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Look Who’s Talking To J.J. [UPDATED] September 11, 2007

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Abrams , trackback


UPDATE…and the caption contest winner is…Paul with:

George for the last time stop referring to me as your young Padawan!

This great photograph of Star Wars honcho George Lucas talking to Star Trek helmer J.J. Abrams was taken at a private dinner in August. No word on what they talked about, but Abrams is an admitted Star Wars fan and Lucas is said to be an admirer of the work of Gene Roddenberry. 


Caption Contest…win poster
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UPDATE: Gene and George

This was not the first ‘summit meeting’ between Star Wars and Star Trek. Dan Madsen sends in this rare photo from the LucasFilm Fan Club Newsletter in 1987. The photo was taken at the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Star Wars



Top Photo by Joichi Ito
(Creative Commons Attribution Licensed)

Photo published with photographer’s permission.

h/t to StarWarsBlog


1. Duane Boda - September 11, 2007

Wow…..could this film – story and so on actually be saved? It sure looks like it now. Sweet!

2. Thomas Marrone - September 11, 2007

“You already did gay robots? Well, shit.”

3. Anthony Pascale - September 11, 2007

Lucas: I’ll let you have all the ILM effects work for free if you just explain what the hell is going on in “Lost”

4. Beese - September 11, 2007


Hahaha, man that deserves to win some kind of caption competition award!

5. Etha Williams - September 11, 2007

“Look, I really am sorry, George, but we just don’t need ILM anymore. We’ve decided we want to go back to the original look and feel of The Original Series, and that means no CGI!”

6. Nathan - September 11, 2007

Sweet! Now we just need a William Shatner/Harrison Ford fistfight, and all my dreams will have come true..

7. CmdrR. - September 11, 2007

“I think I see a TMZ papparazi over there. Let’s flash our muffins.”

— Oh wait. That’s for Britney.

8. MichaelJohn - September 11, 2007

I think this was the dinner meeting where they discussed how Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magic could digitize a slimmer Shatner into the next Star Trek movie….

Mike :o

9. Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space - September 11, 2007

“I’m having a heck of a time getting this booger off my finger”

10. IrishTrekkie - September 11, 2007

a wookie vs a klingon , deal !

11. Justin Olson - September 11, 2007

Abrams: “So you’re saying you held the crayon with your right hand just like that –”

Lucas: “Just like this…”

Abrams: “–and that’s how you wrote the Star Wars prequels?”

Lucas: “You got it.”

Abrams: “Incredible. And you made millions off those suckers…”

Lucas: “Billions.”

12. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - September 11, 2007

Abram – Wait a minute… You mean the only way ILM will do the effects is if I write a part for Jar Jar Binks?! Forget that. I can get a couple of ATM models on eBay for $50.

13. Harry Ballz - September 11, 2007

Abrams: “And you’re telling me the whole Star Wars saga came from one encounter with bad mushrooms….”
Lucas: “Scout ship’s honor!”

14. Tony - September 11, 2007

“Seriously… Darth Vader built C3-PO?”

“Seriously… Romulans cloaned Picard?”

“I didn’t write that! But YOU did invent Ewoks.”


15. Harry Ballz - September 11, 2007

Lucas: “What’s the difference between Jabba the Hutt and an older Captain Kirk?
Abrams: “about forty pounds and an extra-large Starfleet uniform!”

16. mattniss - September 11, 2007

J.J.: “You, George? We don’t even have enough room for Shatner!”

17. Tony - September 11, 2007

“I’m excited about your new movie, J.J, but it’s just too bad the last show got cancelled…”

“Why’s that?”

“I had the perfect reveal for the ‘Future Guy’… would have been great!”

“Who’d you have in mind? Kirk? Spock? Maybe a Romulan?”

“Better than any of those… Jar Jar Binks!”

18. Harry Ballz - September 11, 2007

Abrams: “O.K., it’s agreed……I’ll bring Kirk back from the dead if you pretend Jar Jar Binks NEVER happened……”

19. Rob - September 11, 2007

“Wait, wait. You mean Han shot first?”

20. William - September 11, 2007

I vote for #15. But are you sure it is as much as 40 lbs?

21. Tony - September 11, 2007

“Death Star!”

“Borg cube!”

“Death Star!”

“Borg cube!”

“Death Star has the most powerful generator in the Galaxy!”

“The Borg can adapt to the super laser and would assimilate the Death Star!”

“Palpatine could use the Dark Side and kill the Borg”

“One drone would have old Palpy p’wned!”

“You’re such a fan boy!”

“Oh yeah… well… loosersayswhat”



22. Harry Ballz - September 11, 2007

#20 “are you sure it is as much as 40 lbs?”
Hey, at least Jabba never wore a girdle!!!!

23. Tony - September 11, 2007

“In Episode 6, Leia claims she can remember her mother”

“What’s your point?”

“In Episode 3, Leia clearly is too small an infant to remember anything, and Padme dies… WORST EPISODE EVER!”

24. Tony - September 11, 2007

“Pull my finger!”

“I’d rather kiss a wookie!”

25. Son of Sarek - September 11, 2007

Join my quest.

What is it you seek?

What you seek. What all men have
sought since time began — the
ultimate Trek movie. To find it, we’ll
need an idea.

Ideas? There are no ideas in Hollywood

Perhaps I have a way to bring one here.

But how?

Have faith my friend. There are more
of us than you know.

You’re a trekmovie forum member!


26. Anthony Pascale - September 11, 2007

a note on the contest…the winner will be selected by quality and not quantity

27. Dave - September 11, 2007

George: (Questionablely curious looks at J.J.)

J.J.: Look George you get the check this time. I don’t have the millions from 6 movies under my belt.

28. Sleeper Agent X - September 11, 2007

“C’mon! ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Castle Skull?’ Ha, ha, George you almost– Really? Are you sure?”

29. Sleeper Agent X - September 11, 2007

Oops. Obviously that should read “CRYSTAL Skull”!

30. Sean - September 11, 2007

I can’t come up with a caption as this picture sends a shudder down my spine that inteferes with my abilitiy to think clearly.

31. Salvador Nogueira - September 11, 2007

“So, how many times can you re-do a thing before they stop buying it?”

32. StillKirok - September 11, 2007

Lucas: That’s nice, but the movie would be much better if you include Shatner.

33. Chris Sharp - September 11, 2007

So let me get this straight…….Greedo shot first?

34. Driver - September 11, 2007

That photo looks, I say looks doctored, Anthony. J.J. appears closer to the forefront than Lucas. Lucas seems like he’s looking to the right of J.J. They do not share eye contact.

35. Aaron R. (And when I stand before him to be judged of all my sins I know I wont have to worry cuzz Siskos my captain and Jesus is my #1!!!) - September 11, 2007

JJ: So if you think Kirk is a go getter like Han Solo, Picard is smart like yoda, Sisko has the strength of will of will of Mace Winduu and Janeway is a powerful leader like Queen Amidalla what does that make all the other characters?

Lucas: I dont know but I know B4 is like Jar Jar Binks… Stupid, pointless, with a tendency to drag down the already weak storyline.

36. Dennis Bailey - September 11, 2007

“J.J., I relate to what you say about ‘Lost’ but my advice is not to sweat it. I didn’t have *shit* planned out when I wrote the first ‘Star Wars.'”

37. Nathan - September 11, 2007

“An unholy alliance is formed…”

38. Harry Ballz - September 11, 2007

“If we were on Family Feud, and the teams were asked to fill in the blank on STAR ____, you bet YOUR ASS I’d win!!”

39. Anthony Pascale - September 11, 2007

here is the guy who took the photo
He is a Japanese entrepreneur… I believe he knows JJ personally

40. SirBroiler - September 11, 2007

I hope I don’t F%CK up Star Trek as much as you F%CKED up Star Wars!

41. ensign ricky - September 11, 2007

“For the last time, Lucas, a 9 year old Spock is NOT an option!”

42. Mateo - September 11, 2007

A still to remind us that Hollywood prequel directors are like the Sith. “Always two there are — no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.”

43. jeff - September 11, 2007

“Sooo George…..I have this idea. I need your guys to create a young CGI William Shatner. Can you do it?”

44. Mateo - September 11, 2007

Should have added Hollywood SCI-FI prequel directors to #42.

45. Aaron R. (And when I stand before him to be judged of all my sins I know I wont have to worry cuzz Siskos my captain and Jesus is my #1!!!) - September 11, 2007

Let’s agree to respect each others views, no matter how wrong yours may be…

46. Aaron R. (And when I stand before him to be judged of all my sins I know I wont have to worry cuzz Siskos my captain and Jesus is my #1!!!) - September 11, 2007

It’s lonely at the top, but it’s comforting to look down upon everyone at the bottom.

47. Aaron R. (And when I stand before him to be judged of all my sins I know I wont have to worry cuzz Siskos my captain and Jesus is my #1!!!) - September 11, 2007

If you want to get to the top, prepare to kiss a lot of the bottom.

48. Joel - September 11, 2007

YOU’RE the guy who directed Episode I? Ohh, I thought it was Brett Ratner.

49. amused - September 11, 2007

Wait a minute? You mean to tell me it’s not real??!!!

50. CanuckLou - September 11, 2007

George you can alter this picture any way you want but we both know which finger I stuck out first!

51. Mateo - September 11, 2007

Abrams expresses his disgust to Lucas’ proposal to entitle the next Star Trek feature “Iowa Kirk and the Holy Bones of Doom.”

52. BeyondtheTech - September 11, 2007

So, the proper order should be Star Trek XIV, XV, XVI… THEN do XI, XII, and XIII?

53. Aaron R. (And when I stand before him to be judged of all my sins I know I wont have to worry cuzz Siskos my captain and Jesus is my #1!!!) - September 11, 2007

Appetizer: 15$
Glass of wine: 20$
Main Course: 40$
Getting George Lucas to pull your finger during dessert… Priceless.

54. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - September 11, 2007

“George, please stop looking at me like that, I promise never to mention the ‘Star Wars’ holiday special again.”

55. SiskoFreak - September 11, 2007

LUCAS: “Trust me, J.J.–you don’t wanna do a prequel…”

56. Gary Lee - September 11, 2007

So how would you bring back the dead Captain Kirk ?

57. Aaron R. (And when I stand before him to be judged of all my sins I know I wont have to worry cuzz Siskos my captain and Jesus is my #1!!!) - September 11, 2007

PS the Flattery, Ellitism and Compromise are not entries just funny de-motivators from this site…


my personal favorite is the one about potential…

Very funny…

Aaron R.

58. CmdrR. - September 11, 2007

“Really, George? And in all this time, no one’s figured out that Gerry Garcia died the same day you supposedly went grey? That’s fantastic. Now, I know why Episode I looks like an acid trip.”

59. CanuckLou - September 11, 2007

So let me get this straight George, the only thing you changed about Darabont’s version of the Indy IV script was the title?

60. BeyondtheTech - September 11, 2007

At $100,000 per consultation session with science-fiction film director George Lucas, it was soon obvious why William Shatner could not be budgeted for Star Trek XII. Lucas’ mention of his wrecked AFI Life Achievement Award by Shatner didn’t help much either.

61. Commander Kincaid - September 11, 2007

Lucas: Um, JJ, I already did the whole prequal thing.

62. Summer Storm Pictures - September 11, 2007

”No J.J., rock always beats scissors.”

63. ObiWanCon - September 11, 2007

Lucas: J.J I hear your struggling to find an actor for young Kirk well I think I have the kid for you.

J.J Abrams: I have a bad feeling about this.

64. CanuckLou - September 11, 2007

You can’t be serious George! In 30 years I’m gonna look exactly like you do now!?!?

65. Xai - September 11, 2007

“Wait a minute George… Shatner paid you how much to come tell me he should be in the movie?”

66. Steve Hill - September 11, 2007

Which came first ?

67. RuFFeD_Up - September 11, 2007

JJ: So wait you’re telling me that if you’d never seen TOS back in the 60’s Star Wars would never have happened?

Lucas: Pretty much yeah.

JJ: So wait what you’re telling me is that you pretty much ripped everything off from Trek?

Lucas: Yeah of course you think I could come up with all that by myself? Why do you think I left the prequels under the command of my own Rick?
Trek had their Rick I had mine.

JJ: Point taken

Lucas: yeah pretty much when Gene passed I had no more original ideas to rip off so I handed the prequel reins to my Rick.


68. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - September 11, 2007

Abrams: “I got an idea!”
Lucas: “Great, kid, don’t get cocky.”

69. CaptainlordBat - September 11, 2007


70. KWS - September 11, 2007

JJ: So, Vader comes out of the Guardian of Forever and, well, I know it’s in a whole ‘nother galaxy and all but work with me on this… So, Vader comes out of the Guardian and Spock and the new Chekov pull his breath mask off AND…..AND…..IT’S SHATNER!!! Well… what do you think?

I finally figured out a way to get him in the movie! And you could sell alot more Vader toys and stuff, huh?

GL: But we already pulled off his breath mask….

JJ: Hello? REBOOT!

GL: Ahhhhh… not bad…

71. LK - September 11, 2007

“I’m tellin’ ya J.J., annouce it, get ’em excited, make ’em wait a year or two for the first film . . . then plant THIS squarely in the rear end of every living fan.”

72. Leonel - September 11, 2007

George – is it me, or did Paramount once look at Star Wars and say, “do we have anything like this?”

73. FAB - September 11, 2007

Lucas (waving his hand): You WILL use ILM for the special effects in your movie.

JJ (in a monotonous tone): I will use ILM for the special effects in my movie.

74. DC - September 11, 2007

Abrams: Now, I told you, I’m not going to put in an incoherantly babbling CG Gorn.
Lucas: Why not?
Abrams: …….
Lucas: Oh right. The Jar -Jar thing. (looks ashamed)

75. bmar - September 11, 2007

“So let me get this straight, George. You’re saying you had the word ‘star’ copyrighted?”

76. Captain Kaplan - September 11, 2007

The caption should read

“I so want to be you. I am going to copy what you did with Star Wars into Star Trek because I don’t have a clue what else to do. I am not worthy to be sitting at the table with you….I am just the flavour of the month”..

This photo is just priceless and goes to show EVERYONE that Abrams is doing nothing more than copying Star Wars into Star Trek. (aka Anakin Kirk). For all of those people out there who say “we don’t know what they were talking about”….LISTEN UP people…give your heads a shake and ask yourself “WHAT ELSE DO YOU THINK they are talking about?? Baseball??? HOW about “MOVIES”.

Abrams your an over rated hack.

Thanks for taking Trek right down the toilet…..Berman dumped it, I guess you get to flush….

Boycott STXI!

77. Buckaroohawk - September 11, 2007

JJ Abrams: “No, George, you don’t ‘got my nose’.”

78. Kevin Rubio - September 11, 2007

J.J.: “Remember, like when you were in England and you were directing Star Wars and like, the actors ran in from of the camera but you had to do it again ’cause the mic was in picture?”

GEORGE: …Yeah.

J.J.: That was cool.

79. Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space - September 11, 2007

#2 is my vote for winner, although I think mine is not bad. I can still appreciate 4th grade humor at 42…..

#3 a close second.

and #15 honorable mention.

Ok, yes I know, I’m not the judge, just wanted to put in my 2 cents :)

80. Tom - September 11, 2007

JJ shoots first.

81. Harry Ballz - September 11, 2007

Boy, Captain Kaplan is leader of the Olympic pissy squad, don’tcha think??

82. patrick foster - September 11, 2007

Abrams: “Seriously, George. What the hell?”

83. John Kirk - September 11, 2007

“My phaser my not be as big as your light saber, but it’s just as deadly. I dare you to say that again…”

84. Anthony Pascale - September 11, 2007

kaplan…last warning for trolling
comments to: http://trekmovie.com/about/feedback/

85. Nushmut - September 11, 2007

JJ: I was thinking. If this thing is a huge success, I’m gonna be really busy for the next couple of years. It’s gonna be a real challenge to fit the follow-up into my schedule.

Lucas: Okay…

JJ: Someone’s gonna have to run things for me.

[points at Lucas]

JJ: How would you like to direct the next one?

[Lucas smiles, begins to bring hand from beside his head to open it.]

Lucas: Can I write it too?

[JJ gets a confused look on his face and retracts his hand slightly.]
[Picture gets taken]

JJ: Sorry, I need to go relieve myself. Be back in a minute.

JJ [to self]: Maybe I won’t be that busy…

86. CanuckLou - September 11, 2007

Laugh it up you old fuzzball but there’s no way you’re gonna write dialogue for ST11!

87. jonboc - September 11, 2007

“Hey George, mind if I call it “Star Wars Trek” ? I’ll give you a teaser poster.”

88. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - September 11, 2007

I vote for #73, but I will add my own attempt.

George: “Have I told you the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise? He had such a knowledge of the Dark side that he could manipulate the Midichlorians to create life.”

JJ: “Pfft! That’s nothing! We did that with the Genesis device and brought back Spock!”

89. Michael - September 11, 2007

Ha Ha Ha Mr Lucas…Your Jedi mind tricks are useless in my universe!

90. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - September 11, 2007

Okay, my second and last attempt, I promise.

George: “I will gladly do the special effects for you, but NOT if the bridge railing is fluorescent orange!”

91. Parent's Basement - September 11, 2007

JJ: “Really? You’re trying to make that one animated TV series? ‘Cuz I make 3-4 new ones every month and they’re all fo’ shizzle!”

92. Mark P - September 11, 2007

“Ok George, lemme get this straight: ILM will do the effects ONLY if I put Jar Jar in the movie..Ok..done deal..but only if Jar Jar wears a red shirt..”

93. the king in shreds and tatters - September 11, 2007

The Deleted Scenes

94. Cezion - September 11, 2007

Trek Wars

95. Raverbane - September 11, 2007

JJ: Seriously, George! WTF am I gonna do?

Lucas: Sorry, JJ. I got nothin’

96. Adam Clark - September 11, 2007

JJ: George, can YOU pay the bill?

97. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - September 11, 2007

#93 — LOL! Awesome!

98. Paul - September 11, 2007

JJ: So you’re telling me that your script for ANH came from a week long acid trip you and Gene took in the early 70’s?

Lucas: Where am I and what the hell are those ewoks doing over there?

99. Charles Trotter (Chuck Amuck) - September 11, 2007

“For the last time, George, Mugatu will NOT be in the movie!”

100. Driver - September 11, 2007

Anthony, my apologies. My caption “George, pull my finger.”

101. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - September 11, 2007

You really think Harlan Ellison will tune up the script?

102. littlegreenman - September 11, 2007

JJ: Wha – da – ya mean? …I – am – your – father.

103. NZorak - September 11, 2007

I’m telling you, the saucer section should have a big chunk out of the middle of it, right in the front. See this hamburger?

104. Cranston - September 11, 2007

My vote’s easily for #2. Short, to the point, and made me laugh out loud.

105. chuck Soileau - September 11, 2007


106. mattniss - September 11, 2007

J.J.: “So a Klingon and a Wookie walk into a bar…”

107. Reign1701A - September 11, 2007

Lucas: From my point of view Starfleet is evil!
JJ: Then you are lost!

108. NZorak - September 11, 2007

George: OK, remember that Nexus thing from Generations? See, it doesn’t matter if you live or die once you’re inside, right? Part of you is still in the Nexus, therefore Kirk is still alive.

JJ: Uh….

George: So here’s how you save the original series and Next Generation.

JJ: ??

George: Hear me out on this. Whatever part of Kirk is still in the lexus leaves and saves Data!

JJ: …. I have two words for you.

George (smiling triumphantly): Oh?

JJ: Crack kills.

