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Abrams + Trek Team Chat Starts HERE 1 PM (Pacific) January 25, 2008

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: Abrams,Star Trek (2009 film),TrekMovie.com , trackback

Answers to questions posed in the submissions thread for the JJ Abrams live chat will be posted HERE IN THIS THREAD LIVE (starting at 1PM Pacific Time).

Abrams along with his cast and crew answered questions below as well as in an updated thread. Their comments are mixed in with fan comments and questions. Click the links below to read the cast and crew comments in easy to read Q&A format.

Director JJ Abrams + Cast and Crew Friday chat transcript from the set: CLICK HERE
(Includes exclusive set images)

Writer Roberto Orci chat transcript from Saturday & Sunday: CLICK HERE


1. OR Coast Trekkie - January 25, 2008

AM I the first?

2. nyxtreme - January 25, 2008

Let the questions begin!!!! On to post 1-0-0-0 !!!

3. raffie - January 25, 2008

Is there anything I can say to my girlfriend to convince her to go see a movie with me that is titled “Star Trek”? If so, that could be very helpful ;-)

4. Dr. D - January 25, 2008

Hi Trek Team,

First the question. How much thought had been given to the credits?

One of the things that has been better about Star Wars and James Bond as compared to Star Trek is the way that those movies have had a consistent look to their credits. When you walk into a movie theater and look down the barrel of a gun, you know you’re in a Bond movie. Likewise with “the crawl” at the beginning of Star Wars.

I think it would be cool if the movie started off like the show. The TV show intro is so iconic, I’m surprised the earlier film makers didn’t think to put it into all the movies. That classic yellow font would instantly gives the movie’s setting (the 23rd century). The movie could be given some sort of episode name, to distinguish it from the next “Star Trek.” In TMP, there was that great scene of the flyby of the Enterprise with Kirk and Scotty in the shuttle pod. Great for letting us see the new E, not so good in terms of the pacing for that film (which everyone agrees was slow). In First Contact, on the other hand, went straight to the action, which though much better for pacing, robbed the audience of a clear look at the E. By giving us a set of good beauty shots during the credits, the audience could still get that Motion Picture feeling with the much better pacing of some of the other Trek films. Unlike any individual ship in Star Wars, the Enterprise is as much a star of the movie as any of the actors. Give her first billing by putting her in the credits.

5. Dab - January 25, 2008


6. Eyewillit - January 25, 2008

So is it a time travel film?

7. ~~TARA~~ - January 25, 2008

Welcome JJ and Crew:)

This question is for anyone if you get the time…what has been the best part of making this film?

8. GeordieDan aka Spock's Evil Beard - January 25, 2008


9. Gavatron - January 25, 2008

TrekMovie.com is going to explode

10. Thurman8er - January 25, 2008

A big welcome for Mr. Abrams when he’s here. I hope he knows a lot of people have tons of confidence in what he will bring to Trek.

11. Geoffrey Alan Holliday (STAR TREK ''Soldiers of Pawns'' writer) - January 25, 2008


12. David (Flaming Wings Forever!) - January 25, 2008

Lets give them a chance guys… lol.

13. Clay - January 25, 2008

Dear Mr.’s Abrams, Orci, Lindelof, and Burk,
First of all, I am a huge lost fan, and I’m looking forward to making my “You-All-Every-Bean-Dip” for the premiere this week!

This question may be a little more specific than you are willing to answer, but in the last few years of the franchise, the “Star Trek” timeline seemed to get so bogged down with “canon”, that it seemd that Star Trek was more the “future” of the world of the 60’s (& 80’s), than the future of the world we live in today.

Was one of your goals in working on this film, to re-align the future portrayed in Star Trek to once again be a realistic progression of our world today? In other words, do you feel that a 16 year old kid will be able to line up the dots of his own life to the world of James T. Kirk? Do you feel that Star Trek’s all important sense of hope is in this new film’s DNA?

14. Ray Mahannah - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams,

As a Star Trek fan since the first series, the Star Trek franchise production/licensing torch has been passed many times. Also, the whole theme of Star Trek has unfortunately lost the mass appeal that it used to have back around the time of Star Trek II, III, and IV. With the latest blow being cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise (cancelled way before its time in my humble opinion) due to the lack of interest by producers/promoters to sell the rights to another station like Sci-Fi, unfortunately the Star Trek flame of life is burning at the lowest intensity ever. With the big budget movies displaying more special effects, explosions, and violence rather than “a good story line” (which most movie goers do not want to devote the time to anymore), how do you plan to promote this latest movie? Do you plan to stick with appealing to the die hard fan base (which won’t sustain the franchise) or do you hope to appeal to all? If you want to promote the franchise successfully across the masses, how do you plan to accomplish this? Star Trek offers a positive vision of the future where all forms of life attempt to coexist together peacefully. Unfortunately, the ways of the world are not going in that direction anymore, which affects what is popular at the movies and on TV too. I wish you the sincerest good luck with your project! You have your work cut out for you, and creativity is going to be the key!

15. Bono Luthor - January 25, 2008

Okay. I’m ready!

16. GeordieDan aka Spock's Evil Beard - January 25, 2008

Warp Core breach, shes going to blow!!!! ;-)

17. Geoffrey Alan Holliday (STAR TREK ''Soldiers of Pawns'' writer) - January 25, 2008

Is it a story worth telling? (add this to my two earlier advance submissions)

18. Cheve - January 25, 2008

Boy, please, he has got 600 questions already! Let the man talk!

19. STOGAM VFX PROD - January 25, 2008

Was your decision to add James Cawley to the cast based upon the (very positive in my opinion) possibility that it may attract the die hard “purists” of TOS that thus far have been speaking quite negatively about the film?

I am very excited to see James Cawley AND Chris Doohan added to the billing.



20. KennyB - January 25, 2008

How do you feel?……… :-)

21. JJ - January 25, 2008


A: It’s funny that you phrased it that way — carrying the torch — because that’s exactly what it feels like. Trek means a great deal to many people, and I fully appreciate that responsibility. But I have never been overwhelmed by that burden. Quite the opposite. The fans have been part of the inspiration. This experience has felt, from the beginning, like a truly unbelievable opportunity. We’re only half-way through principle photography, but the torch is burning bright and we’re running hard!

22. Twisty - January 25, 2008

Good Evening people

23. I AM THX-1138 - January 25, 2008


24. Trekmatt - January 25, 2008

Hey to all the Trek team, great to have you here :)

25. Commander Tomalak - January 25, 2008

Where is the chat?

26. CanuckLou - January 25, 2008

Little hint folks – keep your questions short ie one or two sentence – the longer your question is the less chance it will be selected.

27. me - January 25, 2008

Lol, he surely will say no and stop working on STXI immediately .

28. Marc Klein - January 25, 2008


Don’t you think it’s a slap in the face that you put Nimoy into the film but not Shatner?

29. Bono Luthor - January 25, 2008

You deserve kudos for doing this (the live chat?). What made you decide it was a good idea?

Also, hi from the UK!

30. Commodore Redshirt - January 25, 2008

Dear JJ&Co [all of you]

…if this film is a hit […And I think it will be ! ] is the cast and crew going to be committed to another film or two?

…and are there plans for a new TV series and if so will any of you be involved?

31. Geoffrey Alan Holliday (STAR TREK ''Soldiers of Pawns'' writer) - January 25, 2008

It’s surprising there are only 600 questions.

32. Dr. D - January 25, 2008


Lol, Ok.

How much thought has been given to the opening credits?

33. GeordieDan aka Spock's Evil Beard - January 25, 2008

To Mr.Abrams,

First off hello from England, hope you are all well ;-)

My question is if Paramount make a new Star Trek Series and they ask you to be Executive Producer would you do it?

Good luck with the movie (I already know it will be amazing), thanks and Live long and prosper!


34. trekfansince1977 - January 25, 2008

JJ are we going to see how the power three’s relationships were built, spock kirk mcoy?

35. I AM THX-1138 - January 25, 2008

Another hint:
Quit typing and start reading. The questions you ask now probably won’t be answered for a LOOOOONG time.

36. Mark Lopa - January 25, 2008

Will there be any references to “Star Trek: Enterprise”? Thank you.

37. Charles Trotter - January 25, 2008

#20 Kenny B

I feel fine, thanks for asking :)

38. JohnPW1979 - January 25, 2008

Hi JJ. I know you guys like flashbacks/flashforwards (Lost, MI:3 etc). Will there be any in Star Trek? Could be a way to incorporate Shatner…


39. shuttlepod10 - January 25, 2008

Uh, this isn’t the questions thread. That was closed.

40. Raised Eyebrow - January 25, 2008

I am all for the element of suprise and wonder so the movie isn’t spoiled..but ..can we at least see some uniforms soon please :)

41. me - January 25, 2008

JJ as one of the few:
Good decision to not bring Shatner back as Kirk or more than a Cameo!!

Even if there was any technobabble, unrealistic kind of idea how to bring him back, Shatner became older – Kirk not.

42. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

For now stop posing new questions…JJ is working off the old list…thanks

43. Cina B - January 25, 2008

#28..Nimoy has stated he has cared about the franchise and his place in it..and that he wouldnt do a movie for the sake of doing another trek film, which is why he wasn’t in ST6. I think it shows the kind of movie the has the potential of being if Nimoy is on board.

44. Darryl - January 25, 2008

I have a tattoo of the Enterprise, will I have to have it changed now?

45. James Heaney - Wowbagger - January 25, 2008

The thread is open! Commence the random chatter!

THX-1138: can we have a limerick for the occasion?

46. Charles Trotter - January 25, 2008

#40 shuttlepod10

People can still ask questions, but JJ & his team will be answering the ones from the previous thread first.

47. Ray Mahannah - January 25, 2008


Ok. My first question was too long… How do you plan to revive the Star Trek franchise, and make it appealing to the masses like it was back in the 80’s?

48. Cina B - January 25, 2008

#28..Nimoy has stated he has cared about the franchise and his place in it..and that he wouldnt do a movie for the sake of doing another trek film, which is why he wasn’t in Generations. I think it shows the kind of movie the has the potential of being if Nimoy is on board.

49. Christian Malley - January 25, 2008


Couldn’t agree more. In fact, these questions probably won’t be answered at all. It is now time to read, you should have submitted your questions earlier.

50. spock from the dead - January 25, 2008

Why not bring Kirk out of the Nexus like Picard did after Kirk’s first time ribbon death?

51. Darkthunder - January 25, 2008

@ 28: It’s a slap in the face not to include Walter Koenig, George Takei, and Nichelle Nichols. But so what? I’d personally have rahter seen this movie without ANY of the original cast overshadowing the new talent.

On topic: Great to see the big shots finally here :D

52. Freddie Wise - January 25, 2008

How would you recommend I go about achieving my dream of eventually working on a Star Trek movie and/or series? What did you go through to become a successful Director/Producer?

Thank you!

53. Nathan Harvey - January 25, 2008

Can you tell us anything about the new look enterprise?

54. Bryan Burk - January 25, 2008

357. Marian Ciobanu – January 25, 2008
When we will see more detailed clips from the new movie..?

Barring any thievery from our production office, we’re working on our first trailer right now, which will hopefully be in theaters early to mid summer.

55. LostOnNCC1701 - January 25, 2008

Dear Mr. Abrams:

Will this movie continue the most important part of TOS canon: Dead Redshirts?


56. Clay - January 25, 2008

I’ll try and make my question more consise:
How much will version of Star Trek reflect the world we live in today? (as opposed to the view of the Future from the 60’s, 80’s, 90’s)

57. PA 1 - January 25, 2008

Is it true that you are in fact working with the BEST production office ever?

58. Charles Trotter - January 25, 2008

#40 … Er, nevermind, we should stop posting new questions per #43.

Which means I really shouldn’t be posting this…


59. OR Coast Trekkie - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams:

How do you respond to the criticizm that getting railing color wrong, button color wrong, or font color wrong affects the rest of the movie, and that if you aren’t matching these LITTLE things exactly, you would be missing the BIG points of Trek?

60. Clay - January 25, 2008

I’ll try and make my question more consise:
How much will this version of Star Trek reflect the world we live in today? (as opposed to the view of the Future from the 60’s, 80’s, 90’s)

61. Clay - January 25, 2008

I’ll try and make my question more consise:
How much will this version of Star Trek reflect the world we live in today? (as opposed to the view of the Future from the 60’s, 80’s, 90’s)

62. Raised Eyebrow - January 25, 2008

Seriously just a word of thanks for what you are doing for Star Trek and I agree with 42..as much as I would love Shatner to be in this..it shouldn’t be contrived or cheap or a cameo..nor should it be your job to set out to correct what many fans consider to be a huge mistake in the canon of Star Trek.

63. GilmourD - January 25, 2008

JJ, simple question… What’s the size of the Enterprise in your movie compared to the TOS Enterprise?

64. Geoffrey Alan Holliday (STAR TREK ''Soldiers of Pawns'' writer) - January 25, 2008

So a Klingon, a Romulan and a human walked into a bar…

(trying to find something to add instead of just hitting refresh)

65. Cheve - January 25, 2008

Boys, We have 53 posts already and he has only been able to speak once!

Take it easy! It’s like he entered the room and there where 200 people shouting at him!

66. KennyB - January 25, 2008

38–Great work Charles. I just kept thinking of Spock mulling that question over when I thought of all you guys being overwhelmed by these questions!

