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The Galileo Seven Screenshots and Video September 16, 2007

by Matt Wright , Filed under: TOS Remastered,TOS-R Screenshots/Video , trackback

Star Trek Remastered was back this weekend with a fairly effects heavy episode…

SFX Video



New and Old




























































1. "Uncle" Clay Farrow - September 16, 2007


2. "Uncle" Clay Farrow - September 16, 2007

tee hee hee…great CGI in this ep, tho!

3. toddk - September 16, 2007

icky nemesis green!! Second!

4. The Realist - September 16, 2007

Looking good.

5. DJT - September 16, 2007


6. Roadstripe - September 16, 2007

Nice microquasar shots. While the original FX was pretty fluid and dynamic for a ’60s show, the Remastered version looks more “there” to me.

And, yes, quasars do come in stellar sizes, so Star Trek isn’t stretching science fact a whole lot with such a small quasar.

7. Srgt. Munster - September 16, 2007

Is it just me or does it look like they created their own continuity error? They clearly show another shuttle (Copernicus?) in the bay during the F/X shot within the ship as Galileo departs. But in the external shot that looks towards the ship, you can’t see the second shuttle in the bay — though it should be clearly visible. So it seems to me, anyhow!

8. DJT - September 16, 2007

Ding Ding Ding….

9. T in HI - September 17, 2007

Quasar looks great, ships (interior and exterior) still look like something I created in Paint Shop Pro. The more things change…

10. Aggi - September 17, 2007

Hi Srgt. Munster,

you’re right! I saw the same mistake a few days ago at when they showed the first new images of “The Galileo Seven”. The inside shot shows clearly a second shuttle on the right side of the camera of the hangar bay (left side of the bay), but the oustide shot doesn’t show it although you’re looking towards to the left side of the shuttle bay.

I haven’t seen the episode yet because I’m living in in Germany, but I think it will be great. I hope the see it soon.

11. StarTrekRockerGirl - September 17, 2007

This episode was looking really great, but then right in the middle of it, they left in that hokey shot where the fog on the planet is suddenly blended with a very unnatural looking half screen of phoney swirley stuff. Back in the day, it simply went along with the “feel” of the rest of the episode, but now, with all of the other corrections that they’ve done, this seemed to be a very glaring omission, especially now that we’ve seen that they are actually able to fix things like this. In fact, it almost seems like this one would have been somewhat easy for them to fix in light what we’ve seen that they’ve done before.

12. Magic_Al - September 17, 2007

Quasars were bleeding-edge astronomy in the 1960s and it shows better-than-average awareness of contemporary science for Star Trek to use what was then a real scientific mystery as the mysterious danger in this episode.

Kirk calls the object a “quasar-like phenomenon” which allows wiggle room on the science and shows the writers cared enough about accuracy to make wiggle room. (The quasar-like phenomenon is also called a quasar, but then Quadrotriticale is also called wheat.)

This week’s remastering controversy should be the contradiction of the updated chronometer on the bridge (nice job with the camera moving) but not doing anything with the mechanical pressure gauges in the shuttle.

13. ety3 - September 17, 2007

Yes, you guys should add a screen shot of the chronometer. Nice shot, that one.

14. Jeffrey S. Nelson - September 17, 2007

More complex than Brown… most superior. Yes, I thought the new effects were quite well done, and I’ve been very critical.
Still want a stand alone disc of the Billy Blackburn home movies being offered without having to buy the damn sets again. Borgus frat.

15. Devon - September 17, 2007

Maybe i have to see it on the tv (I missed this week’s episode because it seems the air times have been changed here) but those shots look a little cartoony.

16. trektacular - September 17, 2007

Trek Remastered on digital cable does look better than its DVD counterpart, but on here it looks worse, strange…

17. Enterprisingguy - September 17, 2007

Does anyone else have a problem with the unnatural way the shuttle jumps up off the floor of the docking bay just before it leaves? It sort of bobbles up like someone just cut a rope that was holding it down. Not a very controlled looking departure!

18. Cafe 5 - September 17, 2007

I think the episode looked pretty good. The fog thing looked very much an add on of the sixty’s for a needed effect. The one thing that didn’t change or rather kept changing was Mr. Gaetano’s side burns. They changed back to a regular cut then back to the pointed Star Trek standard. Not a big thing but it was quite noticeable. Overall a good episode and a well written story.

19. JB - September 17, 2007

17 – I noticed that, too – it’s quite different from the shuttle launch in the original shot. I wonder if CBS Digital’s assumption is that the launch procedure involves shutting off the artificial gravity before the shuttle engines ignite.

20. Stanky McFibberich - September 17, 2007

Was not able to catch the episode this weekend, but from the effects reel, it looks like a great effort.

21. "Uncle" Clay Farrow - September 17, 2007

17: Maybe Spock’s a bad pilot, and he “hit the gas,” making Galileo lurch upwards on takeoff. (Dropped the clutch, perhaps?) It’s only ever been said that he was “the best first officer in the fleet;” nothing’s ever been said about his driving!

19: If CBS-D is intending “…the launch procedure involves shutting off the artificial gravity before the shuttle engines ignite…” then they really need to gain an understanding of how gravity actually works (or how artifical gravity theoretically should); the absence of gravity is zero-gravity, not repulsion. Shutting off the artifical gravity should cause Galileo at best to begin to drift from her position, not pop up like a jack-in-the-box.

22. Enterprisingguy - September 17, 2007

17 – I noticed that, too – it’s quite different from the shuttle launch in the original shot. I wonder if CBS Digital’s assumption is that the launch procedure involves shutting off the artificial gravity before the shuttle engines ignite.

That’s a good assumption JB! It makes sense. I just think it should look a bit more controlled. It looks like it may bang into the wall when it lifts off like that! If it raised up more gracefully before flying out it would be an awesome effect!

