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by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Rumor,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

There are a few new Star Trek movie rumors floating around the interweb this week. The first one is in regards to William Shatner. In the talkback section for their article on Chris Pine as Kirk, AICN editor ‘Hercules’ made the comment “All publicity about Shatner not playing Old Kirk in the movie is lie.” Some have taken this to be confirmation that Shatner will indeed be in the film, however I am sure AICN would agree that if they were reporting that they would have made a special article about it. According to sources there is no final decision on Shatner either way. So Hercules is correct that it is a ‘lie’ to say Shatner definitely will not be in the film, but it would also be a lie to say that he definitely will be in the film.

UPDATE: Shatner says he is not in the movie

The USS Enterprise different?
Another rumor going around comes from an IESB report last week citing sources saying the USS Enterprise “has been redesigned” and that the ship will be “different.” Some are taking that to mean that the ship wont look anything like the Original Series ship. According to multiple sources, the Enterprise has been redesigned but it still recognizable as the USS Enterprise…complete with saucer, hull and two nacelles. This was hinted at in the July article where first broke the news the Enterprise would be in the film. From that article:

The current ‘Star Trek Remastered’ project approaches creating a digital version of the Enterprise with the brief to make it match as closely as possible to the original. However, that project is literally replacing shots from within the original show whereas the film is a stand-alone piece. Therefore, Trekkies should probably expect some level of changes with regards to the new Enterprise.

In our recent interview with Bob Orci, the co-writer/executive producer said that the Enterprise was “awesome” and designs in the film in general were “much more faithful than you might imagine.” Of course notions like ‘different,’ ‘recognizable,’ ‘faithful’ and ‘redesigned’ are very subjective, so each Trekkie will have to make up their own mind when they see it. It is worth noting that in our last poll on this subject, only 19% stated they wanted to see the Enterprise with ‘no changes,’ so it seems Trekkies are ready for some mods to the old girl.

The design team
One last bit of news on the Enterprise. According to sources the concept design work for the Star Trek (2008) Enteprise was primarily done by illustrator Ryan Church. Church has done concept designs for the recent Star Wars prequels, the Transformers movie, War of the Worlds and is also working on James Cameron’s upcoming sci-fi megamovie Avatar. Click here for more on Ryan. Like most of the art department this is Church’s first time working on Trek. However, there is at least one familiar Trek face on team. has learned veteran Trek illustrator John Eaves is working on the new Star Trek. Eaves was a production illustrator on DS9, Enterprise and all the TNG films. More on John at Memory Alpha.


1. Salvador Nogueira - October 17, 2007

OK, so Shatner is going to be in the film, after all.

2. Salvador Nogueira - October 17, 2007

First! :-)

3. tomtom - October 17, 2007


4. Spock's Brain - October 17, 2007

Kirk will be in it because he doesn’t die as he did in the “current” timeline.

5. Thomas Jensen - October 17, 2007

The Enterprise should be close to what is was in the series. Some more detail in close-up, but otherwise the same…

6. CanuckLou - October 17, 2007

Thanks Anthony, excellent round-up!

If Shatner is in, keep it a surprise.

As to the Enterprise I’ll repeat my preferences; minor tweaks to the exterior, interior sets can be modernized but keep the same general layout particularly the bridge and engineering.

7. ZoomZoom - October 17, 2007

Eaves apparently designed the Enterprise E?. Oh lord, now I am worried.

8. Floydhead Max! - October 17, 2007

Thanks for the update Anthony!

Maybe I’m just old school, but I want the round Nacells not the rectangular.

As for Kirk, The one rumour I really liked was that when the Old/young Spocks fix the timeline, at the end of the movie, there were a couple of slight changes, the inportant one being that Kirk didn’t die in Generations after all. After all, If Kirk can help Spock come back from the dead, should Spock do the same for Kirk, and make everybody happy at the same time?

Now THAT would be a real nice Xmas present!!
Until Next Time,

9. Minnesota Bruin - October 17, 2007

Can you imagine the reaction if Batman Begins used the same Batmobile as the old TV show? The Enterprise must be modernized if this this movie is anything other than a joke. I favor a “familar but different” philosophy…

10. The Master - October 17, 2007

Thank you for the clearing things up.
I Think Urban would have made a better Chistopher Pike than Bones though, but what the F-Do I know.
I concur with 6 re: the Enterprise.

11. GraniteTrek - October 17, 2007

Why does anyone put weight in what AICN says, anyway? I can’t think of the last time they reported something that was mostly accurate. The site should be called AICTBINT (ain’t it cool, too bad it’s not true).

As for the Enterprise, as long as they don’t decide that the nacelles should flap like bird’s wings whenever the ship takes off (think of that image for a second) I’m willing to let them play with the design a bit.

12. Darren - October 17, 2007

If the “Romulan changing timeline” rumour is true, then all that’s needed for Shatner to appear (at least in a cameo) would be for Spock to warn young Kirk that when he fights Soran on Nimbus III, that he avoids the wobbly bridge lol. Okay, you may say “why doesn’t Spock just say to Kirk avoid the Enterprise-B launch”, well the way I previously described would enable Kirk to live through the Soran encounter, then suprisingly appear at the end of the film, alive and well in the current 24th century, and he and Spock dissapear off into the sunset. It would be the PERFECT ending, and also hark back to ST2/3, where Kirk resurrected Spock. If the story plot rumour is true, it would be madness not to do this in some capacity.

13. Nelson - October 17, 2007

I am familiar with Ryan Church’s work. I’ve studied his illustration tutorials.

I am worried that 19% were for no change to the Enterprise because my understanding was that a large majority wanted to see the ship stay the same in form and proportion, but were open to minor tweaks to the detailing. May that not be lost on the producers.

I hope Church was faithfull to Jeffries iconic design. He’s a good illustrator and designer. But we’ve never heard of his familiarity with the Trek world.

Eaves is a good designer too, but I agree that his Enterprise E went out there quite a bit. But that was okay, it’s 5 times removed from the original design.

14. Charley W - October 17, 2007

Once again, People, the LAST thing Paramount is going to do is refilm sizable potions of a previous film to ‘re-do’ something. Remember- to change Generations, they need to have AT LEAST Stewart and McDowell, neither of which probably would want to rehash something that they did 16 years ago.

All ideas for Shatner’s return boil down to these generalities:

A) Changing the timeline to allow JTK to survive Generations. This accounts for Shatner’s aging.

B) Using JTK previous to Generations. This would NOT account for WS’s aging.

C) Shatner playing some other character, probably a relative. Most likely would be JT’s father. What do we know about Kirk Sr.? The Making of Star Trek quotes from the Writer’s Guide that he’s dead by the time of Kirk taking command of Enterprise.

D) WS doing something like a voiceover. I’ve said before that the easiest way to bring Shatner in is for Spock read Kirk’s memoirs, and have an introductory narration. The main problem here is that Nimoy basically doesn’t do ANYTHING except read/listen…

Any other possibilties that I’m missing?

15. Darren - October 17, 2007

Not Nimbus III…. VERIDIAN III :P Sorry!

16. Sir Martman - October 17, 2007

Yeeeaahhhh,, a ray of hope that Mr Shatner will return as Kirk,, as Ive said in other posts,,

it will be the biggest event in sci fi history since Star Wars in 1977

Come on Mr Shatner,,,, say your in !!!!!

17. Tony - October 17, 2007

I do NOT want to see an old, fat, Kirk in this movie. He is dead. Let him RIP.

18. King Anthony - October 17, 2007


19. jkerouac59 - October 17, 2007

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am growing more than a bit nervous after hearing all of these “same but different” explanations about issues such as canon, “look and feel”, storyline and characters. For example, I WOULD be surprised to see a different Batmobile if said film’s makers were asserting they were continuing the same zeitgeist embodied in the original TV show but not if the report was that the film was a complete re-imagining of the title character and his millieu.

To borrow someone else’s phrase, I’m NOT interested in seeing “Star Trek : 90210″. I AM VERY INTERESTED in seeing the adventures of the characters I grew to regard with great affection and admiration more years ago than I care to remember TO CONTINUE in a manner that retains the same animating spirit and in an environment that bears some logical visible semblance to their original surroundings.

20. JCool - October 17, 2007

Im the probably d only one but…
I can defiantly see a resemblance between Karl and McCoy.

their eyes and face shape are quite similar to each other.

21. LK - October 17, 2007

Uggh, another thread full of bad ideas on how to change Kirk’s death in Generations.

Count me out.

