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Two More For Trek February 25, 2008

by Charles Trotter , Filed under: ST09 Cast , trackback has confirmed  a couple of more actors in small roles in the new Star Trek movie. 32-year-old actress Darlena Tejeiro has an unknown part and 46-year-old actor and stuntman Paul Townsend is playing a Starfleet security officer. Both actors have extensive experience and for Paul, this is not his first time in the Star Trek universe.

About Darlena
Little is known about Tejeiro’s role in the film except that she has completed her work and she is not playing an Orion. After studying acting in New York, Darlena began her career in 1995 with a recurring role on the soap All My Children. Since moving to Los Angeles she has appeared on shows such as NYPD Blue, Nip/Tuck, Criminal Minds, Medium and Ugly Betty. Her most high profile films to date are 2004’s Starsky & Hutch and 2007’s I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, although she had a lead role in the direct-to-DVD horror movie Axe. More on Tejeiro at IMDb

Tejeiro, just guess that she will not be hidden under Vulcan robes

About Paul
Paul Townsend seems to have a somewhat larger role and will appear in several scenes as a security officer.  Townsend trained under actor Jeff Corey, who appeared as Plasus in the TOS episode “The Cloud Minders.” He has been seen in such films as Small Soldiers and A Mighty Wind and has made appearances on shows like The Bold and the Beautiful, Charmed, and Monk. His stunt work includes the films Beastmaster 3 and National Treasure. He was also a stuntman and featured performer on Star Trek: Enterprise, appearing as a gunfighter in the third season episode “North Star.” See IMDb for more on Townsend.

Townsend, keeping the ‘stache alive in the 23rd century

31 and more to come
Tejeiro and Townsend bring the total number of confirmed cast members to 31. will have more casting news later this week so stay tuned.

Special thanks to Memory Alpha’s Tom for contributing to this story


1. Bob, The Evil Klingon Frontline Leader - February 25, 2008

I’m not familiar with Darlena Tejeiro although I would like to be ;), but I do recognize Paul Townsend. I’ll have to check out “A Mighty Wind” this week.

2. Tango - February 25, 2008

Welcome aboard Paul and Darlena–Third!

3. Garovorkin - February 25, 2008

Pity Darlena would have made a cool Orion.. I have seen Paul Townsend before, he’s quite a good actor.

4. EM - February 25, 2008

More minor news

5. jcvmf214 - February 25, 2008

I just got one question. where is JJ digging up these people. some of them I never even heard of.

6. Sisko Is The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him - February 25, 2008

To EM number 4

is it just me or are people on this site acting more and more like spoiled children lately.

If there is some better website with MAJOR trek news out there that this site is missing please tell us about it and we will all go there.

7. Joey - February 25, 2008

So, he will be a RED SHIRT.

I hope he has a glorious death, lol

8. Thomas - February 25, 2008

Who did Townsend play in A Mighty Wind? I’ve seen that movie a few times and I don’t recognize him.

9. Tony Whitehead - February 25, 2008

I, for one, totally enjoy finding out about these lesser known characters and watching for them later on as they hone their craft and develop their careers.
Thanks again to for bringing all aspects of the production to us. I would love to hear from some of the production team on their downtime, such as the production designer, wardrobe, makeup, lighting grips, gaffers, etc.
It’s this team that JJ Abrams has around him that bring the magic to the screen. I would love it if Roberto could wrangle up a couple of quotes from these guys.
Just a thought.
Oh, and welcome, Paul and Darlena

10. maspill - February 25, 2008

she looks like jerri ryan in the first pic

11. Michelle - February 25, 2008

I don’t know about Tejeiro not being hidden under Vulcan robes. I think her facial features that could do well for a Vulcan. Just because she’s good looking doesn’t mean she’s going to be in skimpy attire, right?

Nah! Who am I kidding? ;)

12. trekofficial - February 25, 2008

shes HAWT!

13. capt mike - February 25, 2008

hey she could play carol marcus and be kirks first love or is that second or 3rd.oh well. or she could play ruth the woman we met in shore leave. would love to learn more about ruth and or carol marcus and how all that happened as well. twnsend an play chief of secrutry. he would make a tough officer.

14. Michelle - February 25, 2008

It’s already been confirmed that Carol Marcus won’t be in the movie. She was in an earlier draft of the script but they changed it.

