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Spoilers: Details On Star Trek Movie Ships May 27, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Spoilers,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Ships like the USS Reliant (STII), The Klingon Bird of Prey (STIII), USS Excelsior (STVI), the Son’a Flagship (Insurrection) along with the various Enterprises have all been key locations for past Star Trek films. Now, based on information from a number of sources, TrekMovie.com has put together a summary and some details on the ships of Star Trek (2009).

Even though there has been a lot of talk about the early days of Kirk and Spock and Starfleet Academy, JJ Abrams new Star Trek will be spending quite a lot of time in space. This article will detail the four ship locations where much of the action will take place.

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701
As expected, the primary location of the film is the Enterprise with the bridge being the key location on the ship. About three to four out of the twenty weeks of shooting took place on the bridge set. We will see the ship under the command of both Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood) and James Kirk (Chris Pine). In addition to the bridge, other locations for the ship seen in the film will be: sickbay, crew quarters, engineering, a transporter room plus corridors and turbolifts. All sets were built at Paramount with the exception of engineering which was done on a redressed industrial location.

In the past, the interior look of the various Enterprises regularly changed from film to film, and JJ Abrams Enterprise is no exception. So far we have only seen a sliver of the bridge from this photo taken during JJ Abrams live chat with fans at TrekMovie.com.

The USS Kelvin
The Kelvin is a Federation starship from a generation before the Enterprise and smaller than the Enterprise. It is of a new ship class never seen before. The ship is commanded by Captain Robau (Faran Tahir) with George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth) as first officer. Locations seen on the ship include the bridge (which reflects an earlier design than the Enterprise and is a lot ‘busier’), corridors, sickbay and engineering.

The Romulan Ship
TrekMovie.com previously reported that the primary villains of JJ Abrams Star Trek are the Romulans, who come from the 24th century. They travel through time in a ship, but the ship is not necessarily built for time travel. The ship is commanded by Nero (Eric Bana). The design of the interior of the ship is apparently different than traditional TNG era Romulan design and said to be ‘surreal.’ It is not yet known what the name of this ship is.

Spock’s Time Ship
As reported before, the Star Trek film involves time travel and elder Spock (Leonard Nimoy) traveling through time. However (contrary to previous rumors about the Guardian of Forever) Spock uses a Vulcan ship specifically built for time travel. The ship is small and has a crew of one (Spock). The film will feature the bridge and also the ship’s ‘time core.’ It isn’t known what the name of the ship is, and it may be that the ship has no name.

Other ship locations
In addition to the above four ships there are some other ship locations that will be seen (and had sets built). These are:

A lot of ships for one film
Note the above list may not be entirely comprehensive, but is based on the best info available to TrekMovie at this time. There are certainly more ships which will be seen in the film’s space scenes. That being said, there will be a lot of on-board ship action in this film. A source tells TrekMovie that more ship interiors were created for this film than any other Trek film before. And unlike previous Trek films there is a minimal amount of ‘redressing’ being used. The USS Kelvin and the USS Enterprise are totally unique. All this means that Star Trek will truly be (as co-writer Bob Orci said in one interview) ‘a starship adventure.’


1. Ali - May 27, 2008

Ship, ship Hoorah

2. Gibnerd - May 27, 2008

I want to live on Spock’s time ship. I also want a t-shirt that says “Spock’s Time Ship”.

3. Chris Mulrooney - May 27, 2008

Cool details.!!!! Makes me sad though. I didn’t get to be a part of the movie though I was casted and even fitted for a uniform :( Just never was called in for filming.

Oh well :(

4. Kosher Coder - May 27, 2008

Great. This is going to be yet another time paradox story.
I started out being very excited about #11, but as more tidbits surface, the more cynical I become.

5. Lou - May 27, 2008


can’t wait to see this stuff! :D

6. Joseph Piatt - May 27, 2008

“The USS Spock’s Time Ship” has a nice ring to it.

7. Joseph Piatt - May 27, 2008

Of course, all of this makes the Vulcans in Enterprise look like even bigger idiots. “Time travel isn’t possible! The vulcan science command said so!” I’m paraphrasing of course…

8. Harry Seldom - May 27, 2008

It would be illogical to continue to deny the possibility of time travel once it was proven. By the 24th C., it’s well established.

Some once thought the world was flat. Others that man could not fly, or break the sound barrier, or travel faster than light . . .

(Oops. Got a little ahead of myself there!)

– Harry

9. Edgar Governo - May 27, 2008

I thought we were still talking about Spock, Harry, and not quoting Sybok. ;)

10. ShawnP - May 27, 2008

I love me some starships and time travel stories! Things are looking up, kiddos.

And Anthony, I’d love to know how you get all this info out of your sources. You must have one persuasive personality.

11. shat hands - May 27, 2008

I am so glad to read this!

I know some people want the whole ‘suprise’ thing and i respect that but this just makes me salivate!

only 11 months to wait

12. Salamander Cake - May 27, 2008

Finally, SOMETHING that we can use to calm our frayed nerves after a hard days work when we’re trying to go to sleep. Now I wish some of those movie bastiges would give us some more pictures.

13. Ian - May 27, 2008

I wish we got to see a huge epic Starfleet battle withthe Romulans involving a handful of ships.

14. Lope de Aguirre - May 27, 2008

Oh man a time traveling ship for Spock…

I never liked that in TOS, STIV + STVIII the Federation IS capable of timetravel without much of a problem.

Worst news so far on Trek 11 (for me).

15. Son - May 27, 2008

This is not a time paradox story from the looks of it. If I read everything correctly, I see it in this fashion.

Spock goes back in time, creating Star Trek-B. All events thus from the point at which he comes back in time (including future JJ Abrams Star Trek films) would take place in Star Trek-B. It would allow for extracannonical changes that we’ll see.

16. Dennis Bailey - May 27, 2008

If you check this out quickly you can get a smuggled look at the “time core” from Spock’s ship before the studio presumably swoops in:


17. section9 - May 27, 2008

Oh, come on, Dennis. I mean, paging Senator Vreenak!

18. S. John Ross - May 27, 2008

Very funny, Dennis :)

But if Spock had a TARDIS, that _would_ be pretty cool …

19. PaulFitz - May 27, 2008

I really hope that is a fake…

20. weeharry - May 27, 2008


is that not a picture of the tardis?

21. Xai - May 27, 2008

16. Dennis Bailey – May 27, 2008
“If you check this out quickly you can get a smuggled look at the “time core” from Spock’s ship before the studio presumably swoops in:”

Wow… I didn’t know that GE made “time cores”.

22. weeharry - May 27, 2008

‘Spock uses a Vulcan ship specifically built for time travel.’

this would seem to make the prospect of a TNG cameo less likely

23. Xai - May 27, 2008

Where’s the rinse cycle button?

24. Closettrekker - May 27, 2008

This sounds great. Fantasic job, Anthony…

25. ShawnP - May 27, 2008

15. Son

I think others have also pointed out on past threads that everything post-First Contact (a la ST:ENT) takes place in an altered universe, e.g., 1) the presence of the crew from TNG during Cochran’s first warp flight, which some have conjectured influenced the naming of the first warp-5 ship as “Enterprise” (which past series never mentioned); and 2) the finding of Borg frozen on Earth in an episode of Enterprise (as a result of First Contact, effectively altering when the Borg first discover Earth (vis-a-vis their first introduction by Q).

I’m sure there are other examples that people can name.

26. CanuckLou - May 27, 2008

Wow – major spoilers indeed! Spock a time ship?

Thank God! This dashes the Spock ghost in the future rumours that have been floating about!

You guys obviously know a lot more than you are letting on.

….the adventure continues….

27. The Underpants Monster - May 27, 2008

“My friends took a ride on Spock’s Time Ship®, and all they brought me was this lousy t-shirt!”

28. Dennis Bailey - May 27, 2008

“I really hope that is a fake…”

Oh, it’s totally real. Fortunately, though it’s a one-man ship there’s plenty of room ’cause it’s bigger on the inside than the outside…

29. gary - May 27, 2008

I was hoping they would of used “The Guardian” that would of been a good tie in.

30. Denise de Arman - May 27, 2008

So George Kirk is going to be Tahir’s first officer – bitchin’ news! I was wondering where Tahir was going to figure in the ST timeline. Wonder if poor George will be killed off in a space battle onboard the USS Kelvin. I love knowing that we will finally have some concrete canon insofar as Kirk’s father is concerned – there was just never enough background given for our favorite captain of all time. This new familial info will probably play a major role in young Kirk’s decision to attend Starfleet Academy and get into space where his father served (and perhaps died).

As for elder Spock’s Vulcan Time ship – hey, if Michael J. Fox can have a time-traveling Delorean, why would anyone begrudge our most beloved Vulcan his own time ship?! Only one thing needs to be changed – it needs to have an additional seat for me to sit in, as he will be traveling back in time far enough to knock at my door, pull me into his arms and hop back into the ship with me.

31. Heywood Jablomee - May 27, 2008

Spock’s time ship has four wheels, gull-wing doors and doesn’t time travel ’till it hits 88mph. The “time core” is known as the “flux capacitor” and can beat the flashing lamp off that old Tardis any day. Man, I’m tired of time travel… I defy any good sci-fi writer tio write a Star Trek story that equals The Wrath of Khan without using such a flimsy and sorely over-used plot device. Seems almost impossible, doesn’t it?

32. BrandonR - May 27, 2008

This sounds interesting. I wonder if, when in the time ship, Spock or someone else in the 23rd Century will mention how the Vulcan High Command in “Enterprise” said that time travel is impossible. This USS Kelvin sounds cool also. It’d be nice to see a design that was a combination of the NX-class from “Enterprise” and the new Constitution-class, just to have a “bridging the gap ship” so to speak between “Enterprise” and this.

33. Denise de Arman - May 27, 2008

Thank you, Anthony (you knew how excited we would become when you were writing this article, did you not – and thank your source for us as well).