67. acb - January 25, 2008

apparently no one understands the concept of this thread. Everyone should go back and read post 43 from Anthony.

68. Charley W - January 25, 2008

Manners, People, manners!!!

69. GeordieDan aka Spock's Evil Beard - January 25, 2008

Dammit Jim! I’m a Director not a Server!

70. McCoy - January 25, 2008

LIKE ANTHONY SAID..no more questions let JJ and the rest of the Supreme Court work from the previous list..we don’t want to A.) Freak them out or B.) Shut the site down…

71. Craig - January 25, 2008

Hi. Mr. Abrams. What made you select the TOS time frame? I have read on other Trek forums fans saying the new movie should have been post Nemesis. Do you feel the 24th or 25th Century Era is done? I think choosing TOS is cool even though I do like TNG and DS9. I can’t wait to see the rest of what the new 1701 will look like.

72. Michael - January 25, 2008

This is awesome. A great big welcome to JJ And Bryan!

73. Darkthunder - January 25, 2008

I think this chat should have been done perhaps through an IRC server and limit the commenting to J.J and company.

74. Gavatron - January 25, 2008

might be best to just hold off on the posting new questions until a few of the last 600+ are answered


75. sean - January 25, 2008

hey jj……cant wait for the movie, trailer looked great……was wondering how you approached sound and visual effects……like the bridge has a distinct sound from TOS and beaming up….because from the trailer we it seemed like you were mixing the transporter sound and it felt all very different and out of place until the trek theme came in.

76. Eyewillit - January 25, 2008

JJ how did you become such a successful writer being such a slow typist?

77. Crusty McCoy - January 25, 2008

Shut up ya geeky freaks and let the men answer the first 600 questions! Sheesh!

78. Geoffrey Alan Holliday (STAR TREK ''Soldiers of Pawns'' writer) - January 25, 2008

”2008 is the new 1982.” We have a new Raiders and a new Star Trek movie coming out.

79. Greg2600 - January 25, 2008

My only out of line post I promise: Definitely need IRC or something javascript. And kudos to JJ and whoever else (Bryan Burke I see) for their time.

80. James Heaney - Wowbagger - January 25, 2008

#74: TrekMovie.com doesn’t have forums. You expect an IRC server? Bwahaha!

Incidentally, are you connected with NanoFX:GE? Are you NanoByte under masquerade? If so, hi from a random member of BCS:TNG!

81. Theo from Toronto - January 25, 2008

To Mr. Abrams,

Growing up with TOS I really enjoyed the politically charged episodes and their social commentaries. As for the movies only two of them had any real appeal to me. I believe what the films were missing was the great story lines that made the original series a success. My question to you is does your movie focus on any social commentary as did the original series or is it just a big thrill ride?

82. ActionJustin - January 25, 2008

I sure hope we see some non-humanoid aliens. Foam prostheses have been the elephant in ST’s room for 40 years.

83. GeneralChang - January 25, 2008

hey jj,

in my opinion its looking like you could be the “Stephen Spielberg” of this generation. i understand that he came by the set not too long ago. What did he have to say about the sets and the progress of the production?

84. Jessica - January 25, 2008

This is the most inefficient, worst “live chat” setup with anyone I have ever seen. Definitely could’ve used a live chat program or IRC for better control. It’s a shame. The server is going to be majorly overloaded with the constant refreshes. You’d think the site be more high tech considering…

85. ETM - January 25, 2008

Since almost noone seems to have noticed you’re here, too… Hey Burky, great to “see” you! :-)

86. cpelc - January 25, 2008

anyone posting questions in this thread should be banned…

go add your question to the other thread…don’t ruin it for everyone else people…chances are your question will never get answered anyways

87. STOP - January 25, 2008


88. Kirokwannabe - January 25, 2008

STOP WITH THE QUESTIONS – they won’t be answered!

Check out #43, 68, 75. please!

89. AJ - January 25, 2008

There has been one question answered. Can you all pipe down? Sheesh?

90. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008


we will be installing new software for future chats. This was kind of a rushed job and they wanted to do it today and this was the only way.

Please be patient and I apologize for the delays

91. Ray Mahannah - January 25, 2008

This chat was a “nice thought”, but I don’t think it was engineered to handle this kind of response…

92. David (Flaming Wings Forever!) - January 25, 2008

#85 be nice. Maybe anthony should close this, and give JJ a chance to reply ot some of the questions already posted.

Then post his answers all at one. Some of us with a tech background can work with anthony and maybe do it at a later date, so that it doesn’t overload the site ;)

93. Charley W - January 25, 2008

Mr Adams, I apologize for all the clueless comments from the audience. I trust that you know that not all Trek fans are rude, egocentric morons like many of the clueless rabble that won’t shut up here.

94. Miles O'Brien - January 25, 2008

Dear mr. Abrams:

You’ve said that you can’t put Shat in ST XI, beacuse his Kirk is “dead”.

What about Picard, ecpecialy if we know that we’ll have 24.th segment in the movie? Patrick Stewart is big star, and I am assured that he’ll gladly reprise role of capt. Picard.

95. Dr. Image - January 25, 2008

Shut the hell up and let the man start answering.

96. James Heaney - Wowbagger - January 25, 2008

Two points to ETM for noticing the Burkmeister!


97. Charles Trotter - January 25, 2008

#90 AJ — Two questions, actually. :)

98. Darkthunder - January 25, 2008

@ 81: Yes I’m involved in that project, however I am not Nanobyte. I am in fact what my name on this site is and i’ve been using this nickname for the past 5 years.

Anyways, an IRC chat wouldn’t be too difficult to run. Plenty of servers up, just create a random channel, limit posting rights to anyone with OP status and it would be a lot more efficient than this chat :)

99. DocArzt - January 25, 2008

Hey Trek Crew!

As much as I LOVE Lost, please promise me there is no hidden Dharma logo on the hull of the enterpries.

100. jonboc - January 25, 2008

People people…it would be nice to be able to read the answers without having to scroll through alot of needless questions….the questions that JJ are going to answer have already been asked in another thread. Stop taking up bandwidth and let the man read what he has for crying out loud.

101. NK - January 25, 2008

Hi Anthony. Can you please open another for people to talk and discuss and keep this thread exclusively for answers from JJ and gang?

102. Jessica - January 25, 2008

#93. I wasn’t being mean in any way, I was stating my opinion.

I’m glad Anthony responded about the rush and greatly appreciate the time he took to reply to me. Nonetheless, I’m glad JJ and the others are here to answer questions. Hope next time it’s a bit more organized, that’s all. :) Good first attempt though.

103. ObiWanCon - January 25, 2008

Warp Core Breach…

The USS Trekmovie.com has just exploded

104. SB - January 25, 2008

Anthony, if I might make a suggestion: feel free of course to disregard it.

The way this “live chat’ was originally set up isn’t working. Too many visitors either didn’t bother to read the rules or just don’t care enough to follow them, so we’ve got more and more questions pouring in, irrelevant comments, and “helpful suggestions” from people like me.

I’d recommend shutting down this thread entirely, allowing Mr. Abrams to finish addressing the chosen questions offline, and simply posting a transcript of the questions and answers when he’s all done.

As for all of you who couldn’t be bothered to follow the guidelines, as well as all of you who are dropping in just to make rude and/or childish comments… shame on you.

My thanks once again to Anthony for this idea and to Mr. Abrams for his participation. I look forward to reading the complete Q & A transcript when it’s completed.

105. OR Coast Trekkie - January 25, 2008

I apologize for posting another question.

Let’s settle down and give JJ a few minutes to answer some questions.

106. Cheve - January 25, 2008

I’m with 105. SB

107. JJ - January 25, 2008

12. Josh – January 24, 2008
What was the greatest challenge you faced when you first decided to take on Star Trek?
This may not be a fair answer, but there were two greatest challenges: the first was getting a handle on the vision of the future. The fact that most of the tech that we use in our everyday lives seems modelled after — and actually more advanced than — TOS, made it tricky to find a way to make our movie’s world far more advanced than where we currently are, and yet also consistent with the original show.

The other challenge was, obviously, casting. How in the world were we ever going to find actors who can fill the shoes of that remarkable original cast? It was tough in theory and harder in practice. We couldn’t — and wouldn’t have — gone into production with a cast that simply didn’t WORK.
With the amazing efforts of April Webster and Alyssa Weisberg (our casting directors), we somehow did it. This cast is massively talented and smart as hell and funny and dedicated and completely inhabiting these roles. You will see. Kirk f’n LIVES. Spock is HERE, right now. I can see him. Uhura and Bones and Chekov and Sulu and Scotty are ON THE BRIDGE and they are wonderful.

In short, WHEW.

108. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

guys I know it is slow I have done some things to speed it up. This was all last minute and I was planning on adding some software but they wanted to go today and so this is what we had

next time will be better

109. Laserlover2254 - January 25, 2008

i’ll wait, I’ll wait…

110. Craig - January 25, 2008

Sorry about posting a question in this thread. I forogot about that other submissions thread.

111. Aaleck - January 25, 2008

I agree with #105.

112. Jamie Flint - January 25, 2008

Come on boys stop with the new questions. JJ and the team have 600 to get through so your questions are not gunner be the top of their list. If you dont start following the rules JJ will give up trying to answer and it will be down to all ur imature comments. Just give the guys time to answer the questions.

113. GeordieDan aka Spock's Evil Beard - January 25, 2008

Yes no more questions please, I think JJ has only answered once. The need of the Director OutWeighs the need of the fans!!! ;-)

114. Charles Trotter - January 25, 2008

I’m going to have to agree with SB on this one, at least if things don’t start settling down.

115. neal - January 25, 2008

One question, then hold my tongue.

Is the film an “action” film? BTW, I love the COLD OPENING in many a great action film (as well as original trek). Forget the credits, just throw us into some action!

116. Craig - January 25, 2008

Anthony does that new software include the new forum you said would be added?

117. Andrea - January 25, 2008

are there any hilarious anecdotes, you would like to share with us?
How do you feel directing a Star Trek movie?

118. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008


119. KennyB - January 25, 2008

109–Great job Anthony!!!!!!!! Ignore the whiners…….We know you are busting your ass for us!

120. Cam Mitchell - January 25, 2008

guys please stop with the damn comments and let him answer. the questions on the other page WILL be answered first.

121. GeneralChang - January 25, 2008

agree w/ #120

122. Miles O'Brien - January 25, 2008


Sorry on yelling, I was corporal in army (I can be useful Anthony) :D

123. ZQ - January 25, 2008

155. The Vulcanista – January 24, 2008
FOR ANY CAST MEMBER (or anyone else, for that matter):

What’s your favorite on-set moment so far? Best on-set prank? (Answers expected to be spoiler free, of course!)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Definitely the first time Leonard and I were both in costume at the same time for the wardrobe test.

124. Joseph - January 25, 2008

Anthony, no need to apologize, thanks for the hard work!

125. rdl - January 25, 2008

Don’t apologize Anthony…some of these people apparently think subspace communication is real.

This is worth the waiting.

126. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

JJ = JJ Abrams
ZQ = Zachary Quinto

127. GeordieDan aka Spock's Evil Beard - January 25, 2008

Yes thanks for everyone who helped make this happened! You all rock trekmovie! :-)

Damn its 22:05 already :(

128. Sean4000 - January 25, 2008

Zachary…IT’S YOU!!!! HOLY HELL!!!!

Hello there!

129. roberto Orci - January 25, 2008


A: Writing this film with my high school chum Alex Kurtzman has reminded me how solidly constructed the original paradigm for Star Trek really was. Our job was to just do our homework. We not only went back to our favorite episodes and books and movies, but we also read graduate level dissertations about the meaning of Star Trek. It was like going back to Star Trek school, and it made us appreciate Trek even more, which I didn’t think was possible.

130. Josh - January 25, 2008

Thank you Mr. Abrams for answering my question.

131. Dr. Image - January 25, 2008

Oh God, if we were all in a room at a convention, people would be getting DEAD!!
I’m surprised no one has asked, “Can you tell us about all the practical jokes that get played on the set?” AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

132. John Shaw - January 25, 2008

Wow! Zachary Quinto! This gets better and better, thanks for coming on and answering all these questions guys

133. Charley W - January 25, 2008

Uh, neal, the request WASN’T “no more questions EXCEPT for what neal cares to add”, but “NO MORE QUESTIONS”

134. Gavatron - January 25, 2008

it’s official…zachary quinto is a writer on star trek! by the power of greyskull!

135. Q - January 25, 2008

Just wanted to say hi to Zach-san! Thanks for being ‘here’!

136. Dr. Jim Foster, Veterinarian - January 25, 2008

any plans for a series?

137. THE GANG - January 25, 2008

N33. hairy_canary – January 24, 2008
Do you follow what fans are saying on the internet at all?

A: Not really. We never take time to find out what fans on the net are thinking. Thanks for asking.

138. sean - January 25, 2008

hey zachary quinto……just wondering if you ve seen the G4 stop motion ads that shows spock’s crib w/ charlie murphey as spock…..i think it might be some good source material to use for the movie….

139. steve-o - January 25, 2008

zeesh i know we are not supposed to be leaving sense less typing , but how can i not say that it is sooo awesome for you to all be doing this!
Zachary, you are fantastic!

140. James Heaney - Wowbagger - January 25, 2008

#132, Dr. Image: actually, several people have asked about “on-set pranks.” Get up to speed on the questions! :P

This is awesome. It’s old-timey Internet rough-and-tumble shoutfesting, and I dearly love it. And, frankly, I’ve done the TrekUnited live chats, and they’re equally crazy, random, off-topic, and ignoring-of-the-rulesy despite being in IRC.

