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‘Star Trek’ Close To A Pike – Still Looking For Kirk’s (and Spock’s) Parents October 30, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: ST09 Cast , trackback

sarekamanda.jpgJ.J. Abrams has his entire new Star Trek crew, but he still has casting to do on a number of important roles. TrekMovie.com has learned that although casting has progressed on a number of minor roles (such as crew members on other ships), no major roles have been cast since Karl Urban signed on as McCoy. However, a source tells TrekMovie.com they are close to picking their new Captain Christopher Pike. The source confirmed that Josh Lucas was considered, but implied that he wasn’t the leading candidate. Although Pike is said to have a “significant role,” the source also disputed recent rumors that Pike has a larger role than Kirk.

Meet the Parents…Star Trek style
It has already been reported that James T. Kirk’s parents are on the casting list, making Star Trek the first time for them to be seen on screen (although they have appeared in a number of Trek novels). A trusted insider tells TrekMovie.com that Spock’s parents will be in the film as well. Spock’s Vulcan father Sarek was originally played by the late Mark Lenard and his human mother Amanda Grayson was played by the late Jane Wyatt. They were first seen in the The Original Series episode “Journey to Babel.” Wyatt appeared as Amanda in Star Trek IV and Lenard played Sarek in three Trek films (III, IV, & VI) as well as a TAS episode and two TNG episodes. The new Star Trek will actually not be the first time the characters have been recast. Younger actors were used to portray the pair in a flashback scene in Star Trek V.

Jonathan Simpson playing Sarek in ‘Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

1 week to go
Shooting on the new Star Trek film starts next Wednesday (November 7th). This was moved back from the original target of next Monday. However it appears the team are not worried that they don’t have their whole cast together. Apparently the shooting schedule has been front loaded with scenes from the already cast characters. Bear in mind that shooting is slated to run through to March. “There are a number of candidates they can pull the trigger on any time, but they are still looking to make sure they get the best possible actors for the roles” says the insider.

More on the cast page: Make sure to check out the updated Star Trek cast page. Note that TrekMovie.com has confirmed that the unnamed ‘Federation Captain’ role is a new character. Also added two new unamed characters – both ‘henchmen’ to Eric Bana’s villain Nero.


1. Dennis Bailey - October 30, 2007

Spock’s parents too, hmm? Cool.

2. badboy1230 - October 30, 2007

i wonder if for Spock’s parents they could get whoever played them in Trek V. The actor who played Sarek was a dead ringer for Mark Leonard.

3. Chris - October 30, 2007

I just rememered that the characters of Spock and Amanda never shared screen time in the movies.

4. Pragmaticus - October 30, 2007

Roberto, please tell us that there\’s going to be an extensive behind-the-scenes documentary going on for the special features on the DVD. I want hours of stuff to watch in Spring/Summer \’09.

5. tin man - October 30, 2007

Why not get the now older Jonathon Simpson to pley older Serek? It would seem like the logical thing to do.

6. TK - October 30, 2007

#4 Didn ‘t they in IV?

7. ensign joe - October 30, 2007

Uhh Trek IV?

8. Trekkie, Trekker - Hell, I'm both - October 30, 2007

Someone PLEASE blog from the set. Or allow Anthony to visit during production, even if the text is screened/edited.

9. CmdrR. - October 30, 2007

“…the source also disputed recent rumors that Pike has a larger role than Kirk.”
Get out the metric ruler for this one, guys.

Sounds like this project is moving well. I don’t think actors always get months to prep. Sometimes, the producers may wish to force the actors to stay close to the director’s vision, which means less prep time is better. Just look the part, pretty boy, and try not to bump into the 23rd century furniture.

10. Anthony Pascale - October 30, 2007

Trekkie, Trekker
…good idea

11. CanuckLou - October 30, 2007

Wow! Hard to believe one week to go to shooting.

Please JJ start throwing us some crumbs – set, costumes, props, etc pictures!

12. doubleofive - October 30, 2007

If they’re shooting next week, then they have costumes. Which means all of the “60s style” vs “new” stuff is already done. I want to know what they decided!

13. Scott Gammans - October 30, 2007

500 quatloos to the first production crewmember who posts snaps from the set of “Star Trek”!

14. The Master - October 30, 2007

I knew Sarek and Amand would be in it. They almost had to be. I think depenbding on how much th eOlder spock is in the movie Nimoy could now play Sarek Not sure who could play Amamda though.

Asome have poted having Shat as Pa KLirk makes more sense now,

15. Drew - October 30, 2007

Ray Liotta = Chris Pike

Lets hope

16. Pragmaticus - October 30, 2007

Shatner playing Kirk’s father would make little sense to me. He’s about 10 years too old to pull it off.

17. Pragmaticus - October 30, 2007

And I don’t care how minor the casting… let’s hear it!

18. Ralph - October 30, 2007

Shatner did say he would not do a cameo. But he could be the Father. I could accept that. Being Kirk is dead (Kirk killed, stupid idea)

19. CanuckLou - October 30, 2007

@15Naw Viggo Mortensen = Chris Pike!

20. Dennis Bailey - October 30, 2007

“Ten years too old” compared to what? An awful lot of older men father children, and there’s no reference in official Trek continuity (“canon”) regarding Kirk’s father’s age.

Having Shatner play Kirk’s father would probably be the *best* way remaining to get him into the film – it’s automatically a significant and memorable part because of what the character represents, and really a place of honor. Think of Glenn Ford and Marlon Brando in “Superman” – both huge stars compared to the other participants (other than Hackman) whose limited screen time in the film is very much remembered.

21. reptileboy - October 30, 2007

Wow, the picture of Jonathan Simpson on his IMDB profile is reason enough Abrams should pick up the phone and save himself some time. I never really thought about the role of Sarek in Star Trek: The Final Frontier. Now that I think of it, the young Sarek role worked very well. If the new movie can be just as good I’ll be happy.

22. Ro-Dan - October 30, 2007

When can we see the new bridge set, The props (phasers, communicators, etc.) and the Enterprise? Give us something here, JJ!

23. Inge - October 30, 2007

HA! Today i wondered if the casting is finished, when the new Pike is found.
Then it came in my mind that Spocks parents should also appear in the movie, especially since the focus in mostly on Spock.

24. Nathan - October 30, 2007

I really hope they cast Shatner as Kirk’s father…if only so that he’ll shut up and stop whining. I’ve really gotten fed up with him…

25. Tony - October 30, 2007

Uhg. Im getting sick of hearing about BBK!

