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Star Trek’s Most Romantic Moments February 14, 2008

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It’s Valentine’s Day and even though Paramount took our Christmas away, love is still in their air. Throughout the decades of Trek there have been many romantic moments and so the staff of thought we would pick some of our favorites.

So below are our picks for the most romantic moments from each of the series (and the movies).

The Original Series – Kirk and Edith Keeler take a walk
City on the Edge of Forever
Jim Kirk tells Edith about how the words “Let Me Help” were proposed to be more important than “I Love You,” but you know what he is really thinking.

Honorable Mention: Spock wooing the Romulan Commander in “The Enterprise Incident

Next Generation – Picard and Beverly have a campfire
Picard admits he had feelings for Beverly, but had to keep his distance after the death of her husband under his command.

Honorable Mention: Final Casablanca-like scene between Riker and Soren in “Outcast

Deep Space Nine – Odo and Kira have a date

His Way
Odo finally confesses his love to Kira, but thinks he is confessing to a hologram…but that cunning Vic Fontaine has got him telling the real thing.

Honorable Mention: Even though it breaks taboos, Dax cannot help but fall for her ex
in “Rejoined

Voyager – B’Elanna and Tom almost die
Day of Honor
Thinking she is about to die, B’Elanna finally ‘lowers her shields and tells Tom how she really feels (then gets rescued and three seasons later they get married).

Honorable Mention: The Doctor shows the Vidiian Denara Pel that he loves her for who she is on the inside in “Lifesigns

Enterprise – T’Pol gives Trip a peck at her wedding to another man
Shortly before T’Pol goes through with an arranged marriage she gives Trip a peck on the cheek and in that subtle moment you know that there is fire that still burns within.

Honorable Mention: Archer has to say goodbye to Riann in “Civilization

Movies – Decker, Ilia and V’Ger get together
Star Trek The Motion Picture
Decker finds that there is still some of his love Ilia left in ‘the probe’ and joins with her and V’Ger to create a new family-like entity. In the end Kirk lists the couple as not dead, but missing in action.

Honorable Mention: Anij slows down time to have a moment with Jean Luc in “Insurrection

Happy Valentine’s Day from
So what are some of your favorite romantic Trek moments?


1. Garovorkin - February 14, 2008

interesting in particular number 1 as much as I liked the episode City on the Edge of Forever, I wish they had did it the way Harlan Ellison wrote it.

2. Andy Patterson - February 14, 2008


Kirk and Edith Keeler is the best.

3. Garovorkin - February 14, 2008

#2 yes but it could have been better still

4. boJac - February 14, 2008

Aww, hopefully I can be romantic like that one day….

5. Andy Patterson - February 14, 2008


Kirk can’t hide his emotions that well.

6. I Love My Moogie - February 14, 2008

Dax kissing a chick wins hands down!

7. Spocko - February 14, 2008


I agree, I don’t think anything can beat Kirk and Edith Keeler.

8. Christian Malley - February 14, 2008

What about “Someone to Watch Over Me” for Voyager? The Doctor loves Seven..

9. Garovorkin - February 14, 2008

#5 its not quite the point is i was making. I have seen the episode countless times and while it is probably the best trek episode. What lessons the enjoyment of it for me is that i have read Harlan Ellison’s wonderful teleplay you would understand my dissatisfaction with the episode that ended up being filmed. I prefer the original by Ellison which was far superior. I revere Ellison’s works above all others so I am a bit biased on this point.

10. tbk1701 - February 14, 2008

Thanks Anthony even though we are all sad about the movie move, you help us remember the love.

11. Chaz McMarketing - February 14, 2008

See, I would have gone with the time when John Lesher pushed the movie to May, and everybody else kissed his [censored].

12. Harry Ballz - February 14, 2008

When I look at Kirk and Edith Keeler I’m conflicted about something….I recognize Keeler as THE love of Kirk’s life and yet in Generations, why is it Antonia that he pines after? Was it because of a stupid copyright issue of Harlan Ellison owning the rights to the character of Keeler so they took the easy way out? If that’s true, then it just reinforces to me what kind of DUNCES TPTB at Paramount are!!! ART should never be compromised by COMMERCE!

13. Daniel Broadway - February 14, 2008

Wow, this makes it painfully obvious that Star Trek doesn’t really have any good romantic moments.

14. Flint - February 14, 2008

On a sad note, the scene in TNG “Inner Light” when Kalib’s (Picard) wife succumbs to old age. That is a truly emotional scene. Maybe not romantic but it captures the essence of connection between loved ones. And is that not what Valentines Day is about, the connection between two people. Which goes way beyond any romantic encounter.

15. Garovorkin - February 14, 2008

Best romances in trek give me a break this whole subject is wretched waist of of a topic and time. and guess what, there are going to 300 or more comments on a topic that is dumb beyond world of no value what soever. God what a freakin Trivial waist of time and space.

16. tosfangirl - February 14, 2008

aww nice list Anthony…totally #1 kirk and edith…and what TNG fans didn’t want picard and crusher together? missed opportunity i think..

happy v-day everyone, cheer up! at least we do have a movie to look forward to rather than nothing =)

17. ravikanth - February 14, 2008

> Sisko telling Kassidy that he will be back tomorrow….or yesterday in DS9’s “What You Leave Behind” *sniffle sniffle*

> Sisko wooing Jennifer on the beach in DS9’s “Emissary”

> Worf and Dax marry in DS9’s “You are Cordially Invited…”

> Trip crying by T’pol’s side after the death of their baby Elizabeth in ENT’s “Terra Prime.” Now, that should have been the last moment of the series, not the subsequent debacle of an episode!

> Not romance, but love between father and son: DS9’s “The Visitor”- one of the most moving hours of episodic TV ever. Cpt. Sisko and Jake, role models for families out there.

Great choices yourselves, Staff!

Those who stereotype Jim Kirk as a player should remind themselves of Edith Keeler, and check themselves. :~) The man had his heart broken several times, particularly in that episode.

Great call on Decker/Ilia/V’ger….ST: TMP, despite its cerebral nature, had heart! Not to mention that romantic moment was the birth of a new lifeform, some might argue of a form of nirvana itself.