34. KennyB - May 27, 2008

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I need to see costumes and ships!!!!!!!!!!! Please?

35. caz316 - May 27, 2008

about time,now i thick it’s real,we wont see Shatner,but I cant wait to see this movie.

36. Tanner Waterbury - May 27, 2008

OK great that they discuss what the ship looks like, now when can we see the Bloody ship?! I thought they were gonna have a pic of it out soon!

37. Thomas - May 27, 2008

I’m glad that a little more information is getting out, partly because it gives us a slight idea of how the plot might go (Vulcan time ship as opposed to GoF or slingshot effect). Of course, this will do nothing to quench fans’ thirst for pictures. I don’t think we’ll see anything before ComicCon in July. Maybe they’re saving it until then for the big Enterprise reveal.

38. Negotiator - May 27, 2008

Hey, since Spock has a time ship, why doesn’t he go and keep Shatner/Kirk from getting killed after he stops the Romulans from killing Pine/Kirk? There, and nobody could come up with a scenario where Shatner could be in the new movie? What, the time travel ship is not re-usable?

39. KJTrek - May 27, 2008

I’m getting sick of coming to this site and hearing about Science Friday, and rehashes of old news…

GET ME SOME PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

40. Terpor - May 27, 2008

Nice to hear someting news from Star Trek XI, still one thing is still sure. William Shatner is not on it :)

41. I am not Herbert - May 27, 2008


This bodes well for the possibility of some nice ILM-Trek Space Battle(s)!!!


42. cagsean - May 27, 2008

In book cannon George Kirk was chief security officer aboard Captain April’s Enterprise at one time. Ultimately he was lost in space aboard a starship that disappeared…his fate unkown.

43. CmdrR - May 27, 2008

Thanks, Anthony. A spoiler worth spoilin’ for, indeed.

I loves me some good starships, I does.

44. Closettrekker - May 27, 2008

#31—I don’t feel that it is overused at all with the original characters. It may have been POORLY used on occasion, but if done well, it can be quite enjoyable. Of the existing 6 original Trek movies, it was only used once, and in 79 original episodes, I can only recall 3 which involve any type of time travel. So correct me if I’m wrong, but there are only 4 total time travel stories involving the original characters, despite 79 episodes and 6 movies. That is less than 5% of the time. Overused? I can only assume that you are referring to its more frequent use in the spinoffs and TNG-era movies.

#32—I seem to recall either Abrams, Orci, or Lindelof saying that they would acknowledge ENT. How they will do so? Who knows? I do like your idea of showing a fusion of NX and Constitution class in the USS Kelvin, though.

45. hitch1969© - May 27, 2008

AP, I have mixed reactions about the spoilers here. We’re all dying to know, of course, but this early in the game it almost seems irresponsible for you to have revealed this much….

Reminds me of the classic Van Halen song, “Can’t Get This Stuff No More” in which David Lee tells us about his date with a supermodel… then rhymes something with “steak and potatos are better in a bucket”.

That’s the thing about self-improvement – don’t get me wrong, I plan to get some soon. Outside the wire, somethings movin’… The barn burnt down, now I can see the moon. A slice at time, like a pizza pie… You serve up the truth, I don’t want it anymore. Keep that in mind, when we say goodbye… cause you can’t get this stuff no more…..

There’s only one first time, fellas.


46. CmdrR - May 27, 2008

Dennis, that’s clearly poached technology from the Tardis.

47. Xplodin' Nacelle - May 27, 2008

I’m all for the new ship, but I wonder why they chose the name “Kelvin?”…….

* Isn’t that the name of the By Any Other Name species, & planet?

Either that or…………..

Its a tempature designation. I remember Spock, or one of the TOS characters once talking about something reaching “X ” Kelvin degrees.

48. Xai - May 27, 2008

38. Negotiator – May 27, 2008
Hey, since Spock has a time ship, why doesn’t he go and keep Shatner/Kirk from getting killed after he stops the Romulans from killing Pine/Kirk? There, and nobody could come up with a scenario where Shatner could be in the new movie? What, the time travel ship is not re-usable?”


49. The Haggard - May 27, 2008

Lord Kelvin was the mad man who had many conspiracy theories and kooky ideas who none the less was the father of MANY scientific methods and theories we still use today. Including the temperature scale Kelvin.

50. Chris Peterson - May 27, 2008

Kelvin is a system of temperature where 0 degrees = absolute 0 or -273 degrees C. The freezing point of water is right around 273 degrees Kelvin and 1 degree Kelven = 1 degree C.

Oh, and regarding the Tardis, so he’s Dr. Spock now? (sorry, I just couldn’t resist.)

51. DJT - May 27, 2008

“If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious sh*t.”

52. The Haggard - May 27, 2008

Lord Baron Kelvin at Wiki

53. EM - May 27, 2008

Time Ship!!! I gots only 3 words : Ed Begley Jr.

54. SPB - May 27, 2008


You know, I’m still a “glass half-full” kind of guy when it comes to STAR TREK XI, but I gotta admit… I’m HUGELY disappointed that this Spock-as-time-traveler business is turning out to be true after all. Yes, it’s all in the execution, and Abrams & Co. do a bang-up job on “Lost” when it comes to questions and scenes of (supposed) time travel, but this key plot point of TREK XI just sounds… pedestrian, you know? And more than a little unimaginative. “What? Something catastrophic happens in the 24th century? Never you mind, I’ll just jump in my handy-dandy Time Ship and set things right. No problem!”

Quite frankly, the ideas of Spock’s ghost appearing in the 23rd century or having himself travel back to the TOS-era by sheer force of will sounded more intriguing to these ears. Oh well, now I just have to hope that Abrams, Orci & Kurtzman really pull something special out of their bag of tricks for this one.

Sadly underwhelmed by the idea of YET ANOTHER time travel angle…

55. Crusade2267 - May 27, 2008

Who holds the license for Star Trek Model Kits? I already want to build a Spocks Time Ship.

As for the Romulan Ship, I liked the Valdore. Would have been nice to have it show up again.

56. MORN SPEAKS - May 27, 2008

“Surreal” Romulan ship, TNG era Romulans with no hair or bumps? I hold my judgment til I see pics, but if they’re going to change the Romulans so drastically, why bother with Romulans? Make up another race!

57. doc - May 27, 2008

hey this is doc from the itunes podcast: Heroes of Science Fiction and Fantasy, thanks reply number 48 Xai. Please read reply number 48 above. Thanks for simple truths. “I don’t like to lose” -James T. Kirk- wwebsite http://www.heroesofsciencefictionandfantasy.com

58. Mike T. - May 27, 2008

Is it April Fools Day already? I like the guardian of forever angle better.
Spock’s time ship sounds like the time ship in the Enterprise episode “Futuer Tense”. Hell, it even is bigger on the inside than the outside like the TARDIS. I thought that ship was from the 28th or 29th century? Or is this more like Braxton’s Time Ship from Voyager.

59. Kevin - May 27, 2008

Kirk was supposed to have seventeen separate temporal violations during his career, according to Temporal Investigations. We only saw… what… four or five? This could be just one more.

Now the whole, Spock travels back in time and creates Star Trek universe B sounds aweful to me. That’s the same crap DC did to get away with making a mess of their universe. It’s a cop out and way of urinating on everything that’s already been done without admitting it.

Of course that’s just my opinion. Probably not the opinion of everyone that makes up the movie viewing or Star Trek fan audience.

It’s probably just internet chatter anyway, with no real founding in what the movie is really about.

60. Andy Patterson - May 27, 2008

Maybe Spock’s ship will be the T’Pau or the T’Pring.

61. Lionel Horsepackage - May 27, 2008

Reply to Answer #54:

As opposed to him simply hopping into one of the many, many other, easily-accessible time-travel venues that we know to exist in the late 24 Century…I mean, *c’mon*.

We know that time travel is a much more commonplace thing in the TNG/DS9 era than the TOS period, so why force Spock to jump through convoluted hoops to get back there than is necessary to get the plot moving quickly?

Time travel occurred every other episode in TNG, DS9 and VOY — surely someone with Spock’s pull could wrangle up some Vulcan-made timeship fairly quickly, if he absolutely had to (or, failing that, steal it for a good purpose, as Spock’s been known to do in the past…”The Menagerie,” any one?)

Quite frankly, this is a major non-issue if you’ve ever watched any of the Berman-era series.

62. Daoud - May 27, 2008

Spock’s ship will be the Amanda.

We’ve also seen the Berlinghoff Rasmussen-stolen timeship too, to add to #58’s list. And the Krenim. And Gary Seven’s controllers could factor in.

#7 needs to watch all of ST Enterprise, and discover how Vulcan High Command was a Romulan-controlled front, and that perhaps they DID know about time travel. Soval, T’Pol, T’Pau and Archer bringing down V’Las is one of the best parts of Enterprise… which reminds me. Romulans. Hmmmm.

Also, if XI’s story doesn’t make sense, and the cynics and worriers are correct, this merely suggests JJ can bring in Manny Coto to script and run XII and fix everything.

63. CmdrR - May 27, 2008

Andy, are you saying this is how Spock finally gets inside T’Pring? (Sorry, Harry Ballz is on vacation and somebody has to carry the torch.)

64. Tony Whitehead - May 27, 2008

#42. That’s correct, it was in the awesome Diane Carey novel, “Final Frontier”. Now, that’s a yarn I would love to see on the silver screen for sure.

I am truly stoked by the above infomation…yet, I am torn that I cannot keep myself from reading every single spoiler. I trust Anthony & company will continue to whet our appetites while withholding the spoilery-spoikers for the sake of the surprise.

65. Tony Whitehead - May 27, 2008

sorry, spoilery-spoilers.