15. Anthony Pascale - February 25, 2008

well done Michelle….love to see folks paying attention

there will be a quiz later

16. Redjac - February 25, 2008

Day-um!!!!!!!!!! She’s one HOT Latina BABE!!!!


17. Danya Romulus - February 25, 2008

I guess I’m sort of resigned to the fact that Rand will all likelihood not be in this film, but I will be extremely surprised/disappointed if there is no NUMBER ONE in here. If they are going to have Pike, how could they not have her?

18. non-belligerency confirmed - February 25, 2008

she might very well be the woman who harry mudd impregnates leading to the bastard child jimmy kirk. (note to #6: this event was confirmed earlier by, you won’t find hotter news than that anywhere)

19. Denise de Arman - February 25, 2008

Nice pictures of Darlena, Chuck.

20. Pointy-Ears - February 25, 2008

Every bit part is played by some body. TrekMovie is just reporting names of the actors playing those parts.
They could be Security officers, engineering or medical personnel, general background character’s with no lines, just walk on’s that you probably wouldn’t even notice anyway…crap, they could be bellhops at the Vulcan Embassy for all we know!

Most likely they will be Red Shirts that will be picked offed any way during landing party scenes…LOL

The only thing that matter’s is who is playing the major character’s, since the movie will be about them, not some bit player walk on actor who’s getting paid for a day or two of work.

21. Harry Ballz - February 25, 2008

#4 EM “more minor news”

Ah, crap! Don’t tell me there are KIDS in this movie!

(stomach gurgling, lunch rushing to surface…)

22. Harry Ballz - February 25, 2008

Looking at the photos….I would judge Darlena Tejeiro to be a shy and innocent type who needs the help and guidance of an older, more experienced male…..Darlena would only benefit from the wisdom a mature man could share with her…………………..

……………….I think we could become good friends! :)

I’ve never called “first” on this site, but, hey, I’m calling “first dibs” on her!!!

23. Negotiator - February 25, 2008

Twenty third!

24. craig - February 25, 2008

Now she’s a nice corn feed gal.

25. Harry Ballz - February 25, 2008

What, it’s nickname is “corn” now???

26. Batts - February 25, 2008

Hey! If only she could give me a mind meld..maybe she might be one of old jimmy boys flames.

27. Batts - February 25, 2008

She does have a striking jawline for a Vulcan?? Interesting, what if she was Number One??! Ha Ha!

28. Charles Trotter - February 25, 2008

I certainly hope Darlena doesn’t read this forum… holy hell…

#19 — Thanks, but Anthony chose the clearer images. My images are the ones that are blurred because they were originally smaller, lol

Oh, and twenty-eighth.

29. Harry Ballz - February 25, 2008

#26 Batts

Sounds like you’d rather be with Jimmy!

30. DJT - February 25, 2008

re: Darlena.

Excellent choice, casting dept..

I’m certain she is as talented as she is beautiful.

Rock on.

31. Katie G. - February 25, 2008

Re: #6. Sisko Is The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him

My goodness! #2 (EM) may have just been expressing a little bit of disappointment. Why are you reacting as if he/she was having a full-blown tantrum?

Like #9 and #20 have stated, we welcome any and all news although I’m sure many of us would like something more substantial than minor players, some of whom we’ve never heard of. But, we’ll have to take it as it comes and – – we may get a bit antsy. We’re just a little Trek-starved, that’s all.


32. Daoud - February 25, 2008


It would make sense if she chided Spock for not returning to Vulcan.

Number One… wouldn’t make sense: she’d be in her 40’s at the time of the transition, or thereabouts.

33. Anthony Pascale - February 25, 2008

Trek starved? starved? really?

have you looked on the front page…over 20 stories in the last week, most of which are exclusive to this site

and you are starved?

I dont know what else we can do

34. Denise de Arman - February 25, 2008

Chuck- You can hardly blame the guys, Chuck. I’m inspired to rummage in my closet for a black slip and schedule a photography session.

35. S. John Ross - February 25, 2008

Townsend will bring MIGHTY MUSTACHE POWER to Star Trek!

Unless they make him shave it.

Or unless those ‘staches were just studio property to begin with.

But I can hope. Twenty-Third Century ‘Stache Awesomeness!

36. Red Shirt - February 25, 2008

Paul Townsend will be playing me in the movie.

37. Charles Trotter - February 25, 2008

#34 Denise de Arman — Oh, I never said I didn’t agree with ’em. ;)

#35 — He will have the ‘stash in the film, from what I hear. And it is his.

