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“Is There in Truth No Beauty?” Remastered Review, Screenshots & Video [UPDATED] March 22, 2008

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by Jeff Bond

Packed with intriguing ideas and at least one bit of iconic Trek lore, “Is There In Truth No Beauty?” still suffers from many of the vices of the show’s third season, not the least of which is its occasionally prehistoric attitude toward women. Diana Muldaur makes her second Trek appearance, this time as Dr. Miranda Jones, a telepath preparing to accompany a shapeless alien ambassador to its homeworld.

Ambassador Kollos and the Medusan race are among the series’ most intriguing aliens and an excellent example of the way the original show, even with its limited resources, was often far more imaginative in its depiction of aliens than the bumpy-forehead-obsessed later Treks. With just a plastic box, some leftover psychedelic optical effects and, crucially, Leonard Nimoy’s typically superb interpretive performance, the episode conjures up a sophisticated and convincing alien race.

Muldaur’s character is sophisticated as well, but she’s also symbolic of the way Trek treated women, particularly in the third season. Jones is a scientist and a diplomat, a woman with special abilities, but the script has every male on the ship fawning over her to a degree that’s condescending and in Kirk’s case almost silly. Their concern is that a woman so beautiful is being wasted on a race of beings that are hideous, the stated implication being that she’s far more useful as a wife to some deserving man than she is as the only human being capable of interacting with a vitally important alien race. There’s a fan fiction aspect to this that’s shared by “The Lights of Zetar” (although “Beauty” is a far superior episode)—sadly in both cases the condescension is foisted by female writers who seem to want to project themselves into the episode by conjuring up an idealized woman who boards the Enterprise and has everyone’s favorite Trek heroes falling in love with her. At the same time, these stories (add “The Enterprise Incident,” “Elaan of Troyius” and “Turnabout Intruder” to the mix) place women in potentially powerful positions that were unusual for the time, but undermine them by insisting that any woman in such a position must be fatally flawed.

Dr. Jones comes off a bit better than some of these characters because she is complex and throughout the story successfully fends off the attempts to pigeonhole her into a male-defined role. Indeed the weakest character in the story is Larry Marvick (David Frankham in a rather underrated crazy performance), whose love for Miranda has metastasized into a homicidal jealousy—he’s mad long before he’s driven completely over the edge by looking at Kollos without protective visors. Jones also successfully resists Kirk’s rather transparent attempt to seduce her, surely one of the least convincing such gambits in the series’ run—Kirk is out of character here in a storyline that is not centered around him. It’s unnecessary that Kirk be smitten by Miranda and his scenes unbalance an episode that might have seemed less soapy without them. To her credit Miranda (with Kirk’s prodding of course) overcomes her own weakness, her jealousy of Spock’s abilities, in time to save him from the madness of Medusan contact as well—and in time to help Spock promote Gene Roddenberry’s IDIC medallion, a story element the Trek creator reportedly added (over Nimoy’s objections) to give his marketing company Lincoln Enterprises a trinket to sell to fans.

“Is There In Truth No Beauty” is Trek Remastered’s third trip to the edge of the galaxy, on the heels of “By Any Other Name,” and between that episode and “Day of the Dove” the CBS-D team has generated enough shots of the Enterprise warping out of control through the galaxy and cruising through the galactic barrier for a lifetime. There’s at least one additional high-speed shot of the starship streaking directly toward the camera, and some tweaking of the barrier shots, this time giving them a decidedly blue hue, for the sequence in which the Enterprise is adrift outside the edge of the galaxy. The real surprise is the addition of a new starship class at the end of the episode—what looks like a scout ship or warp courier vessel, somewhat like a compacted, small version of the Daedelus class we’ve seen just as a model in Sisko’s quarters on Deep Space Nine. It’s an interesting bonus with an ambitious shot of the Enterprise pulling away from it while backlit by a nearby sun, although for my taste the lens flare added to the shot gives the whole thing an unfortunate Photoshop look (and compare the carefully textured rendering of the Antares in “Charlie X” to the very CG look of the new ship here). Still, points to the team for spicing up what could easily have been a collection of stock shots for this episode.


by Matt Wright

Now really, is there in truth no beauty?


1. Harry Ballz - March 22, 2008

Sweet looking effect shots!

2. Melissa - March 23, 2008

Wow another Starship that looks different! Thank You CBS!

Oh and Happy Easter!

3. Cato the Llama - March 23, 2008

Not bad!! I look forward to seeing it.

4. TrekOfficial - March 23, 2008

NOT CANNON! The lighting from the nebulai is not quite as gene would have done it therefore I cannot condone this

5. Commodore Lurker - March 23, 2008

Decloaking . . .

Like the aqua and green background. But, the origional red stuff was pretty good. I’ve always preferred the “not-a-human-with-rubber-glued-to-their-faces-Aliens,” such as in this ep.


6. Batts - March 23, 2008

I think this was a VERY good looking episode. That closing shot was quite different and unexpected. That is what we are looking for CBS-D!!! Side note: That Miranda adds new meaning to the phrase: Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn.
No offense to the ladies of TrekMovie.Com
Larry Marvick: A truly obsessed maniac!!LOL. Dont love her!!

7. Engon - March 23, 2008

Well, at least we know whose hairstyle the hundred-tentacled Kalinda chose to imitate in “By Any Other Name”…



8. Batts - March 23, 2008

Harry Ballz taking over the #1 spot. What’s up? You Denebian, Slime-Devil!! :) Long time no talk…..

9. sean - March 23, 2008

Hey now! Looks like the team had a little more to work with this time.

And this is an instance where no one could possibly defend the original effects – all that shot of the Enterprise in front of the barrier is missing is my 10 year-old hand making it ‘swoosh’!

10. Andy Patterson - March 23, 2008

I was always confused how a box of light is the most hideous thing in the universe. Always had trouble wrapping my mind around that concept but I tried to go with it.

11. Jeffrey S. Nelson - March 23, 2008

Liked the departing ship shot…but it does happen so fast it’s almost comparable to the “barrel roll” criticized in New Voyages.

12. Andy Patterson - March 23, 2008

….,” even with its limited resources, was often far more imaginative in its depiction of aliens than the bumpy-forehead-obsessed later Treks,”

I like this quote. I’ve said this for years.

13. Harry Ballz - March 23, 2008

#8 “Harry Ballz taking over the #1 spot”

Batts, I don’t remember ever having relinquished the #1 spot!

Heh, heh, heh…….how goes the battle, bud?

14. Batts - March 23, 2008

To a great degree. I always could not stomach this episode. Mainly because of the facial distorted close-ups and that dizzying music that went with it. LOL!
Now i can deal with it ONLY because of the new effects.
Please I think I have to lay down with a ginger ale when “The Empath” is televised…..

15. GreenLanternGuy - March 23, 2008

One of my Favorite Episodes.