109. Sean - September 11, 2007

It may not be the funniest, but #93 is one of the few that actually made me chuckle.

110. NZorak - September 11, 2007

And obviously that was supposed to be Nexus, not the car by the similar name.

111. Etha Williams - September 11, 2007

Lucas: Hey, JJ, thanks for inviting me to dinner.
JJ: No problem, George…anything to get the speculation going about my movie. Now, look in the other direction from the paparazzi…this is supposed to be a “private” dinner.

112. MaxwellEverett - September 11, 2007

At the end of the meeting, George finally revealed — to JJ’s horror — the fist he’d been sitting on all night… he called it, “the Stranger.”

113. FSL - September 11, 2007

George is about to activate his lightsaber, but JJ is already pointing his phaser at him.

114. Matthew Mark - September 11, 2007

JJ: So you mean you just stole the whole thing straight from Roddenberry?

Lucass: Even the Pig Guy from Journey to Babel.

JJ: By George you’re a Genius!

115. Ryan - September 11, 2007

JJ – “Wait, let me get this straight. You’re not Santa Claus?”

116. MK - September 11, 2007

“About that Millenium Falcon in First Contact…”

117. Leonel - September 11, 2007

Mind melds and mind tricks, hokey religions! Oh My!

118. THX-1138 - September 11, 2007

WTF??!!! He’s trying to get YOU to name a character Timmy now??!!

Or my favorite:

So let me get this straight. THX is your little brother and if I let him be a red shirt, you’ll give me free processing time at ILM?

119. Data_Lives_in_B4 - September 11, 2007

Melding Minds: The two “Star-” worlds make friends.

120. John Trumbull - September 11, 2007

“OK, George… I’ll explain inverted tachyon particles to you if you explain Midichlorians to me.”

121. Shadow6283 - September 11, 2007


It’s quite well known, Mr. Abrams aside, that George is quite a well-known fan of Star Trek from his youth. After the success of Star Wars in the 70s, he toyed with the idea of purchasing rights to Star Trek. So, it’s hardly a matter of astonishment that he’d be chatting with Abrams about something he’s loved for many years.

Still, I often wondered what direction Trek would’ve taken under George’s guidance.

Come to think about it, George, if you’re rteading this, there’s still time.;)

122. Justin Olson - September 11, 2007

In honor of FSL # 113:


123. Leonel - September 11, 2007

Today’s topic: parsecs and starfields..

124. Cygnus-X1 - September 11, 2007

ABRAMS: …but, the bumbling, comic-relief, child-pandering character that you wrote into YOUR movie is widely considered to be among the top-three most annoying phenomena in recorded history….

LUCAS: I find your lack of faith disturbing.

125. Lendorien - September 11, 2007

“I’m sorry George, Starfleet just doesn’t provide the proper training for Kirk to use the force.”

126. SirMartman - September 11, 2007

Paper, Scissors, ,,,,,Rock !

I win ,,,now tell ME whats happing with Trek !

127. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - September 11, 2007

#121 — I love both Star Trek and Star Wars, but PLEASE keep George Lucas away from Star Trek! While Star Trek would benefit from the direction of an auteur (too many cooks…), we don’t need Lucas’ brand on both of the major SF franchises, and besides, Lucas cannot write dialog to save his life.

128. James Heaney (fka Wowbagger) - September 11, 2007

a) “Look, George, I *know* it worked for you, but that was only one scene in Return of the Jedi. I just don’t think that going through every episode and replacing Nimoy’s face with Quinto’s is practical for my franchise.”

Lucas: …and my rock crushes your scissors. That’s two to one, me. Game over.
Abrams: Damn. Well, there goes two decades of online bickering. What are nerds going to argue about now?
Lucas: Hey, there’s always Kirk vs. Picard.

Abrams: “For the planet.”

“You know, I read that, and I was about halfway through, and I just threw up my hands and was, like, ‘Who the hell is Gary Seven and why is he working with Guinan?'”
“Hey, George, it’s okay. Did the exact same thing. But at least *you* don’t have the black-and-blue marks where Orci beat you with the canon stick.”

“So, George, I’ve always wondered: what’s it like having a series where the books are considered canon?”
“Wait… there are *books*?”

Lucas Ruins the Night: “So I’ve started watching this terrific show. I watched every episode, all season, at airtime. Medium. Heard of it?”

…that one might be too subtle, actually. Just ignore it.

“You know, some guy online is going to see this and isn’t going to be able to stop captioning for an hour.”
“F**king with the fans is what got me through the last decade, JJ. You’ll learn.”

My vote remains with #3, though.

129. James Heaney (fka Wowbagger) - September 11, 2007

Darn. #126 saw the rock-paper-scissors joke while I was still writing.

130. Cheve - September 11, 2007

JJ: Live Long and Prosper!

George: I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

131. spocko - September 11, 2007

wow, i was hysterical laughing through a lot of that list. #16 was especially funny! how about: “don’t even think about using the force on me, JJ!”

132. SirMartman - September 11, 2007

Where the hell is “THX 1138″ in Jedi anyway ?

133. Anthony Pascale - September 11, 2007

nice one Justin

another other good photoshoppers out there?

134. Andy Patterson - September 12, 2007

“Admit it. Neither one of us knows what we’re doing.”

And I like #48

135. Ian - September 12, 2007

Would you like another glass of wine?

136. Ted Kisiel - September 12, 2007

“… About the title song of the movie: People want Shatner in the movie in some way and Shatner wants to be involved, right? So here’s what you do: Get Shatner to sing the the title song. That way he’s in the movie and everybody’s happy. It’s a win-win.”

137. Assasin - September 12, 2007

“Look JJ, If you cant even figure out rock, paper, scissors….”

138. Eyewillit - September 12, 2007

Once again Lucas falls pray to the Vulcan Pull My Finger Trick!

139. SirMartman - September 12, 2007

George,,,I want to “re-imagine” Star Wars

140. Montreal Paul - September 12, 2007

JJ: “So when are you announcing that Shatner is in the new Indiana Jones movie?”

141. Uwe - September 12, 2007

Abrams: “Wait, aren’t you that guy, who did the other Star-thingy?”

142. Bob's your Uncle - September 12, 2007

I’m sure you’ll understand Mr. Lucas… Star Trek WILL be a closed set.

143. Len Krieger - September 12, 2007

LUCAS: No, I’m Your Father!

144. Kirks1701A - September 12, 2007

JJ: You mean my script is a prequel to the wrong franchise? When they said it was the one where the alien had pointed ears, I thought they meant Yoda!

145. SNAKE - September 12, 2007

GL – “This isnt the franchaise you are looking for… ”
JJ – “Your Jedi mind tricks dont work on me George”

146. bob flanders - September 12, 2007

Lucas: “Like I said, you are bent over a table and holding onto a handle, just like this.”
JJ: “And then the doctor puts on a glove, extends his finger and, WHAT?”
Lucas: “I kid you not … then you feel the force.”

147. SNAKE - September 12, 2007

JJ – “Shatner sang you ‘My Way?’..well theres ‘No Way’ he’s in my movie!”

148. SNAKE - September 12, 2007

heres the clip in case you have no idea what i’m on about:

149. Tobias - September 12, 2007

JJ – “So, what I was thinking, right, was Kirk and the crew get stranded on this island…”

Lucas – “Is Uhura wearing gold bikini?”

JJ – “No, but I was thinking of giving Spock a light sabre!”

Lucas – “What about Janice Rand? – she’d look great in a gold bikini – is she even in the film?”

JJ – “Anyway, George, I was pondering – would it be ok if Kirk is visited by the spiri of Yoda, to guide through?”

Lucas – “You want Yoda?”

JJ – “I was kinda hoping…”

Lucas – “Okay, you can have Yoda”

JJ – “Really?”

Lucas – “Yes, but only if he wear’s a gold bikini”.

150. Junior - September 12, 2007

Want to go to Temple with me?

151. Cervantes - September 12, 2007

…after a couple of glasses too many…

J.J. “Whaddaya mean it’s my turn turn for the tab?…”

G.L. “Right…I’ll armwrestle ya for it…”

#16 & #106 mattnis for both efforts, and #128 James Heaney for your (c) one if I had my way.

And #57 Aaron R.
That was an excellent link…I might have to get the “Destiny” one for my wife…
By the way, I hope you saw my post to you on the recent “Jennifer Garner” thread.

152. harris - September 12, 2007

…so you’re George Lucas!…I thought you were dead…..

153. JB Gestl - September 12, 2007

“Have the Gorn shoot first, but miss!”

154. Ryan - September 12, 2007

JJ – “So you’re telling me the answer is to mix Star Trek and Star Wars to get Tek War? And that’s you’re BEST idea to getting Shatner in the film?”

155. Artrek - September 12, 2007

Common George, if you touch my finger, it would be like Michael Angelo’s painting and we could title the photo, The Recreation of Trek!

156. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - September 12, 2007

JJ: That’s funny, George! Ok, stop me of you’ve heard this… A Priest, a Rabbi and a Wookie walk into a bar…

157. Woulfe - September 12, 2007

Lucas : You Will Tell Me What Happens On Lost !

J.J : Sorry Jedi mind tricks don’t work on Star Trek fans.

Lucas : Figures, Okay i’ll let ILM do the film for me if you tell me what’s going on with LOST.

J.J : Well, don’t tell anyone this, it’s a Dream Walt is haveing.

Lucas : That’s IT ?!?!?

J.J : That’s it.

Lucas : Why didn’t I think of that ?

158. Frank - September 12, 2007

“JJ, you’ve got a great hairline! No George, YOU’VE got a great hairline!”

159. Woulfe - September 12, 2007

TYPO, that one line should read For You not For Me, blah =P

160. Captain Smirk - September 12, 2007

JJ. “Let me get this straight… we should change the title of the film to ‘Star Trek Wars’? This just might work…”

161. Simon Belfast - September 12, 2007

“I’m telling you.. Khan shot first!”