38. Harry Ballz - February 25, 2008


sounds like pictures of the suggestion already exist……….

Please…..PUHLEASE…..send me some samples!!??


39. S. John Ross - February 25, 2008

#37: You are the bearer of very encouraging news. My odds of seeing this film just jumped from 55% to 57.3%

40. Pragmaticus - February 25, 2008

Faran Tahir, Anthony? Please?

41. ThomasHL - February 25, 2008

It was a pleasure for me, Charles. ;)


42. Katie G. - February 25, 2008

Re: #33 Anthony

“Trek starved? starved? really?…”

HEY!! W-H-O-A-!!

Don’t take that the wrong way – – I meant for new movies, TV series, new Trek film. I wasn’t making a comment on this website’s reporting. You’re seeing flamers and trollers and whiners (oh my) everywhere.

I’m crazy for Star Trek and even though I have all the old stuff I can’t get enough so when I heard about the new movie and stumbled across this website I was ecstatic. I meant that maybe some of us get restless because we’re dying to see new adventures on film.

That’s it!

Luv ya, Ant.


43. Denise de Arman - February 25, 2008

Anthony#33- I don’t think Katie meant to imply anything toward Trekmovie, Anthony. I know I am continually awed by the sheer amount of info you guys bring to us every day and am very appreciative of your efforts. It is as though you feed us without expecting anything in return. I think what she meant was, with the premiere being pushed back, there are those of us who want more info from JJ and his team. At least that’s how I interpreted her message. You do know how grateful we are, don’t you Anthony?

44. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - February 25, 2008

Eric Bana with shaved head on the Tonight Show, says it is for lice at first but then reveals its for his Star Trek role.

45. Denise de Arman - February 25, 2008

Harry#38- I do so love it when I make you whimper, Harry.

46. Harry Ballz - February 25, 2008

Eric Bana with shaved head?

Nah, anything but Nemesis all over again!!!!!!!

47. Harry Ballz - February 25, 2008


since I can’t “throw you a bone”, how about you obliging and giving me my birthday present early, there’s a sweetie………..

48. Anthony Pascale - February 25, 2008

40…what did i tell you about patience

49. Captain Hackett - February 25, 2008

I just saw Eric with shaved head on Jay Leno. I think he said he wore a hair piece or wig for the Star Trek movie.

50. Denise de Arman - February 25, 2008

Harry#47- That was so bad Harry, hardly even worthy of you. And if I did oblige you and give you a birthday present early, I doubt if you would have the energy to utter a single word, much less call me “sweetie”…

51. Harry Ballz - February 25, 2008

Denise………….you’ve hurt my feelings………..I try a little British humour on you and…….BAM!

You can make it up to me by simply going to the official Star Trek site and leaving a private message of photos for me……….

52. Denise de Arman - February 25, 2008

Harry- Well, if that’s all I need to do to make it up to you… What would you prefer, red lace or black leather… Oh, and I have some lakefront property you might be interested in, down near the Florida everglades…

Now, let the whimpering commense…

53. Jorg Sacul - February 25, 2008

I’m happy to get all this news, trivial or not, because it sure beats waiting 10 months to read the same stuff in Starlog! Anthony, and everyone else who supplies us with the news…


Paul looks like a bada$$. Probably it will take several laser/phaser hits to take him down. Could his ‘stache be a match for Chuck Norris’ beard? Only time will tell, good reader. Only time will tell!

Darlena…well, she sure fits the mold of the ol’ canon TOS ladies. I hope (in my own dreadfully sexist 1960’s mentality) they manage to find one of those amazing “how do they stay on??” Bill Theiss gowns for her. Sure, she can be a devastating security officer, too, but dang. She shore is purty!

54. Katie G. - February 25, 2008

Re: #43. Denise de Arman

“I think what she meant was, with the premiere being pushed back, there are those of us who want more info from JJ and his team.”

Yes, absolutely, and also what I mentioned above in #42.

Thanks, De! (or do you prefer Denise?)


55. Denise de Arman - February 25, 2008

Katie- You can call anything you like Katie. We’re buds.

56. James Jamziz - February 25, 2008

#7 hahahahahaha. well said.

57. Katie G. - February 25, 2008

Re: #55. Denise


Do you know these two new actors? I vaguely recall Mr. Townsend but don’t know Ms Tejeiro. Wonder who they’ll be portraying? Since they’re known from other things I don’t think they’ll have just a “extras” part.