And great calls on the sexual-orientation open-mindedness moments in Trek. Very progressive for 1990’s television.

18. Harry Ballz - February 14, 2008


what a coincidence, you just recited the creed of the unattached, and on Valentine’s Day evening to boot! Sounds like someone needs a hug!

19. Brian - February 14, 2008

The ones listed are probably the best, but I too enjoyed “Someone to Watch over Me” and the end to “Virtuoso” was a great Doc and 7 moment as well

20. tosfangirl - February 14, 2008

ravikanth – i loved ‘the visitor’! makes me cry every time i watch it, one of the best DS9 episodes in my opinion, glad you brought it up!

21. DEMODE - February 14, 2008

#14: I totally agree with you. The Inner Light has Picard at his most romantic. Just before his wife dies, and she tells him to always remember to take his shoes off at the door… oh man, does that scene get me everytime! That was a very mature love story.

22. Etha Williams - February 14, 2008

Loved Spock and the Romulan commander! What a great ep…

And #15…no one is forcing you to read this….

23. Garovorkin - February 14, 2008

#18 Harry I am deeply sorry i keep thinking of that man with copd and his wife with ovarian cancer and then, reading all these comments about people gushing about what is the best trek romance, it just set me off. I This tore into me and set me off. As to me being unattached your quite right on that score.Love is something i gave up on a long time ago. I am to selfish and self centered for that and i wouldn’t wish myself on any woman.

24. Garovorkin - February 14, 2008

people love fictional romances, for some us its as close as we get toit in the real world. Life without it is hell, I know.

25. ravikanth - February 14, 2008

#20. Thanks tosfangirl. Happy Valentine’s! “The Visitor” is the one episode of DS9 i show friends who haven’t seen DS9, or even Trek, at all before. The essence of what Trek can be at its most powerful!

26. Kayla Iacovino - February 14, 2008

#14 Actually I think Valentines day is more about how much money you are willing to spend on someone. ie how much is your love worth. Nice sentiment, but when my boyfriend buys me flowers I am more pleased when he does it for a reason other than the fact that he was obligated to.

27. Harry Ballz - February 14, 2008

Ah, Garovorkin…..why is it something tells me that’s not true?

I sense anger and sadness in your heart, my friend, and that can be dealt with and, eventually, put behind you. I also sense kindness in you.

I feel your pain and know what it’s like…..hey, I’ve been to “hell and back” so many times….I deserve air miles.

Hang in, look for happiness where you can find it and keep writing to tell us what you’re thinking…….I want to hear what you have to say. :)

28. Spock - February 14, 2008

Picard and Vash in Qpid

Geordi and Leah Brahms

Data and Yar

Kirk and Miramanee

Kira and Vedek Biral

29. trekkie1415 - February 14, 2008

Maybe love is worth it… maybe I sould be optimistic about my future. Hey I trust other Star Trek fans!

Hey! Is it worth it? Puleez do tell…

30. The Vulcanista - February 14, 2008

Spock & Zarabeth

And yes, 29, it’s absolutely worth it! Even when it doesn’t work.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

31. Daniel Broadway - February 14, 2008


You earned my respect.

32. Katie G. - February 14, 2008

Re: #27. Harry

The Doctor is “IN”.

Good work, H.

Anthony, how about a poll on the best woman for Kirk (or Picard, or even Spock)? You know, just to drive everyone crazy? (Can anyone see that evil glint in my eyes?)


33. tosfangirl - February 14, 2008

#29 totally worth it don’t give up!

..what about…mccoy and the salt monster? lol that was hot..

34. Katie G. - February 14, 2008

Actually, A.P., how about the best man for Dax or Troi or Kira or Janeway or B’Elanna or Seven for that matter? Lots of ooze to choose from…


35. Garovorkin - February 14, 2008

#29 it also transcends time and space and from everything that i have been able to observe it brings out the best and all to frequently the worst in us. And sometimes it can be right in front of us and rather then walk toward and the light it brings, we recoil from that one moment that could have have made a difference in our lives, and we spend the rest of our days with a regret that burns and we wonder what might have been if we had walk to the light and the other way, might have been? all of you out there who read this and don’t laugh, if you find that moment and that music and that love, don’t make the mistake that I made long ago, don’t walk away from it. that is the worst of all choices. the one I made and can never get back. That is hell.

36. Katie G. - February 14, 2008

Re: #33. tosfangirl




37. I Love My Moogie - February 14, 2008

Why was Uhura & Scotty in STV omitted from the list? Scotty blushed like a schoolboy when Uhura stroked his face, how sweeter does it get than that? (and she brought him dinner too!)

38. Jovan - February 14, 2008

Garovorkin: Pretentious much?

39. tosfangirl - February 14, 2008

#37 uhura and scotty were kind of just thrown at us tho weren’t they? all of a sudden in st:V they’re dating? and then what? nothing! haha, didn’t hear anything about it after that. she probably got sick of his clingyness is what i’m guessing..he was always like that wasn’t he..just a wee bit.

40. Garovorkin - February 14, 2008

#38 no just lots to regret festering inside and yes i do come of as pretentious that was not my intent believe me. I know it sound foolish but with me it real

41. I Love My Moogie - February 14, 2008

I thought Moogie & Grand Nagus Zak were a sexy couple.

42. Garovorkin - February 14, 2008

The irony is that most of those romance seen above did all end on a happy note we all know what happened to Kirk and Keeler, Dax and previous love, Decker and Illia got togetherness in a unique way I gues trek does put a litle of the real world word in things.

43. The Vulcanista - February 14, 2008

#37 & 39

I always thought maybe Uhura had a little thing going on for Scotty all along. Nothing to base it in but pure fanwankery and some of Nichelle’s reaction shots on the bridge during scenes when Scotty was in command, if ya know what I mean. ;)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

44. Gary Seven - February 14, 2008

#27: Harry Ballz – I’m reposting your comment below, but I wanted to say something: I have never seen such caring, such tenderness, such gentleness…from a man named Harry Ballz. Harry, I didn’t know you had it in you.
Harry Ballz states:
Ah, Garovorkin…..why is it something tells me that’s not true?