162. "Uncle" Clay Farrow - September 12, 2007

“There is a great disturbance in the Force…” OR

“Away put your phaser, I mean you no harm…”

163. SNAKE - September 12, 2007

JJ – so all i got to do is just loose the office shirt and grow a beard?

164. Syöppö - Trek Finland - September 12, 2007

GL : Anna minulle viinaa
JJ : Anna sinä minulle ensin rahaa
GL : Sopii, tehdään ensin Trek Wars
JJ : ja William Shatner on siinä
GL : Eikös Kirk kuollut Trek 7?
JJ : Kuoli ja voidaanhan se kloonata
GL : Kuin se Boba Fett palkkiometsästäjä kloonattiin
JJ : Se vasta on loistava
GL : Tiedän idea
JJ : Mutta Shanter on läskiperse
GL: ILM käyttää tehosteita jolla voi ne läskit poistaa

Yeah i know its finnish .)

165. Larry - September 12, 2007

J.J. Abrams: “I’m sorry, you’re who?”

166. The Master - September 12, 2007

Abrams: George You are not my father,
Lucas: JJ I am your father, search your feeling You know it to be true. Together we will rule the SCI FI Genre

167. Gary Lee - September 12, 2007

My phaser is set to kill

168. Gary Lee - September 12, 2007

May we both live long and prosper

169. earthclanbootstrap - September 12, 2007

“You mean you’ll REALLY let me use the midichlorians? Thanks George!!!!”

170. Jackson Roykirk - September 12, 2007

part of an argument between George Lucas and J.J. Abrams, caught on tape….

Abrams: Go back to Endor, you stupid Wookie!
Lucas: Wookies don’t live on Endor.
Abrams (in a mocking voice): Wookies don’t live on Endor.

**special thanks to Trey Parker and Matt Stone**

171. Jackson Roykirk - September 12, 2007

Lucas: I think Hayden Christensen would do a terrific job as a young James Kirk.

Abrams: Who the hell is Hayden Christensen?

172. KennyB - September 12, 2007

Sooooo……do you think we should offer to help those “Exeter” guys finish thier damn episode??

173. SNAKE - September 12, 2007

GL – I’m going to punch you

174. Parosu Grasu - September 12, 2007

I FOUND SHATNER Vs. LUCAS ==>> VERY FUNNY, you guys have to watch :=))))


175. SUMMER STORM PICTURES - September 12, 2007

ABRAMS: ”That’s right. No money in the future and no toilets either.”

LUCAS: ”Hey, cool, nobody ever goes to the bathroom in Star Wars either–but we have money. In fact, I provided it all myself.”

ABRAMS: ”Hey George, I got an idea: How about you just buy Paramount and CBS and then we can make the film all the fans really want — Star Trek versus Star Wars!”

176. Lou - September 12, 2007

“Hey George, pull my finger! hehehehe!!!”

177. ensign joe - September 12, 2007

No, seriously, I’m fine to drive George.. Seriously, give em back.. I’m not kidding around here!?

178. ensign joe - September 12, 2007

So I just didn’t know who to turn to George.. These fans.. I mean, they’re writing freakin captions about me over at trekmovie.com!?

179. Klayton - September 12, 2007

Oh dear God. I have no caption. I just hope we’re not getting all worked up for a letdown of Star Wars Episode I proportions….

180. freezejeans - September 12, 2007

Lucas: “Y’think fans would notice if you renumbered the Enterprise to THX-1138?”

181. ensign joe - September 12, 2007

So, do you think Jake Lloyd is too young to play a good Kirk?

182. Mark Poole - September 12, 2007

J J Abrams : You Don’t Need To see My Identifaction!
Lucas : I Don’t Need To See Your Identifaction!
J J Abrams: This isn’t The Franchise your looking for! You can go about your business, Move along!

183. Kevin Dilmore - September 12, 2007

“So … Spock … is Kirk’s father? This is gold, Mr. Lucas. Pure gold.”

184. The Baron - September 12, 2007

So just tell them “Faster and More Intense and I can be sauced most of the day, right?”

185. Chad Koon - September 12, 2007

With Kirk on the Enterprise, a Star Destroyer doesn’t stand a chance.

186. Lamont Cranston - September 12, 2007

“George, I am a big fan! Big fan, loved all the movies. I just gotta ask…What the F**K were you thinking about this Jar Jar Binks!”

187. Chad Koon - September 12, 2007

Kirk would make Vader his bitch.. and Leia… forget about it.

188. Chad Koon - September 12, 2007

Hayden Christensen is NOT going to be Kirk.

189. Chad Koon - September 12, 2007

You should’ve let Spielberg handle Episodes 1 – 3.

190. Chad Koon - September 12, 2007

I actually named my show Lost after the feeling I got watching Episodes 1, 2 and 3.

191. JL - September 12, 2007

George: You just blow one?

JJ: No, I thought you did! Actually, you blew three of ’em if I’m not mistaken.

192. JL - September 12, 2007

Wow, you guys came up with some awesome ones… after reading them, mine sucks pretty bad… : (

193. Allister Gourlay - September 12, 2007

heY why do my posts not work here?

194. ensign joe - September 12, 2007

At long last George passes the baton with his most closely guarded secret.. the ultimate plot decider, rock-paper-scissors..

195. Frank - September 12, 2007

JJ: “I thought you said YOU where picking up the tab for this lunch, you cheap bastard!”

196. Etha Williams - September 12, 2007

JJ: So then, Nimoy whips out his phaser and – bam! – kills young Kirk to prevent old Kirk from getting onto the Enterprise B and dying. So then in the next scene, Shatner…

Lucas: Okay, JJ, that makes less sense than Lost, and I’m putting my fist down on this one: the movie has to make sense if ILM is getting involved.

JJ: Damn…time to move on to “contrived involving Shatner plan #782″…

197. ensign joe - September 12, 2007

I refuse to shake hands with a guy who can’t figure out how to put Bill Shatner in a Star Trek movie..

198. Duane Dibbly of Borg - September 12, 2007

“So, you’re saying your script was written months ago? Wow! I usually make it all up as I’m shooting! Maybe I ought to give that a go”

199. Duane Dibbly of Borg - September 12, 2007

pull my finger

200. Tony - September 12, 2007

No George… we already did a movie with whales.

201. Tony - September 12, 2007

No George… we already did a movie with whales.

202. JL - September 12, 2007

HOLY MOTHER OF CHRIST, I just spit part of my lunch out onto my monitor reading the end of #149!!! So F-ing funny!!!

#146 was good too. Okay so I’m a sadist, sue me.

203. ensign joe - September 12, 2007

Dude, we totally look like we come from the planet Cheron..

204. dalek - September 12, 2007

The Rolf Harris & Buddy Holly Reunion Party Didn’t Get Off To The Perfect Start

205. Aelora - September 12, 2007

Revamping the Star Trek Franchise:

You’re Doing it Wrong.

206. Joe - September 12, 2007

“Meanwhile in the Parallel universe….”

207. Duane Dibbly of Borg - September 12, 2007

“Yep, Blue screen. Buy as much as you can possibly get your hands on. Nah, don’t bother making any sets, or even costumes – you can dress everyone in blue!”

208. Johnv714 - September 12, 2007

“Look, George. I’m tellin’ ya. When it somes to womanizing and swashbuckling, Han Solo’s got nothing on James Kirk.”

209. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - September 12, 2007

‘So did you so Curb Your Enthusiasm?” “Yeah, Larry ate a big piece of……”

210. JL - September 12, 2007

I feel compelled to call out my personal favorites so far:


Thanks for all the laughs!!

211. Duane Dibbly of Borg - September 12, 2007

“But I would recomend hiring descent actors. Unfortunatly my animators couldn’t do a thing about Hayden’s lines”

212. JL - September 12, 2007

George: “J.J., did you, uh, notice those holes in the wall when you were in the mens room?”

JJ: “Yeah, that was weird…”

George: “Heh. Yeah. Hey, whaddaya say we get outta here?”

213. Duane Dibbly of Borg - September 12, 2007

“So you didn’t actually direct Empire or do the screenplay?”
(“Ah, it all makes sence now” *snigger*)

214. KennyB - September 12, 2007

OK George—how much will ILM charge for a CG 30 year old Kirk???

215. Duane Dibbly of Borg - September 12, 2007

“… and then the andorian said
“Thats not my antenna””

216. Duane Dibbly of Borg - September 12, 2007

“How about just one finger?”
“Nah, I like a whole fist”

217. Duane Dibbly of Borg - September 12, 2007

“Get it? The Klingon said “That’s not were you put Gagh”

“I don’t get it”

218. STAR TREK: SOLDIERS OF PAWNS - September 12, 2007

”Franchise? Out of danger?”

219. STAR TREK: SOLDIERS OF PAWNS - September 12, 2007

”I’m not touching you. I’m not touching you…”

220. ensign joe - September 12, 2007

You’re kidding right? You don’t ACTUALLY carry around a lock of Warwick Davis’ hair..

221. CW - September 12, 2007

Here’s my caption:

“While we are the subject of Franchise Re-inventing… what’s this stuff about Greedo shooting first?

222. Brenden - September 12, 2007

“Best of Both Worlds”

223. Brenden - September 12, 2007

“ewok vs tribbles”

224. Brenden - September 12, 2007

“can you think of a way to work Kirk into my movie? I got nothing…”

225. Reptileboy - September 12, 2007

Abrams: So you’re really the inspiration for Denny Crane!
Lucas: George Lucas.

226. Jon - September 12, 2007

Abrams : No (incredulous).No midgets in bear suits.

227. richpit - September 12, 2007

“J.J…..I am your father.”

228. CanuckLou - September 12, 2007

JJ, is that a lightsaber in your hand or are you just happy to see me.

229. Dilithium'R'Us - September 12, 2007

Lucas: Nah, don’t worry about it – most fans don’t know what they’re talking about! Besides, in a few years, you can always go back and make changes, if necessary.