Visit the “Cho” thread.


58. Noleuser is now Morn Speaks - February 25, 2008

Was just watching Jay Leno, and Eric Bana has a shaved head! Seems excessive for a Romulan wig?!

59. Bart - February 25, 2008

It seems that movie news is becoming rare… when even THIS (wo will be a security officer) is news, quite sad.

60. AJ - February 25, 2008

“Patience is a dish best served cold.”

61. Charles Trotter - February 25, 2008

#59 Bart — movie news isn’t becoming rare at all. We’re reporting all confirmed actors appearing in the film, no matter how big or small the role. I believe Anthony has explained all this before.

62. The Vulcanista - February 26, 2008


I disagree. Patience is best served pipin’ hot, topped with onions and chili and cheese, with maybe a few jalapenos on top. :-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

63. AJ - February 26, 2008

Any images of Bana on Leno?

64. The Vulcanista - February 26, 2008


Betcha Charles/Anthony has one up some time overnight. I’m looking forward to it and sorry I missed the original airing. I’m very curious about this guy.

Have a pleasant rest of the night/morning!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

65. Irish Trekki - February 26, 2008

Y’know, any of Darlena’s casting photos could have been chosen and yet there’s the one with her scantilly clad……. Not that I’m complaining of course! If only it encourages women to consider the possibility of The Black Slip (as mentioned by some of you), then, and I mean this, it is fulfilling the needs of the many.

66. Commodore Redshirt - February 26, 2008

RE: #18 You might be right about the Mudd connection!
Mudd DID say “Jimmy my boy!”

My money is on Paul Townsend to play a DEAD Redshirt!

And Anthony, I’m not starved. I’m so overwhelmed that last month I even missed a story!

…keep up the good work

67. Denise de Arman - February 26, 2008

Ah, found my black slip. Vulcanista, Katie, perhaps we could schedule the photography session together… I think the photographer would probably give us a group rate.

68. Doorchime - February 26, 2008

You guys might wanna take a look at Darlena’s Myspace:

For, it only just mentions her involvement in Star Trek

69. Marian Ciobanu - February 26, 2008

I never met a trekkie girl ..hmmm…anyway to find trekkies in Romania is like going in beta Quadrant..!

70. GraniteTrek - February 26, 2008

67 – There ya go – a calendar for next year, ‘The Women of Trekmovie’ .. ;)

71. AJ - February 26, 2008

Both actors look really p*ssed off in these photos.

72. GaryS - February 26, 2008

there is no minor news.
They are all pieces to the puzzle.
Thanks Anthony !
Keep up the great work!

73. Roger - February 26, 2008

She’d make a good T’pring

74. Diabolik - February 26, 2008

Seems like JJ is populating his movie with real actors for every single role, no matter how small. No “extras” in anything but crowd shots. And even those will probably be worth watching for cameos of familar faces who just want to be in a ST film.

75. Katie G. - February 26, 2008

Re: #67. Denise

Nah. I’ll have to pass. It’s all reserved for my husband. I’ll keep my eye out for the trekmovie calendar girls! Hah!

But thanks for thinking of me!! :-)

76. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008

Denise+Vulcanista wearing black slips in a photo shoot together??

The mind reels…………………..!!!

p.s. I’d pay REAL money to see that!!

p.p.s. as requested by Denise (WHIMPER…)

77. Denise de Arman - February 26, 2008

Harry#76- Donate enough to the right charitable organization and we’ll talk, Harry (that’s right dear, keep up the whimpering…)!

78. T'Pringles - February 26, 2008

I think she’d make a great T’Pringle!

79. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008

I think T’Pringles are tasty!

80. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008

Denise-we’ve now determined that you’ll strip for a price, it’s just a question of the amount………..interesting!

And, oh yes, whimper…………

81. thebiggfrogg - February 26, 2008

Note: Townsend has a contract. THE “STACHE is contracted separately and may not appear in this feature unless its demands are met!
THE ‘STACHE’s agent

82. CmdrR - February 26, 2008

So, Shatner’s not in the movie, but Bana is playing Shatner?
I’m so confused!

83. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008


Hey, what the… that a bald crack??

Why not just point out that Bana’s wife gave him a comb for Christmas………she knows he’ll never part with it!

