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This Week in Trek: December 23rd edition December 23, 2007

by Charles Trotter , Filed under: This Week In Trek , trackback

This Week in Trek brings you news of new comics, Uhura’s skirt, an injury for Avery Brooks, new movies for the newest Trek actors, a special honor for a very special Wiki and much more

Star Trek (2008 film)

Trek Stuff

Cover for New Frontier #1

Fan/Independent Productions

Trek Auctions

Trek on the Web

We’re number 11, baby!!!

Trek Celebrity News

In Memoriam

YouTube Clip of the Week: Nimoy Sings (not Bilbo Baggins)

In honor of Mr. Nimoy’s latest guest blog for us…let’s listen to his dulcet tones


Special thanks to Bp, Jörg Hillebrand, John Tenuto, Sebastian Prooth, and Phoenix Comicon for their contributions to this week’s summary.

Lastly, I’d like to wish everyone (in the immortal words of Krusty the Clown) a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Kwazy Kwanzaa, a Tip Top Tet, and a solemn, dignified Ramadan. :)


1. Greg Stamper - December 23, 2007

Another Wonderful installment Charles.

Merry Christmas

2. EdDR - December 23, 2007

You forgot a stupendous Santaria

3. Charles Trotter - December 23, 2007

#2 EdDR — yes, that, too :)

4. dalek - December 23, 2007

Thanks Charles :)

Re: The New Frontier pic: Shelby’s not changed her hair since Best of Both worlds… even Picard has since then :D

5. S. John Ross - December 23, 2007

I find it fascinating that they have estimates beforehand for the auction items. That must be very interesting work, examining all the factors involved to come up with some kind of idea how an item might do.

6. CmdrR - December 23, 2007

Any reason why Uhura’s mini doesn’t have her Lt.’s braid?

As for Nimoy’s singing, had it not been for Trek, he could have given Roger Whittaker a run for his money. (

7. toddk - December 23, 2007

Look’s like some actors have finally accepted the reality that nemesis was…actually some have now joined brian keith…

8. The Vulcanista - December 23, 2007

Dear All,

Merry Chrismahanukkwanzmadan!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista |:-|

9. The Vulcanista - December 23, 2007

Crap. Forgot Tet.

And Santaria.

Dear All,

Merry Chrismahanukkwanzmadanariatet!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista |:-|

10. James Heaney - December 23, 2007

Thanks as always, Shran–er… Charles Trotter.


11. FlyingTigress - December 24, 2007


“National Treasure: Book of Secrets director Jon Turtletaub joked with MoviesOnline that the mysterious 47th page of the secret book of the movie’s US president — played by Bruce Greenwood, the new Christopher Pike — actually contains the plot of the new Star Trek movie”

page “47” …

Didn’t think about that when I saw “NT:BoS” on Friday….

12. CmdrR - December 24, 2007

And a Happy New Ear, Vulcanista.

13. De Baisch - December 24, 2007

Thanks for the CNN tip. However, I wouldn’t send them pics or videos unless you want some hack making you look like a complete moron.

14. subatoi - December 24, 2007

Congratulations to Anthony for his winning at TrekCore. That’s great!

15. Kweeg - December 24, 2007

You guys (Trekmovie & Memory Alpha) prove yet again the only people that “get” ST and do it justice seem to be the fans especially when the “owning corporation” firing the staff, I wager 200 quatloos that site will be recycled garbage by the spring.
Thanks again for the usual excellent end week summery. Keep the faith.

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