16. Batts - March 23, 2008

Ever since Denise de Arman hit me with a fully charged phaser bank over her love for Mr. Spock. I felt like Larry Marvick!! Ha Ha!

Other than that, I see i have not been missed…LOL!
Yea, you are right, you did NOT relinquish the Captain’s Chair..

17. the king in shreds and tatters - March 23, 2008

What happened to the funny reviews?

18. ster j - March 23, 2008

That new ship looks like it has elements of Gene’s first image of the Enterprise (a spherical shaped primary hull instead of the saucer. Look it up in The Making Of Star Trek if you doubt!), which was also used in TNG’s final ep for the medical ship Dr. Crusher commanded.

Talk about full circle!

19. Commodore Z - March 23, 2008

The blue stuff isn’t the galacitic barrier. The barrier itself is still shocking pink, but the blue swirly stuff outside the barrier is the “void.” Beats me why we never saw the void in the other episodes where they passed thru the barrier.

20. Mr. Bob Dobalina - March 23, 2008

Love the new FX, hate the episode. This episode, while featuring some rather fun “fish-eye” camera work, is an absolute chore to sit through. From every male onboard tripping over their tongues and feet for the seemingly amazing Miranda Jones to the poor writing and hideous music, this episode manages to stink up the ship more than Spock’s Brain ever thought of. At least Spock’s Brain is fun. This episode is like TOS done TNG style.

While Day of the Dove and Enterprise Incident are examples of how the third season had success, this episode is a prime example of how it failed.

Now please excuse me while I go watch Balace of Terror to wash the bad taste out of my mouth.

21. Denise de Arman - March 23, 2008

Batts#16- Poor thing, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just meant to say that no man alive on this planet, now or in the future, will ever be good enough, or do it for me, like Mr. Spock. Feel better now? ….he…he…

22. CmdrR - March 23, 2008

Nice to see CBS-D making the extra effort. I kinda like the barrier effects in the original, but there’s no problem with these new ones. A new ship is always welcome. I’m sure every producer and director dreams of filling his universe with ships of all types.

Diana Muldaur in her prime. Yum. (Funny, in this ep she’s blind and yet she still manages not to fall down an elevator shaft.)

Never quite understood why Marvik was onboard in the first place. He should be wearing a “plot device” sign on his back. Is he just following Miranda like a puppy dog? Did he, maybe, design Kollos’ Samsonite habitrail? Being Trek, I just figured, “Hmmm. New guy. Gonna die horribly and soon.”

As to use of women in Trek, especially the third season — This is 1968 or so. There’s a definite backlash to the women’s rights movement. I suspect this script has more to do with that than a sudden denseness in Trek IDIC beliefs.

Finally, IDIC — great concept. Lousy of Roddenberry to ‘warp’ a script in order to sell the tin things. Having said that, I’d give Harry’s right nut for an original IDIC worn by Nimoy on camera.

23. Izbot - March 23, 2008

I don’t know what to think about that new ship at the end. The design is pretty crummy. It looks like a kit-bashed model from a TNG episode. What’s with all those goofy ‘tail-pipes’ coming out the back?

I don’t mind the blue-and-black region of space between galaxies. Almost like we’re seeing an area of dark matter. Interesting.

24. Denise de Arman - March 23, 2008

The only thing I disliked about this ep was the garish necklace LN ended up having to wear. He objected to it, but had to give in because the suits wanted to market and sell it to fandom.

25. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - March 23, 2008

Tha pull away shot at the end is certainly one of the most beautiful they have done. Why couldn’t they all be of the same quality????

Beautiful work though!!!

26. Max - March 23, 2008

Great episode. Enigmatic, frigid guest star and alien, great performance by Leonard Nimoy, and Showdown between Shatner and Diana Muldaur. I love the original distorted musical score and visual effects which reflected Miranda’s tortured angry spirit. It was a very sophisticated episode. It introduced the IDIC.

The only thing I never understood was why Spock had to wear the visor to beam Miranda/Kolos over to the ship, but Kirk is the last shot, standing by during the entire transport with no need for a visor.

27. COMMANDER KEEN - March 23, 2008

Interesting, but typical, late 3rd season episode. The new FX shots are actually above average here. Really spiced up the show without changing it much. Go Dr. Polaski!

28. COMMANDER KEEN - March 23, 2008

Oh yes, the infamous IDIC symbol. I liked that concept. Peace, brother! Pass the bong, man!!

29. MrRegular - March 23, 2008

Did anyone notice Captain Kirk was NOT wearing the special protective visor Spock was wearing when Kollos and Dr. Jones beamed out at the end of the ep? And the Captain was looking straight at the transporter pad at the time? Why didn’t Kirk go crazy???
That said the special effects for this episode were fantastic. And the fact that Kollos was depicted as a totally alien presence was a good contrast to the English-speaking humanoids of more recent Trek shows.
Happy Easter everyone!

30. Tom - March 23, 2008

Maybe CBS Digital can give Trekmovie a close up image of this new ship. It has Starfleet designed warp nacelles

31. steve623 - March 23, 2008

Thanks, Jeff, for another nice review.

32. Flint - March 23, 2008

My local programing in New York does not air Star Trek tonight, bummer. I like this episode, there are some great Spock moments. I also like what Kirk tells Jones when she does not help Spock through the madness. “With my words I’ll tell you such madness as Spock saw”. Or something like that, great scene. It was very entertaining to watch Marvick go nuts and the fish eye effects are awsome. Spock going nuts was great also, the fish eye effects and the view from his eyes going to strangle Kirk, classic.

33. Demode - March 23, 2008

I really like the new ship at the end. I also like the tailpipes too. To me, that’s a very 1960s style, which is what the remastered show should be going for. Like the 1960’s Batmobile, everything cool back then had to have tailpipes!

34. HelloGirls - March 23, 2008

Anyone notice immediately after Spock (Kollos) sits down at the helm, the next shot is an over the shoulder shot and his shirt is magically gold…

Seems like an easy fix for CBS-D…

35. THX-1138 - March 23, 2008

The ship in the last shots with the Enterprise kind of looks reminiscent of the Daedalus class ship that Dennis likes to remind me is ugly and non-canon. Would this get it’s foot (nacelle, hull) in the door to being canon?

36. Bill Shakespeare - March 23, 2008

The exterior shots are much-improved but I wish they could have done something about the Ambassador Kollos webber grill.

For me, the flashing lights never cut it as a representation of madness-inducing ugliness.

37. Jörg - March 23, 2008

Why is it not canon? At least the model appears in many many DS9 episodes.