84. Denise de Arman - February 26, 2008

Harry- For the no-kill animal shelter of your choice, Harry. Think of all those sweet, inoccent, loving homeless animals… Wouldn’t anyone with a heart strip for the animals? Yes, they would… and wouldn’t anyone with a heart give to the animals? Yes, they would… But, of course, it’s your choice…

85. The Vulcanista - February 26, 2008


Well, join the club, Marian! Denise, Katie, and I for sure are Trekkie girls!

#67: Well, I *did* just lose 15 pounds for this vacation I’m going on. But only if Nimoy shoots us in artsy-fartsy black and white! I’m not sure Harry will be able to stand it… ;-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

86. Spock with a Crowbar - February 26, 2008

I’d like T’Pring her home…

87. Denise de Arman - February 26, 2008

Vulcanista#85- Oh, Vulcanista, I forgot to tell you that I volunteered you and I to pose semi-nude for the animals… Hope that’s okay…And I agree with you re. Harry – after receiving the pictures, we would probably awaken the next day to a Trekmovie headline that says “Baltz Dies of Massive Coronary – RIP”.

88. Spock with a Crowbar - February 26, 2008

…and make her dinner! T’Prawns Tapas w/ a nice T’Pinot.

89. Batts - February 26, 2008

#29 Harry Ballz. “I’d rather be with Jimmy” please clarify that remark. In what sense do you mean BE WITH Jimmy? I was borrowing a phrase from Finnegan calling Kirk, Jimmy Boy. Also another pretty face added to Captain Kirk’s belt was the whole point of my comment. I dont want to take this the wrong way so kindly explain what you meant?

90. Batts - February 26, 2008

I dont know I am reading and re-reading my comments and it sounds like I am being called GAY!! Which is pissing me the f—- off!! I thought this site was about STAR TREK! Occasional joke here and there but c’mon now?? So, Harry Ballz, your opportunity to clarify, sir?? I’d appreciate it.

91. The Vulcanista - February 26, 2008


Yeah, I saw that! And my one condition remains: Nimoy does the shoot (as if, LOL!)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

92. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008

#87 Denise “I volunteered you and I to pose semi-nude for the animals”

Hey, I know I can get a little frisky at times, but there’s no need to call me and the other guys here animals!

Somebody get Nimoy on the phone!

93. The Vulcanista - February 26, 2008


I forgot IOWAGIRL!! How could I forget her??

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

94. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008

Batts….I was simply teasing about the mixed message of, “if only she could give me a mind meld…maybe she might be one of old jimmy boys flames”

Even rereading it now, it sounds like you wanted to mind meld with her because she was once with jimmy… sounds like you want to get into her mind because of her intimate encounter with jimmy……

I would appreciate it if YOU could clarify how it should be taken differently….thanks!

If, by chance, I offended you I do apologize!

95. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008

Vulcanista et al

you ladies should consider doing a nude calendar for charity…we could call it The Trek Girls………..betcha Nimoy would be happy to do the photography on such a worthy project! Each woman involved could pick the charity she wants her portion to go toward!

I’d be first in line to buy!

96. Denise de Arman - February 26, 2008

Be photographed by Nimoy? I’m there, and I’ll take off anything he wants!

97. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008

I smell a winner for charity! Which month do you want to be, Denise?

98. Denise de Arman - February 26, 2008

Harry- Whichever month Leonardo wants me to be.

99. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008

Denise-I’ll be glad to forward any test shots to Nimoy, so if you could just forward them to me at the official Trek site, I’ll be glad to peruse them and provide you with proper feedback……..when can I expect them?

100. I AM MONGO - February 26, 2008


Speak for self.

101. I AM MONGO - February 26, 2008


There nothing wrong with that. Maybe too much stress in life. Mongo mother tell him wise tale when he little Mongo. It about sticks and stones. Also tell story about water off ducks back. Harry not try hurt feelings. What to be gained?

102. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008

Mongo good pal… like Mongo!

103. Denise de Arman - February 26, 2008

Harry- Oh, I’ll get those to you right away Harry… as soon as Mr. Nimoy calls and tells me that he is going to be photographing us. he..he..

104. Denise de Arman - February 26, 2008

Mongo- Reading your posts makes me want to pet you and comb out your fur.

105. Katie G. - February 26, 2008

Re: #94 Harry

Re: Batts.

Nah, I think he meant Kirk has had so many women it would be hard to date someone he hadn’t dated.

Have fun, kiddies. Mommie’s out for the evening.


106. I AM MONGO - February 26, 2008

Mongo like Harry, too. But Mongo think Denise pretty OK too. Mongo clean up nice if have too. But maybe like Mongo just way he is.