66. SPB - May 27, 2008

#61 –

Point taken, but it still reeks of lazy storytelling, regardless of how common it may be in the 24th century-based TREK series. And that kind of proves the point: It’s too common! Anyone on these boards knows that time-travel has been DONE TO DEATH in the realm of the STAR TREK universe. It’s about as common an occurance as firing phasers or using the transporter. There’s no real “oomph” to the very IDEA of time-traveling anymore. The novelty wore off decades ago.

Granted, we don’t have all the storytelling details and plot points of TREK XI, but it sounds less than entralling. We’ll see.

67. Denise de Arman - May 27, 2008

CmdrR#63- Good one! Except for the fact that T’Pring is probably the last female in the universe (and beyond the galactic barrier) that Spock would want “to get inside of”…!

68. Krik Semaj - May 27, 2008

#54 & 59 ( I agree completley #61 And you are also right itg is a non issue.
How can both points of view be correct? Well it’s Star Trek so unfortunately we have to live with an awful lot of time travel stuff, but I really wish they didn’t use this quick fix so often. I know many of you point out “it wasn’t used with TOS, and in the first 6 movies much, and gosh it was only used in 5 % of ALL Trek series combined (Now there is some useless trivia) so it really isn’t an overused plot device. Maybe yes maybe no. I am in the yes it is overused camp.
I will probably love the movie, but I was really hoping for a great adventure without another dose of the old time travel routine.
At least Jar Jar won’t be in it.

69. max - May 27, 2008

darn. i really wanted to see the guardian of forever again.

70. JeFF - May 27, 2008

I think that they should name Spock’s time ship the Zarabeth… think of how appropriate THAT would be… time ship named after a woman he loved in another time… and had to leave her there. Now, the ship with her name can be his chariot to the past, and maybe ultimately back to her.

71. Xai - May 27, 2008

I am guessing Old Kirk must stay dead to save the timeline… sorry Bill.

72. Scott - May 27, 2008

Re: 31 – Agreed. As much as I’m looking forward to seeing Nimoy on-screen one more time as Spock, it’s a shame that time-travel has to be employed as a plot device to make that possible. It’s just been done to death. It’s going to have to be one aitch-ee-double-toothpicks of a story to make time travel seem fresh and new.

Re: #44 – TOS used time travel in 5 episodes: The Naked Time, Tomorrow Is Yesterday, City on the Edge of Forever, Assignment: Earth and All Our Yesterdays. And with most of us having watched at least some of the Trek spin-off series and movies — not to mention movies like Back to the Future and Terminator — time travel is indeed a hoary old maguffin to hang your sci-fi movie plot upon.

I’m not saying it’ll stink, or that I won’t watch it … but I was hoping for something a little more original.

Scott B. out.

73. That One Guy - May 27, 2008

Part of me does not like the “time travel” idea at all. It’s just too… typical of Trek. We’ve already seen it in 2 movies thus far. I just hope that it doesn’t bruise Trek’s reputation to the general public eye. I can see how it is a good thing, though.

As for the Kelvin, my guess is that it probably has the same “industrial” look that Enterprise (NX-01) had, while still maintaining the futuristic look of 1701. Maybe the time ship is called “Aeon.” Or maybe “Relativity.” I think both of those would be a good Voyager tie-in, just for the few of us who like that series.

68, your last sentence, hear, hear! And if for some reason he is, I’m just going to stick with the original old samurai films that most sci-fi is based off of anyways! Kahless help us if we hear “Mesa so very happy to yousa again, Ani!” again.

Most here know of my… disdain for Jar Jar, so I will not continue.

This movie is the only thing between Trek and an abyss, and the rope is notoriously thin. I hope that J.J. and crew know what they’re doing. The best I can say is that we all remain cautiously optimistic. It’s still over a year before this comes out, so we have time to consider the possibilities.

May the Force be with us all.

74. SPB - May 27, 2008

#70 –

Now THAT is a damned good idea!!! That would be an awesome little touch!

75. Papa Jim - May 27, 2008

Oh the ship hit the fan now!

76. DEMODE - May 27, 2008

The Zarabeth wold be a nice name for the timeship!

77. Plum - May 27, 2008

The ship hit the fan! Haaahahahahahahahaha!!!!

78. 790 - May 27, 2008

There were 3 time ships in Voyager. That’s all I’m saying.

79. Captain Pike - May 27, 2008

“Sadly underwhelmed by the idea of YET ANOTHER time travel angle…”

Wait for it – it’s a one man/one whale time ship and his co-pilot is Gracie….

I thought I was being a smart ass when I wrote that but the more I think about it, the more interesting an idea it becomes….

80. Green-Blooded-Bastard - May 27, 2008


It is quite possible that Spock’s time ride is one-way. Perhaps the ship is called the *hock* P’Ting!

81. Anthony Pascale - May 27, 2008

so post 39 says that that this is all old news and post 45 says that we may have revealed too much


82. pat - May 27, 2008

a specially built for time travel. wonder how it will impact the next star trek series. i can see now. these are the voyages of the starship timeship

83. Xai - May 27, 2008

An elderly Vulcan and his pilot, a Terran Humpback Whale travel the cosmos in search of…?
* * * *

I’ll be interested to see the Kelvin. At least it sounds like Enterprise won’t be the “only ship in the quadrant” when Nero comes calling. And what of the Farragut, Kirk’s old ship? Will she be seen?

84. sean - May 27, 2008

How exactly did you guys expect Old Spock to interact with his young crewmates without time travel of some kind? I’m just surprised at all the…well, surprise. I thought that time travel was a given.

85. Irishtrekkie - May 27, 2008

wow where did you get this information !! , i swear this is the only place online i ever see that gets any spoliers like thiat i mean it brings new meaning to “Many Bothans died to bring us this information”

hmm the romulans will be interesting cause they are from the 24th century so i wonder how much different they will be from the romulans we know, i was not mad about the all bald idea lol , i hope there ship is cool .
looking forward to the uss Kelvin too

and i made a comment about this a while ago
but over on imdb

Kelvin Alien #1 ??? down as part being played in the movie. so is that
ship named after them ?

86. steve623 - May 27, 2008

“How exactly did you guys expect Old Spock to interact with his young crewmates without time travel of some kind?”

I think that’s kind of the point – people were hoping for something novel or different and not just a timeship. After all, this is coming from the best Hollywood has to offer, yes?

87. steve623 - May 27, 2008

“wow where did you get this information !! ”

I assume the production is feeding it to them in dribs and drabs to promote the film.

88. Xai - May 27, 2008

The timeship is disguised as an old Corvette, and while old Spock visits Iowa in Kirk’s childhood days, little JT Kirk borrows it to joy-ride. He accidentally shifts the car into “overdrive” and propels himself into the future. Spock must find him, but the boy is kidnapped by Nero.

Dam, where’s Doc Brown when you need him?

89. Xai - May 27, 2008

87. steve623 – May 27, 2008
“wow where did you get this information !! ”

“I assume the production is feeding it to them in dribs and drabs to promote the film.”

Maybe Anthony could answer that better if he choses to… it is his site.

And as for people yawning over the timetravel aspects or a timeship… maybe practicing patience over conjecture and assumption is more rewarding.

90. Irishtrekkie - May 27, 2008

“Maybe Anthony could answer that better if he choses to… it is his site.”

nah i say he is rolling around on a big bed of money , that paramount gave him ( or should give me ) for hyping the film , and keep us all informed :)

91. Joseph Piatt - May 27, 2008

lol’d at the TARDIS pic–and it’s correct in all caps, folks. Acronym, not name.
Hey–that’d make him Doctor Spock…

92. Denise de Arman - May 27, 2008

Xai#89- Kudos to you for pointing out that this is Anthony’s site and that he is basically doing all of us a ginormous, off-the-scale favor every day in bringing this info to us. I, for one, believe he deserves a little more appreciation and a little less griping. MHO

93. Irishtrekkie - May 27, 2008


true , Anthony really should get tickets to the premier off the production crew or something, just having this great site !

94. Anthony Pascale - May 27, 2008

sorry conspiracy theorists but spoiler articles here are not part of some elaborate marketing plan…I wish they were. It would make it a lot easier

95. hitch1969© - May 27, 2008

re: 81. Anthony Pascale

Oh Anthony, you worry too much. In that, first, I would appreciate if you acknowledge moi by the brand name, the old h69. or maybe just hitch. Of course, you don’t have to… but seriously, it would just tickle me pink every time if you did.

You know what… what I posted in #45 (aka, re: hitch) – that was just my gut reaction to your story. It was probably wrong for me to say so. Seriously. It’s not like you didn’t post MAJOR SPOILERS in the title so that someone could not avoid it. OF COURSE, me wants da spoliers. You gave them.

We come here for Trekmovienews.com. SO – dubyaTEEef am I complaining about, hoss???

I take back what I said, Anthony. It was knee-jerk, and self-serving. It was wrongo. However, I did express the duplicitousness I was feeling, had you read between the lines and been up on your failin’ of Van Halen© circa 1996, v. 1.

it’s OK, man. I still consider us grate mates. I hope that you do too.



96. SChaos1701 - May 27, 2008

Oh hells yeah. I can’t wait for this flick!

97. Gary Seven of Nine - May 27, 2008


Make-up another race? Like who? The Son’a?


Is Spock’s time ship powered by plutonium? After all, it needs needs 1.21 gigawatts for the Flux capacitor to work.

1.21 gigawatts? 1.21 gigawatts? Great Scott!

98. Ice Nine - May 27, 2008

Sounds cool to me! Thanks for the info, Anthony!

99. SirBroiler - May 27, 2008

Time ship? Bull-ship!!!

I would much prefer to see a homage to Star Trek III’s theft of Enterprise sequence with some Next Gen folks helping Spock get through restricted space to the Guardian of Forever.

If Spock does all of this with no help – and a lame time ship – they missed a golden opportunity to bring a fitting end to the story of Picard and/or Riker – and connect the threads of all good Trek to this movie.

We can all dream, can’t we?

