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LeVar Burton: Fans Want To See TNG Cast One More Time June 23, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film),TNG , trackback

Levar Burton (TNG’s Geordi LaForge) is profiled with an interview in the new issue of the official Star Trek Magazine. The interview focuses on Burton’s current work as a director (something that he thanks former Star Trek producer Rick Berman for giving him his start in), but he does also talk about the last Star Trek film and also the next one…and his hopes for a possible TNG movie.

Excerpts from Star Trek Magazine

Nemesis worth a second look?
Burton has been critical of the last Trek film (Star Trek Nemesis) in the past, and especially the director Stuart Baird, but seems to be softening his view.

I haven’t seen it in a long time. I should take a look at it again and see what I think. I tend to dismiss it but there’s people who say they like it..

Nemesis – last call for Burton and the TNG crew?

Abrams movie begetting a TNG movie?
In the interview Burton was complimentary towards Star Trek’s new director, saying "J.J. Abrams is a really talented guy," and it appears he is holding out some hope that the new movie focusing on the TOS era, may bring back interest in another TNG era movie:

At the end of the day I’m pretty certain that a lot of the fan base would like to see the Next Generation cast do one more turn around the galaxy, and I guess the performance of this next movie will have a lot to do with whether that comes to pass. It will make people see whether there’s an appetite for Star Trek again. So I have really mixed emotions. I haven’t quite decided how I feel about this new picture. My life is going to go on and Star Trek will always be an important part of it. Whether we do another movie or not is not in my control and the most important thing to me is that I have lasting friendships and memories from the seven years I spend on the show. And that’s better than the price of Latinum.

Could this happen?
Although it is true that the TNG cast never did get a good send-off movie (like the original TOS crew did with Star Trek VI), another TNG film seems to run into some practical issues. Firstly is that success of the new movie is likely to cement the new cast as the biggest box-office Trek stars for the foreseeable future. Of course it has already been reported that the new Star Trek cast are signed up with options for two more films, and Paramount is currently courting the film makers to get them nailed down for a sequel. So if JJ Abrams Star Trek is successful it seems fairly certain the next film would continue with the new cast (and therefore presumably in the TOS era). Plus there is the issue of the TNG cast itself, especially the two biggest stars. Patrick Stewart seems less interested in putting on his space suit, and Brent Spiner has stated he is too old to play the un-aging Data (or B-4) anymore. There is always the chance of Paramount dabbling in DVD movies something that is becoming popular with other franchises but has yet to be done with Trek. But such a thing would have a significantly lower budget, making an appearance by Patrick Stewart even less likely. Bottom line is that it isn’t very likely we will see the TNG cast on the big screen again.

See the current poll (right sidebar) for options on the future of TNG

Burton and wife Stephanie at 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards September 16, 2007 (WireImage)

The latest issue of Star Trek Magazine has more from Burton, as well as other good articles on the new Star Trek film, and much more. Pick it on newsstands now.



1. Illogical - June 23, 2008

More TNG!

2. jmdiaz - June 23, 2008

Would love to see one more TNG movie….They have the talent and are much better actors than the originals….too bad their movies were not up to par…..

Always thought Q would be a great bad guy for the last movie.


3. Harry Ballz - June 23, 2008

It would seem that the chances for a TNG film are slim, at best!

4. CmdrR - June 23, 2008

If it’s a classy flick, I’m all for it. But, the script and the vision (pun intended) have to come first.

Please, though, no piling on of cameos in future Trek movies. It’s distracting and usually out of character.

5. Illogical - June 23, 2008

#2… They have the talent and are much better actors than the originals….too bad their movies were not up to par…..

Really? Much better actors? Thats funny.

6. CEBG - June 23, 2008

I was thinking about this the other day…one of Picards best episodes was the one where is was tortured by the Cardassians….”THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!!!!!!”

I loved that episode. You could certainly do a Kahn thing with that…

7. Illogical - June 23, 2008

#2 …They have the talent and are much better actors than the originals….too bad their movies were not up to par…..

Really? Better actors? thats funny.

8. Jared - June 23, 2008

I think the more realistic hope for TNG is that if the movie is successful we will finally see a “Captain Riker Show”…I pray every night for this btw, lol…anyway one could see a Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge on that or…just lots and lots of recurring work for any TNG cast members on the show.

9. Admiral Stedman - June 23, 2008

TNG Movies not up to par. That’s just it. I own them all, but I’ll always opt for a viewing of a TOS era film first when I have time to watch some Trek.
The films should have been handled by someone who worked in film. Not simply give Berman (a TV guy by trade) the keys to the car and see what he can pull off. I’m not Berman bashing, just saying it may have been different if he were in charge of TV and someone else controlling the features.
But everything is great in hindsight isn’t it.

10. That One Guy - June 23, 2008

How would that work without Data? Maybe if they did something with B4….

If they do, they better have the Titan. And where the hell is Q?! He showed the show out, now he needs to show the series out, as just a class kind of a thing. That would be nice.

I’d like to see more.

Just to see Picard stroll in, and someone proclaims:

“Captain on the bridge!”

11. CW - June 23, 2008

Jeez… unless you can guarantee that it would be a good film- unlike Nemesis and Insurrection, let it fade away and be done.

Unless, of course, in about 12 more years from now they wish to pull an Indiana Jones with TNG…

… actually, IJ & The KOTCS was a disapointment as well.

12. CmdrR - June 23, 2008

“Captain Riker Show”… would be fine. You could have Ambassador Picard on board, and you’d have the same basic cast set-up. But, then you have the problem of B4. Yuck. Hopefully, they covered his never-before-or-after seen duel usb ports. Oh, and flicked the switch that upgrades him to ‘Data.’ Oh, and CGI’d Brent Spiner so he doesn’t look like the universe’s olded non-aging android.

Yes, I love TNG. But, you’ve got your disbelief suspension cut out for you if you want another movie with the same cast.

13. Gary the Gorn - June 23, 2008

I saw “First Contact” on SciFi a couple of weeks ago. That is a very entertaining movie. If they do another one like that would be great. Patrick Stewart is very good in Star Trek: First Contact.

By far the best Next Gen movie.

What other series character could they bring back to make a good movie out of? I liked the Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes, Data’s nemesis in the Holodeck episode. Remember they put him in that ship in a bottle. Maybe he could come back all ticked off.

I would also like to see Next Gen go to Talis IV and visit the Buttheads.

14. Kirk, James T. - June 23, 2008

I hope that like Star Trek V – Nemesis isn’t considered canon – I would love to see the TNG cast along with cast members from DS9 and Voyager in one last movie that just puts that era of Star Trek to rest – with perhaps one thread left for a possible sequel with new characters replacing the old.

Q would be my choice of TNG villain but i’d also like to see how DS9 copes without sisko – perhaps Q could be written in to help bring Sisko back, i’d like to see how cardassia is faring after the war and i’d also like to see these characters again – i think JJ Abrams would work well with Ronnald D. Moore – that would be a partnership worthy of stovocore!

15. British Naval Dude - June 23, 2008

With all due respect please…

PICARD: So, this is our last mission? To collect waste material from the Cistern System of the Poopites? Aren’t we wasting millions of dollars for special effects on such a silly thing to be doing? Well, at least we don’t have that annoying android around anymo…

B4: I climbed the steps to Mt. Seleyah and guess what?! —
DATA: Old Yellow Eyes is back! Now then, being dead I got to meet Kirk in the afterlife. He is rather angry that you just dumped a bunch of rocks on him, sir. After all, he only saved the universe a few times in his life.

WORF: Damnit , Riker’s back again- taking more potshots at us with The Titan.

THAT NEW FIRST OFFICER BLOKE: Jean-Luc! Can’t we get him court-martialed for this? Geez, Jean-Luc, we already surrendered all of our sprinkled donuts and scones to him. What more does he want?

PICARD: Hmmm… (gets up, walks away) You know I think I’ll call it a franchise… let’s just look forward to something different tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…

Arrrrr… again, I kid cuz I loves… never be another TNG film, but I’d see it if thar wuz…


16. Sean4000 - June 23, 2008

Put some more ram and a core2 quad in B4 and he’ll be as good as new.

As a computer guy, I really appreciated the “off site backup” in Nemesis.

17. jmdiaz - June 23, 2008


Yes the TNG cast were much more talented in the acting area than the TOS cast was.

The TNG movies suffered because of horrid producers (berman and braga) rather than acting and talent.

Again…too bad the TNG films were mishandled.

18. ensign joe - June 23, 2008

I think you’d be looking at a tie-in at best.. but you know.. I’m kindof getting tired of all the rehash.. can I get something original for a change?

19. Charles Trotter - June 23, 2008

I would to see the cast of TNG go at it one more time… of course, I’ll want to see them one more time after that… and again after that… and so on and so forth. There can never be enough TNG for me. :)

A movie featuring true crossovers between the TOS crew and the TNG crew would be great. Maybe the next movie can feature cast members from Star Trek XI mingling with those from TNG. I would definitely go for that, so long as it was done well, with a great, believable story.

I’m also still waiting for the ENT/TOS/TNG crossover, and the TNG/DS9/VOY crossover. Yeah, like either of those will ever happen. :/

20. Roger - June 23, 2008

Oh, GODS no, no more TNG movies. First Contact was the best of the lot–and sadly, that’s not saying much. I could’ve done without the Borg Queen (though Alice Krige acted her part very well), a drunken Zefram Cochrane, that stupid Borg plot (why didn’t they just send thirty Borg cubes and call it an assimilation?), and drunken Troi (though it was better than mindraped Troi).

21. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - June 23, 2008

One of the big problems with TNG movies was the reliance of having to have a “bad guy”. Even the Borg had to have a head bad guy, the Queen, to be the antagonist. Why not go on an adventure and face the unknown? What about a universe threatening anomoly? Why not write a compelling story that doesn’t involve wrecking the ship and killing off the iconic characters?

And #6–You mean like Madeline Kahn?

22. OR Coast Trekkie - June 23, 2008

You can’t count anything out for the highest rated first-run syndicated show in history. TNG has a pretty good, solid fanbase. I think there’s enough demand that if this new movie is successful, we’ll get one more TNG film. Q was a great villian, and wold work very well for a movie plot. You cna even incorporate DS9 into the movie.

I’m not going to hold my breath for it, but I don’t think you can count out the possibilities. After all, TOS got another movie after ST:V.

23. Richard - June 23, 2008

Why doesn’t Paramount follow Universal’s example with “American Pie” and “Bring It On,” and do lower-budget TNG movies (with just part of the cast, if necessary) direct-to-DVD?

24. T2 - June 23, 2008

definately would like a post-nemesis movie…keep moving forward. maybe it could take place in that TNG “All Good Things”/VOY “Endgame” era. By the time this potential movie would get going, enough time would’ve gone by to enter this era of Trek…late 24th Century. If it’s a TNG movie, we’d need their sail into the sunset…in The Undiscovered Country, the TOS cast got their send off, TNG deserves at least as much…if you can’t get everybody back, bring some DS9 or VOY into it. I grew up with TNG and would love to see just one more, irregardless of anything else…however meaningless, it’s just me…I’ll always be like that because it was my show growing up.

25. El_Nastro - June 23, 2008

If this new Trek is as good as I suspect it’s going to be, I just don’t see anyone clamoring for another TNG film. TNG was always a bit milquetoast – The actors performed well, but the characters were too nice, too clean cut, too well-adjusted, and too unoffensive to be anything but nauseating. Now they’re also too old.

Nope, the politically-correct adventures of the crew of the USS Regency-Hotel-Lobby-prise’s time is past, and I don’t mind one bit.

26. The Underpants Monster - June 23, 2008

I would really, really love to see the TNG cast again, even if just to get the taste of Nemesis out of my mouth.

I think, though, that an “event” TV miniseries would be a better format than a theatrical movie. TNG was my favorite of the series, but I think it was really more at home with the small, intimate stories that fit better on the small screen.

27. The Underpants Monster - June 23, 2008

Oh, and get Frakes to direct.

28. The A-man - June 23, 2008

… so is LeVar suggesting a new movie…

Star Trek : ReGenerations?

Where the TNG crew goes through the Nexus to help the new Pine, Quito etc crew?

*charges Phaser at maximum intensity and aims at own head**

29. Newman - June 23, 2008

I’d love to see another TNG movie. The fans want it, but I don’t think that neither JJ nor the studio feel that TNG can attract new followers to the franchise.

It’s just not going to happen.

30. Scott Gammans - June 23, 2008

No they don’t.

31. garen - June 23, 2008

Yes please please please. I would love to get a new TNG movie.

Although i have a problem with the phrasing of the pole question to the right. A new TNG movie should be made…..but….It does not need to be a SEQUEL to the new film. I’m afraid making it a “sequel” might confuse the masses.

Anyway, yes…a new tng film would be great. We get the Titan and Captain and Mrs Riker (or mr troi). Geordi could be on either starship…either the Titan or the Enterprise. Worf is PIcard’s new #1 and Data, can in fact return once the B4 robot processes all of the information. (who’s to say that the B4 android isnt programmed to “age”…thus Brent Spiner can reprise the role with no worries)

and hopefully we get Q as a villain/friend….we all know it’s a great love/hate relationship.

oh my wouldnt it be fun?!

32. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - June 23, 2008

No ,…..they don’t. Tried to watch 5 minutes of Insurrection they other day. That’s quite enough for me thank you. I would watch a remastered episodes project though. Other than the stock ship effects by ILM most of the outerspace ship effects are horrible.

33. garen - June 23, 2008

also…i dont know why anyone would want a direct to DVD trek film.

either do it big or dont do it at all. I dont want a cheap, low budget Trek film direct on DVD. The FX suffer and the acting talent suffers and the script suffers. The whole thing woudnt be worth it at all and probably cheapen the franchise.

34. John from Cincinnati - June 23, 2008

I would love to see another TNG movie, with the same feel and soul of First Contact, but not necessarily including the Borg. That movie really caprtured the best of the TNG crew and their comraderie.

35. JeFF - June 23, 2008

I hate to say this, because I’d *LOVE* to see another TNG movie, but I’m not sure it’s realistic.

I highly doubt Patrick Stewart would sign back on for another movie, and there’s even less of a chance that he’d sign on for another TV show.

Brent Spiner’s Data is dead. The sooner people grasp that, the better.