107. The Vulcanista - February 26, 2008


Vulcanista like Mongo way he is. :-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

108. I AM MONGO - February 26, 2008


Mongo feel same. Mongo miss her on vacation.

109. Charles Trotter - February 26, 2008

Where the hell has this forum gone?

And when do I get my own Women of TrekMovie nude calendar? :-D

110. Batts - February 26, 2008

#99. Harry Ballz…Forget about it, this entire thing is NO where near going crazy over. I see I have to be clearer with my writing. Besides it appears that you have more important business with Vulcanista and Denise de Arman. Let’s just get on to TREK! Why we are all here! Right! :)

111. Batts - February 26, 2008

In the words of Mirror Spock “That is of course YOUR affair.” #105 Katie G. It sounds like you understood my point I was making ??Right?

112. The Vulcanista - February 26, 2008

#109 LOL!!

You are now in the Mirror forum. You can’s see it, but we all have goatees now.

And you’ll get your calendar when Mr. Nimoy agrees to shoot it. So I feel pretty safe in saying “never.” Why do you think I agreed in the first place? ;-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

113. The Vulcanista - February 26, 2008


We don’s tpells too good either. Should be “you can’t see it…”

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

114. Batts - February 26, 2008

This site has definitely taken an “evasive maneuver, reverse course, hard about” LOL! Was not someone counseled to stop talking so much about weirdness and stick to TREK? Or else they would be blocked!!

115. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008


I appreciate your accepting my apology. Anyone who knows me would tell you that my humour is never mean-spirited. I may tease, joke, make puns, get corny and twist words around, but I NEVER go for funny based on hurting anyone! That’s just not me. Thanks!

116. Denise de Arman - February 26, 2008

Charles#109- We just want to help the animals, Chuck. Oh, and Harry needs to get a picture of one of us soon or his head is going to explode.

Vulcanista#112- Love the goatee message; however, I would also like to sport Uhura’s uniform complete with thigh-high boots and hidden dagger.

Batts#114- What’s weird about a woman posing nude in a calendar shot by the Big Nimoy himself? Would you not take a glance or two at said photos – uh huh, I thought so!

117. Batts - February 26, 2008

#116. I said NOTHING is weird about a beautiful woman showing us her finest attributes. I just backed off seeing that Harry Ballz was already talking to you and Vulcanista. Call it not rolling around in someone else’s backyard. Now since you are asking me would I take a glance?? Let us put this way I dont believe in a LITTLE peek a boo! Either all the way or no way. Besides I have no reassurance that it is said individual I am beholding.

118. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008

#116 Denise “Harry needs to get a picture of one of us soon or his head is going to explode”

Or my head may explode if I DO get a picture of you………er, wait, which “head” are we talking about? Oops, was that my outside voice?

119. The Vulcanista - February 26, 2008


OMG, I can’t believe I forgot about the coolest Trek uni EVAH!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

120. Batts - February 26, 2008

#116 Denise de Arman. hailing frequencies are open! HA HA!

121. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008

I’m proud to have been the instigator of the Women of Trekmovie nude calendar! To see Denise, Vulcanista and others in all their glory would be the crowning achievement of my contribution to this site! The fact that the profits go to charity only sweetens the deal. Don’t let this idea fade away…

Live long and disrobe!

122. Denise de Arman - February 26, 2008

Harry- LOL Yes dear, it was your outside voice which in turn rolled down through your fingers into your keyboard, but since it was not only funny but a clever twist on words, we will in fact laugh.

Vulcanista- Nichelle rocked every fanboy’s world in that episode, and made me a lover of thigh-high boots…

Batts- Uh Huh, knew you’d go for it.

123. Batts - February 26, 2008

#122. Wow! I KNEW you would respond to that! I believe we have a STALEMATE.

124. Denise de Arman - February 26, 2008

Harry- Thanks for the support Harry (smirk), oh, and by the way, “instigator” is , in fact, the correct wording for your dubious
role in the idea…

125. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008


Hmmmm, sounds like the nickname I had for my last girlfriend….guess that’s why I moved on!!

126. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008

Denise-I feel close to you right now…..we’ve shared some intimate thoughts…makes me want to put my head on your shoulder….what do you think?

127. The Vulcanista - February 26, 2008


LOL! Well, Harry, just how far past her expiration date was she?

