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Shore Leave Screenshots and Video May 26, 2007

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

A fun fan favorite gets remastered

SFX Video


New and Old

Assuming Orbit
In Orbit
Still in orbit..
Leaving orbit


Right there…

He’s going to be late

Sulu gets trigger happy

A girl needs Don Juan…


My dear when I peek it is in the line of duty…

A princess of the blood royal

Cornered by a tiger

McCoy protects the Yoeman from the Black Knight

Made from cellular castings…

The impish Finnegan shrugs

Kirk relishes getting the last punch

The Caretaker

McCoy alive and well


1. Anthony Pascale - May 26, 2007

cool….just reloading the site to see if Paul’s vid was there and voila I see screenies! and vids! well done Matt

the colors look great and the Planet certainly is an improvement over that puke green thing. And McCoys furry bikini babes never looked better

2. Jim J - May 26, 2007

This is one of my favorite episodes. I just really think they gotta have Finnegan in the new movie. SO much fun!!!!!

3. Anthony Pascale - May 26, 2007

Finnegan in STXI? that is a good poll question

4. Kevin - May 26, 2007

Watching this episode now. I never really minded the antenna. Not much here fx wise. What’s up with spray painted tree behind the yoeman after she gets her dress torn?

5. JPH - May 26, 2007

I always liked this episode. But the new, remastered print does make one thing obvious: DeForest Kelley is wearing an absolute ton of makeup throughout this episode (it’s particularly prominent in his scene where he proclaims that his peeks are purely professional). He’s got on so much eyeliner it must have been a huge strain just to blink under the additional weight. And his cheeks look like they’ve had red crayons melted atop them.

Put him heels and a fuzzy paste-on bra and he could have been a showgirl on Rigel 2.

6. NZorak - May 26, 2007

I’m beginning to wonder if the new movie is really going to be what they’re saying it will be.

Hear me out here. Yes, Nemesis sucked, and yes it was a bomb. However, all the original actors from Next Gen are still alive and could reasonably reprise their roles – even Spiner. Speaking of which, they pretty much left things with his character dying a Spock-like death. I can think of so many ways they could bring him back at this point. B-4 has a complete meltdown, so Data’s memories take over and his neural pathways re-establish themselves as Data’s, Lore is completely wiped and reactivated with Data’s programming and memories, there’s some transporter accident Data double lying around somewhere that we don’t know about, and so on.

Also, I assumed that with the Next Gen movies they went CGI with the Enterprise – E. It would make sense since the technology was there to allow this. Then I learned that they did in fact use a model in the movies. In that big charity auction recently, they auctioned off the model for every starship that will never be used again. This included the DS9 station, Voyager, Enterprise 1701-A, Enterprise 1701-D, the Defiant, and several others. Why wasn’t the Enterprise-E model auctioned off if the Next Gen movies are through? With all the talk of Next Gen being over, the actors saying they’re done with those roles, and so on, is it possible, just possible, that they’re intentionally misleading us into thinking that they’re going to deliver a reboot when in fact what they might be trying to do is rally the Trek fans so that the next movie will be a hit?

Just a thought. Personally I’d rather see a revitalized Next Gen movie than a recast original series movie.

7. Kevin - May 26, 2007

I really doubt they’re misleading us in that. Sometimes studios put out misinformation to keep from ruining a surprise or twist, but never about an entire movie. They like to make a buzz about thier movies. The Enterprise E model was actually only used for First Contact. After that they switched to CGI for economical purposes. There would be no reason to keep it to make a movie as the CGI model all ready exists.

I too would have liked to see the TNG crew end on a good note with all the loose ends tied up. But with this new movie in the works, it doesn’t seem likely that it will ever happen. C’est la vie.

8. Demode - May 26, 2007

# 6 : If they make another Next Gen movie, it won’t come out untill way after the TOS one does. 2 years at least, but I doubt one will come out unless someone like Bryan Singer or Abrams pushes for it. Personally, I wouldn’t mind a 4 hour mini-series wrapping up TNG, over an other movie anyday. Best way to get characters like Q back! When they decide to sell them on DVD, they can package them as films to sell alongside the other TNG movies. That would actually give you 6 TOS (original cast)films and 6 TNG films on DVD (as it should be!)