100. Denise de Arman - May 27, 2008

Gary Seven#97- Spock’s timeship runs on 300 light years per 1 kilo of garbage.

101. 790 - May 27, 2008

Spock steals the ship from Starfleet section 31, there’s your spoiler.

102. fallness - May 27, 2008

The USS Kelvin????
Why the USS Kelvin. What are the other ship names…. the USS Roberto, the USS Alex and the USS Jeffrey.

what happen to names like HOOD, ARI, FARRAGUT, EXETER or LEXINGTON.

I bet to make us Fans happy, there will be a the USS GENE as Abrams has his way with a classic.

40 years from now , Will J.J. Abrams be know as The Creator of Star Trek?

103. The Last Maquis - May 27, 2008

45. hitch1969©….

Shut up!! “Everybody Wants Some!!” (Pics and Spoilers) “I want Some Too!!”
“Everybody Needs Some!!”
…………….How About you?

104. hitch1969© - May 27, 2008

re: 103. The Last Maquis

First, thank you for using the brand name. I appreciate that.

Second, agreed.

Last and third… grate VH reference. I shall shut up.



105. Cheve - May 27, 2008

Oh my god! They Killed Kelvin! S***…

106. The Last Maquis - May 27, 2008

Oh and #85. Irishtrekkie The Bothans Know their Damn Place.
Hell I’d Dispose of a Whole Brigade to get a look At The New…er Old..or New Old “Big E.”

107. Sebi - May 27, 2008

Does Spock play “Johnny B. Goode” at the end??


108. Paulaner - May 27, 2008

Time travel doesn’t excite me too much, but I keep thinking that this movie will be one of the most epic in Trek movie’s history.

109. Odkin - May 27, 2008

Who wants to bet that the script called for the great idea of revisiting the Guardian, but that Harlan Egoson somehow meddled with a tantrum?

110. Thomas - May 27, 2008

I would have been very surprised if they had used the Guardian of Forever. It’s a great concept, but it requires a little explanation for non-Trekkers, and to be honest, it’s a little constricting story-wise. It works in COTEOF because the bulk of the story take place in the 1930s on Earth. The story leaves the Guardian behind until it’s time for Kirk, Spock, & Bones to come back to the 23rd century. Ideally, the time machine should be a vehicle of some kind that Spock can fly from one place to another. If you ever read the originial draft of Back To The Future (it’s available online) the original time machine was a big generator built out of an old furnace and was powered by Coca-Cola. Eventually, the writers realized that the story would be better served to have a mobile time machine, hence the DeLorean.

111. hitch1969© - May 28, 2008

re: 110. Thomas

Did you just watch Back To The Future in Hi Def on Memorial Day and again today on HBO as I did with the small children in my charge?

That thing is littered with Pepsi references. Remember back in tha ayyyyyties when Diet Pepsi first came out??? Pepsi Free???

The fact of the matter is that dudes who are complaining about time travel stories are hifalutin and wrong in their opines. TIME is the fire in which we burn, is it not? Of course it is. SO, any story that presents us a new dimension of which this dimension we cannot crack – if anything, it makes us think. It makes us second guess the writers in all kinds of temporal implications. Myself, I am too inebriated to contemplate. Denise de Armand is looking pretty hot in her posts, however. I shall focus on that as I shall.

Damn, feels good to be a gangsta!!


112. Captain Robert April - May 28, 2008


113. Iowagirl - May 28, 2008

Spock’s ship will be wrapped by a full outer shell toupee, its name will be “The USS Shat Cameo”, and thus us diehards will get a piece of the action, too. This shouldn’t hurt the film considerably.

114. King Anthony - May 28, 2008


115. Admiral_Bumblebee - May 28, 2008

A Vulcan time ship piloted by Spock? This is really bad. Why doesn’t everyone have a timeship or built one and go back in time to change some things when it is that easy to travel through time?

This really sucks…

116. Dom - May 28, 2008

People seem to be making a big assumption that time travel is the focus of this story.

Ok, so the bad guy is a time traveller and we know Spock has interactions with the TOS characters. But, beyond that, we know very little. We don’t know that this is a ‘save the timeline/temporal paradox’ story.

We have been told that it’s an origin story: a TOS equivalent of Encounter at Farpoint, Emissary, Caretaker or Broken Bow. Spock’s journey into the past could well be more as an observer of the big events in the TOS characters’ lives with some occasional interactions here and there. We also don’t know how long Spock will spend in the past.

He might be there for a few time jumps from year to year, or he could get there and spend years in the background observing events.

And Kevin (59), creating a reboot using ‘canon’ references is a neat way of keeping TOS and the TNG spinoffs ‘intact,’ avoiding the wrath of the nerds, while giving the new team complete freedom to innovate in subsequent Trek films and TV shows.

It’s not ‘urinating’ on the past. That remark makes you sound like one of those kneejerk saddoes (which I’m sure you aren’t) who complain about the new Battlestar Galactica because it isn’t a direct continuation of the 1970s version! ;)

Personally, I’ve always seen the TOS movies and the TNG-era shows as a sort of ‘what-if’ spinoff from TOS. The TOS movies, stylistically, were very different from TOS, with very different-looking technology. TNG is one extrapolation of what could have happened next in the Star Trek universe. I’d be equally happy to see someone else’s interpretation of a next generation.

117. MiniKirk - May 28, 2008

You know, the whole TARDIS thing is really funny, when you consider, in the first season of the new Doctor Who, Rose introduces the Doctor as Mr. Spock. The thought made me giggle.

118. Laserlover2254 - May 28, 2008


A lot of ships for one film?

…Sounds kind of like Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, or Star Trek: First Contact.

119. David - May 28, 2008


120. lwr - May 28, 2008



this is the mandatory LOST reference!!

Kelvin was the guy with desmond in the hatch

121. Star Trek XI - Ships at StarTales - May 28, 2008

[…] Forrás: http://trekmovie.com/2008/05/27/spoilers-details-on-star-trek-movie-ships/ […]

122. CanuckLou - May 28, 2008

The anti-time travel disciples crack me up. It’s old, its tired, blah, blah, blah. Yet how many of the best loved ST episodes include time travel?

The issue facing ST XI is how to preserve canon and give the franchise dramatic breathing room at the same time. How can that be accomplished without some form of time travel and/or alternate timelines?

Posts keep coming up with – is that the best they can do? Yet there has not been a single post, that’s right one post, that postulates an alternative solution.

Time to ante up, TT haters!

Lay down your cards and tell everyone how you would incorporate 40 years of Trek history without disrupting canon and give ST XI new dramatic manuveuring room. How does one accomplish all that and satisfy old and potentially new fans without using time travel?

Let loose with your ideas!

….the adventure continues….

123. The Last Maquis - May 28, 2008

Go warp 10, Duh!!

124. Tomalak - May 28, 2008

Hey everybody

I don´t like the name USS Kelvin. But I searched on internet (wiki) and I found the meaning. “Baron of Kelvin” it´s a royal british title, named after “The Kelvin River”, in Glasgow, Scotland. It´s unit of temperature too, because named in honor of William Thomson, the first Baron of Kelvin.

Hello from Brazil!

125. Cervantes - May 28, 2008

So finally…this Movie’s ‘time travel’ solution is a ‘one-man spacecraft’ then?

I’m afraid if we HAD to have a ‘time-travel’ plot, I’d have FAR preferred something along the lines of the more mysterious ‘Guardian of Forever’ artifact to have been the majestic object of bringing ‘Elderly’ Spock into the proceedings for this major Star Trek ‘TOS'(?) reboot…Harlan Ellison’s blessing hopefully not being a problem notwithstanding.

There are enough ‘toy’ possibilities in this Spaceship-centric Movie already it seems, without having Spock’s ‘TARDIS’, I mean ‘time-ship’, as yet another one. ‘Zarabeth’ IS a nice idea by the way, but perhaps this is a craft he has stolen!…

Anyway, it can’t compare with the likes of the fantastic imagery that there could have been with a big screen re-imagining of the unfathomable ‘Guardian’, with it’s booming voice, and visually-alien presence. ‘Elderly’ Spock having to jump through that thing again in slow-mo would have looked great with the increased production values of today.

Personally, I’d have liked it showing the ‘time-line’ of it’s own actual ‘Creators’ when they were still around, and got Spock going through to complain about the potential problems this whole ‘time-travel’ nonsense causes in the first place!

Still, fingers crossed.

126. Spiked Canon - May 28, 2008

I love the idea that this time travel initiates a Star Trek B universe. All subsequent films could be based on this timeline, more updated and better! I would only hope they avoid time travel thereafter.

Kelvin + 273 = Enterprise

127. Tango - May 28, 2008

Spock goes back in time (or forward–I’m not sure anymore.) and stops Janeway from going back in time to bring her crew back earlier than they were supposed to be because 7 of 9 and Chakotey’s love child goes on a rampage and kills everyone. By preventing Janeway from going back in time, they ensure 7 of 9’s untimely (or timely–depending on your point of view) death.

But while he goes back in time, he takes a vacation and visits all his old-young buddies–because he can.

128. Holger - May 28, 2008

Great news!! Thanks to Trekmovie!! Finally some substantial new information. The next step: Images. But I believe that will take some time still.

#7: “The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible.”
Yes, I immediately noticed that ironical twist, too! :-)
I’m wondering if there will be any references to Enterprise. So far it doesn’t look so. I would have loved to see a stone-old Ex-President Archer christening the NCC-1701, or a middle-aged Starfleet Science Chief T’pol do something in the movie.

#62: Well, we don’t know how much the Vulcan High Command was infiltrated by the Romulans. Seems that it was only one man, Vlas, though he was of course the head of government. But we don’t know whether the whole direction Vulcan politics had taken was a result of Romulan manipulation. Could be, could be not.

