ll lower my expectations.

And please before someone jumps in to chastise us and explain that we should stop our “fan-whining” about the cuts because “television is a business and stations need to sell advertising… Blah, Blah, Blah”… WE ALL GET IT! We all understand the exigencies of creating revenue in the television industry. The fact remains that just ’cause you understand WHY you have to take medicine doesn’t make the medicine taste any better.

Lately, if I have the time, I’ve been trying to watch Star Trek on DVD before watching CBS-D’s efforts of the same episode…

Firstly, ABSOLUTELY GREAT FUN! It’s been awhile since I’ve actually sat and very, very purposefully watched TOS with an eye toward the the critical. Just a note, aside from the 5.1 re-mix and all the supplemental stuff on the boxed sets , I am surprised that there is little difference between the boxed sets and the earlier released “two episode” DVD’s. In fact, some episodes look better on the earlier DVD releases… cleaner images… better color saturation… oh, well… not important, I s’pose.

Secondly, what I noticed in watching “The Paradise Syndrome” is just how good Shatner is. Too often he gets harangued for his characterization of Kirk… “over acting” or “over-the-top” or “bigger than life”, which is, in my opinion, too bad. Kirk is BIGGER THAN LIFE. He is an iconic character… Arthurian in scope and legend, if you will. Hell, they ALL are, as is their mightiest of steeds… The Enterprise. But I digress…

What I noticed in Shatner’s performance was subtlety and nuance in his portrayal of Kirk sans memory. So many great moments as he struggles with not knowing who he is and those slippery shadows of who he was just beyond his grasp. And all the while Kirk is always there… a man of action… a man of compassion… a man of exploration…

When the child nearly dies from drowning… Kirk’s procedural memory kicks in to save him and the anxiety that plays across Shatner’s face trying to fathom why “the simple technique” is so elusive.

When Kirk ascends to the position of Medicine Chief… the ambivalence of the moment… Kirk’s inherent desire “not to interfere” contrasted with the fact that he will always be THE Alpha Male.

The quiet personal moments as Kirk and Miramanee begin to connect… watching Shatner add the dimension of joy and peacefulness to Kirk’s countenance… seeing Kirk find transcendency and Shatner’s eyes shining sublime.

Sure, “I am Kirok!!!” is big… maybe a hair too big. But when you contrast the emotions that play across Shatner’s face as Miramanee lays mortally wounded… heart-breaking… absolutely, heart-breaking. Kirk’s realization that for the first time in his life he was truly happy and that happiness is evaporating with each painful, shallow breath drawn from a woman that is the center of everything that has filled his world and heart. How do you reconcile two lives suddenly converging in your mind and knowing there is only one that you were meant for? Even had she lived… what would he do?

Hell, I’m misting up… Of course I look forward to seeing CBS-D’s work in this episode but given the cuts I’ve heard about… do yourself a favor and watch the whole episode if you haven’t seen it in awhile. A damn fine piece of work.

59. Driver - February 25, 2007

CBS-D probably made a blue flame effect, but against a blue sky, it just didn’t look good. These guys are not as clueless as many here believe.

60. CmdrR - February 25, 2007

35 – Don’t forget Sabrina’s other appearance as a stoner, in Easy Rider:


61. non-fanatic - February 25, 2007


I liked the old beams better, just look at the pics side by side. They are lighter blue now.

Yes they are but are you saying that darker blue is inherently better than lighter blue? I’m pretty sure that if the originals were light blue and CBS-D made them dark blue people would complain about that just the same.

I bet that if you and others watch the remastered episodes a few times over the coming years, and then go back and watch the originals you will say “That effect looks terrible, I can’t believe I said I preferred it all those years ago”.

62. Magic_Al - February 25, 2007

59.^ That would be the Return of the Jedi Excuse (not to be confused with the Chewbacca Defense). Luke’s lightsaber, which was blue in the trailers, became green in the movie because of the blue sky in the sail barge fight.

63. diabolik - February 25, 2007

Naw, the darker blue with lighter center just loooks more intense and powerful. I noticed it in DM also.

64. diabolik - February 25, 2007

I did shed a tear when Miramanee died… as I did years ago. Still gets me.