22. theARE - October 17, 2007

#7 The Enterprise-E isn’t half bad. In fact I’d say it’s the only one of the later ship that really captures some of the grace of the original. The lines of the ship are sleek and elegant like the original. It’s not perfect no, but it’s miles better than the D.

23. ensign joe - October 17, 2007

Hey don’t worry folks.. Kirk will be back, Spock saves the day and the Enterprise will be flying high.. I’m expecting no less. Darn there I go expecting things again..

24. Tim Handrahan - October 17, 2007

Looks like the Shat might make it after all!

25. LK - October 17, 2007


You’re not the only one. I think he’ll be great.

26. Diabolik - October 17, 2007

Re: #21… All ideas to change the Generations outcome are bad… except the one they use.

27. Anthony Pascale - October 17, 2007

For the record this article is not critiquing AICN or IESB or other sites. It is just adding as much context as I can to reports out on the web that I have been asked about. It is not Herc at AICN’s fault that some took his comment about Shatner not not being in the movie as a confirmation that shatner will definitely be in the movie. As I said…I am sure they would run a special article if they could confirm it

28. jkerouac59 - October 17, 2007

# 20 – agreed. McCoy as played by Kelley always seemed to have a wounded, somewhat darker side that surfaced in his most “curmudgeonly” moments. It seemed to me to lived just below the surface and somehow served to motivate his most passionately humanistic traits, almost a response to a dark side he saw within himself.

29. Diabolik - October 17, 2007

Quote: In our recent interview with Bob Orci, the co-writer/executive producer said that the Enterprise was “awesome” and designs in the film in general were “much more faithful than you might imagine.”

I’d not be too thrilled if my wife were “much more faithful than I might imagine.” I’d prefer she be “completely faithful.”

30. Scott - October 17, 2007

I agree with #6 CanuckLou — keep a Shatner appearance a surprise. Why not? It would help give the movie “legs” as word got around that Shatner was in it. How they fit him in is up to them. Of course this means Pine will have to wear contacts. :-)

I also agree with Lou and with #13 Nelson about the Enterprise. I’ve lovingly learned every detail of the original Enterprise’s exterior, but I’d be open to minor tweaks to get her ready for the big screen. One thing they could do is to make what appear to be portholes match up to blueprints of the interior space. It really is a classic design, isn’t really broke, and don’t need fixin’. I can’t think of another movie or TV space ship design prior to 1966 that wasn’t either a cylinder or a saucer. The Enterprise took those elements and made a brand new, lovely creature. Respect it, sez this old fan.

As for the Enterprise E…I always thought it was a much more balanced design, sleeker, and looked more like a direct descendant of the original design than the poorly proportioned D or even the cobbled-together B (Excelsior) versions. I guess everyone has their own aesthetic, though.

Scott B. out.

31. cosmo kid - October 17, 2007

The new cast better watch and study the blood and soul that the original characters poured into those roles. I’ll be awfully miffed if they throw the original personality’s and traits out the space port windows. I believe a lot of people routing for this movie grew up on the original cast. A product of the late seventies, I’m looking forward in the hopes that they treat this movie with the respect it deserves.

Peace and Reese’s,

32. The Master - October 17, 2007

I agree 19.
14 they do not have to re-do generations they can add in digitally ( DS9 version of Trouble with Tibblesandthe voyager episode where Touvok and Janeway are on Captin Sulu’s Ship)

Alternate time line stories create multiople possiblities, Given that each decision one makes leads to alternate time lines. perhaps this is the time line where are familiar characters don’t join starfleet and Spock goes bck to get them to join, wwho the F-Knows until we see the movie.

33. Luke Montgomery - October 17, 2007

Thanks for the round up and perspective on the rumors. Little things like the redesign cause (OK I know it’s silly) stress on those of us who are afraid that this film will fly in the face of what has come before and somehow invalidate it (and by extension, our love for it.) I’m really thinking that this is going to be a great film and everything is pointing to that. EVERYTHING. But it is more than just excitment about a new film, it’s the hope that an obsession that I’ve had since childhood will continue and so will the magic that bridge my 13 year-old self with my 33 year-old self together. I’ve changed a lot but one thing that has always been there and inspired daydreams of starships, vulcans and other worlds has been Star Trek. Star Trek is very personal in that way to me and many others and that is why we go ape shit when the possibility of something changing it or somehow erasing the “legit-ness” of the years, films and series that we have such a silly emotional investment it. This is why continuity is important. The tone of you or update takes this admittedly dorky concern and treats it with respect (I suspect because you, like me, have this attachment)

Thanks for being the emisary of all that is new with Trek. Walk with the prophets, your pagh is strong.

34. The Master - October 17, 2007

PS I hope if ther are sequels we see a young Matt Decker and some Orion Slave Girls.

35. King Anthony - October 17, 2007


Because it’s AICN.

As for your second statement, I’m certain the folksinvolved are relieved they have your approval.

36. Inge - October 17, 2007

If you look at the Enterprise (Defiant) in the mirror episode from ENT, and also the remastered version, then i find that she could look modern.
The 1701 Refit was a logical step from TOS to TMP, but since ST XI is going to be a TOS-Movie, the Enterprise should keep its old design, but modernized in small details, like the hull plate, better details (like the Ent-D) and so on.

But a totally modernized design like the 1701 Refit would make no sense.
Then ST XI would simply be a remake of TMP (like Superman returns) and not a real TOS-movie.
I think it’s possible to modernize but keep the same old design at the same time.
Beside the characters, the look of the Enterprise will play a big role.

37. Harry Ballz - October 17, 2007

Hey, I just spotted a recurring theme! In ST:IV we saw Spock and crew go back in time to save the whales! In ST:XI we could see Spock go back in time to save………um……well, the Shat HAS put on a lot of weight, you know…..

Hey, a big, fat mammal is a big, fat mammal!

38. Diabolik - October 17, 2007

While I want to see the interiors updated while still retaining the basic designs, (e.g, real displays rather than marbles for buttons and photos for screen displays) I think the exterior is fine the way it is, and would be beautiful on the big screen, filmed the way the ST:TMP ship was shown, in closeup glory.

39. ensign joe - October 17, 2007

#38 – One of my favorite scenes and one of my favorite Treks.

40. jonboc - October 17, 2007

” Church has done concept designs for the recent Star Wars prequels, the Transformers movie, War of the Worlds and is also working on James Cameron’s upcoming sci-fi megamovie Avatar. Click here for more on Ryan. Like most of the art department this is Church’s first time working on Trek. However, there is at least one familiar Trek face on team. has learned veteran Trek illustrator John Eaves is working on the new Star Trek. Eaves was a production illustrator on DS9, Enterprise and all the TNG films.”

This concerns me. These new illustrators are fantastic and very talented but their work is also very derivitave. You start to look across the board at different movies and it all starts to look the same. Can or DID Mr. Church stay true to the foundations of the unique CLEAN style that gave TOS it’s signature look??

DID Mr. Eaves leave his 24th sensibilities BEHIND and work this as the 23rd century. I mean, this movie does just happen to have Leonard Nimoy..who IS playing THE Spock from 1966, and this is HIS past…which we all have seen. Or are the new guys going with the “I want more..we have the money!” attitude and creating a competant, yet totally pedestrian look that we have already Transformers…Star Wars..TNG..BSG etc etc.

While those designs, as common as they have become, are cool…that isn’t the 23rd century universe. The 23rd century universe should NOT be interchangeble with every other sci-fi movie that comes down the pike. Lose that style and you’re losing the signature look of TOS and it becomes like everything else.

I damn sure don’t want that. Keep the lines clean, update the construction materials…tweak the familiar here and there….but if you’re going to make it look like everything else, why even bother?

41. Gary - October 17, 2007



42. karanadon - October 17, 2007

Personally, I think Eaves is fantastic. Infact, I remember reading somewhere that he had originally only watched TOS and so, when asked to design comm badges for Generations promptly returned a TNG-era flip-top communicator. He was then laughed at and told to “watch some TNG” by Berman, if memory serves. It’s obvious then that it’s TOS that he has the most affection for and I think he’ll do good on this one. And, as for the other guy, you can’t deny that the new Transformers did look REALLY cool for the 21st century. Also remember, it wasn’t like the final Enterprise-E design was entirely up to Eaves, was it…!

Sit back and relax guys. I think this is gonna be awesome…

43. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 17, 2007

I support Pine and I support Urban!*

There. I’ve shown my community spirit. Now Orci & JJ, please, for the love of Vaal, LET THERE BE SHAT. You have my permission to Shat on all of us.

(P.S. Anthony, please resist the urge to ban Kirok once he beams in. This topic is sorta right up his Jeffries tube.)