If they were to bring back the very essence of Data, they should recast him. No disrespect to Brent Spiner at all, but come on people, he’s too old looking to play an ageless android.

The best case scenario we could hope for would be for a TNG-era show with Riker and Troi, and then a mix of characters from that era (in other words, actors/actresses from TNG era shows that are not currently enjoying immense success and are willing/available to do TV or even direct-to DVD).
I am quite sure that Frakes and Sirtis would be up to this. Wheaton would be ideal, as would Burton, as they both seem willing to be involved in anything new Trek. McFadden seems MIA, so she’d probably be up for it too. Dorn would probably be unwilling to go through even more years of that makeup, but maybe as recurring? That covers TNG. I’d LOVE to see more of Nana Visitor (she was awesome, AWESOME in BSG). Sid Alexander and Colm Meaney, while wonderful actors, are enjoying bigger and better things, so again, I’m not sure they’d be into it. The Voyager cast could also be candidates.

I think I’d want to see some fresh faces too though… YOUNGER faces. I’m 28, and I’m already feeling like we need younger fans to keep things going.

Just rambling… feel free to disagree. I’m just trying to be slightly realistic about TNG as another movie. I’d LOVE for them to do it, but there’s so much that would need to be done differently for it to be done well.

36. No More STTNG Movies!!! - June 23, 2008

PLEEEEEEASE, no more STTNG movies!!! They had their shot and screwed it right up! Violated their own cannon and lots more! I have no problem with TNG series, but we need to be moving away from that era! It just did not work on the big screen! Burton, just move on and get over it!

37. Sam - June 23, 2008

I’d like to see a DS9 movie

38. Closettrekker - June 23, 2008

Another TNG movie? No thanks. I never paid to see any of them, and I wouldn’t pay to see a new one. Everyone has their own opinion, but I always found the TNG-era in general to be rather dull, sterile, and far less romantic than the 23rd Century, and the characters have never been the icons that their predecessors were.

The only thing that has me excited about a new Star Trek movie is the fact that it is centered around the characters of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

No holodecks, no families aboard, no ship’s counselors, Klingons in Starfleet, artificial officers, or children on the bridge…

For those who still wish to see TNG in movie format, I think straight-to-dvd is a good idea. I think TNG fans would buy those dvd’s, and if they didn’t have Patrick Stewart, they could always be set aboard another vessel under Riker’s command. I never thought TNG was feature film worthy. Even First Contact was just okay, and if it were straight-to-dvd, I wouldn’t know the difference.

39. NCC-73515 - June 23, 2008

The Titan could bring Spock (Nimoy) to his timeship. We know that XI will start in the TNG time, so it would only be fair to show some part of TNG in the beginning!

40. No More STTNG Movies!!! - June 23, 2008

#38. Closettrekker

Couldn’t agree more! Well said!

41. Thomas Jensen - June 23, 2008

I don’t see how the success of the new Star Trek movie would necessarily imply that a mass audience would be up for the Next Generation characters.

I’d think that if the movie is a hit, they would follow-up with another movie with the original characters. People would want more from those characters, not some other trek show.

The two are mutually exclusive, some people like the original characters, some the other casts, but all star trek’s aren’t the same thing.

I don’t think that there is room for two major productions of Star Trek. That was tried on television and I don’t believe Paramount will do that again with big screen trek. It wouldn’t make any sense.

I certainly understand why Mr. Burton would want it to be so, but it isn’t even nearly reasonable to expect that to happen for the foreseeable future.

42. Denise de Arman - June 23, 2008

jmdiaz#2- OMG! Surely you jest concerning your statement that the TNG actors were “better” than Nimoy, Kelley, Shatner, Doohan, Nichols, etc. Upon what acting school-of-thought do you base this almost laughable statement?

43. JARED WYNN - June 23, 2008

tng is done, finished. tos is the king of the hill and capt. kirk is supreme

44. Closettrekker - June 23, 2008

#41—He’s reaching, as the actors in STXI are signed for at least two more films. It doesn’t make any sense that they would regress into doing more TNG movies.

#42—I got a kick out of that too.

#44—Always was and always will be.

45. T.'. - June 23, 2008

I think that the best option would be to see if the new film does well, and for the new powers at be (JJ, ‘the supreme court’) to come up with something for a new series.

Some suggestions:

0. Don’t be afraid to piss people off. Embrace controversy, as TOS did on occasion.
1. Put it on Sci-Fi, where it fracking belongs
2. Do something new in the late 24th century
3. Serialize!!!
4. Listen to RDM about keeping true to yet showing the limits of Roddenberry’s “vision”
5. Avoid fanwankery
6. Get some serious actors in there, as Marvel is doing with its franchises
7. Explore aspects of the ST universe we haven’t seen (as I understand they are doing with ST XI)

46. Sisko's Shrimp Gumbo - June 23, 2008

Reading Rainbow in Space!

47. a328367 - June 23, 2008

I would like to see a more legitmate TNG sendoff movie eventually. Just to tie up the loose ends from Nemesis. I don’t think Spiner needs screen time in it though. His character could just be mentioned in the script as being somewhere else, such as a deep space mission – who says he has to follow Picard everywhere like a lost puppy. That way his character could be brought back from the Nemisis disaster – err…movie, without having Spiner’s age be an issue. I agree, Trek movies should not be focused on a main villian/character. Leave that to the James Bond franchise. A Trek movie should be focused on a space adventure.

48. Captain Otter - June 23, 2008

Yeah, I’ll pass. TNG has their run. It was great and all, but that cast and their show handlers killed the Trek movie franchise.

When JJ raises theatrical Trek from the dead, why on earth would Paramount move backwards in terms of cast and crew?

Your moment in the sun has come and gone, Mr. Burton. Enjoy the memories and, if the itch needs scratching, find a new project. But you cannot go home again.

I suppose, though, if they get really stubborn, there is always the fan film.

49. Anthony Pascale - June 23, 2008

guys lets not turn this into another ‘my trek is better than your trek’ pissing match.

TNG is great, TOS is great.

I would have loved for NEM to be a great send off for the TNG era as TUC was for the orig TOS crew. It wasn’t. And, as I pointed out in the article, there are practical realities to deal with that make any kind of ‘do-over’ for the TNG cast very unlikely…especially on the big screen.

50. Harry Ballz - June 23, 2008

Denise, you and I are usually on the same page, but……….comparing the two leads of the respective series, are you saying William Shatner is a more talented actor than Patrick Stewart?

51. Denise de Arman - June 23, 2008

Anthony- Just one correction, kill me if you must:

TNG is great, TOS is greatest

52. Denise de Arman - June 23, 2008

Harry- Just because Shatner has accepted so many “crap” acting jobs in his career does not negate the fact that his work on TOS was more than outstanding. Are you saying that you liked Patrick Stewart’s Picard more than Shatner’s Kirk?

53. JJwerecountingonyoubuddy - June 23, 2008

I would like to see 300-400 years in the future beyond TNG. I had hoped prior to Enterprise that they were gong to do that.

Also, I always wished we could have seen some, or any solid detail, on the Klingon Wars ( I realize that is going backwards in time) but still that would be an awesome mini-series for the SCI-FI channel if they really went into detail. Since the trend seems to be everything thats new in Star Trek must be some kind of prequel, lets see some Klingons !

If they did redo TNG in some form, I hope they bring Q in.

At this point I would take about anything new, ANYTHING !!!!!!

54. Jon - June 23, 2008

I like the idea of a post “Endgame” storyline. They had already introduced a Captain LaForge in an episode of Voyager. They could elaborate on that…

55. Krik Semaj - June 23, 2008

Shatners Kirk is always going to be iconic, but Stewart is an overall much better actor.
But Shat was great as the opossum in over the hedge.

56. Kirk's Revenge - June 23, 2008

I would like to see a “Captain Riker/Titan” movie, even if it is a Direct-to-DVD release.

Wouldn’t hurt.

57. raffie - June 23, 2008

Hell yes, that would be awesome, an ACTUAL sendoff fort the TNG crew. Or not a sendoff, I’d just love to see more TNG!

58. Sam Belil - June 23, 2008

I so WANTED TO LOVE the TNG movies, they were good — but did not really grab me, with the exception of perhaps “First Contact”. Patrick Stewart — better actor — Yes! Better Captain – NO!

59. star trackie - June 23, 2008

Sorry Levar, there is a reason JJ is going back to the basics. TNG is cut from a completely different cloth so it’s no real surprise there are fans that like one but not the other. For me, personally, TNG was such a drastic departure from what I enjoyed as “Star Trek”, it was a vessel I never cared to book passage on and has long since sailed.

60. Jordan - June 23, 2008

TNG cast had their chance to have a big send-off and it didn’t come through. I actually enjoyed Nemesis and didn’t pay any mind to the critics. I can remember really feeling so horrible for everyone that the movie bombed badly.

I don’t think there should be any further TNG movies, as it’s clear to me now that TOS is gonna be the setting for anytime future projects.

61. Harry Ballz - June 23, 2008

Denise, that’s a loaded question as I grew up watching Shatner’s Kirk and loved the portrayal. I like Shatner as a Captain more, but I think Stewart is a much better actor!

62. Wrath - June 23, 2008

We’ll see TNG again. But it will be in the Abrams-verse and it will be a new cast. In about 20 years.

63. Denise de Arman - June 23, 2008

Krik- You guys are pulling a foolie, am I correct? You want Denise to spew like Mt. Etna 13,000 years ago, causing torrential landslides into the Mediterranean and in-turn pushing giant tsunami waves all the way to Israel (according to the History channel…). Yes, Shatner is a great actor – he started in classic theatre and has an Emmy to prove his acting ability. No, I am no a Shatner fanatic, I only recognize his talent and the fact that no one could have played Kirk as he did. The guy is not actually an idiot – he only acts like one, you know.

64. Izbot - June 23, 2008

Well, inevitably, we have got to consider the failings of Nemesis again. I’ve agreed with Burton’s past opinions on the film and it’s failings. “I haven’t seen it in a long time. I should take a look at it again and see what I think,” he says here. I thought this same think a couple months ago and rewatched it for the first time in a couple years — and I disliked it even more. Whether or not Brent Spiner would ever appear as Data in any version of Trek the character should never have been killed off. Here was a character who conceivably could’ve lived indefinately and he ends up destroyed after less than half a century. I would like to imagine that Data would be around hundreds of years after TNG — like the EMH in “Living Witness”. With current emerging technology a cg version of Data could be designed to look just as Brent Spiner did during his salad years on TNG and used in some future movie or episode accompanied by Brent’s voice. Data’s death was a cheap and unneccessary trashing of a classic character as an excuse for an emotional climax for the film — yet it doesn’t come close to the effects felt by Spock’s death in TWOK. Instead it feels derivitive. And like Spock’s death we are given a clue (a clumsy clue telegraphed to us in huge letters) that Data may not *really* be dead but in fact lives on in B-4, Data’s identical twin. What’s the point?

Would I be open to seeing some of the TNG cast in any subsequent Abrams sequels? Why not, if done properly. Even surprise cameos can be a lot of fun. The EMH in “First Contact” is a great example of making it work without pulling the viewer out of the story. The proposed cameo of Quark in “Insurrection” was rightly cut from the final version of the film because it was a cameo that was both unneccessary and made no sense.

65. MORN SPEAKS - June 23, 2008

A DVD movie is not becoming of TNG who have already starred in Motion Pictures, I think it would be okay for DS9 or Voyager.

Maybe ten years down the line or 9 (30th Anniversary of TNG) They’ll make a TNG sendoff, maybe a passing of the baton to a new series for Television.

I hope it’s not the end : (

66. Dom - June 23, 2008

‘The Next Generation’ implies something youthful and new, not a bunch of 50-somethings creaking their way around space in an ugly rehash of the old Enterprise design.

TNG is over. It got a rubbish send-off in Nemesis, but then again, so did TOS in Generations. David Gerrold was once asked how many Star Trek fillms they would make: he apparently replied ‘Probably one too many.’ He was proved right: Generations pee-ed on people’s memories of TOS and Nemesis wrecked TNG and its sister shows.

Quite frankly, while I would be in favour of straight-to-DVD Star Trek movies, I’d be staggered if many of the TNG cast would be willing to ‘step down’ to DVD after a cinema movie career. Patrick Stewart in particular would be unlikely to be interested – he’d be a cameo at most.

Realistically, you could get an ‘identikit’ movie using a few characters form various series, but what would be the point? Does anyone really want to see a few random Trek characters out of the context of their own series? (probably yes, but not enough!)

The best thing that could happen is that the new Star Trek is used as a springboard for new spin-offs. Maybe in a few years there’ll be a new version of TNG with a new young cast. But for now I simply don’t think there’ll be a big enough demand in the mainstream audience for a ‘TNG & Co.’

Times have moved on, I’m afraid!

67. No More STTNG Movies!!! - June 23, 2008

I wonder if LeVar Burton would do a TNG film for free seeing that he wants it back so much? Probably not!

68. MORN SPEAKS - June 23, 2008

Also, that poll is misleading. I want a new TNG movie, but I don’t think it should be a “SEQUEL” to Abrams’ Trek, nor should it be a DVD.

69. Krik Semaj - June 23, 2008

I LIKE Shatner, always have. I know all about his credentials, trained with Christopher Plummer, Canadian Shakespear etc…I just think Stewart is a better actor – so is Plummer. Don’t worry, no one will replace the one called Kirk. By the way, I really did like his performance in over the hedge. I wasn’t kidding about that.

70. MORN SPEAKS - June 23, 2008

#66 Dom or whatever, that is such a moronic statement. Too old, how many jokes were done with TOS during the movie era because of their age, and people still came to the theaters. “Next Generation implies being young” that is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day.

71. Izbot - June 23, 2008

I think another reason TNG won’t work presently is the very time we now live in. The average movie and TV viewer is much more jaded than in the late eighties. TNG was essentially a sunny happy place where all problems were someone else’s, not ours and we lived in a status quo of utopian idealism — everything we want given to us for free (replicators, holodecks, etc). Things are frankly in decline now. China is pulling ahead as the world’s pre-eminant super-power, Americans have lived in more fear and anxiety for the past 8 years or so than anything experienced during the smooth-sailing days when TNG was on the air. Nemesis attempted to address this and by doing so made that world a place I don’t really want to visit again anytime soon. We’ve gotten older and a little more cynical and the TNG world seems a tad naive nowadays. Now Kirk and Archer’s times — that appeals to me. On the dangerous frontier in a rickety covered wagon, not in a flying hotel.