23. AFM - September 17, 2007

The shuttle departure is a bit too “jerky”, a smoother take off would be nicer, plus redo some of the shuttle engine sounds effects, it sounded like the Galileo was straining and not sailing / gliding through space.

Too bad there is no way to clean up that bad effect of the layered fog when Gaetano fires his phaser, it appears as if they had to cover up something or just make things appear more menacing.

I also think some of the effects are still a bit too “cartoony”.

24. doubleofive - September 17, 2007

That shot where the camera is on the inside of the orbit is incredible. It may be my new favorite shot (or I haven’t had new shots in such a long time…)

25. Scott - September 17, 2007

To fix that weird fog effect, it seems to me they would have to have a view of the lower half of that frame that was unaffected by the fog effect. I don’t think there’s an unobscured shot of the area below Gaetano that they can copy and paste into the scene of Gaetano shooting the creatures. They’d have to digitally recreate it, including a digitally recreated dead body of Latimer (plus the spear in his back).

Actually, now that I think about it, it wouldn’t be impossible. They could shoot a stand-in for Latimer, digitally recreate the rock set, then obscure it somewhat with some better looking digital fog to help blend the old and new. The shot is pretty static once Gaetano starts blasting, so the rotoscoping wouldn’t be horribly difficult.

But it would still take a lot of time (time = money) to do.

Scott B. out.

26. Diabolik - September 17, 2007

Once, there was a group of people that lived for years on old, stale food and tepid water. Then, they began to be given fresh, tasty new food and sparkling fresh water.

But all they did was complain about the flavor, the texture and the colors of the food.

Poor, unappreciative people.

But I appreciate it. The new effects in this episode were awesome.

27. Realitycheck - September 17, 2007

I couldn’t agree with you more. I said the same thing albeit in a nastier fasion on the previous thread regarding this episode last week.

OK you goofy “fans” (you say you’re fans, but I really don’t think you are) Let’s start the ball rolling wth criticism of the upcoming episode – The Conscience Of The King. I’m sure you will find plenty of reasons to hate it just like you have with all the others.

I’ll sit back and enjoy it despite you.

28. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - September 17, 2007

re: 21 — Since the shuttle is from the 1960’s maybe Spock isn’t used to driving a “three on the tree” stick shift.

29. star trackie - September 17, 2007

I agree that the inside shot of the the ship’s orbit was fantastic. That’s how you give this model scale and make it look real. It looked massive looking almost straight up at the nacelle as it passed by. If the new guys on the movie shoot the old girl anything like that, it will look spectacular on the big screen.

Good job all around. Very nice work.

30. T Negative - September 17, 2007

I really thought CBS did a great job on this episode. We were treated to many new angles of the E (new orbit shot from left side was fantastic) and some VERY dynamic shots of the shuttlecraft. I haven’t seen this episode in so long it was like a new experience for me. Count me as impressed.

31. billy don't be a hiro - September 17, 2007

This was a great effort on the part of CBS-D. The new effects, especially the ships, do look much better on television than in these still, for whatever reason. Some really gorgeous shots of the Enterprise and Murasaki 312, but what really made the show for me were all the new shots of the shuttlecraft. Like “The Naked Time”, “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” and “The Doomsday Machine”, this was an example of the new effects not only being pretty to look at, but they really made the whole episode work better as a whole. Even if I had to stay up til 3:00 a.m. to see it.

32. Awdraper - September 17, 2007

Airing in Atlanta was shown “already in progress” due to others shows going long…it started just as Latimer get’s the shaft…just as all of the local viewers have been getting with these late night showings…

We have seen the shuttle in earlier remastered airings, but this is where we were first introduced to the shuttlecraft back in the day…ahh, the memories…

I also see that they did not remove the film crew member reflection from the back of the shuttle…

As a side note, the expression on Gaetano’s face when Spock orders him to stay behind is still priceless!

33. billy don't be a hiro - September 17, 2007

I also wanted to mention and completely forgot – this has to be the longest and cheesiest “everybody has a good long laugh as the credits roll” ending of any Star Trek episode. Uhura’s holding her sides, Scotty’s bending over with hilarity, McCoy is wiping away tears of laughter, and everybody just laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs … they don’t make ’em like that anymore (which might not be bad).

34. lou - September 17, 2007

you are dead on about the ending. It looked like it belonged in Police Squad.

HA, Ha, Latimers dead! Ha, Ha Gaetano’s dead. What a dick! HA. Ha.

35. CmdrR. - September 17, 2007

Love most of the new effects. They really add to an already strong episode. OK, what the heck is the “1837” on the starboard side exterior of the shuttle bay section? We’ve seen the E fly by close enough for years without spotting that before.

Awdraper —
Yeah, I got hit with that too. And after having suffered through Showtime at the Apollo, too! Yes, we jumped right in “already in progress” with Latimer catching the spear with his spleen.

As for how many shuttles there are… In TAS there are bunches. I thought that four was standard during TOS, but I’m not sure I can back that up.

I did notice that on Copernicus’ return, it look itty bitty from the outside, but once it got inside it looked like an SUV pulling into a one car garage.

Oh… Lord Garth… I think Commissioner Farris stole your uniform.

36. JBS - September 17, 2007

I just caught the last half of this episode (it was broadcast on an HD channel in the Seattle area) on my 46″ HD TV, and the new affects were very impressive. You cannot compare it it to what you see on a computer monitor.

37. Greg Stamper - September 17, 2007

#35 CmdrR – “Oh… Lord Garth… I think Commissioner Farris stole your uniform.”

Actually its the other way around and more in keeping with Lord Garth’s personality I should say.

38. Kyle Nin - September 17, 2007

#13: “Yes, you guys should add a screen shot of the chronometer. Nice shot, that one.”