I also the echo the sentiments of Sean4000: Zachary Quinto! My girlfriend writes Sylar fanfic! Holy Phlox!

141. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - January 25, 2008

If you had a practical time machine and you could go back to 1981. Would it be Audrey or Judy Landers ????

142. joe1306 - January 25, 2008

to JJ, ZQ, and everyone of the cast & crew: THANK YOU!!!
Greetings from Germany! You guys are great!

143. Marian Ciobanu - January 25, 2008


144. Joel - January 25, 2008

I mean 138, sorry Sean, not you.

145. The Vulcanista - January 25, 2008

Thanks, ZQ! Sylar rocks!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

146. roberto Orci - January 25, 2008

Just to set the scene a bit, call time today was 1 PM. So JJ is setting up his first shot right now on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise — bear with us…

147. leo.org - January 25, 2008

will the new movie consider events from “The Animated Series”? is Robert April‎ the first captain of the enterprise? will the movie actually keep the canon?

148. ObiWanCon - January 25, 2008

Just to set the scene a bit, call time today was 1 PM. So JJ is setting up his first shot right now on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise — bear with us…


149. GeordieDan aka Spock's Evil Beard - January 25, 2008

No way MR.Orci, how cool!!! :)


150. Craig - January 25, 2008

Can’t wait to see what the bridge looks like!

151. AJ - January 25, 2008

Roberto. Thanks for that. Can you describe in minute detail exactly what is happening? ;-)

152. TrekkIe - January 25, 2008

Hey an other guy from Germany. Greetings.
Greetings to JJ and Co too.

153. Dr. Image - January 25, 2008

147-rO- Wow. Simply wow.

154. Joel - January 25, 2008

Mr. Orci,
That is awesome. To think that JJ is setting a shot and then running back to answer questions is ridiculous. Could this be time filmmakers have jumped from set to answering online chat questions? (This is rhetorical, no worries Anthony)

155. Agent 47 - January 25, 2008

147, Mr Orci, you mean to tell us

not only are you guys answering questions you’re also actually filming LIVE!!!
dude that’s awesome :)

156. AJ - January 25, 2008

I guess if ZQ is posting here, he must be in his “ears.” Cool. ZQ, confirm?

157. Geoffrey Alan Holliday (STAR TREK ''Soldiers of Pawns'' writer) - January 25, 2008

Don’t flame me. I haven’t posted anything for the last 20-minutes.

Doing the math: If on average one question were answered every 20-minutes and every question (600) were answered, we’d finish in 8.33… days.

Also, I believe Orci and Kurtzman are/were considering a project with my good friend Baruch Vega.

Okay, going silent for another 20-minutes…

158. JJ - January 25, 2008


A: Currently it is scheduled to wrap the beginning of April. Which means we’ll be shooting until September. I’m kidding. I hope. No, I am.

159. Bono Luthor - January 25, 2008

So typing these answers on set doesn’t constitute breaking the writers strike?

Just checking ; )

160. Eyewillit - January 25, 2008

Hey Orci what’s the scene about?

161. Laserlover2254 - January 25, 2008


162. OR Coast Trekkie - January 25, 2008

Perhaps we should reschedule at a time they are not filming?

163. GeordieDan aka Spock's Evil Beard - January 25, 2008

Please Mr.Nimoy be on set now, please Mr.Nimoy be on set now! ;-)

164. Ban An Appeal - January 25, 2008

Hey…two Trek fans from Germany. Who’da thunk?

165. Clarence Wong - January 25, 2008

Good Luck and Godspeed with the new movie. I’m looking forward to what you have in store for us. JJ and ZQ will you guys be going to the Wonder Con in San Francisco for press releases? If so see ya there!

166. James Heaney - Wowbagger - January 25, 2008

#147: First, I hope you realize how appropriate it is that you landed the forty-seventh comment after the hundredth post. Fortunately, as an avid watcher of Alias, I know you’re a bigger 47 freak than most of the Star Trek writers. And I love you for it.

Second, if we don’t get a MUCH more detailed description of what’s going on out there, I’m going to have to go all Sayid on your posterior. ;)

167. Charley W - January 25, 2008

Anthony, may I suggest that the next time this page hosts a webchat, that you disable the chat page from open comments, but keep the comments page open. Doing the opposite was probably the major mistake here. [I also would look into a gen eral comments/questions page without any current news attached to it.]

168. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

Actually the chat has been live for an hour and we have 8 questions. Hopefully it will speed up now that i have done some stuff to improve perf. You can all help by minimizing the spamifluous comments

169. Cheve - January 25, 2008

I just explained to my girlfriend what we are doing and how cool this is and she told me “So you are all like a bunch of 15 year old girls screeming at Ricky Martin, arent you?


170. Ralph - January 25, 2008

Mr JJ Abrams

Will there be any paraphernalia passed out before the movie? Like on radio trivia. Or maybe a surprise ebay sale? Maybe some one of a kind merchandise?


171. Ensign - January 25, 2008

What other scifi shows/movies influenced the production?

172. JJ - January 25, 2008

60. RoobyDoo – January 24, 2008
Mr. Abrams,
How important is humour in your vision of Star Trek? And what kind of humour do you enjoy most?

A: I’m afraid to answer this question, because The Haters will think that I’m looking at Trek as a comedy. I am not. But humor is hugely important. Humor and humanity go hand-in-hand — there is such wit in the screenplay (kudos, Kurtzman/Orci), and the actors bring such intelligence and humor, that my job is just to keep the thing REAL. Dramatic as hell, but also LAUGHS. Without comedy (my fave TOS eps had GREAT wit), the audience finds their own places to laugh. And in a world of humans and aliens, that could be disastrous. So the short answer? It’s very important.

173. NK - January 25, 2008

It is fine as long as they are not making up stories ;)

174. GeordieDan aka Spock's Evil Beard - January 25, 2008

Please take into account the movie is being shot, right now! so questions are a bit slow. No good rushing a shoot for a bunch of old fans ;)

175. CW - January 25, 2008

Mr Abrams, Orci, Quinto and Co.

How cool is this?

First of all, I highly commend you for making the time to address the fans here at Trekmovie. I would consider myself a die hard TOS fanboy, with a great appreciation for canon and a desire for this updated franchise to follow the same story (even if there are technological and design updates appled to this new version) as the original. However, I also realize that if ever there was a start over point, this would be it.

That said, it has been stated that this film is being made for both the fans and non-fans alike. Aside from this being Star Trek, how is this new take for the fans? LIkewise, how is this Trek property being made for the non-fans?

As a follow up, different people have different appreciations for Star Trek. Many are attracted to a more socially progressive message, while others are in it more for the adventure, the exploration, and the fantasy of it. Knowing that the general public (and even the fans, for that matter) have divisions along the conservative and liberal ideologies, how do you create a film like this while not only for both the fans and non-fans, but for also the liberals and conservatives without alienating or dissing either?

I saw the teaser and liked it very much. I really liked how real it was, and seeing an aspect of the Enterprise that hasn’t been seen yet. I hope it is included in the final film.


176. Jon C - January 25, 2008

Will the new movie try to capture the post Eisenhower era optimistic spirit that was evident in TOS?

177. John Tenuto - January 25, 2008

Anthony Pascale has requested that we stop asking questions or making comments for now.

John, Trekmovie.com writer

178. me - January 25, 2008


Don’t think any Trekkie would complain about humor since STIV was one of the best and most successfull and especially TOS but also the others always had a good part of humor.

179. Roberto Orci - January 25, 2008

153. Mawazitus – January 24, 2008
Seriously, how often do you have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming? A dyed-in-the-wool Trekker getting the opportunity to add to the mythos. It must be awesome. How many pages of ideas do you already have for the sequels?

A: No kidding. I think I speak for many of us when I say that we pinch oursleves every day, and it still doesn’t work. I’d ask Quinto or Nimoy to “pinch” me, but I just think that would make it more surreal…

180. Jamie Flint - January 25, 2008

Anthony Pascale has requested that we stop asking questions or making comments for now


181. Dac - January 25, 2008

JJ, if you have a wrap party, my birthday’s on the 4th April :p

182. Jon - January 25, 2008

Chris Pine

What does your dad think about you being kirk?

183. Bono Luthor - January 25, 2008

Can I get a ticket to the UK premiere?

Surely kudos for being the first to ask?

; )

184. Kevin - January 25, 2008


185. Freddy - January 25, 2008

Guys…you have been asked to STOP posting questions!!!

186. Bryan Burk - January 25, 2008

186. Gibnerd – January 24, 2008
Random script question… what is the 10th word on the 10th page of the ST script?

A: “…and…”

187. Twisty - January 25, 2008

Mr Burk I hope you are right I am pritty sure every trek fan that is reading this will hold you to that!

188. Sean4000 - January 25, 2008

#187: I never thought that one would get a reponse.

189. Charley W - January 25, 2008

The morons are completely out of hand- I suggest locking the doors and see who’s left alive tomorrow.

190. Bryan Burk - January 25, 2008


Two questions:

1.) In your Producer roles, how are you having the history-making production of “Star Trek” documented?

2.) If the Writer’s Strike ends before filming ends, are you hoping to have Orci & Kurtzman contribute new script work for potential reworked scenes, or even to add additional scenes?

Thanks for your time!

A: From the beginning there has been behind the scenes DVD team capturing all phases of pre-production and production. There’s been talks of possibly having book as well, but that’s contingent on an interest for it.

191. AJ - January 25, 2008

Anthony et al, sorry about the post, but some of us in CET are close to midnight. When will a final summary be posted?

192. Bryan Burk - January 25, 2008

264. EuroTrashTrekker – January 25, 2008

The Trek teaser trailer was very American focused, with all the sound bites from American space program (and none from anywhere else). Star Trek often seemed overly American. How will you make sure that Star Trek is a global film that appeals in Europe, Asia, Latin America, etc?

A: There were different versions around the world of the teaser trailer around the world to deal with exactly that.

193. Kirk's Girdle - January 25, 2008

“Kirk f’n lives!”


194. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

A simplified Q&A will be put up by Friday Evening….if you are tired of reloading come back later and read it at your leisure

195. me - January 25, 2008

What? There are different versions of the teaser Trailer?
How many?

196. T'Chert - January 25, 2008

Hello from Ukraine, Mr. Abrams.

I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I hope… no, I KNOW it will be incredible movie. Good luck!

Oh, and Zachary, I can’t wait to see you in action with those pointy ears.

197. AJ - January 25, 2008

Anthony, actually “all” of us here are close to midnight, but only “some” are tired. Thanks.

198. Bob - January 25, 2008

JJ & Company – THANK you for getting Paramount to FINALLY spend money on Star Trek and make an actual FEATURE film! When can we expect to see more of the U.S.S. Enterprise? I’m very happy to hear that you enlisted the help of John Eaves in creating the look of the ship. When I worked on the Paramount Lot in the licensing department, he was VERY kind and generous in giving us design drawings, model photographs and more. (Plus I loved his design for 1701-E) To all of the nay-sayers, I remind them of a time in 1987 when hard core fans were saying things like “It won’t be Trek without Kirk, Spock and company.” But then TNG launched and became a major hit. I’m hoping that you can do the same and breathe new life into a franchise that has been run into the ground for way too long. (Referring to the failure of “Enterprise”.) LOVE Lost and hope that you bring Star Trek to it’s rightful place at the top of SciFi!

199. Bono Luthor - January 25, 2008

Anthony I am really sorry to post and this will be my last comment, but I hopt this is being captured for the DVD.

It must be a first. So congrats.

200. Classic trek - January 25, 2008

Dear JJ and crew

im extremely excited and very scared of this movie. these original series characters are simply legends!! but from what i have seen/heard TOS is in safe hands.

thank you for taking the time to interact with the fans. i think you have come to know what TOS and rodenberrys vision was/is all about. its a breath of fresh air.
some lovely touches are already emerging like the transporter noises in the new trailer and chris doohan in the film along with james cawley. it is such a pity about shatner though and i cant hide my dissapointment with that.

im in the UK and wondered what the release date will be over here. im setting my phaser to stun!!

may fortune favour the brave!


201. T'Chert - January 25, 2008

193 Bryan Burk – January 25, 2008

“There were different versions around the world of the teaser trailer around the world to deal with exactly that.”

I really liked Russian trailer)))

202. JJ - January 25, 2008

150. Michael (the real one in Texas, by way of Afghanistan) – January 24, 2008
I am a big fan of yours, but also of your friend and so called good luck charm, Greg Grunberg.
Can you tell us if he will make an appearance, and if so perhaps a hint as to his part ????

A: I am so pissed at Grunberg. The guy was about to be in the movie — had a GREAT PART — but had to bow out because of some LAME OTHER MOVIE HE’S DOING.

All right, so I’m half-kidding and just disappointed: Grunny WAS gonna be in Trek, and he IS doing another movie, so he can’t be in ours — but his movie isn’t lame, it’s funny, and he’s producing and co-writing and long-time collaborator Larry Trilling is writing with him and directing, so I wish them all the best. Even though I hate Greg now. Who knows, maybe he’ll be a tribble.

203. Daniel F. Scherl - January 25, 2008

JJ, please tell JOLENE there on the bridge that her boyfriend says hello. :-)

204. The Vulcanista - January 25, 2008

#195 Thanks! Company’s coming tonight!