I sense anger and sadness in your heart, my friend, and that can be dealt with and, eventually, put behind you. I also sense kindness in you.

I feel your pain and know what it’s like…..hey, I’ve been to “hell and back” so many times….I deserve air miles.

Hang in, look for happiness where you can find it and keep writing to tell us what you’re thinking…….I want to hear what you have to say

45. Garovorkin - February 14, 2008

ther wa one bit of romance in trek Kirk and the android Rayna creat edby the immortal flint(who wanted the perfect immortal mate) who used kirk to teach her what love was about. she did nt know she was real flint didnt want that. When Rana had to choose kirk or Flint , she died because she could not bear to hurt either man. For trek romance thatone is a downer beyond all measure. #38 see anything pretentious here?

46. ravikanth - February 14, 2008

re: #33 tosfangirl

mmmmm……salty……indeed, ha ha!

47. blake powers - February 14, 2008

I’m sorry.. I’m the biggest patrick stewart fan here… him and that chick in the jeffreys tube is the best.

48. Joseph Brown - February 14, 2008

There have been alot of good and great Trek romantic moments mentioned and I’m a bit surprised the episode I’m thinking of hasn’t been mentioned, “Change of Heart”. That’s the episode where Worf and Jadzia are sent to help a Cardasian double agent escape to the Federation, but Jadzia gets hurt and would probably die and Worf chooses to save his wife, instead of the double agent. Worf ends up being strongly reprimanded and probably loses the chance of ever becoming a captain. Even so, making sacrifices is a part of true love and this episode demonstrates this fact quite clearly.

49. Robert Bernardo - February 14, 2008

I thought the most romantic moment was the act 4 scene between Zefram Cochrane and Companion/Commissioner Hedford in TOS’s “Metamorphosis”.

50. MrRegular - February 14, 2008

How about the scene in “Shades of Grey” where Counselor Troi half-whispers “Imzadi” to Riker who is on the bed in sickbay?
That moves me, even now, as I write this. A beautifully acted scene in an otherwise unremarkable episode. This scene was one of the best in all of Trek, in my opinion.

51. John Pemble - February 14, 2008

Romance in Trek with bald men? Never.

52. AJ - February 14, 2008

Kirk and Enterprise during the TMP flyover. Now THAT’S love.

53. Harry Ballz - February 14, 2008

Gary Seven

I meant every word I wrote…..I don’t mind being serious when the moment warrants it!

54. James Heaney - Wowbagger - February 14, 2008

I’ve got to disagree about most of those choices, actually. But the important thing is that Edith Keeler was at the top of the list. What a truly marvellous scene. Thank goodness for the rewrite of Harlan’s script.

Still – no “The Inner Light”? That would have been right up there for me. And “Resolutions,” the pinnacle of J/C (which I always supported).

55. Elrond L. - February 14, 2008

#17, great list. Worf and Dax were such a fun couple! Then you go and mention two of my all-time favorite tearjerkers, “The Visitor” and Trip & T’Pol at the end of “Terra Prime.” I agree, TP was the real ENT finale.

Thanks for the Valentine’s Day coverage, Anthony — my wife and I met 22 years(!) ago today. It had extra-special meaning this year because she’s nearly recovered from an accident, where a runaway car crashed into a store entrance just as we were walking out… she avoided being pinned by inches. I’m so glad to have her with me for our 22nd “anniversary.”

56. The Guardian of Forever - February 14, 2008

I so totally ship Kirk/Edith.

57. DJT - February 15, 2008

Heck. Here’s my two cents. *If* I were the romantic type, the following would top the list. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

1) Kirk & Edith, “City On the Edge of Forever”
2) Kirk & Reena, “Requiem for Methuselah”
3) Spock & Leila, “This Side of Paradise”
4) Sisko & Jennifer, “The Emissary”
5) Odo & Kira, “His Way”, “Children of Time”, “Crossfire”, “Heart of Stone”
6) Worf & Dax, “You Are Cordially Invited”, “Change of Heart”

Nuff said. Peace out.

58. Enc - February 15, 2008

any votes for
mirror Sulu and Uhura ?
Riker & Minuet
Christine & Spock

59. Mark Lynch - February 15, 2008


The ‘relationship’ between Kirk and Rayna was some of the worst writing that I have ever seen, anywhere, full stop. BTW This is a life long ST fan talking.

The notion that you meet a total stranger and fall so deeply in love with them after a couple of hours is quite honestly so insulting to anyone’s mentality as to be laughable. The fact that the actors managed to carry off this drivel is a testament to their abilities.

The premise of the episode was intersting enough, an immortal being who has seen everyone he has ever loved age and die before his eyes. Eventually manages to create a partner that will never age and therefore never leave him alone again. Quite powerful stuff, how would it feel to know you can never die? Not as good as you might initially think…

Unfortunately, the execution of the premise was just dire. One of ST’s less than stellar moments.

City on the Edge of Forever, one of the best ST episodes ever, reagrdless of the romance aspect.

Does anyone know if it is possible to get a copy of Harlan Ellisons script as it was originally written?

Thanks and goodnight… :)

60. Iowagirl - February 15, 2008

Kirk and Edith was and always will be the Real Thing, a testimony which survives.

Kirk and Miramanee is a sweet, honest, and important moment in time, but suffering from amnesia it was a story being told about a man Kirk maybe could have been, somebody he maybe always wanted to be even if only for that one moment.

For me, those two stories sort of enframe the character from that particular point of view and, therefore, are my favourite romantic moments.

You’re right. That scene is breathtaking and very emotional, and the E must be mentioned if we talk about true love…

61. TK - February 15, 2008

#35 Let me say this word to you, “there are always possibilities” ;)

62. sherlock2040 - February 15, 2008

Aw, you missed the Sarek/Amanda moment in sickbay (Journey to Babel) when he says that marrying her was the logical thing to do!

63. Sam Belil - February 15, 2008

The City of the Edge Forever, not just one of the best SCI-FI stories ever, one of the very best love stories ever!!!!! Yes we have seen Kirk “make it” with a plethora of some serious “Sex-Bombs” over the years. Edith Keeler as portrayed by Joan Collins was not meant to be a sex-bomb. She played a beautiful human-being, with an even more beautiful soul and substance!!!!. I think the first time Kirk saw her, we all fell the same way — we fell in love with her inner beauty as well as her outer-beauty. Edith Keeler and Kirk were soul mates from the second they met, even the ever-logical Spock could see that (Antonio who??????????????). I choose to believe that in the “world of Star Trek”, that they are together in the “next world”.