(p.p.s. New Scotty still deserves little more than a cameo as young Boothby beginning his career as janitor at Starfleet Academy, though.)

44. DavidJ - October 17, 2007


Well with Nimoy in the movie, they’ll pretty much HAVE to be consistent with the original portrayals.

Although personally, I’d rather they just start fresh with these guys and let them reinterpret the characters any way they saw fit. With the exception of Kirk and Spock, most of them were pretty vaguely defined in the original series anyway. There is PLENTY of room for new layers to be added to these characters.

45. Al - October 17, 2007

Kirk will be in the film – as a headstone

46. Craig - October 17, 2007

The movie era Enterprise’s are good. I wonder if they could do a cross between the A and E?

47. snake - October 17, 2007


OH yeah …YEAHS!





This calls for a celebration people!!!: com/watch?v=ZZF4ItOZ fb0


48. StillKirok - October 17, 2007

There’s no reason to think Shatner is in the movie at this time. A guy making a comment on a message board, even Herc, is simply not enough to counter the comments by William Shatner himself.

I’m fully expecting another “I’m not in the movie” video from him soon enough.

49. snake - October 17, 2007 fb0

Sorry this shud work


(I think The Shat will be doing the same prep for his STAR TREK – 2008 appearence)

50. DavidJ - October 17, 2007

Huh? Is everybody reading something different from me? It looks like Anthony just got done saying NOTHING is confirmed either way with Shatner, yet there’s a ton of people here acting like it’s now official.

I really gotta wonder about people’s reading skills on this site….

51. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 17, 2007

On a non-Shatner note, I do think it’s kinda cool that Kirk’s parents are in the script! I’ve always wanted to see Kirk’s family depicted onscreen. Aside from Spock, TOS stayed far away from “family” stories, making me long to know more about the characters’ backgrounds. TNG did TOO MUCH of it. Worf’s adopted Dad’s college roommate’s drinking buddy I did not need.

And no, Shatner should NOT play Kirk’s Dad in a movie where Nimoy is playing Spock. That would be a kick to the taco.

52. Greg Stamper - October 17, 2007

#5Thomas Jensen –
“The Enterprise should be close to what is was in the series. Some more detail in close-up, but otherwise the same…”

I’m with Mr. Jensen here. Great Detail in Closeup, how about an EVA on the Outer Hull in the film? Some work being done perhaps. Showcase Mr. Scott in some routine or critical repair.

53. Gallifrey1983 - October 17, 2007

If Shatner is not in Star Trek XI, the big story, unfortunately, will be “why is Shatner not in it?” In late 2008 this a question that the general public, not just fans on the net, will be asking upon hearing that Nimoy is in it.

There has been no reference to Kirk’s death since Generations, the end of that film (which is among the least favorite of both TOS and TNG fans, and is less remembered by the general moviegoing audience than the earlier films) should not keep him out of Star Trek XI. Shatner is willing and able and is more popular than ever. Shatner as Kirk will help the general public get over any reluctance about the recasting, will make Shatner fans and many Trek fans happy and will translate into additional box office and merchandise dollars.

It’s not like trying to do an historical fiction about the war of 1812 and trying to fit in George Washington (who died in 1799). This is science fiction, Shatner can and should be in it as Kirk.

54. jon1701 - October 17, 2007

I will photograph my bare arse and post it on the internet for all to see if we see Veridian III, Soran or the Nexus in this movie… Digital enhancements or otherwise.

This WILL NOT happen.

I wouldnt rule out some sort of Shat involvement, but it wont be that.

55. I AM THX-1138 - October 17, 2007

Don’t give me a different Enterprise. It would look great with the way it has been remastered. Give it some detail. No Gabe Koerner (no offense). No mish-mash Next Gen/ TMP styling.

#22-” The Enterprise-E isn’t half bad.”

If you do that to the original Enterprise, it will be ALL bad.

If you change that ship, then the rest of the movie better be friggin’ Citizen Kane. Otherwise I’ll probably see it once then forget about it and never own it. And I doubt I’m the only one who feels this way. I can live with SOME changes, but that ‘aint one of ’em.

56. Jay - October 17, 2007

All im gunna say is that Shatner has gone quiet recently, stopped whining… hmmmm

57. Agent 47 - October 17, 2007

“According to sources there is no final decision on Shatner either way.”

it’s basically still a 50/50 chance then, could indeed go either way :)
that comment also can be read as the writers really are trying their best to work Shatner into the plot :)

personally i don’t think he will be, but i’d be pleasantly surprised if he is, the Heroes producers have been very kind regarding Quinto’s time off to do this film…would the Boston Legal people do the same though for Bill :?

either way i still intend to see Trek XI

58. Salvador Nogueira - October 17, 2007

Hey, c’mon, guys, I must be wrong here. But this 50/50 is almost like “He’s in, but we’re not prepared to say that yet”. I’m not basing my opinion on Herc’s remark, but on Anthony’s consultation with his sources. Remember what those sources used to say? “At present time, he’s not in the movie”. Now they changed the tune. “He may or may not be in the movie.”

I’m a journalist myself. When a source doesn’t confirm or deny it, there’s always something to it. If things didn’t change, why change the discourse? Why not keep the “we-would-love-to-but-don’t-know-how-to-fit-him” song?

I was almost certain Shatner was not going to be in the movie. Now I think otherwise, and I guess there’s enough reason to change my mind — although I admit it is subtle and I’m assuming the discourse from Anthony’s sources has really changed a bit, as it seems from his report.

Time will tell, no doubt.


59. Lou - October 17, 2007

after the “FAITHFUL” redesigns of their last project, Transformers, I’m SKEPTICAL AS HECK!!

60. jkerouac59 - October 17, 2007

#53 well put – my $.02 on Shatner in/ Shatner out –

This film IS planned as the first in at least three, is it not?

Reading “between the lines”, it almost sounds to me like the creative team has its hands full rounding out the plot in the script that is already drafted and ready to go into production. Remember, the “party line” has been “We want Shatner/Kirk for a meaningful role, not a token one” – which almost sounds like “Don’t ask us to bite off more than we can chew here.”

Instead of trying to take the “kitchen sink” approach with #1 and thus doing NOTHING well in an earnest effort to try and please everyone, why not use #1 as a set-up to work the return of Shatner/Kirk into #2? Granted, time is not exactly on their side given the age of the principals, but it would make more sense than getting Shatner/Kirk in just for the sake of getting Shatner/Kirk in (which IS, IMHO the fatal flaw of “Generations”).

61. Smitty - October 17, 2007

Fifty eighth!

Looking good so far.


62. StillKirok - October 17, 2007

By the time the second film comes out, Shatner will be in his 80s. It’s now or never. I’d like to see the originals pass the torch properly, and the next film stand on its own. Positive. Optimistic. No knowledge of how they die.

63. Greg2600 - October 17, 2007

I guess my view is that the Abrams team would have been better off just going at this as a reboot, with themes and characters the same. I don’t see how you can radically redesign the Enterprise and call that canon? Now I am not against a redesign, although I’d be totally shocked if the end result was better than the Star Trek TMP refit. Again, regardless of Shatner’s inclusion, a story set in the 5 year mission is going to have a lot of fans critiquing every little thing in the movie. That is why (if it were up to me), I would have kept all the film prior to it. Perhaps they will?

64. Pragmaticus - October 17, 2007

62 – Good Lord, Shatner in his 80s. It seems like an oxymoron. I just can’t picture the Shat being that old.

65. Kuvagh - October 17, 2007

Eaves and the Enterprise

Eaves is a great illustrator. I’m hoping the new Enterprise is a hit, but I must admit that I would be a lot more comfortable if people like Sternbach and Probert were involved. Those guys put a lot of care into making the interiors and exteriors of the ships match and into the operational details of the ships. And how about Doug Drexler? He draws a nice cylindrical nacelle, to be sure. Given the executive order that his Ent design must resemble the Akira, he did as well as humanly possible. Maybe it’s just because I’m an artist, but were I in JJ’s shoes I’d put together an Enterprise design “dream team” of sorts. Alas, I’m but a fan on the Internet.

I don’t really like the Enterprise-E, but I’m not sure if it’s Eaves’ fault. I think that he (among others) made a comment somewhere once about how people in charge have a tendency to select a designer’s least favorite concept direction, so I’m hoping that the E-E was the best ship which Rick Berman would allow him to make. I’ve had the same experience in my own career.

On the other hand, he said he wanted to make the E-E a “Porsche” instead of the usual “Cadillac.” I guess that works for the Sovereign class because it’s not the biggest design in the fleet. All other Enterprises have been the latest, greatest and biggest–at least at the times of their inception.

