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All Our Yesterdays Screenshots and Video [UPDATED] April 21, 2007

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

Spock’s ancient lovefest remastered

SFX Video





New and Old


Approaching Sarpeidon
In Orbit of Sarpeidon

Sarpeidon’s sun starts the supernova process
Sarpeidon’s sun blows off the last layers of material
The ionized particles expand into a cloud
Sarpeidon breaks up in the shockwave




Mr. Atoz

Zarabeth — Ice Age Hottie

The wimpy prosecutor

Spock tells Zarabeth he is real

Scooping up Zarabeth with smile

Choking McCoy

Mr. Atoz shoves Kirk on an anti-grav platform


UPDATE: Spockboy’s Alternative Supernova 

SUPERNOVA EFFECT with more light


1. Greg Stamper - April 21, 2007

Sarpeidon’s destruction was a terrific effect.

2. TrekMD - April 21, 2007

I really liked how they handled the supernova. Seeing the planet destroyed by the shockwave was an added plus. The new shots/angles of the Enterprise were also cool to see. Nicely done CBS-D!

3. Redshirt - April 21, 2007

I agree with Greg .I do expect ten times better .As much as the still looked cool it ended up looking like the worst effect shot CBS-D team has done . i hate Star Wars Ring shots in Trek. It looks like crap.

4. Ian Watson - April 21, 2007

#3: Do you mean the “ring” surrounding the star going nova?

Um…. that’s how stars look when they explode. The outer layer gets blown off. Trek is borrowing from what we like to call “real life,” not from Star Wars.

5. Redshirt - April 21, 2007

LOL Still it looks terrible.

6. THEETrekMaster - April 21, 2007

Looks AWESOME!!!!

Also looks like they fixed the nacelle caps. Really, really cool stuff, CBS-D!

I’ll get to see the episode in about fifteen mins.

7. Matt Wright - April 21, 2007

#4 — He’s refering to the BS ring added for the Star Wars SE when any planet or the death star explodes. The star going nova doesn’t have a ring persay, it has a sphere of material that goes out in all directions.

8. steve623 - April 21, 2007

The scene where McCoy convinces Spock that he’s reverting to the behavior of his ancestors (regardless of how much sense it makes as an explanation) is *gold*. DeForest Kelley was always ace.

9. cbspock - April 21, 2007

Actually the ‘ring shot’ was first done on Star Trek 6, it was later added to the special editions of Star Wars for the death star explosion

10. steve623 - April 21, 2007

Beta Niobe’s destruction looks essentially the same as the destrution of the Veridian sun in Star Trek: Generations, and very little like the “ring” effect seen in the destruction of Praxis in Star Trek VI.

11. Kyle Nin - April 21, 2007

The first part of the supernova looked bad (The sun turns into a big orange circle? What’s with that? Why can’t it look like a sun?), but the second part (the cloud and the destruction of the planet) looked brilliant.

The “ring” shockwave looked kind of bad too. It just didn’t seem as realistic as the other FX in the episode. I did like the flash of light across the Enterprise, though.

12. EBAR - April 21, 2007

I thought the effects were well done in this episode. I just wished they could have added something to the ice cliff scene.

13. SPOCKBOY - April 21, 2007

The opening shots were freakin excellent!
The supernova was absolute CRAP.
I could do a better effect on my laptop.

14. Brian - April 21, 2007

As stated earlier, the first “shockwave” effect like that used in feature films was STVI. ‘Ol George adopted it for the Star Wars SE years later. Personally I think the new shots look great(although the Enterprise seems to be rather casually moving away from a supernova). The first batch of these remastered episodes looked…..funky…..but the last few months you can really see CBS/Paramount team really hitting their stride.

15. CmdrR - April 21, 2007

Is this like the ‘splosion of Kronos in STVI, which sent a ring shaped shockwave a buh-zillion miles into space? How unlucky for Sulu to be on the same plane.

16. dil - April 21, 2007

Opening shot of Enterprise nice and closing shot of nova also nice. But as is usual with cgi limited episodes, the acting will have to carry the show. There were a few chances to “tweak” cgi (in the library, etc.) But that may be beyond the remastering mandate. Transfer to 16/9 would be a great plus.

17. Matt Wright - April 21, 2007

#11 — In the life cycle of a massive star before it goes nova it is a Red Giant, so it being a red is correct. The cloud portion is actually the least correct part of the effect squence. Of course even before the Red Giant phase I would think Sarpedion would be uninhabitable.

18. Shaye - April 21, 2007

It was CRAP .(as I feared it would be and even worse.)

They RUINED the ending with the non scientific “crapnebula” so called effect….BIG TIME.

F- MINUS for the ruining of Mr. Spocks “City on the Edge of Forever”.

It grieves me greatly.


19. Jon G - April 21, 2007

I used to think that the simple shapes of the original 1701 were so dated. These rematered edistions are proving that they can look just as cool and just as majestic as all the ‘newer’ models of ships. I hope the movie stays with this design, because it looks absolutely marvelous from all these different angles…

20. T Negative - April 21, 2007

The opening shot panning over the left nacelle was a great shot. It was nice to finally see the parent star in an orbital shot. Usually the star is off screen.

The Supernova effect was very well done IMO. Loved the shock wave and bright flash. Seeing Sarpeidon dissolve was great too.

Still would have liked to see the library expanded digitally or the arctic wasteland enhanced with a wide shot or two.

21. Josh T. ( The Shatnastic duotronic hairpeice removal kit) Kirk Esquire' - April 21, 2007

That was kinda sad and dramatic when the shockwave dissolved the world away.

Worlds being dissolved away is poignant and tragic. It would be sort of poignant if our Sun went nova and dissolved our world away before the team can finish these episodes.

I would be mildly dissapointed.

22. THEETrekMaster - April 21, 2007

I’m just disappointed in how many people here can’t seem to tell the difference between a ring and sphere.

This is the most simple and basic geometry.


23. Duane Boda - April 21, 2007

The 4th picture of Zarabeth is actually quite gruesome. Shes a nice looking woman otherwise but that particular still belongs in a Halloween episode. Can’t deny this though….she had – has some good legs. And the effects at the end and throughout the entire episode are really good. Some people just expect and want to much out of these episodes and when a honest to goodness attempt is done then some still complain.
The feed from the Denver station KWGN seemed to have about a one second or so lag….where it was chopped off – also I don’t know IF it was because I was watching it from a 2nd source….(Dish Network) but I noticed lines running across the screen from right to left….anyone else notice this?

24. Matt Wright - April 21, 2007

#23 — My local digital broadcast feed had about 3 spots where the epsiode “hitched”, is the best way I can describe it.
The lines you describe were they on the top? If so that was the analog Closed Captioning data, normally it is hidden by TV overscan, but still present, I have to crop it out of all of my screenshots/videos I make. Hypothetically, in 2009 when we finally ditch analog TV those analog CC data artifacts should go away, since CC is carried as a digital stream (of course) in [ATSC] digital TV.

25. Duane Boda - April 21, 2007

#24 I honestly can’t quite remember but I seem to recall that they were toward the top but more in the center then anything else. Hitched is a good name for it.

26. Gary Seven - April 21, 2007

I think the new supernova effect is wonderful. It is so much more visually pleasing than a glob of bright light, which is all the original effect was (this is separate from the discussion of scientific accuracy, as I’m commenting on the “look.”)
I’m struck by the tone of negativity about the effects. In my opinion this is a tremendous improvement over the original, it is so much “cooler” and fun and dynamic. I guess that’s the word- many of Star Trek’s effects are now “dynamic” thanks to the remastering. I never thought this would ever happen. Since my childhood I have imagined the episodes with improved effects as the technology advanced but the show, alas, was frozen in time. How wonderful that we have this gift. Not to say every effect is a home run in the remastering, but still.
There is this line from “The Matrix” (sorry to use another sci-fi endeavor) where the “agent” said they tried running the original “Matrix” simulation on the humans where they could be happy and content but the humans kept waking up and rejecting this first Matrix. It was only when the reprogrammed it so they could be more negative and unhappy that they stopped rejecting it. Some of the negative postings above remind me of that.