38. Garovorkin - March 23, 2008

this was an episode while entertaining could have been so much more. I found the whol premise of the Medusians to be intriguing. A race either to horrible to behold or to beatiful to bear, which one glimpse of could cause insantiy in humans even those wearing the visor. This one was surpisingly though provoking.What was Kolos what caused the madness. did seeing him elevate you preceptions of the universe see things as they really . Give you awareness that you simply could not handle. In all honesty how many of us would be tempted to look upon such a being as Kolos? Curiosity perhaps

39. Denise de Arman - March 23, 2008

I always liked the level of desperation Kirk showed in this episode toward getting Spock back whole. He actually manhandled and yelled at a blind woman… wonder if Spock ever found out about that after he woke up. I can just here him now: “Captain, it was highly illogical of you to threaten
Dr. Jones. I was only taking a well-deserved catnap from my excessive duties as ship’s first officer, science officer and your own personal lackey.”

40. Iowagirl - March 23, 2008

Granted, the men’s attitude towards Dr. Jones is somewhat patronizing in the early stages, but in the end it’s the process of overcoming her jealousy of Spock initiated by Kirk’s awakening and passionate talk with her that leads to her melding with Spock and – as a result – provides her with the desired ability to link with Kollos, at last. In the end, she’s achieved what she wanted to from the very beginning, but she had to fight herself in order to get it – great identification process. So, I think your above dismissing interpretation is rather shallow and lopsided in this regard.

“With my words, I’ll make you hear such ugliness, that Spock saw when he looked at Kollos with his naked eyes – the ugliness is within you!”

And next time, before you put down Kirk, think of the last dialogue when Kirk gives Dr. Jones that rose:

Dr. Jones: I suppose it has thorns.
Kirk: I never met a rose that didn’t.

Maybe, you just didn‘t understand it.;-)

BTW, the new shots look fine.

41. diabolk - March 23, 2008

Any ship that hearkens back to Jeffries’ early drawings of the ship add an element of exciting history to the show. I welcome it.

42. Jamie - March 23, 2008

Hi def pics would be nice. Still… looks good.

43. Thomas Jensen - March 23, 2008

Pictures #5 & #8 down from the top down on the right side: those two shots are lost from the remastering project. I’d like to see the ship turn to starboard as in #5, the remastering version isn’t as good.

Picture #8 depicts the Enterprise from below with the saucer section slightly elevated and the ship looks great ‘sliding’ forward as in “Turnabout Intruder” during the time when Scotty and McCoy are discussing the mutiny during Lester’s court hearing.

I’m very appreciative of what has been done by CBS, but I’d like to see a few more iconic images of the Enterprise preserved from the original opticals.

Not all the shots need rethinking…

44. Spoctor McKirk - March 23, 2008

Silly episode, grating soundtrack, but some nice new effects.

I think Marvick graduated from the 1940’s School of Acting, he was so over-the-top (though I loved the “Liar! Liar! Liar!” bit).

Kirk & McCoy have been in space WAY too long without shore leave. A couple of teenagers in heat.

Loved the long shot of the bridge from the turbolift. Not a view we see often, especially with the ceiling in there. Nice.

45. Greg Stamper - March 23, 2008

# 43. Thomas Jensen – “Pictures #5 & #8 down from the top down on the right side: those two shots are lost from the remastering project. I’d like to see the ship turn to starboard as in #5, the remastering version isn’t as good.”

Agreed, we’ve been harping on the #5 shot for months because the original is superior.

46. Harry Ballz - March 23, 2008

#22 “I’d give Harry’s right nut”

CmdrR…..how generous of you!! I’d be glad to offer it up, but then that would make me as unbalanced as you!!

47. Irish Trekki - March 23, 2008

I’m sorry but in this case I have to say that I think the Original looks just as cool!

48. [The] TOS Purist aka The Purolator - March 23, 2008

Hey Tony, is it possible to download the FX videos without the “Trekmovie.com” watermarks?

49. Garovorkin - March 23, 2008

Larry Marvik jealous of Kolos because some how he could make a connection to Dr Jones that he himself could not. Then you have Dr Jones who was in turn Jealous of Spock because he could make a higher connection with Kolos then she could. Its interesting the way that they played the whole jealousy angles on the characters. It seems that the uglyness was not so much Kolo as it was the emotion of Jealousy and how it can blind you to dangerous actions . Markvic trying to kill kolos and loosing his sanity and life as a consequence and Dr Jones embittered and jealous failing to remind Spock?kolos about the Visor nearly the same tragic result with Spock she was blind both physically and Psycologically. She had be brought to the point of her death to finally see as it were.

50. Odkin - March 23, 2008

Again, no sense of DRAMA in the new shots… they “read” horribly – dark gray on dark blue? Why would they change this from the super-contrasty red color that really makes the ship stand out? Why is everything a muddy dull color? Why can’t the ship have the same dramatic lighting instead of being beige and blah? This is drama folks, not a science documentary!

51. CmdrR - March 23, 2008

Not unbalanced, Harry. But afterwards, you’d be Harry Ball.

52. The Vulcanista - March 23, 2008

I liked the opening beauty shots of the Ent in orbit over whatever that planet it is they’re orbiting.

Favorite scene: Larry’s meltdown in engineering as he’s screaming “Liar!” like an overwrought, hysterical teenage girl.

#40, Iowagirl: So you have thorns too? :-)

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

53. Garovorkin - March 23, 2008

# 52 Vulcanista The space that Enterprise finished up in, they never quite defined the nature of it. They said it was outside the normal space, Hyperspace perhaps or some pocket deep with in subspace. Might that space be a not so subtle hint of Kolos’s nature and mode of Existence?

54. The Vulcanista - March 23, 2008

#53 No, no, no, I’m talking about the very beginning of the episode, with the first of the Enterprise beauty shots.

I tried to stay up and watch it Saturday morning and didn’t finish it. Burned it to DVD, so I’ll watch it tonight and comment on the rest of the effects later on.

And I enjoyed your earlier speculations on the nature of Kolos, and Medusans in general, at #38 and #49!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

55. T Negative - March 23, 2008

I thought this was a great effort by CBS-D. The void the E gets trapped in is just as psychedelic and effective as the original. Great shot at the end with the new starship, which was a great surprise that we have been seeing less and less of lately. I have never been a big fan of this episode but the re mastering really helps this one and makes it better.

If you are reading this CBS -D Please put a shot of the big E heading towards the Eagle Nebula or some other fantastic nebula based on a Hubble image at the end of “Turnabout Intruder”. This could serve as kind of a signature for the remastered team and the project. Make it so!!

56. Dennis Bailey - March 23, 2008

#37:”Why is it not canon? At least the model appears in many many DS9 episodes.”

Having a model of a globe-shaped ship on somebody’s desk in an episode doesn’t make that ship canonically the “Daedalus class starship,” even if the model-makers say that’s what it is – there’s no clear indication ever given in the DS9 episodes what the ship is supposed to be. We’re never even able to read its registry.