230. Captain Berk - September 12, 2007

no George – this is how you open a communicator

231. Derrick - September 12, 2007

Lucas: A star destroyer would SO pwn the Enterpise.

J.J.: Well… A double-dumbass on you!

232. CmdrR. - September 12, 2007

JJ: “Trilogy, schmilogy. We’re goin’ for a decadilogy!”

Lucas: “Right on! Pass the terra mesu.”

233. snake - September 12, 2007

You have very nice eyes….

234. Scott - September 12, 2007

JJ: So my Idea is to digital recreate skinny shatner and nimoy and then replace them with new actors, and then can you help me i need a good third….

GL. Jar Jar is the best.

JJ. not really what i was going for…

GL He sells really really well. Good to get the kiddies.

JJ. O.k. How about Portman?

GL No, she only takes great screenplays.

JJ: stares madly.

235. CmdrR. - September 12, 2007

JJ: Is it true Natalie Portman is both matter and anti-matter, ifyouknowwhatImean?

GL: Don’t go there, JJ.

JJ: I was thinkin’ Rand and Uhura in the sonic shower…

GL: That’s a very different kind of movie.

236. Bruce - September 12, 2007

Damn! #166 beat me to it!

237. Data3P0 - September 12, 2007

Lucas: *SPIT TAKE* JJ is short for JAR JAR!?!

238. Tony Hardy - September 12, 2007

That’s funny…..you don’t look anything like Barbara Streisand!

239. Garyp - September 12, 2007

“If ILM can give me a discount on the effects work, I’ll tell you who gets off the island.”

240. Garyp - September 12, 2007

Slight rework:

“I’ll tell you what, if ILM can give me a discount on the effect work, I’ll tell you who gets off the island.”

241. Gary Lee - September 12, 2007

To live long and prosper the force must be with you

242. Gary Lee - September 12, 2007

I having a problem casting can you speak Klingon

243. mattniss - September 12, 2007

Some more priceless gems…

J.J.: “Come on George, admit that your neck is just a special effect you use to scare away vampires.”


J.J.: “And you thought I wanted to, George? You KNOW I’m narcoleptic.”


J.J.: “You know George, now that I think about it, it did itch a little.”

Or perhaps:

J.J.: “Listen, Santa Claus…”

Or the short film:


J.J.: “Diarrhea!”
George: “Yes, the whole time.”
J.J.: “But how did you finish the prequels…”
George: “From the toilet. With an extension cord and a 2021 Mac laptop from the future.”
J.J.: “Wow.”
George: “Money, J.J. Money can buy you anything. Even time travel.”

And finally, my last attempt:

J.J.: “Uhura? I always thought you were a Deanna Troi kind of guy.”

244. BeyondtheTech - September 12, 2007

Wait… you’re not Gene?

245. jonboc - September 12, 2007

….Star Trek?? I thought you were Drew Carry. Check please.

246. BeyondtheTech - September 12, 2007

So, I should give this guy… Rick Berman… a call? Yeah, the fans will love it, huh?

247. Kevin Greene - September 12, 2007

“Ok, George, OK, don’t hit me! I PROMISE I won’t put Tom Cruise in the movie!”

I gotta tell ya, #3 is tops in my opinion.

248. BeyondtheTech - September 12, 2007

You’re like the billionth person that doesn’t like the name “Wreck.” Like “Phantom Menace” was any better…

249. YUBinit - September 12, 2007

“Yeah? Well, at least I have done something else besides Star Trek… er, or about to… maybe!”

Okay, not great but accurate. LOL

250. CanuckLou - September 12, 2007

For the last time George, a parsec is a measure of distance not time!

251. Jaguar95 - September 12, 2007

“Replace Shatner with Chewbacca hmmmm……..”

252. Gary Lee - September 12, 2007

So you say it’s a galaxy far far away, so how long would it take at warp 9?

253. JL - September 12, 2007

#149 = THE WINNA!

254. Kevin Greene - September 12, 2007

“George, I know you THINK it’s a good idea but chopping off every Klingon’s right hand at the end of the movie just doesn’t make sense…”

255. SirMartman - September 12, 2007

What,,,,,Anthony Pascale stalks you for movie details too!!!

256. Orbitalic - September 12, 2007

“I’m using ILM for the movie…YOU pick up the tab.”

257. SirMartman - September 12, 2007

JJ meets George Lucas his idol,,,and blows the hole meeting with one question,,,,,

So, when is “Star Wars, The Holiday Special,,Special Edition” comming out ?

258. Rebecca Stinnett - September 12, 2007

JJ: Wait, you did a space movie, too?!

259. ety3 - September 12, 2007

Lucas: “Can I play the bad guy? The fanboys will love that.”

Abrams: “OK, but Kirk shoots first.”

260. FredCFO - September 12, 2007

Lucas: “It’s Star TREK, not Star WARS…”

Abrams: “Uh, oh…”

261. Kevin Greene - September 12, 2007

“Wait… I’m gonna look like YOU in thirty years?!? Oh, Christ….”

262. FredCFO - September 12, 2007

Lucas: “JJ stands for Jimm Johnson, right?”

Abrams: “Star Trek XI is not a fan film!”

Lucas: “REALLY ?”

263. Big E - September 12, 2007

J.J: George, can you give me tips on how to handle the fans?

G.L.: The who?

264. Admiral Kent - September 12, 2007

J.J.: “I know Nicholas Meyer…and you, sir, are NO Nicholas Meyer.”

265. FredCFO - September 12, 2007

George Lucas: ” You didn’t create Star Trek, so you’re out on the merchandising. ”

Abrams: ” DAMN ! “

266. Eyewillit - September 12, 2007

Once again Lucas falls prey to the Vulcan Pull My Finger Trick!

267. Garyp - September 12, 2007

So that’s why warp drive is theoretically possible and the idea of a hyper-drive is utterly ridiculous.

268. CmdrR. - September 12, 2007

OK, I’m gonna try this joke again and this time, it’s gonna be funny…

In 1989, Gerry Garcia and Elvis Costello share (count em) 9 drinks and talk about how totally cool the Star Wars trilogy is and why TOS-era movies are the only ones audiences will ever accept.

269. Floydhead Max! - September 12, 2007

“whoever smeltit, delt it!”!!


270. CmdrR. - September 12, 2007

oops — Jerry, sted Gerry.

271. Dom - September 12, 2007

Are you William Shatner?

272. JL - September 12, 2007

149 FTW, 149 FTW

273. TB - September 12, 2007

It ain’t for the Trek, it ain’t for the Star Wars…it’s about the BADONKEY DONK!

274. Big E - September 12, 2007

J.J.: How do you sleep at night, knowing you did episodes 1-3?

G.L.: On a big pile of money.

275. Big E - September 12, 2007

J.J.: Can you give me Natalie Portman’s phone number?

G.L.: Give me Jennifer Gardner’s, and it’s a deal!

276. Admiral Kent - September 12, 2007


JJ: “So, I’ve heard that you can actually inflate your neck like a Bullfrog…”

277. Diabolik - September 12, 2007

JJ: “See this finger? I’ve got more filmaking talent right there than you have in your entire fist.”

278. Big E - September 12, 2007

J.J: So, How’s the new Indiana Jones coming along?

G.L: It’s been two long months of hard work, but I finally got Spielberg to tell me where they’re shooting.

279. Johnv714 - September 12, 2007

JJ: Okay, so the Enterprise and Millenium Falcon are moving away from each other at 86,000 kiloters per second, and one of them decreases speed 50% after 10 minutes, how far apart are they after 1 hour?

280. Johnv714 - September 12, 2007

JJ: No, no. The cloaking device was OUR idea first!!

281. magnumpc - September 12, 2007

“You too??? ‘No, Shatner is not in the film!'”

282. Big E - September 12, 2007

J.J: Be honest, did you really had a trilogy planed out when you started shooting the first Star Wars?

G.L: Did you really had the plot of Lost planed out when you started filming it?

J.J: Touché

283. Kevin Rubio - September 12, 2007

JJ: So you’re saying I should make Kate and Jack, brother and sister?

GEORG: Yeah, and then the whole island could be run by a bunch of little people. Kind of like Gulliver’s Travels.

284. spud - September 12, 2007

Look JJ have some confidence in yourself. You, Me, Shatner and Nimoy we are all part of the tribe. The chosen tribe. The chosen people. Gods people. We learn to deal with the Schmucks. :)

285. Big E - September 12, 2007

G.L: Mention the Christmases special one more time and I’ll shove this fist where no man has gone before!

286. Johnv714 - September 12, 2007

JJ: What do you mean, “The Star Trek IV Special Edition can’t have E.T.’s in the Council Chamber scene”?

287. Johnv714 - September 12, 2007

JJ: You know, all that CGI in the special editions, and you still managed to miss fixing the green slave’s exposed breast in Jabba’s throne room.

288. Johnv714 - September 12, 2007

JJ: Calm down, George, Quark should be here with our drinks any second.

289. Johnv714 - September 12, 2007

GL: Established Canon? What’s that?

290. Johnv714 - September 12, 2007

JJ: So he says to the guy, “You can stay, but the Ferengi in the clown suit has gotta go!!”

291. Johnv714 - September 12, 2007

JJ: I’m serious, George. I think “THX1138: The Musical” is a great idea.

292. Johnv714 - September 12, 2007

GL: So, we at Skywalker Ranch have this betting pool. How many times is “47” going to appear in the next Star Trek movie?

293. Big E - September 12, 2007

J.J: Mister Lucas! I’m such a big fan of your work!

G.L: Why thank you, it’s always a pleasure to meet…

J.J: Except for the prequel trilogy naturally….

G.L: Well, still, it’s nice to….

J.J: And Return of the Jedi was a childish ripoff of A New Hope…

G.L: Um….

J.J: Come to think of it, A New Hope wasn’t that great either, But I still love your work on The Empire Strikes Back!

G.L: Security!!!