27. DaveM - April 21, 2007

I haven’t seen anyone mention it yet, but if you look closely just after the star explodes, Sarpedion glows red for a brief second as the atmosphere is burned away. Then the shockwave hits breaking it apart. Nicely done and scientifically accurate.

That was no Star Wars ring effect, that circle is a sphere and represents the outer shell of the star blowing away and releasing the energy trapped within. Its is absolutely 100% accurate based on our current knowledge on novas, supernovas and deaths of stars in general.

28. Matt Wright - April 21, 2007

Yep I loved that the atmosphere was burned off before being turned into space rubble.

29. Duane Boda - April 21, 2007

Its refreshing to read some nice comments by the readers of this site and by the fans of the show. The fine people who are slaving away deserve ample praise for a job well done. IF not then say so in a kind and creative fashion that will warrant inner discussion and thought by all of us here instead of discord and ill feelings. I myself would gladly pay a several bucks without hesitation each weekend to see the remastered episodes on the big screen in HD.

30. dm - April 21, 2007

the cw channel here in the bay area moved TREK to 2am from 11pm. Bastards…

31. Granger - April 22, 2007

I’ll place myself in the camp that liked the new nova. It was certainly more dramatic and satisfying than the original, and the poignancy of the planet being clearly obliterated caps the story nicely. They at least made an attempt to echo some of the aspects of a real nova, while taking sufficient poetic license to fit the sequence into the available seconds and create something visually interesting. (Although the extremely rapidly forming nebula struck me as distant cousin of the Crystalline Entity of TNG.)

I’m glad they left the Atavachron doorway alone, as I think the original effect serves the story well. It was really just a plot device, but I always thought it most interesting for the time portal to appear just like an exterior opening in the library building, instead of the elaborate exposed mechanism one might expect. And to think those clever Sarpeidons managed to cobble together a time machine out of scrap parts of M-5 and Gary Seven’s computer!

32. Kelvington - April 22, 2007

I noticed they DID IN FACT update the shots of the silver discs in the library. They removed the matte ring around them. I was very surprised to see that since it was such a small detail. But nicely done none the less.

Now on to a small matter… has anyone ever explained why the phaser doesn’t work? Was it because this was a time before phasers were invented? And if so, then why did the Tricorder and Medical Scanner work?

Just curious.

33. SPOCKBOY - April 22, 2007

Thanks Matt for getting those up so FAST.
Again, I have to say that the opening shots were fabulous.
Supernova, not so fabulous. If you’ve ever seen the Atomic Bomb tests you’ve see how incredibly intense the light can get, so imagine how a supernova would bath the Enterprise in light.

(more light please)

: )

34. SPOCKBOY - April 22, 2007

Good point Rick!
On the ball as usual.

35. Jeffrey S. Nelson - April 22, 2007

Original supernova was just fine. I wonder if Stanky would call the new one a “fake supernova.” I would. As usual, model shots of the Enterprise are consistently more realistic. But, I do like the new angles as mentioned by some posters.

36. Penhall - April 22, 2007

The new Supernova shot looks cool, but a little cartoonish. And why the hell didn’t they add an ice cliff????

37. DarthDogg - April 22, 2007

Alright, Spockboy , the next time you say dumb **it like you can do better on your laptop’ do it and show it to back up your claim. God i hate tools that boldy state thier greatness’ knowing theyll never have to back it….Tool!

38. Jeffrey S. Nelson - April 22, 2007

Tool is one of my favorite alternative rock bands. Otherwise I don’t think it has a place here.
When Kirk first gets sent to the puritan past he states, “we must have gotten separated somehow.” There’s a few missing frames of video and audio there that have been cleaned up a bit, but the glitch is still obvious…but more obvious on the dvd of this episode and the “special edition” version that aired on Sci-Fi Channel a few years ago. I’m curious if this glitch dates back to 1969…or if any other prints exist that have the missing frames.
Ian Wolfe (Mr. Atoz) had quite a film history…and even looked old when he was young. Kind of like Alan Napier…Alfred the butler on Batman. Speaking of which…when will Fox and the estate of Wm. Dozier settle ownership dispute and release this classic series on dvd? Fans might want to check out the Star Trek Vs. Batman fan film on site. Pretty cool.

39. Jeffrey S. Nelson - April 22, 2007

That’s for the Star Trek vs. Batman fan film. I am such a tool.

40. Driver - April 22, 2007

Vindicated yet again. RMFX too cool for school.

41. jonboc - April 22, 2007

One of my fav episodes just got better. Well done CBS-D!

42. Lao3D - April 22, 2007

Very exciting, can’t wait to see the full episode tonight. The nova looks good at least in WMV form, maybe a tad overdone, but I like that they had some fun with it. Also, I have to say after all my earlier whining about star fields, they’ve been looking great lately and I’m loving that the red and blue stars have made a comeback in recent weeks.

43. steve - April 22, 2007

Is it just my ‘magination runnin away with me, or did the E look a little brighter (and whiter) in these screenshots?

44. DJT - April 22, 2007

My two cents are as follows.

1) The Nova looked friggin’ sweet. It was elegant and overall evoked a sense of tragedy. The planet’s disintegration was also consistent with Generations, which was very cool.

2) The opening shot of the E approaching the planet bothers me. I know it’s been done in other episodes before, but seeing a planet speeding toward you looks weird to me. I understand the perspective is supposed to be from the E’s POV, but I would think they’d have dropped out of warp before getting that close to a planet. The following shot of the E falling into orbit, on the other hand, looks perfect.

3) At the end, shouldn’t the Enterprise be hightailing it out of there? I mean – look how fast the NOVA caught up to the planet. I’ll just assume she put the pedal to the metal after leaving the frame.

45. Kyle Nin - April 22, 2007


That’s not my point. I understand the sun becoming red. What I didn’t like was the fact that it was just a big red circle. It looked really flat with no detail to it. It didn’t look like a real star, just a cartoon one.

46. ZtoA - April 22, 2007

Great work CBS-D. The opening approach shot was fantastic as was the super nova. The animators and designers are certainly getting comfortable with the nacelle caps as evidenced by the new close-ups we are seeing of them.

My mirror-universe man AtoZ looked a little cleaner than he used to although he is still a grumpy SOB…

Can’t wait for Tomorrow Is Yesterday and Ultimate Computer.

47. foobar - April 22, 2007

Saw it on an HD channel last night (WXYZ). Looked fantastic. Lots of detail on the Enterprise, even in the opening.

48. EvilDrPuma - April 22, 2007

Kelvington @32: Maybe the Atavachron was designed to disable travelers’ energy weapons. Maybe any weapon with a complex mechanism, but we can’t know that for sure.

49. Lord Garth Formerly of Izor - April 22, 2007

Stunning and a wonderfully poingant episode to boot anyone ever read the sequal by A.C. Crispin???? I read it when i was 7, might have to pick it up and read it again. That shot at the end is a small taste of what we can expect to see in the upcoming film. What a gorgeous ship. Marta will dance for Mr. Atoz

50. Gd846c3 - April 22, 2007

Look outstanding. Nova looks great and so does the Enterprise. No complaints here, just praise.

51. Thomas Jensen - April 22, 2007

Very nice opening shots of the ship approaching and orbiting Sarpeidon. The fade between the two shots of the ship during the opening music and Captain’s Log during the teaser set up the mood quite effectively for this episode.

Nice to see a new shot of the ship orbiting the planet with a sun for the beginning of act one and the nova and destruction of the planet were handled very nicely by a bunch of guys who’ve never seen one, referencing current scientific theory of how his would look.

I think this was done very well.

52. Mark 2000 - April 22, 2007

The Nova looked like one of those silly mandelbrot fractals. I could make those on my 386.

BTW, why was the sun in the orbit shot, but not the approach shot? Sloppy.

53. Stanklin T. McFibberich - April 22, 2007

re: 35. Jeffrey S. Nelson – April 22, 2007

“Original supernova was just fine. I wonder if Stanky would call the new one a “fake supernova.” I would.”