Funny reviews? It’s real, real hard to make good fun of stuff that’s as bad as these third season shows. :lol:

57. bigmike - March 23, 2008

Is There in Truth no Beauty was always one of my favorite season 3 episodes (only next to The Tholian Web and Let that Be your last Battlefield) and the remastered episode of this was excellent! I loved the shots of the Enterprise racing out of the galaxy at high warp and i also loved the shots of the Enterprise drifting in the void. Also good job on the last 2 shots of the Enterprise approaching the Medusan vessel and leaving it as opposed to the homeworld in the original. This was a tremondous improvement over The Apple which was done 3 wks ago Good job on this episode keep it up!

58. New Horizon - March 23, 2008

Looked like some really nice work here…until the crummy lens flare.

59. Batts - March 23, 2008

#21 Denise. I have been recovering slowly!! I felt like Kirk in the closing moments of “Requiem for Methuselah” I could not get you out of my mind, so I needed a mind meld from yours truly!!! Ha Ha! I feel better now knowing that no MAN on this planet could ever measure up to Spock. What if I got my ears cropped ?? Wait a minute now I am sounding like Harry Ballz?!

To the episode. I would like to see the potential for “Elaan” I think that is next week?

60. Thomas - March 23, 2008

I thought this was a good episode, especially considering it came towards the very end of TOS’ network run. I did think the scenes of the men fawning over her seemed a little forced, but all in all, pretty good.

61. Metal Girl - March 23, 2008

I found some very odd things in this episode.

Top of the list: the strange off-screen screaming.

First, we have Miranda refusing to allow Spock access to Kollos. She steps behind the door, then a moment later we hear a blood-curtling scream that can be heard thru the bulkhead, yet no one reacts! Then, barely two seconds later, she emerges as cool calm, and collected as ever.
Then, we have Spock screaming from behind the protective barrier wall on the bridge. Again, we don’t get to see it, but we definitely get to hear it!

Another weird thing, was that it took warp 9.5 to enter the void, yet it only took warp 1 to get back out. I found that fascinating!

And I hate to be the dissenting vote, but I thought the back-away move in the parting shot looked silly. It reminded me of a Carnival cruise ship pulling out of port. Different, yes, but realistic? No.

62. Garovorkin - March 23, 2008

#61 thats interesting about the speed,marvik who looked upon Kolos had his preceptions twisted to higher level was able to find his way into this pocket dimension, and Kolos with his unique medusan preceptions was able to find the way, I dont think in this case speed has anything to do with entering this space. Its a bit weak but it might explain things

63. roebeet - March 23, 2008

#26 and #29 – I always assumed that there was a chance that Kollos could be “seen” at some point in the transport process, thus the need for the visor. As for Kirk not needing one… well, it is James Tiberius Kirk we’re talking about, here. He eats butt-ugly Medusans for breakfast.

64. Michael - March 23, 2008

Wow… I can’t believe how many freakin times the enterprise leaves the galaxy, and how many times they don’t get Q powers as a result.

65. Engon - March 23, 2008

[From “Official Star Trek Catalog #2” published by Lincoln Enterprises]


At last – the long awaited VULCAN PENDANT designed by Gene Roddenberry creator and executive Producer of STAR TREK and worn by Spock in the STAR TREK episode IS THERE IN TRUTH NO BEAUTY, re-run on June 10, 1969.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations represents a Vulcan belief that beauty, growth, progress – – all result from the union of the unlike. Concord, as much as discord, requires the presence of at least two notes. The brotherhood of Man is an ideal based on learning to delight in our essential differences as well as learning to recognize our similarities. The IDIC is a union of a circle, and triangle, uniting to produce the gemstone in the middle. The circle represents infinity, nature, woman etc; the triangle can represent the finite, art man etc.

*22 KT. Gold plate circle!
* Florentine Silver (Rhodium plate) triangle
*White gemstone setting


2301 – IDIC……………..$7.50

66. Harry Ballz - March 23, 2008

#59 “now I am sounding like Harry Ballz?!”

Batts, if you study really hard and absorb thousands of hours of corny material, maybe……I’m not promising, but maybe, someday you might be fortunate enough to sound Ballz-like……….

………….one can hope to live the dream!

67. Oregon Trek Geek - March 23, 2008

I wonder why Diana Muldaur hasn’t been on TV in 15 years…..

68. Engon - March 23, 2008

Thank goodness for inertial dampers!! Otherwise, the maneuver in the last shot would have killed everyone on board, even if it somehow didn’t tear the ship apart. Imagine what would happen to an aircraft carrier performing the same movement that quikly.

69. Commodore Z - March 23, 2008

#65: I have an IDIC pendant from that catalog. I know that Nimoy didn’t like wearing it, but I’ve always cherished it as a memento of the show. It doesn’t bother me that GR made money from it.

70. Robert Bernardo - March 23, 2008

Jeff Bond wrote:

> With just a plastic box, some leftover psychedelic optical effects…

Leftover psychedelic effects? Leftover from what? If you are talking about the effects when a person sees the Medusan out of the box, I have never seen those in any other TOS episode. If you are talking about the plumes of energy that are in the void in which the Enterprise is lost, I have never seen those in any other TOS episode either. In fact, I prefer the multi-colored energy plumes over the “sea” of blue energy in the Remastered effects. The plumes just float more and seem more mysterious. In fact, the plumes are somewhat replicated in nebula effects of ST II: the Wrath of Khan (though those plume movie effects were done by laser).

The final shot of the Enterprise leaving the Medusan ship at the end reminds me of a TNG Enterprise 1701-D “swivel” maneuver.

I always liked the episode. The different camera angles (especially the super wide-angle shots of the bridge and the corridors), the music, the void, and just the aspect of a being inside a box really made me feel that this was a unique piece of science-fiction television.

Hey, I have a Lincoln Enterprises IDIC, too! :-)

71. paustin - March 23, 2008

in all these years I’ve never noticed the biggest goof in TOS (or if i did I’d forgotten) and thats Kirk in the transporter room at the end for the whole beam out sequence….using established concepts he’d be batshit crazy.

72. Marvin the Martian - March 23, 2008


There’s no way he could go batshit crazy…. he’s… THE SHAT!

That’s why.

73. Harry Ballz - March 23, 2008

Maybe it’s because he was already……ah, never mind!

74. Metal Girl - March 24, 2008

Yeah, I thought that was odd that Kirk made such an effort to be out of the transporter room at the begining of the episode… hmmm…

Maybe it is only on the beam-in that humans can see the crazy-inducing part, and not the beam-out? But oh wait, Spock was wearing the visor both times… hmmm…

Ok, nevermind, I give up!

75. Iowagirl - March 24, 2008

Proud owner, Vulcanista. ;-)

76. Shat rules - March 24, 2008

Kirk doesn’t go mad on the beam-out cos he’s not looking at the box, he’s checking out Dr Jones – and Kirk has tunnel vision at times like that.