I agree. It went by fairly quickly. Maybe they didn’t notice it. It’s nice to see it at a different angle than the other remastered episodes.

39. CmdrR. - September 17, 2007

34. lou – September 17, 2007
you are dead on about the ending. It looked like it belonged in Police Squad.

HA, Ha, Latimers dead! Ha, Ha Gaetano’s dead. What a dick! HA. Ha.

(You forgot the member of the rescue party who “got a speer through the body before we even knew they were there”)

Oh, is it worth noting that at least two of these guys a) got lines, and b) weren’t wearing ‘red shirts?’

40. South African Dude - September 17, 2007

Truely Amazing.

I will have to buy the set. Thank your very much.

41. Diabolik - September 17, 2007

I think the reason for the long laughter was the emotional release at the joy of having the shuttle crew back safely. I’ll let them slide on this one.

42. Diabolik - September 17, 2007

Well, having back the important ones anyway…. :)

43. hitch1969© - September 17, 2007

I was able to catch the episode and thought the effects were very good.



44. Clinton - September 17, 2007

Awesome job. I agree that it’s puzzling about the 2nd shuttle not being visible in the hanger, but there were plenty of things to rave about in this episode.

45. Ty Webb - September 17, 2007

You know those shuttle hanger shots are easily the worst effects CBS have churned out. TAS springs to mind. They just don’t look like real live action footage.

46. Matt Wright - September 17, 2007

Added Chronometer shot


#25 — The crappy fog effect looks quite a bit better thanks to the new transfers color palette differences. I put up the original image for a comparison.

47. Andy Patterson - September 17, 2007

I think this is their best work yet. Although I still like some of the original shots better. I like the shuttle bay with the brighter lights through the windows displaying what was always bright lights in the Enterprise corridors. I like the perspective in the original shuttle better. To tell truth, I like the shuttle itself better.

48. Cranston - September 17, 2007

I enjoyed the new FX for the most part, although I was disappointed that they didn’t add some more realistic spear-throwing, particularly in the scene where they’re all running back toward the shuttle and you can see giant spears being “thrown” (obviously by stagehands) behind them. The spear arcs were downright silly, making it look like the big, mean humanoids were barely strong enough to stand.

One other question — for the shuttle interior shots, you can see several big tanks (fuel tanks?) through the back door. Was this added, or was it always there?

49. TomBot2007 - September 17, 2007

Yah! Star Trek Remastered is back! Time to revisit the past from a whole new perspective, listen to the rants and raves, and basically, honor a childhood love. For the most part, I thought the CBS digital effects were good.. the only real exception in my mind was the scene where the second shuttle is launched, maybe where we see the 1837(?), it made me think of a PEZ leaving the Enterprise’s bum. It’d been nice if they were able to CGI in some more jaunty spear throwing… the spears looked pretty lackluster for being thrown by angry aliens. And what about the incredible magic shuttle craft, which seems to have hidden spaces… when McCoy & some dude go to get a body they completly disappear in what should be less than a closets space!!! LOL! And people talk about low tech, what about when Scotty pulls off the Junction box to electrify the hull? LOL! Ah, its these things that make it charming.

50. Nelson - September 17, 2007

I’m sure this is not of interest to many here, but the shuttlecraft mock-up was found years ago in a RV lot in southern california. It had been exposed to weather and was rotting badly, roof partially collapsed. The plywood was all dryrotted. Some fans found it, were able to aquire it and then hauled it to a hanger and began a long restoration of it. I saw it in partial repair at a convention in the early 90’s. It was close to done. So much had to be rebuilt, I felt it might have been easier to rebuild it using the original as a template. But this was the real deal. I think they fianlly ran out of money or lost interest. It’s whereabouts are not known to me. Seems almost as secret as the location of the survivng GT Mustang used in Bullitt where it’s owner will not sell it or show it. There’s even a video I saw of it before and during the restoration. The story goes that the guys where visited by Ed Miarecki who offered advise only during the work.

51. freezejeans - September 17, 2007

They did a terrific job on this episode, loved it.

“It’s getting hot!”

Yes it is, Yeoman Mears, yes it is. Heh.

52. Izbot - September 17, 2007

That fog effect:

I wonder if that ‘sheet of fog’ was added originally at request of the censors? TV was squeemish in those days of showing a guy lying facedown with a giant spear in his back or showing blood. It’s the only explanation I can come up with to justify its presence. If they wanted that much fog in the scene they coulda just set up a smoke machine in front of the shot.

I was hoping this would’ve gotten a better fix too, but…

53. Joe Burns - September 17, 2007

I watched it last night in LA, very happy about the new schedule.
Color me impressed. I’m a little sad that the Taurans (sp?) weren’t de-seamed, but given the parameters of the project, I understood that going in.

Most of the shots were very strong, and many moments that were “denied” in the original now pay off nicely. I felt the landing strut retraction was a little weak, but an E for effort. The exterior of Gallileo’s launch had something a little wrong about the shuttlebay, but given the original shot didn’t even show the Enterprise at all, I’m very happy with this episode.

I often say the only part of Star Trek V: TFF that I dug was the shuttle crash, since the shuttlebay was never shown with a shuttle landing or launching from the exterior perspective prior to that. Between this and “Doomsday,” TFF is increasingly superfluous. One of CBS-D’s better efforts. Looking forward to “Conscience” next week and an overhead view of the shuttlebay!

“.. and that bloody thing he did!”

54. Mr Regular - September 17, 2007

Amazed by the quality and caliber of the work on Galileo 7 . Everything looks better. Particularly the close flybys of the Big E while the shuttlecrafts are launching. As a lifelong fan I’ve always wanted these sequences to be redone somehow. Now my wish has come true.
Great work CBS-D team!

55. Cranston - September 17, 2007

OK, I just re-checked the original episode on DVD. The fuel tanks were always there.