129. The Quickening - May 28, 2008

I still think that’s way too much use of time travel. Also, you are only looking at STAR TREK. Time travel has been done to death on TV and the movies, both past and recent past, outside of STAR TREK and it’s getting kind of silly. Grew up reading Asimov, Bradbury, Vonnegut, Ellison, Dick and many others. I know what the genre can offer in terms of stories and imagination, so this is just inexcusable.

A few weeks ago, I checked out a DVD collection of DOCTOR WHO. I have of course, heard of this series for many, many years, but knew nothing about it. It shocked the hell out of me, when I discovered by looking at an episode that it too is about… time travel. I returned the collection the next day.

Don’t have much good to say about STAR WARS and George Lucas–never been my cup of tea, but at least STAR WARS never went down that cheap and easy road. Thank you George Lucas.

Sorry, but I am sick to death of time travel. Is this the only sci-fi subject matter Hollywood can give us?! Add to this, the fact that this movie is not only time travel, but the secondary overused plotting devise of a character going back to prevent or cause another’s death. That too, is WAY overused. Could be that the makers decided on time travel to get Nimoy / Spock in the film. Could be it was used because Paramount, like other investors in Hollywood, want easy, dumbed downed, safe “formulas” to “guarantee” a wider audience and protect their investments. We will probably never know. I just feel, in order to make the great leaps and discoveries–and great movies, you have to go for it–take risk. Clearly, in this regard, this movie did not. Given the choice of having Nimoy in the film and having a truly original concept and science fiction premise, I would have gone for the latter, but that’s me. It’s not my film. Sorry, don’t always like to be critical, but, I’m not impressed. I do wish the film good luck!

130. SPB - May 28, 2008

#122 – CanuckLou

Again, the overuse of time travel is a big sticking point with some of us, but it’s also about the uninspired conceit of Spock simply stepping into his own, personal one-man “time ship” that smacks of middle-school level fan fiction. I could’ve come up with an idea like that in the 4th grade.

Time-travel can still be pulled off in a fun and imaginative way. Hopefully, they’ll be able to do something a little different in TREK XI. But again, from the spoilers so far, I’ll use the word “pedestrian.”

131. Closettrekker - May 28, 2008

#128—“I’m wondering if there will be any references to Enterprise. So far it doesn’t look so.”

Orci says that they will acknowledge ENT. In what way, who knows?

“But we don’t know whether the whole direction Vulcan politics had taken was a result of Romulan manipulation. Could be, could be not.”

Seemed pretty clear cut to me, given the fact that Vlas tried desperately to drag Vulcan into full-scale war with the Andorians (and were it not for the intervention of Archer and the Enterprise, he would have succeeded). I would say that, along with his plot to destroy the followers of Surak in the forge as well as his insistence on a planet-wide policy of persecution against Vulcans who dared to acknowledge their psionic capabilities, qualifies as a whole lot of Romulan manipulation. As you so astutely pointed out, he was their equivalent of a head of state (and a remarkable position of central authority it was, given the nature of the Vulcans).

132. Decker's Stubble - May 28, 2008

Toys! When do the ships come out? Passing by the toy section in Walmart, and seeing every conceivable Star Wars ship, vehicle, weapon and latrine made into models, it makes me hunger to see these ST ships on the shelves.

133. Holger - May 28, 2008

#129: But Doctor Who? is around since about 1961 and IS a show about a time traveller, i.e. the Doctor, so you can’t really blame that show for overusing worn out time travel plots.
But you’re right: Asimov, Heinlein and some others have already written about anything there is to write about time travel (as fiction), and I often think “Haven’t I read that in End of Eternity?” when I see time travel on TV. But TV is a different medium, and it’s no wonder the unbounded imagination of literary writers is ahead of (cost-aware) TV productions.

134. The Quickening - May 28, 2008

#129: But Doctor Who? is around since about 1961 and IS a show about a time traveller, i.e. the Doctor, so you can’t really blame that show for overusing worn out time travel plots.

Good for Doctor Who. Not trying to blame the good doctor. The DVD collection I picked up was the remake and that is recent!!!

135. Uncle Happy Time - May 28, 2008

The U.S.S. Kelvin? Is that by chance a reference/homage to the Original Series and the aliens from the Andromeda galaxy called Kelvins from ‘By Any Other Name’?

One of my favorite episodes…”It’s green.”

136. Holger - May 28, 2008

#131: You’re right, but I was thinking that we don’t know whether Vulcan politics had taken its authoritarian direction by itself, long before the Romulans started their infiltration, so that Vlas was just using the status quo on Vulcan to Romulus’ benefit. It was said by T’Pol that many years ago the Vulcan High Command had been in charge of space exploration only. So did the High Command rise to power by itself or through Romulan manipulation? I think we don’t know. But it would seem a remarkable feat for the Romulans to achieve such a long-term and effective manipulation of Vulcan.

137. TheDoc - May 28, 2008

#129. The Quickening

You may want to check out Doctor Who again. Yes, the series is about Time Travel. However, the time travel isn’t about changing the past or the future. It is merely a vehicle for the series to show an even wider range of places and times than would be possible without time travel. Very few Doctor Who episodes involve changing the time line. In fact, in a recent episode, there was talk by one character of saving the people of Pompeii. But the Doctor insisted they could not change the past that it is a fixed point. As it turned out (without revealing too much of the plot for those that haven’t seen it), they had to allow it to happen no matter what the intentions of changing it were.

138. Holger - May 28, 2008

#134: The new series is not a remake or a reimagination, but a continuation of the show after many years. The Doctor can conveniently shapeshift (to be more exact: after suffering a fatal injury he can regenerate into a new form) and was played by ten actors, 7 in the old episodes, one in a TV special, and we had two different Doctors in the new series so far.
The show has the same status in the UK as Star Trek has in the US. When TNG came out we could have said: Oh no, not another show about spaceships! Well, we didn’t because it’s the very nature of Trek to be about space exploration. Likewise, it’s the very nature of Doctor Who? to be about a time traveller. So still, while I agree with you about the overuse and abuse of time travel plots, I think the new series about the good Doctor is not a good example to give for that.

139. Andy Patterson - May 28, 2008


Ha. I’d gone to bed and hadn’t seen that one. You said it not me.

140. The Quickening - May 28, 2008

137. TheDoc

Thanks. Perhaps I will sometime in the future.

141. The Underpants Monster - May 28, 2008

#62: “Spock’s ship will be the Amanda.”

And if he built a bunch of them, it’d be the Amandarmada.

142. Closettrekker - May 28, 2008

#136—True enough, as there is no way to know if Vlas was the first head of the “High Command” to wield such influence. However, we also do not know if he was even the first Romulan agent to be placed within the Vulcan government. Perhaps it was Romulan interference which caused the militaristic evolution of the Vulcan High Command’s authority to begin with.
At any rate, I rather enjoyed seeing the Vulcans depicted as a people whose sh** stunk as much as anyone else’s in that series. After all, we in the US tend to think of ourselves as morally evolved to some degree, yet until 145 years ago, our government stood by while some of its citizens held human beings in bondage and regarded them as property. It made a great deal of sense to me to see that the Vulcans had moral and philosophical issues of their own a century before the utopian Roddenberry Universe we saw in TOS.

#102—Those ships are Constitution Class, just like the Enterprise, at least in the TOS era. As the article stated, the USS Kelvin is a class of ship in service a generation before the big E. The ships you named are the recycled names of American and British naval vessels from throughout Earth’s history. It stands to reason that not all Starfleet vessels would be so named. Why not Bismark, Zuikaku, LaGrasse, Brandenburg, Akagi, Einswag, or Soryu? USS Kelvin, I believe, may be a little nugget from the TV series “Lost”, as another poster pointed out.

143. lwr - May 28, 2008

RE 102:

it is pretty much a known fact that JJ and the guys like to throw little in refrences form their previous work into their new stuff.


Cloverfield had a DHARMA logo on the DOD tape that started the movie.

LOST once made a reference to the nameless Oceanic survivors as “a RED SHIRT” ( and even had an episode where a nameless guys died.. wearing a RED SHIRT).

so it is pretty much a given that USS Kelvin is a nod to Clancy Brown’s Character from season 1 of LOST.. especially given that actor who plays the captain of this new ship was ALSO was in LOST( as the assasin that killed Sayid’s wife)!!

144. The Quickening - May 28, 2008

138. Holger

I did not say, no, another show about spaceships, because when TNG came out, there weren’t that many ship-based / exploratory series–TV or movies–in or outside of STAR TREK. Don’t think your comparison is an accurate one at all. Time travel is an overused device and the fact that a new version of Doctor Who–a time traveller–was produced, just adds to the glut and laziness of producers in the entertainment medium–no matter what changes were made to the show.

I think you are missing the point of my original post and taking it too personal. I did not bring up my returning the DVD collection of Doctor Who as an attack on the doctor. I pointed it out as an example of my feelings of time travel, it’s overuse and why I’m tired of it. I will add, I was not impressed with the acting or the CGI in the New Doctor Who either, but those things are secondary to this discussion.

I may give the show another look in the future, after I conclude looking at LOST and BSG, but not now because I am tired of the device and the subject matter.

145. Steve Short - May 28, 2008

Time travel has been a big part of Star Trek almost as space travel.

146. sean - May 28, 2008

People have very selective memories when it comes to time travel post-TOS. It’s not as though people in the TNG era were going back in time, willy nilly, whenever they felt like it. In fact, it was really TOS that made the concept seem pretty simple. To paraphrase Dr McCoy – ‘Slingshot around the sun, you’re in timewarp’. That seems like one of the ‘easiest’ methods I’ve seen portrayed in Trek, really.

The only TNG episodes that dealt with time travel in any meaningful way were ‘Times Arrow’, ‘Time Squared’, ‘Yesterdays Enterprise’ & ‘A Matter of Time’. In all those episodes, the matter of time travel was pretty extraordinary and wasn’t likely to be repeated – phaseshifting aliens with snakes that vomit out time portals, a space tornado that replicates shuttlecraft, torpedo explosions that create temporary rifts…do any of these sound especially easy to anyone? The only simple example would be ‘A Matter of Time’, but then again the visitor’s shuttle was from, what, the 29th Century?