65. Redshirt - February 25, 2007

Its amazing how many people turn color blind trying to justify the shot . They made a mistake . Its like the phasers can come out of the torpeo tubes on TNG ….yeah that makes perfect sense too.
Yes I agree the red shot looks cool but its saying were a bunch of fanboy idiots that dont know any better and we’ll make a shot that isnt consistant with dialogue .
Even the deflector shot bothers me.
Actually it was very good SFX episode up to the end. This wasnt a great episode in my view but I know thier are people who did like it.

66. jonboc - February 25, 2007

The Enterprise conitnues to impress. Nice shots and the lighting is perfect now. Blue beam? Red beam? Who cares? Not me. Still looked great.

Great episode from the so-called “horrible” third season.

67. Harry_G - February 25, 2007

Of course everyone noticed the “red beam”, “blue beam” glitch, but what about the shot where the Enterprise fires phasers at the asteroid? The twin beams leaving the ship are shown at a diverging angle. When the scene cuts to the beams hitting the asteroid, the phaser beams are shown converging at a focal point on the face of the rock! Surely the phaser beams don’t bend… :-)

Also, how do the phasers work? When Spock says to fire them in sequence, Sulu follows orders and calls out “phaser one firing”, “phaser two firing”, etc. But the exterior shots of the ship show the same twin beams firing from the same phaser emitter location on the underside of the ship. I had always thought the phaser numbers referred to different phaser emitter locations on the ship’s exterior.

68. Holo J - February 25, 2007

it looks good to me. The WMV is very good quality, Thanks Matt.
The work by CBS on the Enterprise is getting better and better all the time.
Now if they would if they would just do some thing with the smaller bridge display screens … I am sill hoping that the DVDs aren’t going to be rushed and they will go back and add lots of new surprises in the uncut versions.

69. Stanky McFibberich - February 25, 2007

I personally don’t care if they use a different color beam each and every time…Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange…they are all pretty colors.

70. Rick - February 25, 2007

Man I dig the original Trek. The more I see it with the characters, situations. Fun stuff. One part pulp Scifi, one part character play, mixed in with some hopeful future for the human race and boom some really fun television!;) Love the little touch on why there were so many humanoids throughout the universe. This was a fun bittersweet episode where part of Kirk got his rest for a brief moment.

71. non-fanatic - February 25, 2007

If these things bother you then be thankful. It means that you haven’t got much to worry about in your real life.

72. Jim J - February 25, 2007

Argghhhh!! What is up with my station all of the sudden. Wrestling last night to pre-empt it, now it’s supposed to be on at 11 a.m. but there’s some stupid “exercise, weight loss” cap on instead. KXVO, you have a mad Trek fan on your hands!

73. Josh T.( The Undiscovered Wrath of Spock Voyage The Motion Picture) Kirk Esquire' - February 25, 2007

#58 Herb

Ditto, the power of the Shats acting prowess is impeccable and legendary.

He is chastised for his bravado and delivery, yet can you imagine Kirk portrayed deadpan or overly serious?

74. Jim J - February 25, 2007

Whoaa-I just noticed on the posted effects video that the deflector dish is the right color now in the orbital shot…..hmmmmm. Wow, the whiners prevail again. Who knows, soon we will have a blue flame on the “T” initial of James T. Kirk’s gravestone on ‘”The Where No Man Has Gone Before in Paradise Syndrome”!!!!! LOL Kudos to DarrenDoc big glowing balls. It inspired CBS-D, too, apparently…but only when the ship was in “impulse” while Sulu was giving her the gas to break orbit. :)

75. The Artist Formerly Known As Picardsucks - February 25, 2007

Red Shmed – Everyone bitched enough I’m CBS will change it.

Every effect shot was gorgeous loved to see the impulse engines at the end although I find it troubling that they have already reused the same phaser fire effect shot numerous times how about something different. But everthing was just goregerous

Always loved this Shat-centric episode. And playing grab ass with a superhot Miramanne the whole time I’m sure our hero did too. Some of you have sniped at our hero’s acting in this episode but for what he was trying to pull off it was dead on, plus I have heard over the years that the Shat actually really got Miramanne. Again another great and severly underrated third season episode where the bond and sacrifice of Kirk , Spock and McCoy are very poingant. Some good Spock in command moments too.