77. Iowagirl - March 24, 2008

#63, #72, #76
RE: Kirk not needing a visor and not going mad on the beam-out

Exactly – I think you’re All right! ;-) I suppose it’s just a case of Kirkian Autohypnosis “I’m not going to let anybody drive me crazy…today.”

Although, Harry has a point, too…

78. Smike van Dyke - March 24, 2008

Not quite convincing this time! Although I really like the idea of TOS-R, they’ve simply changed too much in this case. The “nebula” looks like out of a lame VOY episode. The original 60s psychedelic stuff was far superior. They should have kept it without any change, just the new Enterprise pasted onto it. Disappointed!

79. Tchessi - March 24, 2008

Always loved this episode with its references to Byron and Shakespeare (and having Miranda (“The Tempest”) as the main guest character’s name).

The Medusan was a great concept and when Kollos talks about how the humans depend on language gives me chills every time!!

“This thing you call language, though…most remarkable. You depend on it for so very much, but is any one of you really its master?”

80. Jeffery Wright - March 24, 2008

why couldnt they have used greg jeins superb 1701 model? that cartooney cgi looks very out of place. i suggest the gang at cbs review the ds9 episode ‘trials and tribbleations’ for reference.

81. Batts - March 24, 2008

Can someoe answer this question: In the end, when Miranda is beamed away, Spock puts on the visor, why? The box is not opened. Then Kirk is standing in the transporter room looking at the beam out with NO visors, why??

#73 Harry, I dont know if I can spend 1000 hours on corny material to get a shot at your title. I am not even a contender, my friend. There is only one of you. LOL!! Now I can bet there will be some smart ass rebuttal on your part……Ha HA!!

82. Doug - March 24, 2008

Happy Easter (belatedly) from Kuwait.

I cannot wait for Paramount to get their act together and release the remastered episodes on Blu-Ray. Then I’ll buy!

83. Dom - March 24, 2008

I always loved this episode. The whole idea of the Medusan driving people mad by being too beautiful or too hideous is straight out of fairytales and other myths: something only TOS managed to do well, compared with the rather more ‘rational’ later spin-offs.

I have good memories of this episode. Maybe all the men did seem to be in heat, but surely that’s the point of this episode? The objectification of certain people as beautiful, a blind woman wanting to see Kollos for either his beauty or ugliness. The episode is a sci-fi fairytale and should be treated as such!

Oh and it’s a pity about the bright, psycadelic colours of the void being ditched in favour of dull blue. I like a lot of CBS-D’s work, but they seem determined to rob TOS’ FX of all their colour!

84. Garovorkin - March 24, 2008

As much as I have critized season 3 this episode isdecent, It has some issues but it has so many interesting facets, The Tempest references,Miranda blind to possblities learns to see, the new world opened up for her, The monster Kaliban? One could Argue Kolos , but he isn’t the Monster, the real Monster is the uglyness within us the dark things that we keep buried, and are too frightened to look upon. Maybe thats what Marvik and Spock both saw, that could drive any one of crazy. There are so levels to this episode that I had never before considered.

85. Captain Slow - March 24, 2008

no offence to anyone who loves this re-mastering escapade, but i have been watching these new effects shots come out week after week and my conclusion is that i would prefer the originals anyday……….
…………………….the new effects shots all look dull, boring, lacking in imagination………the contrast dosn’t look as good, (i don’t know if that is just the way its been captured) especially compared to the original pictures. Fine….the graphics are better….if you define better by being technically better, but creativly better i don’t think so.
Planets – mostly boring
enterprise – dark, looks dull, boring

i am also not convinced by the quality of these new graphics, give them 5 years and they will look worse than the originals….

in fact – and i am being truthful here….i have had to doubletake on the screen shots because i have sometimes thought the original images were the new effects ….which was funny.

86. Garovorkin - March 24, 2008

#85 I don’t think everyone likes the re mastering for a lot of reasons. I admit i have lost some of of my enthusiasm for the whole process.

87. Jorg Sacul - March 24, 2008

Loved this episode, for no other reason than it seemed so new to me. For some reason I missed it in syndication most times, and it was really fun.

Not for the lame “Miranda is a Siren” bit, where all the men go woody over her, but just the bizarre concepts in general. I thought the opening under shot of the ship was very cool.

LOVED the music. Nice new stuff for an episode, not retread.

LOVED the void. As Spock said, some time/space warp continuum thingy, outside the galaxy with no point of reference. I’m surprised he didn’t get all excited over scanning it.

Scotty in a kilt!

Spock beating the frak out of his co-workers!

Young Diana Muldaur!

Kirk NOT scoring with the hottie-of-the-week! (could he have been any more of a horn-dog? Sheesh, even Bones had enough of him, after dinner.

So, if Marvick designed the Enterprise, uh… how old was he when he worked on the project? 5? 10 years old?

As much as this episode had basically wrong with it, it was fun.

I say, let the series run a fourth season!

88. bdrcarter - March 24, 2008

Cool to see a new ship. Kind of reminded of the freighter from ST:III…the one that got blown to smithereens by Kruge. Something about the structure of the stern. Maybe an older model of what in service by the era of ST:III?

89. bdrcarter - March 24, 2008

43 & 45

Picture #5 is a nice shot without remastering…as long as it’s not moving. The hard bank to the right is when it looks outdated. There’sno fluid motion. I don’t know the technical terms but it looks like that was just post-production “slide” of a still shot. Reminds me of the motion from TAS flybys.

90. Kyle Nin - March 24, 2008

#19 & #23: The blue “environment” that the Enterprise is stuck in is not technically in our universe, as Spock says in the episode. He says that the ship had entered another space-time continuum. I suppose it could be referred to as a pocket universe, maybe similar to the one in the “Voyager” episode “The Void”. They inadvertently entered it after hitting the galactic barrier at Warp 9.5. So, the space between galaxies is just blackness, just like what was seen in “By Any Other Name”.

91. bdrcarter - March 24, 2008

Another reason I like the remastered effort is the variety of shots. Interesting to see comparison pictures side by side. How many of the original shots above are repeated or are variations on the same optical? (8, 10 and 11 being the most obvious examples of this point.)

I love being able to watch TOS with my 11 year old son without him leaving the room giggling because of the ’60s era effects (He used to before there was a TOS-R. He couldn’t even sit through the original Doomsday Machine…arguably one of the best episodes of all time…now it’s one of his favorite Treks.) Thanks CBS-D!

92. JimJ - March 24, 2008

#89-Sorry, but I still like that move/banking to the right much better than the plasticy shot they have there instead. In fact, I’ve complained about that shot since the first time I saw CBS-D use it and they STILL haven’t changed it. Come on CBS-D, I’ve been a supporter, PLUS, my HD-DVD player and first season set would say thank you if you fixed that shot! Throw me a bone or something-lol

93. Seemore Butts - March 24, 2008

Bad episode
Nice FX shots
It would have been nice to see Kolos as more than just strange lights…
Once again a ruined 3rd season episode.