Back to the main thread… if there is one thing I really love about this episode, it’s Finnegan’s uniform. I loved that ‘cadet’ uniform… all silver and flashy. Quite dashing. It would be cool if they flash back, and we see Kirk and Spock wearing similar uniforms in the movie!

9. Anthony Pascale - May 26, 2007

lets not derail this into the impossible notion that they are really making a TNG movie…they are not I guarantee it. By the way the Enterprise E model used for FC did get sold at Christies, but it wasnt used for either INS or NEM…they had switched to CGI.

now back to your discussion of the episode Shore Leave

10. Robert Bernardo - May 26, 2007

Aw! What happened to the Enterprise orbiting from right to left instead of the Remastered left to right? I always thought that the purpose of the right to left orbit was to emphasize the oddity of the situation.

11. NZorak - May 27, 2007

Sorry for the derailment, just kind of a stream of consciousness post. BTW, I was unaware that the Enterprise E model was sold, or that they had switched to CGI.

Anyway yeah, looking forward to seeing this episode again.

12. KJ - May 27, 2007

Where is the Errand of Mercy video?

13. Moonwatcher - May 27, 2007

I like the fact that the Enterprise ( which looks soooo much better then the earlier CGI version) now orbits into the terminator between day and night! Nice job!

14. Jeffrey S. Nelson - May 27, 2007

Too bad Spock didn’t have a daydream about Leila Kalomi. Would have been nice to have her in two episodes. Actually, would have been nice to have any visualizations come to life from our favorite Vulcan.

15. Oceanhopper - May 27, 2007

#10, I agree with you!
This was the only ep where the ship orbited right-to-left. I liked that little novelty in this one, and now not only have we lost that unique quirky look to this episode’s space shots, but the planet is now just another cloudly blue marble. I know the glowing green orb it was originally is probably rather unrealistic, but at least the planets looked different and distinctive week to week. And whose to say there isn’t a lot of variation in how exoplanet’s atmospheres look? Anyone ever seen a real one? I thought not.

16. Toonloon - May 27, 2007

I thought there was a CGI plane in this episode? If there was, then the video doesn’t show it.

17. Stanky McFibberich - May 27, 2007

re:6. NZorak
“Personally I’d rather see a revitalized Next Gen movie than a recast original series movie.”

Me too, but not for any of the reasons you stated :)

18. Stanky McFibberich - May 27, 2007

I don’t usually criticize the new effects, but changing the direction of the orbit is rather goofy.
It also bothered me when they included the voice-over in the opening titles for “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

But, then we can still watch the old versions…

19. Jim Profit - May 27, 2007

Folks, is my No.1 site for news about TOS-R. You do such a great job.

I just wonder what about the Errand of Mercy SFX video. Is it going to come yet?

20. A Hoyle - May 27, 2007

It’s interesting how they chose to do a anti clockwise orbit over the original clockwise one… a clockwise one would have added a bit more variation…

21. A Hoyle - May 27, 2007

But I too like the day –> night transition on the planet.

22. New Horizon - May 27, 2007

Yeah, there wasn’t much of a reason to change the orbit direction…that’s my only complaint. The work itself looked pretty good. I feel they made a poor judgment call by changing the direction of the orbit.

23. Greg Stamper - May 27, 2007

Here is why NASA launches and orbits west-to-east:
“The reason spacecraft are launched eastward is to take advantage of earths rotational velocity which is about 1,000 mph at the equator.”

But could it not be said that the Planet in this episode had a “reverse” rotation? Thus the Enterprise would orbit counter to it? I don’t believe it’s that complicated, with the power this Starship has I think CBS Digital feels that “Standard Orbit” implies a west-to-east orbit perhaps by Earth tradition.
More simply, CBS Digital may not have had the time to reverse all their stock footage to match. Especially the end shot of leaving Orbit which we have come to see a lot – – but it’s a great one.

24. Tim Handrahan - May 27, 2007

I always thought that the girl that Kirk would be thinking about would have been Edith Keeler. That would have been a great guest star appearance. Still a great episode.