Shatner agreed to die as Kirk in Generations. He’s Dead. Let him RIP. NO Fat , OLD Kirk! Ever! Would you want to see a geriatric Superman in Depends popping prostate pills? NO!

26. steve - October 30, 2007

I expect one of the first things the cast will do once they are all together in costume will be to have group pictures taken to release to the public. So we could be seeing a cast picture before the end of Nov.

27. Anthony Pascale - October 30, 2007

Simpson has aged to have a very close resemblance to Lenard, but he hasn’t acted much since STV and mainly makes his living as a photographer. This would be a bigger role than the one line he had in STV. If he can do it sure, but finding the right actor for the role is most important.

28. Ran - October 30, 2007

They are casting the entire planet… this movie is going to be 3 hours long….

29. Dennis Bailey - October 30, 2007

One hopes that there will be some publicity stills of the characters on set released early in production, but I guess with the desire for secrecy that these folks seem to have that might not happen.

Somewhere in my stacks of old papers I’ve got a newspaper clipping from – I think it’s August 4th, 1978. A photograph of Kirk and Spock and McCoy – (their uniforms aren’t *right*, and Kirk’s hair is all dark and weird, and *what the heck is this from?*) with the caption, “William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley in rehearal for ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture.”

In retrospect, I know that the day I opened the Washington Post and saw that was the day that I lost all hope of having a normal life. :lol:

30. The Vulcanista - October 30, 2007

Nope. Sarek and Amanda (Lenard & Wyman, that is) appeared in Trek IV together but never appeared in the same scenes. Sarek was on Earth pleading Kirk’s case before the Federation Council, while Amanda was on Vulcan overseeing Spock’s reeducation.


Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

31. RetroWarbird - October 30, 2007

Definitely get Jonathan Simpson back as Sarek. Not only is he a dead ringer, but at this point, (a little creative delusion replacing any continuity errors) he’s 15 years older, and so his age is accurate for the role, since Spock is “roughly” that much older, give or take 5 years.

Anyway, I think it’d be a nice move.

32. Drew - October 30, 2007

@19 – Viggo Mortensen = Chris Pike! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

33. Classic trek - October 30, 2007

is there any point in the pike character having a bigger role than kirk when he gets severly injured in a space accident a short time later? its not as though this character will flourish into future films etc. id rather see the emphasis on kirk and spock coming together. dont get me wrong im looking forward to seeing an active pike in the film.

i still want the shat in it too.
united kingdom

34. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - October 30, 2007

Jamie Fracking Bamber – Get it done or I dig up Mugatu’s corpse and drag it behind my car on Halloween!!!

35. SPB - October 30, 2007


…is it me, or is there just WAAAAAY TOO MANY “Trek” characters being added to the mix??? Sure, I’d love to see them all, too (especially Sarek and Amanda), but I have this sinking feeling that if Paramount succeeds in attracting most of the non-fan general public, then on opening weekend we’re going to hear A LOT of comments like, “Who’s that?”; “Was she in the TV show?”; “It that guy important?”; “Who played that character on the TV show? Were they in the movies, too?”; “Oooh! I like Eric Bana!”; “Is that guy Spock’s dad or uncle?”; etc., etc., etc.

One of the things that drove me absolutely crazy during GENERATIONS was the inclusion of almost EVERYONE (with some notable exceptions). For pete’s sake, they even included Sulu’s DAUGHTER! And in the end, GENERATIONS became the ridiculously overwrought, undercooked, rush-job mish-mash that we know today. Even though I knew who all the characters were, even I had a hard time keeping track of them all, let alone caring.

I REALLY hope the same fate doesn’t affect STAR TREK XI, so non-fans walk out in a daze saying, “What the hell just happened???”

36. MiamiTrek - October 30, 2007

Amen to #25

Correction to #30…Wyatt, not Wyman…That’s a whole different person.

I’m excited about seeing Sarek and Amanda again. Trying to recapture Mark Lenard would be very hard, although Simpson did a good job, let’s try some fresh blood.

37. CanuckLou - October 30, 2007

@32 Why not?

38. trektacular - October 30, 2007

Shatner as Kirks father would be swell.

39. Dennis Bailey - October 30, 2007

Simpson’s performance in Star Trek 5 was purely visual. Lenard recorded the character’s single line of dialogue.

40. Classic trek - October 30, 2007

yep i am also worried same as #35
surley there is enough material in the coming together of the crew members at starfleet academy – their stories/backgrounds and so on without mums/dads aunties and uncles. dont forget among all this we also have to have a villian story line too in it somewhere. does seem like a lot to pack in.

but nimoy recons this script is exciting so ill go along with that. im so looking forward to seeing the first cast picures all in uniform and that bridge set too!
united kingdom

41. RaveOnEd - October 30, 2007

The one thing I’m not understanding is how people are calculating Pike’s accident to happen virtually as he stepped off the Enterprise.

According to Mendez in The Menagerie, it was months before they were diverted to the starbase: “There’s been subspace chatter about it for months…” With Kirk and McCoy not knowing what happened.

To me, Pike won’t be crippled until a ways into Kirk’s first year commanding Enterprise, so Pike can even have a presence in the movie just after Kirk assumes command.

42. CmdrR. - October 30, 2007

It’ll all be worked out in the sequel: “Star Trek XII: The Whole Enchalada.”
(produced and directed by Ken Burns with a run time of a hair under 33 days)

43. RaveOnEd - October 30, 2007

29 – Dennis:

Do you mean this photo? http://www.cbc.ca/gfx/images/arts/photos/2006/09/08/star-trek-cp-2800005.jpg

44. Charley W - October 30, 2007

How about Shatner as Spock’s GRANDFATHER?

(Just give me screen credit for the idea!)


45. Anthony Pascale - October 30, 2007

In his recent interview Orci did say there were a number of known Trek characters in the film, but he also noted that they only put them in when they can do them justice. He also stated that many who didnt make it into the film are ‘on the list’ for the next one. In chatting to him he told me (sorry if this was off record Bob) that some have gone in and out of various drafts, but they only kept them when it was working. They aren’t putting characters in just for fun. These kind of things seem to be like the ‘two ways of watching the movie’ that they have talked about. For the avg film goer it will just be Kirk and Spock’s parents, but for the Trekkies we will see a new layer. You wont have to know anything about Amanda or Sarek to see the movie

As of now there are 4 known non TOS characters in the film: the villain Nero + two ‘henchmen’ and a ‘Federation Captain’…but I imagine there are many more.

46. Gary Lee - October 30, 2007

I agree today Jonathan Simpson looks even more like Mark Lenard a dead ringer he would be perfect as Sarek.