Stanklin T. McFibberich does not call everything fake. Mostly just any attempts to recast or reimagine anything from the Star Trek series era.

54. ozy - April 22, 2007

Great episode. Great jobe CBS-D !

55. Thorny - April 22, 2007

Praxis’ ring in Trek VI effect is pure Hollywood. The Beta Niobe effect here is much closer to reality (although the faster-than-light expansion is still Hollywood, but this is necessary due to the script and was also present in the original.)

Novae don’t produce rings, at least not on this timescale, they produce spheres of gas expanding in all directions. The “Ring Nebula” is not really a ring, it is a sphere, like a bubble. It just looks like a ring to us, the same way a bubble is almost invisible except around its edges.

Beautiful effect in AOY, I think.

56. T Negative - April 22, 2007

The view of the E escaping the Supernova is by far the best angle to photgraph her. That ship is absolutley timeless!! It looks fantastic being cleaned up and shown to us in all its HD glory. I see no reason at all to change it. The only thing that dates it slightly is the deflector dish. I wouldn’t mind if Abrams put a ST:TMP style deflector dish on it for the new movie. I still say…..

JJ Abrams, Please, please, please use the classic E design in the movie!!!

57. Bart - April 22, 2007

Praxis was not a star, it was a moon (when Sulu asks to Voltane, he replies: “it’s Praxis sir, it’s a Klingon MOON”)

We’ve seen a couple of stars going Nova on TNG and Voyager.

58. diabolik - April 22, 2007

The nova was awesome. GOOD JOB, CBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

59. Nelson - April 22, 2007

Just saw my recording of AOY. The last shot of the exploding sun was really well done. The part I liked the best was at the moment of the flash, there’s a shadow off the left lower side of the Enterprise. Looked great. And the planet exploding as the expanding gases hit it was cool!

I agree with the above poster that the angle of the ship was a very cool view as it flew towards the camera.

The ship looked terrific at the beginning too.

60. Stanklin T. McFibberich - April 22, 2007

re: 52. Mark 2000 – April 22, 2007

“The Nova looked like one of those silly mandelbrot fractals. I could make those on my 386. BTW, why was the sun in the orbit shot, but not the approach shot? Sloppy.”

Nap time for cranky Mark. :)

61. CmdrR. - April 22, 2007

Nice job, CBS-D.
Now to nitpicky stuff…
Spock’s phaser won’t work in the past, but McCoy’s mediscanner does.
Kirk leaves his phaser (working or not, we don’t know) in Merry Old Sarpeidon.
Once Kirk returns, he has his communicator (they took his phaser but not that apparently) in one shot. He crossed the room to the Atavachron and the communicator is missing.
Finally… Atoz tries to throw Kirk through the Atavachron, even though he’s not “prepared.” Why not just kill him with the zap thing?
OK… there’s more. These people have time travel and either clones or androids (whatever duplicates are) but not space travel. Somehow, that seems unlikely.
Having said all that… I love this ep. It’s SO Trek!

62. Mark 2000 - April 22, 2007

Hey, Stanklin. Look who’s a cranky child. You just insulted me because I criticized something that has nothing to do with you.

Why doesn’t everyone here grow up and learn that not everyone needs to like what you like and that taking personal potshots definitely isn’t the answer. Come on people, keep your emotional outbursts to yourself for once and for all.

63. FredCFO - April 22, 2007

I always liked this episode. The Spock/McCoy interplay was good. Mariette Hartley was also at the height of her feminine charms.

The opening shot looked a little digital, but nice perspective from behind the nacelle.

Sarpeidon melting in the nova, nice touch.

I guess that nothing was done with the doorway. The backdrop was faky — somewhat reminiscent of the backdrop used at the end of “When Worlds Collide”….

The same nova effect was used in “The Empath” in the original. Presumably this will be changed when that ep is remastered.

64. Selarrac Prime - April 22, 2007

Actually, to all those that dislike the “ring shot,” the real life RIng Nebula is an example of such a real life effect. There is a star at the center of that nebula.. Although theories linger…

“This is contrary to the belief expressed e.g. in Kenneth Glyn Jones’ book. There are even indications from investigations of deep observations such as George Jacoby’s deep photos obtained at Kitt Peak National Observatory that the overall shape might be more that of a cylinder viewed along the direction of the axis than that of a ring, i.e., we are looking down a tunnel of gas ejected by a star at the end of its nuclear-burning life. Eventually, these observations have given evidence that the equatorial ring or cylinder has lobe-shaped extensions in polar directions, similar to those found in deep images of M76, but even more resembling other planetaries like NGC 6302, see e.g. the review by Sun Kwok (2000). ”

In anycase, the first such shot I ever saw in SCI FI was Star Trek 6.

65. Cranston - April 22, 2007

I thought the nova effect was in general quite nice, but I agree with others who said it needed to be *bright*. It needed to be blindingly bright. I tried to rationalize it by thinking that maybe what we saw was just heavily filtered to make details visible, but in that case the Enterprise should have just been a black silhouette (and no visible starfield). Which would have been nice, actually. But aside from that, I quite liked it — spherical expansion included.

66. CmdrR. - April 22, 2007

64 – Wow, someone had his Vulcan Oat Toasties this morning.

67. Jeffrey S. Nelson - April 22, 2007

Looked like a fake supernova to me. Sorry, Stanky… :)

68. Jeff J - April 22, 2007

Hmm, my problem is that the original gave a much better sense of scale by having the Enterprise appear so small against the nova.

By having it large that’s all lost. Silly artistic decision.

69. T Negative - April 22, 2007

Tiny little Sarpeidon didn’t give any sense of scale to you??

Not sure how anyone can compare the old shot to the new one. The new one is superior in many ways. The old shot looks dated. That said, the original was one of the best VFX shots of the series. I am glad CBS took some time and made a great new shot to honor it.

70. mrtew - April 22, 2007

I’d say the nova happened too fast. It’s takes 9 minutes for light to get to Earth from our sun and it’d probably take a LOT longer for something as huge as the sun to get that much larger and even longer to burn away something as big as a planet and pretty doubtful that it even could. Looked sorta cool though, I’m just saying that it’s not very ‘realistic’ to all the people that are making that claim. Plus I still think it’s a huge waste to do all this work for the purpose of transferring it to HD and then not show it in HD.

71. CmdrR. - April 22, 2007

I am not as smart as most of the people here who have actually witnessed a nova. Oh that’s right, none of you has. But, I believe the scale and nature of the big finale depends on the size and make-up of the star which is gonna blow. Some go nova. Others go red giant or brown dwarf… or super nova (which seems to be the only kind anyone in SF cares about.) I’m fine with what CBS-D has shown here. I’m open to other theories.
It’s Sunday and I’m too sleepy from watching this ep until 3am to argue the point.

72. Stanklin T. McFibberich - April 22, 2007

re:62. Mark 2000

Did you notice the smiley face after my comment? That means I was joking.
No offense was intended. Really. Sorry.

73. CmdrR. - April 22, 2007

We could all use a smiley faced super nova. IDIC, people.

74. Thorny - April 22, 2007


Speak for yourself. I remember Supernova 1987A quite well. And that was a supernova. Nova aren’t all that uncommon.

75. Stanklin T. McFibberich - April 22, 2007

re: 67. Jeffrey S. Nelson – April 22, 2007

“Looked like a fake supernova to me. Sorry, Stanky… :)”

No problem. Not at all. :)

I wouldn’t know a fake supernova from a real one anyway. In fact, the effects do not need to be scientifically accurate for me. I’m glad if they take the time to try to try to do them that way, but I don’t analyze it from that standpoint. I can be fooled by that. I can accept it.

I CAN’T be fooled by someone dressed up as Captain Kirk who is not Mr. Shatner. That is fake. :)

76. Jeffrey S. Nelson - April 22, 2007

75. I agree, Stanky. But, I think I like the old supernova effect better because it was just so intensely bright.
Have you seen the Star Trek vs. Batman film at Pretty funny.