25. CmdrR - May 27, 2007

Loved seeing the episode again. First time I noticed: the planes don’t match (mentioned in a previous thread — oh, and in one shot there are two American Zeroes)… and: someone went nuts with the spray paint. It wasn’t just that one tree. They hit palm leaves and other stuff with oh-so-alien looking blotches of red.
Liked the departure shot of the E through the nacelles, kind of taking us with them.
I still think Kirk’s tastes have improved since the Academy. Ruth is pretty, but she has no personality, actually she’s kinda sad. If she’s his main interest in XI, I hope they make her more interesting.

26. ZtoA - May 27, 2007

Maybe someone here has the answer but it looks like some of the scenes were shot at the Beverly Hills Country Club or some other golf course. I could swear that in the scenes near the lake I can see a fairway or cart path in the background. Also, the film crew on this shoot was sloppy… I counted at least 3 shots where you can see people’s shadows moving on the ground. The remastering is great but it wall also show all the production flaws… many if which were ignored because TV resolution in the 60’s was piss-poor.

27. Greg Stamper - May 27, 2007

# 24 Tim Handrahan – I always thought that the girl that Kirk would be thinking about would have been Edith Keeler.

James Kirk was a dozen episodes away from even meeting Edith at the time of this episode.

28. CmdrR - May 27, 2007

Anthony… you’ll probably delete this and that’s fine, but I thought Sin Trek was hilarious. Actually, it’s the kind of thing TOS might have dabbled in, had it had the chance… making fun of ultra-serious religiosity. There’s no slam on Christianity there, just silly humans.

29. Nelson - May 27, 2007

As was mentioned with the Errand of Mercy transition from Kor to the ship in orbit, here they took out a few frames more for the transition shot from McCoy who sees Yeoman Barrows in the Princes outfit to the Enterprise in orbit. The music is out of sinc here. It was a beautiful fade from McCoy to the Enterprise. No way to help this change of course as they had to remove the old SPX shot to do this. A small price to pay for the new effects.

Too bad the fight with Finnigan was so cut up, but it was really well cut as the music transitions were intact. The other cuts were not as damaging.

30. Driver - May 27, 2007

I, too, am unhappy that the planes were not remastered.

31. SteveinSF - May 27, 2007

I always had thought that they never included “Angela” ( the girl shot by the American Corsair/Japanese zero plane) at the end. So then for the first time in 35 years of watching reruns, I saw Angela in the arms of Estaban. I never noticed her before.
The close up of the plane was not in the original series.

The Yeoman’s dress at the end of this episode seem changed it tear to the other side of her shoulder–or did she just move it around a bit?

Still love the tiger’s chain.

#5–I noticed DeForest’s eye liner as well. Dee-liteful, Dee-groovey, Dee-forest!

32. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - May 27, 2007

Beautiful print !!!! Crisp and gorgeous!!!! More stock footage (sigh), but beautiful stock footage none the less.

NZorak if you haven’t noticed this is more or less and original series site. We welcome you to our fun family of pecular picodillos but I insist you leave the Earl Grey tea, politically correct ship’s councillers and chubby gold painted androids at home. Especially during a remastered episode talkback.

33. Nelson - May 27, 2007

The planes were the same. I checked the DVD last week. I didn’t see any reason to CGI them, other then to fix that they used an American plane on the log shots then close-up to an American plane with Japanese markings. Sort of like leaving James R Kirk, it would have been nice, but they had bigger fish to fry.

34. Greg Stamper - May 27, 2007

#31 SteveinSF – “Angela” ( the girl shot by the American Corsair/Japanese zero plane)

Did everyone feel that she was shot? I always thought she just ran into the tree and hit her head.

35. Oceanhopper - May 27, 2007

I think she hit her head on the tree trunk. He did ram her into it pretty hard, and if she’d been shot there would have been more talk about it and we’d have had specific mention of her being resurrected at the end the way McCoy was.

Oh, and about your earlier question on the planet’s rotation – it is entirely feasible that it could rotate “backwards”. While the Earth and most planets rotate counter-clockwise (as viewed if you’re looking down on them from above the North Pole), not all planets do. Venus rotates *clockwise* on its axis and Uranus rotates on its side.