About Michael T. Weiss as Sarek ?
Or Mandy Patinkin as Sarek ?
Michael T. Weiss could be a Romulan villain henchmen if not Sarek.

47. The Vulcanista - October 30, 2007


Whoops! And I *know* better!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

48. Scott Gammans - October 30, 2007


Ohhhh, I remember when that picture was published in my hometown newspaper almost 30 years ago… good times.

49. Tim Handrahan - October 30, 2007

With production being this close, it would be nice to see some bridge pictures and of course the Enterprise. If not, how about Shatners costume for the film? (Still holding out hope!)

50. Scott Gammans - October 30, 2007

Gary Lee, you don’t want a troublemaker like Mandy Patinkin on the set of “Star Trek”. This production is already under enough pressure as it is without having to deal with one of Diva Mandy’s drama queen snits.

51. Gary Lee - October 30, 2007

How about Shatner playing Kirk’s father at the begining and at the very end the big surprise Shatner can play Older Kirk back alive? How about that Shatner ?

52. CmdrR. - October 30, 2007

A co-worker, who is as close as I get to a knowledgeable source, quoted unnamed tabloids as saying that the new E will have nacelles that pivot. Anyone else hear this one?

53. Gary Lee - October 30, 2007

50# I thought Shatner and Mandy Patinkin could keep each other company by them selves.

54. Dennis Bailey - October 30, 2007

#43, RaveOnEd:

Not that photo, but another one that was certainly from the same publicity shoot. Roddenberry wasn’t in it, and all three of the actors were turned slightly to their right and looking off-camera in that direction.

Thanks. :)

55. jon1701 - October 30, 2007

10 bucks and my right nut says that “Federation Captain” gets killed before the end credits roll…

56. CmdrR. - October 30, 2007

55 jon, What’s JJ going to do with your right nut?

57. Dennis Bailey - October 30, 2007

I misremembered – they’re looking off more to the viewer’s right.

It’s this one, which also ran in color later in the year as the cover of the “Parade” Sunday magazine:


58. SPB - October 30, 2007

#57 –

“STAR TREK GOES HOLLYWOOD”??? WTF?? Wasn’t the TV show produced in Hollywood (or downtown Burbank) to begin with?

Haha! Thanks for the laugh-from-the-past!

59. CmdrR. - October 30, 2007

Wow, a 50 day supply of Vitamin E for only 88 cents.

I remember seeing TMP and thinking the cast looked so old.

60. DavidJ - October 30, 2007


Not to mention the fact that the average moviegoer is probably a bit more familiar with the minor characters of TOS than of TNG or any of the other spinoffs.

Besides which, Spock’s parents and the previous captain of the Enterprise are MUCH more important characters than Barclay or Ogawa or Wesley in the TNG movies.

61. konar - October 30, 2007

dennis — “lost all hope of having a normal life” — I laughed so hard at that little nugget presented in so matter-of-fact style! I know just how you feel — for me it was when my brother turned over a comic book — saw the teaser painting for the movie and said “hey, look at this.”

62. I AM THX-1138 - October 30, 2007

Just can’t wait to see the new actors portraying Sarek and Amanda packing young Timmy’s bags and sneaking a PB&J into his little napsack for the long journey off to Starfleet. And the new actors portraying Kirk’s parents packing a little box of space condoms for young Jimmy T. to get his groove on while in San Francisco.

63. GeneralChang - October 30, 2007



64. TrekMadeMeWonder - October 30, 2007


I like that Idea. Actually I was thinking of that the other night.

How could the Enterprise be changed in consideration of new technological developments and known engineering limitations.

How about having the Saucer section rotate?

That way they could explain the artificial gravity evnironment. The Saucer could be the habitat section and the Warp drive and Secondary hull could be purely engineering and propulsion. A lower gravity environment would be interesting. .

I was envisioning the Nacelles having to pivot a bit to compansate for centrifugal forces that would occur when the ship spins to a new direction. The secondary hull neck would connect in the same place and extend toward the center of the Saucer to provide a conduit for turbo shafts. It could be constructed in a way so that the Secondary hull could rotate around the primary hull to assist in course corrections. I think a spinning Primary hull would look very dynamic onscreen too.

There has been a lot of thought over the years on how these ships are laid out internally. Gravity plating REALLY sucks as an explaination.
Is that plating make on Jupiter?

Too unbelievable for me. Notice when the ships power is down that there is always gravity (except ST VI – A milestone). Or when the Environmental controls go down their all grasping for breath and then falling to the floor.

I think there should be an emphasis to explain how this ships gravity could logically work. I like upgades when they make when there logical.
At least try to explain the gravity. Anybody? Has this ever even been addressed before?

65. ObiWanCon - October 30, 2007



66. Pragmaticus - October 30, 2007

I actually like the idea of the nacelles pivoting. It actually makes sense. It would be kind of like the rudder on a boat.

67. TrekMadeMeWonder - October 30, 2007


You must be a Star Wars fan.

68. Anthony Pascale - October 30, 2007

jon1701 has an interesting point

every new character we see may have ‘Mace Windu’ written all over them.

…and if they are wearing red….look out!

69. Vulcan Soul - October 30, 2007

On top of Kirk’s parents and Spock’s parents, the new “Star Trek” movie will also feature the great-grandson of the nanny of McCoy’s love interest in high school!

You read it here first, folks!!!

70. Snake - October 30, 2007

as many have suggested have Shatner as Kirks old man and maybe an TOS guest star as his ma (how about the actress who played Andrea from What Are Little Girls Made Of? – i bet shes still smokin hot!)

Sarek? – gosh i dunno – as people have mentioned the guy from Trek V?

Amanda – i dunno…i really don’t…

71. Blake Powers - October 30, 2007

I think it is perfectly legit that they figure out something with regards to gravity in the future. Centrifugal gravity makes absolutely no sense. When you are making a movie where people can go faster than the speed of light, couldn’t they figure out some way to pipe that warp energy/ into gravity plating? Sure you can make the gravity issue more complicated than “gravity plating” but dear lord a Centrifugal saucer section!!

72. urseus - October 30, 2007

That scene in STV is one of the best in any Trek Movie. That whole section sums up all of the characters.

73. Kirok Fan - October 30, 2007

I have to say that although I think Kirk’s death in Generations was awful, I do not need to have his death undone to be satisfied. I too am in the group that would be satisfied with Shatner playing Kirk’s dad. Think of it this way, if Shatner plays Old Kirk, this will likely be his last Trek movie, given that the whole idea here is to restart Trek. But, if Shatner plays Papa Kirk, well then, there is no reason why he can’t appear in the films indefinitely. He could have an ongoing role until he really does die.