76. mrtew - February 25, 2007

I’d sure like to seem some High Definition screen captures from some remastered episodes. Every capture I’ve seen has been some crummy downsized over-jpeged or over wmv’d blurry little scrap. Same with the way it looks on my HDTV. Has anyone downloaded episodes on their X-Box in HD and done some full-res captures of the way the ship and live shots really look after enhancement? I’d sure like to see them if they have. mrtew@canada.com

77. Matt Wright - February 25, 2007

#76 — The Xbox Live epsiodes are locked up tight with DRM on the 360 hard drive. Believe you me, if we knew of a way to screenshot those we would have a mole on it ASAP ;)

78. T Negative - February 25, 2007

I actually liked the new orangish/red deflector beem from the obelisk. The old one looked like a simple phaser beam. This new one is bright and pulses with power, which makes it more believesable that it could deflect an asteroid of that size. The obelisk is referred to as an “asteroid deflector” therefore it should be similar to the E’s deflectors which are approximately the same color.

Miramanee had seen the deflector work before (with a blue beam), but it was not at full power because it was slowly malfunctioning over time. I agree with those that are saying Spock repaired it to work at full power. Hence the bright orange beam.

Good work CBS-D!!

79. Greg Stamper - February 25, 2007

#78 T Negative –
“Miramanee had seen the deflector work before (with a blue beam), but it was not at full power because it was slowly malfunctioning over time. I agree with those that are saying Spock repaired it to work at full power. Hence the bright orange beam.”

This is most excellent reasoning, if the beam must appear red this is the best answer. In Miramanee’s lifetime [presumably with the deflector degrading instead of malfunctioning all at once) how many times would she have seen it? I don’t believe this can be answered with any certainty.
As always, Thanks Matt for the Screenshots – –

80. Gary Seven - February 25, 2007

I want to express a concern about some of the postings. In this case it’s about the way some talk about the red/blue beam issue, but it is all just part of a pattern of some postings on this otherwise SUPERB site. Some current examples:
“(#48) “Arguing “OMG the color of the beam is wrong!…makes one sound exactly like the kind of anal retentive fan that Shatner spoofed in his famous “Get a life!” skit.
and this one:
“If these things bother you then be thankful. It means that you haven’t got much to worry about in your real life (#71).

In my opinion the difference between those who “don’t have a life” because they write about their opinions on how Trek is remastered on a Star Trek website, and those who spend time on a Star Trek website criticizing those who have such opinons is lost on me. Aren’t we all spending time on these threads? And why are those who comment on the blue/red flame “whiners” and those who write in to criticize such “whiners” spending their time in such a superior way?
How about we write our opinons on the remastering without hurling invectives. I could employ the concept of IDIC here but it may offend those who claim to lead such superior lives.
The internet is a funny thing. I read an article recently on how people feel they can say things on the internet that they would never say in person because of the anonymity and distance and lack of visual cues (in not being able to read people’s facial reactions) . So the article says that people need to compensate by remembering that and not fall into harshness that they would not otherwise do.
Anyway, I think it would be better if we discussed what we liked and didn’t like on the remastered episodes (and why) and didn’t attack each other. I believe the former is closer to what this website is all about. That’s why we’re aboard her.

81. Skippy 2k - February 25, 2007

#67. While it looks like the diverge I think thats just the angle/distance. Closer to the camera they look wider and then given the distance of the asteroid they seem to converge because as big as its said to be its a distance in front of the ship.

82. diabolik - February 25, 2007

Correct on the seeming phaser beam divergence. I always wondered when younger how they could hit a target with twin beams when they went in different directions. But it seems in shots like these that it is just a trick of perspecive. They must be parallel.

83. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - February 25, 2007

#73 Josh T.

Don’t know if you happened to catch The History Channel special on Star Trek? Marginally interesting, at best. However, Patrick Stewart gave a well-suited and well-deserved tip of the hat to the Shat.

Not trying to fan any flames nor garner an “as he rightfully should.” It was just unexpected and quite nice… One talented actor, Mr Stewart, letting the world know what he thought of another talented actor, Mr. Shatner.

As he rightfully should… Damn… Sorry… Couldn’t stop myself… ;)

#80. Gary Seven

Re: “The internet is a funny thing.” I very much agree with you… I tried to promote a similar sensibility in Post #150


84. non-fanatic - February 25, 2007

“If these things bother you then be thankful. It means that you haven’t got much to worry about in your real life (#71).

That was me. I think what I said was true, I just meant that none of it really matters in the bigger scheme of things, but fair enough. It’s only a fun TV programme so I take it back.