I’m assuming the TOS-R team’s decision to just go with the normal direction for this one was so they could re-use stock orbital elements. An ironic choice, given that the reason it rotated backwards originally was to disguise the fact that the planet was actually a re-use of the globe of Earth used in “Miri”, dyed green. They must have figured if the image was backwards, fewer people would notice Earth’s familiar landmasses.

BTW, Next Gen fan or no Next gen fan. Nobody should diss Earl grey tea. It is fruity and delicious. :-)

36. Thomas Jensen - May 27, 2007

In reference to comments by #18. As well, I don’t usually comment on the effects, because to my uneducated eye they are so much better then the original effects. However, I do have two and only two problems with the remastered efforts. 1) The distracting opera singer being louder then the music. 2) The voiceover AND the music during W.N.M. Both have been changed and really shouldn’t have been as it was special for the pilot episode to be different.

Apart from that, there are the original dvd versions to view when I get cranky…

37. sean's clone - May 27, 2007

Just a note on the spray painted trees and plants. Back when TOS aired, 92% of viewers watched this episode in black and white. In black and white, those red spray painted markings look more like shadow variations or some kind of variation in the plant marking, very discreet – but in restored hi-res color – they become obvious red spray painted marks.

The same holds true for the layers of make-up. It was done to make the actors faces “pop” from the background when viewed in low contrast black and white.

38. SteveinSF - May 27, 2007

My memory is getting worse–I thought there was no close up of the plane attacking Angela and Estaban. I think it’s implied that she’s shot since they talk about strafing ( sp) runs, etc. She’s not with them when they are all standing at attention at the end–then she is. Although I think it’s pretty damn funny thinking that she did indeed hit the tree!

39. Matt Wright - May 27, 2007

#12 and # 19 — The person who often does the SFX videos (besides me) did not submit one for Errand of Mercy, so I need to make one, I have been distracted but rest asured I will sit down this afternoon and make one, so check back on the Errand of Mercy screenshot article in a little bit.

40. diabolik - May 27, 2007

#35… “Uranus rotates on its side. ”

Maybe YOURS does, not mine. :)

41. MEO - May 27, 2007

> > I just wonder what about the Errand of Mercy SFX video.

I was looking for it as well, someone posted one on Youtube…

42. CmdrR - May 27, 2007

RE: did Angela hit the tree or get shot. Saw a great documentary of a WWII bomber recovered from Greenland. When they tested the 35mm guns (which I’m guessing is comparable to a Zero, but you can look that up) it not only hit the target, a 40 gallon drum, it ripped a third of the drum away. Had Angela been “hit” you’d know it. No dainty wound like McCoy’s.

43. sharon fisher - May 27, 2007

I had never remembered seeing the opening scene where the yeoman gives Kirk a backrub and he thinks Spock is doing it, and I’ve seen all the episodes a zillion times. I haven’t run into anyone else who remembers it, either. I always remember the episode starting with McCoy and Sulu on the planet.

44. diabolik - May 27, 2007

#43: The opening scene has always been therem in unedited form, I’ve enjoyed that scene for years. Maybe the local station always cut it for time where you live?

45. Gd846c3 - May 27, 2007

NOW HEAR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear CBS-D,
If and when you go back and redo “Balance of Terror” for the DVD release of season 1, I have a suggestion. As I was browsing through some SFX videos of previously remastered episodes, I came across an interesting flyby of the underside of the E in “The Tholian Web”. When I saw it, it struck me as one of the best flybys you have come up with thus far. As I have previously mentioned, I think it would be cool to have some new angles of the E firing phasers. This shot would look fantastic with some prozimity phasers firing from the E’s underside. Perhaps you could create this shot and insert it somewhere into “Balance of Terror”. It’s just a harmless suggestion that souldn’t be too hard to come up with seeing as how all you have to do is add some phasers. Please consider it.

Part of the shot can be seen here:

The entire shot can be seen on the SFX video for “The Tholian Web”

46. Captain (in awe) James B. Quirk Trek Modeler Pirate. - May 27, 2007

I’m still 20 years old, look at you Jimmy, you’re an old man….