I’m not saying this is the best option, but it does have its benefits.

74. Kirok Fan - October 30, 2007

25. Tony – October 30, 2007

You wrote:

“Uhg. Im getting sick of hearing about BBK!
Shatner agreed to die as Kirk in Generations. He’s Dead. Let him RIP. NO Fat , OLD Kirk! Ever! Would you want to see a geriatric Superman in Depends popping prostate pills? NO!”

That’s brilliant, Tony. You should make this the thesis of your doctoral dissertation.

75. Harry Ballz - October 30, 2007

#62 THX-1138 “Kirk’s parents packing a little box of space condoms for young Jimmy T. to get his groove on while in San Francisco”

Good one, THX……and I can hear Jimmy’s father giving his advice:

“here you go, jimbo…..to protect against disease….you know…..in case you get a chance to boldly go where EVERY man has gone before!”

76. Classic trek - October 30, 2007

#70 snake
the actress who played the very beautiful andriod ‘Andrea’ (with RUK ted cassidy) in the original series episode you mention is called sherry jackson. she was a honey- wow! she was born in 1942 making her about 65 now.
United kingdom

77. TrekMadeMeWonder - October 30, 2007

Yeah, your probably right.

Just trying to move way from the technobabble/techomagic that
Star Trek often presents.

Better than this Shatner/Kirk mess. Who can blame him though?
Shatner, you were great!

78. JBS (hailing frequencies open from Issaquah, Washington) - October 30, 2007

I miss Mark Lenard. He set the standard for portraying a full Vulcan (and an excellent Romulan) and nobody else was able to come close. He had presence, class, a noble air. Jane Wyatt was also very good, intelligent, warm, dignified. Not easy to find actors like that these days. Being a full Vulcan does not mean you simply act and talk like a robot (Tuvok was so annoying that way) or act bored all the time (T’Pol). Lenard acted like he was controlling his emotions which were just under the surface, not completely without emotions.

During Journey to Babel it was established that Spock and Sarek had not spoken to each other in 18 years, presumably when Spock told Sarek he was going to join Starfleet. So, if this movie takes place after the academy days, but before Journey to Babel, then Spock and Sarek can only glare at each other, not talk. I can’t wait to see how they put all this together.

79. Viking - October 30, 2007

On a serious note, a question for Anthony: casting rumors and plot points fly around the Net like hailstones, but being that they’re rumors, and nothing more until proven, no harm is done by chumming the waters with them. However, given this site’s relationship (of sorts) with Roberto, if actual prop/hardware designs, set stills, etc., were leaked to you, would you go so far as to post them here (as you know every other site would), or would you defer to the confidentiality of the Paramount team?

I’m not fishing for an ethically-baited right or wrong answer to that, BTW – merely a clinical interrogative.

80. I AM THX-1138 - October 30, 2007

Thanks, Harry, now I have to wipe the soda off my flatscreen.

Of course Kirk will start out with the easy girls. He doesn’t believe in the “no-win scenario”.

81. jon1701 - October 30, 2007

This pivoting nacelle nonsense is spreading across the websites now.

They might refine the design, but I cant see them altering it. What next?
A teacup section on top of the saucer?

82. Charley W - October 30, 2007


To be precise, Amanda did NOT say that Spock and Sarek had not spoken at all to each other in AJTB. She said they had not spoken “as Father and Son” for 18 years. They easily could have greeted each other formally or given formal reports at ceremonial or family dinners, etc.

83. RDL - October 30, 2007

Spock and Spock’s human mommy did appear together, in the same scene. Star Trek IV, when Spock is being tested by the computer…

How do you feel? How do you feel?

What is it Spock?

I do not understand the question, mother.

And so on…something along those lines.

Liotta does look like Hunter but I think a more inspired choice for Pike would be Liev Schrieber.

In my “schedules and money are meaningless” world of casting, I’d take William Petersen of CSI as Kirk’s dad, and Allison Janney (ex-West WIng)as his mother.

Tom Hanks might work as Kirk’s dad…he is a good enough actor to make almost anything believable.

I have absolutely zero interest in seeing Shatner play Kirk’s father. Contrived, won’t work, could get ugly.

Jonathan Simpson certainly looks like a younger Sarek, but I believe they
dubbed in Mark Leonard’s voice for his one scene…I’m not certain.

Anyway…Kirk’s parents, Spock’s parents…they may have a page of dialogue…they may be “on screen” for a minute and a half. No way to tell.

I’d like to see them cast a Robert April, even in a tiny role, if for no other reason than to make April as the first C.O. of the E, official.

#58 Star Trek was originally produced at Desilu (Desi Arnez & Lucy) Studios, which was split between the back lot I think somewhere in Culver City and stages near Paramount Studios. The back lot contained the outdoor fronts for Mayberry and the Andy Griffith show, which you can see in the Star Trek episode, City on the Edge of Forever…Kirk and Edith
Keeler are strolling right around Floyd’s barber shop. Anyway, Paramount bought Desilu in the late 60s. Everything ST has been done on Paramount stages since then except, obviously, location shooting and I believe they used the Warner Brothers lot for some TNG episodes.

84. jon1701 - October 30, 2007


Thats my thinking. Seeing as how this movie still seems to be (sort of) how Kirk became Kirk – seeing your former commander killed and having to step up to the plate would be a good bit of character building IMO.

I know its a bit how-picard-became-captain-on-the-stargazer, but i think it would work.

85. Harry Ballz - October 30, 2007

“Kirk and Edith Keeler are strolling right around Floyd’s barber shop”

Now, you see……I’ve been a fan of Star Trek since the show first aired in the ’60’s and I never knew that piece of trivia! Huh! You learn something every day……

86. GeneralChang - October 30, 2007

i think Gary Graham would be a great choice for serek. he has the vulcan look and resembles Mark Lenard.
check the link

87. Pat - October 30, 2007

Dennis– The color Parade and the black & white aren’t the same photo.

I got it in “The Columbia Missourian”. Spock was seated in the b&w,

88. Pragmaticus - October 30, 2007

81 – I truly don’t think having the nacelles pivot is nonsense. I’ve always thought the physics involved in turning the Enterprise never were explained or shown adequately. The Enterprise simply couldn’t be shown performing correct turns with the model they were using on TOS, and CGI didn’t really develop until after the TOS-era films were finished. I think it’s simply logical.