72. MattTheTrekkie (AKA trekkie1415) - June 23, 2008

I grew up with TNG, Voyager and DS9. I love TOS and watch it profusly. And I dabbled in ST: Enterprise.

For what its worth, I love them all! Its kind of a ‘what mood am I in?’ thing. A TNG movie that gave them a proper send off would be glorious. I don’t think it should be attatched to J.J. though. They found someone new to do TOS, I think its time to find someone new to do a TNG movie.

Nemesis was Okay, but a sequel would be very nice.

73. Izbot - June 23, 2008

70. “Next Generation implies being young” that is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day.

Sorry Morn, I gotta agree with Dom on this one. That’s a valid argument. Unless they want to call it Star Trek: The Old Generation there’s an inherent problem just with the series title.

74. MORN SPEAKS - June 23, 2008

Izbot very interesting, I do agree with you somewhat, but I think escapism is something we’re all looking for. Just look at the record breaking box office amongst a bad American economy.

75. MORN SPEAKS - June 23, 2008

Granted but it was NEVER called Next Generation in the movies anyhow, so really how is that even relevant????

76. No More STTNG Movies!!! - June 23, 2008

#71. Izbot

BEST comment so far in this debate!!!

77. RM10019 - June 23, 2008

Levar and Frakes shoud produce a Trek Animated Anthology series. They are good director/producers of content, both are family men with an understanding of what kids, tweens and adults like about Trek, and they could rally most, if not all the TNG and other casts to do voice work.

An Animated series, direct to DVD or otherwise could bring a younger generation into the Trek fold and still be done on a reasonable budget.

78. Adam E - June 23, 2008

I agree with those who would like to see a show or movie with Riker and the Titan – I’d also be cool to see LeForge as part of the crew.

I would have like to seen LeForge have a larger role in “Nemesis”

I agree with Anthony – With what we know about the current direction of the franchise any TNG stuff appears unlikely.

79. Denise de Arman - June 23, 2008

Krik- I doubt either Plummer or Stewart would agree with you. Plummer gives an illuminating interview on the Undiscovered Country dvd concerning his time with Shatner doing one of Shakespeare’s Henry history plays ( there were 7 – not sure which one it was). Plummer was playing the lead, and as Shatner was new to the company, he was Plummer’s understudy. Plummer ended up in the hospital for something which required surgery (again, do not remember why – there was, however, surgery involved). When reviews came out and others came to the hospital telling Plummer how amazingly good young Shatner’s Henry portrayal was, Plummer left the hospital to get to the theatre and take the role back over before Shatner could grab it permanently for himself.

80. Adam E - June 23, 2008

77. RM10019

– That sounds like a great Idea!
– It would be fun!
But would it be Canon?

81. Closettrekker - June 23, 2008

#71—“Now Kirk and Archer’s times — that appeals to me. On the dangerous frontier in a rickety covered wagon, not in a flying hotel.”

Well said there.

82. Tim Handrahan - June 23, 2008

I have always wanted to see a Star Trek anthology type series where they visit a different era each week. One week you could haveRiker and Troi on the Titan, the next week Sulu on the Excelsior, the next be an Academy story, etc.

83. No More STTNG Movies!!! - June 23, 2008

After summer 2009 nobody will give a shit about Picard and co! They will be a distant blur of the late 80’s and early 90s and very outdated!

84. MORN SPEAKS - June 23, 2008

Tim Handrahan, I was thinking of an idea a while back about how to make a new trek TV series and I thought a good idea would be to have a crew of time travelers who visit different eras of Trek in their own starship. I think that would make everyone (almost) happy.

85. Wastedbeerz - June 23, 2008

New TNG big-screen adventure would be freakin’ awesome, but the next best thing would be a Titan direct-to-dvd movie, throwing in some DS9 for good measure. You know Frakes would be all over that. And if he’s not, and he’s some how reading this, he needs to get over to paramount and start convincing them to do this, ASAP!!!!

86. Izbot - June 23, 2008

75. “Granted but it was NEVER called Next Generation in the movies anyhow, so really how is that even relevant????”

Touche, Morn.

87. MORN SPEAKS - June 23, 2008

83 you are in the minority. Look at the poll.

88. RM10019 - June 23, 2008

Adam E.

Yes, I think it could be, and honestly at this point, we the hard core fans are the only ones who really care. I think most fans are open to some new Trek, smaller stories, with a good moral at the end that kids can understand and adults can appreciate. The idea of ‘selective canon’ seems popular on the boards, and how many of us have seen every hour of trek ever produced and read every piece of Trek Lit?

The only reason the first animated show wasn’t considered canon for so long, was Gene saying so, I think mostly for financial reasons. It won’t hurt anyone to add some of these stories to our idea of what the Trek universe can be.

89. Krik Semaj - June 23, 2008

I’ve seen the interview. Actors are usually very supportive and polite when speaking of fellow actors. Same thing when they talk about how great the new producer is, or how this was the role I was waiting for, or the director of my new movie is the best ever, it goes on and on. Based on actors interviews there are no bad movies – that is until audiences see them.
Take a poll of 100 critics and ask them who is the better actor. I don’t think Shatner would beat Stewart, or Plummer for that matter. I am not trying to take anything away from the Shat. He’s got his niche and we should be happy he fills it so well.

90. CmdrR - June 23, 2008

What about an animated TNG… say four 90-minute movies? Done with the right care, they would be a fine addition and would allow certain aging androids to appear youthful again.

91. Denise de Arman - June 23, 2008

Krik- Where, then, my dear Krik, are all the awards Plummer and Stewart should have lined up on their walls if they are so much more talented than Shatner? And who are the 100 critics who will attest to the fact that Shatner’s talent is inferior – the critics who awarded him his Emmy? No? 100 other critics? Just because he has chosen many, many “crap” roles in his lifetime does not diminish his acting ability. Can he direct a kindergarten play, much less a motion picture – no. Do I think he should be in the next movie – no. However, his acting talent still shines as brightly as ever, IMO.

92. Spocko - June 23, 2008

They would have to do it right. Like have the new original cast encounter the TNG cast in one amazing story. And while they’re at it, why not throw in the other Trek casts for some type of “Trek’s Finest” movie. Of course, doing that would be near to impossible since Paramount wouldn’t be very willing to pay every single Star Trek cast. Oh well, in the words of Kor from Errand of Mercy “It would have been glorious.”

93. Spockanella - June 23, 2008

91: Do you ever wonder if we think Plummer and Stewart are better actors because they have cool accents?

Me, I think they probably are (don’t hit me, Denise), but having said that, there’s no one who could have done Kirk better. I wish I had had the opportunity to see Shatner on the stage. I think that’s sometimes the true test of talent.

94. Thomas - June 23, 2008

Somebody mentioned the idea of a Trek anthology series, rotating between various eras of Trek. It’s not a bad idea in and of itself, but there are a couple of potential problems:
1. It’s difficult to establish continuity or character development if you only see a set of characters once every three or so weeks. That leaves little time for the audience to invest emotionally in the characters.
2. It would be difficult (if not impossible) to create extended story arcs because they would be constantly dropped for weeks at a time and then suddenly picked up again. Again, that makes it difficult to invest in the events of the story, unless each episode is contained within itself.
This idea reminded me of the old NBC Mystery Movie from the 70s, which had blocks of rotating shows from week to week. Those were each two hours long (essentially a TV movie series), but the stories and the characters were simple and clearly told so that anyone could follow along. The format did not allow for much character development and, working against Trek’s long tradition of ensemble casting, usually had casts of three of four people at the very most. No doubt much of it had to do with keeping costs down. For example, the series Columbo had only one recurring character, Lt. Columbo himself.
At that to say that I personally do not think a Trek anthology series would work, no matter how well it was made.

95. Tim Handrahan - June 23, 2008

Back to the Trek anthology thing, The best part is you can have actors who have always wanted to do Trek come in a give a good one-shot (or more if there is interest).

96. Izbot - June 23, 2008

91. Denise

An Emmy is hardly an award.

[runs and hides]

97. Paul-Fitz - June 23, 2008

I would love to see Janeway & Picard on the big screen together with Voyager and The big “E” engaging a battle with the DS9 crew coming in to make sure the good guys win…

However as in all the TNG films, the main cast will be cropped to three leading characters, and the rest will be little more than set pieces. That was my main gripe with TNG movies, there were so many favourites, but they had nothing to do on a movie.
This may be said of the Original series – movies, but it had always been about Kirk, Spock and McCoy since day one.

98. Tim Lade - June 23, 2008

I think, and this is simply my opinion, that the film industry is so fickle and fluid that if Paramount felt that they could make money off of TNG that they would go ahead and make something. Look at the Incredible Hulk? First time sucked….give it another shot. The business of making movies and television is at the behest of the corporations perceptions of consumer demand. I think it is very problematic to place a finite post-mortem on TNG movies and also on the likelyhood of this new movie being a blockbuster. As I said, audiences and studios are exceptionally flickle. I am not attempting to bring down the franchise by any means. I love it with all my heart. I just am a realist and if film school has taught me anything noboby knows what audiences will attach themselves to. In 20 years we may see a complete re-birth of TNG. I just think making predictions such as “Bottom line is that it isn’t very likely we will see the TNG cast on the big screen again” is very tricky because we cannot see the future and we never know what may come.

99. Oregon Trek Geek - June 23, 2008

I too want to see the TNG cast again, many more times–2 or 3 two hour movies per year on TV or DVD….

AND a new series with a new cast placed 80 or so years after TNG on a new Enterprise!

100. Oregon Trek Geek - June 23, 2008

As for the aging Brent Spiner thing–there is that…. hmmm. Well…. how about a CGI Data with Brent doing the voice?

101. Thomas - June 23, 2008

98. I would agree that we as an audience shouldn’t rule out a potential return of TNG. Maybe that can stand as the premise for a new animated series.

102. Xai - June 23, 2008

I enjoyed TNG but I can’t see it coming back with it’s original cast anytime soon as a feature film. A good TV series and mediorce set of films at best. Add to that the breakup of the crew, Data’s death and other bits that make it dam near impossible to assemble the crew that once was.

I suppose one could go the BBK route with the android.

Bring Back Data!

LOL (no, I don’t want nasty emails…)

103. KirkPicard Forever - June 23, 2008

As my “name” I use on these boards indicates, my heart is always in both the 23rd and 24th century. Personally, I would love to see Abrams continue with his vision of the 23rd century and also give at the same time the TNG cast one hell of a final movie. I just rewatched “First Contact” on television the other night (still one of my favorite movies ever), and I really do miss the cast from my childhood. I also love rewatching the old episodes on the Sci-Fi Channel (thank God for that since it is so much better than G4). In short, I am for everyone’s Star Treks whatever century that they take place in. I cannot wait for next May and hopefully some surprises that movie and the future will undoubtedly bring!

104. garen - June 23, 2008

i already addressed that B4 might be designed to show signs of aging.

there should be no problems with spiner stepping back in to the role.

i mean, if we accept that the TOS crew rescued the newly “resurrected” Spock from the proximity of the Genesis planet at the exactly the same age that Leonard Nimoy was (and looked) then we can accept a scripted reason for the aging look of B4/new Data.

105. M. - June 23, 2008

I wouldn’t mind the Next Gen having a proper send off. Is Nick Meyer busy? One of the main problems I had with the TNG films was that they brought the writers and produsers from the tv show along. Didn’t anyone at Paramount consider using one of the tried and true directors or producers from the TOS films?! Am I alone in thinking Meyer would have done a wonderful job with a Picard and Co. movie?

106. Izbot - June 23, 2008

104. “i mean, if we accept that the TOS crew rescued the newly “resurrected” Spock from the proximity of the Genesis planet at the exactly the same age that Leonard Nimoy was (and looked) then we can accept a scripted reason for the aging look of B4/new Data.”

Again, a better point is if they did it to Spock in the TOS movies and just killing off Data to replace him with B-4 — why bother killing Data at all? The whole thing was a pointless endeavor. A case of having your cake and eating it too. To some people Data’s dead but to those who objected too much it’s okay ‘cuz he’s really not dead! Been there, done that with Spock.

107. LoyalStarTrekFan - June 23, 2008

I’ve made it no secret that TNG is my favorite Trek series. I would love to see another TNG movie. I don’t think that it’s going to happen but I would love it if it did.

A Trek Direct-to-DVD is an interesting idea so long as it doesn’t replace actual Trek big-screen movies. A better idea is Trek TV movie (i.e. B5 TV movies or BSG “The Razor”) while still doing Trek big-screen movies. The moment a franchise like Trek starts only doing Direct-to-DVD or TV movies the franchise is in trouble.

108. Krik Semaj - June 23, 2008

You’re not serious are you?
Plummer’s received more awards than Stewart, and Shatner combined, and Stewart will probably rack up a few more during the rest of his career.
Look I never said Shatner was bad, or that anything should be taken away from him. I simply said that he was not as good an actor as Stewart, and Plummer. That’s it. For that matter there are plenty of actors that are better, No one else will ever play Kirk the way he did. I get it. We all do.
The next time Shatner is offered a lead in a major Broadway or London stage production Let me know.
Plummer and Stewart have done both. Shatner neither.
Again, I like Shatner OK?

109. trekee - June 23, 2008

I’m genuinely surprised so many people want a TNG movie… I loved TNG but I don’t really know what they could do with it now, it just feels very… over.

A TNG spinoff to DVD, the oft mentioned Titan would be nice but I dunno… would have to be something very special.

On balance, I think DS9 with the return of Sisko would be nice, maybe if they twisted it up a little like Ron Moore’s alternate Voyager ending style. Maybe he comes back as a Q.

Something… ohhh, epic in it’s story.

But no, can’t see TNG working out.

110. The Underpants Monster - June 23, 2008

“No disrespect to Brent Spiner at all, but come on people, he’s too old looking to play an ageless android.”

In “Inheritance” it was revealed that Data was NOT an ageless android, but was designed to age in appearance like the Julianna model.

I agree that it would be better to leave Data as we know him out of any TNG reunion, but not for that reason, since it was already covered in the show.