But re-watching the original ending has left me less satisfied with the TOS-R version. I wonder why they chose to make the ignited-fuel effect green, instead of blazing orange-red as in the original. With all of the green everywhere else in the episode, the red is a welcome contrast, both aesthetically and within the story (it makes it easier to spot). And why was the “flare” effect so dim and understated on the TOS-R version?

Oh well. There’s still some nice work here.

56. Andy Patterson - September 17, 2007

That is a very interesting story. I would be interested in what the follow up is on that. What’s the status of all this?

57. Anthony Pascale - September 17, 2007

final warning for trolling

…I have said it before no one can claim to be better at being a fan

Commets to

58. toddk - September 17, 2007

Here is the answer to why the shuttle takes off and lands this way. There is no way for the shuttle to take off like an airplane. no runway, and its obstructed by rocks and vegitation. However I now question whether CBS-D really has access to the original negatives. Especially after seeing the same cheesy imitation fog of the original show. “hmm, lets fix this chronometer and not the one on the shuttle…” “dont worry frank.. no one will notice or care” I also noticed that “warp speed sound ” as the shuttle left the enterprise. Maybe it worked back in the 60’s but here it dosent seem right..another reason for me to think that CBS-D dosent have access to the original negatives. I smell a big fat rat! and one last thing… Why didn’t CBS-D Re-create or enhance the creatures?

59. CmdrR. - September 17, 2007

Mission Call Sheet for Galileo 7:

Cmdr Spock: Pilot Shuttlecraft.
Lt. Cmdr Scott: Fix Shuttlecraft after Spock cracks it up.
Dr. McCoy: Take bio readings of a quasar-like effect.
Lt. Boma: Piss and moan until hired to co-pilot aboard Spindrift.
Yeoman Mears: Look all cute and stuff.
Latimer: Recreation director, especially javelin catching.
Gaetano: In charge of wearing dark pants when assigned to stand guard immediately following Latimer’s early retirement.

60. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - September 17, 2007

Excellent outing. Another high water mark episode. Some very nice creative upgrades compared with the original. The ship looked big and beautiful all the way through and that opening scene of the ship near Murasaki almost reminded me of the Enterprise approaching VGER (almost)

Still the season 1 overhead paper monitors on the bridge really bother me, especially when you can see crinckles and folds in them. They will look awful in HD. For me buying the HD set would be a no brainer if they tackled the monitors. Why because you always see them, they are almost always in frame and therefore all the more annoying. If one of our resident technogeeks wants our unadulterated devotion, take a short scene and paint in some new more impressive overhead monitors.

61. Nelson - September 17, 2007

re: 56

The shuttlecaraft mock-up is seen here at a convention. My memory is foggy and I must have seen it here, as it was in this photo.

Here’s how it was when it was discovered:

62. planettom - September 17, 2007

Yeah, the apres-planet escape scene at the end of the episode where Kirk and McCoy on the bridge kid Spock about showing emotions is pretty standard, but this one is weird, after their jibe, Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura, just all hold their sides they’re laughing so hard. What a bunch of jerks! Seems odd behavior from Kirk, really undermining his First Officer.

Spock should have run from the bridge in tears.

“**** you! Just **** all of you!”

63. Jackson Roykirk - September 17, 2007

Thanks for the photo of Yeoman Mears — as I said in another thread, she’s one of my favorite Star Trek guest-star-chicks.

Here’s a bit of trivia…the actress who played Yeoman Mears, Phyllis Douglas, was in “Gone with the Wind” when she was 3 years old — she played Bonnie Blue Butler, who was the daughter of Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler.

64. Bramblett - September 17, 2007

The ‘1837’ marking is on the original filming model. There are five numbers (102 705 1300 1384 and 1837.) that appear randomly on both sides of this section of the Enterprise. There is also a very small sign no larger than one of the numbers that says ‘Tail pipe socket adjustment access’. It is just below the pylon.

65. billy don't be a hiro - September 17, 2007

#63 – now that’s the kind of trivia you want from a Star Trek-related message board. Well done, sir, well done.

66. Chris - September 17, 2007

Did they fix the creature smacking the rock on the Shuttle’s hull? It looked better for some reason.

67. FredCFO - September 17, 2007

Don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but CBS-D also removed the famous hand controlling the bottom part of the shuttlecraft door. The one scene not cut that was shown was Don Marshall entering the shuttlecraft door and standing in the doorframe. If you look down in the lower left hand corner of the door, you can still see the hand of the stagehand operating the lower part during that shot. It looks like they removed part of the hand so it is not as noticeable but it is still there. That should have been included in the effects reel. :)

The quasar effect was cool, but the nifty shot was that of the chronometer on the bridget IMHO.

68. Headless Redshirt - September 17, 2007

Interesting info on Phyllis Douglas on IMDB….she was in two episodes of Star Trek (the other one is The Way To Eden) and had a bit part in one movie after that in 1971. And that’s it.

69. Jeff Bond - September 17, 2007

“Actually, now that I think about it, it wouldn’t be impossible. They could shoot a stand-in for Latimer, digitally recreate the rock set, then obscure it somewhat with some better looking digital fog to help blend the old and new. The shot is pretty static once Gaetano starts blasting, so the rotoscoping wouldn’t be horribly difficult.”

That sounds easy! Ehhh…it really seems people underestimate how challenging it is to manipulate live action footage convincingly with all these demands for additions to the on-set shots. Look at how much we nit-pick the space shots for lighting, texture and movement for things that we have very little real-life references for. I think it’s amazing when CBS-D does try to do fixes in live action but to change the environment in this kind of shot where you’re dealing with practical mist plus a soft-edged effect and camera movement (the shot locks off, yes, but not until Gaetano starts firing so you still have to deal with the mist effect moving into the frame as the camera pans down with him. Rotoscoping, playing with and finessing a real environment, that’s tough stuff to do with the time and budget these guys have.