Actually, I’m just as bad. I was looking through some of the earlier episodes posted here — trying to catch up — and notice something odd about this picture:
from “The menagerie”. Look at the silhouettes of the men standing in the building on the right. The one on the higher level has a bar that comes up to his waist, but the ones on the lower level look like they’re standing on the same level as that bar. I didn’t explain that well but take a look and see what you think.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not loosing any sleep over it, but just find it interesting

85. mrregular - February 25, 2007

Re: #72 Jim J:
I catch Trek on KXVO also…Last night wrestling pre-empted Trek. I thought KXVO might rebroadcast it, so I checked their website and it listed Star Trek, The Paradise Syndrome, at 11am today. I took screenshots of those listings.
Then shortly after 12 noon today I checked my tape..you guessed it, they pre-empted it again, with 2 informercials, one of them for weight loss, which KXVO and other stations have no doubt shown hundreds of times. Why now???

Write them a letter. That gets their attention. Letters to a tv/radio station have to be saved in a public comment file of some kind.
I’m writing them a letter myself. I was looking forward to this episode. Pre-empting Star Trek on a Sunday morning with infomercials? Give me a break!

86. Old School Trek Nerd - February 25, 2007

#84 – You’re right. It looks like they lined up the person with the divider in the window rather than the floor. Basically, he’s standing in the air.

87. Matt Wright - February 25, 2007

About the justification of blue to red in the obelisk tractor beam, I don’t think it follows that the blue is lower power ‘damaged’ beam. Blue is a higher frequency and has higher energy output then red does. If anything the red output would be the lower powered ‘damaged’ beam and the blue would be the full powered version. I should think the same for the Enterprise, but that was always an orange/red so that one has to be left alone.

88. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - February 25, 2007

#84. non-fanatic

Good eye… good catch!

When CBS-D cropped the redone matte painting from 16:9 to 4:3 they cut the sign that said “Bur-El & Lara-Zin Wedding, 2nd Floor, The Rao Royale Room.”

You know those Kryptonians… floatin’ around the room… zappin’ the fondue pots with their heat vision… friggin’ show-offs.

89. Dave Mack - February 25, 2007

Chapel says to McCoy that Miramanee is “with child..: yes..?
That was cut here. Really diminishes the impact of the ending IMHO…

90. tosh - February 25, 2007

Shatner is pretty fat in this episode. And his hairpiece seems to have gone low-budget as with many things in the third season.

But I always liked this story. It reminds me a bit of the TNG episode “Lessons.” The self-hug and the obelisk trap door rock!!!

91. Peter Nolan - February 25, 2007

Obviously the beam colour is a mistake but it’s an UNDERSTANDABLE one. The original episode has the E use a “deflector beam” which is orangey red. Then the obelisk puts out a “deflector beam” which is blue! It’s easy to imagine the CBS-D team seeing this as an incogruity to be corrected.

Yes, they missed the dialogue reference but really (from CBS-D’s pov) what were the chances of there being a description of deflector beam colours being buried somewhere in the dialogue of the planet’s undeveloped natives?

They’ll probably change it to blue for re-broadcast. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they change the E’s deflector beam to blue as well…

92. Steve E. - February 25, 2007

Kirk was inconsolable after this episode. Scotty looked the other way, finding strips of venison hung to dry in the engine room for months afterward. They had to fumigate Kirks quarters after a lengthy sweat lodge session. The upside, of course was that he lost some unsightly bellyflab after adapting a naturally low carb aboriginal lifestyle.

Hail Marimanee and her sylph-like legs!

93. Michael Hall - February 25, 2007

Actually, I think Scotty was the inconsolable one. Having to call Starfleet for a tow all the way back to Federation space was a low blow to a Scottman’s pride. Spock probably never got off his shit list for that one.

94. Greg Stamper - February 25, 2007

#87 Unknown Alien Technology, especially one as old as The Preservers may yield an altogether different color phase. We can only speculate so much grounded here on Earth.

95. Michael Hall - February 25, 2007

I agree with poster who noted that the new version doesn’t do much better at conveying just how big this asteroid was supposed to be. Too bad, because this was a case where a special effect had the potential of being more than just eye candy, but rather could have underscored a pretty important factor in the story.

Also agree that the original phasers look more powerful. To Dennis Bailey, this is the comparison between old and new that I was talking about in the “Doomsday Machine” forums. Note to CBS: change for its own sake isn’t necessarily a good thing.

The new deflector beams for both the Enterprise and the obelisk look way cooler, though. Agreed that the line of dialogue presents a problem, but the new effect is far more impressive.