77. Stanklin T. McFibberich - April 22, 2007

re: 76

I will check that out. I saw your link earlier, but I have been so busy on my Commodore Vic-20 trying to create realistic CGI coconuts for my Gilligan’s Island Remastered project. Right now they still look like Atari video game coconuts. :)

78. Jeffrey S. Nelson - April 22, 2007

re: 77

Just don’t digitally enhance Ginger’s coconuts! :)
Speaking of sixties sitcoms, I wish they would remove the laugh track from these dvd releases. The producers wisely did on the dvd release of the “Sledgehammer” series.

79. Anthony Pascale - April 22, 2007

Well Spockboy has ‘put his money where his mouth is’ on a different nova effect….see his version above in the update (at the bottom of the article)

80. Smitty - April 22, 2007

I remember when I first saw this episode.

Before I first saw Star Trek I watched Doctor Who.

So when I saw Zarabeth in those skins and was thinking. “Hey it’s Leela!”

I expected to see her threaten to cut Spock’s heart out or kill McCoy with a Janus thorn!

81. paustin - April 22, 2007

lol and Spockboy trumps cbs digital in one beautifull blow…man thats impressive looking

82. Kelvington - April 22, 2007

Nicely DONE Spockboy! Let’s see you had a few hours to work on it, CBS-D had a few weeks… oddly your’s looks better. How can that be? Great work!

83. Matt Wright - April 22, 2007

Yeah I like Spockboy’s better

84. Demode - April 22, 2007

Looks good, for the most part.

Only thing I thought was strange was how slow the Enterprise is moving away from it at the end. Would have been cool to see her jump to warp, with the rainbow effect behind her.

85. non-fanatic - April 22, 2007

“Let’s see you had a few hours to work on it, CBS-D had a few weeks… oddly your’s looks better. How can that be?”

You do realize that it’s the original CBS-D clip altered by spockboy don’t you?

86. Crap, yet not so crapy - April 22, 2007

Let’s see Spockboy do it from scratch!

87. Stanklin T. McFibberich - April 22, 2007

re: 78. Jeffrey S. Nelson – April 22, 2007

Hate to disagree, but those laugh tracks are ingrained in me and removing them would be like having a fake Kirk. ;)

I tried to watch the Batman vs. Star Trek, but the video was extremely slow to load…pretty funny…I like the fights and phasers…did watch most of part 2 and will definitely try again later to see if I can get part 1 to go. Some good looking chicks in there. The fake Batman suit was quite realistic…moreso than the fake Batman. Of course, this is a parody, so that can be forgiven.

88. Cranston - April 22, 2007


It could even use more light than that, but:


89. fatmanbruno - April 22, 2007

The camera lens flare on Spockboy’s video update was a little to much, but I certainly enjoyed the brighter blinding light, more in keeping with the original

90. CmdrR. - April 22, 2007

Spockboy…. nice light… but, it just needs… some cowbells.

91. T Negative - April 22, 2007

Spockboy’s effect is really good. I think I like it better than the CBS’s!!

great job!!

92. Scott Gammans - April 22, 2007

I thought spockboy’s improvements were closer to what we should have seen on TV. Nice job, Spocko!

93. Commodore Z - April 22, 2007

Nope. Way too heavy on the lens flares and the diffusion. Considering that virtually everything else in that clip is from CBS-D, I’d give Spockboy a “C.”

94. Michael Hall - April 22, 2007

I hate to admit it, but I preferred his version myself. (I say ‘hate’ because I found the tone of his original post to be pretty snotty.) Still, while it may well be an improvement, in the end this was really just building on CBS-D’s work–the real test would be to develop his own concept of the effect, from scratch.

95. SPOCKBOY - April 22, 2007

Okay guys,
For starters I literally spent no more than 20 minutes on it. As far as the LENS FLARE goes I am limited to what programs I have, and a small laptop. The whole point was to illustrate that CBS digital needs to “stop fearing the light!”

Flat and gray=cartoony
light and contrast=realistic

that’s all.
Romulan Ale for everyone.

96. Steve Friedman - April 22, 2007

I like the change better. Why don’t you fix that lame planet evaporation while you’re at it?

Generations and the God-awful Supernova had really good planetary meltdowns.

97. SPOCKBOY - April 22, 2007

I don’t think people understand.
I really WANT CBS Digital to do a good job and I am ecstatically happy when they succeed.
I thought the opening shots were fabulous and said so.
I just see a consistent problem with their work which is generally a “light” problem. Their matte work and rotoscoping has been wonderful, and the big E is starting to look sweet. But you have to understand, different guys work on different shots. That’s why some shots are fantastic, and some are shit.

It’s very simple.

By the way Mr Hall, I don’t know what you mean by “snotty” but if you give me all of the staff and equipment CBS Digital has I will GLADLY create something from scratch, and it’ll blow your mind.
Besides, they aren’t creating it from scratch either. They are taking a ship that someone else designed, and re-creating shots that other people created 40 years ago.

Seriously though, do I sound snotty?
: )

98. Commodore Z - April 22, 2007


99. Commodore Z - April 22, 2007

Honest people can have honestly differing tastes. I prefer CBS-D’s version. I think yours looks too cartoony. I respect the fact that you disagree. I don’t respect the fact that you think that having a differing opinion makes you superior.

100. Stanklin T. McFibberich - April 22, 2007

I like the new effects. I like the old effects. I like Spockboy’s effects. I like peppermint and non-peppermint nacelle caps. I like everything. I am so happy. :)

101. TOS Forever! - April 22, 2007

re: supernova. BEST… F/X… SHOT… YET!!

(Spockboy’s extra touch was fantastic, too.)

Seriously, this was an amazing f/x shot. Great job, CBS-D. You impressed again with this one.

102. T Negative - April 22, 2007

CBS digital, hire this man.

103. New Horizon - April 22, 2007

Yes, the Spockboy effects really did add to the scene. When I saw the original CBS-D version, I thought that it looked good…but fell rather flat and looked unfinished. Spockboy’s extra touches really completes the effect and gives it the sense of realism and urgency that the scene needed. Especially the flare effects…the original CBS-D version just looked far too perfectly round when the suns layers expanded outward…like a perfect orange circle.

Nice way to demonstrate what a little spit and polish can do Spockboy.

104. Demode - April 22, 2007


I love how that looks with added light to it. That was quite impressive!!!

105. TOS Forever! - April 22, 2007

One thing I wish folks would remember: This is a science *fiction* TV series. :)

106. Kirk's Crotch - April 22, 2007

I have a problem whenever people sitting in their basements take it upon themselves to mess with other people’s art. Even when it’s just for demonstration purposes, as Spockboy says, it still is REALLY disrespectful to the artists who worked hard on their art. Imagine going into a museum to look at some painting just on display and some yahoo steps forward with a laptop and says, “Here, I just scanned and altered this painting in Photoshop to show you how it could be better.” Or if you walk out of a concert and some dude has already remixed one of the songs on his Casio and is playing it for everyone because he thinks the performer didn’t quite get it right. Why is it suddenly okay to edit other people’s films or mess with shots? I don’t think any of us would appreciate it if after spending a couple weeks working on a piece of art from scratch that we present it to the world only to have some anonymous stranger somewhere take it, spend 20 minutes messing with it and then post his revision back on line as an “improvement”. If you got the talent, go make your own damn movies and leave other people’s sh*t alone!

107. chris2 - April 22, 2007

Very nice work by the CBS crew.

Spockboys “improvement” was pretty lame. Much preferred the original.

108. Gary Seven - April 22, 2007

Re: #100- Stanky

Have you been affected by the spores?

Or perhaps you have been absorbed by the body and have found peace and contentment in the ways of Landru?

109. Jim J - April 22, 2007

#106-As much as I like a lot of Spockboy’s work, I totally agree with you on this point. Besides, I have shown that particular scene to several people, adn every single person has been thrilled with it in comparison to the lame original. Back in the day, it was pretty cool, but this is fantastic.

110. DJT - April 22, 2007

Gee, makes me wish things on TV could be shown in HD.