64. Trek Nerd Central - February 15, 2008


Garovorkin, take heart, buddy. Life is long and complicated. This very morning you could stumble across love. And when you do, knowing what you know about loss and the pain of loneliness, you will hold it to your chest and cherish it. It sounds cornball, but it’s as true as the air.

As for Kirk/Edith, absolutely that’s the most romantic pairing in Trek. But the piece of that episode that slays me every time is the moment in the basement, when Edith’s on the stairs (angry about the “borrowed” tools) and Kirk is at the bottom, gazing up. The way he says “Miss Keeler”. . . whoa.

65. King Zooropa - February 15, 2008

I’m surprised nobody has brought it up here, but for me, one of the most romantic episodes in all of Trek was TNG’s “Lessons”. This was the episode where Picard fell in love with one of his officers — Commander Daren. I know the point of the story was mainly about how would the captain react if an officer he was romantically involved with would die, but the romance aspect was wonderful.

More than anything, it felt adult. Sometimes in drama — especially sci-fi — a romance will feel contrived and fake. This one didn’t. You could see two people connect and become attracted to one another on a visceral, deeply emotional level through their shared love of music.

Bravo to both actors and the writers for pulling off a credible, beautiful, romantic episode.

More details about the episode:

66. wayne - February 15, 2008

I actually didn’t find Spock and the Romulan Commander all that romantic. He was deceiving her afterall. I would have rather seen Zarabeth and Spock. I also thought Spock and Leila from “This Side of Paradise” were romantic. Of course, the scenes between Spock and Christine Chapel in “The Naked Time” were romantic/tragic, as well. Funny, but when I think of TOS, I mostly think of Spock having the romances. Kirk was more about the conquest.

67. Starfleetemom - February 15, 2008

OMG…I melt when I think of Chakotay making the bathtub for Janeway….HE was so romantic and tender and she was so ……….
Janeway! Ugh! Not only stubborn, but stupid! Ha!
Voyager, Resolutions.

68. Kendra Shaw Redux - February 15, 2008

EXCUSE ME PEOPLE. What about Worf and Troi in “All Good Things”?? How soon we forget that memorably romantic line of all lines…

“It was VERY stimulating.”



69. Kimmycat - February 15, 2008

I always felt that Scotty and Uhuru had a thing for each other! in some of the TOS episodes they seemed like good friends. I alway felt their relationship was more than platonic.

I sometimes wonder about Scotty and Lt. Mira Romaine from the TOS episode “The Lights of Zetar”. I thought they made an interesting couple. In one of the TOS novels “Memory Prime” (1988) they actually reunited.

70. Kirok Fan - February 15, 2008

I’m glad that a couple of people (Spock and Iowagirl) mentioned Kirk and Miramanee. In my mind, the Miramanee love story is a more important event in Kirk’s life than the Edith Keeler story. Edith Keeler was a woman that Kirk admired and fell in love with, but they never really spent time together – they were still at the dating stage. With Miramanee, Kirok (Kirk) actually married her and lived with her for months.

I think that City on the Edge of Forever was just such an amazing episode with such a good story, so we tend to think Kirk’s love for Edith must have been equally amazing. In other words, I think we often confuse the quality of the story with the quality of Kirk’s love for Edith.

Personally, I think Carol Marcus and Miramanee would both be on Kirk’s mind more frequently that Edith Keeler.

Here is my pick for the worst Star Trek romance:
When Paris and Janeway turned into weird little creatures and had babies together (I don’t remember or care to remember what the name of that appalling episode was).

71. Captain Pike - February 15, 2008

Funny nobody’s rooting for Riker and Troi…
Not that I think much of the “couple” but I think it was supposed to be the big memorable romance in TNG.

72. Garovorkin - February 15, 2008

#70 If I could change twp things in trek ,one I would have not killed of Kirks son David Marcus to me that was a little to tragic for my taste, and on City on the Edge of Forever (good though it may be) I would have liked to have seen Harlan Ellison’s version rather r then the version we got. His version is in print and it is a fantastic tour de force bit of writing. I was wondering if anyone out there is familiar with it.?

73. Garovorkin - February 15, 2008

#72 no one is rooting for Riker and Tro because they never really got togther in the series one of the problems that the next generation had was they allow no romantic relationships to development and that to me hurt the next generation. in other words no significant character growth through most of the series

74. Go Spock! - February 15, 2008

good choices

Happy Valentine’s Day!

75. Iowagirl - February 15, 2008

I’m not familiar with it, but if you’re interested, Ellison’s original version is availabe at I hope the link works.

76. Katie G. - February 15, 2008

Re: 67. Starfleetemom

“OMG… I melt when I think of Chakotay making the bathtub for Janeway…. HE was so romantic and tender and she was so ……….
Janeway! Ugh! Not only stubborn, but stupid! Ha!”

Hey, didn’t you see the look on her face when Tuvok contacted them saying they’d found a cure? She was disappointed. I think her resistance was crumbling. See her face when he told her that warrior story? I think she would have eventually succumbed. They just didn’t give her enough time. Anyway, it was a teaser to keep us glued to the series, hoping we’d see something develop.

It was kind of heart-breaking when, at the end of the episode, they’re back in their respective command chairs as if nothing had happened — yet we know better…


77. Katie G. - February 15, 2008

Re: #75. Iowagirl

I was just going to ask if anyone could direct me to it. Thanks!!


78. AJ - February 15, 2008

Riker and Troi were always made it seem easy to put their duty ahead of their past, and it was annoyingly fake. A rehash of the even worse Decker-Ilia relationship.

What a downer when your ex-girlfriend tells your boss she’s taken an oath of celibacy after a long relationship with you.

79. Garovorkin - February 15, 2008

# 75 Thanks i do have a copy and I recommend it and anything else Harlan has written. He is simply the best. Half the fun of reading him is his introductions because you learn a lot interesting things. He’s never dull and ive have never been disappointed by anything that he has written. He is very wise and wonderful sage and I would not have missed his stories for the world.