89. Viking - October 30, 2007

#86 GeneralChang – ya gotta give Graham his props for knowing his way around a Vulcan role. I’m really starting to get bilious over all this ‘Elvis impersonator’ type casting (and I say this as an early Paul McGillion supporter), but Graham does bear an uncanny resemblance to a TOS-era Mark Lenard………

90. Quatlo - October 30, 2007

Marlon Brando for Kirk’s pop.

91. Harry Ballz - October 30, 2007

Will the nacelles pivot?? Tune in tomorrow to As The Enterprise Turns!!

92. Harry Ballz - October 30, 2007

I think a current day Marlon Brando would be a little “stiff” in the role, don’t you?

93. I AM THX-1138 - October 30, 2007

“Kirk and Edith Keeler are strolling right around Floyd’s barber shop”

I have been searching my DVD for the evidence of this and can’t find anything. I am in no way discounting this info, I was wondering if anybody has a screencap that points this out. Sadly, I don’t have any shots of the barber shop from Mayberry to compare. I love this sort of trivial stuff.

94. jon1701 - October 30, 2007


I dont think the concept itself is nonsense per se.

The notion that they will mess around with the design, is however.

95. RDL - October 30, 2007


I have been a fan since then too Harry…my father left me a note when I was a kid to watch this new science fiction show on the night it first aired…
and I was hooked.

I’ve had the opportunity to be on the Paramount lot, and sat in the captain’s chair on the Enterprise-E, Voyager and the Defiant…walked the corridors of DS9 and hung around the “planet hell” stage with it’s fake caves — where Spock appeared in Unification.

I went to the wrap party for one of the films…it was at the Hollywood Museum. At the rear of the museum at the time, they had the bar set from Cheers and they were using it for the party as a…bar. I sat on the stool Frasier used to sit on talking to Jonathan Frakes on my left and LeVar Burton on my right. A surreal experience.

96. Richard Daystrom - October 30, 2007

As someone has stated above as to how can they have so many characters in the movie. I liken it to Tora! Tora! Tora! or Patton. They will have all these characters in the movie as correct canon backdrop as a nod to diehard fans but not confuse first time movie goers. They may not be pivotal in the overall story, but they are there.

97. RDL - October 30, 2007

#93- I believe it is the scene where Kirk and Edith are talking about the Clark Gable movie…they are walking just down the street from where the front of Andy’s sheriff’s office was.

98. Harry Ballz - October 30, 2007

#95 RDL

Wow, sounds like you’ve had some really interesting experiences with the cast and surroundings of Star Trek!

I’ve met William Shatner several times over the years, the most interesting being in 1974 when I was an usher at the Uptown Theatre in Toronto. I chatted one-on-one with the Shat for at least ten minutes while his wife, Marcy, was in the ladies room! I will always remember the discussion we had! Good memories!

99. Richard Daystrom - October 30, 2007

#93 Yes, they are walkling down the main street of Mayberry. I happen to catch that episode one morning on TVLand after reading that somewhere and that evening caught a street scene on Andy Griffith. The store to look for is Floyd’s Repair Shop.

100. CmdrR. - October 30, 2007

97 et al — Remember, the Obelisk on the planet of the Indians was at the edge of Andy and Opie’s fishin’ hole.

101. Richard Daystrom - October 30, 2007

#100 Correct me if i am wrong but isn’t that Griffith Park Observatory in LA??

102. Dennis Bailey - October 30, 2007

#87:”Dennis– The color Parade and the black & white aren’t the same photo.”

There are a number of photos from that publicity shoot. The one that appeared in the Washington Post was just about identical to, if not the same shot, as the one that appeared later on the cover of “Parade.”

There’s also a rather funny one of Roddenberry talking to Shatner while Shatner holds what’s identified in one caption as “a new scanner.” Due to the position of the scanner and of Kirk’s hand in the shot it looks like he’s, um, excited and has quite a grip on himself.

103. Stanky McFibberich - October 30, 2007

99: That would be Floyd’s BARBER shop….

104. Tim Thomason - October 30, 2007

Regarding Shatner’s age compared to Pine’s: Shatner was 49 when Pine was born. That’s not out of the realm of possibility. My father was 46 when I was born. Heck, Doohan was 80 years old when his daughter Sarah was born in 2000.

If the part of Sarek is a small role, then I suggest they re-hire Jonathan Simpson, just for the cool acting continuity. Of course they didn’t hire that little infant as young Spock (he’d be about 21 now)… so it’s likely not to happen.

I have absolutely no idea who could play Kirk’s parents. That just seems like some tough parts to cast. It would have to be some names if they have a role, since they don’t have a Jonathan Simpson-analogue to throw in for little-to-no money.

105. GaryS - October 30, 2007

any ideas , speculations, rumors ,. or wishes for the leading candidate for pike?

106. Richard Daystrom - October 30, 2007

To correct myself, not Floyd’s Repair Shop, help me here, I’m having a Senior Citizen’s moment. I can’t remember the guy that ran the repair shop. See what you youngblodds ahve to look forward to.

107. Elrond L. - October 30, 2007

RDL and Harry — wow, what awesome stories. Sitting in the E-E captain’s chair, chatting with Shatner . . . my jaw dropped at the wrap party story. Surreal indeed, those are some cool memories.

108. Stanky McFibberich - October 30, 2007

106: It was Emmett’s Fixit Shop. Emmett took over the building from Floyd after Howard McNear had to leave the show due to health reasons.

109. Richard Daystrom - October 30, 2007

Stanky, You are correct.

110. Paul - October 30, 2007

sorry i just think the pivoting nacelle thing is retarded. They are WARP engines used for traveling faster than light. don’t mean to sound weird there it just sounds like a monumentally stupid idea

111. The Vulcanista - October 30, 2007

86 & 89

Graham would be a great choice if he’s available. However, I think he’s currently off fighting zombies with John Billingsley somewhere.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

112. CmdrR. - October 30, 2007

110 – Paul “it just sounds like a monumentally stupid idea”

I agree. I only threw it out there, way back in the low 50’s to see whether anyone else had heard that rumor. I would hate to see the E turned into a 2008 concept of 23rd century technology. TOS used a healthy does of BS and it helped tremendously to add to the sense of wonder. PLEASE don’t explain how everything works! Let me live 260 years and I’ll find out!

113. Lord Garth Formerly of Izar - October 30, 2007

If not Liotta then Jamie Bamber for Pike – Where’s the love???

If not Shatner Bruce Boxleitner for Pappy Kirk – How cool would that be??

Edward James Olmos for Sarek – You feeling it???