111. Gary Seven - April 22, 2007

Jim J; Re: #109- I agree with you- see post #26

112. Josh T. (The Phantom Shat's duotronic hairpeice removal kit) Kirk Esquire. - April 22, 2007

You guys are missing a VERY fundamental point here.

The star had exhausted its hydrogen, fusion was no longer occuring, hence the flat, pale, drab look of the red orb just prior to exploding.

The furnace was gone.

No one is pointing out the lens flare type appearance of beta Nairobi as Enterprise approaches, only chastising the appearance of the supernova.

The star wasn’t emitting because it was exhausted.
That’s….what a Supernova is.

113. Josh T. (The Phantom Shat's duotronic hairpeice removal kit) Kirk Esquire. - April 22, 2007

Spockboys rendition is just fine for a star that abruptly explodes in the midst of its life cycle , perhaps from an energy impact from the Death Star. It’s servicable.

However, the effect of lense flares isn’t feasible for an effect indicating a Star has run it’s course and is in it’s death stage.

114. Josh T. (The Phantom Shat's duotronic hairpeice removal kit) Kirk Esquire. - April 22, 2007

People need to stop second guessing the CBS Digital team and learn to trust them, they are CLEARLY talking to astronomers and referencing Hubble images.

115. Kirk's Crotch - April 22, 2007

It isn’t really the second guessing, which is fine in terms of a discussion, so much as the “here, let me show everyone how I can spend 20 minutes and add a few things to make this even better” and actually manipulating other people’s images and artwork.

116. Buckaroohawk - April 22, 2007

The FX shots look good. The episode airs where I am in about an hour.

Spockboy, your tweaking really sealed the deal on the closing shot of the supernova. the original was nice but underwhelming. Your simple additions completed (and complimented) the scene nicely. Good work.

Kirk’s Crotch,

We heard a similar diatribe from you before, and I tried very hard to understand and accept your opinion even if I disagreed with it. Now I think you’re simply perched on some artistic “high horse” bellowing down at the rest of us. Spockboy posted his alteration because someone else here called him out. He didn’t like the effect CBS-D delivered and thought it would look better with additional enhancement, something he felt CBS-D should have done. He added the effect and posted it here, putting his money where his mouth is.

Improvement is in the eye of the beholder. I think his version looks better than the CBS-D version, which itself is a vast improvement over the original FX shot. You may not think so, and that’s okay. But to lump those of us that work with visual effects or CGI, even as a hobby, into the “people sitting in their basements” category is snotty, callous, and quite frankly, sickeningly elitist. Critiquing a product is one thing, sniping at the person who made the product is quite another.

You’ve ranted before about your problems with the “artistic merit” of “other people” (commissioned or otherwise) altering previously established filmed images. We get it. You don’t like it. You’ve said so. We heard you. Now get over it.

Spockboy, to paraphrase Admiral James T. Kirk, “You go right on fixing those effects.”

117. David B. - April 22, 2007

I am glad Mr Atoz made his escape right at the end. He went about 200 years into their past and his new life there was that of the butler, Hirsch, to Mrs Carlson, owner of WKRP.

118. Alternative Factor anti-Chris - April 22, 2007

While I like to keep the “tinkering” to a minimum, in some ways I wish the Remastered series could add a little coloring filter to some of the episodes when they travel to the planets. Nothing drastic, but this was supposed to be a Red Giant, yet the planet looked as nice outside as a sunny day in Florida.

But I’m fine with it if it meant messing with it too much.

119. patio - April 22, 2007

No Spockboy, you don’t sound snotty…but let me commend you for a simple, yet effective re-do at CBS-D’s somewhat poor effort on the supernova. I totally agree with your comments on the issue of lighting and contrast. I’m guessing you used a Maya and perhaps a little After Effects?

120. Commodore Z - April 22, 2007

Spockboy’s shot is 99.9% CBS-Digital’s work. Maybe a bit more. So how come he’s “effective” and “commendable” and their work is “poor”?

121. Skippy 2k - April 22, 2007

Wow, guess spockboy and I tried something similar. I also did an alternate version of the effect. Didn’t alter it much, added some texture/movement to the sun and some particles shooting away from the explosion…

122. SPOCKBOY - April 23, 2007

#116-thanks Buckaroohawk, I really appreciate it.
#119-Thank you too, I’m glad to hear I don’t sound snotty. It’s not my intention.
Actually I just used Sony Vegas 6.0 which is simply an editing program.
#120-Buddy…RELAX. Nobody is claiming authorship here. I made a point, then actually ILLUSTRATED that point(quite hap-haphazardly in 20 minutes)so that my pals here at TREKMOVIE could see what I meant. I thought instead of just BITCHING about it , I would actually try to DEMONSTRATE. If you would prefer to just BITCH then by all means RANT AWAY…
And if anyone is “snotty” Commodore, it is most certainly YOU my friend.
#121-Excellent job buddy. Much more sophisticated then what I did.The texturing actually made it look like a SUN not a red rubber ball.
(pssst, don’t let Commodore Z know about it. Tell you later. shhhhh)

123. Josh T. (The Phantom Shat's duotronic hairpeice removal kit) Kirk Esquire. - April 23, 2007

After all of the months visiting this site, reading all of the comments, and especially the NATURE of the complaints, I’ve finally decided, it’s essential….

I’m buying alot of you guys SCIENCE books next Christmas! ;)

124. Stanklin T. McFibberich - April 23, 2007


For the first time in my life I was happy.

:) Hey, Gary Seven-boy…y’all ever had a real, cold Georgia-style mint julep, huh?

125. FlyingTigress - April 23, 2007

Of course, if we’re going to get all scientific, unless there was more to Sarpeidon’s parent star than meets the eye (a binary partner that wasn’t seen, larger but more distant than 1 A.U. from Sarpeidon itself, etc.), it would be unlikely to go supernova.

IIRC, dwarf stars may go nova, but one methodology for supernova formation takes much more massive stars — where the point is reached where gravitational collapse results in temperatures leading to the formation of stellar elements up to iron being formed, fusing at higher temperatures, until iron (which can’t fuse to generate energy) is being formed in the core — to create a supernova. Of course, if the red giant seen was the companion, and it was the dwarf star that was Sarpeidon’s prinary, then there is an alternative mechanism….hmmm. Could explain why the orbital approach showed the E being lit from the starboard side when the larger redder star was seen more toward directly ahead….

Of course, it’s just a TV show.

Not one of the favorite eps, but, nice enough given which season it was produced in!

126. Kirk's Crotch - April 23, 2007

It’s not about claims of authorship or being on some “high horse” that makes this kind of alteration wrong. It’s about people taking it upon themselves to mess with other people’s art without their permission and sending it out into the ether. Just because some anonymous person online “calls out” Spockboy (oh no, his Geek manhood was on the line!!!) doesn’t suddenly throw principle out the window. What’s the difference between altering an image and, say, rewriting “Catcher in the Rye” without all those “bad words” in there? Or re-editing “Shindler’s List” to avoid any of those pesky shots where Jews were being killed? Since it’s all for “demonstration” purposes, there’s nothing wrong with that, right? People tend to assume that just because we’re online and we have the technology to do stuff like this that we SHOULD. But post some of your own art online — something you really worked hard on for weeks and weeks. And then imagine some uninvited volunteer taking your work and changing it to “demonstrate” how you got things “wrong” and could do it better. It wouldn’t be right if someone did that to you and it’s not right in this case, regardless of the so-called harmless motivation behind it. There are other ways to demonstrate a point without digitally painting all over someone else’s work. If Spockboy’s point was so important to make, and if he needed to make it visually to get above the “rant and bitching” of the discussion (“bitching” he admits started with him), then he certainly could’ve used his impressive talents (and, seriously, they are — I’m not questioning that) in a way that didn’t involve painting over another artist’s work. Maybe it would’ve taken longer than 20 minutes. Maybe it would’ve involved some extra effort. Certainly being “called out” would’ve justified that extra time and effort, right? I mean, damn, he was “called OUT” by people he doesn’t know in an online forum — that sort of offense DEMANDS a huge effort in return!