I think it would be cool if he was the new computer voice!

111. RuFFeD_UP - June 23, 2008

I loved all the TNG Films except Nemesis Generations was something special truly original, First Contact Perfection, Insurrection was fantastic because it got back to the basics of what TNG was about, moral and ethical issues. I wish we could have one last one the TNG’s TUC.

112. Adam E - June 23, 2008

Didn’t Data appeared aged in “All Good Things…”?

I don’t really like the idea of B4 being another Data with all his memory and personality – I’d reather see him with a unique personality and a role different than Data’s – or not see him at all –

113. WVtrekker - June 23, 2008

Personally, I’d like to see a movie built more around DS9. There are still stroies to tell there.

114. WVtrekker - June 23, 2008

Personally, I’d like to see a movie built more around DS9. There are still stroies to tell there.

115. Denise de Arman - June 23, 2008

Krik- Okay, let me google Plummer and Stewart’s awards lists in their fields, as well as Shatner’s. I will get back to you and tell you if I am serious.

116. TNG Films Unlikely - June 23, 2008

Given the star status of Stewart and Spiner, I doubt there will be any further TNG films. Remember, they command top salaries and creative control. But given the disastrous results of Nemesis, it is fair to say that some of that “control” and star salary will come down some. This is what happened when they did ST6 after the ST5 disaster.

117. Denise de Arman - June 23, 2008

Krik#108- According to their biographies on IMDB, all three actors have quite a few nominations among them, with Plummer and Shatner having more than Stewart. Sorry to tell you this Krik, but Shatner has two Emmys and 1 Golden Globe, the most recognizable of the awards listed (I am sure you would agree if you check the awards listings). Plummer has a handful of association-type awards, with 2 Emmys, 1 for The Moneychangers in 1976 (which I have never heard of) and a voiceover for Madeline in 1993. Stewart, though nominated for a few awards, has nothing comparable to Shatner or Plummer.

Also, if Shatner wanted to throw around an accent, he could do a French one nicely, as he was raised speaking French.

118. caz316 - June 23, 2008

hell hey, capt Picard, and see the Titan,that would be cool

119. Commodore Decker - June 23, 2008

Consider this: It is a few years after the Nemesis incident. Riker has settled into his captain’s chair. LeForge has his own command. Both are going about their business, when a distress call is received from Starbase X, then a partial distress call is received from the Enterprise E. Both captains push their ships and crews to the limit to reach the Enterprise but arrive too late. They find the Enterprise drifting,very heavily damaged with no life signs aboard.The Starbase is totally distroyed. The wreckage indicates a ferocious battle had taken place.Debris from other ships are present,including Romulan,Klingon, Cardassian, and an unknown ship. Riker and Leforge must figure out what happened and if Picard or anyone has survived. A wormhole opens revealing……..

120. chris pike should be played by chris pine lol - June 23, 2008

they should make a mirror universe film…very dark, , sinister and vicious..a rated R film, something done by jj, ronald moore and the guys behind the matrix.. or by jj, joss whedon and ron moore and tim minear…something reflecting the endless despair evident in todays world yet providing a glimmer of hope…or, they could do a ds9 film trilogy by making a film adaptation of the millennium trilogy novels, something dealing with a star trek-esque apocalypse theme..read those books…trust me, with a few tweaks it could work

121. Commodore Decker - June 23, 2008

And it is not the Borg.

122. Ben - June 23, 2008

just mention /show/some of the post Nemesis and PreTOS (Archer) stuff when Spock is in the “future” before he gets back to TOS to pass the torch….

all those actors can take part in fan films for FREE obviously at any time…

Am I the only one who doesn’t really like the TOS, TNG and VOY series but loves the TOS movies, DS9 and ENTerprise series…

123. Krik Semaj - June 23, 2008

Don’t get mad at me for what I am about to say. Keep in mind I am a big Shatner fan.
Plummer has won 2 Tony’s, 2 Emmy’s, and a number of theter, and critics awards.
Stewart is up for a Tony.
That’s not even the issue. Both he and Plummer have much more serious acting credentials. As a matter of fact a lot of other actors do too,
I again ask you where has Shatner been as far as a real New York,or London performance, or for that matter, if he is such a great actor where are all his leading or major supporting roles in any major movie outside of Trek? And I certainly don’t mean his role in Miss Congeniality. I mean real meaty roles. There are none.
Shatner is not and never will be a “great” actor. He is very good at his craft for the types of roles he plays. Let’s be happy that he was Kirk. That’s as good as it’s going to get for him, and there is nothing wrong with that.

124. Amazing Bizarro - June 23, 2008

Hell yes we want a TNG movie. We LOVE those guys. Better yet…how about SciFi Channel TNG movies… a Geordie LaForge movie [who needs Picard to have an adventure — leave him on Broadwa!!].

125. yippeekaiyaymofo - June 23, 2008

It’ll have to be a fan film if we want TNG back. I propose a bake sale to raise money. And someone get Patrick Stewart on the horn and see what he wants to be in it. As long as we have Riker, Troi and Geordi, we have Star Trek. Look what James Cawley is doing. Maybe someone should (Seriously) step up and we as fans can figure out the “next step” for TNG?

126. jcvmf214 - June 23, 2008

Hey levar

127. sean - June 23, 2008

how about some ST-TNG era “USS Titan” direct to dvd movies? did anyone other than me at the end of nemesis want to see the titan swoop by the enterprise-e and off into the sunset setting up a spin off / sequel??!!

w/ riker, troi, and wesley and maybe some b-listers like barclay and miles showing up, maybe even worf showing up like he did while he was ‘part of ds9′ in the tng movies? i d pre-order those the day they got announced! me and i think everyone else would

128. DEMODE - June 23, 2008

I would love to see a new TNG film. I would be just as excited to see that film as I am about the new TOS film. Frankly, making a new TNG film is a smart thing for Paramount to do. For one, it has a built in audience. It also helps sell DVD’s of the old TNG TV show, as it gets the fan base wanting more. It also opens the door for direct to DVD movies for some of the secondary characters, like Riker and Worf.

As for who should be in the film… use what works! Having Q in the film would be a smart move, as he would give the film both action and humor. A final strike againsty Earth from the Borg would make a good “McGuffin” for the film, with the old crew re-uniting to stop the threat. As for Data… they have had the technology since X-MEN 3 to de-age actors. It isn’t that hard. The other posibility would be to have Brent play a relative of Dr. Soong, or a cameo as Dr Soong from the past., working on something that affects the future. Or…”gasp”… if its a Q film, have Q bring Data back to life as a HUMAN. Aging problem solved! Q always liked Data, and Data did save Q’s life….

129. Redjac - June 23, 2008

Levar, you’re dreaming.

Look, we had how many endless hours of TNG on TV? Plus, the four TNG films…only one of which implied that there should be more (First Contact).

One, I don’t see what the TNG cast could offer that wasn’t given us during the run of the series — and Two — the TNG films just put a bad taste in my mouth.

IMO, they all sucked — except First Contact. Why go back to the well? What compelling reason (besides money) is there for doing another one? Wasn’t everything said and done in the series?

As for Q, All Good Things should have been the end of his story.

130. chris pike should be played by chris pine lol - June 23, 2008

ur all also forgetting the other idea…jj doing a remake of tng but darker, with a new cast…

TOM HARDY as picard (dont hate on me as shinzon he was mediocre but as picard he could be great…
or VIN DIESEL as picard
JASON DAVID FRANK (played tommy the green, then white then red then black power ranger) or JIM CAVIEZEL as will riker
LINDSAY LOHAN as dr. crusher
CHRISTOPHER JUDGE (teal’c from stargate sg-1) as worf
SAM JONES, III (pete ross from ‘Smallville’) or ANTWON TANNER (Skills from ‘One Tree Hill’) as Geordi LaForge
pick ur faves as other secondary characters

131. Sean - June 23, 2008

I was kinda sad to see the Dominion War end during DS9, because I had always though it would have made for a kick-ass Star Trek movie. It could have incorporated cast members from TNG, DS9, and Voyager, and, in my opinion, been more successful than First Contact.

I’m sure the guys at Paramount could figure out some other enemy to come along and have all the casts come together!

132. Crusade2267 - June 23, 2008

Let’s give the TNG folks a proper goodbye. Nemesis was a misfire, but all the elements were there: a good story, some great acting, and strong charicters. It was just wrecked by someone who didn’t know Trek and didn’t care to find out.

Can you imagine if they’d let the TOS cast go out on The Final Frontier?

133. 7 of 5 - June 23, 2008

Stargate SG1 is good on DVD. Why not Star Trek? Any incarnation. DS9s doors are wide open, although Avery Brooks says he doesn’t want to reprise his role, he might buy into a one-shot 90 minute DVD.Sell a load of DVDs with Frakes & Titan’s adventures. 2-3 a year might be a great seller. Do it well, I’d be first in line.
Heck, Enterprise or a Voyager relaunch- ehhh, no, no Voyager.
Here’s a thought- let Frakes discover the holorecords for the final episode of Enterprise are ‘way off the mark of truth and redo it all the right way.
I could groove on this all night long.

134. That One Guy - June 23, 2008


I agree, there has to be something better than Nemesis for them to go out on. Don’t forget this little fact: Data has the ability to age. So if you sprinkle B4 with a little technobabble, you get a reprise of Data.

I would like to see something other than the Borg. The books right now are ticking me off simply because of all the Borg. Titan is a must, if this ever comes up. Voyager and DS9 could be worked in for brief cameos, I suppose.

If they are able to tie it into the books (pre-TNG:R “Resistance”) that would be awesome. I’d love to have mention of the Tezwa Affair and the other things that took place between Insurrection and Nemesis. They shold also have President Nan Bacco.

135. Redjac - June 23, 2008

You guys conveniently forget that TNG had three flops!

Generations — not a hit.
Insurrection — not a hit.
Nemesis — the nail in the coffin.

TOS only had to overcome Star Trek V. A better case for giving that cast another shot could be made because of that — AND — TOS only had three seasons.

TNG had SEVEN. Count em…SEVEN seasons.

What could they do in a two hour film that had not been done in the series? I am not against the idea of direct to DVD or Made for TV miniseries…but a feature film?

No way.

136. Lou - June 23, 2008

IF they do another (BIG if), I hope it involves Q, and Q Jr. That kid was awesome in Voyager.
Or The Traveler.
Or both.


137. Spock - June 23, 2008

No more TNG. It is a trek that is past it’s time.

138. Fansince9 - June 23, 2008

Yes, yes yes! Another TNG film. I’m looking forward to this one and love TOS, but I equally loved TNG. It would be wonderful to see them on screen again.

If they do another movie, I hope they’ll add Q to it this time.

139. jcvmf214 - June 23, 2008

I agree with 137 no more modern trek, no modern trek no more modern trek.

the tng movies were nothing more than tv episodes

140. Sponica - June 23, 2008

I think I only saw seasons 4-7 of TNG in real time, but by season 5 or 6 it was in daily syndication all over the place so it didn’t take me long to catch up. I’m currently netflixing TOS and TNG is next on the list.
While I would love a proper big screen sendoff for the TNG crew, I’ll admit that it is a long shot. Although I would’ve liked to see something that tied up the loose ends of DS9 as well….and yeah Q totally should have been in a movie.

As far as JJ’s movie is concerned my fear is that the new fans who see Chris Pine as Captain Kirk in one, two, or three movies (or possibly even more) won’t be able to accept William Shatner if they ever go back in time. Speaking as someone who starting watching the Bond movies in the Pierce Brosnan era, it’s hard for me to go back in time and watch Sean Connery even if Connery was the original Bond.

141. Denise de Arman - June 23, 2008

Krik#123- I will not get mad, Krik, as we are having a good, honest debate here. I was ready to blow when whats-his-name above made the statement that the TNG cast were “better” actors than the TOS cast. I am, however, annoyed that you are making me defend Shatner’s acting creds, as I really do not care for the man personally – he needs to have his Texas-sized ego brought down a knotch or two!

Having said that, I went back to the IMBD page and could not find any Tony award noms or awards for Plummer. He was nominated for an Annie award, as was Shatner. If you look at their nominations and awards listings side-by-side, I believe you will see that they are fairly evenly-matched. Christopher Plummer has a couple of critic’s association awards that Shatner does not have, however, Shatner has a star on the Walk of Fame and an SAG award which, I believe any actor-in-the-biz will tell you, sometimes means as much as an Oscar because it is an award coming from their own peer-group, namely, the Screen Actors’ Guild.

Also, taking into consideration that sometimes awards are not worth the pedestal they are glued to, or the stone they are engraved in, I would like to comment that Leonard Nimoy blows them all out of the water. IMO he should have won those two Emmys for his Spock characterization in the 60’s, as well as multitudinous others throughout his acting career. So say I.

142. James Heaney - Wowbagger - June 23, 2008

I’m glad Levar is going back and taking another look at Nemesis. Out of all ten movies, NEM is number four on my list. It’s really quite an enjoyable film, with some wonderful moments for both action and character. Data’s death was certainly more meaningful than Yar’s, Trip’s, Dax’s, or Kims’ (note the plural on that last), and, as Trek deaths go, wasn’t a shabby one at all. Just stunning the first time I saw it. Totally stunning.

Contrary to what seems to be popular opinion, First Contact was -not- the TNG franchise’s strongest moment. Although it made a lot of money, it wasn’t much more than a zombie film piled in with threads of TOS’s “Obsession”… whereas Insurrection was a very cerebral film. I wouldn’t have expected INS to bring in the big bucks, but, of all ten, it was by far the film that best understood what Star Trek was all about.

It’s a shame that there probably won’t be any more. I would love to see what Abrams and the Supreme Court might do with TNG. And I’d love to see John DeLancie in a Q film. His final speech from “All Good Things…” (“Q, what are you trying to tell me?” “…You’ll find out.”) is a great setup for a movie.

Ah, well. It was a good run.

143. King Anthony - June 23, 2008

Don’t pack your bags for Farpoint Station just yet.

That ain’t happening.

Tsk, tsk.