Deep Space Nine dealt with it a bit more, with ‘Past Tense’, ‘Visionary’, ‘Little Green Men’, ‘Trials And Tribbleations’ & ‘Wrongs Darker than Death or Night’. But again, in most of those cases the method of travel was incredibly difficult to replicate – chroniton buildup interacting with a wormhole, radiation poisoning and a nuclear bomb interacting with ore. The easy one in this case is The Orb of Time, but even that seemed subject to the Prophets’ willingness to allow you to use it.

So while both of these shows dealt with time travel, only a handful of times out of nearly 180 episodes was it a plot point. Maybe Voyager or Enterprise overused time travel, I can’t speak as accurately about those because that was when Trek started to feel overdone as a whole (to me). But really, I don’t think the Trek writers have turned to time travel as often as we sometimes think.

147. sean - May 28, 2008


You may want to try the series now that David Tennant is the Doctor. I know that I could barely watch it with Christopher Eccleston (he seemed as though he never wanted to be there in the first place), but once Tennant was on board I think the show improved dramatically, including the writing & visuals.

148. Julian - May 28, 2008

The USS Kelvin. based on TNG and DS9 cannon that should be Daedalus class.



149. Trekking since '66 - May 28, 2008

The principal photgraphy is done. The effects are porbably almost done if not done already. I just want a Trek movie for Christmas!
Or some cast pics in costume… or ship pics… or hey how ’bout a really cool trailer!

150. Commodore Lurker - May 28, 2008

Decloaking . . .

To: Anthony Pascle re: # 81, #39/#45. I believe sir you have reached the happy medium.

Old Spock: “200 years ago the Vulcan Science Directorate concluded time travel to be impossible. I can logically infer that conclusion to be in error due to the practical application of temporal mechanics.”

Good Commodore Lurker: “I relieve you sir of the basless rumor surrounding Old Spock as a disembodied spirit.”

Bad Commodore Lurker: ” I stand relieved . . . whew!”


151. Closettrekker - May 28, 2008

#148—Daedelus is one class of ship in service prior to TOS. That does not mean that there are not different ships serving the line in Starfleet during the period of time depicted in the film in which the USS Kelvin appears. There is nothing in Trek “canon” which forbids the existence of another class. You may want it to be, but to say that it SHOULD be is a bit much.
With that said, it may very well be a Daedelus Class Starship. However, an original design, preferably technologically somewhere in between what was shown in ENT and what we see in TOS, would be welcome to me as well.

152. The Quickening - May 28, 2008

145. Steve Short wrote–
Time travel has been a big part of Star Trek almost as space travel.

Right, so let’s just stick with that which is safe, banal and less risky.

153. The Quickening - May 28, 2008

147. sean

That’s good to know.

154. Closettrekker - May 28, 2008

I really hope that the Kelvin is depicted as something in between the NX and Constitution Class. I would have to say that TOS and ENT are my favorite Trek series (ducks phaser fire and hopes it is not set to kill). I would love to see George Kirk serving aboard a ship which pays homage to both in its design.

155. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - May 28, 2008


(Sorry, Sean, I just had to. I wonder how long til this get’s old? Immediately?)

156. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - May 28, 2008

Oh, and toss this “S” up there. Damn laptop.

157. Closettrekker - May 28, 2008

#152—“Right, so let’s just stick with that which is safe, banal and less risky.”

How about let’s utilize the best plot device available to tell a story which connects 24th Century Spock and the younger, pre-TOS versions of the original Star Trek characters. Nimoy’s presence will help launch what is hopefully a new series of films set in a slightly altered timeline during the TOS-era. There is nothing to indicate that any potential sequels will involve time travel. And don’t blame them (Orci and co.) for the spinoff series’ extensive use of time travel. There are only 5 instances where the original characters were involved in a time travel story, once in a feature film (out of 6), and 4 times in 79 episodes of Star Trek. That is about 5% of the stories told having anything to do with time travel. So what if they use it to begin anew with the characters I love?
I happen to like time travel stories. “COTEOF” is one of my favorites. STIV, “Assignment:Earth” and “Tommorow Is Yesterday” are alot of fun as well. The only TNG episode I care to see is “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. I also like “Trials And Tribblations”. I don’t see what the big deal is.

158. Julian - May 28, 2008

#151 Thanks: Sorry “should” was intended as supposition-al as in “This should work”. I see your point that Kelvin might be a different class of starship vs the main “ship of the line” “Heavy Cruiser” as we saw advancing from 1701 to 1701A all the way to 1701E

159. CanuckLou - May 28, 2008

@130 – Ah, but maybe the method about which Spock procures the time ship is interesting in of itself ie perhaps a Menagerie riff with Spock stealing the ship.

@152 – typical response. Slam but no solution or better alternative.

If you don’t have anything nice to say….

160. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - May 28, 2008

BROTHER! I had NO idea there were this many time travel haters in Trekdom. What is up with that? And don’t give me the overused spiel. Others have already poked a whole in that balloon. There must be some other deeper reasons that are hidden. :)

Someone even postulated that this may cause trouble with the mainstream viewers or such. Well since “City on the Edge of Forever” and “The Inner Light” and “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and “Past Tense” and “Trials And Tribbleations” are all hailed to some of the best episodes in Trek history …

and how Star Trek: The Voyage Home and First Contact are the two respective top grossing movies of each set of movies…

and how Doctor Who is arguably the second most popular sci fi property ever to come from TV…

and how Back to the Future and Terminator are two of the most popular and successful sci fi properties from movies…

I don’t see what the problem is.

Time Travel is a story telling tool that is a part of Star Trek in particular and Science Fiction in general. No different than starships,phasers, aliens and strange new worlds. It is HOW you use these elements and not the elements themselves that determine the quality.

And besides, the time travel itself isn’t the point of this movie. Telling the origin of Kirk and Spock is. And THAT I look forward to a great deal.

161. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - May 28, 2008

That should be hole rather than whole of course. Curses.

162. starfleetmom - May 28, 2008

I hate time travel stories. I hate the paradoxes created by them. ut I do love Dr. Who so I guess I’m a paradox myself!
And I hate the fact that I see *SPOILERS* and I read it anyway and then I wish I didn’t read it cuz I want to be surprised at the theater, but I want to know everything there is to know, but I don’t.
Maybe I just need counseling…..

163. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - May 28, 2008

162. starfleetmom: Heh, well knowing you have a problem is half the battle. :)

164. interl0per - May 28, 2008

I agree, they have beat the time travel stories to freaking death in Star Trek, you would have thought the writers if ST11 would have known better after the abysmal failure that was Enterprise.

What kills me is that people like Joss Whedon manage to create sci-fi (Firefly/serenity) that is awesome without technojargon, time travel, aliens, “strange entity of the week”, back holes, etc.

I keep hoping Star Trek will steer back toward the characters and not the rest sometimes.

165. Horatio - May 28, 2008

Here’s a thought…. What if everything post TOS and ST VI (or TNG up to Yesterdays Enterprise) is a corruption of the true timeline? What if Spock is trying, as the Beatles so eloquently put it, to Get Back to where they once belong? In doing so he ultimately ends up saving Kirk (since events in Generations would never happen). We discover that Romulan Futureguy is really Rick Berman. Spock then somehow alters the space time continuum making it impossible to ever allow be time travel again, thus trapping himself in the past. (and banning, thankfully, the spectre of time travel from any other Trek series or movie again!)

So simply put, most of TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise are all really the Star Trek B universe due to Bermaga’s time travel meddling. Spock says, enough is enough, gets his Vulcan Delorean, gets back to where he once belonged, fixes the mess and makes it impossible for Bermaga to ever influence the timeline again. And the TRUE AND LIVING GOSPEL OF STAR TREK IS REBORN.

OK, i’ve been drinking….

166. Janice - May 28, 2008

I love time travel stories, always have. Bring it on! I can’t wait to see this movie.

167. Andy Patterson - May 28, 2008

I love time travel stories and Assignment: Earth is canon.

I also love, just our of the oven, chocolate chip cookies and Rachel Ward circa 1984. But that’s a different thread I suppose

168. Daoud - May 28, 2008

#124 Might want to look again at your research on “Lord Kelvin”, the title by which scientist William Thomson was known by. Considering the river Kelvin flows through Glasgow…. and our Trek engineer Scott spent some time in Glasgow… seems a good title. After all, Kelvin was famously known for stating in 1900 “There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.”

Since we’ve had a USS Pasteur, a USS Kelvin named for a great scientist such as Thomson seems appropriate.

As to class of ship, I’ll go for something that’s mostly flying saucer. Why, the C-56-D of Forbidden Planet would be just perfect. :)

#various The Andromedan invaders were Kelvans, not Kelvins, from a planet called Kelva. Close, but missed it by that much.

#others Having the Romulans involved throughout time in disrupting the Federation, and destablizing Vulcan makes perfect sense. Explains what the Tal Shiar has been up to since before the days of ENT. I like how in XI that Nero’s people are Shinzonphiles who shave their heads to honor their fallen revolutionary leader. Having Future Guy turn up spilling the beans to Old Spock makes some sense?

#something VSS Zarabeth trumps my idea of the VSS Amanda. Could we have Zachary Quinto also star in a spinoff movie about Spock and Zar?? He could play both roles… as Spock with the built-up ears, and as Zar with his own ears… Zachary… Zar… Zachary… Zar… methinks someone prophesied this all.

169. CanuckLou - May 28, 2008


“What kills me is that people like Joss Whedon manage to create sci-fi (Firefly/serenity) that is awesome without technojargon, time travel, aliens, “strange entity of the week”, back holes, etc.”

Easy for Joss to do considering he did not have 40 years of franchise canon luggage to restrict him. Who knows what he might have done storywise if FireFly had a longer run.