70. MichaelJohn - September 17, 2007

After viewing the FX video I found it kind of funny and amusing that Capt. Kirk says “somewhere a 24 foot Shuttlecraft is off course, out of control…”.

I guess even hundreds of years in the future, Star Fleet Command never adopted the metric system!

Mike :o

PS: I always found the episode to be especially “creepy” as a kid. Not getting to see the aliens for most of the episide, but only hearing their scary sounds, really added to the suspense and tension.

71. Scott Gammans - September 17, 2007

I thought it was interesting that CBS Digital gave the shuttlecraft retractable landing gear. We have never seen the aft support gear retract into the hull before… but it’s a logical feature to have. :)

72. Robert Bernardo - September 17, 2007

toddk wrote:

> There is no way for the shuttle to take off like an airplane. no runway,
> and its obstructed by rocks and vegitation.

I must consult the DVDs of the original, but I can swear that the rocks outside of the viewports of the shuttlecraft during planet lift-off were enhanced. First the one shot where the shuttle was supposed to be held down by the creatures… the rocks in the viewport background are wavering as if the shuttle is trying to float up (in the original, they were dead steady). Then during actually lift-off, the rocks smoothly slide out of viewport view (in the original, there was seemed a delay as one rock starting sliding away before the other).

73. tin man - September 17, 2007

I agree completely, In fact, it makes sense that since the impulse engines burn red during normal operatiing conditions, then dumping and burnig the fuel would still create the same color? And It would certainly have served the story better!

74. Chris - September 17, 2007

When in the episode is the chronometer shot that was changed? I must have missed it.

75. Chris - September 17, 2007

#24- I agree that new Enterprise in orbit shot ever very cool. It it one of my new favorite shots of the ship.

76. Thomas Jensen - September 17, 2007

The shuttle and the bay became a ‘star’ in this episode. Plenty of images for those who really like the design of the shuttle. It’s nice to see the Enterprise shuttle bay come into play from the outside, allowing us to view just exactly where the shuttles are launched. The only thing I wanted to see are the four lights below the bay be lit-up. From the broadcast, it seems they are just markings now.

And I just don’t get the departure shot were we don’t see the other shuttle in the bay, when a moment before it was there. That’s just sloppy, probably rushing to get the episode done for the DVD release.

The ship flybys were great, especially that pass as the ship flys over the camera. Very new and shiny, it made the ship look massive and reminded me of those Enterprise movie passes.

77. Jeffrey S. Nelson - September 17, 2007

57. “Realty” check

Gotta a nice bridge on Omicron Ceti II I’d like to sell you.

78. Oceanhopper - September 17, 2007

RE: #61

Those shots of it sitting abandoned, unloved and rotting in a RV park made me remarkably sad, given it’s a lump of plywood! Also rather suggests a sickening scarcity of TOS fans in that park, which is a grim thought and must clearly be remedied.
Anyway, I’m very glad it was saved.

We must go forth and ensure it still survives today! Everyone – check your local scrapyards for any unwanted 23rd century tech!

79. MichaelJohn - September 17, 2007

#73…I feel the same way…

Though the overall effect looked great, I think it would have looked much better, IMHO, if they chose the color red for the effect. Seems someone at CBS Digital really, really liked the color green in this episode!

Mike ;o

80. CmdrR. - September 17, 2007

I hear, in the new interactive DVDs, you can choose red/green on jettisoned fuel; blue/orange in temple flame; blue/red/green in phaser beams. That’s why they cost so much.

81. Kyle Nin - September 17, 2007

#55: “I wonder why they chose to make the ignited-fuel effect green, instead of blazing orange-red as in the original.”

I was thinking that maybe it’s because the shuttlecraft doesn’t run on gasoline? So when it burns, it doesn’t appear as orange, but rather as a blue-green color.

82. MichaelJohn - September 17, 2007

#80 CmdrR…

I kind of wish they would just release a basic DVD package of these TOS-R episodes, no HD versions, no interactive special effects, etc. Maybe then they could sell them for a more reasonable price…

Mike :o

83. Rainbucket - September 17, 2007

I liked the shuttle’s “lurching” takeoff from the shuttle bay floor. It looked like an artistic decision to give it some physicality, like a boat released from its moorings, since otherwise you just have geometric shapes moving about. Maybe not perfectly scientific but something we’ll identify with.

Which is of course the Star Wars approach, but it’s not unlike the space walk in 2001 or Spock’s shuttle docking in TMP.

84. Michael Hall - September 17, 2007

CmdrR, you’re definitely firing on all thrusters today.

Definitely one of Trek’s best, most energetic installments, thanks mostly to Gene Coon’s great dialogue and skillful acting on the part of just about everyone. Too bad for Don Marshall (and us) that he didn’t land a permanent berth on the Big E–he was a lot better off here than on “Land of the Giants” where his Angry Black Guy ™ character wore thin pretty fast. (But then, so did the show itself.)

As for CBS-D’s efforts, I would have toned down the green quasar and lightened up on how gray the ship looked within it. And yeah, definitely, the Columbus being MIA on hangar deck. Otherwise, no complaints. :-)

85. Scott - September 17, 2007

Re: 69 Jeff Bond:

I realize it wouldn’t be a cake-walk, but it is more possible than a lot of the old effects fans want re-done that involve camera pans and actors in motion. It’s also something that cries out to be fixed more than a lot of the old effects do. I’m just arguing that because of the obscuring “fog,” it would be easier to blend the old and the new than fixing, say, those weird flame-y things that attack McCoy in “Return to Tomorrow” would be. Just saying.

I realize these guys maxed out their budget on this particular episode. There was a boatload of effects to re-do, and they did a fantastic job for the most part.