294. RetroWarbird - September 12, 2007

Lucas: Doing a prequel, eh?
Abrams: Yeah.
Lucas: I’ve got loads of experience with prequels, need an A-list hand?
Abrams: Get out.

295. Big E - September 12, 2007

J.J: No George, I don’t think anyone would be interested in a special edition Howard the Duck.

296. Jackson Roykirk - September 12, 2007

…and a construction job of that magnitude would require a helluva lot more manpower than the Imperial army had to offer. I’ll bet there were independent contractors working on that second Death Star in “Jedi”: plumbers, aluminum siders, roofers.

So?…what makes you so uneasy about its destruction?

So?!…all those innocent contractors, who were just hired to do a job, were killed — casualties of a war they had nothing to do with. Any contractors working on the uncompleted Death Star were just INNOCENT VICTIMS when it was destroyed by the rebels!

**Apologies to Kevin Smith for paraphrasing his classic work**

297. Big E - September 12, 2007

J.J: I know you make most of your money from merchandising, But wasn’t the princess Amidala morning after pills a step too far?

298. Big E - September 12, 2007

G.L: Ha, My franchise is bigger then yours!

J.J: It’s not the size that matter, but how you use it!

299. pizza hotdog - September 12, 2007

JJ: George, You owe me for choosing ILM for Star Trek 2008.

George: Sorry JJ, there’s no room In Indian Jones for William Shatner.

300. Garyp - September 12, 2007

So now that I have control of the franchise, you’re saying I can simply go back and redo the scene in Generations where Kirk dies? People will buy that?

301. THX-1138 - September 12, 2007

“That’s a nice shirt, George. Didn’t I see Spielberg wearing that yesterday?”

302. THX-1138 - September 12, 2007

“You want to really freak out that guy taking the picture? On the count of three, I say we start making out. One…….”

303. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - September 12, 2007

JJ: For chrissakes George, let it go! I am not puting Howard The Duck in Star Trek!!!

304. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - September 12, 2007

295. sorry… I missed yours ;)

305. beyondthetech - September 12, 2007

…So you’re saying exfoliate first, then massage in a circular motion… Ohhhh…

306. Aurelia - September 12, 2007

JJ: How ’bout you and me get together to make a crossover, eh?

307. David - September 12, 2007

JJ: Now tell me again how do I do a successful prequel, without tainting the original concept?

GL: Huh…I think I still have the Star Wars work print somewhere unaltered.

JJ: You’ve altered it that much that you have no idea if it still exists! What’s Steven’s number?

308. Chad Koon - September 12, 2007

Aren’t you dead?

309. trekker13 - September 12, 2007

“The Master and the Apprentice”

310. VulcanBabe - September 12, 2007

Future “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

JJ: Phasers beat lightsabers!

GL: Do not!

JJ: Do too!


311. Cygnus-X1 - September 12, 2007

ABRAMS: How’d you get past my bodyguards? Jedi mind trick?

LUCAS: Vulcan nerve pinch.

ABRAMS: Touché.

312. mctrekkie - September 12, 2007


Kudos! Making Lemonade out of that Star Trek V lemon.

Sarek would be proud, o Son of Sarek.

313. mctrekkie - September 12, 2007

( I really looked at the photo- take a look at JJ’s expression)

Abrams to Lucas:

“You mean all those Kurosawa references were really just B.S and you made the sh*t up as you went along??!”

314. Anthony Pascale - September 12, 2007

wow this is a lot of captions…although a lot of them seem to be variations of each other. I think I count 2 or 3 versions of my #3 suggestion.

anyway keep it up…maybe we will award more than one poster.


also take a look at the update photo John got (see above) 

315. K. Michael - September 12, 2007

The King is dead…
Long live the King!

316. Greg2600 - September 12, 2007

Amazing how much JJ resembled 1980’s Lucas, and how Lucas now resembles a Wookie.

317. Webwalker - September 12, 2007

“Rock beats paper!”

“Light saber beats all”

318. garen rhome - September 12, 2007

“i bet they’ll wonder what we’re saying. they might even start a silly little contest on Trekmovie.com”

319. Nathan - September 12, 2007

“So you really think a Jar-Jar cameo would be in the film’s best interests?”

“No, George; I don’t need any help with the romance scenes….and I won’t be hiring Hayden Christensen either!”

“Oh, come on; Kirk with a phaser would soooo beat Vader with Force Grip…”

“How long do we have to pose like this?” “Just long enough for all the fans to finish taking snapshots….”

“For the last time, J.J; ILM’s mine! You can’t have it.”

320. CmdrR. - September 12, 2007

On the new pic, Roddenberry’s saying: “Yeah, but my Mrs. still has the little blue mini and go-go boots. Hey, it’s Saturday night. I gotta get home!”

321. Jadzia Dax - September 12, 2007

@243: You sir, are a genius. I could see everyone of those play out in my head.

322. garen rhome - September 12, 2007

“oota goota, Lucas?”
(going somewhere, Lucas?)

“yes, J.J. As a matter of fact, I was just going to see your boss. Tell Paramount that I’ve got their money!”

323. Gorn - September 12, 2007

This is just awesome!!!

324. Etha Williams - September 12, 2007

JJ: George, take the holodeck out of monochrome or I phaser you. This is NOT Captain Proton.
George: Although…
JJ: We could turn Trek XI into “The Adventures of Captain Proton”!
Lucas: Can Captain Proton have a light sabre?
JJ: Sure, we’ll reimagine it a bit. Damn, everything in Trek now is happening on the holodeck…the fans will love this…it’ll be like…a birthday card to the fans. On the holodeck.

325. Harry Ballz - September 12, 2007

J.J. “the effects for the movie are going to cost how much? Hell, Lucas, what does ILM stand for, I LIKE MONEY??”

326. garen rhome - September 12, 2007




327. Gorn - September 12, 2007

Early August 2007…
George Walton Lucas Jr., the legendry film director of the world famous Star Wars Saga, the adventurous Indiana Jones series and more, had a nice quite dinner with, the already popular, Jeffrey Jacob Abrams, .

George Lucas: So, just Star Trek?

J. J. Abrams: Yeah, why?

George Lucas: Nice title…

J. J. Abrams: Oh come on! Whats wrong with it!?

George Lucas: Nothing…

J. J. Abrams: Come on, tell me whats wrong with title!?

George Lucas: Nothing!

J. J. Abrams: Listen, coming form a person who named one of his movies just “Star Wars,” you shouldn’t be complaining.

George Lucas: It’s actually called “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.”

J. J. Abrams: Oh well (J.J. rolled his eyes), if you want to get technical.

George Lucas: I herd a rumor that you’re going to do a prequel.

J. J. Abrams: Yep…
George Lucas: Are you sure you want to go that way?

J. J. Abrams: Yeah, why.

George Lucas: Well, I went that way and I-

J. J. Abrams: Oh god! Please don’t remide me! You know how many fans were devastated?

George Lucas: Let me guess because of him?

J. J. Abrams: Yes! Who the hell do you think!?

George Lucas: Jar Jar Binks…

J. J. Abrams (with sarcasm): No! Obi-Wan Kenobi!

George Lucas: Check please!

328. DJT - September 12, 2007

GL: “Search your feelings, J.J. You know it to be true. Yo soy tu papa!”

329. Jon - September 12, 2007

Caption contest aside…If I may speculate….Lucas may be developing a creative relationship with JJ (similar to Speilberg) in which JJ may someday have some input in the new Star Wars TV series.

330. Jon - September 12, 2007

Always two there are…A master and an apprentice.

331. YUBinit - September 12, 2007

“Well if I could move that way I wouldn’t need a remaster.”

332. CmdrR. - September 12, 2007

JJ and George worked long in the night and finally discovered the perfect way to include Shatner, resolve Kirk’s death and make Star Trek XI the movie every fanboy dreams of. Unfortunately, after consuming enough alcohol to burst Scotty’s liver, they passed out and couldn’t remember a thing the next morning.

333. Gary - September 12, 2007

a) JJ: So that’s how the yankees lost yesterday huh?

B) Let’s get the right pose!

334. Bobo - September 12, 2007

“So, you’re saying something’s actually living in that chin?”

335. David - September 12, 2007

Please don’t crush my hand, Mr. Roddenberry.

336. mctrekkie - September 12, 2007

324 Funny stuff !

your beat reminds me of the “in bed” at the end of all read- aloud fortune cookies .

Sadly, I actually liked Captain Proton….

Hey, 326 Great Photoshppage! Clearly Abrams will shoot first…
on the holodeck.

337. SirMartman - September 12, 2007

These Star Trek fans are driving me crazy,
do you get that with Star Wars fans too ?

338. SirMartman - September 12, 2007

why did you pinch the waitress on the arse for ???

339. SirMartman - September 12, 2007

I’ll help you bring back Vader,, If you can help me bring back Kirk

340. SirMartman - September 12, 2007

look George, I know you have a drinking problem, Look at all the glasses on the table !!

341. SirMartman - September 12, 2007

I dont care if your George Lucas,, this is MY table buddy !

342. SirMartman - September 12, 2007

So,, you were in the Vader suit ?

343. SirMartman - September 12, 2007

ok dont hit me,, I’ll tell you about “star Trek”

344. Miguel - September 12, 2007


FutureGuy: “Misa is muy muy grateful dat Suliban try kill Archer!”

Even notice that JarJar sounds like tickle-me-elmo on steroids?

345. SirMartman - September 12, 2007

how did you super-glue your hand together like that ??

346. Etha Williams - September 13, 2007

#336 — I actually liked Captain Proton too — until they made an entire episode dedicated to it. In general, Voyager really let the holodeck get out of control (Fair Haven, anyone?).

A birthday card to the fans in bed? What’s that — 7 of 9 in a gold bikini (throw-back to #149).