Thanks again, ZQ.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

205. me - January 25, 2008

What’s the russian trailer like? o.O Even didn’t know something like that exists. Which versions of teasers are there?

206. Roberto Orci - January 25, 2008

215. Yammer – January 24, 2008
This is for the screenwriters. Mssrs Orci and Kurtzman:

Have you taken anything from the novels? My dream Trek movie would be an adaption of Diane Duane, whos Trek novels combine hard SF with vivid elaborations of the classic characters, and are so well written that they are totally unembarassing to read in public.


Yammer in Vancouver

A: We have absolutely been inspired by the novels. We’ve mentioned before how much we loved Prime Directive and many others as a great example of all things TOS at its best.

207. Daniel F. Scherl - January 25, 2008

p.s. MAZEL TOV on the movie. :)

208. Jordan - January 25, 2008

Is their any reference to Star Trek: Enterprise in the movie?

209. Ross Ironfield - January 25, 2008

Hi JJ and crew…

Simple question – is there anything you can tell us about the film that we don’t know already (ie – any tribbles! lol!)

Keep up the good work!
Best regards
Ross, UK

210. david A Karasow - January 25, 2008

They say that there are no more star trek storys to tell.
They say it has gone on too long and is washed up.

What stories are left?
What stories did you consider before going with the chosen one?
What else could trek do?


See my artwork/star trek art also at

211. GeneralChang - January 25, 2008

211 LOL!!!!!!!!!!

212. Kevin - January 25, 2008

People, please stop posting questions, shut up, and read the instructions.

213. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

FYI: for those who think it is just hilarious to ‘spoof’ as famous people (JJ, Shatner, etc)…posts are immediately deleted and IP range permabanned
– hope it is worth it

214. roger guyett - January 25, 2008

190. Battletrek – January 24, 2008
How many visual effects shots will there be in the new movie?

We’re anticipating about 1000.

215. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

FYI: Roger Guyett is Visual Effects Supervisor

216. AJ - January 25, 2008

Wow we have ILM here, too, OMG

217. Sean4000 - January 25, 2008

ILM! No in-house for this movie! Rock on!!

218. GeneralChang - January 25, 2008


will there be any miniature work in the film, or will it all be mostlycg?

fantastic job on pirates by the way!!

219. Kirk, James T. - January 25, 2008

How cool is this! good work on the movies, whats Simon Pegg like and is he going to be bigging this movie up on shows here in the UK such as Friday Night with Jonathan Ross??

220. stormko - January 25, 2008

My theory is that Nemoy is in the picture because Spock will dying. While transferring his katra, we will go back in time to see his memories of when things began for everyone. Since Shattner had his end in a film, this will be Nemoy’s grand exit. I thought about this while in line at Comic Con.

Any response?

221. Laserlover2254 - January 25, 2008

Okay, ILM:

IS there any one of you who worked on STIII back in 1983-1984?

222. Captain PEP - January 25, 2008

Hello JJ & Company
Is there a reason that William Shatner will not be in the movie? I read an artlcle in which Mr. Shatner made it seem that he was not even offered a roll. I find that unlikely…If you could shed some light on this it would be great. Oh and I’m very happy that you are directing this film, and am hoping that TREK will be back in full force.

223. Checkpoint Charlie - January 25, 2008

I hope the pr of the trek will be better in Europe than it was in the case of the previously movies ( everybody knows SW but more less the ST, and just in the European Union living 379 million people)
When will the new movie reach Europe?

224. Viking - January 25, 2008

JJ, since Grunberg up and stiffed you after all the lobbying he was doing for a part, could you redshirt him in the sequel and, say, have him mauled by a mugatu? I mean, he gets his part, you get the last word, eh? ;-)

225. Kirk, James T. - January 25, 2008

@ 201 – the release date in the UK is Boxing Day 2008

226. Chris Pine - January 25, 2008

22. Lawrence Boucher – January 24, 2008

Has there been a particular moment while filming that has caught you off-guard and made you stand back and say “wow” or just made you think “how cool is this”?

A: For me, I still get the chills every time I sit in “the” chair, and every time I say who I am in the movie.

227. Blane Robison - January 25, 2008

Gay male character?

228. Lawrence Boucher - January 25, 2008

Wow, Kirk himself answered my question!

Can’t wait to see your performance on screen, Chris!

229. Geoffrey Alan Holliday (STAR TREK ''Soldiers of Pawns'' writer) - January 25, 2008

RE: Chris Pine

So, there IS a chair. Now we know at least ONE element of the bridge.

Oh, and on that same note, I doubt Ted Bundy got the same chills from the chair he sat in.

Too much levity?

230. Jovan - January 25, 2008

Mr. Pine: You have the swagger, the look, the charm of Kirk. You’ve rightly said you don’t feel much weight on your shoulders. Just curious, what things in the acting process have given you any trouble as far as playing him NOT related to fan pressure? I ask as a fellow actor, i.e. things like getting the intonation right, how said character would act in a situation, etc.


231. Vikram from India - January 25, 2008

I absolutely loved the trailer.

My question is…

Will there be a new Star Trek television series that uses the movie as its base, and tries to re-invigorate the franchise for television? I think the world could really do with an optimistic sci-fi show.

232. Daniel Broadway - January 25, 2008


First, I want to say, I’m a fan of your work. I’m an aspiring VFX artist (compositor) myself.

I was wondering what types of software you will be using for 3D animation, but also for compositing. I know you have many in house tools as well.


233. Charles Trotter - January 25, 2008

#227 Chris Pine

Hi, Chris! I know I’m not supposed to be making random comments, but I wanted to say I thought of you as Kirk several months before your casting was announced (see comment #104 here: http://trekmovie.com/2007/07/27/tabloid-rumor-robbie-williams-as-kirk/). I’m thrilled you got the part! Can’t wait to see your performance! :)

234. Roberto Orci - January 25, 2008

600. Mike J. Hafezi – January 25, 2008

My current English teacher, Mr. Zimmerman, doesn’t like Star Trek and doesn’t want this movie to happen. What do you say to that?

A: Please tell Mr. Zimmerman that there will be plenty of English spoken in the movie.

235. Jon - January 25, 2008

Chris Pine

William Shatner used to try and steal the spotlight from the rest of the crew. Are you doing that too or what?!!!! You rock man!!!!

236. Roger guyett - January 25, 2008

233. Daniel Broadway – January 25, 2008

First, I want to say, I’m a fan of your work. I’m an aspiring VFX artist (compositor) myself.

I was wondering what types of software you will be using for 3D animation, but also for compositing. I know you have many in house tools as well.


A: We’ll be using lots of different pieces of software, a lot of ILM proprietary tools, but we’ll also be using Maya, Renderman and Shake (the compositing software). Good luck with your career in VFX!

237. Karlore - January 25, 2008

Is Chris Pine wearing contacts, or are you going to digitally recolor his eyes in post production?

“It’s like and acorn on a piece of wood”-Karlore

238. ObiWanCon - January 25, 2008

What’s happening.

239. Jon - January 25, 2008

ANYONE??? Last post was more of a statement.

– Any chance we might see some new aliens?

– How about the planets. Are they gonna look like giant gas bubbles or will they look like something lives on them?

– Will there be any new tech that you can share with us? Will there be a pill they can take so they don’t have to eat food? You know something new that scientist are working on.

– Can you comment about not commenting?

240. Jake - January 25, 2008

Hey JJ and crew, will we see any losties in Star Trek? Perhaps cameos?


241. Dave (From a Missle Complex in Central MT) - January 25, 2008

If I may, Has CBS’s removing all members of the startrek.com website affected your work, or brought you any concerns?

242. || JFK || - January 25, 2008

Hi guys, I would love to know, is the theme of pioneering space exploration important to your vision?

243. Mr. Atos - January 25, 2008

Hello all! Deep down do you think you (all of you) will be in it for the long haul, or is it hust a one movie stand?

All the Best!

244. Sean4000 - January 25, 2008


Is the Mac or Linux version of Shake used more at ILM? Isn’t CompTIME the name of one of your in-house tools?

245. T'Chert - January 25, 2008


What’s the russian trailer like? o.O Even didn’t know something like that exists. Which versions of teasers are there?

It is just like american, but there are quots from Tsiolcovsky, Socrat ect.

246. nyxtreme - January 25, 2008


Will you allow a scene that will let the young Kirk know about his fate so that there can be a future movie of getting Kirk not to die like that? Kirk’s death was not truly legendary. Falling off the cliff is not what I thought the way Kirk should die.

247. Paul Gregoire - January 25, 2008

Will we see these actors reprise their roles in any subsequent ST projects?

248. jason in ormond beach - January 25, 2008

Regarding squeezing Kirk into the movie, this sounds stupid but…in X-men 2 they de-aged Patrick Stewart by like 20 years using digital skin-grafting. If you de-aged Nimoy and Shatner in the same way and made it a flashback to the last conversation Spock and Kirk had..the last things they said to each other?

Sorry, that was the fanboy in me coming out. Thanks for being here!

249. Logic Incarnate - January 25, 2008

There is a legend that Gene Roddenbury aired some episodes of TOS to a sci-fi convention before the show was launched, and recieved a standing ovation, because nothing so true to literary sci-fi had appeared on TV before.

I would personally love to see a new series that brings the latest generation of sci-fi writers to TV, and would love to see you guys do one that continues on from where this movie starts :-)

250. ECJ - January 25, 2008

Can anyone confirm Dan Mindel is lensing?

251. Classic trek - January 25, 2008

#226 kirk, james T
thank you very much for that info on the release date for Great Britain.
the voyage begins……..26.12.08!!!


252. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

251. ECJ – January 25, 2008[Edit]

Can anyone confirm Dan Mindel is lensing?

I can handle this one….yes

253. Steven - January 25, 2008

To anybody. What will be the approximate running length of the film and what are the chances of there being sequels?


254. Laserlover2254 - January 25, 2008

Wow, great idea. I wish I could have thought of that.

255. eyesdowndink - January 25, 2008

You seem to have started to answer questions from the current posts, so I will take a chance…

This is really a question for Mr. Nimoy, if he is available. I have been thinking about what it must be like to be a part of something for 40 years, and to have experienced, seen, participated in it all… through it all, it was primarily with the same “family” of actors, producers, etc. — but now you are the “lone survivor” with a fresh new group of creative people working with the same material. My queston is, can you tell us about a moment when you felt something or discovered something completely new about your charactor, or about Trek in general, that you would not have felt where you not a part of this new effort?

Thank you all for taking the time to do this… your generosity is overwhelming and greatly appreciated.

256. JJ - January 25, 2008

58. Captain April – January 24, 2008
ILM is doing the effects for the film. Will it all be CGI or have they built a physical model of the New Enterprise? Also when will we see a photo of the finished Enterprise?

A: I was lucky enough to work with ILM on Mission: Impossible III. Roger Guyette and Sherri Hanson are geniuses who are also a true joy to work with. ILM has always been the best — but in recent years they have — remarkably — gotten even better, making the virtual photo-real.
Having said that, my goal is to make Trek REAL — that is to say, not have it be camp — not have it be phony — not have it look like a scrap of green screen was used anywhere. Of course, this is Star Trek. We’re using every trick in the book. But WHEREVER WE CAN, we are shooting on sets — either built on sound stages or expanding upon found locations. This is important. What this means is that the movie won’t have that “actors performing in a blue or green void then placed in front of a spaceship set” feeling that makes me insane. One of our really talented designers recently commented online how we shot on a green screen set and what a shame that was, since we could have built something incredible. And she was right — for that one scene, which will last for maybe thirty seconds on screen, we built only pieces and were surrounded by green. But that is the exception. We can’t build EVERYTHING, and need to make this film on a budget (partly because that’s the $ we have, and partly because I want the studio to see Trek as viable!).

The Enterprise will be a combo of the physical and the virtual. A photo is forthcoming!

257. Jacob - January 25, 2008

JJ, Has there been any talk of perhaps including TNG characters in this film during the “future” scenes?

Big fan of Star Trek and Lost, can’t wait until Thursday!

258. Matt P (Australia) - January 25, 2008

Has the use of a cast that are not all “movie superstars” yet, opened them up for a possible TV series should the movie be successful?

259. WikiDude - January 25, 2008

I’ve heard a rumor about an aged Jonathan Archer appearing in this movie. Can anyone confirm this?

260. David Tester - January 25, 2008

I would give anything if somehow Mr. Nimoy’s Spock could warn the younger Kirk of the cliff and Zoran……What incredible options this would leave open for future films and for Trek Fan’s imaginations! Just food for thought JJ!

261. Logic Incarnate - January 25, 2008

[b]Having said that, my goal is to make Trek REAL — that is to say, not have it be camp — not have it be phony — not have it look like a scrap of green screen was used anywhere.[/b]

@JJ – thankyou, that is great news.

262. Rod of Rassilon - January 25, 2008

A photo is forthcoming!


263. Jamie Flint - January 25, 2008

Can you tell us one thing about the film that we do not know/
Plus where in the Uk would there be a chance to meet the cast and crew other than a premier?


264. German Nerd - January 25, 2008

I was really disappointed to see sweating worker in dark industrial area, I think it doesn´t fit to earth of 23th century… a always loved the idea that my grandgrandchildrens doesn´t need to work as hard as me anymore..

So is your Star Trek vision less optimistic to the future than Gene´s or is it just your cinema? If you say yes to the first, who do you blame for that?