Lit-up rear balls, finally. (A little strange that they would make their debut at the end of this of all episodes, though, as the engines were supposed to be burnt-out.) Hope Dochterman is happy. :-)

96. Jim J - February 25, 2007

To add insult to injury, they had on their schedule that they would rerun Amok Time at 3 p.m. Guess what was on instead??? You guessed it, “The Paradise Syndrome”. Luckily, I was prepared and had started the dvd recorder just in case. Thank god I did. Were you that lucky? It’s still wrong for them to NOT let us know in some way what is going on. Oh well, this has been happening since 1966, I gather.

97. Ralph F - February 25, 2007

Not specifically a comment to this episode, but when ST:TOS(R) is released on Blu-Ray, that’s the day I’ll buy a new player.

98. Michael Hall - February 25, 2007

“Oh well, this has been happening since 1966, I gather.”

TOS was routinely pre-empted by “Grand Ole Opry” in large swaths of the South during its original run, which didn’t help much with its perennial-low ratings.

99. Josh T.( The Mirror Universe Josh T.) Kirk Esquire' - February 25, 2007

What about Hee-Haw?

Buck Owens and Roy Clark with 70’s sideburns stinks of Star Trek 70’s syndication.

100. Al - February 25, 2007

It is a wig-tastic episode for Shatner it is true

101. YARN - February 25, 2007

As much as I would like to say “Who cares?!?” with regard to the Red Beam vs. Blue Beam (please pass the Jim Beam, etc.) debate I think that the nitpickers have a point…. Here’s why.

This was not a matter of matching one arcane canonical fact to another in the wider trek universe (e.g., the look of a Vulcan city to the Trek Cartoon or ST IV) or even within TOS (i.e., tracking “facts” from episode to the next). It’s not a real universe, so just enjoy the show – let the magician do his trick and be entertained, right?

What has gone amiss here, however, is internal consistency. The guy says blue and in the new and improved version we get red. It is hard to enjoy the trick when the magician produces the wrong card.

Is this worth losing sleep over? No. Do I propose launching a jihad? No.

What this gaff does signal, however, is troubling. Our friends at CBS digital are working so furiously that they appear to be missing some rather simple stuff. Pointing out this obvious (however trivial) gaff is worthwhile if word does get back to them that they are missing the forest for the phasers (however pretty they may be).

I like the fact that they are doing cool new stuff and I hope they have the courage to do even more. I do hope, however, that they occasionally re-watch the episodes and slow down to ask themselves how a remastered effect contributes to the overall story. When you don’t, you get Jar Jar. To integrate new effects into the old show so as to produce an integrated whole, you have to pay attention to the whole story. At the point that you violate internal consistency, you have goofed. This is not a felony. It is not a mortal sin. But it is a goof.

I side with continuity.

102. Jim J - February 25, 2007

I just wonder if they can correct it like they did that editing gaff….I have a hunch they may not be able to be that fast, but hopefully they WILL change it for the dvd release, or the reruns (for that matter). Additionally, whoever said that they mention Miramanee’s pregnancy in the remastered/edited version…sorry, you goofed. They don’t mention it. My wife saw the show for the first time and when I explained to her at the end that Miramanee was pregnant….she said that made the ending so much more dramatic and sad.

103. Jimtibkirk - February 25, 2007

#90 reminded Tosh of TNG’s Lessons … for me it’s Inner Light. Haven’t seen this ep for a long time and immediately thought of another captain’s other life, wife, kids etc …

104. THEETrekMaster - February 25, 2007

Cutting the pregnancy robbed the episode of its emotional impact. I don’t care about the stupid beam. It looked good…so who gives a rat’s tokus??

105. ety3 - February 26, 2007

One other possible “mistake” no one has mentioned …

As the Enterprise is firing phasers, Spock orders, “Phaser one,” and two beams are shown. Then, “Phaser two,” and two beams are shown again, etc. Shouldn’t there only be one beam per firing?

106. Cervantes - February 26, 2007

#101 Yarn

I agree wholeheartedly… What is obviously “nitpicking” and “so what?” to some, is “poor quality control” and “shoddy workmanship” to others like myself. It may not be inexcusable, or get in the way of enjoying this Re-mastered effort, but it sure doesn’t help to make it as good as it could have been…

Also agree with #33 Darth Dogg who noted that the new asteroid in this didn’t match up to the promise of it’s scale as suggested by Spock, but rather reflected the scale of the one in the original show…which had a better shape (how’s that for real “nitpicking”?) in my view.