127. Montreal Paul - April 23, 2007

it was a nice attempt, Spock boy. Keep up the good work.

128. Josh T. (The Phantom Shat's duotronic hairpeice removal kit) Kirk Esquire. - April 23, 2007

The Vejur annihilation of free-roaming hydrogen “cloud” effect in Star Trek- The Motion Picture, was retroactively , and callously I believe, downscaled from 82 Astronomical Units in size, to a rather uninspired, non-threatening 2 Astronomical Units in diameter.

I was pissed. Talk about being defanged.

129. Josh T. (The Phantom Shat's duotronic hairpeice removal kit) Kirk Esquire. - April 23, 2007

What’s impressive about the Vejur interception, and what you don’t get from the visuals selected in the film, is that the entire intercept, and scenes both approaching and entering the Vejur cloud, as well as machine itself, were occuring at extreme warp velocities.
Navigator Illia performed the highly impressive and navigationally suicidal conic intercept maneuver. Enterprise approached Vejur head on in excess of Warp 7, Vejur approached Enterprise, and Earth in excess of Warp 8. As Enterprises vector put her on a collison course, Enterprise swept to one side, always keeping the bow facing directly at Vejur, then maneuvering in from behind allowing Enterprise to accelerate or decelerate at Kirk’s command, either abandoning pursuit or slowly approaching to indicate to Vejur the intercept was peaceful, unlike the Klingon interception.

130. SPOCKBOY - April 23, 2007

God you guys.
Rewriting “Catcher in the Rye” or editing “Shindler’s List” is a hilarious comparison to one 20 second scene in Star Trek Remastered LOL
C’MON man are you serious?
I’ve said it a dozen times “You know if CBS digital used more LIGHT in their stuff, it would look less cartoony”
So I saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate that quite easily.
I thought it looked good.
Not because “I” made it look good. I just added some more light to an already good effect that, to me, had fallen short somewhat, due, once again, to a lack of light. The fact that I only spent 20 minutes demonstrates my minimal input into the final product perfectly.
My final point being…
“See CBS Digital? You’re stuff would look absolutely amazing if you just used more light.
It’s noteworthy that you guys elected to not read my 2 statements:
“The opening shots were freakin excellent!” and:
“Again, I have to say that the opening shots were fabulous”

By the way, THANK YOU for the back handed compliment about the talent, I sincerely appreciate it.

GEEK MANHOOD indeed…..

: )

131. Trek-Inspired Astrophysicophile - April 23, 2007

17. Technically, such a massive star goes supernova of the Type II kind – a nova being a less destructive phenomenon. Actually, before the supernova and during the red giant phase, the star should already have a cloud portion, because it would be exhibiting extreme mass loss. Yes, I agree that even before the red giant phase, Sarpeidon would be uninhabitable – a massive star is far too hot and bright to have habitable planets; however, Beta Niobe could have been a Sunlike star that pulled in or got infused with some trilithium.

132. Trek-Inspired Astrophysicophile - April 23, 2007

112. Yes, if the star did go supernova rather than nova, the fusion of hydrogen would no longer be occuring, but up until the point of supernova, the fusion of heavier elements would occur. However, the star probably wouldn’t look so flat, pale and drab, but really twisted and gnarly like the real star Eta Carinae.

So Beta Niobe should still be emitting.

133. Trek-Inspired Astrophysicophile - April 23, 2007

125. Yes, if Sarpeidon’s parent star were a Sunlike star, it would be unlikely to go supernova. In fact, it would be impossible for to go supernova, unless something like trilithium got into a its core.

Yes, if it were a binary composed of a white dwarf and the red giant that we saw, then yes, the “nova” could really have been a nova after all, but it could have been a Type Ia supernova. The methodology for supernova formation that you describe is the Type II methodology, but he Type Ia involves a white dwarf-red giant binary just like in a nova, but the white dwarf acumulates so much material from the red giant that it almost reaches a mass of 1.44 solar mass and undergoes a restart of nuclear fusion in its core rather than on its surface. However, the white dwarf is composed of degenerate matter and cannot expand and cool like a normal star, so it overheats and goes supernova.

So yes, the red giant seen could have been the companion and the white dwarf could have been on the Enterprise’s starboard side. However, the red giant should have had a stream of material falling into an accretion disk surrounding the white dwarf.

Yeah, it’s just a TV show, but it can inspire people to study astrophysics.

It’s one of my favorite episodes.

134. diabolik - April 23, 2007

The music and the visuals at the end worked so well together here. I felt a bit of sadness at the end of a planet’s life, much moreso than before. Seeing the planet melt away added a real element of melancholy. Great work.

135. Dr. Image - April 23, 2007

Haven’t seen the ep. yet, but judging from the caps, they still haven’t gotten the infamous “nacelle ball” size issue resolved.
Comparison pix don’t lie- see rear angle shot above.

136. scarpad - April 23, 2007

They should’ve CG’d a Sleeping Sabre Tooth Tiger in the cave.

137. Kyle Nin - April 23, 2007

I think Spockboy’s version looks a whole lot better. I wish it was the one from the episode.

138. THEETrekMaster - April 23, 2007

Nice work, Spockboy! I like the added light. WAY cool!!!


139. Ralph F - April 23, 2007

Love, love, love the super-close-ups of the ENTERPRISE. Keep ’em coming.

Love that ship. JJ, don’t you dare change the design.

140. New Horizon - April 23, 2007

106>I have a problem whenever people sitting in their basements take it upon themselves to mess with other people’s art. Even when it’s just for demonstration purposes, as Spockboy says, it still is REALLY disrespectful to the artists who worked hard on their art.

Is it really much different than CBS-D re-imagining the effects for these episodes in the first place? What about the work of the original Trek Artists? It is being tossed out completely. All Spockboy did was quickly mock up an example of what he was talking about, and I agree with him. It made the scene look finished. Perhaps CBS-D just doesn’t have time to put the fine polish on scenes like this…it’s a shame really. I agree with Spockboy, they do need to use more light.

141. Michael Hall - April 23, 2007


“By the way Mr Hall, I don’t know what you mean by “snotty” but if you give me all of the staff and equipment CBS Digital has I will GLADLY create something from scratch, and it’ll blow your mind.
Besides, they aren’t creating it from scratch either. They are taking a ship that someone else designed, and re-creating shots that other people created 40 years ago.”

What I mean by ‘snotty’ is taking someone else’s hard work and, instead of offering constructive criticism, snidely toss it off with the assertion that you could do it better on your laptop. Which is not the same thing at all as making it better on your laptop, though for that I’ll grant that you did a creditable job. Still, if you really think that’s no different than creating such an effect from the pixels up–albeit using someone else’s designs and concepts–well, I’ll just suggest that you may have gotten started on the Romulan Ale a bit early. :-)

It’s obvious to me that you’re pretty good at this sort of thing, and given the time and effort could very possibly produce work that would indeed blow our minds. That said, as a dabbler in CG myself I don’t think I need to tell you that it doesn’t take fancy equipment, a large staff or even very expensive software anymore to do this sort of work–just talent, time and patience. Consequently, I’ll look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

142. Diabolik - April 23, 2007

One thing about the cave set in this episode… it really avoided the usual Trek cave set problem; flat studio floors and rocky walls. The way they had the stalactites and stalagmites, the curvey multi-layer rock surfaces, all worked to hide the few flat floors. They did a great job on this cave set inthis episode, it looked quiet real (except for the colored gel lights all over, LOL).

143. T Negative - April 23, 2007


One thing I noticed about the cave set is that there were candles placed throughout the set. A nice touch that I never noticed before.

I agree with you, the original set designers did a great job here.