265. Kirky - January 25, 2008

JJ will we get a picture of the crew on the bridge reminicent of the cast photo done with the Sixties crew?

266. Aaron R. - January 25, 2008

A photo forthcoming!!! Wow do we love you now or what JJ!!!
Just would like to say because I haven’t been to the site in a few days and came on to be blown away by this that I am very stoked you guys are making this movie. As a Indy film maker myself I admire and also look upon your current positions with a bit of fear and trepidation. For you to answer fan Q’s like this however shows a lot of class. I am very confident that you have the “right stuff.” Best of luck to you in bringing your vision, your ideas, your baby through all the studio works and execs. I hope you are able to make a film that does Trek good but more importantly makes you proud. Isn’t that what it is all about being a film maker?

Aaron R.

267. Mr Phil - January 25, 2008


JJ- Loving the answer to that one – for me, that will make the film, and give it the sense of “realism” and scale which was missing from the last few big screen ventures…

268. Papa Jim - January 25, 2008


I believe Star Trek is in your good hands. Thank you!!!

269. David Combe - January 25, 2008


I too, Like Daniel am an aspiring Visual FX artist (I even helped Dan out a few years ago on proving meshes for his episode 3 teaser).

I’ve recently begun a degree in Digital Animation, and, hopefully by the end of it i’ll have a career in this industry, but my burning question is, how difficult is it for relative newcomers? Is a qualification necessary? Or is a showreel sufficient enough on its own depending on its strengths?

For example, I believe myself capable of making good quality meshes and animations, yet i use Cinema 4D to accomplish this. Would my lack of knowledge in maya detract from the finished piece?

Working with ILM is a dream of mine, one that, hopefully in a few years may be true. Thank you for your time.

270. OneBuckFilms - January 25, 2008

@JJ – Seeing the Enterprise in the Teaser has many of us guessing about the final form of the Enterprise.

Will the Enterprise interior be a radical or subtle departure from what we sar in the original series or movies?

271. Dab - January 25, 2008

Dammit – I know the other thread for questions is closed, but I forgot to ask this:

Is JJ the brains behind the sort of viral marketing we saw with Cloverfield, and already with Star Trek? Or is there someone else behind the scenes that does that sort of thing? I think it is remarkably effective, and I love to follow a good mystery!

272. Sebastian - January 25, 2008

Is this film being designed as a stand-alone film as a one-shot tribute to all-things Trek (hence the lack of Roman numeral suffix) or is it written with a back door open to possible sequels? If that were so, would the new cast be going on their own five-year mission? Best of luck to all involved! As I posted to Mr. Orci once, I’m not a Transformers fan, but even from the teaser trailer it “feels” like the passion is definitely there! Looks like you folks get it!

273. JJ - January 25, 2008

269. jon1701 – January 25, 2008

J.J. Abrams:
A lot of good questions so far, but I don’t think the key issue has been addressed yet.

A: Dude. Will they ever.

274. JJ - January 25, 2008

3. raffie – January 25, 2008
Is there anything I can say to my girlfriend to convince her to go see a movie with me that is titled “Star Trek”? If so, that could be very helpful

A: First of all, I’m relieved you have a girlfriend. Secondly, this movie is not being made solely for Trekkers — that is not to say we aren’t giving the true believers the fix they want — but we’re also making a movie for people (men AND women) who have never seen Trek once in any incarnation.
What finally pushed me over the edge to direct and not just produce Star Trek was my wife, Katie’s, reaction. She loved the characters. She confirmed my deep suspicions that I should direct this movie. The story is dramatic and funny and emotional and romantic and full of adventure. I know I’m biased — but I think people are going to love this experience. For some, perhaps, DESPITE the fact that it’s called Star Trek. Who knows? Maybe your girlfriend will see the movie and become a fan of the show.

275. German Nerd - January 25, 2008

Would some of you like to be involved in a new ST series? But JJ, not to LOST like, I would die every episode ;)

276. Nelson - January 25, 2008

JJ, or any producers-

Can photos of the cast in costume and the new Enterprise exterior and interior and new phaser and communicator props be kept under wraps til the film opens? I think it would be really cool to see it for the first time on screen rather then in a trailer or promos. I know that sounds contrary to what everyone wants here. It would be cool to be pleasantly surprised and I hope blown away in the theater! Thanks for being here!

277. QuarksBartender - January 25, 2008

Just wanted to say if any of you guys are in Vegas come by the Star Trek Experience. I would love to by you a drink when you get a little down time, from your busy schedule.

278. StarFuryG7 - January 25, 2008

You should have gotten Keri Russell to play Spock’s mother Amanda Grayson. I can’t believe you couldn’t talk her into it (if that was the role you even had in mind for her) and that you went with Winona Ryder instead.

279. The Gang - January 25, 2008

We will be answering a few more questions over the next few hours as time permits us between set-ups.

Thanks for all the great questions.

280. I AM THX-1138 - January 25, 2008

OK all.
How and where do you feel that this incarnation of Star Trek fits in with all the previous “Treks” that have come before it? Does it mesh seamlessly or does it stand alone?

(I noticed we were going off new questions)

281. Tony Reale - January 25, 2008

JJ, do you feel that this movie is the beginning of a new era for Star Trek or a single great story.

282. Kirk, James T. - January 25, 2008


No problem, The Future Begins on Boxing Day 08 as the eye’s of the world look into Star Trek lets hope :D

283. hijinx - January 25, 2008

Oh my God. Y’all are still here. Your dedication is phenomenal, though your sanity is questionable. Much love to all of you.

P.S. Bob & Alex SOOOO need a fansite. I’m just saying…

284. Jacob - January 25, 2008

I would like to hear about your thoughts concerning the development of alien characters. Are you going to move byond the usual humanoid solution towards somehing more “abstract”? And (if yes) how have you worked this out?

285. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

these are calming down now but they will still be answering questions…when they wrap up I will let you all know. If you want to talk amongst yourselves feel free….but stay on topic…keep the spammage down. You can ask more questions or followups…no guarantees though

286. TBonz of TrekBBS - January 25, 2008

Anthony, ID of “The Gang” please?

287. Robohunter - January 25, 2008


I’ve refrained from posting until now, but I guess this means a breather in between answers.. So I’d just like to say thank you all on set and at Trekmovie.com for making my week. This has been fantastic so far.

PS Cheeky late question: Will design differences between the movie and TOS be explained on screen?

288. SadAboutThis - January 25, 2008

How come you guys are ducking all the William Shatner questions?

289. jon1701 - January 25, 2008


Cheers dude.

I’ll sleep easy tonight now ;)

290. Bria Therrin - January 25, 2008

Curious… How are you going to address the issue that Chris Pine looks nothing like William Shatner? Are you using makeup and hair, or asking people to suspend their disbelief?

291. Laserlover2254 - January 25, 2008


JJ confirmed it finally, and explained himself.

What more do you want?

292. Paul Gregoire - January 25, 2008

Will this movie look more futuristic than the Enterprise series? That show was a little too contemporary for me.

293. Charles Trotter - January 25, 2008

Mr. Orci, Mr. Abrams and/or Mr. Burk

I am a contributor and administrator at Memory Alpha (http://www.memory-alpha.org/). Did you guys use Memory Alpha when researching for the movie? And if so, can MA expect to receive a mention in the end credits? :D

294. DC - January 25, 2008

When does this film take place in relation to the two pilots, The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before? Also, did you take this into consideration when it came to designing the sets and costumes and such?

295. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

The Gang is Abrams, Burk, Orci, at minimum but others are around….hard to say exactly

296. Trek or Treat - January 25, 2008

Big Florida shout out to JJ, Roberto, Bryan, Roger, Chris, Zachary, Karl, Simon, Zoe, Simon, John, Anton, & Leonard! You’re the best! How many other movie producers & stars would pay any attention to an internet chat while shooting!

You are all the future of Star Trek and we are extremely excited and grateful! Bless you all!

297. German Nerd - January 25, 2008

Very good question Robohunter, I join in:

Will design/technology differences between your movie and former Star Trek universe be explained on screen?

298. Tony Whitehead - January 25, 2008

For JJ:
How important is it for you to get back to and build upon Roddenberry’s vision?

299. TBonz of TrekBBS - January 25, 2008

Trotter…dirty pool. LOL. Wish I had thought of doing a plug like that.

300. OneBuckFilms - January 25, 2008

289 – They answered the basic reason before. Kirk was killed, and Shatner wanted more that a cameo as his older self.

To go further with changes to the script to allow a larger role for Kirk and be meaningful, it may have necessitated major changes to the script and put the film behind schedule.

If Sharter was going to be in it, it would have to be meaningful and right for the film.

In the end, some things are just not meant to be.

301. Listen to your pagh! - January 25, 2008

#289 – JJ has answered the Shatner question too many times to mention in other interviews.

He died!

302. TK - January 25, 2008

Anthony, does this mean that you are in the studio???? Are you???????

303. John from Chichester - January 25, 2008

A message from across the pond in England, its 20 past midnight here but i must so its fantastic and really awesome that the crew and cast are answeing the huge amount of questions that has been thrown to them. Kudos guys and girls, hope the rest of your days go well.

304. KennyB - January 25, 2008

Hey Bonz!!! Good to see you here!

305. Larry J. Taylor - January 25, 2008

JJ, you have said on many occations that William Shatner can’t be in the movie because he died in STVII. Yet it was said that some creative liecnce was used in the new ST. In Mr. Shatner’s books for Star Trek it seems that the powers that be let him bring himself back to life and there has been no problem. I for one would think that if he is now alive in his books I dont’ see why you cannot do your creative liecence to have him in this new movie???? He is an excellent writer and the way he was brought back to life is not any more streching than when Spock was brought back to life by genesis. We know Borg nanprobes do this in other shows so why not here?

306. Jon - January 25, 2008

Chris Pine:

– Dude I loved CHiPs! My friends and I would sing the song and pretend we were CHiPs haha. Your dad is a good actor. Any chance we might be seeing him in the movie? If not maybe in the future?

– Everyone keeps talking about Spock but you’re the hero in all this. What does it feel like to command the Enterprise and to be *the* man?! Do you have any cool fight scenes??? Say yes!

– Be a little over dramatic for at least one scene, come on buddy!

JJ abrams:

– Any chance we might see some new aliens?

– How about the planets. Are they gonna look like giant gas bubbles or will they look like something lives on them?

– Will there be any new tech that you can share with us? Will there be a pill they can take so they don’t have to eat food? You know something new that scientist are working on.

307. Ed - January 25, 2008

I’ve held back myself and would also like to give out my thanks to all for this little get together. Has made work go by faster and have had a few laughs.

One quick question for any of you on the set: Do you or have you asked yourselves ‘what have I gotten myself into?’.

308. Tamela - January 25, 2008

Mr. Quinto –

I’m so thrilled you have this role – I’ve been a fan since “So Notorious” and when I read you wanted to play Spock, I told my husband “He’s perfect for the part!!” But I just have to know – how long did it take for you to get used to looking into the mirror and seeing the Spockbrows?? And did you know that your “Heroes” fans were starting a campaign to “Save the Sybrows”?? ;-)

309. TBonz of TrekBBS - January 25, 2008

To Zachary Quinto:

Just a shout-out from a fellow Pittsburgher. How ’bout dem Steelers!

310. Karlore - January 25, 2008

More of a comment really: My mom, and my friend’s mom, have said that if Scott Bakula is in the new Star Trek movie, even for a second, they’ll go see it. Trust me, if you put Scott Bakula in the movie, legions of forty something year old houswives will flock to the theatres. Putting him in there could be a good marketing strategy.

311. NZorak - January 25, 2008

Mr. Orci,

From one published writer to another, you got a dream gig. Congrats! I hope you knock our socks off.

So I realize that the first movie isn’t even complete yet, but I’m already thinking sequels. Do you see the second movie picking up where the fourth season would have been if the show wouldn’t have been cancelled? It seems to me that with the rate Hollywood movies are made, and the era this one is supposed to be set in, it would make sense.

Also, are there any lines of dialogue anywhere that might make something from New Voyages canon? I think Cawley deserves his due after everything he’s put into his vision of the continued original series.

312. Ensign Ro- (short for Roland) - January 25, 2008


Probably because that issue has been beaten to death. Mr. Abrams has given us all a clear answer on that issue…and as much of a fan as I am of William Shatner’s Kirk…I agree with the reasons given for him not being ion the movie.

To Mr. Abrams and “The Gang”….thank you so much for making this 45 year old jaded man feel like the excited Trekkie I once was. Your movie is THE movie experience of the year I anxiously await. From all that I’ve seen from you thus far concerning Star Trek, I am waiting on pins and needles for what I have no doubt will be the best representation of Gene Rodenbarry’s vision to grace the screen in many years.
Best wishes to you and yours and thanks again.

313. Neftoon - January 25, 2008

Is this batman begins style re-boot or a superman returns re-boot/sequel?
Also please tell me that zachary quinto and leonard nimoy are doing an audio commentary together for the dvd.

314. Captain Scokirk - January 25, 2008

So when can we expect a Twilight Zone style anthology “from producer J.J. Abrams…”?

Favorite Shatner Twilight Zone?

Nightmare at 30,000 feet?

or the one with the Fortune telling machine at the cafe?

Is the Captain’s Chair high or low backed?

315. Tamela - January 25, 2008


That is the most brilliant suggestion ever!! I’ll place five preorders for the DVD now….