347. SirMartman - September 13, 2007

YOU broke Mark Hamills nose with your fist ?? I thought it was a car crash

348. SirMartman - September 13, 2007

Anthony Pascale calls you too !,,

349. Etha Williams - September 13, 2007

Re: my #324 — it occurs to me that “a Christmas card to the fans” would be more appropriate than “a birthday card to the fans.”

350. Big E - September 13, 2007

how come i can’t post a link to the pic I made?

351. kirky - September 13, 2007

J.J. Abrams: So when did you decide to make the Prequels sucky?

George Lucas: When i knew I could just make a ton of money on the popularity and hype from the last films.

J.J. Abrams: But that’s wrong!

George Lucas: That’s business!

352. Obsessed With Film » Abrams, you really should stay away from this man - September 13, 2007

[…] This photo was posted by the good folks over at Trek Movie and was taken only last month. Maybe Lucas is up for the role of Scotty? […]

353. Chris M - September 13, 2007

JJ: So I got this great idea for the Villain. He’s gonna wear a black leather suit with a helmet and mask and maybe a cape too. I was thinking of James Earl Jones to do the voice. And then get this, at the end of the movie we find out that he’s actually Kirk’s father! What do you think?

Lucas: WOW! Great idea. How do you come up with this stuff………..HEY!!!!!!!!!

BTW: Awesome to see that pic of Roddenberry and Lucas together. Makes you believe that Star Trek and Star Wars can live harmoniously together!

354. Tj Trek - September 13, 2007

#53 takes the cake as far as captions go. I think it’s great. Although #2 has some merit as well.

355. andy - September 13, 2007

I keep telling you, George, i’m NOT Jeff goldblum!

356. Captain Smirk - September 13, 2007

GL: “Is it too late to try out for Scotty? I’ve been working on my Scottish accent…”
JJ: “Scotty wasn’t fat in the original series, George. I’m Sorry”

357. bob flanders - September 13, 2007

“Ok. A Star Trek/Star Wars crossover. That will be big. But what should we call it, JJ?”.

“Hmm… You know, I think I’ve got it George, ‘RAT STARS REST WARK!'”

358. Jackson Roykirk - September 13, 2007

…As a matter of fact, George, I was just going to see your
boss. Tell Jabba that I’ve got his money.

359. Woulfe - September 13, 2007

( two sci-fi guys into numberoligy )

J. J : 4 8 15 16 23 42

George : 1138

( then J. J. notices something )

J. J : Has anyone told you that you look like Jerry Garcia of the Greatful Dead ?

George : Must be this black an white filter ILM’s is experimenting with.

J. J : Anyway, you met Gene Roddenberry years ago ?

George : Yes I did….

( LOST style flashback )

Gene : Hello George, I like your work, it’s pretty good stuff.

George : Hello Gene, why that you, if it hadn’t been for what you did I could of never done it.

360. snake - September 13, 2007

Ok can you let go on my hand now Gene…Gene? Gene! Let go of that hand!! GENE! AGRAHHHHHHHH!! HE’S CRUSHING MY HAND!! GET HIM OFF MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

361. Mr Tricorder - September 13, 2007

Two Captains … One Destiny

362. Etha Williams - September 13, 2007

JJ: George, you can’t expect me to cast you as Scotty solely on the basis of how much you drank tonight!

363. bob flanders - September 13, 2007

“Damn it, George, punching me won’t change the fact that a parsec is a measure of distance, not time!”

364. Andy Patterson - September 13, 2007

I like # 355

365. bob flanders - September 13, 2007

In an amazing display of strength, Gene Roddenberry beheaded a man using only one arm of Star Wars visionary George Lucas.

366. bob flanders - September 13, 2007

JJ: So is that the arm Roddenberry used on that guy?
GC: Yeah … Haven’t been able to use it since.

367. bob flanders - September 13, 2007

sorry .. GC should be GL….

368. Dom - September 13, 2007

George: I’m going to make three more Star Wars movies.

Gene: Over my dead body!

369. Max - September 13, 2007

George: . . . Star Trek without Shatner? Are you serious??

370. Captain Edwards - September 13, 2007

GL: The most powerful weapon? The lightsaber of course!
JJ: You’ve got to be kidding? The hand phaser will win every time!

371. Dave - September 13, 2007


372. SirMartman - September 13, 2007

And Im not going to say anything about the movie,,until its almost out,, its going to drive them all NUTS !

373. SirMartman - September 13, 2007

you had black hair once too ???

374. SirMartman - September 13, 2007

Gimmie yaa wallet,, my fingers loaded !

375. SirMartman - September 13, 2007

What the hell do you mean,, ILM dont do Star Trek models ????

376. SirMartman - September 13, 2007

I thought you payed for the drinks!

377. SirMartman - September 13, 2007

Why do you come here anyway,, no-one else does

378. Hoocha - September 13, 2007

“You’re the dude who played Sha-ka-ree, and you made Star Wars? Oh, snap!”

379. SirMartman - September 13, 2007

wow look,,, white hair,,black hair,,,,white shirt,,,black shirt,,,young man,,
old man,,

wait dont hit me !!

380. Anthony Pascale - September 13, 2007


I think you have enough entries now

381. Etha Williams - September 13, 2007

“Damnit, George, I’m a director, not a bartender!”

382. Andy Patterson - September 13, 2007

and Iike 313….funny Mctrekkie.

383. EdR - September 13, 2007

Paper, scissors, my ass! A gun is always better than a rock!

384. readysteadyleddy - September 13, 2007

So George you come here often?? Sorry JJ?? I was lost in your eyes..

385. EdR - September 13, 2007

Whadda ya mean?, You don’t need a light saber? ( As a familiar hum starts to eminate from Lucas’s fist )

386. EdR - September 13, 2007

I always thought you were a two-fisted drinker.

387. EdR - September 13, 2007

So you’re telling me that you paid for Star Wars by crushing wine glasses in your hand and creating diamonds with the Force?

388. EdR - September 13, 2007

No George. The expression is ” I drink like I’ve got a hollowed leg.” not a hollowed arm.

389. EdR - September 13, 2007

Look George. Snatching the pebble from my hand does not make you Kwai Chang Caine! and stop calling me Grasshopper!

390. EdR - September 13, 2007

I’m telling you the truth, George! A guy named Senor Wences used to throw his voice and make his fist talk!

391. EdR - September 13, 2007

Come on, George. Roll a two and it will be Jumanji!!

392. EdR - September 13, 2007

That’s right, George! The Enterprise goes back in time through a worm-hole no bigger than your fist. Amazing, Huh? Should cut down on the budget for special effects, right?

393. bearytrek - September 13, 2007

“Picture it: Ensign Jar Jar Binks…he can even wear a redshirt!”

394. EdR - September 13, 2007

That’s right. Pretend your fist is the Death Star and my hand is the new Borg ship. I declare “Resistance is Futile!” and you clobber me with the Force. Should keep both franchises going for awhile, right?

395. EdR - September 13, 2007

So I thought I would combine Kurt Weill with Gene Roddenberry and call it “Lost in the Stars Trek” and make a musical out of it. I have two numbers for Shatner and Nimoy. Shatner does, of course, “Rocket Man” and Nimoy does that “Bitter Dregs” from “Plato’s Stepchildren”

396. EdR - September 13, 2007

George: Well, JJ , I remember it like yesterday (Memory Flutter – flutter- flutter- going back in time)

Dan Madsen: Gene, this is George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars.

Gene: ( with a look of jealousy in his eyes) Well George ,nice to meet you ( As Gene starts to apply an Indian Rug Burn on George’s arm)

George: …..And that is why I have no hair on this arm.

397. EdR - September 13, 2007

On post 84 commenting on post 76 He is not trolling , he’s just a troll. on Post 26 sometimes quantity has some quality in it. Back to post 76 when you are producing something and or writing something aside from being negative maybe your life will be better and just accept things as they are.

398. Admiral Fore - September 13, 2007

JJ: So what was the deal with all the lightsaber duels taking place near bottomless pits?

399. Spotts1701 - September 13, 2007

J.J.: “You may have billions of dollars and a media empire, but I have one thing you’ll NEVER have!”

George: “And what’s that?”

J.J.: “Jennifer Garner’s phone number.”

400. Paul - September 13, 2007

George for the last time stop referring to me as your young Padawan!

401. Cygnus-X1 - September 13, 2007

ABRAMS: Did…did you just touch my face while I was going for my wallet?

LUCAS: Got your nose.

402. Harry Ballz - September 13, 2007

J.J.: “arm wrestle YOU for all the marbles? Personally, George, after watching your three prequels, I don’t think you’ve got a marble left!”

403. Etha Williams - September 13, 2007

JJ: No, George, how many times do I have to tell you? In episode 31, the Enterprise was clutched by a hand, like this. There was NO giant fist threatening to smash it. Not Apollo’s fist, not Yoda’s fist — not ANY fist!
GL: A liar are you — Yoda’s fist that was! Apollo’s friend had been Yoda, Apollo’s friend shall Yoda be always!
JJ: I should *never* have bought you that 5th drink…

*a camera flashes*

JJ: Saved by the paparazzi!
GL: A private dinner at, no less…

((Forgive my bad Yoda-speak…Object-Verb-Subject structure isn’t as easy as it seems…))

404. Sub-commander Se'tol - September 13, 2007

So George, what’s the best way to destroy a hugely popular, multi-generational sci-fi franchise?

405. Cygnus-X1 - September 13, 2007

ABRAMS: Did you just take my Amex card off the table?

LUCAS: They don’t need to see our identification.

ABRAMS: Put it back…unless you’re buying.

406. Sl - September 13, 2007

I don’t want or need a poster, but I have some:

10. JJ: “You’ve got a bad feeling about this!?!”

9. JJ: “You mean your going to rerelease those films again with even more changes and make another billion?”

8. George: “You know, Greedo did not shoot originally.”
JJ: “So, you decided to screw that great scene up later?”

7. George: “I think there’s a guy taking a picture of us, across the street. So, you point your finger at me and I’ll stare at you and he’ll get his picture and go.”