94. j w wright - March 24, 2008

hey cbs-d, heres a good place to start:


the lesson? use real, physical filming miniatures.

95. Greg Stamper - March 24, 2008

#92 JimJ speaks somewhat figuratively and with undue emotion. However, what he says is logical and I do, in fact, agree with him! (lol)

96. THX-1138 - March 24, 2008


Jeffery, if I’m not mistaken (here I go again) Jein’s model is hanging above the original captain’s chair from TOS at the Seattle Science Fiction Museum (I’m trying to score a lifetime pass apparently). It looks like it has been autographed by George Takei, so I think it won’t be getting filmed anytime soon. Go to youtube and search for a fan built Enterprise model. I can’t remember who it was here who directed me to it, but it is gorgeous.

97. Harry Ballz - March 24, 2008

#81 Batts “I can bet there will be some smart ass rebuttal on your part”

So, want a “cheeky” retort, eh? How about…

One ass, listening to a joke from another ass, says, “you crack me up!”

98. THX-1138 - March 24, 2008

Harry, I don’t mean to butt in here, but I want to ask Dennis what his opinion of these new ships appearing in TOS are concerning canon. And if I can wear my “Daedalus is Canon!” t-shirt to the mixer this Friday.

So Dennis, whatcha think?

99. colin - March 24, 2008

I notice on the new ship that the extensions actually go through the ‘secondary’ hull and are attached to the primary hull. You can see at least two of these extensions.

100. Thomas Jensen - March 24, 2008

#89 Looks like this is a matter of taste. But, for me, that original shot of the ship banking to our right is better at depicting the mass and size of the ship as it moves. If it were done in CGI that element of movement you refer to could be smoothed out.

I’m certainly not a detractor of the new CGI, but there are a few opticals that should have been replicated as the original shots were better. I mentioned the two on my post #43.

It would be great to see the Enterprise in the EXACT same position in the frame as was originally shot. Sure, do some new shots, but keep some as well.

This was what they were doing originally and they’ve got away from it and now are doing almost all new shots, again, this is fine, but I’d like to see some of the more iconic shots of the ship make it into the new re-mastering.

101. LordEdzo - March 24, 2008

Major props to the remastered VFX team for correcting two of this episode’s confusing visual effects:

1) Having the Enterprise trapped someplace *other* than inside the Galactic Barrier. This was never intended. Spock’s dialogue has always stated that, when the ship hit the barrier, it entered a space/time continuum. He also said the Enterprise was “far outside our own galaxy” and that she “cannot recross the barrier at sublight speed.” I loved the new VFX of the strange, blue/black void.

2) Having the Enterprise rendezvous with a Medusan vessel, just as Miranda’s dialogue stated. In the original, the Enterprise approaches a planet, not a ship.

Always been one of my favorite episodes – mostly, I’ll admit, because the music is soooooo eerie and unforgettable. Of course, I also love Diana Muldaur’s 2nd return to Star Trek.

Also, once again, the colors employed on the Enterprise sets are so vibrant and beautiful – boy, did those guys know how to make wooden walls look interesting! The remastered film manages to bring out those colors even more – great job!

Major “booooo” to the New York affiliate, WWOR-TV, for once again switching the airtime of this episode from Sunday at 6 p.m. to Saturday night at 11 p.m. I missed half the episode.

102. Michael Hall - March 24, 2008

Nice review of an episode that, for all its flaws, is easily one of the most intelligent and best-realized of the third season. A little less soap-opera and use of the ultra-fisheye lens and it might have been something of a classic. And yes, I’ll take non-corporeal flashing lights that drive men mad to yet another prosthetic forehead any day of the week. A reappearance of the Medusans on one of the sequel series would have been welcome.

With the exception of the godawful reimagining of the Galactic Barrier (*sigh*), CBS-D’s stuff looks pretty good to me this week. So the Daedalus ship is non-canon? Not anymore, apparently.

103. Enc - March 24, 2008

-So the Daedalus ship is non-canon? Not anymore, apparently.-

What ???

104. Seemore Butts - March 24, 2008

Screw canon and all the busty wenches! J/K kind of…
In any event so called “canon” has been inconsistent from the beginning so why be so harsh if the changes make the story/episodes better?! I for one like the additions as long as they add to the story and highlight the original intentions of the writers etc… I used to hate when a character would talk about a ship being nearby or the E is in orbit of a planet that we never got to see. Adding in those planets/ships/ or other effects makes the show better/ more consistent.

105. Enc - March 24, 2008

-In any event so called “canon” has been inconsistent from the beginning so why be so harsh if the changes make the story/episodes better?! –

im a bit conservitive. I love redoing the fx but id prefer that they kept things as close to original as posible. I was dissapointed with the Spocks Brain ep when they changed the ion ship.

106. Robert Bernardo - March 24, 2008

THX-1138 wrote:

> …if I’m not mistaken (here I go again) Jein’s model is hanging above the
> original captain’s chair from TOS at the Seattle Science Fiction Museum…

As of my visit there 2 years ago, the model is closer to a wall, and the captain’s chair is farther forward.

> It looks like it has been autographed by George Takei, so I think it won’t
> be getting filmed anytime soon.

I did not see that, but I did notice that the model is incomplete in detail. I surmise that because it was only used in one episode and only filmed from certain angles, it was not necessary to finish the rest of it.

107. dan - March 24, 2008

Some of the closeups of the redundant flybys are truly magnificent, but
what’s with the different angles and smaller shots of Enterprise?

Why not preserve the original angles – the set 5th from the top drives my absolutely bonkers. Why CBS-D insists on replacing the superior 60’s shot with this really weak video game angle is beyond me!

108. j w wright - March 24, 2008

i’m certain greg (or even martin bower! he’s still building for private commissions!) would be delighted to construct a new 1701 for the cbs-d crew to use, they should have thought of that in the first place, instead of how to squeeze more profit from the franchise (job #1, as always)

martins site: http://www.martinbowersmodelworld.com/

109. Enc - March 24, 2008

-Why not preserve the original angles – the set 5th from the top drives my absolutely bonkers. Why CBS-D insists on replacing the superior 60’s shot with this really weak video game angle is beyond me!-

well the original was not there because its wha thtey wanted. those angles in tos were there because the ship model they used. the wires ran outside the ship and down the port side. forcing them to shoot from the other side. look if the cables wernet in the way they would have changed a shot or how the ship moved.

110. THX-1138 - March 24, 2008

OK, Robert, it’s 3 feet further back than I said. And as of last year, the ship was signed. Maybe George stopped by the museum, I don’t know, but it sure looked like George Takei’s signature in Sharpie on the side. It could have been someone else’s signature, but I don’t think it’s that important, as the writing on the side of the ship wasn’t canon.