316. Danny - January 25, 2008

The BIG question

Is the captain’s chair adjustable with a footrest?

317. Thom - January 25, 2008

I’d like to add my thanks to Anthony and the TrekMovie.com team for hosting this get together. Special thanks to the Star Trek cast and crew for taking the time to answer questions and visit with us! :-)

318. John peretz - January 25, 2008

This is for JJ Abrams:
Will we get to see any easter eggs from lost,alias,cloverfield in the new Star Trek film as I know you love putting easter eggs from your past work in your newer things.

319. I AM THX-1138 - January 25, 2008

We hit refresh at least once a minute
In hopes that in the contest of questions, ours would win it
So I went elswhere to surf
And relinquished the turf
But I gotsta know; Is Timmy gonna be in it?

(word usage=7–iambic pentameter=2)

320. SD - January 25, 2008

To Zach Qinto: I’m a big Heroes fan, and was thrilled when you got the Spock role. Your ability to convey big internal changes with small outwards signs is great, like in that season 2 scene where you switched between Gabriel and Sylar. Superb work! I’ve no doubt you’ll bring young Spock alive.

To Chris Pine: Thank you for writing your comment about how sitting in that chair is something special. I watched the “Princess Diaries 2″ on German TV lately – solely because of you – and could see you had the charm&kissing potential that’s necessary for Kirk ;) I hope you’ll make a great Kirk, as I love that character dearly for his energy, dynamics, spirits…well, for lots of things. Looking forward to seeing you on screen!

To Karl Urban (does he ever read this site?): I know quite some fans of other trek series who are going to watch the new movie just because of you. Personally, I hope you’ll give a great (and possibly sexy *coughs*) McCoy. I guess DeForest Kelley would’ve been proud to have such a good-looking “young version”, though he didn’t look half bad either :)

To JJ, Orci and all: Thanks for obviously doing a great job. The die-hard-trekkie in me is cheery and hopeful. Keep up the great work.

Dang, I’m like on trek crack. Not sure how I’m going to survive this year, especially as I still try to avoid spoilers…

321. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

I am at TrekMovie.com HQ, but in phone and email contact with the guys at the studio (and my host). I have been sent a couple of nice photos of them online which will go up with the Q&A…one photo shows a nice little bit of the bridge set….just a sliver!

322. SirMartMan - January 25, 2008

Are there any plans on how this Trek movie,,may lead onto the next ?

Will Mr Shatner be thought of,,,maybe in the next Trek ?

323. Primogen - January 25, 2008

#306. The books by Shatner are *NOT* canon, but the films are. The filmmakers have chosen to respect canon, and so they consider Kirk to be dead. It took an entire movie to bring Spock back to life — and JJ obviously didn’t want to make a movie about bringing Kirk back to life.

324. Robohunter - January 25, 2008


Gulp! Anthony, what does it look like?!!

325. OneBuckFilms - January 25, 2008

Mr. Pascale, thank you so much for arranging this.

The Gang: This is unprecedented in terms of how open you are with the Star Trek fan community.

Whatever happens with the movie, this should be remembered with gratitude

326. Aaron R. - January 25, 2008

You should really post that pic now Anthony… :)

327. Mark (mark@heywetried.com) - January 25, 2008

Please, a moratorium on the ShatQs.

328. valdore1982 - January 25, 2008

Can’t wait too see the photo of the bridge.

329. Ed - January 25, 2008

322 – Boy are you a tease! :)

330. acb - January 25, 2008

Ok JJ tough question, but i need an answer….

who would win in a fight, a young Nimoy or Quinto?

331. GRUNT1701 - January 25, 2008

*Hopes he isnt too late*
Not sure if this has been asked/answered, but anyway.

Why take the Constitution(1701) and the Constitution Refit(1701-A) and combine the two? I looked at the Enterprise’s saucer in the trailer and noticed features of both ships.

332. Charles Trotter - January 25, 2008

Is Roger Guyett on the set, as well, or is he replying from his home or office or something? :)

Oh, and Mr. Guyett, if you’re still around… could you tell us who all, in addition to Shari Hanson, is on your ILM effects team? :-D

333. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

Guyett is on set

334. eyesdowndink - January 25, 2008

Many years back there was a genre film — I think it was Lord of the Rings — had a “club” kind of thing that you could register for over the internet, and your name would appear at the end of the credits on the DVD or something.

I was thinking that it would be really cool for some of us “older” trek fans — you know, those of us who for whatever reason have been defined by our love for trek whether in school, among friends, family or co-workers — to have some way of publically showing our support for this “ST reborn” thing… kind of like when to original cast signed the credits at the end of ST VI… it would be kind of symbolic — we are the ones that have kept ST alive since the 60s, and now someone is hitting the “restart” button — and thus we are kind of “willing” the ST legacy to a brand new audience. A way to say “here, this is for you.”

Just a geegy thought — but I know my nephew would be proud to see my name up there — and it might make him watch the movie!

335. Ampris - January 25, 2008

*Takes a deep breath*

Okay, I hope this isn’t *too* spammy, but I really wanted to thank ‘The Gang’ for coming in here and doing this, I truly do. Coming from a new fan who adores TOS but hasn’t had any chance to experience the excitement of a fandom all focused on and eagerly discussing something new and fun, and this is such an awesome way to really get into all this jazzed-up excitement and anticipation. (This will be my first Trek movie watched in a theater, even.) I just can’t tell you how COOL I find this all. =D

And as for a question… hmm. How ’bout, Mr. Orci, do you consider TAS to be canon and if you do, will anything pertaining to the series come up in the new movie? I’ve been getting into TAS recently (thank you, almighty Netflix) and honestly love it. Yeah, it could have been better – for instance, I wish that the episodes could have been longer as some of the stories might have been superb if only they’d had the time to be fleshed out a little more (and of course, I miss TOS’s musical themes and cues :() but overall I like the series and would like to see it acknowledged, if only briefly.

And thanks again for doing this, I haven’t been able to tear myself away from this site since 4:00 PM. :D (But don’t worry, I’ve restrained myself from refreshing every five minutes. Somehow. )

336. SadAboutThis - January 25, 2008

#301–for months they led us to believe that there was hope of Shatner being in the film–AFTER Shatner said that he never even saw the script and after they didn’t have the decency to even tell him. Nimoy had to do it.

The Kirk died excuse is very weak. Let’s use our logic here for a second. We know Kirk’s mom is in the movie. We know Nimoy is in it. We know there is time travel because Nimoy has scenes with the younger actors. We know there is a bad guy.

Why would Nimoy be going to the distant past?

Rumors are that the reason is because the bad guy wants to kill Kirk.

So if it’s ok to use this movie to save Kirk’s life when he is young, how can you honestly believe it’s not ok to save his life when he is older?

If Shatner is not in the movie, the Kirk is dead excuse is not going to cut it.

The issue may have been beaten to death on this site, but for the most part, the producers have not done anything but mishandle it.

If Nimoy/Spock is traveling back in time and saving Kirk’s life is his goal, then basically, the a very important part of the movie is preventing Kirk’s death.

I don’t want to start a flame war over this, but I do feel cheated. I feel like I was led on for months, when clearly the Kirk’s death issue was there from the beginning. Why tell us you’re trying to get him in the movie when clearly, that was never going to happen? Why play with the fans on this issue, and sorry, but far more people want him in than don’t, when you could have said at ComicCon, that he wasn’t in the movie?

What steps were taken in talking with Shatner? Why didn’t you show him the script?

The character of Kirk is vital to this movie, and to the future of the franchise.

You need to protect that character’s life because if you don’t, then the bitterness of Generations continues to haunt this movie and the franchise. And yes, it’s there. Even for those Kirk fans who don’t feel so passionately, what investment do we have in the movie when we know how the character dies?

I’ll go as far as to say that the character is more important than the actor at this point. His excuse is not going to fly with anyone except those that didn’t care in the first place.

My suggestion is to write the cameo and offer it to him. Publicly.

Take it or leave it. If he leaves it, Chris Pine can put on the old age makeup and do the scene. Bargaining power.

They do that, and

1. Kirk lives so the Generations debacle is over.
2. They take the heat off themselves because they actually did something about Shatner other than screw it up.

337. Nomad aka gotalife - January 25, 2008


I’ve admired all your work so far.
I wish you & the cast and crew, the best on this project. I hope you will inject and revive some of the elements that made this franchise so great in the first place: as such was done for example in ST2 with Kahn.

The best of ST was always about interaction of the main characters, adventure and thought provoking issues, couched in Scifi themes.

PS – I hope that ‘Denny Crane’ is some how in the movie too. Thanks.

338. sean - January 25, 2008


Supposedly Gene Roddenbury had conflicting views of how starfleet should look act with long time movie producers Harve Bennett and Nicolas Meyer’s view of ‘nautical but nice’……which approach are you taking…..Gene’s sci-fi or Meyer’s ‘nautical but nice’?

339. Jack - January 25, 2008

What was your vision for new uniforms since we have had so many styles throughout the movies and TV shows?

340. Classic trek - January 25, 2008

kirk, james T #283 thanks again – yes lets hope so!!

#273 sebastian – good point. i wonder Mr Abrams if you are considering embarking on a sequel (s) to this movie in the way sam raimi has done with the very successful spiderman films. is something that would interest you. or do you envisage that this will be your input to star trek as a one off massive movie to relaunch the franchise?

good luck and thank you so much for participating with the fans on this forum. really good of you to do so.


341. I AM THX-1138 - January 25, 2008

Dude, give it a rest. It’s like a wet blanket.

Mr. Pascale, I beseech thee. Make ’em stop.

342. Charles Trotter - January 25, 2008

#334 — Awesome :)

343. Corinthian7 - January 25, 2008

I would like to know if we will be seing Chris Pine utilising any old school Shatneresque fight moves in the movie?

344. Ed - January 25, 2008


Agreed, enough already.

345. Blane Robison - January 25, 2008

449. Blane Robison – January 25, 2008
Mr. Abrams, Ocri, Anybody,
Will you hopefully correct the most glaring omission (to me at least) in all of “Trek” by including an on-going positive Earth male character (rather than an alien, android or sexually ambiguous being), who just happens to be Homosexual?

346. Allister Gourlay - January 25, 2008

JJ and crew… just wanna say thanks and good luck with the film
im a huge fan of your work..cant wait for Xmas…
Allister in Glasgow- Scotland gotta hit the sack its 0.45am here!

347. neal - January 25, 2008

#339, Santa knows who’s been nautical or nice.

348. Drew - January 25, 2008


Kirk is dead – move on

349. Sean4000 - January 25, 2008

Is the film being mastered in 4K?

350. Doomsheep - January 25, 2008

Thats my big gripe on Trek Canon… I hope JJ & gang will revamp what is cannon by doing what Lucas did with Star Wars where non film media is “Expanded Universe” Canon. So then any Officially licenced Books, Games, Tech Manuals, Comics are covered as Expanded Universe from the TV shows & Movies.

351. Sarek of Vulcan - January 25, 2008

I can’t beleive you’re actually shooting, right now! This is just great! Thank you for talking to us, guys!

352. blath - January 25, 2008

It’s interesting how many people moan about how the movie might stray from Trek canon, and then the same crowd of people wants every piece of mojo to be worked just so that William Shatner could have a cameo.

It doesn’t matter if the ending to Generations was a mistake or not. Even if a lot of fans didn’t like it, I don’t see it being JJ Abrams’ responsibility to fix that. None of us out here knows the story. Now, I assume Mr. Abrams and the writers do know the story, so I can’t but take them seriously when they say they couldn’t come up with a believable way of having Shatner-aged Kirk in the movie. I say, if it can’t be done in a convincing way, it shouldn’t be forced.

The one thing I remember in terms of cameos is how awkwardly they brought Worf into play in both the last TNG movies. Now with all respect to Mr. Shatner, I’d rather not have him in the movie than have him in the movie with a storytelling like that.

353. Viking - January 25, 2008

J.J. – will we get to see the shuttlecraft Galileo and/or Columbus, either in action or in the hangar? And if so, you think you could CGI some flames down the side of one? ;-)

354. Shatner's Rug - January 25, 2008

Geez, enough with the whining about Shat not being in the film, and the analysis of how he could or should be fit into a story that you know little about yet! The topic has played itself out a long ago. Let it go.

355. Blackout - January 25, 2008

Ok, seriously SadAboutThis, just stop. This thread isnt for that. Take it else where. We should be refraining from comment and question right now to let the cast and crew speak. I resisted it for a long time, but when you post a whole essay, I cant resist anymore. We were instructed to keep quiet in this thread.

Take it elsewhere. That’s as nice as I can put it.

356. StarTrekExcitement - January 25, 2008

To Any of the Star Trek Team:

Are you working or planning on working with any figure (toy) designers so we can have some sweet collectiables out before or after the movie?

Hopefully before :)

Thanks Rob

357. Admiral Nayru - January 25, 2008

okay, me and a lot of us at Chris Jones Gaming are wondering WHY you made the Enterprise look like that. in our opinion (well most of us) we think its a discrace to the original disign! most of us have plenty to say and each and every one of us (most likely) will be voiceing or opinion on your movie.

358. dalek - January 25, 2008

#349 Kirk being dead is a major low for the franchise and many fans. It’s a black cloud over going back to Kirk’s past, especially to save his life when younger; but ignore his death when older. Saving Kirk’s life would seem to be the crux of the plot of the new movie, therefore how could it be any less relevant for Shatner to appear.