Some chick for mama Kirk

Some other chick for mama Spock

114. Robby13 - October 30, 2007

Victor Garber as Sarek

115. I AM THX-1138 - October 30, 2007

Thanks for the video info, guys. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled once again to my DVD to look for the location similarities.

Closest I’ve ever been to any real Trek stuff was at the Science Fiction museum couple weeks back.

116. Astropysicophile - October 30, 2007

70. In the episode “London, May 1916″ of “Young Indiana Jones”, Elizabeth Hurley and Jane Wyatt respectively played the younger and older versions of Jones’ love interest in the episode, Vicky Prentiss. Perhaps, Hurley can play the younger Amanda. However, she is 42 years old, only 12 years older than Zachary Quinto, so she’d have to act ten to 15 years older.

83. I think casting William Petersen to play Kirk is a great idea. I think he somewhat resembles William Shatner. He plays a genial, inspiring, and very human leader on CSI, just as Shatner did as Kirk. He’s also 54 years old, which is the right age to be 27 year old Chris Pine’s father.

As for Kirk’s mother, why not cast somebody who already has good with him, like Marg Helgenberger? Or why not cast somebody who has been in Star Trek before and is also in some good movies lately, Virginia Madsen?

117. Astropysicophile - October 30, 2007

116. Oops, I meant, as for Kirk’s mother, why not cast somebody who already has good chemistry with him, like Marg Helgenberger? Or why not cast somebody who has been in Star Trek before and is also in some good movies lately, Virginia Madsen?

118. Thomas - October 30, 2007

115. If you want to see video that clearly shows the Main Street set from the Andy Griffith Show, watch the episode “Miri”. As soon as the landing party beams down, there is a shot of them in the street from a rooftop. At the left of the screen, you can clearly the facade of the Mayberry sheriff’s office, and directly to its’ left is the exterior of Floyd’s Barber Shop.

119. SHANE S. - October 30, 2007

Great Job Anthony putting this site together. All these fans putting in their input, must make you proud, thanks.

120. reptileboy - October 30, 2007

It seems like their is a lot of fan love floating around this thread. A lot of people recalling fond memories of Star Trek. Makes me wonder if my aprehension about the new movie is somewhat similiar to what fans felt around the time that The Motion Picture was announced.

Sarek and Amanda are two very well regarded and liked characters. In particular, Mark Lenard is one of the best loved actors to work on Star Trek. I remember how both fans and his fellow actors spoke so highly about him following his passing. Sarek is more than a brilliant character in the eyes of many fans, he is Mark Lenard. So in a way, I feel like any failure on Sarek character and background on the new movie would be unforgivable. Gushy, but I feel it true.

I just hope that Leonard Nimoy is involved in the coaching of the actor playing his parents as he is in the development of his younger self. I really don’t know why, but the inclusion of Spocks parents feels very appropriate.

121. Thomas - October 30, 2007

It does seem like whoever plays Sartek would benefit from Nimoy’s input. Nimoy himself had such high regard for how Lenard portrayed his Vulcan character.

122. cd - October 30, 2007

How about Maura Tierney as Amanda?

123. cd - October 30, 2007

Adrian Pasdar as Sarek?

124. MichaelJohn - October 30, 2007

Keith Richards would make a great crusty old Vulcan dad for Spock. He get’s my vote!

Mike :o

125. Paul - October 30, 2007

Re:112, no worries as much as i’d like to see something revolutionary, i’d hate to think they’d screw with the old girl that much. maybe that could be on another ship, i’d love to see what TOS prototype ship looks like

126. Pragmaticus - October 30, 2007

Adrian Pasdar wouldn’t be able to get off of Heroes. They already stretched themselves accommodating Quinto. Good choice, but he couldn’t be available.

127. ster j - October 30, 2007

Joaquin Phoenix as Sarek! If you saw the photoshopped pix, you’d see what I mean!

128. Kruzher - October 30, 2007

Time out on the casting news, how about the design of the Enterprise inside and out. That’s what I want to know.

129. Shatner_Fan_2000 - October 30, 2007

#98. Harry Ballz “I chatted one-on-one with the Shat for at least ten minutes while his wife, Marcy, was in the ladies room! I will always remember the discussion we had! Good memories!”

Ah, so it was Shatner who recommended the screenname, eh, Harry? :)

130. Red Shirt - October 30, 2007

Let us face the facts…this pic will just like ST IV…Something that even the most casual fan can approach. Do not expect Eddie Murphy in this one either!!!

131. JBS (hailing frequencies open from Issaquah, Washington) - October 30, 2007

I think Joaquin Phoenix would be too short to play Sarek. imbd lists his height as 5’8″, while Zachary Quinto is 6’2″ tall. That’s 6″ difference in height, while Leonard Nimoy and Mark Lenard were the same height (6′). So it would look odd if a small Sarek has a scene standing next to Quinto or Nimoy.

132. JBS (hailing frequencies open from Issaquah, Washington) - October 30, 2007

What is IMBD’s record on accuracy anyway?

133. George Armstrong Custer - October 30, 2007

Burt Reynolds will be Admiral Robert April at the Enterprise handover to Kirk.

134. mikko - October 30, 2007

Here’s a thought:
Shatner as Kirk’s father; as others have said, it’s the most plausible good way to get him in the film.

If one wants to get slightly Freudian… but also add a certain poignency… perhaps Joan Collins as Kirk’s mother? The connection to ‘City on the Edge of Forever’ would be very nice…

135. Mitch - October 30, 2007


Clive Owen (His name alone would guarantee a box office)


Sam Neill
Michael Biehn
Bill Paxton


Jason Isaacs (He’s got the look and he’s got Harry Potter under his belt)
Javier Bardem
Jonathan Simpson


Christopher McDonald (Has that Shatner thing going for him)
Richard Schiff


Julianne Moore
Catherine O’Hara


Carrie-Anne Moss
Kathleen Quinlan
Danielle Divecchio
Tea Leoni
Laura Dern

SYBOK (if he’s in it)

Daniel Craig

136. toddk - October 30, 2007

Almost anyone can play kirk & spock’s parents..I mean Duh!

137. Buckaroohawk - October 30, 2007


I remember opening my Sunday Pittsburgh Press and finding that Parade magazine tucked inside. I didn’t even know they were making a movie, so that cover stuck me like a lightning bolt. I read the article inside over and over, thrilled that these characters would be returning.

Star Wars, Superman, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The late 1970’s was a great time to be a sci-fi fan. Thanks for finding a shot of that cover. It brought back some really wonderful memories.