To get a better look at the model prior to filming, go check out the IDIC page.

111. Browncoat - March 24, 2008

Yes the little ship was reminiscent of the sketches in the first half of the book “the Making of Star Trek” but also Sternbach’s middle entries in the original Starflight (starship?)Chronology book.

‘way to go CBS-D!!!!!! *****

112. tronnei - March 24, 2008

Bad episode for all the reasons already mentioned, plus one that I don’t think has–the hokey plot device of Spock and everyone else on the bridge forgetting the visor at the end of the third act. I know Kirk later suggests that Miranda could have made Spock forget it, but is she really that powerful that she could control the mids of the entire bridge crew as well? And is she really that malevolent? It’s this more than anything else that ruins the episode for me.

113. Captain Robert April - March 24, 2008

This is going to be one of those rare occasions where I sort of agree with Dennis. I’m not a big fan of that spherical hull design, and recognize that there’s a good reason why it was rejected; it just doesn’t work very well.

I wouldn’t mind seeing it canonized as an early design Earth ship, but not as the Daedelus, since that class is supposed to come between the NX and the precursors to the Constitution class.

I think something more like an NX class with a secondary hull added on would do nicely for a Daedelus class design.

114. Redjac - March 24, 2008

#108. I’ve long been a fan of Bower’s work…he’s an outstanding model maker.

115. Enc - March 24, 2008

well i liked it and glad they used a sphere. and was not not happy with saucer’d NX-01.

116. Come again? - March 24, 2008

This is the first episode where Kirk didn’t get inside the alien’s box….


117. Harry Ballz - March 24, 2008


Whoa, now there’s a Ballzian-like quote if I ever heard one! Well done!

118. OR Coast Trekkie - March 25, 2008

My take:

The new blue-green “void” background, for some reason, seems not to work on the ship shots. It’s ok on the viewscreen, but seeing it with the ship in front of it.. I don’t know, it sort of seems to have a “CGI model filmed in front of a blue-screen” look. I’m not sure if I made sense or not…

I think they could have fixed/cleaned up some of the other live visual effects a little bit, such as the greenness… also, a beam from the phaser would have been nice. Not that hard to add…

It might have been alright to recreate a new effect for medusa, but I dont know. Perhaps the 60’s psychodelic thing was part of the mystique. Though I doubt you could really recreate a good psychodelic effects today… mostly because I think you actually need to be on drugs to create them. While the 60’s mantra may have been “Dope up at work, for enjoyment” the new mantra of today is “Pee in a cup, for employment.” Maybe THAT’S what the Remastering folks need: just some good, ol’ fashioned LSD.

This is one of those episodes that really embraces that it was made in the 60’s.

As for the ship: This is not the same as the Daedalus (sp) class. It has alterations and differences. You have to expect that ships constructed in that era whould have the globular primary hull. I like the ship. I also like that they ahve the “warm blue” added there… though why it isn’t on the nacells kind of baffles me…

For Kirk in the transporter room: Um, HELLO! He can close his eyes. Just try it…. see…. you can’t see the screen. Or hey, put your hand in front of your eyes… seeee just as effective, OR… turn the opposite way. 3 simple answers…

However, the best part of this episode is, without a doubt, Scotty in a kilt.

119. mada101 - March 25, 2008

Awesome new ship design! Probably the last we’ll ever get of the original Trek canon.

120. neonknights - March 25, 2008

The effect shots are again the same low quality as used to be. Why the hell did they changed the planet with some cheesy-looking spaceship? No reason for all…. I stay with the original version.

121. COMMANDER KEEN - March 25, 2008

I agree. I like the transition of Dr. Jones as well. This episode is actually pretty good despite itself. It definitely has “the 60’s” written all over it. Poor Scotty! His hero turned out to be lovesick loon! Didn’t they hear about geeks in their parents’ basement in the 23rd Century watching Star T…….oh yeah, never mind ;)

Great FX! Love the orbit scene at the beginning!

“Better eat your vegitables!”

122. RichR - March 25, 2008

What…no video highlights?

123. Vulcan Soul - March 25, 2008

Second appearance of CBS-D’s computer game plasma generator? What a dark ugly mess they made out of the previous work of art!

124. JimJ - March 25, 2008

Still no video? Bummer!

125. Shlepra-Khan - March 26, 2008

Where’s the video? — ya freaks!

126. Cervantes - March 26, 2008

I sure miss that close-up ‘banking’ angle of the E in the #5 set too…

It was always one of my favourite angles.

127. Oediv - March 26, 2008

Where’s the darn video link?

128. Engon - March 26, 2008

The teaser of this episode offers an interesting twist. After establishing that the Medusans are so hideous that a mere glimpse of them drives men insane, Spock dons his protective visor and beams the ambassador aboard. However, when Spock sees the beautiful Miranda, he mistakes her for Ambassador Kollos. The idea that Kollos might be beautiful rather than hideous creates a moment of mystery until Miranda clarifies that Kollos is in the box – an even more mysterious twist.

Yet, Spock’s mistake is inexplicable. He’s risking his sanity by taking this assignment. One might think that he would have taken the time to google “Medusan” and discover that they do not look like Diana Muldaur.

129. Matt Wright - March 26, 2008

Video’s up, sorry all there was a slight oversight about who’s doing the video this week.

130. Frank - March 27, 2008

I think these CGI guys really need to slow the Enterprise down. The quick right turn and the last shot pulling away from the other ship are just to fast for my taste. There is no sense of mass to the ship. One example of how to do it right is TWOK. The battle sequences are terrific and the ships move SLOW. The sense of mass is always present and you really get a feel of how BIG these ships are suppose to be – no quick turns. Just my take …

131. Tony - March 27, 2008

This was one of my all time favorite episodes; I just wish it would have aired on a different weekend… I was with the in-laws and out of town when it aired, so I missed it this weekend! Luckily, we have the video link now so I got to see the shots. I must saw, while I’ve enthusiastically supported the Remastering throughout the process, I finally have found a remastering that didn’t quite agree with me…

To CBS’s credit, most of these shots were fantastic. I liked the new “high warp” shots, the Medusian planet and the new transport veseel shots (including watching the E “backup” and then head off in their new direction), but the new “void” shots didn’t work for me. I thought the original pink “pyschadelic” scheme worked well in the context of this episode, and I was disappointed to see it replaced with the “blue/green/black void” we have often seen on TNG/VOY/ENT presentations. The pink colors were a bold statement and fit thematically into this episode’s presentations of dimentia and distortion. I can understand the rationale behind the change; I’m sure the producers were hoping to align with the dialogue, which stated they weren’t merely “stuck” in the barrier, but that the barrier impact had thrown them into the void, so differentiating from the barrier color scheme was important. I understand that, but I really missed the old “pink” effect shots, and this is one instance were I can say I preferred the original (especially since those shots, from “within” the void were pretty high quality on the original print, unlike so many of the often recycled shots from earlier seasons of the show).