144. Krik Semaj - June 23, 2008

Denise I was about to write that Nimoy was the best actor on TOS, but you beat me to it.
The IDMB is not complete list.
Plummers awards & nominations:
Great Britain’s Evening Standard Award for Best Actor for Becket
Great Britain’s Evening Standard Nomination for Best Actor for Danton’s Death
Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play for Barrymore
Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for Cyrano
Tony Nomination for Best Actor in a Play for Inherit the Wind
Tony Nomination for Best Actor in a Play for King Lear
Tony Nomination for Best Actor in a Play for No Man’s Land
Tony Nomination for Best Actor in a Play for Othello
Tony Nomination for Best Actor in a Play for J.B.
New York Drama Desk Award for Barrymore
New York Drama Desk Award for Othello
New York Drama Desk Award for Cyrano
New York Drama Desk Nomination for Inherit the Wind
New York Drama Desk Nomination for King Lear
New York Drama Desk Nomination for No Man’s Land
Drama League Distinguished Performance Award for Cyrano
Drama League Honored Previous Recipient for King Lear
Outer Critics Circle Award for Barrymore
Outer Critics Circle Award for Cyrano
Outer Critics Circle Nomination for Inherit the Wind
Outer Critics Circle Nomination for No Man’s Land
Theater World Award for The Dark Is Light Enough
Ovation Award (Los Angeles theater award) for Barrymore
Emmy Award for The Moneychangers (Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series)
Emmy Award for Madeline (Outstanding Voice-Over Performance)
Emmy Nomination for the Our Fathers (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie)
Emmy Nomination for the Thornbirds (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or a Special)
Emmy Nomination for Hamlet at Elsinore (Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Drama)
Emmy Nominaton for Little Moon of Alban (Best Actor)
Golden Globe Nomination for American Tragedy – Best Supporting Actor
in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV (2000)
Screen Actors Guild nomination for Our Fathers –
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries (2006)
Screen Actors Guild Nomination – cast of A Beautiful Mind (2001)
Genie Award for Murder By Decree
Genie Nomination for The Amateur
Genie Nomination for Impolite
Genie Nomination for Ararat
Genie Nomination for Blizzard
Gemini Nomination for Counterstrike
Gemini Nomination for Harrison Bergeron
Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for The Insider (1999)
National Society of Film Critics Award for The Insider (1999)
Golden Satellite Nomination for The Insider (1999)
Annie Award Nomination for voiceover for Babes in Toyland (1998)
Video Premiere Award Nomination for Full Disclosure (2001)
Austria’s Golden Badge of Honor
Salzburg’s Chalice of Honour
Companion of the Order of Canada, 1968
Canadian Maple Leaf Award for Arts and Letters 1982
Canada’s Commemorative Medal 1992
Canada’s Walk of Fame 1999
Canada’s Governor General Performing Arts Award 2001
Canadian Club of New York’s Arts and Letters Award
Connecticut Lifetime Achievement Award 1994
Westport Arts Advisory Committee lifetime achievement award
Shakespeare Theater at the Folger – Will Award 1990
Inducted in NYC’s Theatre Hall of Fame 1986
Boston critics Elliot Norton Award
City of Chicago Joseph Jefferson Award
New York Player’s Club – Edwin Booth Award
National Arts Club – Gold Medal for Life Achievement in the Arts
Roundabout Theater’s inaugural Jason Robards Award for Excellence in Theater 2002
National Board of Review of Motion Pictures – Career Achievement Award 2002
Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts at New York’s Juilliard School of Performing Arts 1993
Honorary Doctorate from Ryerson University, Toronto 2002
Honorary Doctorate from University of Toronto 2003
Honorary Doctorate from University of Western Ontario 2004
Gascon-Thomas Award from the National Theatre School of Canada 2004
Shakespeare Society Medal 2004
Honorary Doctorate from McGill University 2006
The Sir John Gielgud Award for Excellence in the Dramatic Arts aka The Golden Quill 2006
The Shat ain’t close.

145. Harry Ballz - June 23, 2008

Denise, not to burst your bubble, but have you ever seen any of Shatner’s work from 1950’s T.V.? It’s pretty brutal! As is his work from Barbary Coast onward……..crappy and mannered at the same time! he stunk up any movie he was in over his career (except Star Trek).

The one and only role he shone in was as James Tiberius Kirk! That was his peak as an actor!

146. Denise de Arman - June 23, 2008

Krik- Where did you get your listing? I want to check Shatner’s creds at the same source. And Harry, that is a matter of opinion – you do not even watch Boston Legal!

147. S. John Ross - June 23, 2008

Speaking as a hardcore TOS fan, I’d love to see the TNG guys get another shot on the big screen. While I never fell in love with TNG as a show (and eventually just walked away from Trek for a long time because of it) I _always_ loved key members of the TNG crew, and in particular Picard, who I thought was a very brave break from the expectations of Trek, and one that perfectly reflected and embodied his Trek era.

148. Harry Ballz - June 23, 2008

Denise, why do you say I don’t watch Boston Legal? I watch it every week, mainly for the brilliant performance by James Spader…….Shatner’s participation in said program is not even a consideration! He plays the part of buffoon as if it was made for him………….oh wait, IT WAS!

149. Krik Semaj - June 23, 2008

Check his website out. I knew of many of his credentials. I was impressed with some of the ones on there.
There is no point to continue this. You feel Shatner is a world class actor. I think you are probably the only one on the planet that does. To each his or her own opinion.
Shatner did win one award that Plummer and Stewart did not.
He won the Razzie for worst actor AND worst director. He was also nominated several other times.
Not an award to be proud of for sure.
The Sox lost.
I will continue tommorow.
Good night.

150. Denise de Arman - June 23, 2008

Harry- You have made the statement on here, have you not, that you did not watch it because of the same “buffoonry” of which you speak? How could we be watching the same show, Harry, when there are moments of laugh-out-loud comedy and drama causing tears to spring to the eyes all in a matter of minutes due to Shatner’s “buffoonish” acting? Any time there is a tender moment between his character and Candice Bergen I must grab the kleenex. Why would he as well as his fellow actors and the show itself win so many prestigious awards if the show were only based on “buffoonish” acting?

151. Denise de Arman - June 23, 2008

Krik#149- Hey. Do not get snippy. It is not my fault the Sox lost. Should I now go to Shatner’s website and spend an hour listing every award he has accumulated in his sixty years of acting as you did with Plummer? The words “world class actor ” were yours, not mine, and my whole point was that Shatner is a legitimate talent in Hollywood, as evidenced by awards Plummer does not have. I myself, though not caring for him as a person, recognize him as an outstanding actor.

By-the-way, the Razzies were awarded to Shatner and Harve Bennett for ST: The Final Frontier – in my opinion, deservedly so.

152. Michael - June 23, 2008

It would be good to have another film – Here is a plot that when the ship blew up the Romulans took Data just before it exploded and they kidnapped him and probably doing god knows what with him against the Federation

Star Trek 12 The Search for Data.


153. Harry Ballz - June 23, 2008

Denise, I don’t remember ever having stated that I don’t watch Boston Legal. I can watch the same show as you, and be watching for different aspects than yourself. I may even enjoy the “chemistry” between Spader and Shatner, but that still doesn’t change my opinion that William Shatner is a limited actor at best. Spader is the one who shows range.

LOVED HIM IN TOS, but find him barely passable in anything else. Sorry!

p.s. Awards mean little…..ever since Art Carney won the Oscar for Best Actor for Harry+Tonto beating out Jack Nicholson in The Last Detail, “I don’t trust them and I never will”……………just like Kirk with the Klingons!

154. Lope de Aguirre - June 23, 2008

It’s hard to decide without the experience of the new Trek.

I grew up with TNG and love Picard and would have loved a better send off as Nemesis even though there are only some TNG episodes left I still really enjoy besides the first to TNG movies.

I always hoped for a TNG movie with Q and it would be fitting to conclude the TNG saga with him.

Besides that I was also always begging for a DS9 movie or a TNG/DS9 crossover.

155. Harry Ballz - June 23, 2008

Sorry, did I say The Last Detail? I meant Chinatown.

Can you even imagine Jack losing to ANYONE that year with what he did in Chinatown??!!

156. Denise de Arman - June 23, 2008

HarryMike#153- We will agree to disagree, my pet, unlike Krik and myself. I was going right along, having fun in the debate, when he became angered at me because of the Sox and quit the discussion. If it were Closet I were debating, he would stay all night…

157. Greg2600 - June 23, 2008

This might sound too off the wall, but couldn’t they make a TV movie the whole way through, and then put that in theaters maybe on limited release? I don’t mean make a cheap film, I mean make an expensive TV episode. Some of those two parter TNG episodes are far better than the films.

158. Harry Ballz - June 23, 2008

Denise, if you like a guy who can “stay all night”, I’m your man!

159. Denise de Arman - June 23, 2008

HarryMike#158- I sincerely doubt that, my darling, at least not with me..hehe…
Better move this to 69 Forward. Remember Anthony’s photon torpedoes…

160. Poida - June 23, 2008

I think those wacky glasses LeVar Burton wore for all those years has scrambled his brain.

While I’m sure there’s a select few diehards that would wet themselves at the thought of a TNG reunion movie, no studio would do it. Not enough people care anymore.

161. Brian - June 23, 2008

I agree with 160. It’s clear Paramount’s moved on. TNG had four chances on the silver screen, and only came through once. The pitiful grosses of Nemesis sealed TNG’s fate. One thing I think the studio has learned(hopefully) is that they can’t oversaturate the market with Trek. The TOS reboot is where all the resources are directed and if the film is a hit, things will stay that way. If the film bombs Trek will go away for a long, long time.

162. LorienTheYounger - June 23, 2008

I guess another TNG movie would be nice… but I can take it or leave it.

163. thebiggfrogg - June 23, 2008

12, I think the whole point of a Riker-led movie or TV show would be no Picard (because as a practical matter Paramount probably couldn’t get the guy without a boatload of money).

14. I think a TNG, Voyage, DS9 all together movie is a horribly contrived idea. I can’t stand cameos and crossovers that are there for the sake of themselves (sort of like ST–Gods and Men, a bit much).

Q would be a great nemesis (sorry about the pun) for fans, but a snore for non-fans. He ain’t no scenery-chewing Khan.

164. Thomas - June 23, 2008

I personally felt that while Q was an interesting character well-played by John DeLancie, the problem with Q as a villain was that he could never be “beaten”, except by another Q. He worked best when he was trying to teach Picard something about the universe and humanity’s potential.

165. spooky - June 23, 2008

I’d love to see a TNG era movie with the TNG crew one more time. Except, B4 (data’s role) should be only a cameo and the story should focus more on the aftermath of Data’s death, and the TNG family moving apart. Q could be involved, maybe the story could be about the continuum outlawing time travel, making it impossible to physically travel backwards or forwards in time.

166. Chris M - June 24, 2008

As great as it would be to see the cast of TNG go around one more time the fact is that if this Star Trek movie is a success (and lets all pray it is) then the cast of this movie will be in the following movie at least and possibly a third as well. That would make a TNG movie a near impossibility!

Not only that but Star Trek is coming out in May 2009 and with a minimum gap of two years (which would seem most likely) that would make it 2011 and possibly 2012 before the next movie came out. And since the last TNG film came out in 2002 it would be near on a decade in between TNG films which so it would not be feasible!

167. Devon - June 24, 2008

Personally it would be cool. However, with Nemesis it seemed to be rather uninspired in some cases, or “tired.” I would like a DVD release though. However, best to keep on the track now with the big screen if they want a chance of revitalizing this franchise. But I would be VERY interested in a direct-to-dvd release.

168. Tony2448 - June 24, 2008

Best that TNG fans will ever get is a made for TV movie or a mini series. TNG served its purpose 20 years ago to revive Star Trek on TV and it went on to replace TOS in the movies when the original crew ran their course. TNG did a great job of it but will not be recast as TOS has been, while good, it isn’t as iconic and timeless as TOS is.

169. thebiggfrogg - June 24, 2008

166. TOS ended in 1969 and ST:TMP came out in 1979. A decade not feasible? The biggest feasibility would be getting the suits at Paramount to buy a TNG movie and getting Stewart and Spiner to sign on. I guess it would be great to see TNG again if it were well done. Even a Titan and Riker spin-off would be okay and probably the most feasible. Though it is hard to imagine Paramount giving a green light for the project unless it were a direct to DVD affair. Most likely Paramount has put their eggs in the XI cast basket and will keep them there.

170. Iowagirl - June 24, 2008

Denise, didn’t think you had so much Shat-Defense-Potential in you – God bless you…;) :)

171. willbueche - June 24, 2008

A cgi-animated Data (or B-4) would solve the problem of Spiner aging. Spiner could voice the character.

But Paramount would never give a Trek movie of that generation a budget large enough to have a cgi Data.

172. Scott Xavier - June 24, 2008

F’ yeah!

173. captain_neill - June 24, 2008

I want another TNG movie, they deserved a better send off. Damn Paramount, they get the wrong director and gave Star Trek Nemesis bad publicity and just because JJ Abrams is doing the new one the publicity is 100 times better than anything before. its disrespectful to the old cast and TNG cast

I would rather have a movie with an existing cast rather than my fav characters being recast.

One thing I always loved about the Trek movies was that it kept the same cast from the shows, it helps fit it in to the timeline.

This new Trek movie feels more like a revival movie, like the MI films and the new Get Smart, probably be reflective of it but not of it.

174. Benjamin Sisko - June 24, 2008

Fans want to see DS9 and ENT casts one more time

175. captain_neill - June 24, 2008

Paramount had no faith for the TNG movies , espeicially Nemesis. it was just there with no marketing what so ever.

Yet get JJ Abrams and automtically they are planning a sequel before this one comes out. Remember MI:3 was a disapointment at the box office, I know they put the blame on Tom Cruise. I just feel paramount are being disrespectful to the origianal Cast by having more faith in these new actors than in them.

176. Kirky - June 24, 2008


177. Mr Nahgawnahappen - June 24, 2008


178. Øystein Færder - June 24, 2008

I’d love to see another TNG movie, but I think, if this 2009 movie is successful, they should continue making some movies with this crew. It would be bad if this new TOS crew(with so many good actors) only will last for one film. So I vote for more movies with the new TOS crew.