Since JJ Abrams is reportedly a fan, one might speculate that he really likes starships and the Enterprise specifically. If so, I see no reason why he and Eaves won’t come up with an approach which simultaneously pleases most admirers of the Enterprise, reflects realistic space design solutions and looks acceptable to the masses.

Let’s see her! :)

66. Star Trackie - October 17, 2007

If Shatner is involved, I truly hope that no one associated with the movie lets the cat out of the bag. As Roberto Orci keenly observed, Trek fans want to know what time to show up for their own surprise party.

I had so much fun discovering things in Trek 2 that I had no idea were coming. It’s a great rush and I sincerely hope this movie isn’t disected to death before Xmas day 2008. If Shatner is in it, and I hope he is, then let it be a surprise.

And dont jack around with the Enterprise too much. If you’re asking me to believe Nimoy is Spock again…and we are going back to Spock’s past, it really does need to look very similar to Spocks past, that has been established, to be credible. Otherwise it’s like Sean Connery in Never Say Never…he was supposed to be Bond, he looked like Bond, sounded like Bond..but none of the familiar trappings were there, so it never really felt like Bond. I’d hate to go to a Star Trek movie, starring Leonard Nimoy AS Spock, that didn’t feel like TOS. That really would just plain suck.

67. Kuvagh - October 17, 2007

Whoops. How foolish of me, I skimmed instead of reading thoroughly. I will now scamper off to check out Ryan Church’s site. Looks like some terrific stuff and first glance.

68. Sean4000 - October 17, 2007

“The Constitution-class lineage was launched sometime prior to 2245, and served as Starfleet’s front-line vessels for the rest of the century. The Constitution-class also served as a mighty deterrent to both the Klingon and Romulan Empires, several times taking part in combat actions which determined the fate of the entire Federation if not the Alpha Quadrant itself.”

I’m thinking we’ll see the first revision of the ship in TrekXI. Pike’s was number 2, Kirk’s was 3, and the movie version was 4. then the ship was retired. Hey, this might actually fit in with continuity after all.

69. jon1701 - October 17, 2007


Its a reboot. Sort of.

They just wont come out and say it, lest the trek-fundamentalists set themselves on fire, or cover them selves in plomeek sauce outside the gates of paramount…

70. DavidJ - October 17, 2007


I agree there need to be similarities. But no one would expect the planets and aliens in this movie to look as cheap as they did back in the 60s, would they? So why should we expect the ship and uniforms to not look modernized and updated too?

The way I see it, TOS was simply the 1960s interpretation of these characters’ adventures and experiences. When Nimoy’s Spock takes us back to the past in this movie, we’ll be seeing the 21st century interpretation. I don’t see where the difficulty is myself.

71. Nelson - October 17, 2007

I’m curious if Daren Dochterman is still hanging out here.

I see that James Clyne is credited as Concept Artist for Star Trek 2008 along side Ryan Church and John Eaves as Illustrator. Clyne’s credit include Poseiden and I believe Daren was involved in that. So by association, perhaps Daren can give us a clue as to where Clyne and maybe Church are in terms of how they might tackle the world of Star Trek. Are they fans?

Of course they cannot give details, but I’d be curious if they are being faithful to original designs. Of course not slavish, but their own take!

72. VOODOO - October 17, 2007


Herc was pretty clear about Shatner being in the film.

He could also be 100% wrong, but his statement would indicate that he has inside information that Shatner is in the film.

Take it for what it’s worth, but he did defend himself when questioned about his “inside info”

Only time will tell, but Herc will look pretty bad if he was lying. He had no reason to say this if he didn’t think there was something behind it.

73. Stanky McFibberich - October 17, 2007

From the above article: “It is worth noting that in our last poll on this subject, only 19% stated they wanted to see the Enterprise with ‘no changes,’ so it seems Trekkies are ready for some mods to the old girl.”

These “polls” are meaningless. Some people may enjoy them and have fun with them, but they have no statistical accuracy.

74. Penhall - October 17, 2007

Who do some people keep saying this is gonna be a reboot? Nimoy is in the film playing an older version of Spock. Its not a reboot!!!!!!

75. Gerry Alanguilan - October 17, 2007

Jeez… all this semantic pussy footing around the issue of William Shatner being in the movie or not… what’s going on over there? It’s nuts to say that he wouldn’t be. Yes, he’s dead in Generations, but this is sci fi. Any reasonably talented writer (and I’m sure those gentlemen writing it are very talented) can manage to credibly and creatively include Kirk in the story. If Shatner is not there, they’re missing a great opportunity.

76. Nomad - October 17, 2007

The ship design has a retro-60’s look.

I will effect repairs.

77. Viking - October 17, 2007

Overall, a quite positive (and welcome) action report. Props, Anthony. It still sounds like it’s heading in the right direction.

78. T Negative - October 17, 2007


79. Mr Quatloos - October 17, 2007

Not a fan of the Enterprise E or the Excelsior. Both for the same reason — I hate those designs that have little or no connecting dorsal (with the exception of the Reliant) between the primary and secondary hull. It always makes the ships look squatty.

I like Eave’s work…but not his Enterprise E.

As an earlier poster said — would have been nice if Probert has been involved in this. He’s a fan and an excellent designer. He had a huge impact on the design of the ST:TMP refit and that, in my opinion is the best of the post TOS Enterprises — although I like the D too.

80. Anthony Pascale - October 17, 2007

as stated before, I was not saying Herc was lying and they clearly have sources. I have sources too. But if AICN was sure that Shat was in the movie, they would certainly run an article stated such. I am certain that Shatner is not certainly in the movie. I am also certain that is not not in the movie. In other words is reporting that Shatner still may be in the movie.

At some point, hopefully soon, it will become a for sure thing and someone will report that. Hopefully, maybe AICN, maybe the Trades, maybe Shatner himself. Until then it is all a big maybe

81. NZorak - October 17, 2007

I’d just like to point a couple things out.

#1 If I had to choose a ship to cruise the galaxy in, it would be the Enterprise E. That is one sexy ship.

#2 time has no meaning in the Nexus. What that means is that through the miracles of quantum mechanics, anyone who enters it forever remains a part of it. Further, this means that while Picard, Kirk, and Soren may have left the Nexus, part of them remains there. This would therefore allow for some strange occurrences, like Kirk deciding he wants a do over and avoid that stupid bridge, or Picard deciding to jump out again just prior to the Scimitar exploding so he can save Data.

Of course allowing them to do this would give them god-like status, so it’s unlikely the writers will go this route. I think Spock will warn Kirk and we’ll see him in the final minute or so of the movie.

82. dalek - October 17, 2007

#80 That was my first reaction also. If this is true, its an exclusive scoop for AICN and massive news, why didn’t they report it seperately like all their other “scoops”? And why hasn’t Herc elaborated or said anything more?

Is it possible that he’s got hold of a script or outline that has older Kirk in it, but there is yet no deal in place with Shatner?

It’s all futile, but fun, speculation.

As for the Enterprise, I want it to be similar but different. I love the design Gabrielle made but it looks CGI, that was the main flaw with it. Gabes design as a proper physical model would look fantastic.

If it were the movie era Enterprise, hell no Enterprise has looked better than that IMO, but the TOS ship doesnt quite look…. well movie enough. It looks like a 60’s model.

83. Alex Rosenzweig - October 17, 2007

Anthony commented:

“It is worth noting that in our last poll on this subject, only 19% stated they wanted to see the Enterprise with ‘no changes,’ so it seems Trekkies are ready for some mods to the old girl.”

So I looked up that poll. Sure, only 19% want it with no changes whatsoever, so that it still looks like a 1960s TV model. (And as close as even the Remastered version is to the original, there are people who are complaining because they’ve added glow to the impulse engine ports when the ship is under thrust!) But… If one adds in the acceptance of only minor changes, but still keeping the design very close to the original, that number goes up to 53%. Add in keeping it very recognizable but just a lot more detailed, and you’re up to 93%. Only 7% voted for a radical redesign, and even that option included keeping the same general shape.

The poll might be unscientific, but the message is pretty clear: DO NOT mess with the Enterprise. Detail her to reflect the big screen, but otherwise, leave the ship alone!

By way of example, let’s consider four renditions of the Enterprise (or a nearly identical starship):

1] TOS Remastered Enterprise
2] Koji Kuramura’s Defiant
3] Gabriel Koerner’s Enterprise
4] Ralph McQuarrie’s proposed “Planet of the Titans” redesign

The Remastered version is very close to the original, but even there has a lot more detail. Still, we could say it fits within the 19% of the first poll option. (The few extremists I inferrred above are likely such a small percentage that we can say they’re statistically negligible for the purposes of this discussion.)