Yeah, but the old man laid him out. I love this episode. Can’t wait to see who Anthony gots to review this episode, hope it’s some really smarmy liberal, that will rip on Kirk, talk about sexist it is and how irrelevent it is and so on. Just love those reviews. Maybe the reviewwer can think of a way to rip on Bush, while he’s at it. Just can’t get enough of blaming Bush for everything.

Tony, when we come to the hippie episode about Eden, can I do the review and speak to how it is a metaphor for todays liberals. Can I, can I huh? Please, please let me review the liberal, er uh Hippie episode, please…..

I’ll be good, honest.

47. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - May 27, 2007

#42.. Herr CmdrR – They have a clip of the new Rambo flick at AICN where Rambo shoots someone with a 50 cal mounted on the back of a jeep and literly blows him apart. Angela must have hit her head because there wouldn’t have been much left but her go go boots. High caliber rounds are definately no joke. And on that note….

I hope everyone takes a moment this weekend to say a prayer to whatever Gods you hold dear on behalf of the Brave men and women now serving, have served past and those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for each of us to enjoy each and every freedom we enjoy.

48. Stanky McFibberich - May 27, 2007

re:43. sharon fisher

Cutting any scene with Yeoman Barrows would be a big no-no.
She is welcome to scratch my back any time.

49. Dr. Cheis - May 28, 2007

The episode seemed so long first time I watched. Syndication cuts actually improved it for me. And the color looked amazing.

Although I would still have preferred to have seen a raptor-like cg rabbit.

50. Cervantes - May 28, 2007

#17 Stanky


51. FredCFO - May 28, 2007

CBS-D had the week off with this one.

Again, it shows that Star Trek could tell a story without exceeding the budget and the deadline. About 1 minute of effects in this one.

Next comes “Bread and Circuses” — not much there either.

52. FredCFO - May 28, 2007

Also, if you will note–

The reverse orbit of the Enterprise featured a reversed NCC-1701 (if someone hasn’t mentioned this already…)

53. Gd846c3 - May 28, 2007

As far as this remaster is concerned, I am completely satisified. I see no problem in changing the orbit direction. It’s not that big of a deal.

To add to my previous comment:
CBS-D, when you redo “Balance of Terror”, just start all over completely.

54. Kevin - May 28, 2007

Worried about changing the orbit direction? That’s a bit much.
By the way, there is no up/ down orientation in space. Considering the North pole of our planet the top and the South the bottom is purely arbitrary.

55. RetroWarbird - May 28, 2007

You know … while it’s not “EXACT” (and there’s no need for it to be), I do like how the Shore Leave Planet looks a lot like how it was represented in The Animated Series now.

Not as huge as say, using the Vulcan city from “The Infinite Vulcan” as background for the Ponn Farr ritual in Amok Time, but it is cool to see.

56. friend - May 28, 2007

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57. Michael Hall - May 29, 2007

“Can’t wait to see who Anthony gots to review this episode, hope it’s some really smarmy liberal. . .”

Well, it would certainly be appropriate, given that a “smarmy liberal” was only responsible creating the series and all. Not to mention the other “smarmy liberal” named Gene Coon who wound up co-producing it for him. Or the other “smarmy liberal” Ted Sturgeon who actually wrote this very eppy that you profess to loving so much. And FTR (since you bring up the subject), each one of these individuals, now sadly deceased, was of infinitely more worth than a waste of human DNA like George Bush.

Oh, and Quirk? “The Way to Eden,” like most third season shows, is awful on just about every level, and that’s all any serious reviewer would really need to say about it. But since you apparently tend to view everything in strictly ideological terms, I’d would hope you mentioned in your review that Spock never lost his sympathy for the Space Hippies, or what they were trying to accomplish. But that would require nuance, which is definitely not taught at Dittohead U.

58. doubleofive - May 29, 2007

I’d say something about the colors looking nice, but I moved and the Indiana station airing TOSR has its colors completely thrown off on my cable. The red shirts of the Redshirts bleed on my screen before they bleed in the episode. It’s quite annoying, I’m probably going to call the cable company sometime this week and complain.

59. Ron - May 29, 2007

“each one of these individuals, now sadly deceased, was of infinitely more worth than a waste of human DNA like George Bush.”