138. Joe - October 31, 2007

Jonathan SImpson looks good…but hey that would make too much sense, like a blue-eyed kirk, or a brown eyed new zealander/aussie whatever the hell fat dude from lord of the rings, and lets get the whitest black chick to play Uhura, and hell, how about a twitty brit to play old SCOTTY. Lets not forget our favorite Japanese SULU, and replace him with a korean comedian while we’re at it. None of this cast makes any sense except for SPOCK, and so what the hell, why not hire Tom Cruise to play Spock’s Dad. Lets go for total senselessness and call it Star Trek: To Boldly Go Where No Pimp Has Gone Before and make it like Starsky and Hutch and Dukes of Hazzard. I mean why even try to do it right. My point regurgitated: Jonathan SImson is PERFECT, and he has experience…IT WON’T HAPPEN, I’ll bet all my stock in Halliburton it won’t happen.

139. lwr - October 31, 2007

this unnamed captain is a no brainer… “GARROVICK”, and the Shatner “bullshat” is just that. He is the suprise twist at the end.

that’s why the time travel theiry was created to begin with.

(see my thoughts under rants…)

140. admiraldeem - October 31, 2007


MacDonald is one name I did not think about–he would be terrific. As long as he’s not seen in some scene bemoaning his lost love. “Oh Tasha….”

141. Cervantes - October 31, 2007

#134 mikko

I only hope that William Shatner DOESN’T end up ‘playing’ his own Kirk character’s Dad in this, or this will not be just a reboot now, but a PARODY instead.

And I think I could have lived without seeing Kirk’s Mom and Pop in this thing in the first place…

142. Holo J - October 31, 2007

If Pike isnt Josh Lucas, I wonder who the front runner is?

143. Gary Lee - October 31, 2007

Jonathan Simpson is a dead ringer for Mark Lenard he would be perfect as Sarek.
William Petersen as Kirk’s father.

144. Bernd Schneider - October 31, 2007

Aside from the 18-year period in which Spock and his father didn’t talk, I wonder why the movie needs the parents in the first place. I welcome Spock’s parents despite the almost inevitable inconsistency, but why Kirk’s mom and dad? Is this science fiction or a family movie?

145. Pragmaticus - October 31, 2007

143 – But what’s Simpson’s voice like? To me, Mark Lenard’s voice was a huge part of the character, and Lenard’s voice was dubbed over Simpson’s in STV. If Simpson doesn’t sound at least somewhat like Lenard, we’re back to square one.

146. Diabolik - October 31, 2007

Kirk is young. Seeing his parents is logical given the time frame. I would rather see relatable human contacts that a science fiction gimmick.

“Master Kirk, your bag is ready,” said the robot.

147. TB - October 31, 2007

I like Mandy Patinkin & Sigourney Weaver as Sarek & Amanda. The CSI duo would be an excellent choice for Kirk’s parents, but I wouldn’t mind Robert Pine portraying George Kirk either. For some reason, I have always thought Dr. McCoy may have been a longtime friend of the family & may have been recommemeded by Kirk’s dad for his medical officer. Spock could have been another recommendation for first mate because the elder Kirk had served with Pike or something like that.

I still see that time-travel plot being bandied about, but I don’t think there’s been any solid confirmation, has there? I thought the only thing we know about the plot is that it takes place during the transition from Pike’s Ent. to Kirk’s Ent.

148. RaveOnEd - October 31, 2007

147 – You touched on something that I was thinking: that we may see Pike’s early days in command of the Enterprise, where George Kirk was First Officer (before the hand off to Number One), with Spock as Science Officer.

Not filmed, but it has been referred to in books and such that George Kirk was First Officer on the Enterprise under April, maybe this will become filmed history, George Kirk being a transition from April to Pike.

149. Gary Lee - October 31, 2007

Mandy Patinkin for a big name to play Sarek I like it.

150. Chris - October 31, 2007

Why not Ray Liota (from Goodfellas) as Pike?

He’s a dead ringer!

151. The Master - October 31, 2007

I think Jaime Bamber would be a good choice for Pike,
As for Sarek I vote for Nimoy playing Spock’s father
and Michelle Phifer for Amanda.

As for Ma and Pa Kirk , Shatner and Elle McPherson, seriously how about Majel Roddendberry??

Federation Captain- Richard Dean Anderson or Chistopher Judge or Chris Eccleston and/ or David Tennant

I hope that is Matt Decker is the Fleet Captain and its played by Vogel or Damon.

152. Guy Fleegman - October 31, 2007

#81. I have to agree with you on the pivoting nacelles. Also, nice nod to the Star Wreck books with the teacup bit.

I still think Paul Gross would make a good Pike. He’s well known in Canada but still relatively unknown here in the states. Which could be an advantage. That’s assuming he’s willing.

Now, bring on the ship pics!

153. richpit - October 31, 2007

@ 110 –

I agree. I’m not engineer, but isn’t it true that we don’t have to follow laws of aerodynamics in space?

154. Greg2600 - October 31, 2007

I wouldn’t mind seeing Kevin Pollack as Kirk’s father, playing it off as William Shatner.

155. cd - October 31, 2007

Peter Graves and Barbara Bain as Robert and Sarah April. >;>}

156. GraniteTrek - October 31, 2007

#64, I don’t think the point of Star Trek is technical accuracy. I think the point is compelling stories and interesting characters, that at their best reflect on the human condition.

That, and blowing up Klingons and giving Captain Kirk excuses to employ the Shatnerific flying kick. :)

157. GraniteTrek - October 31, 2007

155. “Jimmy, do you like movies about Gladiators?” :)

158. Dave in RI - October 31, 2007

#150 “Why not Ray Liota (from Goodfellas) as Pike?

He’s a dead ringer!”

I agree, but Ray Liotta (from Goodfellas) isn’t available anymore; only Ray Liotta (from today) is. Sadly, he is no longer a dead ringer.

159. Pragmaticus - October 31, 2007

I’d give Tom Hanks the Fleet Captain role.

160. DesiluTrek - October 31, 2007

Re: #3 Chris — Do you not recall Amanda visiting Spock as he’s retraining in Star Trek IV?

Dennis Bailey’s and Scott Gammans’ memories also gave me a flashback to following the news of the making of TMP back in the day. The pre-Internet days of subsisting on scraps in the newspaper, plus every month or two getting Starlog or All About Star Trek Fan Clubs or the Poster Book (sometimes even Enterprise Incidents at my good newsstand) made being a teen-aged Trek fan in a small town feel like a lonely affair.