The Defiant (from “In a Mirror, Darkly”) was more different than the Remastered version, and started including a lot of the exterior detail that the original model lacked, but is still extremely close to the original. 53% of the respondents would be willing to accept this much change or less.

I think Gabriel’s idea falls within the third category. It’s got a lot more detail and some significant design departures, but is still recognizable as the Enterprise. Even so, it’s outside the range of about half the respondents.

Finally, we have the McQuarrie-prise. It’s still got the same general shape, it still has a saucer, lower hull, and nacelles, but is otherwise a radical departure. Go that far, and acceptance levels plummet.

Speaking just for me, I’m hoping for something in between Koji’s version and Gabriel’s version, reflecting the awesome detail level of Gabriel’s, but more true to the original shape (without all those annoying insets and cutouts and overdesigned stuff), like Koji’s.

I thought a slightly closer look at that poll might be interesting, and it certainly is. :D


84. Star Trackie - October 17, 2007

In regards to Gabe’s design, the Enterprise is a “she”. SHE is a lovely smooth skinned, beautiful, graceful lady who will always bring you home if you treat her right.

With respect to his talent, Gabe’s design, with all that “modern” surface detailing, looks a like a craggly faced old man coming off a 3 day drunk. The Enterprise is not, nor has it ever been, a “bad ass” battleship.

Again…this isn’t Star Wars…it isn’t ALIEN… isn’t TNG. It’s Star Trek.

I hope they get it right.

85. dalek - October 17, 2007

re: 4] Ralph McQuarrie’s proposed “Planet of the Titans” redesign

Not heard of this one, anyone got a link to a pic?

86. VOODOO - October 17, 2007

Anthony #80

Thanks for the info. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

I would also like to thank you again for this great site/forum. It is so unique to be able to contact people who are directly involved (Roberto Orci/Leonard Nimoy etc..) and yourself who has great contacts close to the film.

It’s as if (in a very small/miniscule way) we have some type of input on something that is special to all of us.

87. Alex Rosenzweig - October 17, 2007

#85- Check out this link:


88. Levois - October 17, 2007

I still can’t wait. Every other time I get my hope up especially with the few details I know about the film, I get disappointed. I don’t care if they reverse the storyline about Kirk dying on the Enterprise B. I’m not very sure I want Shatner back as Kirk whether older or not. I’m looking forward to new actors playing old characters. I just hope it’s a good one.

89. Thelin - October 17, 2007

Someone explain to me again why the Enterprise needs updating? It is the friggin future! Why would you want to update something that is futuristic? I could barely swallow the 1701-A explanation for the movies. Leave the NCC-1701 alone. Leave its bridge alone. What they should really be doing is everything with the original Enterprise that they wished they could’ve done in the ’60’s if they had a 150 million dollar budget for a motion picture. Let’s see the bowling alley, let’s see a shuttlecraft launch from the shuttlebay and navigate through space, land on a planet, take off and return to the shuttlebay! Let’s see out through some of the portholes onboard. I must be one of those 19%.

90. jonboc - October 17, 2007

87- Yikes..that brings back bad memories! I remember seeing that hideous design as a kid in an old starlog and thinking surely they wouldn’t change it that much. It was an abomination then and remains so to this day. Thank God Roddenberry went back to Matt Jefferies (and eventually Andrew Probert) for a much more logical and attractive refit.

91. 1701 over Gotham City - October 17, 2007

#83 makes good points…

Detail it, clean it… weather and strain whee it would be… fine tune everything. But DO not change it!!! Let’s not Re-imagine, or redesign, or rescrew with it… the WORLD knows this ship. I say again, would you alter the Millenium Falcon? Hey, let’s make the new Superman movie with a redesigned costume!! Wow… it blew, couldn’t see that coming…

Give us our girl!

92. "Uncle" Clay Farrow - October 17, 2007

The fact is, the 40-year-old Enterprise DESIGN holds up, but not the DETAILS. That’s why the Big E in TOS-R has so much detail added; that’s required–not only for our better resolution televisions, but for our spoiled-by-Lucas effects expectations. (Say what you will about the Star Wars prequels–because they did suck OUT LOUD–but they were beautiful to look at, and set the tone for science fiction FX going forward)

That being said: if they new movie is:

pre WNMHGB, then Enterprise must look like Pike’s ship, TOS-R’s ship, or somewhere inbetween.

But, if the new movie takes place during years 4 or 5 of the “5-year mission,” then Enterprise must look like TOS-R’s ship, or somewhere inbetween TOS-R’s and TMP’s ship. There’s just no way around it, and respect canon.

To paraphrase what a wise man once said: “All of this has happened before, so it must happen again.”

93. Mr Quatloos - October 17, 2007

Not a fan of the *cough* star destroyer-prise — or rather, the McQuarrie version. I did like his starbase design — inside of a hollowed out asteriod…that was a cool unused idea.

94. Mr Quatloos - October 17, 2007

Agreed, #92.

95. Alex Rosenzweig - October 17, 2007

92 – I think that most fans are willing to see a more detailed version of the ship, a la the Remastered or Kuramura models. (I thought the Defiant was fantastic!) It’s when one starts drifting into real and significant design changes that folks get skittish.

Koerner’s model is on the edge. A lot of his details are very neat and enhance the design, especially what he’s done with the primary hull, but then he drifts into oddities like the Voyager-esque cutouts in the primary hull, or the really, really overdesigned secondary, and then the changes cease to enhance and begin to detract. All goes to show what a balancing act good design can be.

96. T Negative - October 17, 2007


I agree, I really hope they keep the same “smooth” look as well. I do not wish to see her messed up with rough angles, ridges, indentations and clutter that dominates the exterior all of the ships post TNG. Give us the NCC-1701 as is and undisturbed!!

97. JayB - October 17, 2007

An ship that looks just like the original Enterprise with TMP level detailing to give it scale and believability would fill the order just fine :-).

98. Anthony Pascale - October 17, 2007

83…RE: Poll
I put the link so people could see the full poll, and yes the numbers are interesting, but of course not scientific. It is merely a poll of those who chose to participate who visited this site for the 2-3 days the poll was active.

one of the reason I have not really reported much on the Enterprise since I first reported it was going to be in the film is because I have not seen it. I have had a number of people describe it to me, but everything is so relative. One mans respectful minor improvement is another’s childhood rape.

Hopefully I can get a chance to see it first hand and report something that is not hearsay. Or maybe an image will leak or possibly even be officially sent out.

Like with many things related to this film, the more of an open mind you view it with…the better you be able to see it.

99. Sean4000 - October 17, 2007

It doesn’t sound like they’re violating continuity yet, just expanding it to unhealthy limits for some. Supposedly the constitution class ship was around a decade or 2 before Kirk took command.
this could simply be the first revision of constitution class ships. ST11 revision 1, Pike revision 2, Kirk revision 3, TMP-ST6 revision 4.

100. "Uncle" Clay Farrow - October 17, 2007

95: I’d personally rather this to be set in year 4 or 5, ‘cuz I’d love to see a partially upgraded Enterprise, with those spinning nacelles with a glowing deflector array, and maybe the photon torpedo launchers in plain view…


101. Jesustrek - October 17, 2007

The USS Enterprise different?

Eat my short’s Bhaaa

102. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 17, 2007

I really DO NOT want to see that beautiful ship changed (on the outside at least). The design still holds up today and I even get goosebumps when it glides across the screen in the remastered episodes. Matt Jeffries was a real engineer and GENIUS who put his experience and knowledge of real military aircraft (like so many of the people behind TOS, he was a WWII vet) into the desgin. He wasn’t just slapping it together because it looked cool. If the Big E looks like something outta Transformers, I’m gonna be PISSED!

103. John Trumbull - October 17, 2007

It just seems so wrong to read “AICN” and “reporting” in the same sentence…

104. Skippy 2k - October 18, 2007


105. Skippy 2k - October 18, 2007

I keep typing a post and it doesn’t show up…. except for the “?” above…

Anyway hope to see the new/old ship on here long before the movie comes out, and hopefully with only minor changes.

106. Skippy 2k - October 18, 2007

I did some more playing around with Dennis’s phoenix today, heres another render…(I guess add the http:// since I can’t get it to post)

107. theARE - October 18, 2007

#55 I wasn’t saying that the new Enterprise should look anything like the E, just that of all the starship designs that came later Eaves was the one who best managed to capture some of the grace of the original.