179. oztrek - June 24, 2008

I have nothing to say on this matter

180. Cynical, older, wiser - June 24, 2008

I would like for TNG to get another chance, but I just don’t know if that’s going to happen. In order for it to happen, movie makers will have to listen to their fans about what they want out of a Star Trek movie, and what movie they want to see. Hollywood’s film producers have not been listening to the public for quite some time, and so the result is predictable in that they can make big bucks from one big production and walk away with a full wallet while leaving disappointment in their wake.

TNG’s movies had some bad apples in them, but it’s not the fault of the franchise, or the fans. Fault for that can be placed with the movie makers.

Hollywood’s focus has gone off kilter. Many years ago, it was pleasing the public that was it’s highest priority. Now, with concerns about stock holders and building individual careers, the almighty dollar bill has now taken center stage.

It’s been a trend here lately, where movie makers have been hijacking beloved franchises and molding them to their own liking — all the while ignoring the voices of their audience with only a desire to make big bucks.

George Lucas make Indy 4 to make a buck. Period. I felt robbed when I left the theatre, and insulted because I had become a stooge who panted along with the crowds and left smoke on my heels to run with my wallet to the ticket line. These people build you up to let you down, and are nothing more than snake oil salesmen.

I hope Star Trek will not be a disappointment. If the overall mindset among it’s powers that be follows that of TNG’s caregivers, then it’s not going to matter what the audience wants so long as wallets are stuffed.

181. Brian - June 24, 2008

If the TNG films had had better creative guidance they’d still be making them, I think we can all agree on that. The fact that they weren’t given very big budgets didn’t help. Paramount finally got smart….got top talent to write and produce and sufficient cash to create a film that doesn’t have to be shot with a TV mentality. Also, I think there’s a very good chance Trek will never return to TV and will be a feature film franchise from now on.

182. Krik Semaj - June 24, 2008

Good Morning Denise,
I did not quit our discussion last night because the Sox lost, and I didn’t think I was being snippy. Sorry. I was on my laptop, the battery light was blinking, the game was over, I was tired, and didn’t feel like going to the desktop to continue.
I will repeat this. I like Shatner. Mainly as Kirk, but also in a few other roles. He is great as Denny Crane. We will just have to disagree about his abilities. I’m with Harry on this one for the most part. Just because he has been in the business for 60 years doesn’t make him a great actor. He has a very limited range. Yes he is very sucessful. So is McDonalds, but no one mistakes them for a 5 star restaraunt. You never answered my questions. Where are his Broadway, & London, stage, and Big part major motion picture credentials?
Why don’t we just let this one go? Or not. Your choice.

183. star trackie - June 24, 2008

Krik “I again ask you where has Shatner been as far as a real New York,or London performance”

On Broadway, Shatner performed with his future “Elaan of Troyius” co-star France Nuyen in The World of Suzie Wong (with Nuyen playing the title role). This play ran for a total of 508 performance from 14 October 1958 through 2 January 1960. Shatner’s performance won him a Theatre World Award in 1959. He and Nuyen performed an excerpt from the play on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1958. His next Broadway play was the comedy A Shot in the Dark, which ran for 389 performances between October 1961 and September 1962.

Then it was on to the golden age of television for a few years, eventually landing consideration for the lead starring roles in various television series.

184. sybok - June 24, 2008

More TNG? Kino-movie, yes. Straight to DVD – no!
But DVD Titan movie(s) may work without the need for P. Stewart and Brent Spinner (though a cameo ‘d be nice)!

I’m also open to DS9, VOY and ENT DVD movies…

185. star trackie - June 24, 2008

#153 ” I may even enjoy the “chemistry” between Spader and Shatner”

Ok Harry, just a little off topic pop quiz.

What do Alan Shore and Denny do frequently together, after hours, that raises eyebrows?

What do Boston Legal and Allen Ludden have in common?

What was “the Peepy”?

If you watch BL. those should be a breeze to answer.

186. dalek - June 24, 2008

Star Trek hasn’t spewed anything compelling or original out since Miles O’Brien packed his bags for earth. I agree with whoever said no more modern Trek. Time to go back to the classic stuff!

187. dalek - June 24, 2008

Oops almost forgot, Anthony if you’ve not already seen, speaking of O’Brien, the part of Gene Hunt in Life on Mars is being recast… source Kristin at E-Online! http://www.eonline.com/gossip/kristin/detail/index.jsp?uuid=78ff0b91-00b9-4285-a659-40e1a8586a07

188. Krik Semaj - June 24, 2008

Star Trackie.
I was aware of that. But it was also 50 years ago. Nothing of note after that.
What television series? Other than Trek? Barbary Coast? The father role in Go Ask Alice? A few guest appearances in other shows. We are all familiar with TJ Hooker & Boston Legal. I am not denying his success.
My point is he is not a great lead actor. There is no debate on it. None. He has never had any major motion picture lead roles (other than Trek) or great supporting roles(yes we all know about Miss Congeniality), or any major theater roles for 50 years.. Nothing wrong with that. He will always be Kirk. Why can’t people be happy with that, and stop comparing him to a class of actor that he never was? I will always be a big Shatner fan. I however am also realistic when it comes to his talent.

189. Dom - June 24, 2008

70 Morn Speaks. Next time try being an ill-mannered jerk while typing with both hands!

I guess you need to start looking for ‘next generation’ computer equipment in a second-hand store and looking for a ‘next generation’ car in a scrapyard! :p

190. Picard - June 24, 2008

Please more TNG, even if as a one-shot to tie up some loose ends!

191. British Naval Dude - June 24, 2008

thespian feud time!

SHATNER: OK, Pat, time for you to take your medicine. This bridge is only big enough for one of us… well one of me, two of you… Now, then!
STEWART: Oh, no! Not the the lash! Aaaa! The pain! Not the baseball bat in the knees! Oh, my no!
SHATNER: What? I haven’t done anything yet- I don’t even have anything in my Shat hands!
STEWART: I know… you were acting!
SHATNER: Wow. I guess I am good.
STEWART: (on emergancy phone) Hello, Worf? There’s an intruder on the front lawn. Release the targs.


192. Closettrekker - June 24, 2008

#107—“The moment a franchise like Trek starts only doing Direct-to-DVD or TV movies the franchise is in trouble.”

Not if it is just straight-to-dvd movies based upon the spinoff series. To me, the only feature film worthy characters are the original ones. There is no reason that feature films on the big screen based upon the characters of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, etc. cannot still make alot of money. I don’t, for one minute, believe that I am the only Star Trek fan who never bothered to pay money to see a TNG film, yet would see a TOS-era movie over and over again in the theater. The original characters are iconic and charismatic figures. The characters of TNG, DS9, and even ENT are okay on the small screen (notice I left out VOY), but that’s about it. Of course that’s just my opinion.

#156—“If it were Closet I were debating, he would stay all night…”


I would watch ENT movies on sci-fi or dvd, and a DS9 straight-to dvd production would be great. I might even buy that one. However, Paramount will never get me to pay money for my family to see a Star Trek movie in the theater that did not have Kirk, Spock, and Bones.

I know many fans would enjoy another TNG fan film, but it is unlikely to happen…for practical reasons. The new cast is signed for at least two more films, so what are they going to do? Play the TNG crew as well? I don’t think so.

Star Trek is going back to its roots, and that’s a smart move. Star Trek movies on the big screen belong in the 23rd Century, IMO.

193. gary - June 24, 2008

We gotta have one more TNG movie!! We gotta have a Q movie. There are alot of loose ends to take care of. Mabe Q could bring back Captain Kirk. Put some Gorns in it for a second round. Wait! That would be a TOS movie. Here is the plot…Captain Picard finds an old Constelation Class ship that has been adrift for a very long time. An away team beams over. They discover it’s the Defiant from the mirror universe. It’s crew is in a frozen state only to be awaken when boarded, but it’s crew is from the mirror Nx01 Enterprise. Their mission is to bring back a more powerful ship from the future and into thier universe. Okay, mabe not.

194. Harry Ballz - June 24, 2008



Betty White!

The Peepy was a wonderful character who killed people including a judge. His name was Lincoln Meyer, a wonderful hybrid of Norman Bates and Katherine Hepburn! NOW, THAT’S GOOD ACTING!!!!


195. Stan Wingson - June 24, 2008

I think 7 seasons of TV and 4 movies is just plenty. They had their shot. Moving on…

196. Closettrekker - June 24, 2008

I ran some of Burton’s comments through the Universal Translator…

Levar Burton: “At the end of the day I’m pretty certain that a lot of the fan base would like to see the Next Generation cast do one more turn around the galaxy…”

UT: My directing career isn’t going very well, and I’m tired of cheap speaking engagements, so I really hope there is another Paramount paycheck out there for me.

Levar Burton: ” I haven’t quite decided how I feel about this new picture.”

UT: Damn you, JJ Abrams!

Hey, don’t blame me…That’s what the Universal Translator came up with…

197. Dr. Image - June 24, 2008

“At the end of the day,” LeVar, Nemesis STILL sucks and always will.

The TNG cast, at least in part, should be given another shot, somehow though.

198. Andrew - June 24, 2008

I don’t want to see any more TNG feature films, but a nice mini-series (6 hours ?) or a few direct-to-DVD movies would be a nice way to give the TNG crew a decent goodbye.
In terms of feature films Star Trek’s future is with Abrams & Co., as for a new TV series it’s still too early – I doubt CBS will want to make that kind of commitment right now.
There would be a good market I think for a mini-series / DVD movies though.
An Excelsior / Sulu mini-series would be great, that and TNG DVD

199. Closettrekker - June 24, 2008

#198—I reach, Brother.

200. star trackie - June 24, 2008


We have a winner!

And yes, the “peepy” was indicative of what Kelly does so well. What a whacked and wonderful character. Well done Harry, well done!

201. Platitude - June 24, 2008

I would love to see TNG one last time (assuming its good. i don’t want Nemisis II here) but as you stated in the article its unrealistic and not terribly feasible.

I would love to see like a three or four hour Sci-Fi miniseries that wraps up TNG. I don’t think it would work as a straight to DVD release because I think some of the cast would be reluctant to do it, so thats why I think it would be necessary to do a broadcast first and then put out on DVD.

202. Denise de Arman - June 24, 2008

Closet#196- LOL!

Krik#188- Are you asking me why Shatner chose not to move to NYC or London and perform on Broadway or the London stage doing classic theatre for the past fifty years, Krik? Or why he did not star in blockbuster movies as did Al Pacino or Dustin Hoffman? I do not know why he has made the choices he has made in his career. Perhaps his propensity to accept any substandard role branded him as a substandard actor – I know, however, when watching him ply his craft that I am usually entertained and sometimes moved by his performances. That does not make him McDonalds in my book (which is a good thing, as I am a vegetarian and shun McD’s). As for his career accomplishments, awards, et al, I will be satisfied to let you visit his website and take a look as you did with Plummer, and I will agree to disagree with you. I will end with this note: SAG does not hand out awards to just any actor, and certainly not one unworthy of the award, as sometimes happens with the Emmys and Oscars. So say I.

203. Closettrekker - June 24, 2008

Here’s another obstacle to TNG being given another shot at the big screen…

STXI has a $150 million budget. Let’s assume then that the original Enterprise NCC-1701 is going to look pretty spectacular, along with most everything else. How do you then go back to a mediocre budget for a TNG fan film? Technology a century later would have to look that much better. The answer is, said TNG movie would have to justify at least a similar budget. That is very unlikely.

21 seasons of 24th Century Trek on television and 4 feature films is probably it for the forseeable future.

I would rather see STXI cover the beginning of the TOS-era and then STXII and XIII cover the at least 7.5 year gap between TMP and TWOK (from the end of the V’Ger incident until the Enterprise’s assignment as a training vessel). At some point, Checkov should be assigned to USS Reliant, and this would be a perfect opprotunity to see a fresh new character aboard the Enterprise bridge.

204. British Naval Dude - June 24, 2008

I gots a SAG award…

had ta’ scratch off tha’ name “William Holden” and crayon in me own name o’er it… but I gots a SAG award…

205. MONGO - June 24, 2008

Mongo say if make more TNG movie, might run out of letters in alphabet for ships. Picard mans and crew like crash into stuff. Maybe could find Data brain to download. Use Megan Fox for new android. That be good.

206. Marian Ciobanu - June 24, 2008

-Maybe a TNG./DS.-9/VOY./ENT. crossover ..but of course , that thing is never going to happen…a TNG prequel sounds now more interesting..

207. star trackie - June 24, 2008

The fan base and demographics that enjoyed TNG-style Trek couldn’t keep the 24th (or 22nd) century afloat in the last few years. Seems to me, the last thing the studio would consider is a return to the era that burned out the franchise to begin with.

What people seem to forget is that TOS and TNG are radically different. From production techniques and styles to acting and story execution. From costume design to incidental music…they are totally different animals. Those that love apples don’t always love oranges and any success of a TOS style movie will make it even harder for the studio to return to the signature 24th century style, established for better or worse by the Berman team, of TNG.

I think Levar Burton was the best, and most natural and under-utilized actor of TNG and I’ve always liked him. But I don’t think a TNG themed movie is in the cards any time soon.

208. British Naval Dude - June 24, 2008


Star Trek TNG: Confused Robot Gender Issues:

PICARD: If I’m quite attracted to Data now in Miss Fox’s form, but yet he his retains his male brain and personality, what exactly does that make me?

ADAMA: It’s still a machine. You’re just a toaster frakker.

209. The Captain - June 24, 2008

I enjoyed TNG & DS9 (didn’t care for Voyager and detested Enterprise, at least until 4th season), but I have to say…if I had to pick then I’m with Bruce Campbell…

“The original…with Captain Kirk. Everything else blows.”

To quote my buddy Stan, “Nuff said.”

210. diabolik - June 24, 2008

We’ve had enough of the NG era, after 7 years each of TNG, DS9 and VOY.

Back to the ORIGINAL for me!

211. MONGO - June 24, 2008

THX mans say Megan Fox make good cyber-buddy. Mongo not know what that mean. Mongo do know not safe frak toaster. Like BND mans say, “Dunna ask, dunna tell.”

212. MC1701B - June 24, 2008

Shatner has two Emmies, which are two Emmies more than anyone in the Berman Trek casts.

TOS got another movie after TFF because it grossed more than Nemesis, and cost less than Nemesis, 13 years earlier.

Here endeth the lesson.

213. MONGO - June 24, 2008

# 212 (not know if mans or pretty lady)-

Mongo know all about Emmy. Ted Knight win in 1975 for play man named Ted on TV. He great actor.