144. Jeff Bond - April 23, 2007

I’m glad someone mentioned the way the nova shot works with the music; the TOS music editors put a quick “sting” into the beginning of the nova track which is Apollo’s fanfare from “Who Mourns For Adonais?”–the original nova effect was actually pretty ambitious for the time, especially considering that they actually do show the planet being vaporized in the shot–but the Apollo sting always struck me as an attempt to juice up the spectacle in a shot that didn’t quite have as much impact as the music implied. Here the fanfare accompanies the red sphere expansion before it gives way to the “crab nebula” effect. I thought the CBSD nova was beautiful; I agree the lighting is not always realistic in these shots but it has NEVER been realistic and the CBS people have always stated their intention to retain at least some of the look of the original series lighting so I don’t expect to see scientifically accurate lighting (which would look like what when we’re traveling faster than light anyway?)…

145. Skippy 2k - April 23, 2007

I think most of the shots in the ep look pretty very good, besides the sun in the nova shot. While I admit I’ve never traveled into space to witness a one I just think it needed something more. It looked allright with more light in the shot where the ship enters orbit, thought that was a cool shot.

I think SPOCKBOY’s update looks cool, I think it would have added more to the death of the star in the actual episode. Don’t know what the big deal is with demonstrating something like that? Agreed with #140, its basicly what CBS are doing now changing what allready was.

146. DarthDogg - April 23, 2007

Well, as the guy who called Spock Boy out on his “I could do better on my laptop” comment, I feal I should chime in on his laptop work. Taking the pre existing work that CBSD did and adding a few filters was not the rought I believe you should have taken to prove that you could indeed do better on your lap top. After all, as some have stated, all you did is slightly alter another persons work and if I were that other person I would not be happy about you doing that and then claiming that you are so much better.
My initial problem with your statement in the beginning was not even with the fact that you think you could do better, but rather with the disrepectfull manner in which you were dissing CBSD’s work, and then you turn around and use said work as the basis for your new and improved shot. I dont know man. were is I will freely admit that your line of thinking that the shot coulda used more light is a correct one. Your initial attitude is what made you sound like a Tool, and I dont think your altering another persons work changes that.

147. All Our Yesterday's ..WAS DESTROYED by CBS/CGI - April 23, 2007

All that can be said in a npov is that the supernova of Beta Niobe at the end is interpreted quite differently by showing the star becoming a crab-nebula like nova and Sarpeidion’s breaking up and being destroyed as the Enterprise warps away.

It WAS the painted mustache and beard on the mona lisa on this episode after all, …and taking a hammer to the statute of king david by michaelangelo all in one!

…thanks for ruining another episode of star trek, mike okuda and cbs/cartoon gi.

it is a travesty.

, and the last straw….Truly hope to hear you guys get fired and your work is lost and burned!

Someday somebody company will re-edit the original episodes right…but it is not YOU people…not by a country mile~

May the ghosts of the superior original third season model artists haunt you in your dreams forever….fore you will never equal them…never!!!

148. ZtoA - April 23, 2007

I would have been more impressed if Spockboy had re-created the entire scene as well aa created a new digital model of the E and then pulled off the scene so that it fit seemlessly into a show shot and produced in the 60’s.

I thought CBS-D did a fantastic job with thier nebula… was it the best I’ve ever seen? No! Did it fit continuity-wise with the production values of the show… yes it did… and that more than anything else is CBS-D’s mission. If you clowns want to see fantastic effects, then I suggest you create a massive letter writing campaign to the SCI-FI channel and Paramount, demanding that TOS be re-cast, and re-shot with modern production techniques. I, for one, would like to see it started immediately.

Keep up the good work CBS-D!! My only request is that you re-do the earlier remastered episodes so that they use the model and lighting that we’ve seen as of late.

149. Michael Hall - April 23, 2007

Forgot to mention how great the opening shot is. . . and how, for once, the Enterprise in orbit is a brightly-lit as it should be–even if it took an impending supernova to do it.

150. FlyingTigress - April 23, 2007


It was made as a point to the “The show is provided for entertainment, with an admirable (as compared to ***cough*** L.I.S., say) effort towards plausibility, rather than as a scholarly dissertation on astrophysics”.

I’m sorry if it came across dissing someone’s respect-worthy profession.

151. Dr. Image - April 23, 2007

I like Spockboy’s effort, but could do without the lens flares. Lens flares harken back to the fx in B5, which sucked. Most lenses today are VERY flare-free. But more light? I see his point.

152. SIMP - April 23, 2007

#146, read #130 again.

153. Diabolik - April 23, 2007

To complain that some bit of CGI is not as good as it might have been, or as good as they themselves could do, is one thing, but to rant that none of the new effects are as good as the originals? Sounds a little fanatical to me. No names, of course. Opinions being sacred and all. I’m just sayin’.

154. paul austin - April 23, 2007

i think the lens flare is perfect in Spockboys video….its a sun going supernova ffs, it would be the ultimate lens flare

155. Lord Garth Formerly of Izor - April 23, 2007


156. T Negative - April 23, 2007


How can you be that pissed?? The work isn’t phenominal, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the originals. Geesh.

It’s people like this that make Trek fans as a group look bad.

157. LordEdzo - April 23, 2007

I was so glad to see that many of the original VFX elements remained untouched, such as Mr. Atoz’s stun effect on Kirk, the images of Sarpeidon’s past on the Verism tapes, or the flashing Atavachron effect.

All we really needed to see in terms of updated FX was, of course, the star going nova and Sarpeidon being smashed to bits.

However, the opening VFX of Enterprise approaching and orbiting Sarpeidon, with the bright angry sun in the distance, were nicely done (as usual).

158. Skippy 2k - April 23, 2007

Finally got this to work on youtube (never uploaded videos to it before). First I love the new fx cbs is doing, some better than others but while I sometimes voice things that could be better (early nacelle caps mainly :-) I don’t recall ever thinking or saying they suck or I hate them that seems to be the only other choice if something that could be a bit better is suggested…

The little change I tried wasn’t meant to say they did bad I just think a little texture/movement to the sun looked better to me. The nova effect was cool, this was just to show how with very little work it could have been better. Of course this is my opinion, I just think the orange ball needed something… the particles in the shockwave weren’t needed just something I tried. As usual I look forward to seeing more cool new fx next week.

159. John Pemble - April 23, 2007

Wow, I remember playing a video game with my 133Mhz PC and the video game graphics were just a little less cooler than the end supernova shot. Nothing looks gruzzy, real, or non cg. C’mon CBS D. We’re not expecting breaking techiques, just something that looks as good as oh the old show Enterprise.

160. Doug L. - April 23, 2007

re: Spockboy’s nova tweak…

I love tweaking other peoples stuff, it actually in some respects is the definition of an editor, no?…

Anyway, there is nothing wrong with demonstrating your thoughts visually so other people can see what you are talking about.

Kirks Crotch… really uptight man, this is a web chat, lighten up.

A lot of people, myself included have expressed some dissatisfaction with the new effects, and a lot of people take that to mean that we are ungrateful of the work CBS-D does, or we probably don’t know the difference between digital effects and model effects, or we simply like to complain.

I’m frankly tired of trying to impart my views without stepping on a million toes, and being ridiculously clear as to not be lumped into one of a hundred different categories from purist to TNG hater to whatever…

Spockboy!… I love that you played with the effect. If nothing else, I think there has been a very vocal community about the new effects being dark and a bit colorless perhaps. I like what you did. Whether it’s representative of a real supernova or not.

A bunch of you can argue my points now. Bon Evening. – Doug L.

161. Trek-Inspired Astrophysicophile - April 23, 2007

131. A massive star is also far too short-lived to have habitable planets.

162. Jim J - April 23, 2007

You know, this place isn’t much fun to come to anymore. Spoiled fans, that’s what many are. I hearken back to the 70’s when people appreciated anything related to Trek that they could get their hands on.

163. Driver - April 23, 2007

The most controversy I’ve seen since Doomsday Machine. Ah well. The view of outside Mr. A to Z’s office must have been a Hologram. For anyone, having been prepared or not, joins the past. So why not have pretty day to see?

164. Trek-Inspired Astrophysicophile - April 23, 2007

Also, the red giant would have had a teardrop shape, the white dwarf would have produced a planetary nebula, and the nova would repeat until the red giant runs out of material or the white dwarf accumulates enough material for a Type Ia supernova.