It was sort of fun to be chastened by you, Jeff! I just finished reading your “Music of Star Trek” this weekend. Fantastic book! Great interviews and analysis. I understand better now why I never liked the music in the spin-off series!

Scott B. out.

86. Ralph F - September 17, 2007

#34; I was just watching my POLICE SQUAD! DVD today. Someone needs to get the theme from it and do a splice/dub for YouTube.

Too bad we’re not at a “super desktop CGI recreation” situation yet; it’d be fun to do that but have, say, Chekov still moving around and then realize he’s supposed to be freeze-framed.

87. Oceanhopper - September 17, 2007

Shatner was in Police Squad….

…for about 10 seconds

88. Joe Burns - September 17, 2007

On the Cyan Flame:

Generally speaking, I don’t like CBS-D’s color choices. The amber hue of the filaments in the Tholian Web ruined it for me far more than the “Enterprise-ation” of the ships. The web should be primary red, dammit! I did like the texture however.

Similarly, the Cyan flame for the fuel just misses the point: even though we all understand blue flame is the hottest, red is the color of anger, passion, and the God of War. By making it cyan, it not only removed visual contrast, it removed a strong psychological energy from the scene. Red is simply a more dramatic color, and they shouldn’t have changed it. Loved the shots and the texture, however, and remain happy with this installment overall.

The fog thing. I’m very pleased they took out the striking color mismatch there, and while I would have liked to have seen Latimer a little more clearly, I’m accepting of the improvement as is. As others have said, a complete rework would have been non-trivial.

On re-entry: I like how they give a nod to the original in the “wobble”, much as in “Tomorrow is Yesterday” as the E tries to get altitude. It’s legit to complain that they could do better, but I smiled when they did it, and my heart is my compass.

89. THX-1138 - September 17, 2007

Not to interrupt, but am I getting through now?

90. Jackie Chiles-Mugatu's Lawyer - September 17, 2007

How in blazes do I get through to you people?

91. Jackie Chiles-Mugatu's Lawyer - September 17, 2007

BTW-Don’t freak out. It’s me, THX. I can’t post under my own name right now. I think it has something to do with Gary 7. OOhh they’re onto me.

Anthony, got your message but it’s not working yet.

92. steve623 - September 17, 2007

Re: #85 – “It was sort of fun to be chastened by you, Jeff! ”

Or as Ralph Wiggum might say “One of the site daddies word spanked me!”

Me fail English? That’s unpossible!

93. Granger - September 17, 2007

#70 MichaelJohn:
Hear, hear, I too found this episode chilling as a kid for the same reasons. Wah Chang’s faces for the creatures were considered too grotesque, or, in my opinion, perhaps they were considered too silly.

I loved the digital improvements to this episode – lots of fun shuttle action that enlivened the show. And I’m certainly glad they left the creatures more mysterious by never showing their faces.

94. Breen dude - September 17, 2007

Great new FX
thanks CBS digital

95. Kahless - September 17, 2007

this was the first episode to be aired on WWOR-DT here in NYC, unfortunately it was very soft looking, the episodes last season on WNBC-DT were razor sharp.

96. neal - September 17, 2007

I really love this episode, BUT. The premise is so nuts! There is a medical emergency with no time to waste, and there is even a high official to remind Kirk of the time pressure. And that quasar ain’t going anywhere! He can come back next week after the meds are safely delivered! What kinda nutty decision was this, to waste time and risk delays when it’s so easy to come back later! This could be fixed by rewriting the quasar to be a temporary phenomenon – if they miss it now it’ll be gone forever. But …

Even if the quasar were temporary, and the Enterprise needs to check it out right now, there is no good logic for launching a shuttlecraft. The Enterpise has way bigger and better instruments. Ok, here some rewriting could be that the Enterprise just can’t wait, but the shuttlecraft can go check out the temporary quasar on its own, and they’ll rendezvous later. That would work, but …

Even if the Enterprise couldn’t be there to check out the quasar itself, the question is why send a manned ship rather than an unmanned probe? Back in the 60s, manned space missions were the norm, and maybe some human judgment is required for some especially weird quasar-like phenomena. Ok, fine, you need some people out there, but …

Even if there is a need to send people, why send SEVEN friggin’ people? It looked like most of them were just passengers, just along for the ride, with no cool gadgets to work with. They’re just sitting there! Why not send just Latimer and Boma, one can fly while the other measures? Here, it’s just damn near impossible to see any sort of justification that could be added to make sense of this. But we’re not done yet.

Even if we could imagine some reason to send 7 crammed in a ship the size of an Escalade just to measure a quasar, why in heaven’s name would you send the ship’s most senior command personnel? I mean, what’s SCOTTY doing there?? He’s an expert on warp drive and heads a large team of specialists. If he is lost on a dinky little Escalade mission, he’s mighty tough to replace. And what’s McCOY doing there??? He heads the medical staff of a ship of 400, and there he is in case 6 people scrape their elbows inside the Escalade? And for cryin’ out loud, SPOCK’s there too! Second in command, the second most important person on the ship. Latimer could’ve commanded the Escalade! That’s what ensigns and lieutenants are for!

Sheesh!! But you know … Even if all these problems with the premise could be solved, it still wouldn’t matter, because no matter what I STILL LOVE THIS EPISODE!

97. Smitty - September 17, 2007

Yeoman Mears is HOT!

That’s all I want to add.


98. eagle219406 - September 17, 2007

That was something. Too bad I didn’t get to see the episode. MY TV said that it was going to air on the 16th at 10 AM but it didn’t. They aired something totally different. BUt seeing these images was awesome.

99. EBAR - September 17, 2007

Ouch! This was not good. I’m giving up on the remastered thing.