170. Closettrekker - May 28, 2008

#164—“I keep hoping Star Trek will steer back toward the characters and not the rest sometimes.”

I seem to remember that being a stated objective.

Time travel is a plot serving device, that’s all. If it is used properly to link the story to the origins of Star Trek’s most iconic characters, then its use is completely justified. Time travel is something which takes place “within” the story, not something which “is” the story. What you are reffering to in ENT (the only spinoff which really beat TT to death) was an entire season arc that centered around a temporal battlefield. There is no indication that TT will be such a prevalent element in future Trek stories. It simply gets Spock and Nero from A to B.

171. Scott Gammans - May 28, 2008

The USS Kelvin.

How… hum-drum.

172. RJ - May 28, 2008

I dont know about you but I am SICK OF THE TIME TRAVEL! Spaceship adventure my arse… it’s going to be a time adventure. This is a series about space and diversity which is way more possible, theoretically, than time travel. Geez!

173. CW - May 28, 2008

Quit talkin’ about them and start showing them!

174. Marty McFly - May 28, 2008

I too was casted and my johnson was fitted but never called :( Sad that people have to lie on here just to get some (supposed) respect.

175. Bill Peters - May 28, 2008

People Time Travel isn’t so bad for Trek….it is a plot device and not the hole story of the moive….I loved First Contact and Star Trek IV so…I don’t see what is so horrable about XI. I hope they do refrance ENT because the last season was awsome!

176. the king in shreds and tatters - May 28, 2008

USS Kelvin… Joe Inman.

Will there be a mention of the science ship USS Valenzetti? : P

177. Sid - May 28, 2008

Now if only the Kobayashi Maru scenario takes place on an NX-class bridge :D

178. star trackie - May 28, 2008

#165 “So simply put, most of TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise are all really the Star Trek B universe due to Bermaga’s time travel meddling. Spock says, enough is enough, gets his Vulcan Delorean, gets back to where he once belonged, fixes the mess and makes it impossible for Bermaga to ever influence the timeline again. And the TRUE AND LIVING GOSPEL OF STAR TREK IS REBORN.”

I like it I like it!!

Get back, get back Spocketta!!

179. Page 2 | /Film - May 28, 2008

[…] TrekMovie has details on which spaceships will be featured in JJ Abrams Star Trek. […]

180. Holger - May 28, 2008

#144: No hard feelings and I don’t take the time travel/Doc Who discussion personally. I like the show, but I’m not exactly a huge fan. I just think that it’s not entirely fair to bring in the Doc as an example of overusing time travel, as said e.g. in:
“Time travel is an overused device and the fact that a new version of Doctor Who–a time traveller–was produced, just adds to the glut and laziness of producers in the entertainment medium–no matter what changes were made to the show.”
I mean: how should one do the show without time travel? That’s not possible, just as it is not possible to do Star Trek without spaceships. Also think about #137.
I’m not trying to convince you that it’s a good show or anything, and my feelings are not hurt by criticism of the show (neither am I that big a fan nor am I British). I just think it’s not true that the typical lazy producer’s rehash of worn-out storylines is at work in the new Doc Who series. (Except of course you object to classics being continued, but then you should object to any continuation of TOS as well, and that was not your criticism of the Doc, anyway.)

181. Holger - May 28, 2008

#142: Agreed!

182. I Am Morg Not Eymorg - May 28, 2008

165 and 178: Hear hear! Get back, Spo!


183. M33 - May 28, 2008

You know… I’ve known that the new movie is going to be great… but I’ve just actually had the sensation of HOW AWESOME it will be. Tingling! Can’t wait!

184. Elise - May 28, 2008

So they can warp space-time to travel faster then the speed of light, but should only travel through space and not time?

You can argue that time travel is over used but considering what these ships do, I’m surprised it hasn’t come up more.

185. M33 - May 28, 2008

Speaking of, I like the new Doctor Who, but Christopher Eccelston was such a more interesting Doctor than David Tennant. Eccelston gave the character a whole new realism and dimension that just isn’t being explored with the current Doctor. I think its becoming too hokey and predictable like the classic series, and it could do fantastic if it stuck with exploring the darker side of the Doctor like in the first season episode “Dalek” rather than continuing more adventures that don’t explore the characters. Right now, its too much like when Douglas Adams was the script editor during the Tom Baker years. The depth of character in stories is Everything.

186. The Quickening - May 28, 2008

157. Closettrekker
STAR TREK does not live in a vacumn. If you read my posts above, my criticism of the overuse of time travel encompasses science fiction in movies and TV, not just TREK.

We just had Journey-Man (cancelled by the way), The Sarah Connor Chronicles and they are gearing up for three new Terminator movies. God, will this ever end?! It’s getting ridiculous. If you like seeing the same things over and over again at the movies and on TV, and you think that’s all science fiction has to offer, then you should be happy. I do not. I want to be taken where I have not gone before, or, at least, where I haven’t gone before so many times recently–time travel certainly doesn’t fall in that category.

I would have been satisfied with a movie book-ended by Spock and perhaps Kirk, discussing their first adventure or a host of other story possibilities that would have required imagination. Come to think of it, why use Nimoy at all? Just tell a story about how the TOS crew come together, without Nimoy? That way, no time travel would be needed.

Time travel is too gimmicky and contrived a device to be used as much as it has been displayed in Hollywood in the last few decades. Or, given the level of poor film making out of Hollywood of late, maybe it fits right in.

187. Closettrekker - May 28, 2008

#186—I’m only pointing out that when used properly, TT is an effective and entertaining tool to aid in telling a good story. Two of my favorite TOS episodes, my only tolerable TNG episode, the only TNG-era film worth mentioning, my favorite DS9 episode, and the highest grossing ST film in the 1980’s were all time travel stories. Of course it is not the only way to tell a story, but while you may be satisfied with “a movie book-ended by Spock and perhaps Kirk, discussing their first adventure or a host of other story possibilities that would have required imagination”, I am very excited about this one and cannot think of a story I would rather see play out right now.

“Come to think of it, why use Nimoy at all? Just tell a story about how the TOS crew come together, without Nimoy? That way, no time travel would be needed.”

It’s Nimoy’s involvement, as much as anything, which gives me goosebumps thinking about it.

As for your references to other sci-fi shows and movies, well, I’m not a general sci-fi fan, so I won’t presume to debate that. I’m just a TOS/original characters fan from way back. That’s all I care about, and thankfully, that’s what this movie is all about. By all accounts, it is a character-driven tale with a villain-central twist, and time travel is only a tool to link old Spock with the young one and his comrades. I can’t wait. Star Trek has used time travel on occasion since 1966, and I happen to like most of what it produced when involving the TOS-era characters.

With that said, I would like to see this new cast getting back to some exploration of the galaxy. I hope that is the direction this goes after STXI, but I can’t think of a better way to kick this thing off. I’m sure the hairs on the back of my neck will stand tall when Nimoy saves the day.

188. snake - May 28, 2008

so its Spock to the Future

makes sense as it was spock who suggested time travel and did all the calulations in TVH..maybe he goes one further and constructs this timeship

i get the feeling that the new movie will be trading on nostalgia for 60s and 80s original Trek the same way Revenge of the Sith, Superman Returns and the new Indy did for their series in the 70s/80s….going one further and using one of two main cast members (Nimoy) as a sort of guide to take us back (to the future – the 23rd century)

where as the other cast member (Shatner) became a sort of ‘guide’ to take moviegoers into the TNG era in Generations

189. The Quickening - May 28, 2008

180. Holger wrote–

Glad you didn’t take it personal.

It’s fair to bring in the Doc as an example of overusing time travel because I am personally sick of the device and Doctor Who is a time travel series. (Not trying to be funny.) I think you feel I should not be sick of the device and watch because it’s Doctor Who and it came out in the 60s. Doesn’t work like that. Can’t help that the device bores me. It’s not a reflection on the Doc. Not saying the show should be done without time travel and I don’t object to the new Doctor Who series being produced; I’m just not interested. The show is being produced in a time period when we have a host of time travel shows and movies cropping up and I’m just tired of it. Not saying that will be the case forever.

Actually, I would have loved to have seen STAR TREK without a concentration on space ships. I loved DS9 because it got away from star ships (in part) and exploring and was a Star Trek series. One of the biggest mistakes TREK made was regurgitating star ships, captains and space exploration and not exploring and expanding the STAR TREK universe by giving us details of that fictional world in action. We know very little of the Federation, Star Fleet, Earth, Mars and the other planets in our solar system, commerce, politics, how religion applies in the TREK world, etc. For the most part, all we ever saw were star ship adventures. Like time travel, that too, was getting pretty stale and uninteresting.

I don’t watch much TV so I have to be selective. I suppose, if the new Doctor Who was as highly reviewed, regarded and awarded as, say, BSG or LOST, I might grudgingly watch it–time travel or not, but it is not. I will acquiesce and see STAR TREK 11–perhaps at the movies, maybe on DVD–but only ’cause I’m a hugh TREK fan. If not for that, I would stay clear.

190. The Quickening - May 28, 2008

187. Closettrekker

No doubt time travel is popular–so are sequels, but I always thinks it’s best to “push the envelope and entertain” verses “give them the same old thing and entertain.” If the former fails, you have some thing unique and interesting. If the latter fails, you don’t have anything at all. The safe, tripe and trite might be in at the movies, but it just doesn’t appeal to me. I admit, my reaction is personal. I’m just tired of time travel. Sure, you can say it’s worked in past TREK and other movies–let’s keep feeding the audience the same old thing. But when is enough, enough? A lot of other stories have worked in STAR TREK too, why not go in that direction?