214. Krik Semaj - June 24, 2008

So you are saying that:
Shatner is the greatest actor in the galaxy. No one is better. No one ever will be better. All actors will pay homage to him and study his method. Awards don’t matter (unless they are to him) Roles don’t matter, nothing matters when defending him. By the way your argument is weak. He didn’t move to London or NY? So? He lives near Hollywood. Where are all the big movie roles?
I need to get a pair of those rose colored glasses you wear. They obviously make anything in Shatner universe perfect.
I guess it doesn’t matter who is compared to Shatner. It appears you would just say he is better regardless of
I really don’t understand this discussion. If you truly believe he is the greatest actor in the world then OK. but If you don’t then please list who you think is better. It really should be a long list.
I for one will always be happy with JTK.as his major contribution to the art.
everything else he has done is a footnote, and the bulk of it wasn’t very good.

215. Horatio - June 24, 2008

I’d rather see a direct to DVD DS9 film.

But thats just me. Any Trek is good.

216. Norm - June 24, 2008

Someone wake up Burton. I don’t want another TNG movie. I hope the door will be shut on the Berman era for good.

217. asc1138 - June 24, 2008

It would be nice, but many people really don’t care about TNG anymore. It might be cool to have a cross-over subplot, but it just doesn’t seem plausible at this point. Audiences don’t want to see Patrick Stewart and the gang right now because there still trying to get the bad taste from nemesis out of their mouths. They want to see the franchise go in a new direction. Not to say something fresh couldn’t be done with TNG, but people just aren’t interested right now. Unfortuneately, I don’t see if happening outside of a cross-over subplot.

218. Chad N. - June 24, 2008

Give TNG a proper theatrical send-off!

(Extra points if they could tie-in some DS9)

219. Kyle - June 24, 2008

Why are we ranting about a new TNG movie?? Kirk is back, and he’s YOUNG!!!!!

220. CaptainRickover - June 24, 2008

Another TNG-movie would not be a good thing. Many posters here are right withe the argument “no more Picard & Co. The audience got tired of them”. I personally don’t want to see old Captain Picard back on the bridge. It’s time the good man retired from active duty and become an ambassador. But a movie about the USS Titan under Riker’s command could be interesting. But for the cinema?? I don’t know.

But on DVD… that’s another point. I think with the budget of the Stargate DVD-movies and some production-tricks to keep it cheaper as expected, Paramount/CBS could make some additional money with them. Together with the new movie-series (TOS-crew), a new TV-show (post-Nemesis era) and two or three DVD-movies in the year (U.S.S. Titan, DS-9/VOY and ENT), Star Trek could bet Star Wars and Stargate once more as biggest and most fascinating scfi-franchise.

I personally would love to see this as DVD-movies:

1.) a DSN-trilogy including some characters from VOY.

2.) a “to boldy go” revised edition for ENT to repair the worst Enterprise episode of all times.

3.) a Titan-movie.

221. CaptainRickover - June 24, 2008

But if will you ask me if I want to see the Enterprise-E on big screen again, then I have to say YES. That’s a starship man…

the crew don’t matter :)

222. websbestcomics - June 24, 2008

I thought Nemesis was a fitting end, with Picard strolling down the Enterprise corrider as the ship is being refitted. We don’t always need to see that ‘last adventure’. Some legends should never die, but sail off into the sunset, leaving us with the certainty that they continue onward. Even though VI literally showed the E sailing off into the preverbial sunset, we knew that it was actually the final flight for the crew and that they would all settle into retirment afterwards. It was somewhat anti-climactic. In a way, Nemesis ended in the way I wish VI had ended, with the knowledge that these characters adventures were not ending, but that life changes were pulling them in different directions (with Picard still in the E captains chair, which is fitting. I can imagine starfleet security someday physically forcing him from that chair and into retirement). But we don’t need to see that, and it somehow would diminish the power of TNG and it’s cast.

“The line must be drawn HERE! NO FUURTHER!”

223. Denise de Arman - June 24, 2008

Krik#214- Man. Here, take two of these little red pills. You should feel better when you wake up.

224. That One Guy - June 24, 2008


“To Boldly Go” was meant as a “gift” to the fans. It was meant to be just an extra episode. It wasn’t really intended to be the finale. The episode before it, “Terra Prime” was supposed to be the “true” final episode. The story goes that had the show not been cancelled, Trip would not have been killed off, and the episode would just… be there, similar to a “Course: Oblivion,” or a “Yesterday’s Enterprise” where the plot of the episode didn’t really interfere with the show itself.

225. That One Guy - June 24, 2008


Albeit, it was still an appalling finale / series.

226. Greg2600 - June 24, 2008

Look the reality is that the only reason the new film is being made is because J.J. Abrams is doing it. He is very hot right now, and has a strong relationship within Paramount, as does Orci and Kurtzman. Paramount aren’t going to do anything with Trek unless it brings in huge numbers. CBS Digital, not Paramount, was responsible for TOS in HD. While many of us like it, I think you would have to say that little experiment was not very successful. Ratings are nonexistent, because they couldn’t get it on a decent time slot. The HD-DVD format croaked after just one release. I suppose it was a positive as a test ground for future work? So you’re left with this strange scenario where Trek should be on television (in my book) not film, but Paramount (the film studio) controls the property. I would love to see a TNG-era series of TV/DVD movies, where you have characters from various shows. However, the backlash will be enormous. This website would be flooded with people calling everyone a fanboy and chastising the shows into oblivion.

227. Redjac - June 24, 2008

I think they’ll make a Titan movie right after they make the Excelsior movie (with Captain Sulu).

Any guesses when that’ll be?


228. Captain Dunsel - June 24, 2008

I also vote another TNG. I would be happy with a story about the Rikers on the Titan. In whatever medium they want. There has to be a market for this somewhere.

229. Will - June 24, 2008

I want to see another TNG movie. That cast rocked and didn’t get the proper ending it genuinely deserves. I strongly doubt it’ll happen unless Abrams goes to bat for the fans(which I would personally doubt will happen as he has professional obligations), but god it would be nice to see the TNG saga end properly instead of limping across the finish line as they did with Nemesis.

It’s nice to know that it’s not just fans of TNG that think TNG deserves a better end.

230. John Trumbull - June 24, 2008

Honestly, no. I really don’t want another TNG movie at this point. They’ve only been gone for 6 years, and that was after 4 movies and 7 seasons’ worth of episodes. TNG as a whole feels very played out to me right now. I honestly feel that I know more than I want to about most of those characters. Are there any Worf or Data stories that HAVEN’T been told yet? It doesn’t feel like it.

It’s been so long since we’ve had a real TOS movie that the original feels fresh & different once again. I want to spend some time with my old friends Kirk & Spock right now. I may feel differently in another 5 years. Give me a chance to miss the TNG crew before you bring them back again.

231. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - June 24, 2008

I say yes to incorporating certain members of the TNG cast into a post-TNG movie (looks like they can definitely get Geordie), but a full-on TNG movie is clearly not in the cards at this point. And let’s not force the issue, sacrificing good storytelling for the nostalgic sentimentality of a “good send-off”. In this, I maintain the same attitude as I have over the whole Bring Back Kirk (Shatner) issue.

232. Flint - June 24, 2008

Number one would make a great Captain without Picard. Data is dead, all the cast would be great but why not join the other two shows with TNG?

233. Ice Nine - June 24, 2008

I don’t know. I always find it silly that somehow, years later, the same people are all still serving together. The script would have to be some kind of heretofore unseen masterpiece. It would have to be better than First Contact. It would have to be the best of the films. Otherwise it is a wasted opportunity. I don’t want to see them in some mediocre effort just for nostalgia’s sake. That would just be pathetic. I’m tired of Trek diminishing its own body of work with crap.

234. trekfan - June 24, 2008

Who cares if data looks old. Make it part of his longing to become more human. I would definitely go and see another TNG movie if it were to be made. TNG is what got me interested in Star Trek in the first place. I really think a new TNG movie would do Paramount good and make good money. Come on, take on the directing challenge Levar. Make a TNG movie!!!!

235. Anthony Pascale - June 24, 2008

i can tell you who cares if Data looks old: Brent Spiner. He told me so himself.

236. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - June 24, 2008

I wonder if Levar Burton and Jonathan Frakes would “stoop” to participating with resourceful and motivated TNG fans in a fanfilm (perhaps one set in a post-TNG Titan-centered plot)… that would show true resolve, and could serve as a springboard for a studio-produced film, if it attracted enough attention.

237. sean - June 24, 2008

I loved TNG the show. I wasn’t so fond of TNG the movie franchise. The fundamental nature of the characters was changed and I didn’t care for it. Picard wasn’t Rambo, and he should never have been portrayed that way. Secondary characters like Crusher or Worf were essentially set dressing. Insurrection was boring and Nemesis was a slap in the face to all TNG fans. Even though I’d love to see TNG given a better sendoff, I don’t think a TNG movie is likely. Really, ‘All Good Things’ was a perfect way to end things, so I can always look to that for a satisfying ending.

In terms of acting in a serious role though, Stewart is top-notch. Shatner has done some fine work, but he’s very limited. His Emmy for Denny Crane was essentially an Emmy for playing himself. Stewart’s range alone puts him over the top in my book.

238. Iowagirl - June 25, 2008

– His Emmy for Denny Crane was essentially an Emmy for playing himself. –

Wow, people keep trying for centuries to win themselves awards for playing somebody else, and he gets two Emmys and a Golden Globe for playing himself – ah, what a talent lies within; what a personality! ;)

Well, if it’s true what you say, then the completely different roles of his classical theatre beginnings, Kirk, Hooker, and Denny Crane tell me that his range can’t be that limited at all.

239. Iowagirl - June 25, 2008

Sorry, seems I forgot to mention that he’s published a critically acclaimed record, writes novels, has a ballet in the making, has narrated an oratorio together with a symphony orchestra, etc.

If that’s classified as limited range, I’M DEAD.;)

240. t - June 25, 2008

The original post (not by me) made the statement that Stewart was a better actor than Shatner. Thats all. It mushroomed into a listing of accomplishments I never denied that he has “written” (with a lot of help by the way) books, made records, starred in tv shows, and been very successful in the entertainment industry over the years.
The argument is that he has limited range as an actor. Unfortunately many in the Star Trek community think that anybody in TOS is far and away in a class by themselves. It was a great show, but in reality it was very inconsistant, and had some truly terrible acting, and some great acting too. I can say this and at the same time be a huge TOS fan.
Shatner nor his co stars for that matter (other than maybe Nimoy to a degree) are not and never were in the top tier of great actors. Their body of ROLES speaks for the fact of that matter. That’s all I was saying. I like Shatner. But let’s not put him in a class he doesn’t belong in.

241. star trackie - June 25, 2008

#240 “That’s all I was saying. I like Shatner. But let’s not put him in a class he doesn’t belong in.”

Well, the same can be said of Stewart. His range isn’t the greatest either. Everything he is in seems very familiar. From Xmen to Trek his delivery remains the same. It’s good and always sounds impressive because of his accent, but his dramatic “range” hasn’t been revealed to me yet. In fact, in TNG some of this more forced moments are quite bad if not comical. When he yells “There are 3 (or was it 4?) lights…it’s pretty bad. When he has to try and be a “tough” guy, like toting a machine gun in First Contact, he doesn’t come off as believable at all. And as far as sheer screen presence, Shat’s charm and natural charisma blew Picard off the screen in the side by side comparison of Generations.

I think the bottom line is that neither Shatner or Stewart are bad actors, but they are both more than capable of acting badly.

242. DEMODE - June 25, 2008

Someone mentioned in another post the possibilty of Data being beamed off the exploding ship by the nearby Romulans after Data fired his phaser. That would have to be some really quick timing… but not a bad idea. If the Romulans were tracking the ship long enough for it’s shields to go down, it might have been possible.

I remember one episode of TNG where the Romulan Defector tells Data that he knows a whole army of scientists that would love to get their hands on him to study him. Data says that he does not enjoy the thought of that, and the Romulan tells him “as well you shouldn’t” So just imagine if they did get there hands on him. One quick way to rid themselves of their need of the Remans… Kill the Remans and create androids to do all the dirty work that the Remans once did. Of course, the androids would have to turn on their Romulan creators ala Cylons. Perhaps Data would be responsible for that. That would make an amazing TNG film!

243. Closettrekker - June 25, 2008

I don’t understand this argument. Both of them are B-list actors. Who cares?

Stewart has talent. Shatner may be high maintenance (ask Nick Meyer), but he does too. But the truth is, neither of them is Jack Nicholson, Gregory Peck, Al Pacino, Tom Hanks, or Robert DeNiro, so what difference does it make?

Now I will say this. Shatner was a thousand times more entertaining as James T. Kirk than Stewart ever was as Jean-Luc Picard. But that’s just my opinion. With that said, Denny Crane doesn’t do anything for me, and I’m not in a hurry to go out and see Stewart as Macbeth. I don’t care about TJ Hooker, or the umpteenth millionth performance of a Shakespeare theatrical production. To me, they will always be Star Trek actors, and that’s about it.

244. Iowagirl - June 25, 2008

#240 t

– The argument is that he has limited range as an actor. –

Yes, I figured that. That’s why I posted #238. #239 war more or less a supplement. :)

– Shatner nor his co stars for that matter (other than maybe Nimoy to a degree) are not and never were in the top tier of great actors. –

I don’t know exactly how top tier is defined according to your book of great actors;), but what I know without any doubt is that if an actor is able to make a character immortal, if he makes me marvel at him, makes me sympathize with him, laugh with him, cry with him, feel his pain, feel his joy, and if I can “grow old” with him – and if he then manages to make another, different character his own, one who makes me laugh and cry, all within seconds, who makes me feel sorry for him and proud of him at the same time – well, that’s *my* definition of a great actor.

BTW, if you measure the greatness of an actor against his body of roles, then Nimoy surely shouldn’t be your exemption that proves the rule regarding the TOS cast…:)

– But let’s not put him in a class he doesn’t belong in. –

Right. Let’s not put a man in the “limited range” class, who was able to give us two legendary roles, the first one having become one of the most famous and most iconic roles in pop culture due to his artistic interpretation, the second one being artistically acclaimed and having been awarded with (don’t worry, I won’t say it again). He definitely doesn’t belong in that class.