“Apples and Oranges” as far as folks views on what makes them satisfied with CBS-Digital’s new effects work I guess.

107. Deckard - February 26, 2007

It’s so funny to hear people try and explain the red beam thing as if it’s supposed to be right. I’m having flashbacks of Trek conventions. /sigh.

People, CBS-D screwed up. Put your theories about red/blue beams aside because no matter what, CBS-D screwed up. I’m sure they’ll fix it.

108. Jim J - February 26, 2007

#107-LOL: Looking at your name and seeing what you said, the line that came to me was, “Awww, forget about your theories…….what are you gonna do about it?!”

Frankly, the red beam thing does bug me a little bit, but ONLY because they mention the “blue flame.” I hope CBS-D fixes it because otherwise it was well done.

#105-In the original shows, whenever they did the “phaser one, phaser two” thing, there were always two beams. Without the editing cuts, there should have been “phaser one, phaser two, phaser three, phaser four…and a simultaneous barrage.” It was the barrage that wiped out Scotty’s engines. Spock was acting like a space cowboy!!!

109. billy don't be a hiro - February 26, 2007

re: red vs. blue – it would be the same as if there were an episode in which Kirk said “fire photon torpedoes” and they put in an effects shot that showed phasers firing. Does it affect the story or the drama? No. Is it a screw up? Yes. The elaborate hoop-jumping rationalizations for why a screw up really isn’t a screw up has to go back, for a lot of old school fans at least, to those “Best of Trek” books, where there was a regular feature in which the author did the same thing – explaining why mistakes weren’t really mistakes.

As far as missing a reference in a line of dialogue, I can certainly see it happening to anybody, but I will also say this – I hope they are taking time to actually sit down and watch these shows before they start coming up with their lists of shots to change and how to change them, as opposed to just working from memory. I realize life is busy for everybody, but its fifty-two minutes out of the week. Watch the shows.

Otherwise, to err is human and all that. Not a big deal but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the fact that people noticed the discrepency. Declaring it inexcusable and the worst event in the history of Western civilization is going a bit far.

110. Paul W. - February 26, 2007

Wow.. The Enterprise looks great here! CBS-D have gotten better with every episode.. I love the look of The Big “E” here… best looking ever. The FX reel looks great too. I am counting the days that I can buy them on DVD… I am so envious of all of you for being able to actually see the episodes. Syndication edits, minor boo-boos or quips.. you guys are so lucky!

111. Clinton - February 26, 2007

#109 – Well said.

Since this is a season 3 episode, perhaps there’s even a possibility they can go in and correct the error before the show goes to DVD. I realize that will cost $$$, so let’s see what happens.

112. bdrcarter - February 26, 2007

If I worked for CBS-D and read this junk about red vs blue…I’d be tempted to throw my hands in the air and go home. No matter how hard they’re working, we manage to find something to complain about. Give it a rest and use a little imagination.

The obelisk was malfactioning right? So it was shooting blue and wasn’t getting the job done. Maybe this was going on for a long, long time. Long enough for the current generation of natives to think of it as a “blue flame.” Spock shows up, fixes the damn thing and now it’s firing the “correct” color (full power maybe?). And hey, guess what…it’s now fully capable of deflecting asteroids the size of Earth’s moon.

Time to move on.

113. Dr. Image - February 26, 2007

That’s it. Okudas? Rossi?
Please clear this up before many Trekkies brains explode.
#112- That works for me though.
#30 Matt- Thank YOU again!

114. THEETrekMaster - February 26, 2007

#112 EXACTLY!!!! I get so sick of all the whining. I am sure the artists at CBS-D are doing the BEST THEY CAN!!!!

And if you of you CBS-D guys are out there…I for one appreciate the work you guys are putting into this. Star Trek never looked better.

There’s always room for improvement….but don’t let the picky bastards get you down!


115. Scott - February 26, 2007

And I side with YARN, #101. His assessment and his tone. Reasonable, logical. I’m sure CBS-D will alter it before any kind of hard media release.

I also have to agree with those who say the original phaser effects are “better.” Maybe they’re less sophisticated, but there is something dazzling and electric — in the art world, we call it a color’s intensity — that is missing from the new effects.

That said, I am, as always, impressed by what CBS-D is doing overall.