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

128. Batts - February 26, 2008

#125 You truly sound like a character! HA HA..LOL!! Damn! When my wife tells me to get my mind out of the gutter, I say The Gutter is one step UP for Me!! You are a wild one. My feelings are now hurt that #124 did not respond to me. Harry can you take this, my 1st Lieutenant??

129. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008

Batts, it takes a while to coax this shy group out of hiding, but persevere, be polite and always show respect….and sooner or later….one of these lovely ladies will respond in kind…

130. Batts - February 26, 2008

#127 Just hit you with a fully CHARGED PHASER!! I am glad they did not engage me in battle..I might have to outflank them and CLOAK!! HA HA! LOL!

131. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008


Vulcanista, what can I say? I guess she was too old for me… old was she?

Let’s just say………….latin was her native tongue!

132. Denise de Arman - February 26, 2008

Harry125&126- Harry, if we were to ever meet, you would have to stay outside my personal 3ft. perimeter of personal space. Also, your hands would have to be where I could see them at all times.

Vulcanista127- Good one! Mind if I use that sometime?

Batts- I’m here – what was the question?

133. The Vulcanista - February 26, 2008


Well, damn, Batts! Why you shooting at me with a fully charged phaser?? Is that any way to treat a lady??? :-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

134. Denise de Arman - February 26, 2008

Vulcanista, are the guys shooting at you again? Sounds like it’s time to pull out the FEM-DISRUPTOR by Ronco – every woman’s best friend when they come after you with standard-issue phasers.

135. Batts - February 26, 2008

NO NO! You Vulcans use “LERPAS” or whatever that was T’Pau called for. I just noticed that was one hell of a shot you took at HARRY. (Damn Good Joke!!) Denise I was responding to your earlier post #116 at me your question posed there and my subsequent answers. As Spock put (Vulcanista are you listening?) ‘I never understood the female capacity to avoid the direct answer to any question” :)

136. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008

Denise-what’s that? You’re willing to meet? Say no more! 3 feet from each other is still close enough for me to chat with you…..see you at the next Trek convention….I’ll be the one in the Mugatu suit!

p.s. my hands are the least of your problems….heh, heh, heh….

137. Anthony Pascale - February 26, 2008

um guys…use the ‘chat’ room if you are going to wander this far off the reservation. We should have forums soon to handle other issues….but i really dont need to know the details

by the way….for the impatient…check back in 2 hours for another casting story

138. Denise de Arman - February 26, 2008

Batts#135- I take nothing but shots at Harry, and I love it because he always comes back for more… and I’ll give you a direct answer as soon as you ask me the question! Come on, spit it out, use your words.

139. Denise de Arman - February 26, 2008

Sorry Anthony – night guys (Vulcanista, be sure and keep your shields up!)

140. Harry Ballz - February 26, 2008

OK everybody, as Anthony said, go to the chat room….look at the top of this thread for the tab…

141. Katie G. - February 26, 2008

Re: #111. Batts

Yes, I thought that’s what you meant. Thanks for letting me know. Glad you boys are getting along now.



142. The Vulcanista - February 26, 2008


Anthony, I was wondering when you’d chime in! Thank you for your indulgence this far into the weirdness!

And I posted a real question in the chat section a few min. ago, so if anyone can help…

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

143. Batts - February 26, 2008

#137 I am sorry. I tried to stay on topic like you instructed us to do. (earlier entries) I wont let that happen again me getting caught off guard and responding to nonsense. Good Night to all involved.

144. Batts - February 26, 2008

Anthony, much respect to you. I was wondering when you would jump in here and straighten this out. Other stories have gotten way out of hand. Please take control. Peace out!!

145. STXI Testthread - SciFi-Forum - February 27, 2008

[…] (32) (Criminal Minds; Starsky & Hutch; NYPD Blue) kleine Rolle laut 25.02.2008 Two More For Trek | Laut konnt die Schauspielerin Jeffery Hausereine Rolle im neuem Star Trek-Film […]

146. MORE Trek XI RUMOR control, please Anthony !!!! - March 1, 2008

There has been RUMORED casting information listed at IMDB and at the commercial website TrekBBS. com threads that say this:

Complete cast and crew for Star Trek XI-
cast with roles:
Chris (son of Scotty Doohan) Doohan— (rumored)
James (Fan vid ‘New Voyages’ Elvis impersonator Capt Kirk) Cawley– (rumored)

Anthony, can you confirm or deny this rumor, once and for all here.
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