359. I AM THX-1138 - January 25, 2008

Well, thank goodness 355 is gone. Did you see what they were wearing?

360. Greg2600 - January 25, 2008

**IF** it were up to me, I would have just called Shatner’s The Return novel canon and stuck Shatner in the film with Nimoy from the get-go. Who cares about Generations? It wasn’t a very popular movie and most movie-goers have probably never seen it. When people hear about this new movie, and that Nimoy is in it, they immediately can’t understand why Shatner is not? When I tell them he died on screen, they never knew about that. Nobody outside Trekdom remembers Generations. I wish I didn’t. But I agree, to say there is simply no room in the script for Shatner, alive or dead beforehand, that is one thing, and I guess somewhat acceptable. To say you can’t figure out a way to revive him, blah, no good. I do think that Shatner would probably have issue with any role where he was not an integral part of the action, which would be quite a script re-write I would think. Then again, he has done a variety of films nowadays where he is barely a supporting cast member. Given their age, I would personally kind of cringe to see Nimoy and/or Shatner attempting a starring Star Trek again. The only way is if it were more comedy based,. which is not really valid. The perfect option would have been to have the timeline slightly altered during the movie, which allows Kirk to live again in the future, and he shows up 2/3 through and helps Spock out.

361. James Heaney - Wowbagger - January 25, 2008

#359: See #356. That is all.

362. Matt Wright - January 25, 2008

I would also be curious to know the answer to what #350 asked. Are you guys shooting on HD or good old 35mm film? Please tell me you’re shooting on film, it has better dynamic range and feels more appropriate for a movie that is derived from a 1960s TV show.

363. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

OK folks…you all know how I feel about diversions into ‘shatner in/out’ flame wars….so lets just skip it. If JJ or others want to talk more about it fine, they have the questions. But see recent comments on Stern and Carolla…not sure they will say anything new.

364. I AM THX-1138 - January 25, 2008

Sorry, rug, AP pulled the plug.


365. James Heaney - Wowbagger - January 25, 2008

#361: See #256. That is also all.

366. David Tester - January 25, 2008

Look folks…..Shatner played the ORIGINAL Kirk, it’s not whining to wish him back, keep in mind HE brought Spock BACK……JJ: you will never be able to satisfy us that want to see him in the film if he is not there. Again, I suggest, plant a reasonable seed of Nimoy warning Pine…..and make it as simple and coy as “Captain Kirk, I have something to tell you of your future” and whispering out of earshot the rest…..that would mostly satisfy us all I think!

367. SavingKirkDoesNotViolateCanon - January 25, 2008

#352–the beauty of Sci-Fi is that you CAN save Kirk and not violate canon. Look at some other posts.

1. In Relics–Scotty mentioned Kirk in the 23rd century–post Generations.

If anything, it was Kirk’s death IN Generations that violated canon.

2. When Kirk and Picard stopped Soran, they changed the timeline. They did so at a point BEFORE Picard went into the nexus and got Kirk. We saw the nexus pass over Veridian III and the Kirk of THAT new timeline was still there. Alive. So again, no canon violation since Kirk is alive in the nexus.

You CAN bring Kirk back and not violate canon. They just won’t.

368. Laserlover2254 - January 25, 2008


Qui treating the Canon AS COntinuity, at Paramount, there’s Canon, which is simply a record of official aired amterials, and then there’s the official continuity, which on rare occasions, EXCLUDES canon, like for instance, ignoring “Threshold”.

369. Sean4000 - January 25, 2008

Matt, how are you ?? more importantly, Where have you been? it was getting lonely in here without the other tech/fx guru.

370. Listen to your pagh! - January 25, 2008


371. Gene - January 25, 2008

Hello Mr. Abrams:

Just curious, and maybe you could clear up an issue that is causing a lot of debate. If a part for Mr. Shatner was not written in the script and therefore not a part of the story..then why was he contacted as to possibly participating in the project early on?


372. Aaron R. - January 25, 2008

337. SadAboutThis

While you have a well thought out and constructed response I don’t really think it is fair for any fan you, Anthony, myself, anyone to think that they truly have a finger on the pulse of Star Trek and KNOW without a doubt what it needs. Furthermore please don’t make blanket statements without solid facts in the form of research, opinion polls, etc to back your information up. I am so sick of reading people online whom don’t have a real clue about film making and most certainly do not have facts to back up statements like “The character of Kirk is vital to this movie, and to the future of the franchise.” and “far more people want him in than don’t”. I am sorry but without solid numbers backing you this last statement especially not only sounds ignorent and fanboyish but is offensive. I plead and advise everyone to let matters like this be. You are not hollywood film makers with years of hollywood experience and I personally don’t feel you really have the right to tell those who are how to make their movie based on what YOU think it needs…

Aaron R.

373. Sean4000 - January 25, 2008

“””””If anything, it was Kirk’s death IN Generations that violated canon.”””””


374. eyesdowndink - January 25, 2008

#346 — and how would we know this character is gay? Can you tell by looking? You would have to, because these are scifi adventure stories, not love stories. We shouldn’t really care about their sexuality. This sin’t going to be 80s TV where everything has to be pushing a statement in the viewer’s face. I know Kirk gets a girl every now and then — but he’s the hero. What you are asking for would be a patronizing, misguidedly PC, perhaps even exploitative meaningless gesture. And by the way, I’m gay. But I would be utterly embarrased to see a charactor that you could “tell” was gay by their interactions. In the BEST of worlds, one of your favorite characters is already gay — but you don’t even know it beacuse it has nothing to do with the adventure.

375. love_those_spacemen - January 25, 2008

I’m happy to hear that the visuals are a combination of virtual and physical. All mediums are just a means to an end, right?

Be bold, self-assured, and take chances. Given the creative and intelligent group of artists you are, I look forward to the result.


376. Laserlover2254 - January 25, 2008


Quit treating the Canon AS Continuity, at Paramount, there’s Canon, which is simply a record of official aired amterials, and then there’s the official continuity, which on rare occasions, EXCLUDES canon, like for instance, ignoring “Threshold”.

…Sorry for my misspellings.

377. Zepp - January 25, 2008


It would confuse people to bring back Kirk as old and dead even if they did. And if they came up with a story to bring back Kirk it would end up making it a 5 hour movie. Bringing back Kirk wouldn’t be a terrible idea for ST 12. But as far as bring back Shatner it’s making me have to type and it’s cluttering up this chat If Abrams wants to talk about Shat, let him but it’s a non issue.


378. Shatner's Rug - January 25, 2008

#358. Based on what (little) I’ve seen of the Enterprise in the trailer, I was pleasantly surprised to see how similar it looked to previous Enterprises. Well, your opinion is yours, mine is mine, and JJ’s is JJ’s. So what’s the point of being confrontational and threatening in a thread that he was kind enough to visit?

379. Sean4000 - January 25, 2008

Trek XI’s mission is to bring Trek back. Trek XII can be all about Shat. Hopefully.

380. Ralph Pinheiro - Brazil - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams, Orci and Burk, thanks to chat with us.

Why did you decide to make a film based in TOS, why not in the century 25 or post Nemesis?

381. James Heaney - Wowbagger - January 25, 2008

I think we need a new law, modelled after Godwin’s Law, for how long it will take any Star Trek thread to derail into a Shatner thread, thus killing it.

SHUT UP ALREADY, YOU RAVING LUNATICS! At the VERY least, please go to this thread: http://trekmovie.com/2008/01/15/shatner-on-being-poor-almost-dying-the-new-movie/ and pollute it with your Shatner paeons far away from everyone else, so that WE can talk about Abrams, the Gang, and what we learned here tonight.

RESPECT ANTHONY! It’s amazing he retains as much patience as he does. The man is a saint for putting up with this, day in and day out. But he shut this down in #364 and you all just kept right on talking.

(2:1 odds he’s posted since I started typing this, and the whole rant will be irrelevant. Meh.)

382. Dane Whitman - January 25, 2008

Thank you “bring back kirk” people for totally derailing this chat. I hope some of the more reasonable and tactful questions will still be answered.

383. David Tester - January 25, 2008

#367 solves the Shatner “problem” without having to pay him, or do a cameo…….Listen!

384. Gavatron - January 25, 2008

i would start deleting unproductive posts if I were him…even this one :S

385. Kirk's Girdle - January 25, 2008

It’s great for “the gang” to come by and listen this nonsense.

386. Greg2600 - January 25, 2008

We know the movie will show the construction of the Enterprise. Will that mean an appearance by Captain Robert April? Would it be cool if somehow J.J. could CGI Gene Roddenberry’s image into the role? The character doesn’t even have to speak, maybe just appear at the ceremony and wave. Or is that too George Lucas crazy?

387. Tango - January 25, 2008

Will Pike’s Horse Tango be in the movie?

388. I AM THX-1138 - January 25, 2008

It’s a “discrace” that they don’t enforce better spelling at CJG. After all, how can you call yourself a “disigner”? But you have every right to come here “voiceing” (y)or opinion.

#381-That is a great question.

389. Michael (the real one in Texas, by way of Afghanistan) - January 25, 2008

JJ – Thanks so much for answering my question.
Now I am so Bummed that Grunberg won’t be in your film.
Was really looking forward to it !
Thanks for doing this.
Anxiously awaiting every little tidbit

390. STOP - January 25, 2008

any plans for majel barret to feature anyone ?

391. DC - January 25, 2008

387–well, i suppose in theory it could be done, i mean they did it for marlon brando in superman returns

392. Doug Haffner - January 25, 2008

1. So, not to beat a dead horse…but I’m still confused about this whole Transformer mass shift thing as it relates to trek. I’m not sure I can suspend my disbelief that Chris Pine’s Kirk transforms into Shatner’s Kirk. The mass doesn’t add up. Will this be addressed in the movie?

2. Will any devices considered anachronistic be eliminated from the movie? i.e. Communicators. I know they seem low tech, but some of that clunky stuff is so much a part of the “image” it’s hard to imagine it gone. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really hoping to see styrofoam cups painted grey….THAT you could toss).

393. Resurrecting Kirk is FANBOY FICTION and Would RUIN the Movie - January 25, 2008

Every single reason and/or method of bringing Shatner back despite his DEATH is fanboy fiction. It is obvious that some people cannot differentiate between this and a real story.

Fanboy fiction is what hardcore fans come up with to manifest their own vision of something, i.e. bringing back Shatner by having Spock warn Kirk of his death in the future. Believability is limited to few people and the creator him/herself. JJ said it himself, anyway of bringing old Kirk back would be fanboy fiction. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never seen ST, you would be pretty confused at the whole part of brining Kirk back and would end up disliking the movie.

A real story is something that has very few limits on believability and won’t confuse new people and turn them away.

394. Kostas-Greece - January 25, 2008

JJ and crew,Hello from Greece!Be sure there is lot of Trek Power here,too.So,i hope Xmas ’08 is a global date,not just for the US/UK?And i agree that you should keep secret EVERYTHING until THAT date.Thanks for doing all of this,we all know that…”She has the right name…!” ;)

395. Wolfspawn - January 25, 2008

I, for one, don’t believe the teaser trailer shows the actual construction of the Enterprise. I think the trailer is symbolic of JJ’s
rebuilding of the franchise….He said it himself….”wants you to believe it’s “real”…Hence the welding, the “dirty” look….construction-type work….

Have you looked at Bill Shatner lately? Go you honestly believe that he still looks like James T. Kirk? Could he play him realisticly in a 150 million dollar motion picture? Or would the movie-going public just laugh him off the screen?

Let it go and sit back and enjoy the Star Trek that we are gonna get….

396. Gavatron - January 25, 2008

i hate this shatner talk as much as the next person, but I think JJ and the crew need to smack it down once and for all, just to keep people quiet

397. David Tester - January 25, 2008

#395; again, I didnt say bring him back….just the “old” Spock whispering in the “young” KIrks ear…..intriguing, NOT CONFUSING to anyone watching the movie and it would take 15 seconds at most and satisfy everyone….again #367

398. Larry J. Taylor - January 25, 2008

Okay I am confussed,where do I go to see the answer’s to these question’s. Is there somewhere else I am suppose to go to to se the answer’s or will they be in a later article? I really se a lot of negative response to William Shatner being in the movie, he is just as important a main charecter as Mr. Nimoy and he should be respected just as much

399. James Heaney - Wowbagger - January 25, 2008

Hey–394! See #382.

400. I AM THX-1138 - January 25, 2008


Excellent points!! To expand on your idea I would proffer up the Alien V Predator movies as evidence. Both movies are complete fanboy junk and appealed to only a limited few. Terrible movie making. And they did succeed in one thing: they managed to taint the memories of two different franchises. Don’t wish that sort of legacy on Trek.

401. Listen to your pagh! - January 25, 2008

#396 Hear hear!

#397 they have, if people dont like their answer thats their look out.

Nothing is gonna change

402. I AM THX-1138 - January 25, 2008

OK, #394 then.

403. maspill - January 25, 2008

391 !!

404. Craig - January 25, 2008

Wouldn’t bringing Kirk out of the Nexus change the timeline so Kirk wouldn’t be able to help Picard and the Enterprise D on Veridian III?

405. Daskill - January 25, 2008

Why doesn’t this site have a forum? There are clearly gazillions of trek fans here who would love to discuss trek matters, and I don’t yet know of a really good trek forum.

This is pretty much the number 1 trek site on the net these days, seems like a natural progression to me.