6. JJ: “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ me? Well, I’m the only one….wait…ummmmm….never mind.”

5. JJ: “Ohhhhhhhhhh….So Leia meant the Queen of Alderaan when she said her she had few memories of her mother because she died when she was very young.”

George: “Duh.”

JJ: “YOU CALLIN’ ME DUMB!!!!! Don’t make me get midevil!”

4. JJ: “I loved it when you had E.T. AND Eliot point fingers….”
George: That wasn’t me. That was Steven.”
JJ: ” But didn’t you have E.T. in the first prequel?”
George: “Well, yeah. But no Eliot.”
JJ: “Then who the hell was that anoying kid?”

3. George: “Where’s Shatner?”
JJ: “You mean, you didn’t invite him?”

2. JJ: “You change for $1,000,000?”

And finally……………

1. JJ: “You think you met a lot of virgins!”

407. snake - September 14, 2007

JJ – “Hey George do you think if they took a photo of us talking it’ll make over 400 posts on Trekmovie.com?”

408. snake - September 14, 2007

Gene – “Pleased to meet you Steven… I really loved 1941..”

409. Ryan - September 14, 2007

JJ – “You want me to direct full movie adaptation of Mel Brook’s ‘Jews in Space’ instead? What makes you think I’m fit to direct a comedy?”

GL – “I thought ‘Lost’ was pretty funny.”

JJ – “‘Lost’ is supposed to be a drama, not a comedy.”

GL – “That’s not important right now. Listen, I wield alot of power in this industry. If you want to be successful then I suggest you do what I say.”

JJ – *sighs, then looks down at his plate* “Who did you have in mind for Captain Goldberg?”

410. ensign joe - September 14, 2007

So in the spirit of altruism let me say that, for me at least, it helps to visualize the caption as a caption and not as a post. And no, this is not a contest entry :P

411. BeyondtheTech - September 14, 2007

How much is ILM?! Can I borrow your copy of Adobe After Effects then?

412. BeyondtheTech - September 14, 2007

…a little does the public realize that “1-18-08″ is the setup for the Eugenics Wars and World War III. The guy in the Slusho T-shirt? Yeah, he’s Kirk…

413. BeyondtheTech - September 14, 2007

“That really is a dead-on impression of Rick Moranis.”

“You like it? It’s great to do at cocktail hours and parties.”

414. snake - September 14, 2007

GL – What happened to Berman?
JJ – That name no longer has any meaning!

*actually is there a photo of Lucas with Berman anywhere? bet there isnt.*

415. Will D - September 14, 2007

JJ: I appreciate the offer, but you’re too old to play Scotty.

416. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - September 14, 2007

JJ: George, please! I understand the merchandising potential of the movie but there is no way to make Targs cute!?!

GL: I made Wookies cute! Shrink ’em down… scrunch ’em up… give ’em high-pitched cutsie voices… Voila! Ewoks!

JJ: Yeah, so I end up with a fucking Klingon Chihuahua!

417. Herbert Eyes Wide Open - September 14, 2007

Roddenberry: George Lucas? A pleasure to meet you! Enormous respect for your work! By the way, you owe me some money, I think?

418. Duane Dibbly of Borg - September 14, 2007

Re: 207

Abrams: “So anyway, I was hoping that I’d be able to use ILM for the special effects.”

Lucas: “Ooooo, effects! my favorate subject!”

Abrams: “uh yes. But I’d like to go for a more traditional approach though, because to me its got a more realistic feel to it.”

Lucas: “Traditional? You mean you don’t want to use much CGI?”

Abrams: “No, not really.”

Lucas: “But why not?!”

Abrams: “Well you see …..”

Lucas: “If you use LOADS of CGI then that means you have to use loads of Blue Screen! I love Blue Screen! Blue is my favorate colour! My bedroom was blue when I was a kid,(maybe that’s why I like it so much!)”

Abrams: “Listen George, about the Blue Screen….”

Lucas: “Yay Blue screen!!! Buy as much as you can possibly get your hands on! Nah, don’t bother making models, or building any sets, or even making costumes – you can dress everyone in blue!”

Abrams: “Uh, George….”

Lucas: “Ooooo, I’ve got an idea!! Buy a massive tin of blue paint…”.

Abrams: “George…”

Lucas: “….put it in the middle of the soundstage…”

Abrams “George!”

Lucas: “…get all your actors to get on the stage aswell, and then light a firework inside the tin of paint!!”

419. Etha Williams - September 14, 2007

#417 — And then when the director of the Actor’s Guilds brings up an investigation into how the explosion killed one actor and harmed the other 4 that were on stage, just don’t say anything and they’ll let you get away with it, because suspicion is no basis for actually punishing someone for killing somebody.

420. Etha Williams - September 14, 2007

re: my #419 — I meant that as a reply to #418, not #417. Sorry

421. CmdrR. - September 14, 2007

Etha, I take it you’re not a John Landis fan?

422. Elderbury - September 14, 2007

George: Okay, here’s the deal. I’ll introduce you to Natalie, if you introduce me to Zach.

JJ: But George, you know he likes girls, don’t you.

George: Tell him I’m like this!

423. Elderbury - September 14, 2007

JJ: Sure you can be a Klingon, George. Just get Shatner off my back!
George: You want I should punch him out for you?

424. Mateo - September 14, 2007

Lucas experiences the thrill of time travel as he tries to talk his younger self out of the Star Wars prequels.

425. Harry Ballz - September 14, 2007

J.J.: “You say you’re actually proud of the Jar Jar Binks character! Proud? You??”

426. Andy Patterson - September 15, 2007

#329 Caption contest aside…If I may speculate….Lucas may be developing a creative relationship with JJ (similar to Speilberg) in which JJ may someday have some input in the new Star Wars TV series.

Yeah Jon, you may be right…..this may be the most important thing to come out of this.

427. THX-1138 - September 15, 2007

426 posts. OK Anthony what’s it gonna take? I just want a teaser poster, Please?

Ooohh, I just watched your interview ion Shatnervision. My, what an intelligent, witty, quite charming fellow, really, you seem to be. You’re a man of high character, I can tell. Why, I’m certain your rapier wit and devil-may-care attitude is all the rage with the fairer sex.

Please can I have a poster, please?

428. J N Nestor - September 16, 2007

“You wrote those? But you’re really old!”

429. Mr Regular - September 16, 2007

A secret meeting somewhere in a hollywood convention center brings the implausible into the possible: A cinematic showdown between the Death Star and The Borg Cube. Which one will win? Find out in two years..movie yet untitled…

430. Treleth - September 16, 2007

“You know, I think you’re right, I think a jar Jar Binks type character has a place in Star Trek XI…”

431. spock34 - September 16, 2007

live long and prosper.

i will do neither, cause i have killed my wife and tried to kill my best friend

432. Jeff Lucas - September 17, 2007

JJ: You mean you actually wrote the script after you shot the movie?!

433. garen rhome - September 17, 2007

Yeah..im with number 427…let’s hear the reults!

im filled with anticipation…

remember….im number 322 supplemented with cool photoshopage on number 326!!

who is the winner??

434. magnumpc - September 17, 2007


I’m 281, but I’d vote for 432!

BTW, by actually entering this contest, commenting on my own post, and voting for someone else’s post, I guess I’m now “officially” excited about the movie!

Go, JJ! (And, please, please don’t disappoint!)

435. NB - September 17, 2007

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull???

436. Artful Dodger - September 18, 2007

You mean . . . we can make it so that Khan shot first??

437. Cygnus-X1 - September 18, 2007

Was a winner chosen?

What was the winning caption?

438. BeatleJWOL - September 19, 2007

George Lucas: “Just remember, kid, you don’t have to make it perfect the first time.”

439. Turnabout Intruder - September 19, 2007

JJ: No George its “Star Trek” not “Star Wars”

George: Ohhhh? I’m not too familiar with that.

440. Vince - September 20, 2007

Advice to JJ Abrams from George Lucas:

“The key to success is to make up random stuff and hope people like it.”

“Let you use ILM? HAHA! That’s funny! I gotta tell my wife that one!”

“Klingons and Gungans just don’t mix.”

“Ideas are like old hyperdrives; sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.”

“You know, I got the idea for the Milleneum Falcon from a cheeseburger. No joke!”

441. Sean4000 - September 21, 2007

JJ: “And you thought your fans were picky!”

442. SirMartman - September 23, 2007

Was a winner chosen?

443. Jackie Chiles-Mugatu's Lawyer - September 23, 2007

I remember back in the day…………….

444. Anthony Pascale - September 23, 2007

and the winner is…..number 400….Paul with:

George for the last time stop referring to me as your young Padawan!

445. Harry Ballz - September 24, 2007

Even excluding the ones I submitted, there were much funnier ones than THAT!!

446. SirMartman - September 25, 2007

I agree

I demand a recount !!


447. Ryan - September 25, 2007

I don’t think that one should have won. I mean, JJ looks confused/astonished and GL has a smug look on his face like he just told JJ something. The winning caption doesn’t fit the picture.

448. SirMartman - September 25, 2007

I demand a recount,,,

no wait,, Im going back in time,, I’ll put in the winning caption,,,and,,
I’ll get the winning poster ! Woot !!


now,, uummm,, Anyone out there with a spear trans-warp drive capable of sublight speed?

or maybe a DeLorean I could borrow ???
I have a flux capacitor that I’ll use but I’ll promise to uninstall it after I get back.

449. Cygnus-X1 - September 25, 2007

— I don’t think that one should have won. I mean, JJ looks confused/astonished and GL has a smug look on his face like he just told JJ something. The winning caption doesn’t fit the picture. —

It’s true.

That caption totally doesn’t fit the picture.

“Paul” is looking suspiciously like a ringer to me. As Will Riker once said, “It’s better to be lucky than good.”

But, let’s not be too sour grapes.

Enjoy your prize, Paul.

450. Chad Koon - January 16, 2008

we need a jew president to get us out of this debt

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