80. Garovorkin - February 15, 2008

#78 Riker and Troi were dull as dishwater and who could care one bit about them. they had not interesting relationship to speak of that wasn’t in the line of ships duty. They just were not real people at all.

81. Edith Keeler - February 15, 2008

Shat is a lousy kisser. Nimoy, on the other hand, is an animal.

82. Garovorkin - February 15, 2008

in the next generation there was no signicant character development and I think after a while people started to loose interest in the show a little, everything would reset to zero for the next episode. Then along came Babylon5 which gave trek its first serious scif competition, Babylon 5 made the had characters that actually were very flawed human beings, they had more dimension,and I am sorry to say, the writing on b5 was far better . The next gens characters were by comparison one dimensional.
So they responded with Deep Space 9, which had characters and stories that were far more compelling then the next generation characters. Which is why Next gen romances rate the lowest among the trek series because they are the least real.

83. Jon Witchell - February 15, 2008

Kirk and Reena in Requiem for Methuselah, is my fav romantic couple/episode.

84. Closettrekker - February 15, 2008

#72–I vaguely remember Ellison’s original story. I seem to remember a difference in how it ended. If memory serves, Ellison had his protagonist choose to save Edith over the timeline, despite the consequences. I think Roddenberry felt that, no matter how deep his personal feelings for Ms. Keeler were, he would not commit such an offense contrary to Starfleet ethics and moral code. She dies in the original timeline, and that death was pivotal to that timeline’s result. It has been years since I read that, and may not remember it correctly.

#80–They were dull. Most of TNG came off dull to me–with a few exceptions.

85. Iowagirl - February 15, 2008

My pleasure.

Although I think the version of City on the Edge of Forever we finally saw is coherent and just perfect, I’ll maybe buy a copy of Ellison’s script – after all, the GoF and “Sister Edith“ are his original literary property. And maybe I just wanna know what he’s been ranting about for 40 years. ;-)

86. Garovorkin - February 15, 2008

#84 Closesttrekker not quite ,in Ellison version was vastly different, Roddenberry. Kirk is different more human and and flawed then in the television version, I recommend you read it then you will understand. how different it truly how much better it is then what we ended up with.

87. Closettrekker - February 15, 2008

#82–Although I am not at all familiar with Babylon 5, I think your comparison of the character depth (at least with regards to realism) between TNG and DS9 is reasonable. TNG characters were a little “stiff” for my tastes, and the ones who weren’t–like Troi, for example, were rather useless. I did like Dr. Crusher, but her son–that’s another story. I never liked the idea of children aboard the Enterprise, no matter how “progressive” it seemed to be.

I like my Trek without Kids or holodeck adventures (not sure which is worse).

Romance aboard the TNG Enterprise was like everything else–too sterile and just plain boring.

88. Garovorkin - February 15, 2008

#82 Closettreker My god man if you haven’t seen B5 then youve missed out on one of the greatest scif sagas of all time. The series had a epic 5 year story arc it was in a sense a novel for television, Its all out on dvd please check it out you will not be disappointed. This series had everthing you possbly want . Walter Koenig plays villianous Psycop named Alfred Bester and he is wonderful as a heroicc bad guy. There are incredible space battles and some of the darkest and nastiest political intrigues in any sci fi series
please check it out!!

89. Closettrekker - February 15, 2008

#86–Hard to imagine a better version of COTEOF in a TOS episode, but I’d be happy to read it again after all these years.

Also, I don’t think I need a more “human” Jim Kirk, and certainly not one with any more flaws. I’m not sure you could rise to become the youngest Starship captain in Starfleet history and to command the pride of the fleet with many character flaws. If so, that might diminish some of the prestige given that position, would it not?

Of course, all human beings have “human flaws”. His is the one most closely associated with alpha-males—ego. While it is often the strength, it is occasionally also the weakness.

My biggest problem with COTEOF (although it is fantastic), is the lack of explanation as to why Starfleet would be so careless as to allow such interactive study of the past within the GOF. It seems to me that the Federation would be more careful. Oh well, that’s perhaps too much to ask from a tv series. Great storytelling–that’s for sure.

90. Garovorkin - February 15, 2008

#89 Closettreker with regard to Ellison I have a bit of a bias here, I do know that Roddenberry has creators descretion, I just wish he could have reconsidered .

91. girl6 - February 15, 2008

As a person who writes erotic fan fiction, I agree that “City” is one of the more romantic eps. But,

“Jean Luc, blow up the damn ship!”

wins hands down. Woodard and Stewart have amazing chemistry.

Also, Spock with all his intense, Vulcan focus on the Romulan Commander.

92. Garovorkin - February 15, 2008

#91 it would have been nice if they could have explored that bit of chemistry

93. Closettrekker - February 15, 2008

#92–Chemistry? Looked to me as though they were exploring biology!

Spock’s “Romulan love child”, anyone?

Where’s Diana Ross? “Love child….never meant to be!”

Wow, first the Romulan commander–then Saavik!

No wonder he walked around in a robe when he was out of uniform. How could he afford a good wardrobe with all those child support payments?

94. CmdrR - February 15, 2008

Nothin’ says romance more than Kirk pullin’ his boots on while Deela brushes her hair. Gets me all choked up just thinking about it.

95. The Vulcanista - February 15, 2008


I’m wondering if there’s gonna be some Spock/Romulan Cmdr. baby-mama drama in the new movie…

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

96. Closettrekker - February 15, 2008

#95–I’m thinking she would have been executed after that fiasco, or at the very least, stripped of her command. Maybe the “love child”(Nero) is out for revenge against Spock for ruining his mother’s status in the Romulan military heirarchy.

97. The Vulcanista - February 15, 2008


Closettrekker, out of my brain *now*! Seriously. :)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

98. Closettrekker - February 15, 2008

#97–Alas, the fruit of my “creative juices” has been rebuffed at the hands of The one and only Vulcanista…I guess I should stick to sales.