As for the scale of the asteroid…look no further than the “coverging/diverging phaser flap. The beams diverge from the ship; obviously they’re going to hit their target quite some distance apart. When we see them hit their target, it appears they’re hitting close together, but actually the twin beams are hitting the asteroid dozens of kilometers apart — THAT’s how big that asteroid is! HUGE!

This is a great episode, IMO. I’m not sure why folks feel they have to couch their praise apologetically. There’s really little NOT to like about it.

Scott B. out.

116. Nelson - February 26, 2007

And for something completely different; It was nice to see that the Academy recognized James Doohan during the segment of film actors who passed last night.

117. Greg Stamper - February 26, 2007

#116 – “It was nice to see that the Academy recognized James Doohan during the segment of film actors who passed last night.”

They did!!! I’m shocked!! After the De Kelley Snub – – Anyone YouTube it?

118. Scott - February 26, 2007

#116 &117. Yeah, I remember expecting to see De Kelley during the In Memoriam the year he died, and being really disappointed he was missing. I’m glad Jimmy Doohan got his due. Unfortunately, I slap forgot to watch the Oscars® last night!

Scott B. out.

119. dan_star_trek man - February 26, 2007


120. dan_star_trek man - February 26, 2007

Big E phasers don’t look hot or powerful…looks like a squirt gun compared to 60’s animation.

121. mrregular - February 26, 2007

To #96 Jim J:
Thanks for your concern. I checked KXVO right after 3pm Central and yes, they were running The Paradise Syndrome!! I got the VCR running real quick-just missed a minute or so the intro, I guess.
Still going to write a letter to KXVO. Preempting Trek on a Sunday morning with exercise and other informercials is beyond belief.
BTW, I just happened to tune to the Oscars late last night and saw the obit for James Doohan!! That deeply moved me.
Doohan was among the thousands of men who landed on the Beaches of Normandy on D-Day. During action that day one of his fingers was shot off, I believe on his right hand. Doohan will always have an honored place in the Star Trek universe.

122. Lord Edzo - February 27, 2007

I especially loved the ext. shot of Enterprise firing its navigational deflector beam … verrrrry reminiscent of the ext. shot of Enterprise-B doing the same thing in “Star Trek Generations.” Nice touch!

However … you guys gotta fix the color of the obelisk’s deflector beam. It’s supposed to be a “blue flame,” just like Miramanee says, and just as the original FX guys did.

I always loved this episode. The music was incredible. Shatner gave one of his best performances as Kirk/Kirok.

123. Lord Edzo - February 27, 2007

Let’s talk about the Enterprise’s navigational deflector beam. It’s a visible CGI, just as in the original, so …

… doesn’t that mean Enterprise’s tractor beams also should be visible? Same type of beam, except it attracts instead of repels.

You guys should go back to “Space Seed” and “The Doomsday Machine” and add in some visible beams.

Besides, you’re going to have to do it anyway for “The Way to Eden,” when Enterprise tractors the Aurora and there’s actually a tractor beam “sound effect.”

124. MGailP - March 1, 2007

First, I am thrilled at most of the CBS-D work and if they never change any of the bloopers, well we have lived with TOS bloopers for years. Eeeh.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who likes the old phaser beams better. They are wider and have a differently shaded aura around them. That aura is the biggest difference. The new ones just nag at me, like a fly or mosquito flying around. It is anoying but no reason to cancel the picnic. The new phasers make me think of when you draw a line in paint at an angle – slightly jagged (although A LOT smoother jag). It the aura was returned, they could prob keep what has already been done and get almost the old “weight.”

125. Cervantes - March 2, 2007

Absolutely agree on the “aura” faded haze look needed to improve the look of the new beams, which are just too plain, and not as good looking.

126. Kurt - December 6, 2007

“They also edited out the scene where Kirk stoically walks out of the tent after Miramanee passes on to the great hunting grounds. Asks Spock for his phaser and has the tribe drag
Salish before him. “Here’s that blue flame you were asking about. Feel the wrath of Kirok” Burns down Salish in front of everyone. Looks at McCoy and shrugs. “Sorry, had a relapse””


127. Carlyle - December 18, 2008

I just watched the remastered DVD version of this, and it appears that they *did* fix the color of the deflector beam there. At least, it’s back to blue on my copy. But is still has the large pulsing impact point (not present in the original blue beam) and it still imparts angular momentum to the asteroid where it hits.

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