100. JGG1701 - September 17, 2007

#96 neal………………………..
:-) :-)It’s just a tv show! :-) :-)

101. OR Coast Trekkie - September 17, 2007

Wow, good job CBS-D. Here are my comments on some specific issues addressed:

The unsteady shuttle take off: If the suttle is being launched manually, it is to be expected that there be a little bit of unsteadiness. Artificial gravity and intertial dampeners should take care of any interior problems.

The lack of second shuttle in bay: Yes, a big oversight to the detail-oriented Star trek fan, but not enough to detract from my enjoyment of the episode.

The cyan flames: See TNG episode “The First Duty.” Clearly, the simulation shown of “The Colbert Starburst” indicates that lighting the plasma from the impulse wake is, in fact, cyan. So CBS-D got it the continuity RIGHT!

The wobble of the shuttle descent: Much lik in “Yesterday’s Enterprise” that wobble is too subtle. I understand the effect trying to be created; the loss of attitude control. However the wobble/tilt should be more blatently obvious to truly produce the desired effect.

The shots do look better on a larger television screen than they do in the small video window on my computer monitor. Just one of those strange things.

I did notice a little touch up on the phasers. Just give them a bit more of that “grainy” texture. (Is that the right word?)

Oh, here’s the link for “The First Duty” preview.

102. Yiggy - September 17, 2007

Frankly my problem and it is probably just me, but when the Shuttle rotates it looks like the scale is different that when it is oriented for take-off. Like I said, probably just me…..

As for the launch, I thin the latest episode (part 3) of Starship Exeter has a better shuttle launch sequence.

103. T Negative - September 17, 2007

FYI, the Conscience of the King preview is up at

104. Nelson - September 17, 2007

Cool, the stars are moving outside the porthole in the preview.

105. Penhall - September 17, 2007

Love this episode, and the new FX shots look great, except for the wobbly shuttle take-off. I also didnt care for the kinda weird shot of the columbus re-entering the Enterprise. It just looked….weird.

106. Steve - September 18, 2007

I did not know that ST remastered was moved to the CW here in LA until I turned on to Channel 4 at the usual time last night and was greeted by some unfunny Sprotscenter parody (it doesn’t need a parody, it is funny enough).

I like the new schedule, but was anyone else in LA (or anywhere else) caught off guard like I was. My DVR missed it entirely.


107. lou - September 18, 2007

What if igniting the fuel had the effect of also igniting the “quasar-like” upper atmosphere along with it? Would that help explain the color?

I got the impression that the reason that they sent a fully loaded shuttle was that they intended to leave them todo a complete survey (hence the science officer, the engineer, the doctor etc…) there while they went on to the New Paris colony to drop off the medical supplies and then come back for them.

It was only the fact that the mission went “wrong” that forced Kirk to stay and rescue.

108. Greg2600 - September 18, 2007

Loved the effects. Episode was always very exciting. I liked how they kept it somewhat cartoony, it looked like something you would see on TAS.

109. omf - September 18, 2007

The shuttle’s wobbly take-off was obviously intentional (digital effects don’t wobble themselves, you know…) but I agree with everyone who thought it looked “wrong”.

The shuttle in the planet’s gray atmosphere looked bad, too, I thought, particularly just after take-off. Maybe it was just by network’s questionable HD broadcast?

110. Matt Wright - September 18, 2007

Pretty darn certain that the shuttle take off is partially a re-use of The Doomsday Machine take off that Decker does, which of course was supposed to be erratic.

111. Nelson - September 18, 2007

I checked my recording of the Doomsday Machine, it’s a different take-off! Decker launches before the shuttle is facing the rear shuttle bay doors. It’s facing 90 degrees from the door.

112. T in HI - September 18, 2007

My goodness; how much better the ship and shuttlecraft in Starship Exeter (TTI part 3) look than in this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

113. yo - September 18, 2007

Great, another Season 1 remastered ep that is NOT
available on iTunes because NO eps have been added
in the past SIX MONTHS …. meanwhile everyone who
paid $57 for the ‘season pass’ is stuck with just 11 eps.
wait another six months before we contact our lawyers?

114. Cervantes - September 19, 2007

#93 Granger

Silly????…nice link…thank goodness I didn’t see those mugs as a child, as I wouldn’t have slept for a week! I still might not…

115. Cervantes - September 19, 2007

Back on topic…

It’s great to see the regular video previews and screenshots resume to see what CBS are up to with the next lot of episodes.

Some nice work here, although the ‘Enterprise’ is still a strangely ‘flat’, too dark grey for my own taste… HOWEVER, there are some VERY nice angles in this episode, and I especially like when the viewscreen shows the rear ‘warp nacelles’ in a reverse view, as this really gives the sense that what is onscreen now is indeed a ‘reverse’ view, and not just something ‘ahead’ like it used to seem when I was younger.

116. JL - September 19, 2007

Saw this Monday night. I enjoyed it, some of the FX were nice, especially the quasar formation.

I noticed they didn’t bother to “erase” the hand that can be clearly seen two times opening the Galileo hatch… I thought I read them saying they were fixing the glitches in the series (mic shadows on the wall, etc)

I have to agree – I am with those who would have snapped this up fast if they had done a thorough job and if the Enterprise didn’t look so CG fakey…

117. Dr. Image - September 19, 2007

#97 Smitty- I’ll second AND third that!!!
I think she is now my Favorite Yeoman Of All Time. (FYOAT)
#112- Exeter? Looks better? HELL yes!!!!
Like the quasar, though.

118. JL - September 19, 2007

Dat Yeoman IS super hot, I agree!!! Man, when she gets on her knees after the crash… OMG

119. JL - September 19, 2007

PLUS, she’s all sweaty and says, almost moaning, “It’s getting hot….”

120. Hawkeye - September 19, 2007

Gotta say, nicely done. Phasers still need a little work, but for the exterior shots, I really can’t complain.