99. The Vulcanista - February 15, 2008

No, more like great minds thinkin’ exactly the same thing at exactly the same time!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

100. Harry Ballz - February 15, 2008

Am I gonna have to hose you two down? :)

101. Garovorkin - February 15, 2008

I have correct on statement made with nex gen Worf did actually have a meaningful relationship with kalhar who bore him alexander I wish they had let that one run for a few episodes. Then he goes over to DS9 meets Jadzia Dax they fall inlove and get maried along the way their relationship becomes fully realized and then she dies(terry Farrel leaving the series was a good opportunity to do something dramatic) their relation was very believable and a great one. The same could be said for Captain Sisko, best of all the Trek captains, His wife jenifer dies tragically and that weighs on him for a while he has a number false starts, meet Jenifer from a parralell l universe and looses her agin mosttragic, then has a happy ending of sorts with Kassidy Yates but then is forced to leave her to fullfill his destiny with the prophets of Bajor, All in all DS( had the best and most interesting of all the trek romances, Love and Tragedy. both balanced nicely

102. Katie G. - February 15, 2008

Re: #91. girl6

“Woodard and Stewart have amazing chemistry.”

Are you saying (since this thread is …”Most Romantic Moments”) that there was an attraction between them? Okay, I missed that. I thought it was affection coupled with respect — never occured to me that it was romantic or sexual. Either I’m really naive, or they didn’t do it right. I’d like to think that I’m not that thick! Now the chemistry between Picard and Kamala (the empathic metamorph – TNG ep) or Picard and Anij (“Insurrection”) was very noticeable but with Lily? I didn’t feel the love.



103. Closettrekker - February 15, 2008

#99, #100—There is life in that story, I tell ya! If nothing else, it would make a decent novel—–a collaborative effort between The Vulcanista and Closettrekker….Foreword by Harry Ballz.

104. Katie G. - February 15, 2008

Re: #102

Oops. Hiccup.

Re: #100. Harry

“Am I gonna have to hose you two down?”

Can’t blame it on the Nyquil this time, babe.


105. Katie G. - February 15, 2008

Re: #103. Closettrekker – February 15, 2008

“#99, #100—There is life in that story, I tell ya! If nothing else, it would make a decent novel—–a collaborative effort between The Vulcanista and Closettrekker….Foreword by Harry Ballz.”

Better let me be the editor. It may need a level head. :-)


106. Garovorkin - February 15, 2008

as good as all those moments were I think DS9 tops them all

107. Closettrekker - February 15, 2008

#105–Welcome to the team.

On that note, time for me to make sure my staff is not being half as unproductive as I am (unless my next career is authoring Trek novels with The Vulcanista, Harry, and Katie G.).

108. Garovorkin - February 15, 2008

#105 might even be a best seller on the to read trek list

109. Katie G. - February 15, 2008

Re: #101. Garovorkin

You’re such a romantic!

Personally, I didn’t enjoy the tragedy. My life is full enough of it and I guess I wanted some nice escapism. When Sisco met Jennifer in the mirror universe I thought “hooray”, then they popped my poor balloon.

You’re the only one I’ve heard say that Sisko was their favourite Captain. Mine too! I liked all the others but Avery Brooks stands out somehow. I LOVE the relationship between Sisko and Jake. Very well done. Although I must sort of agree with Closet-Trekker that having the kids along may not be the best ideal. But it sure beats leaving them behind. Bit dangerous, though.

Poor Kassidy. Left alone, pregnant. Wonder if Sisko ever gets to see his new child? The potential…


110. Katie G. - February 15, 2008

Re: #107. Closettrekker

Yeah. He’s right. I’d better get going too. Shovelled away all the snow now the kitchen calls…

There’ll soon be a new Trek adventure
By The Vulcanista and Closet-Trekker
The foreward by Harry
And edited by Katie
It’ll soon be a real big bestseller!!



111. Garovorkin - February 15, 2008

#109 Katie I thought that all of the captains he had the most dimension, and with everything that he went through he had a believeabilty and a nobility about and grandeur as well. He was larger then life and could back it up, and so were the women in his life.

112. Garovorkin - February 15, 2008

to continue because my computer just glitched on me, I liked Benjamin Sisko best of all. The whole connection that he had with the Prophets of Bajor.

113. Flint - February 15, 2008

# 59


26. Kayla Iacovino – February 14, 2008
#14 Actually I think Valentines day is more about how much money you are willing to spend on someone. ie how much is your love worth.

How can you put a price on Love? I understand your point on obligation, you should not be obligated on Valentines Day. But how does money come into play? How much your love is worth transcends the need to contribute to a retail establishment. You show how much your love is worth by the sacrifices you are willing to make to your spouse. Yeah its nice to receive an expensive gift, and it’s sometimes appropriate, but is that not a shallow thought to think that a huge ring is more valuable then sacrifice and appreciation.

114. Katie G. - February 15, 2008

Re: #111. Garovorkin

Yes, I think that was what I liked. It showed much more of his personality, the most range of all of them. Sometimes I can’t articulate. But you nailed it. He has quite a presence.

One of my favourite episodes was the one where there was an accident and it was thought that he died but his temporal signature had been altered and he was tethered to Jake and kept appearing every so often, at different stages of Jake’s life. That was a brilliant piece of writing. (There it is — “The Visitor” Season 4, Ep. 2) More tragedy, except this time, with a happy ending…

This time I really need to get going.

Have a great evening, all.


115. Garovorkin - February 15, 2008

# 114 Katie that episode had me in tears. Without a doubt one of Tony Todds finest performances as the older Jake Sisko.

116. ravikanth - February 15, 2008

re: #55 Thanks for the good vibes, Elrond L. Quite a story about your wife’s recovery. Much support to you both. Having nearly lost loved ones recently, I can appreciate the blessings of their continued health.

Now to be serious, he he, add the duo O’brien & Bashir on DS9!

Now that was the original JD & Turk (“Guy Love…” from ‘Scrubs’ anyone?)!

Good thing Bashir finally hooked up with (a) Dax, Ezri, by the end of the series. :~)

117. Harry Ballz - February 15, 2008

#103 Closettrekker “Foreword by Harry Ballz”

Write the Trek book and I’ll be happy to do the foreword…..and I promise it’ll only take four words!