After following all the other stillborn revival attempts — how long did the writers Chris Bryant and Allan Scott work on a movie script? — it was a thrill to see those early TMP pictures in my local paper (the one I delivered on my route every afternoon), although those monochrome uniforms and ’70s-style collar on McCoy’s tunic made me pause. At least it was proof that Trek’s return was real, with Gene Roddenberry and Robert Wise at the helm, although it really disappointed me that the new Paramount network and Star Trek II the series weren’t going to happen.

With the switch to a movie I was afraid Paramount was going to “Star Wars-ify” my wonderful optimistic future universe. As it turned out, the studio wanted that, and Gene Roddenberry wanted his “2001,” and the end result of some of each didn’t quite satisfy either. The rush job to meet the fixed premiere date (because Robert Abel pissed away $16M) really hurt.

I’m hoping Abrams and Orci can instill that optimistic vibe that to me is the biggest and best differentiator between true Trek and Star Wars. Everything I’ve read so far — much thanks to trekmovie.com — gives me hope. In the original movie era, with Roddenberry in retreat to a consultant’s role, Leonard Nimoy demonstrated he had the best feel for true Trek. His involvement in the new movie and what he’s said about it has been among the most positive signs.

As an original series die-hard, I am just savoring this period that feels like an embarrassment of riches (hard to believe 40+ years on, and after the dark Berman-Braga era), with a movie of my heroes in the works and the ongoing series FX remastering, plus other great fun stuff like Master Replicas, New Voyages and manga! See you at The Menagerie screening 11/13!

161. Iowagirl - October 31, 2007


Shatner as Kirk’s father and Joan Collins as Kirk’s mother – those suggestions surely ARE Freudian slips, right?

162. Harry Ballz - October 31, 2007

Hey, if Tony Curtis could play a woman in Some Like It Hot and Dustin Hoffman could dress up like one in Tootsie….then why not Shatner as young Jimmy’s GRANDMOTHER in Star Trek XI?? Do you know how many people would plunk down “real money” at the box office to see THAT?? Talk about a cameo!!!

163. Dave in RI - October 31, 2007

#155 “Peter Graves and Barbara Bain as Robert and Sarah April. >;>} ”

Or Martin Landau and Barbara Bain


164. The Vulcanista - October 31, 2007

Collins would be better cast as Kirk’s granny. How old is she? 174 years old now? ;-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

165. Harry Ballz - October 31, 2007

Now, now….Vulcanista……..Collins was born in May 1933 and Shatner was born March 1931…….interesting about perceptions! Hollywood says it’s o.k. for old men to play younger roles but an older woman is relegated to the “scrap heap” of granny roles!

Boy, for a hot babe like you to make such a suggestion gives one pause……………..

166. The Vulcanista - October 31, 2007


[batting eyes and putting on best Southern drawl]
Why, Harry, you sweet THANG, you!

I was just kidding about her age, though. I’m a huge Joan Collins fan ever since Dynasty.

You’re absolutely right about the rampant ageism in Hollywood, though. How many other really great actresses had their careers die or switched to directing b/c of it? Ida Lupino comes to mind. She did turn out to be a pretty good director in her second career, though.

Back on topic, I picture Ma and Pa Kirk to be about 55-60, though, late 40s at the youngest for Ma.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

167. Harry Ballz - October 31, 2007

Tell me, is Vulcanista short for Vulcans is tasty?

168. cd - October 31, 2007


169. Captain Robert April - October 31, 2007

Ray Liotta from Goodfellas would be fine for playnig Pike during his first five years on the Enterprise.

But since we’re talking about Pke at the end of his tour, about ten years AFTER “The Cage”, then Ray Liotta from this past week will do just fine.

As for Captain April, how about Bruce Campbell?

170. Cygnus-X1 - October 31, 2007

8. Trekkie, Trekker – Hell, I’m both –

— Someone PLEASE blog from the set. Or allow Anthony to visit during production, even if the text is screened/edited. —

How far do you wanna push the tease before it begins to ruin the surprise party? And, wouldn’t seeing the scenes filmed ruin it for Anthony? And, once it’s been ruined for him, won’t he be inclined to leak more and more of it to us?

P.S. — There’s a reporter on NY1 named Anthony Pascale. Would the editor-in-chief of this forum happen to be him?

171. Anthony Pascale - October 31, 2007

RE 170
I expect to be invited for a set visit, hopefully more than one. however such things tend to be subject to embargoes which I will of course adhere to. Due to this site I fully expect to be completely spoiled well before xmas 2008, but that does not mean I leak everything I know.

and no I am not a reporter in new york since I am in los angeles that would be hard to do!

172. Demode - November 1, 2007

You know… as a kid, I always thought it was PATRICK SWAYZE playing Sarek in Star Trek 5. The actor playing him kind of looks like him in that scene.

173. Demode - November 1, 2007

As for Jonathan Simpson as Sarek.. just one question I have about him…. In the film, he only says one line. I always wondered if that was his real voice, or if he was dubbed over. If he was dubbed, that could be a problem recasting him.

174. Demode - November 1, 2007

Oh, and for Captain Pike… here are 3 names to throw in the ring. All three were in “Band of Brothers.” Neal McDonough (Lt Hawk in Star Trek: First Contact), Eion Bailey, and Matthew Settle.

Even though Neil was in First Contact, that was filmed over 10 years ago. Die his hair black, and you have a good Pike candidate.

175. Joe - November 1, 2007

As Sarek…….Joaquin Phoenix

Mark it down

176. Gary Lee - November 1, 2007

Thats great Kevin Pollack as Kirk’s father. Pollack does a great Shatner impersonation. Captain Kirk’s mother would say , “James T. Kirk your just like your father so over dramatic “.

177. RDL - November 1, 2007

Some thoughts…perhaps some really bad ones…

Liev Schrieber
Tom Hanks
Guy Pearce
Benjamin Bratt

Jonathan Simpson
Sam Neill
Sam Waterston

Ashley Judd

William Petersen
Nick Nolte
Tom Berenger

Allison Janney
Linda Hamilton

Roger Rees

178. Gary Lee - November 1, 2007

#173 I think no one will sound and look like Sarek so go with Jonathan Simpson he look like Sarek if his voice is that mad you could dubbed over it .

179. Winona-Ryder.org » Blog Archive » Winona Ryder is Amanda Grayson - May 8, 2008

[…] week TrekMovie.com revealed that Spock’s parents will be appearing in the new Star Trek movie. And now Variety is reporting […]

180. Jaime Carp - September 8, 2011

Look forward to reading more from you in the future,keep up the good work.

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