121. eagle219406 - September 19, 2007

116. I might see that hand if I watch it later, but only because you told me it was there. I never would have noticed it if you hadn’t told us. I don’t even know why you were looking at that area to begin with.

122. Harry Ballz - September 19, 2007

That is hands down the best mistake ever spotted!

123. New Horizon - September 19, 2007

Between Doctorman and Exeter, I have to say…they have CBS-D beaten for capturing the look of the series in CG. The latest part of Exeter is phenomenal. The Tholian ships look great. The colors, lighting, execution…far closer to what I expected this remastering to look like. Too bad. They could have done something really neat with this, instead…it’s so very pedestrian looking.

124. seangh - September 20, 2007

Hey New 123 – You nailed it. The Exeter folks have really recreated the look of TOS – down to camera angles, lighting and effects – but in a very upgraded way.

But with CBSD – I tink everyone is overlooking the absolute pristine look they have achieved with the original live footage stock – these prints have never looked better. Can’t wait to see them in HD.

125. Jim - September 20, 2007

Over all nicely done.
The shuttlecraft looked slightly CGI cartoony.
What happened to the main viewscreen? Where is the nice even blue neon glow?

126. roebeet - September 20, 2007

I also believe the effects were well done, this time around – a lot to enjoy. However, one thing I can’t get past is the feeling of isolation the shuttlecraft had with the old effects – it was just it and all of space. With the new effects, you don’t that same feeling with the quasar-effect and the planet in the shots. Still, I appreciate the realism of the new effects, more. I remember watching this as a youngster, and noticed that the live-action comments and effects shots did not match up – the shuttlecraft looked like it going out into space, not orbiting anything.

127. dr oaschbottl - September 21, 2007


128. eagle219406 - September 21, 2007

I recently watched this episode with the old effects and I would like to put one small thing to rest. The “Flare” at the end was not red in the old footage. It was blue with a little bit of red in the outline.
#126. Did you feel this feeling of Isolation was a good thing or a bad thing because that statement kind of confuses me.

129. dil - September 23, 2007

Galactic High Commissioner Farris. ” We’re familiar with your authority”. First time there’s a “Galactic” High Commissioner ?

130. Cezion - September 25, 2007

Great Job…. but… where did the green nebula go when the Columbus returned???? Stars only…. just a nit pic. By the way, did they add some electric arc effects when Scotty zapped the shuttle????

131. Ty - October 3, 2007

I think if it was the goal to get new fans interested into this franchise,I kinda think they failed at doing it.Because the lack of special FX seems like they are catering to the original fans who already like the show,and they don’t even want the updated FX in the first place.

The new fans that this show is trying to get should do there research better,because the people they are trying to make into new fans are people who are use to seeing amazing sci-fi special FX.

Seems like this project took one step forward,but two steps back.Like on an episode you start to build enthusiasm when you see the new Enterprise in space shooting updated phasers(one step forward),but then you see the Gorn who looks like a guy in a cheap suit(two steps back) which makes you lose the enthusiasm that you were building for the show.

How does it change the story if you use a stuntman to play Kirk,and another stuntman in a better lizard costume(or a CGI Gorn)to have a better fight?It doesn’t change the story at all,the only thing you do is build enthusiasm because people would be into the fight,instead of bored with it so they change the channel.

-$219 for this dvd set is a joke,your not gonna sell that much of them.For one the original fans didn’t want the updated changes so they will pass on it,and the other people wanted everything updated which you didn’t do,so they will pass on it too.

You need to update this set before it comes out,otherwise you have failed at what you were trying to do,which is create new fans.Cater to these potential fans,and update everything.

-The Enterprise bridge,update the monitors,because they look like paintings,it doesn’t take you out of the show to see updated monitors,it takes you out of the show to see a painting in the display of the monitor.

-Make all the planets look different instead of each planet looking like earth.It really takes you out of the show when you see each planet looks like earth,because it feels like they aren’t even exploring the universe at all.(Lets see two moons orbiting next to some of the planets,see different color planets,landscapes,etc.)

-Update all the mattes,create amazing landscape for the planets for when the crew goes down to check things out.

-CGI the bad costumes to the aliens like the Gorn,that guy in the rabbit suit,etc.You don’t want people to turn the channel when these episodes come on,you think your gonna get people to pay $219 for these dvds with those terrible looking aliens?

-Update all of the hand held phaser beams.And make them all one color,except for the rifle phasers,or the alien phasers,then you can use a different color and effect.

-Use CGI to make some alien skins different colors,to add some alien type eyes to some,to make the plague people look better,etc.

-Use stuntmen to make the fights better.

132. Qwertyuiop - March 18, 2008

“Does anyone else have a problem with the unnatural way the shuttle jumps up off the floor of the docking bay just before it leaves? It sort of bobbles up like someone just cut a rope that was holding it down. Not a very controlled looking departure!”

Yes, so many of the new FX shots are done as if the ships have no mass at all. It’s like watching a computer game. Even the Enterprise bobs around like a feather.

133. David Levine - December 17, 2008

“…the unnatural way the shuttle jumps up off the floor of the docking bay just before it leaves?”

When the shuttle lands in the bay, it looked like the landing gear became spring loaded in the artificial gravity. The “jump” would then be unloading the gear.

134. Chris Johnston - July 4, 2010

Well, this is a couple of years late, because I’m just now getting to see the Remastered episodes.
Looking at the critiques of the other episodes, everybody brings up all these great little details and goofs to look out for, but I think I found one that nobody else has noticed.
One of my pet peeves in the land of the moving image is camera shadow, and there’s a LOT of it in TOS.
It made me laugh, though, when I saw some of it moving along the port side of the Columbus in that first forward-tracking shot of Galileo departing.
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