Cant find a link, but I read an interview with him about the design process on the E, and every draft they made, they found themselves getting closer and closer to the original Enterprise.

I think from that he would appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the original and will stay as true as possible to it.

108. Chris Pike - October 18, 2007

102 Absolutely! Why do they have to mess with the E design so much, E-E was one of the better incarnations of a FUTURE Enterprise, but still way overdone. She’s been distorted, plated, deformed and bastardised so much previously it’s painful. The original had grace with power, and an originality. Don’t make her look like something from 2001, Star Wars, Space 1999, Transformers or Matrix and the rest. Make her look like someting from Star Trek TOS, simple. The ambiguity of the comments coming from the production team is odd and worrying. Could this be another Planet of the Apes (great idea, great director, great budget, great designs, great casting…what a mess!)….?

109. Iowagirl - October 18, 2007

If they change the Enterprise’s design, it could only be done in accordance with a change of timeline, a sort of mirror Enterprise. IMO, this would be the only scenario a substantial change of design could be in line with. In the end, after “fixing” the alternate timeline that was created by the Romulans or something, we would see our Lady back in her well known glory and beauty.

All necessary design adjustments which have to be made as concession to modern times can be achieved by improved shots and takes. There is no need for radical alterations. After all, this IS TOS, this IS the TOS Enterprise – if you change her beyond her recognition value, her iconic appearance is doomed.

110. spidertrek - October 18, 2007

In the known timeline the NCC-1701 should have her classic design. A different design destroys the canon to all other STAR TREK series and movies. In an other timeline or in a complete reboot it is possible to redesign the ship. But Abrams should decide what he really want. A movie, which based on the canon or a complete reboot!

111. dalek - October 18, 2007

#87 thanks Alex and to quote Sulu MY GOD… thats extreme, that would have been horrible….

112. Paul - October 18, 2007

One question keeps nibbling on my mind: WHY everybody seems to think that VISIBLE HULL PLATING = MORE MODERN LOOK? Would anybody be so kind and explain this to me? What the heck is “modern” about a jagged, bumpy and uneven surface?

What seems more advanced to you – a hull made from one piece, without visible seams, or a hull made from patches, blocks, polygons and strips of metal bolted together?

113. Red Hot - October 18, 2007

Shatner will return. Harrison Ford is returning as Indiana Jones.
Why not Shatner as Kirk? 2008 is the year of the comeback!

114. Shinzon's Cousin - October 18, 2007

#15 . . . “There are no starships on Nimbus III” Can the new movie undo Sybok’s death too?

115. the king in shreds and tatters - October 18, 2007

what’s with all the E-E hate? ship looked helluva lot nicer than the D…

116. Sean4000 - October 18, 2007

115: The E was the sexiest of the line. And it could kick some serious ass too! It and the scimitar were my favorite part of Trek X.

117. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 18, 2007

#112 — Greater detail = more realistic, greater sense of scale. That’s how it is to the eye, so that’s what the designers go by.

I agree with you, to some degree, in principle — I still think the Discovery One from 2001: A Space Odyssey is among the nicest ships in SciFi. Come to think of it, Discovery One strikes a nice balance of detail close-up and attractive, spaceworthy shape from farther away. So do the two versions of the Constellation-class Enterprise (especially the refit).

But the fact is, I like detail on SciFi ships as much as the next guy (person). I must confess my favorite Enterprise is the Sovereign-class E. I just think it is visually appealing and nicely detailed – like, how you can see where all the escape pods are.

Also, keep in mind, streamlining is not necessary for spaceships that do not ever enter the atmosphere. Look at current ships that are strictly orbital in purpose, and the International Space Station — lots of little things sticking out everywhere. I understand the principle that ships would become more self-contained as they evolved, but not to the point of looking as sleek as they are almost always portrayed in Sci-Fi. Otherwise, why not just stick to the United Planets Cruiser C-57D from Forbidden Planet (he asks rhetorically)?

118. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 18, 2007

^correction — Constitution-class

119. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - October 18, 2007

Correction to my #117 — “So do the two versions of the Constellation-class Enterprise (especially the refit).” — I mean Constitution Class

Having said all that, I do believe they should make minimal changes to the look of the Enterprise in STXI, vis-a-vis the TOS version. It would make sense that it be somewhat smaller, maybe thinner in places, and perhaps with a metal skin rather than painted white, but the nacelles should be round, as others have remarked, and definitely NOT in the vein of the “Akiraprise” design of the TV show Enterprise (even though I do like the design of the NX — sorry, purists). The differences should be such that the change from STXI to TOS be smooth and believable.

120. Ivory - October 18, 2007

A second outside source is claiming that Shatner has signed on to STXI. is reporting that Shatner will have a “cameo as Kirk” in
the new film.

I have faith in Anthony, but I thought I would just throw this out there.

121. dalek - October 18, 2007

Ivory, hi there, are they just rehashing the Herc rumour tho. They seem to have added “small part” and “cameo” and it doesnt say he’s been cast just “has been lined up for”… Whats their source? Probably this article.

122. dalek - October 18, 2007

Sorry for double post but here’s the direct link for anyone wondering:

123. Jon - October 18, 2007

I didn’t like the “E” Too much hull plating made it look primative(and militaristic).The “D” was too organic in it’s shape ,and visually too bow heavy.The “B” was cool.It still had the grace of the original but conveyed power and mass.I’d like to see the Enterprise of the film portrayed as a larger ship .The size of the enterprise B would make more sense for a ship with a crew compliment of 400 plus.Try to keep the Star Wars influence out of the design (ref. Enterprise E) that movie is 30 years old.Trek design should be more streamlined and futuristic.

124. I AM THX-1138 - October 18, 2007

#122 dalek, that sounds like they are parroting the rumors found on aicn and repeated here. Truly, one should believe it when they see it.

And Skippy, if you didn’t know it already, I am a fan of you and Dennis. What is it that some people say here? Hey TPTB, take a look at that Phoenix mesh of Dennis’ and Skippy’s and DO THAT! I don’t know about polls (thank you Shatner_fan_2000), but I would say a rather unscientific poll conducted on this here thread would suggest that messing with the E is a mistake. Kinda like dressing your beloved mom as a prostitute.

125. dalek - October 18, 2007

# 124 yeah i’ve seen it two other places too:

They are the same identical article word for word. No sources stated. And all COPYRIGHT 2007 WORLD ENTERTAINMENT NEWS NETWORK LTD.

I’ll only get excited if its an official or trusted source like Trekmovie, or production personnel.

126. Jon - October 18, 2007

About Shatner…Who else would play Kirk’s father?Is there any doubt that role was created just to give Shatner a cameo? I just don’t want to see Shatner rushing up to Pine with a bag lunch before He boards the Enterprise.

127. Jon - October 18, 2007

…What WOULD be cool would be if Shatner played the admiral of starfleet giving Pine charge of the Enterprise.

128. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 18, 2007

#126/127 …

Nimoy = Spock; Shatner = Kirk.

129. Nelson - October 18, 2007

Shatner as an Admiral giving the young Kirk the keys to the Enterprise might be a bit jarring, and confusing to people I think. If he’s really in the film, and if, I still think they ought to have him appear with Nimoy as their older selves.

But that’s just me. If he’s the Admiral or the Dad, is it really worth the effort and worthy to have him just to have him in the movie? My guess is no, unless he really has some impact on the plot as Nimoy’s participation apparently does.

130. Bono Luthor - October 18, 2007

I think it’s very clear why AICN have not claimed Shat being in the movie as an exclusive scoop. That makes it too official and could damage their relationship with JJ and co going forward.

They are going to want to get set trips and exclusives for this movie as, in the geek world, it is going to be huge (hopefully the non-geek world as well – but lets face it, geeks rule the world now).

If Shat is in (and I hope to God he is) then Herc putting sneaky hints in a talkback isn’t the same as a big screaming headline, although maybe still enough to piss JJ and co off anyway.

Here is the deal as far as I am concerned, I think I would like to know if Shat is in, as it would make me feel much happier, but if he is then do not reveal anything about how he is involved and that way we can still not know when our suprise party is…

For the record, I mean the above with good will to the folks making the movie. I think Chris Pine looks like a great choice and from what I have seen of him in clips these last few days I think he can do Shat justice.

But hey, come on. You tell us William Shatner is in this movie and the massive interest that’s already there just goes supernova.

In fact, I think I worked out why they are not telling us. They’re worried that the internet might break.

Yeah, that’s it!