And you ask, of course, what are the four words for a foreword?


(looking forward to numerous royalty cheques) :)

118. Denise de Arman - February 15, 2008

I stay away for one day and Vulcanista and Closettrekker are writing a book together, Harry is writing the foreplay… I mean foreword, and poor Katie is having to shovel snow. Katie, track down a man to do that for you – you’re already cooking dinner and doing the laundry. That’s what their upper body strength is for girlfriend!

119. Biodredd - February 15, 2008

OMG! I can’t believe that Next Gen got the mention for those two scenes. Romantic was every scene Riker had with Minuet in 10011010 in the first season of ST:TNG.

She was smoking hot, and they just had something I would have liked to have seen revisted at a later date.

As a guy who is not into women, she did a fine job of getting my own pulse rate to climb quite a bit.

120. Harry Ballz - February 15, 2008


you hand me a paragraph with my name being mentioned along with foreplay and upper body strength……and I’m supposed to leave it alone?

I guess I better….I wouldn’t want to offend all your sensibilities…….not to mention receiving a two month ban from Anthony! :)

121. Paul Fitz - February 15, 2008

May romance live long and prosper! It is certainly better than the sex fuelled dreck on tv nowadays!
(i know i sound like an oldie but i’m only 24, romance rocks!)

122. Denise de Arman - February 15, 2008

Harry- I never told you that my sensibilities were offended – I simply told you to take a pill (Katie was upset, Closettrekker was denying he even knew us, and Anthony was about to give me a warning – you know me and the male authority figure thing…)! I love you the way you are dear, complete with ribald, manical insanity. Of course, I will never admit that after I post this message, so don’t even bother reminding me of it in the future…

123. The Vulcanista - February 15, 2008

“Of course, I will never admit that after I post this message, so don’t even bother reminding me of it in the future…”
The above post will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

124. The Vulcanista - February 15, 2008

BTW, y’all are nuts… ;-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

125. rosequartz - February 15, 2008

Worf and K’ehler get my vote. Sexy, dramatic… Picard/ Beverly , Tom Paris are close seconds.

126. Denise de Arman - February 15, 2008

Vulcanista#123- LOL!

127. Harry Ballz - February 15, 2008

I’m picturing being shipwrecked on a desert island with Denise and Vulcanista……………..hmmm, time for a colorful metaphor…….

“the waves crashed repeatedly against the shore…….”

Oh, yeah, that’s the ticket! :)

128. Denise de Arman - February 15, 2008

Harry#127- I could never do the shipwreck thing, Harry. What if we weren’t rescued by May ’09? And how could we go to trekmovie every day for our fix? Gotta’ find another fantasy that’s more practical… but you don’t have to tell about it!

129. Edith Keeler - February 15, 2008

Shat had a bad case of the wandering eye ….

130. girl6 - February 15, 2008

Anij and Picard in “Insurrection”? There is nothing remotely romantic about that vapid, milquetoast, flaccid excuse for a movie. It was like one of those horrible Harlequin Romances–in space. The scene in “Tapestry” with Picard naked in the bed with Q was more stimulating.

Give me sweaty, angry Picard and a woman brave enough to call him on his bulls*it “evolved sensibilities” any day. “First Contact” rocked.

Just sayin’. To each, her own. Peace.

And Spock seducing the Romulan Commander with two fingers and one hand behind his back? Now, that’s the mack daddy for ya.

131. mikkonoma - February 15, 2008

It looks like a point has been made for a given character only to recieve one spot per category. Therefore, Kirk’s ‘spot’ gets taken up for TOS by Edith Keeler (rightly so). I agree with the ‘winners’ in the various categories… but, pardon me, i missed Riker/Troi and Worf/Jadzia.

I’m a Jean-Luc/Beverly fan. I think it was probably the most ‘human’ of the romantic edges in TNG (which was a frightfully unromantic show, overall). I always thought it was a gorgeous match. However, it never managed to happen.

That being said… Nemesis was supposed to have some very nice Jean-Luc/Beverly moments. The draft of ‘Nemesis’ that circulated the internet at some point, i think, was actually a strong piece that fell short because of the arbitrary clipping that was done to make the film run 2 hours, rather than 3. Had they not been so concerned with the film’s ‘consumability,’ it would’ve been a stronger product — and, i think, people would have viewed it more favorably, among Trek fans and in the box office as a whole.

THAT being said, throughout ‘Nemesis’ and the deleted scenes that we GOT to see, i was quite disappointed by the utter lack of Jean Luc/Beverly chemistry that i had so liked in TNG. (I’m inclined to blame the director for THAT.)

A scene that i’ve always really loved – and which was among those ‘deleted scenes’ – is Jean Luc & Beverly’s conversation over the comm at the very end, with Beverly saying ‘Soon, then. I’ll save the last dance for you.’

Well, can’t have everything, i suppose.

132. Katie G. - February 15, 2008

Re: #115. Garovorkin

“Katie that episode had me in tears. Without a doubt one of Tony Todd’s finest performances as the older Jake Sisko.”

Funny — I was going to say that but chickened out. “Oh, a chick boo-hooing over a sad scene, what a surprise.” But it really did affect me more than I thought a Star Trek episode would. Also made me sad that I never had children when I see these relationships in real life or on the screen.

I had no idea Tony Todd was that good. Thought he was excellent as Worf’s brother but wow. It was very nicely done.

So, who would you like to have seen end up with Sisko (before the prophets took him, of course)? Were you happy with the writer’s putting him and Kassidy together? I hoped the mirror universe Jennifer was going to come back with him.

Re: #118. Denise de Arman

I do have a man but he’s working his BUTT OFF all day while I’m at home not doing much. So I don’t like leaving it to him. I am very strong (it still surprises me not to mention all the men in the grocery store who run to help me lift the 18L water jugs for the water cooler and I hoist it into the cart by myself). It’s pretty hilarious. But I have paid a price. My connective tissue is starting to feel it.

And when I said I had to go do laundry, I meant “my” laundry. My husband insists on doing his own (in the last few years). He gets bored stiff sitting around and needs to do something I guess. So gotta tell ya girl, I’m not lackin’ for a man! I just like taking care of him when he’ll let me.

What thread is this again?