That being said… still one of my favorite episodes! I loved the music in this one, and I was actually a fan of the “fisheye” lens, especially when Spock goes mad on the bridge. I can’t wait for this one to reair so I can finally catch it in it’s entirety. And, let me also say, I’m still glad CBS has done this effort!

132. New Horizon - March 27, 2008

What was with that crazy back away turn at the end? They’re giving the ship TNG/ VOY/ENT moves. That move looked like a cartoon…not a graceful, massive ship. :( They should know better than that by now.

133. Cervantes - March 27, 2008

Is there in truth no beauty in some of these ‘remastered’ effects shots?

134. Cervantes - March 27, 2008

Let me add that some shots ARE nice, but agree with previous folks who said that CERTAIN shots in these episodes so far, needed to be slowed up a good bit.

135. Holo J - March 27, 2008

130. Frank

“I think these CGI guys really need to slow the Enterprise down. The quick right turn and the last shot pulling away from the other ship are just to fast for my taste.”

I agree. The first shot definitely looks wrong, when you compare it to the original slower moving shot. I also prefer the close up angle of the original shot as well.

But the second shot works better its just as you said it’s a little too fast. If it was slower it would work better, but I guess they were trying to fit the timing of the move into the same space of time as the original music cue and effect.

I do like the addition of the new Medusan Daedelus class ship and the new orbit shot of the Enterprise. As Jeff has said points must go to the CBS Digital team for spicing up what could easily have been a collection of stock shots for this episode. I just wish they had the time to spend perfecting this remastering so there was no missed opportunity to make all the visuals look the best they could be.

136. Jim Profit - March 27, 2008

There is no SFX *Video*, just a blurred stream.

Don’t you put real FX *videos* on trekmovie.com anymore? (Ceterum censeo…)

Jim Profit

137. JimJ - March 27, 2008

Video link not working!!!! HELP!

138. Marvin the Martian - March 28, 2008

Actually, that’s the SAME planet they used in the remastered version of “A Taste of Armageddon,” just slightly tweaked.

139. Redjac - March 29, 2008

What? No sneak images from Elaan of Troyius?

That doesn’t bode well.

140. Jovan - March 29, 2008

#40: I agree. I don’t understand why so many of these reviews are trying to find sexism that simply isn’t there.

141. richr - March 30, 2008

Gotta get the page for Elaan up…saw it last night at midnight in NY…some EXCELLENT FX work!!!

142. dil - March 30, 2008

waiting— the Klingon ship is right on.

143. RichR - March 31, 2008

Yup in the Elaan, there was extensive new Klingon ship footage as well as nicely done battle sequences from both the point of view of the Enterprise and reverse angles on the attacking Klingon ship coming up from behind!

This was the calibre of effort that should have gone into the [disappointing] Ultimate Computer FX effort.

144. rj@yahoo.com - March 31, 2008

Meh, I didn’t like the disruptor fire…looked WAY too cartoony…and the blasts were way too big…

Plus, on my TV the new Klingon shots were really dark…

145. gottacook - March 31, 2008

In the second last pair of remastered-versus-original screenshots, I was sorry to see the original replaced, even though I like the newly featured smaller spaceship. Although I didn’t see this episode when it aired last week, I know it well and saw it first-run as a kid (and even have a Paramount VHS of it). In the original, the shot of the Enterprise from behind – with the Medusan planet visible in the distance as the ship approaches – immediately follows Kirk (having just learned that Spock will recover) emerging into the fisheye-lensed hallway and saying “Miranda …?” I always loved the transition between that and the exterior planet approach (a music cue with harp and strings). The introduction of the new small ship notwithstanding, I’m glad I still have my VHS.

As for the music: Come on, George Duning was great. Original scores for Metamorphosis, Return to Tomorrow (the other Muldaur episode), Truth/Beauty, and The Empath are all quite striking and display his trademark suppleness of melody and harmonic rhythm (i.e., rate of change of harmony). (Duning also did Patterns of Force and And the Children Shall Lead, but, for me at least, not even he could make those watchable.)

146. RD - April 7, 2008

In response to #34 above:


The EFX shots are nice and all, but clearly CGI has a place in correcting production errors, which were just as much a part of updating the show for a new audience as new space shots, which also had flaws in part due to rushed schedules and tight budgets.

Spock is sitting at the helm and they go to a reverse shot and inserted is a stock shot of Sulu. They went to all the trouble of replacing the viewscreen material when sitting right next to it is a glaring production error, clearly discovered on the editing room floor with no time to fix.

147. J.H. - May 8, 2008

The “lava lamp” effects for the void/dimension is better than the blue haze that they have now. Also, when The Enterprise was getting back home, shouldn’t there be pink in between the void and the galaxy (since the barrier is pink)?

148. James - January 2, 2009

hmm I wonder at the end that Kirk apparently watches the medusan transport out and doesnt go insane??

149. Stephen - November 9, 2009

Don’t think the redo of the barrier scenes in this episode make any sense at all! Why was the barrier the same color as in the original until you almost could not see the Enterprise then all of a sudden change to blue. By the same token why was it blue inside and then all of a sudden pink again as soon as the Enterprise comes out of it. Sorry but like the Romulan ships at the end of the new remastered “Deadly Years” firing torpedoes at the Enterprise going in long swooping arcs it just look Wierd. Like the shot at the end but they screwed up the original barrier shot which was just fine!

150. Stephen - November 10, 2009

My impression of the way the original happened is that the Enterprise went through the barrier, came out of it, and was directly next it. Giving the illusion that the Enterprise was still inside of it. Obviously it could not have been or else all the bad things would have been taking place that took place while the ship was inside the barrier during “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and when it crossed the barrier under the control of the Kelvins. I think this is proven correct when Spock takes back over the ship under the control of Kollos. It only takes seconds for the ship to re-enter the barrier. I can see looking at the previous comments that they may have been trying to make it look like the ship entered the ‘space time continuum’ Spock spoke of by changing it from pink to blue. If so it would have looked better if they had created a totally different effect for the continuum instead of the swirly blue and black haze. Since the barrier itself was a swirly pink haze instead of a totally different continuum it just made it look as if the barrier itself suddennly changed colors. As I said I wish they had just left this one shot alone or just inserted the new CGI Enterprise. I love the very mysterious lava lamp effect myself of the original. If I get the remastered I will still watch the original for this one. Sorry you guys at CBS but you screwed up one of the original series best effects. The remastered version looks WEIRD!

151. frank - February 16, 2010

Good review, not one of my favorite episodes, but at least you can see what the writers were trying to do. My one contention with the reviewer is on how the Miranda Jones character is done. Ther writer here seems not to have been in the military, specifically the navy; or he would realize how people at the far reaches for a long time are going to look at a beautiful women when she shows up.

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