131. StillKirok - October 18, 2007

The idea of Shatner in another role is silly, especially since Nimoy is in it as Spock. I could see that from Berman, but not from Abrams. I’ll admit this is raising my hopes a bit more than yesterday though.

132. Pragmaticus - October 18, 2007

If Shatner is in it, I’ve gotta celebrate with this:

133. Iowagirl - October 18, 2007


“We are actively perusing looking for a way to make a part that is worthy of him..” R. Orci

Playing Kirk’s father or just playing an admiral giving Pine charge of the enterprise would surely NOT be worthy of Shatner – on the contrary; it would diminish his part, his contribution, everything he stands for in ST.

Mr. Orci – good news for you; your search is over as there is only one part that is worthy of Shatner. Don’t keep looking for it anymore – it’s there, just in front of you and us, where it has been for the last 40 years.

134. StillKirok - October 18, 2007

The idea of Shatner in another role is silly, especially since Nimoy is in it as Spock. I could see that from Berman, but not from Abrams. I’ll admit this is raising my hopes a bit more than yesterday though. Honestly, I think if Shatner played a role other than JTK, post Generations, the producers would take almost as much heat as if he wasn’t in it at all.

I’m really hoping this story is true.

135. StillKirok - October 18, 2007

Sorry about the double post.

136. Olympus1979 - October 18, 2007

How great would it be if this entire movie is about Spock going back in time to save his friend James T. Kirk.

Personally, I think hes in the new movie. In an old shatnervision, Shatner says “I saw JJ and they want me in the new movie” then goes on to talk about how they need to find a way to bring him back to life for it to happen. Hmmmm.

Also, would Shatner REALLY come out and diss JJ every chance he has, tell people to write letters, etc., if he wasnt in on it? I think Shatner is in the movie and is playing along.

If the final scene is old Spock and old Kirk, who really need to know about it outside of the director, writers, nimoy, and shatner? They could easily keep this a secret right up to the premiere or at least close to it.

Anthony, I love the site, but if Shatner is confirmed, especially if he is confirmed late in the process, please make sure to list it as SPOILER as his casting would probably ruin the surprise for a lot of us.

137. Mr. Atoz - October 18, 2007

Looks like Shat could be in it. Glad to hear it but I wouldn’t have been upset if he wasn’t.

As far as the Enterprise goes…Leave it alone, I’m alright with minor changes but if it is radically different, I’ll be taken right out of story.
If it takes place pre-TOS, how can it be radically different?

Mr. Orci, if you are reading, please note how many fans want the E to pretty much stay the same!

138. raulpetersen - October 18, 2007

forget shatner can i be in the next star trek film PLEASE!!!!!
id love to play a red shirt ive even got my wihelm scream down to a tee


over to you guys

p.s im very very very very cheap!!!

139. CmdrR. - October 18, 2007

^Red shirt and Wilhelm scream. HA! geeky and snarky

140. Ivory - October 18, 2007

It now seems that the mainstream media is picking up on the Shatner story.

I noticed a couple of CBS affiliates as well as + picked up the story today.

I also heard the story on local radio (rock station in Boston) that Shatner + Nimoy were both in the movie.

The DJ’s were being typical tools bashing the young cast + the last few programs, but were actually pretty kind to Nimoy + Shatner.

They said (one of the guys seemed like a Trekie) that they grew up w/ these guys + they would rather see the 70 year old originals than pretty boy 20 somethings + they hope it is like BSG…blah,blah,blah,

They went on to talk about Indy IV, Die Hard 4.0, Rambo etc.. Movies that are coming out that starred older people.

Did anyone else hear this?

The point being that this story is starting to make it’s way to the general media.

141. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 18, 2007

Thanks for reporting that, Ivory. Good to hear. And it’s interesting that the DJs were saying they’d prefer to see the original actors. It gives credence to what I and many others have been saying all along: Shatner & Nimoy returning is BIG NEWS!

142. Harry Ballz - October 18, 2007

We might get to scream “SHAMOY” yet!!

143. Captain Pike - October 18, 2007

In regards to the good old Tv Enterprise, I have to reference John Lennon:

“Let it Be”.

Seriously. It’s iconic. ST:Remastered, Ent: Mirror Darkly and DS9: Tribblations prove that it can look great.
Lets be honest – this is a nostalgia movie. If the movie Enterprise appearance diverges too much from that of the TV constitution class it will spoil the movie for me.

Every few years the Gundam anime franchise throws out everything and starts over keeping just one common element – the Gundam hero robot/mecha. They could almost do the same thing with Star Trek. Clear the deck and forget the Federation, Klingons, EVERYTHING. Do a brand new story starring the classic USS Enterprise in a new universe. I’d watch it. As a matter of fact I’d prefer it to another reboot featuring a vaguely familiar crew (ENT/VOY/TNG) in not quite the same ship (TMP) having alot of the same adventures (TNG Season1)…

I don’t want to be ‘surprised by how faithful it looks.’ I want it to look like MY Enterprise.

144. Iowagirl - October 18, 2007

– How great would it be if this entire movie is about Spock going back in time to save his friend James T. Kirk. –

A fascinating scenario, indeed, the emotionality of which would not invalidate its logic…

145. Harry Ballz - October 18, 2007

Sometimes an emotional reaction IS the logical choice!

146. RaveOnEd - October 18, 2007

143 – Actually, you would be quoting Paul McCartney.

147. Skippy 2k - October 18, 2007

Going to give it a try today, seems it doesn’t want to accept a post when I put a link in it? Or at least it wasn’t yesterday. Sorry if i’m posting it too much (if it even works) just have had fun trying different stuff with it. :)

Image link (again):

Video Clip:

148. T Negative - October 18, 2007


I would be just fine with that Enterprise in the film. That looks very good!!

This whole news about John Eaves designing the Enterprise is freaking me out. If the Big E looks anything like that trash dumpster NX-01 I will puke.

149. Nelson - October 18, 2007

Hey Skippy, looks like you’re having fun there, cool!

I do CAD modeling for my design work, I’m curious about your process, once built, are you creating artwork images of all the surfaces and then mapping it on? Like texture art to replicate the plating and graphics for the sauser top, bottom, along the perimeter, then the dorsal, the secondary hull and pylons and then engines? I doubt you actually create the geometry for most of the surface detail.

And what are you modeling and then animating in? Thanks a lot!

150. RDL - October 18, 2007

What would the mood be right now if it had been announced that Leonard Nimoy would portray Sarek in STXI?

Shatner comes back as James T. Kirk or he doesn’t come back.

151. StillKirok - October 18, 2007

A Shatnervision was filmed earlier today. It’s not up yet, but it will end the speculation. Fingers crossed.

152. Mr Quatloos - October 18, 2007

Looks good Skipster…but why aren’t your running lights blinking? :-)

153. snake - October 18, 2007

Regarding Pike – Abrams is a big Star Wars fan right? what if he casts MARK HAMMIL? hed be in the correct age range….Luke Skywalker in Star Trek?

itll prob be some big name that will have everyone slapping their heads going ‘Duhhhh! Of course! WTF didnt i think of him?’ or it’ll be another Pegg moment and people will go ‘WTF!? they chose HIM as Pike?!’

I’m putting some more down just in case so i can check back here after its announced and go ‘SEE I TOLD YA IT’D BE HIM!’ they range from late 30s to in their 50s – but i think it’ll be an actor in their mid-late 40s…(

Hugh Jackman
Brad Pitt
Matt McConeghey
George Clooney
Matt Damon
Mel Gibson (ooof he’d be great but i bet he wont be cast LOL)
James Woods
Michael Keating
Pirece Brosnan
guy that played Sandman from Spiderman 3
Willem Dafoe
Sam Neil
Viggo Moroson-or-Aragon or whatever his name is
Gary Oldman
Guy Pearce
Tom Jane
Gabriel Byrne
Tom Selleck
Bill Paxton
Kevin Costner – apparently his new film is awesome
Williem Hurt
John Travolta
Gary Sinese (not McCoy…but Pike?)
Tim Robbins (oh i really hope not)
The Dude
the guy that played JFK in ‘Thirteen Days’
Nicolas Cage (you just KNOW he’s a massive Trek fan)
The Hoff

one guy i think wud have been great andits just a damn shame he cant be Pike is
Christopher Reeve – wouldnt it have been AWESOME if he hadnt been injured and died and been Pike? He’d have been in the right age bracket too…he’s have been perfect..the right aura..nobility..stature…integrity etc…

but u know what?