191. Chris Pike - May 28, 2008

184 That’s such a good point and one that’s occurred to me before. If the warp effect were ever to be created for real there’s no doubt it would distort time along with space, and with other side effects such as (within the warp effect/field) changing value of c and the values of the ship’s mass, gravity well and inertia. Such side effects would be inevitable as they are all intertwined. There may well be other peculiar effects on the already wierd quantum level (yet to be revealed in new scripts?) (and which could be the real basis of the principle of the transporter, force fields, subspace manipulation etc – some sort of warp by-product)

192. Markus McLaughlin - May 28, 2008

I wish I wouldn’t have to wait another year for Trek XI but what I have been reading up on it, I suppose it will have to do for now. I am surprised that Nero doesn’t have a Klingon Officer working with him. It would be so cool to see a few Klingon D-7 cruisers in the TOS era once more! Perhaps the Klingons will return as enemies in Trek XII! One other TNG character that could create havoc for Kirk and Crew is Q! I would love to see John DeLancie appear in a Trek film. A possible Trek XIII or XIV film could be another time travel film with the crews of Enterprise and Enterprise-G from the 25th Century brought together. Perhaps that could serve as a pilot for a “Third Generation” television series. While I speculate on the future of Trek, I wish the crew of “Phase II” well on new adventures. I am a Screenwriter in Hudson, MA, who loves Trek, and I was inspired to write my own Trek novel, based on the first major refit of the Enterprise. I dedicate it to Jimmy Doohan, I hope I can get it published via Pocket Books in 2009 or 2010. Onward and forward, Laddie!

193. Dennis Bailey - May 28, 2008

#109: “Who wants to bet that the script called for the great idea of revisiting the Guardian, but that Harlan Ellison somehow meddled with a tantrum?”

Fixed your spelling. I’d take that bet and take all your money. ;)

BTW, I googled “U.S.S. Kelvin” just to see about possible antecedents – aside from some other Trek-oriented references it just found someone’s porn blog (of all things).

194. Mikeat5280 - May 28, 2008

I’m really fascinated by the fact that engineering is being reported as a “redressed industrial location”. Why would they not build a set for engineering as has bee done in every previous incarnation of Trek? What kind of industrial location could serve as engineering? A nuclear power plant? A superconductor? Please tell me they aren’t going to make Scotty’s engine room look like something out of Titanic!

195. TJ Trek - May 28, 2008

so much time travel has been done. I don’t know if this is a good thing. But that is off topic. It will be cool to see some new ships in the star trek vain. I’m looking forward to seeing “JJ’s take” On what a star trek ship should look like.

196. varcher - May 28, 2008

The use of The Guardian would have been MUCH preferred to a single man time travel ship. I knew they were going to mess this movie up.

197. Steve Short - May 28, 2008

I wish I could time travel to May 2009 to see this time travel Star Trek movie.

198. Matt - May 28, 2008

I think it looks like future Spock comes from the 25th century where time traveling ships are easier to come by.

199. Ice Nine - May 28, 2008


Trek Ships Rock!

200. Laserlover2254 - May 29, 2008

How about neither a Daedalus or something from ENT? Something with a saucer and a somewhat different looking cylindrical stardrive, with two short, thick dorsal pylons each holding a small, TOS-ish nacelle.

That would be great.

201. Holger - May 29, 2008

#189: Ah, OK. If your main point is that you personally can’t stand any more time travel stories (understandably), then I have nothing to argue with you. (And how should I? To each his own, as they say.)

202. Holger - May 29, 2008

#197: Time travel into the future presents no problem! ;-)

203. Charles Root - May 29, 2008

Well so much for the Temporal Prime Directive either that or the Temporal Integrity Commission of Starfleet just plain sucks at doing their job.

204. Jm - May 29, 2008

That looks like my room mates bong collection from 1978.

205. K. M. Kirby - May 29, 2008

Time travel has many perils. No wonder the Vulcans are so cautious in using the time core.

Even the physical appearance of people met during time travel, especially if one happens to be yourself in an earlier moment, can undergo the most subtle alterations…

206. Steve Short - May 29, 2008

Without time travel in the movie how is older Spock meet younger Spock? Or do you want them to just make a younger crew of the Enterprise Star Trek movie with no Nimoy?

207. Dom - May 29, 2008

It’s a bit unfair to criticise the new Doctor Who series for being as time travel show: that’s a bit like complaining about Star Trek being a show about people trekking to the stars!

The new Doctor Who has **** all to do with the original, barring some window-dressing and plenty of fans of the original show find it little more than a vanity series to air Russell T Davies’ personal hang-ups, dressed with a few kisses to the original show. Hopefully Stephen Moffatt will redress the balance somewhat!

Like I say, we don’t know that time travel is the focus of the new Trek film: it could merely (a la Doctor Who) be a vehicle to set up the story!

208. Go Spock! - May 29, 2008

Hey, wow! The ships sound promising!

209. Section 31 - The Doctor - May 29, 2008


210. L. Carrs - May 30, 2008

I can handle a well written time travel story. I’ll only scream if they modify yet another deflector dish to emit yet another bloody tachyon pulse!!

211. Whizzer2000 - May 30, 2008

#207: “The new Doctor Who has **** all to do with the original, barring some window-dressing and plenty of fans of the original show find it little more than a vanity series to air Russell T Davies’ personal hang-ups, dressed with a few kisses to the original show.”

What utter rubbish!!!!

That must be why Doctor Who is now a multi award winning ratings hit in the UK, and is now bigger than it’s ever been. You obviously haven’t watched the new series or you’d know it’s a continuation of the original, but bigger and better.

212. Some spoilers from the upcoming “Star Trek” film | Pop Critics - Movies|TV|Books|Music|Reviews - June 2, 2008

[…] to The Movie Blog, I saw this piece about some spoilers over at Trek Movie, in which they detail some of the key ships that we’ll see in the latest Star Trek […]

213. Shi Don Yu - June 10, 2008


They did do several years of “Doctor Who” with out time travel! It was during the 3rd Doctor’s (Jon Pertwee) adventures. The High Council of Rassilon on the Doctors home planet of Gallifrey apprehended the 2nd Doctor (Patrick Troughton) forced him to regenerate, ergo Jon Pertwee, and exiled him to Earth for a good period of time! Most of Pertwee’s adventures as the Doctor were Earth bound. He was stuck on Earth with a busted TARDIS and wasn’t capable of time or space travel!

214. photopt - June 12, 2008

wont be as good without Shatner

give us Bill

215. madame trek - June 19, 2008

Firstly, I think anything will be better than ST: Nemesis.

Second, in response to
189. The Quickening: “Actually, I would have loved to have seen STAR TREK without a concentration on space ships. […] We know very little of the Federation, Star Fleet, Earth, Mars and the other planets in our solar system, commerce, politics, how religion applies in the TREK world, etc. For the most part, all we ever saw were star ship adventures. Like time travel, that too, was getting pretty stale and uninteresting.”

I find that a really interesting idea. The only things is I think in the 2300’s everything is so ‘peaceful’ on planets like Earth and Mars that stories would have to be human interest. Although I would love to see more. Like in those episodes on Voyager, with the Doctor at Starfleet after being transferred as a data stream, talking to the admirals or whoever it was, and also Kim with Libby in San Francisco. Those were little peeks into the Trek universe which I definitely would like to see more of.

Third…I would love to see B’Elanna Torres/Roxann Dawson as the captain of her own ship! Maybe even her own series.

Fourth – I would like to see Seven of Nine drop out of Starfleet (not that she was ever really in it) and become a space trader, or maybe a bounty hunter, and have awesome space adventures in the Trek universe! Imagine dealing with Ferengi and Romulans without having to follow Starfleet’s rules on everything. Kicka$$!

216. JR forever fan - July 1, 2008

Another time travel movie…come on. Well, we will see. I think Spock using the Guadian of Forever would make for a better story. The idea of time ships being around in a few centeries is a little much, evern for sci fi

217. Star Trek XI: Fakten, Gerchte, Infos - Seite 142 - SciFi-Forum - August 14, 2008

[…] von Cmdr Che’Ri reinschauen. chn sortiert unter Schiffe findest du diesen Link zu Trekmovie: Spoilers: Details On Star Trek Movie Ships | TrekMovie.com __________________ Tglich Dr.Bock und du fhlst dich […]

218. Leo Star Dragon 1. - October 15, 2008

#00: Complaining about using time travel at this point in time, in the Star Trek Universe, is almost as bad as complaining about it in the Doctor Who Universe! The writers have enough problems without fans wanting to handicap them by taking away a valuable tool. Sure time travel has been done before as a plot device. So what? That’s like complaining that starship battles have been done before as a plot device, so we don’t need any more of those either.
#01: If a movie features something that you don’t want to see, it isn’t the movie’s fault that you went to see it and thus was exposed to something that you didn’t want to see. It’s your fault, so blame yourself, not the movie, if you didn’t enjoy the experience. It was my fault that I saw “Knocked Up”, and didn’t enjoy the drug scenes. Not their fault, as I had warning. But I was hoping that the scenes with K.H. would be worth it. Sadly not so, as body doubles were involved. Lesson learned. Don’t listen to the friend who didn’t know better, listen to myself instead!
#02: We all have our preferences and it would be difficult to appease everyone. Bear that in mind when seeing any movie or TV show.

219. Arty - October 16, 2008

When did ST:XI Jump the shark?

220. Andrew - October 16, 2008

Bah. Time travel has successfully killed every StarTrek series out there and they’ve already beaten it to death. We’ve already had three StarTrek movies which deal with it! Enough already! Beating a dead horse anyone?

I was excited for the movie until I found out about the main theme. Man, they sure must have a major hard on for time travel. Dare I say that this will be just another disappointment.

Rest in peace Roddenberry. I think you’ve more than proven your legacy; there isnt a soul alive that can put together a decent StarTrek story.

221. Marian Ciobanu - November 30, 2008

– WARBIRDS were the coolest ships from TNG…i like even now their strange light….

222. ronn - February 27, 2012

u r all forgeting , kirks never gonna b dead , he in the nexes , forever a echo

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