Kidding aside, he’s a good guy. Works very hard and never calls in sick.

And Harry, what gives??? Didn’t you see my limerick? Come on, man, it’s #110. I was so proud of myself and you didn’t even see it! :-|

Re: #122. Denise de Arman

Nah, I wasn’t upset. I was just teasing you. Trying to gently say “cut it out before you get busted” but didn’t think I knew you well enough to say “cut it out before you get busted”. Um and Denise, you just put that comment

“I love you the way you are dear, complete with ribald, maniacal insanity.”

in writing so it’s gonna be a teensy bit hard to deny. Guess you could tell Harry that someone must have been using your “username” but then Anthony would see that and delete all your new entries. (Wow — I should write a mystery novel……….. NOT!)

Re: #127. Harry

Sure, then Katie brings the Navy to rescue everyone and Harry curses her out! :-)

Re: #128. Denise

Ooh, burn. Harry, don’t take it personally…

Better stop typing. This is getting “ginormous”. :-)


133. Denise de Arman - February 15, 2008

Katie- You are a cutie- you and your husband sound like a sweet couple.

134. Harry Ballz - February 15, 2008


I somehow missed your limerick, thanks for pointing it out! Good stuff!

Denise, I’ll keep my next fantasy under wraps, but you’re more than welcome to share one of yours…..starring yours truly, of course! :)

135. Katie G. - February 15, 2008

Re: 133. Denise

Thanks. He’s a pretty great guy. We’re kinda like Mutt and Jeff or Abbott and Costello. Total opposites, but somehow we get along quite well. We seem to appreciate things in each other that we lack in ourselves. However, I gotta tell ya, I don’t know how much longer I can shovel. Snow, that is!! (Hahaha)

Harry, I’ll let it go this time.

Closet-Trekker/Vulcanista — can’t wait to see chapter one! (No more smiley faces. I overdid them last post…)

Thank you and g’night!!


136. Denise de Arman - February 15, 2008

Harry- Sorry, that role was given to Leonardo back when I was about 9 years old. Any and all fantasies must be centered around long fingers and black hair (I remember being disappointed as a kid upon finding out he didnt really have pointed ears).

137. Harry Ballz - February 16, 2008

So who says I don’t have long fingers and black hair? :)

138. Harry Ballz - February 16, 2008

p.s. I can’t make any promises about the ears, though…

139. Marian Ciobanu - February 16, 2008

TWO CHICS KISS …i think i’m going to throw up….

140. Denise de Arman - February 16, 2008

Harry- But can you mind meld? Nope, I didn’t think so…

141. Garovorkin - February 16, 2008

#132 Katie yeah i do have soft spot for these as put it, Tearful scenes. things like these can move me on occasion especially when you care so much about the characters. I have said before then often the best drama is the ones where there is not a happy ending where the character does not come out of it. A good example is in the Television show Lexx the character Kai an undead assasin and last of his people the Bruenan G. Couldn’t laugh could cry emotionless like Mr Spock, and wonderfully Heroic and terribly Tragic, in the last episode in trying to avenge the destruction of Earth was granted mortality and as he died , he got laugh at the fact that regained his humanity mortality in the last minute before the end. That is great drama and sad. Jake Sisko in all he went through to get his father back, just moved me, we know that he will succeed, because good knows I don’t think I could have bore a sad outcome here. sometimes great drama doesn’t need a sad ending to be great.

142. Closettrekker - February 16, 2008

#141–Oddly enough, aside from the Spock-death scene in TWOk, the most emotional moment for me came in the ENT episode, “Terra Prime”. Well done.

143. Harry Ballz - February 16, 2008


how do you know that, in order to keep my control over you secret, I didn’t already mind meld with you through our computer keys and planted a suggestion to have you forget that I have mind meld ability?

M’yeah………….oh, and by the way, while we were in the meld I was, of course, privy to your most intimate thoughts regarding moi……and all I can say is……YOU NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY GIRL!!!

But, hey, I like the way you think!!! :)

144. Denise de Arman - February 16, 2008

Harry- Do you by any chance happen to remember a Frazier episode
wherein Frazier and his new female boss (I think the actress was Mercades Reule) got all heated up on his radiostation console and flipped a switch, thereby proclaiming to all Seattle that he was a “bad boy” and she was a “naughty girl”? I think you and I are channeling that episode… Oh, and by the way, you almost have me spooked with the mind-meld-through-the-computer-keys-thing, given we separately arrived at “bad boy, naughty girl”, and at different times… (Twilight Zone theme song plays errily in the background…)

145. Marian Ciobanu - February 16, 2008

– so RIKER

146. I Love My Moogie - February 16, 2008

The most romantic Trek moment was when Troi was turning into a fish & Worf bit her cheek.

147. Garovorkin - February 16, 2008

#146 Moogie at the very ,least that one should be filed under notion that love does hurt sometimes.

148. I Love My Moogie - February 16, 2008

#147: “Moogie at the very ,least that one should be filed under notion that love does hurt sometimes.”

Who needs pheromones with ‘fish’ Troi giving off Omega 3 fatty acids.

149. Garovorkin - February 16, 2008

#148 Moogie How about the Phrase “you always hurt the ones you love” applying to that scene? Its amazing this topic has generated the number comments that it has and that everyone takes it as seriously as they do.. My initial sour grapes comment and my pretentious follow up not withstanding.

150. Harry Ballz - February 16, 2008


you seem to think I was kidding about the mind meld………I remember the Frasier episode well, and not to ruin the illusion, but wasn’t it “dirty girl”?

……..when it comes to you, it’s a pleasure to have “a meeting of the minds” :)

151. Denise de Arman - February 16, 2008

Harry#150- Well, that changes everything if it wasn’t “naughty girl” – no mind meld through the keys, no spooky music, just me and one of my very rare mistakes! Thanks for the correction! “Dirty girl” was better, considering the aforementioned situational comedy, however, hardly applicable in my case – had me going there for a couple hours, Harry.

152. Harry Ballz - February 16, 2008

Once again I’ve helped shatter an illusion a woman had about me…..I should learn to keep my big mouth shut!

153. Denise de Arman - February 17, 2008

Harry- He he he…

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