I bet in the end it’ll be TOM CRUISE


cause he’s Abrams MI 3 buddy like Pegg

154. snake - October 18, 2007

Sorry – meant topost that Pike post in the Budget/Pike/Kirks parents thread…

155. JoeRalat - October 18, 2007

God I was cool with everything thing..New kirk..etc..But LEAVE THE Enterprise Alone… Add very very small details.

This is the test for everyone.
GO see the Nov 13 Show of the Remastered “Menagerie” in Theatres. If she looks good on the big screen..Come back on say that..So everyone will know!!

156. Skippy 2k - October 18, 2007

#149. I used to do CAD to in school, was probably my favorite class. Unfortunately if I was to use it again now I would probably have to relearn it all over again. The model was built in Lightwave (or at least thats its format) by Dennis Baily. Its a combination of modeled and textures applied to the surface, I did the registry textures, nacelle caps and grills. Also added the spikes, larger deflector and the intercoolers on the nacelles (also thought of modifying the bridge but haven’t).

#152. I was thinking that the lower lights didn’t blink on the early ship? Well I guess the cage version didn’t have lights anyway but WNMHGB were they not solid (also think they were further back then center but hadn’t made that change either).

Allthough as said above I think seeing the “original” ship would be awesome, heres a pic of the early version from the SOTL calendar:

157. Nelson - October 18, 2007

Thanks Skippy. As for doing the texture mapping, I’m curious, for the saucer section, is that one round piece of art applied to the top of the saucer, and similarly to the other parts of the ship? I’m trying to understand the process.

158. Skippy 2k - October 18, 2007


In the case of this model each surface has its own texture (or several textures in some cases). In the scene the saucer for instance is one object but when it was modeled different parts (top of the saucer, bridge module, rim, lower, etc.) were selected/assigned a surface/name. So when the is loaded in LW I can open the surfaces menu and choose (upper saucer for instance) which may have the gridlines texture, panel texture, dirt whatever. You can also put textures to bump map, diffuse, specularity and others or give them luminescene, glow (you have alot of options actually).

So yeah each part can have its own texture or set of textures I guess is the shorter answer. Sorry if I haven’t described it well. i’ve made and textured stuff but i’m not real advanced, or best at explaining clearly…. Hope it helps.

159. Nelson - October 18, 2007

Skippy, thanks for elaborating. I have been interested in learning more about this process as I learn Alias. TOS Remastered I learn is being done with Maya. LightWave is another powerful app too, and they all seem to work similarly.

Sorry to the other folks for my digressing from the topic at hand.

160. Alex Rosenzweig - October 18, 2007

147 – Now that would be a reasonable level of variation from the original, indeed. Significantly more detail, but the basic shape and form of the ship is retained. Nice work by you and Dennis!


161. James Cannon (1701-A) - October 19, 2007

William Shatner MUST be in this movie.
Tom Cruise must NOT be in this movie.
The Enterprise must NOT be messed around with.

Would you make the Titanic a Schooner ship?
or the DeLorean time machine a Ford?
or Batman into Catman?

No… leave CANON as it is.
RESPECT IT or us Trekkers WILL NOT be watching this film

162. CW - October 19, 2007

Do to the Enterprise what they did with Jazz… not what they did with Megatron.

Or Starscream.

Or Ironhide.

Or Ratchet.

Or Bumblebee.

Or Prime.

163. raulpetersen - October 19, 2007


if it was 300 hundred years from now id kiss you!!!

164. StarTrekRockerGirl - October 20, 2007

I think I remember reading in one of the Tech Manuals a long time ago that the bridge of the Enterprise was “interchangeable”? If so, it is possible to have a similar-yet-different bridge set-up.

Also, since this is a prequel, I think it would be easy for them to have the first set of “warp 7-capable” nacelles. That would allow them to show the transition in the timeline moving up to the TOS-era warp 9-capable nacelles.

It is certainly possible here to allow the writers and designers to have some leeway and flexability with the design, and have a little fun with their imagination along the way.

Please don’t flog me too much. Believe me, I love the original E as much as the next cadet, but I also want to give the new team every possible chance to succeed. I honestly think they will follow their hearts, and give us the best they can. All we have to do is give them a chance.

165. Sean4000 - October 20, 2007

In Enterprise’s last “episode” they introduced the warp 7 ship. In words but they specifically said “Warp 7 beauties”

166. Mike Wilson - October 20, 2007

A new redesigned USS Enterprise that still takes place in the original timeline? I’m not too happy about this. In fact, I’d be more happy if someone involved with this film had the balls to officially announced that this movie, simply titled “Star Trek”, is a remake of TOS.

167. Jon - October 20, 2007

Will it have one or two bridge elevators?a holographic main viewer that obstructs an actual window?Will…

168. Sam Belil - October 21, 2007

#166 — I could not agree with you more. “If it ain’t broke don’t break it”. Some subtle changes here and there — fine. But the TOS Enterprise design should not be messed with. I’m also assuming we’ll be seeing a “Cage”/”Where No Man Has Gone Before” style Enterprise, uniforms, equipment, etc.

169. RoDevro - October 22, 2007

In reference to #14…

You mentioned Kirk’s father…I read a wonderful Star Trek paperback years ago (sorry, the title escapes me) that had Jame Kirk visiting the then uncommissioned and un0named Enterprise at the ago of 12. Jame’s father was a a high-up in Starfleet security and it involved a secret mission with the then un0named, un-numbered iconic vessel. Was a very good story.

In reference to the potential ship and set diesgns…I hope to have that air of familiarity and comfort with some 21st century updates. The same also goes for the cast. I am very much looking forward to this project being a fan since the 60’s.

I am however very skeptical of any story that involves changes in the now legendary timeline…and if this means not bringing “old” Kirk into the film, so be it.

In any regards, I enjoy reading the rumors, comments, et al. Keep it up people…

170. Andrew Salmon - October 22, 2007

I can sum up my thoughts on the new Trek film very simply:


Very simple. If he’s not in the movie, I’m not going. I’ll wait until it’s on TV. Won’t even rent the DVD. No action figures, memorabilia… nothing will I buy.

So if you want my $$, make the call and give us Shatner.

See, simple.

171. Jeannie spock - October 22, 2007

We don’t really need Shatner in the movie. I suspect that he is not involved because (production) people know he would want too much imput in the script etc. It is well known that he is very demanding and interfering.

Nimoy however, has always been successful when he has been given a good input of directing or writing.

Spock really was the defining icon of Star Trek and by far the most interesting character. It seems this movie revolves around Spock – well it’s about time!
Maybe now we’ll get a get a good one!
Thank God Nimoy is heavely involved even if Zach Quinto will probably get most of the action – Nimoy will be there keeping everyone in check.

Go Leonard ! – show ’em how it really should be done.
This movie is going to be GREAT.

172. Marley - October 22, 2007

mmm about the enterprise..Thing is, the design has such strength that it still holds itself high as one of the best designs ever.. seeing “in a mirror darkly’ on ENT..proved how good it still looks..

But heres the thing, i will enjoy studying the exterior shots for the new movie. so i can play a game of “spot the difference”..I am so lookin forward to XI, its not funny…..

this comment by “”StarTrekRockerGirl””

“It is certainly possible here to allow the writers and designers to have some leeway and flexability with the design, and have a little fun with their imagination along the way.”

“Please don’t flog me too much. Believe me, I love the original E as much as the next cadet, but I also want to give the new team every possible chance to succeed. I honestly think they will follow their hearts, and give us the best they can. All we have to do is give them a chance.”

could not agree with you, infact you have made think on possible aesthetics..I think it will be great regardless..

a commendation for original thinking :D..

This ship is why i became an illustrator in the first place!

173. I AM THX-1138 - October 23, 2007

You tell ’em, Andrew. Goddamned SOB’s anyway. Who are they to go around making movies? I say take it one step further:

If they don’t put Shat in the movie, all his fans should leave the country. Whatever country they are currently living in, that is. That’ll show them stupid Hollywood people. Yeah.

174. Harry Ballz - October 23, 2007

“That’ll show them stupid Hollywood people”

Now, THX……..a little redundant putting the word “stupid” in, no?

175. Hooah Wife and friends » Blog Archive » Star Trek Movie News - November 8, 2007

[…] Is Shatner in or not? Who knows. I hope they do get him. He is Captain Kirk. And it seems the USS Enterprise may have a different design that what was in the original show. Not sure how I feel about that. You can’t just change the design of the ship. That wouldn’t be right. This isn’t like doing a remake of Bionic Woman or even Battlestar Glactica. This is Star Trek. No show has had as much impact on the world. But if they added a little more detail to make it pop, that would be fine. Story […] is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.