At the risk of immersing myself in another political mess, I have to say it’s statements like this that make me believe in the reality of Bush Derangement Syndrome as an actual medical condition. That process of crossing over from disagreeing with his policies to such an extreme and very personal hatred of him as a human being, as if he stole your promotion or ran over your dog or something…it’s disturbing.

60. Kyle Nin - May 29, 2007

Is it just me or does the planet from orbit in the original version look a lot like Earth only reversed (and green)? Like they took North America, but mirrored it.

The new look of the planet looks loads better.

61. Michael Hall - May 30, 2007

LOL. Nice to see, Ron, that you can parrot wingnut talking points so effectively–but the honest truth in this case is that, prior to 2001, I had no strong feelings about Dim Son one way or the other. You may think it clever to equate my conviction (and, increasingly, the conviction of the majority of your fellow citizens) that the last six years have been an unmitigated disaster for this republic is just about every sense with some crippling psychological affliction, and it’s certainly your privilege to be that obtuse or stupid; either way, it’s your problem. But just so you know: I’m perfectly content to exercise some self-restraint and to leave the politics off these boards entirely, so long as others do likewise.

62. Ron - May 30, 2007

#61: Michael — read your comments, then read my comments. Which of us sounds more like a “wingnut”? Anyway, thanks for reinforcing my point, and best of luck with the anger management.

63. Michael Hall - May 30, 2007

I have read them, thanks. And I can assure you, having attended his college lectures back in the ’70s, that Gene Roddenberry wouldn’t be nearly so polite on the subject of George W. Bush as I’ve been. That’s because some of us don’t much like purveyors of mass death and corruption, and happen to think that there subjects even more important than who gets cast as Kirk in the new Trek movie.

Damn right I’m angry. Since you aren’t, I’ll be generous and assume that you haven’t been paying much attention.

64. Ron - May 30, 2007

Attending Roddenberry lectures in the 70s hardly qualifies you to act as his after-life spokesman, Michael. But if you’re going to anyway, you should consider the fact that Roddenberry condemned hatred in any form, then compare that philosophy to your vitriolic comments here, including the name calling and personal attacks you directed against me simply because you disagree with me.

Last word is yours if you want it; I am moving on as my point is already well made and there are more pleasant conversations to be had. Once again, good luck.

65. DJT - May 30, 2007


When Kirk is making his Log entry – he struggles with the stardate. Never caught that before.

“Captain’s Log. Stardate 3025..uh …point 3. “

66. hi there - May 31, 2007


I noticed that too.

67. Jim (Wishes Tonia had come back for a few more episodes) - June 1, 2007

For those wondering what the deal is with Mary/Angela Teller and her possible death and resurrection, take a look at this page, which is a report on the original final draft script of Shore Leave. There are a couple of extra scenes in the script that leave no doubt that she was shot and killed, but they weren’t used in the final print (due to time constraints, I’m sure).

68. omf - June 2, 2007

#67: Seems obvious to me that she was shot and they just didn’t have the time/heart/budget to show it properly. I don’t think her getting realistically “blown apart” would’ve gotten past many television censors in 1966, nor would it have been in keeping with the show’s character.

Also, those of you noticing spray paint, eyeliner, and other little oddities: keep in mind that televisions at the time, especially color ones, were much smaller and produced lesser-quality images than today’s TVs do. I’m sure it was much harder to spot any of those things, and no one had VCRs, DVDs or Tivos to go back and examine them with.

If you’ve ever watched TOS on a 50″ (or greater) HDTV, it’ll be quite obvious why CBS chose to invest in this remastering project. (And, personally, I do wish CBSD had spent a bit of time touching-up some of those little things. The wrinkly viewscreens on the bridge — ugh!!)

69. omf - June 2, 2007

My first major complaint about a CGI shot!! Prior to the shot of the Enterprise leaving orbit, there’s a shot from behind the nacelles of the ship simply turning, presumably to stay in orbit. I thought that looked extremely unrealistic and fake. Given that there was practically no work for CBSD to do on this episode, you’d think they’d put some extra attention on what little they did do. =(

70. sarah - September 9, 2007

I’ll have you know the babe in the pink on McCoy’s arm is my aunty.

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