165. Trek-Inspired Astrophysicophile - April 23, 2007

150. I understand your point. And I am glad you suggested that Beta Niobe could have been a dying binary star rather than a single dying massive star, because that’s probably the only realistic scenario in which the dying yellow dwarf like the Sun can explode. Still, I would expect a planetary nebula from the white dwarf, a teardrop-shape to the red giant, and recurrent explosions, as well as an accretion disk.

166. Jim J - April 23, 2007

..and if my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a wagon!


167. Gary Seven - April 23, 2007

I don’t get it. Just don’t. People are so angry about the new supernova effect, but it’s really hard for me to believe that most people think the original “blob” supernova was better. Have people lost sight that making the effects better, if not perfect, is a good thing? There is a saying “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”

Is this some kind of parallel universe, where Star Trek is vastly improved, forty years later, and people only focus on negativity? That’s my opinion.

168. Trek-Inspired Astrophysicophile - April 23, 2007

165. Or perhaps, the binary were so close that the red giant engulfed and thus hid the white dwarf.

169. Xai - April 23, 2007

Ummm.. let’s try this…..

Star go Boom..

Everybody cool now? Jeez.

170. Xai - April 23, 2007

#147 All our…..

Wow…you told them.

Try this. Find the originals. Watch those.

171. Michael Appleton - April 23, 2007

“Star Go Boom…”
Love it, keep up the good work!

172. Jeff J - April 23, 2007


Tiny little Sarpeidon didn’t do it for me, no.

Sarpeidon isn’t the hero ship each week.

173. Skippy 2k - April 23, 2007

To go further I tried setting up a whole new scene. I set up the movement for the ship but not for the nova yet. No I’m not trying to argue its better, allthough I believe the sun is. Lighting the ship is usually my trouble but I like playing around with it anyway, I used NovaClasses model.

174. mrregular - April 23, 2007

Mabye there should be an option for the DVD on which this episode is included to “choose your own Supernova to end the show”-
1) The original version, for the purists.
2) The new, enhanced version for the more adventuresome.
3) Spockboy’s version(Not bad-Spockboy’s got talent-could CBS-D hire him? ).
4) A combination of the above.
5) Your own Supernova effect(instructions will be provided on how to insert this from your favorite video/image editing software).
Let’s just explode the star already and call it a day.

175. THEETrekMaster - April 23, 2007

#167 People would bitch if they had Shatner show up at their front door.

It’s just stupid anyway.

The rest of this post is for the idiotic whiners: LOOK YOU MORONS!!! You can still OWN THE ORIGINALS!!! WALMART!!! FIFTY BUCKS OR SO!!!!

Now shut up with your whining and bellyaching! I just watched the original on DVD LAST NIGHT!!! Go buy the damned thing and you can watch it til your eyeballs bleed!


Some of you people drive me nuts!!!!

I like the new FX! No, they aren’t perfect…but they will NEVER be perfect to some of you fools! It’s all subjective anyway…DAMN!!!!


176. Montreal Paul - April 24, 2007

I actually prefer the darker shots… they are in space… too much light makes it look more… what’s that word you guys use? cartoony. I like the fact that you can see light from the windows… I like the way the sun went supernova.. I liked it all. Spockboy did a nice job adding to CBS’s work… but CBS did it this way for a reason.

And as someone who has been working in the television industry for 20 years… we try to avoid lens flare if at all possible… so for me, I don’t really want the lens flare as seen in Spock boy’s version – Although I do think he did a nice job at tweaking it to HIS liking. No offence Spock boy.. I am a big fan of your work. You have a lot of talent.

177. Jim J - April 24, 2007

#175-Agreed! Not that I would put it quite as harshky. Frankly, I enjoy viewing both versions. It gives me a feeling of “double appreciation.” 1. I appreciate how well the effects were done back in the 60’s. GREAT for their time period (if you disagree, check out Lost In Space), and 2. I appreciate how much the new effects add to the overall quality and consistency of these remastered versions. Respectful of the original art, yet sometimes just daring enough to tick off some people who really need to find a hobby! LOL

Wait…I got it…THEIR hobby can be to go out and buy every last copy of TOS with the old effects shots. Then, when none are to be found, they can come back here and whine about how CBS/Paramount has raped their childhood and how we’ll NEVER see the REAL TOS ever again! yeah…that’s the ticket, laddie!

178. Robert Bernardo - April 24, 2007

Stanklin T. McFibberich wrote:

> …I have been so busy on my Commodore Vic-20 trying to create
> realistic CGI coconuts for my Gilligan’s Island Remastered project.

All right! A Commodore VIC-20! It reminds me to look at the Super Star Trek game for the Commodore 128 on a disk that I received at the MossyCon 3 Commodore computer show on April 5 in Astoria, Oregon. The things I do for our club here in Fresno… :-)

179. THEETrekMaster - April 24, 2007

#177 Jim! I like your idea!!! LMAO!!!

Damn whiny bastiges!!!


But heyyyyyy….Lost in Space had a couple of nice FX shots during the course of the series…the shot of the Jupiter 2 crashlanding looked pretty good to me! And it was so good they reused it over and over again…


180. Stanklin T. McFibberich - April 24, 2007

I kind of liked some of the Lost in Space effects.

181. THEETrekMaster - April 25, 2007

LB Abbott (Visual Effects Supervisor) was a legend. He not only did all of the Irwin Allen series’ FX but also went on to do The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno among others…

182. Robert Bernardo - April 25, 2007

THEETrekMaster wrote:

> Lost in Space had a couple of nice FX shots during the course of the
> series…the shot of the Jupiter 2 crashlanding looked pretty good to
> me! And it was so good they reused it over and over again…

Great use of the Lydecker flying rig on the Jupiter 2. It would make Commando Cody proud. ;-)

183. Jess Stuart - April 30, 2007

I’m trying to figure out the colors of the flashing lights in the Bussard collectors on the engines (to make the ultimate Enterprise model, of course). I noticed the scene where the star explodes provides a pretty good view of this. Any chance a frame that shows a close shot with all the lights glowing can be put on this site?



184. Demode - May 18, 2007

Yeah, they real need to “brighten up” the effects at the very end, like what Spockboy did. Looks much more natural. As is, it just looks like a bad CGI effect. A little lighting would make it look much more… stellar :)

185. eagle219406 - September 10, 2007

THe ring in the explosions of Star wars and Star trek happens in Real Life. It’s called a SHOCKWAVE. It’s what causes an explosion to destroy not only the object that exploded but what surrounds it.

186. ritagblue - November 18, 2009

i believe our reality is a microchip program.

187. Astrophysicophile - July 21, 2010

168. I know that this thread is old, but I just want add that the white dwarf, or for that matter, one of the other kinds of stellar remnants, like a neutron star or black hole, or even another star, could have wandered into the Beta Niobe system after the evolution of life and the development of civilization on Sarpeidon, and then collided and merged with Beta Niobe.

In real life, astrophysicists have found some evidence that the collisions and mergers of stars create a class of stars which appear bluer, hotter, and younger than they should be, a class of stars called “blue stragglers”. Apparently, astrophysicists do not yet have enough evidence to know what happens to blue stragglers. Some theorize that blue stragglers evolve into yellow and red stragglers.

Perhaps, because of the merging of masses, a blue straggler ages faster.than its progenitor stars and dies prematurely. And if a blue straggler has enough mass, perhaps it will age even faster and die more spectacularly, as in a supernova like SN 1987A.

Nevertheless, in most regions of the galaxy, the stars are so far apart that collisions are not very likely. Only in certain kinds of clusters of stars called open or globular clusters are stars close enough for collisions to be likely. For this reason, astronomers have so far only found blue stragglers in these clusters.

So, the most realistic scenario for Beta Niobe is that: It was a Sunlike star. Sometime in the modern era, a white dwarf or neutron star collided into it. The two bodies merged and became a massive blue straggler (as shown in the original version of the episode) that quickly evolved into a red straggler (as shown in the remastered version.) It blew off its outer atmosphere long before the arrival of the Enterprise. And then it went nova. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.