406. David Tester - January 25, 2008

I agree totally to everyone suggesting Majel Barrett!!!!!
Her acknowledgement and contribution would cement the new movie in Canon…..what a Computer voice she has!

407. Brian - January 25, 2008

I’ve been a huge Kirk fan since childhood….and I’m only a bit upset Shatner’s not in the film. If you want to blame anyone, blame Shatner for signing off on his death 14 years ago and allowing him to be killed in such a pisspoor way.

Trying to wrap a “resurrection” story on top of the story they’re doing would simply result in a bad movie only the fanboys would see.

408. New Horizon - January 25, 2008

Well! This live chat was certainly spoiled for me by all the twits who kept posting new questions. >:(

I made sure to have my question in early, so it would have a chance of being answered…and then I see people who posted during the chat having their questions addressed first.

409. Thomas Jensen - January 25, 2008


The way I see it it’s not our place as fellow people to hold the makers of this film accountable for every move and personal decision they’ve made. It’s unreasonable. And concerning this kirk returns deal; how do you know they aren’t setting up saving kirk and continuing it into the second movie? I’m not proclaiming I know that’s what they’re doing, the movie is about something else, but really, at this point, it is what it is. So either isolate yourself for the sake of your blood pressure or enjoy the eventual process of the making of a film you care about.

By the way, I don’t like kirks death either, but I just ignore it. It’s just fiction, you control the ‘canon’. Just make your own. Mine runs from the 79 episodes to trek movie six.

And I’m hoping to add the new movie into the mix, too.

410. Blane Robison - January 25, 2008

How do you know a character just happens to be straight. Characters have relationships and back-storys. I’m not looking for 60’s/80’s statement TV, only a character who just happens to be gay, just as “Mr. Paris” just happened to be straight.

375. eyesdowndink – January 25, 2008
#346 — and how would we know this character is gay?
Can you tell by looking? You would have to, because these are scifi adventure stories, not love stories. We shouldn’t really care about their sexuality. This sin’t going to be 80s TV where everything has to be pushing a statement in the viewer’s face.
I know Kirk gets a girl every now and then — but he’s the hero. What you are asking for would be a patronizing, misguidedly PC, perhaps even exploitative meaningless gesture. And by the way, I’m gay. But I would be utterly embarrased to see a charactor that you could “tell” was gay by their interactions. In the BEST of worlds, one of your favorite characters is already gay — but you don’t even know it beacuse it has nothing to do with the adventure.

411. Listen to your pagh! - January 25, 2008

*picks the toys up off the floor and puts them back into #409’s pram*

412. David Tester - January 25, 2008

Last comment of the night for me……I am a Gay American, and have no idea if I will be represented in the new movie…..BUT; JJ please if possible, now or in a 12th movie, represent us like Uhura represented the African-American culture! After all thats what Star Trek is all about, INCLUSION…..and not all of us have “girlfriends”!

413. rtrj - January 25, 2008

Man,everybody is talking but the guests!

414. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

RE: why doesn’t this site have a forum?

a good and fair question…but not for this thread. I promise you that very soon TrekMovie.com will have a community section…we are moving hosts (again) and will be implementing new features. The site is now by far the number one trek site and growing…it is hard to keep up but we are trying.

for discussion about the site (or volunteers to help) goto

415. Stef* - January 25, 2008


agreed – I’m hoping for this since days, so that these NerverendingSHAT debat ist caged in one thread, which I blessedly will ignore from then on.

It’s just so easy to build one.


@JJ and Crew

Thanks for doing this answering and chatting from Germany.

In my whole 33+ Trek Years I’ll never forget these days and this dream which seams to come true. I would give something for just being a little mouse on set right now.

Take care …


416. Bria Therrin - January 25, 2008

#413… what? There’s not enough gay programming on t.v. for you now? We’re supposed to have QueerTrek for the StraightTech? Come on… this was supposed to be a forum to hear about the new movie not individual activists post their personal desires.

417. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

everybody is literally on the set shooting a scene right now.

Hopefully they will come back and talk some more. I will notify you all when it is wrapped

418. kietero - January 25, 2008

question for several of you…

JJ: first off, thank you for bringing excitement back to Trek – it was thirsty for it BIG time.

I’ve read in various interviews and chats that you are staying absolutely true to canon. I am one of the rare few who liked STAR TREK ENTERPRISE (yeah, boo me all u haters want, I careth not) so I’m stoked about seeing this interpretation of the beginning of TOS.

The question I have for you is this: how much of ENTERPRISE will we get to see in STAR TREK and does that particular incarnation have any baring on how the story sets up in your vision?

CHRIS PINE: First of all, you’re going to be awesome as Jim Kirk – forget what the haters say – you’re going to be awesome.

For you, my question is: are you finding it difficult to deal with a lot of the weight baring down on you against the juggernaut that Shatner created with the character?

ZACHARY QUINTO: You look awesome as Spock – just like Nimoy, it’s scary.

With Mr. Nimoy’s blessing, and the fact that he is also in the movie I’m sure takes some weight off of you, if this movie becomes a huge hit like I hope it will, and JJ goes for seconds… do you feel that, so far, you are comfortable enough to come back as Mr. Spock in a second STAR TREK movie with the same cast?

Thank you all for a great job and I’m actually looking forward to Christmas this year (the first in many years). Good luck to you all and thank you, once more, for bringing STAR TREK back with a bang.

419. Dane Whitman - January 25, 2008


I don’t blame them. This has turned into a circus, and it happens everytime you get a group of “likeminded” star trek fans together.

420. maspill - January 25, 2008

407 thanks for the support i would have thought everyone would agree majel should be in the film she bin in everythin else in some way or another shes like startreks Q a thread from the start
MAJEL IN !!!!!

421. The Vulcanista - January 25, 2008


I am so THERE for something like that! I remember the LOTR ending credits and thinking, how cool is *that*!!

I am *such* a geek.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

422. Wolfspawn - January 25, 2008

If the computer talks, Majel should be there providing the voice-over.

423. ~~TARA~~ - January 25, 2008

For any cast member:

Were you a fan as a kid that pretended to be on the bridge of the Enterprise? And how does this experience compare?

424. Robohunter - January 25, 2008


That’s crass. No one’s asking for ‘Gay Trek’ – just a continuation of the franchise’s proud tradition of inclusivity and diversity. I’m sure reactionaries would have called supporters of Uhura’s or Sulu’s inclusion on the bridge crew “individual activists” at one time.

425. Tony Reale - January 25, 2008

People keep yelling that the Enterprise isn’t canon, the actors don’t look like their counterparts, etc. but realize that this isn’t the first time things have been changed for the sake of progress and improvement.

A huge example is ST:TMP where they completely changed the Klingon’s look. Now it’s something that we’ve accepted.

As long as this film is well produced and has the heart of Trek (something Enterprise didn’t have) I believe it will be a hit.

Thanks to JJ and crew for your fine work!

426. maspill - January 25, 2008

423 i hope so nothing mentioned yet tho by majel

427. John Tenuto - January 25, 2008

How about a question for fellow fans as we wait then?

What kinds of merchandise would you like to see from the film?

428. David Tester - January 25, 2008

#417……I said it would be my last, but how dare you! Nichelle Nichols has stated so many times Dr. King was the reason she didn’t leave the show because SHE broke boundaries….by being the first BLACK FEMALE officer on TV. period………Being Gay is no different in representation in the future than including a Russian…..or even an “ASEXUAL” as was portrayed in TNG…..Star Trek Is about a brighter future where everyone is accepted and can be who they are OPENLY! After all Gene Rodenberry himself considered a “Gay” epsisode, but didn’t because afraid of crossing the 1960’s line in TV!

429. norm - January 25, 2008

Hi JJ, As someone who loathes those brown/red uniforms from the Star Trek 2 – 6 movies. You can’t even see the insignia. Will the uniforms in your movie look like TOS TV show?

430. Gene L. Coon (was the Better Gene because he) was a U. S. Marine - January 25, 2008

JJ: re:# 363’s question about film or digital. I’d take it a step further, forget 35mm, what about striking a few prints in 70mm? Are you shooting in HD video? As long as you have Paramount in a good mood (Cloverfield!) get them to pony up some 70mm money. Nothing like it. John Ford was able to get Republic Pictures to make The Quiet Man (and in Technicolor) if Ford agreed to make a western (Rio Grande) with ohn Wayne first. Sounds very similar to your Cloverfield/Trek situation. I would love to see your Enterprise in 70mm.

Oh, and bringbackKirk. Thanks. Couldn’t resist.

431. Larry J. Taylor - January 25, 2008

JJ and crew, if this movie really goes well, do you have some additional idea’s for more st movies in the back of your mind? and will Paramont keep going on as the movie studio?

432. Brian - January 25, 2008

#423 I too think it would be really nice if they were to use Majel Barret-Roddenberry for the computer voice (or any part really). This would not only pay tribute to the original, not only to the sequal (of which she was in all of) but in the end, I think it would pay a tribute to the Roddenberry name and the Gene himself.

433. Brian - January 25, 2008

#431, I believe that in a recent interview (I dont remember who it was with) someone stated that it was being filmed in HD.

434. rtrj - January 25, 2008

#420 You’re right, I just want to hear about the movie and
see the “crew” have a chance to answer some of the great questions (like # 4) that have been asked, with a little less spam ;)

435. maspill - January 25, 2008

433 well said i ve bin sayin this for days now finally people are agreeing with me jj asked everyone else and there kids appart from shat to be in it why majel or rod

436. David Tester - January 25, 2008

KUDOS #433!!!!

437. Red Shirt - January 25, 2008

For “The Gang”…Can you let us in on the recent casting call for little people? Are they to portray humans, aliens, or are they MOCAP performers, like Andy Serkis in the Rings trilogy?

IDIC always!

Please don’t phase me! It’s just a red shirt I’m wearing!

438. The Vulcanista - January 25, 2008

Wow! You’re still here. Amazing!

Company left early, as their daughter decided to be born 2 weeks early right as we were sitting down to dinner, so here I am.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

439. rtrj - January 25, 2008

Ditto #433/437!!!!!

440. Lousy_Canadian - January 25, 2008

Mr. Abrams…

All I want for Christmas is an awesome premiere of Star Trek in Vulcan Alberta, Canada. With all the cast and crew on the red carpet and everything. Can you make the time to make that possible? Will there be any connections of Star Trek with Lost this year as well?

441. Laserlover2254 - January 25, 2008


The new movie WILL be Canon, as that’s how Paramount handles things.

442. Paul - January 25, 2008

#411, #413 – guys, gays have been included ever since The Cage. Doctor Boyce was gay, just as chief Pitcairn was, and don’t let me ever start on Lee Kelso. They just didn’t…well… show off their gayness like contemporary gays do. Maybe it fell out of fashion, or something. Point is there is no need to show off their gayness, since, well, in 23rd century it’s OK to be gay. Thus, no more need for exhibicionism, rainbow flags and pride parades.

You seem to envy Uhura. Point is, Uhura doesn’t show off her blackness, she simply is a crewmember who happens to have dark skin. You certainly don’t see her wearing funny etnic beaded hats, worship african gods and whatever – she behaves like any other normal person, she simply has dark skin. She doesn’t get any special treatment from writers, she doesn’t get any special stories just because of her skin color. We actually don’t even know whether she’s straight or bi. And why *should* we care about it, anyway?

443. Kostas-Greece - January 25, 2008

JJ, Is there a possibillity for the movie to be pictured in (also) 3D format?I recently watched “Beowulf” with the special glasses and my first thought was that the best movie for such an experience would be “Star Trek”.The Enterprise floating out of the big screen!!!

444. NCC-73515 - January 25, 2008

It’s 3 am here… going to bed now.
Thank you all for this experience. I somehow feel a bit closer to Trek now.
Will there be pushable buttons, hands-on controls, things like that?

445. Greg2600 - January 25, 2008

335/422, Yes, Peter Jackson put in 29 minutes of fan credits at the end of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Kevin Smith did the same thing on Clerks II, giving fan credits out to the first 10,000 friends he got on Myspace. I think both directors were attacked by the Hollywood press for doing so, because it belittled the actual crew. I don’t see what was wrong with that.

446. Gene L. Coon (was the Better Gene because he) was a U. S. Marine - January 25, 2008

#434 Thanks, then they can srike a 70mm print from HD pretty easily. How about it JJ? (I’m JJ in real life, btw, so we have that going for us)

#433 Using the original computer voice is such a no brainer as to be a given. If JJ is smart enough to use the real transporter sound in the trailer, getting the computer voice wrong seems unlikely. One of the small disappointments of the real movies (1-6; TNG doesn’t count ((sticks out tongue)) was lack of attention to detail. The communicators were wrong, they didn’t sound right, the bridge didn’t sound like the bridge until V-VI (and then barely), the lack of a Capain’s Log (except in TMP), the transporter was wrong, the music etc, etc, etc.. Seems trivial, but the devil is in the details. JJ seems to get that.

447. Anthony Pascale - January 25, 2008

OK folks I am closing this one down. I will put up the transcript in 2 minutes…with pics. They are having issues with their connection (NOT MY FAULT!)…but they hope to be back online maybe later. If they do they will jump into the transcript thread.

448. סינמסקופ » זאב זאב - January 29, 2008

[…] ג’יי.ג’יי אברמס קיים צ’ט לייב עם קוראי האתר TrekMovie בו הוא ענה, באיזור הטוקבקים, לשאלותיהם. הנה הלינק. […]

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