No, he isn’t the *greatest* actor in the world, neither is Nimoy, neither is Stewart. Let’s have a poll on who is… Can’t wait for the result. ;)

245. sean - June 25, 2008

Oh dear, I should have anticipated Iowagirl jumping in when I made that remark ;)

All I can tell you is that Hooker, Denny Crane and Kirk (later, STIV-VI Kirk) are not far removed from one another as characters (for me). That’s what makes that MTV sketch from all those years ago so funny – Shatner as William Shatner Rescue 911, Shatner as Kirk, Shatner as TJ Hooker…they’re all the same character! I’ve never seen William Shatner do much of anything that didn’t remind me of…well, William Shatner. Some of his early, early work, yes, he displayed more diversity. But at some point he just started acting as himself.

Patrick Stewart, on the other hand, has a far greater range. Gurney Halleck in ‘Dune’ isn’t Patrick Stewart, and it certainly isn’t Capt Picard. The same goes for his performances in ‘Jeffrey’, ‘Moby Dick’, ‘Eleventh Hour’. ‘A Christmas Carol’ or ‘Conspiracy Theory’. Patrick Stewart completely immerses himself in his characters to the point that you no longer realize it’s Patrick Stewart. For me, that elevates him to a higher level than William Shatner.

And I’ll have to disagree with #241, as that moment from ‘Chain of Command’ where Picard defiantly cries out ‘THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS’ is simply one of the greatest dramatic payoffs in ANY drama I’ve seen. And his work in ‘The Inner Light’ trumps any moment Shatner had as Kirk in the entire run of TOS (again, for me. I won’t presume to speak for everyone else).

246. Iowagirl - June 25, 2008


Yes sean, I have that little spy program on my computer and whenever it detects the name “Shatner” it utters a loud, enervating beep signalling ‘round up the Shatner-Defense-Brigade‘…;)

Well, all I can tell you is if you think that Shatner played Shatner when he played Kirk, a character that wasn’t written for him or with him in mind, a character he played when he was still rather fameless to the world, and the people didn’t actually know then what it meant to “play Shatner”, then he did an amazingly good job in making that hero rather soon inseparable from his own person.

As regards D. Crane, there may be some similarities between Kirk and him – no doubt about that, but if you consider them characters built and played in more or less the same way, I’d suggest you re-watch TOS and BL. Both are such an enjoyment to watch, and some things become clearer with second watching.;)

As for the MTV sketch (great one, btw, I agree) – I’ve always found it that funny because you could clearly make out the differences between them, knowing each second what made each character so special, their individual traits, their particular way of talking, mannerisms, etc. If there hadn’t been any differentiation, it wouldn’t haven been funny. Acting and humor at its best. But that’s only my opinion.

Of course, there’s always some Shatner in what he plays. I think every actor puts something of himself in a role, leaves his mark on the role he plays. That’s why we do like some actors better than others. Fortunately, this one was chosen as Kirk and as Denny Crane. :)

247. Data_Lives_In_B4 - June 25, 2008

One more TNG!

Maybe A story is U.S.S. Titan and B story is the Enterprise-E.

248. VOODOO - June 25, 2008

TNG deserves a better end.

249. Ice Nine - June 25, 2008

Speaking to Patrick Stewart’s range, and citing only Picard and Professor X as examples is unfair.

Actually, you don’t even have to go outside of TNG to see Stewart’s range. Recall the scene in Generations where he’s talking of his nephew and just barely avoiding outright weeping. I think it’s an example of fine acting, no matter who you are. The movie wasn’t great, but Stewart was amazing up until the last half of the movie, when the script gives him nothing to do but bumble around on some rocks.

Shatner could never do that scene in Generations. Stewart has great range. If you look past the big voice, you’ll see real versatility.

250. Bussani - June 25, 2008

Nemesis had far too many plotholes. I’m not sure how anyone could really like it, let alone compare it to the Wrath of Khan.

Let this site point out what I mean:


251. Bussani - June 25, 2008

I agree with #249, and for that matter I liked Generations. The only reason a lot of fans didn’t is because a) they blew up the Enterprise, b) they killed Kirk and c) Kirk apparently didn’t die in a cool enough way to justify it.

Never mind that he saved an entire solar system full of people, including the crew, civilians and children in the Enterprise’s crashed saucer section who you see get vaporized (from a distance of course) if you pay attention.

And as Ice Nine pointed out, Picard gets to show some real heart in this film. I re-watched it recently and really thought that scene was touching.

252. J M Enterprise - June 26, 2008

I’m Sorry, but I totally disagree with #240 and #251. Generations was a disaster on the catastrophic scale.
A couple of months earlier we were privileged to witness one of the best Tv send-offs ever with the excellent ‘All Good Things’ which captured every essence of what TNG was all about, totally character driven and wrapping up a fantastic villan in Q.

Then were suddenly presented with a film that portrayed the characters totally out-of kilt!

Would Picard have reacted as angrilly as he did towards Riker after he learnt of his brothers death?

Would the intertchanging scenes between the Captains Ready Room and the bridge seem so devoid of life?

Would Picard have really married an unknown woman in his paradise ‘Nexus’ senerio or would he in-fact have married ‘Beverly Crusher’?

Should we have really been drawn in to such a long sequence regarding how Picard thought about his brother and nephews death, and how the ‘Family’ will go on?

When the Klingon’s turned up would Picard have really been at a loss as to know what to do in those vital few moments?

The elements were there and yet somehow the usual characters were missing, with the exception of Riker.

Never mind the senseless death of Kirk, the lack of explanation over the Nexus Ribbon, the lack of Spock or Sulu, the Totally useless portrayal of ‘Captain Harriman’ whose character could have been so much better, ( Check out Star Trek – Of Gods and Men to see what I mean ).

The film was a total mess!

Bring back TNG that we know and love, I’m sure Kurtman and Orci would do a splendid job, a story with depth, strong characters and complex villans, a story with an edge.

In the Series I felt as though I could follow this crew anywhere, into any situation forever and see the characters grow, perhaps a Dvd Movie bringing back that old brilliance for one more game of Poker, and one more trip around the galaxy is just what the good doctor ordered…..

253. star trackie - June 26, 2008

#249 “Shatner could never do that scene in Generations.”

He already did. In Star Trek 3, during Sarek’s mind meld, he was able to convey the deep sense of loss very well. And he just used one eye! lol They say the eyes are the window to the soul, well Shatner was living proof inf that scene.

254. Closettrekker - June 26, 2008

#252—I can’t even watch TNG episodes in reruns, for the most part. The characters are not nearly as interesting, IMO. The 24th Century is both sterile and stale. There is not the feeling of “frontier exploration” that you get from TOS. There is often too much technology at their disposal, the characters are often too perfect, and they never captured my imagination the way the iconic TOS characters did. You can keep the holodecks, ship’s counselors, Klingons in Starfleet, Android officers, and children on the bridge. I like my Star Trek in the more romantic 23rd Century. Give me Captain Kirk fistfighting and fornicating across the final frontier, not drinking Earl Grey, playing on the holodeck, and travelling the galaxy in a spaceship hotel.

#253—I absolutely agree, and add to that his performance in the engine room in TWOK. There’s no question that Shatner pulls that type of emotional scene off every bit as well as Stewart does. As I said before, neither of them is what you would call an A-list actor, so the debate is rather useless. Shatner does film cameos, commercials, and television, while Stewart does stage acting and the occasional X-Men feature or made for television movie. They have had very similar careers and are just in different stages. Stewart probably has quite a bit more left in the tank at this point, but as far as accomplishments, Shatner has the upper hand. Either way, they’re both B-list guys.

255. Redjac - June 26, 2008

I’ll take it personally if they make another TNG film.

I swear I will.


256. CaptainRickover - June 27, 2008


You’ve said that allready – in most of your posts, even in this article if I’m correct. I’m sure everyone here knows it now. TOS was great, is great und will be great forever.

Perhaps you shouldn’t visit an TNG-dominated article?

257. Jamie - June 27, 2008

TNG can work on the big screen. What they really need is a REALLY good script, a REALLY good movie director, and a REALLY great score. Then it would have a chance of working.

Also, to work, the film would need to have two main elements: plenty of big-budget action (to set it apart from a feature-length episode); but also plenty of character and strong emotion. Both of these are really important.

All the characters should be placed into situations where they have a chance to do what they each do best:

• Picard being diplomatic, restrained, level-headed, observant and outwitting people.

• Riker being passionate, strong-willed, and humane.

• Data being calm, logical and demonstrating some of the incredible abilities we never got to see on the show.

• La Forge being a great problem-solver, nice guy, good friend, and a little shy around women he likes.

• Worf having the courage and honour of a Klingon but the conscience of a human.

• Crusher works best when she’s simply being a doctor and caring for people and raising spirits (so casualties in the movie I should say)

• Troi never had a very well-defined character, but she can adapt. Like Riker, she’s very humane and strong-willed, like Crusher, she’s very caring. She’s also the most emotional character (via her empathic abilities), which is useful for reactions. I would therefore have her in loads of scenes, but especially when there are strong emotions around.

So, you don’t try and work these character traits into the plot, you base the whole plot around putting the characters into situations designed to bring these traits out. These characters do what they do, and you have to use them how they’re supposed to be used.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take them out of context. Picard was great in “Gambit”, on another ship, playing a criminal, totally out of context. But in terms of character, he was completely in context: placed in a situation where observation, wit, intelligence and diplomacy all came into play.

There should also be plenty of focus on La Forge’s friendship with Data, which is in my opinion one of the strongest, most believable (and possibly most sentimental) relationships in the whole of TNG, since we usually see it developing away from the bridge in a more intimate scenario. The other big one is Picard and Crusher, who have the groundwork for a great romantic relationship that has not yet been realised (for some odd reason).

Also, we need a really juicy plot. Not just a swirly thing in space that sends people back in time: we need deception, lies, mystery, sentiment, love, arguments and falling out, real emotion. Everybody really acting their guts out!

As for the subjectmatter of the film, I think the film should finally shed some light on the two big mysteries of TNG: Q and Guinan. de Lancie could carry a major big screen role if directed properly, and obviously Goldberg can. I don’t think you would need to bring in ‘new’ guests to play major role characters. These two would be more than sufficient as the focus of the film, with obviously a large supporting cast (to further set it apart from a TV episode).

I also think there needs to be more of an epic feel to the film than some of the previous TNG films. More feeling of ‘spanning the universe’. I would like the movie to feature loads of space and loads of planet locations (like the Star Wars films) rather than just one or two places. And real locations: places that look real, that bring out the ‘reality’ of the actors’ performances, with the wind in their hair.

I think this would all make a great TNG movie and that’s how I’d do it.

Thanks for reading! :D

258. Lee - June 28, 2008

And the prefect director for making a TNG Movie would be Bryan Singer, can’t wait to see it.

259. Kreg - June 28, 2008

TNG Needs a send off with cast signatures ending just like Star Trek VI. Including Picard saying a similar final log entry.


260. captian T 13 - June 28, 2008

Stewart is the better actor, saw him in Macbeth and was blown way at what a brilliant actor he is. I prefer the stage to the screen any day, so I havn’t seen Shatner at all.

Picard is the better captain becasue he is the sexiest captain out of the whole franchise.

STILL is the sexiest one. He never got fat, and still has big muscles.

261. Redjac - June 29, 2008

Singer could make it work…no doubt about it.

I am generally against another TNG film, but I would change my mind if the right people were behind it.

262. Harry Ballz - June 30, 2008

Singer couldn’t direct TRAFFIC!

He ruined Superman Returns!

263. Closettrekker - June 30, 2008

#262—I don’t think it was “ruined”, but it certainly was no Superman: The Movie or Superman II. Singer did a pretty good job with X-Men (I wasn’t a fan prior to the films), but I wouldn’t be excited about a TNG movie at all, even if Scorcese was directing it. TNG is done.

264. Harry Ballz - June 30, 2008

Closettrekker, I should clarify my comment…..I waited YEARS for the new Superman movie to come out……like a lot of other people, I had great hopes for the relaunch of the franchise. Superman Returns had good actors, good special effects and music….BUT the story was stupid and the direction was pedestrian.

While sitting in the theatre watching the movie I kept looking at my watch wondering when this DULL and BORING movie was going to be over…..and this was a film I waited years to see! Unforgivable!

For one thing, get rid of the Lex Luthor character and pick another villian, say BRAINIAC??? The next film better be good or it’s curtains for the Man Of Steel! Maybe Singer needs a refresher course at film school?

265. bill - July 1, 2008

I think the comment of a tng era show starring Riker and his command is an excellent idea. You could throw in Deanna Troy with him, perhaps a character from a different series (I always liked Bashir–except when they made his character something like a genetic super human). With three or so veteran actors/characters, surround them with some good characters/actors and you could really do something with it.

The key is the character background and acting. Of the 24th century era, tng had the best acting quality, and really good character histories and dynamics. Make it deep and creative–but BELIEVABLE.

And as someone else mentioned, you’d have plenty of opportunities for guest appearances throughout the series by past favorites. If they did this, they’d need to make sure that the guest appearances weren’t “forced”, but instead flowed well and cohesively with the rest of the series.

By doing this they would also effectively setup the potential for another 24th century era movie. A movie that wouldn’t necessarily be strictly the tng crew, but could efficiently and, again I stress–believably–bring in character favorites from that era.

Another interesting idea: Revist the 24th century with an entirely new crew and ship. The “series premier” for this series should start with a movie in the theaters.

266. Harry Ballz - July 1, 2008

Would you like frosting on that?

267. Phil Caruso - July 6, 2008

Making DVD movies of star trek would ruin it! Leave it on the big screen/TV!!

268. Dragan Glas - July 8, 2008


Just a comment on the many Data/B4 posts…

I don’t see why this means that Brent Spiner would have to continue playing the role of “The Android”.

After all, Soong’s work must surely have been reproduced by now!?

Since B4’s brain is a earlier model of Data’s, it may not be quite capable of sustaining Data’s “mind”.

This could result in the need to transfer Data to another android – a new model based on Soong’s work, which would have a different exterior.

In other words, another male actor.

(Although, as a “android” is supposed to be androgynous – psychologically, at least – a actress would have even more interesting possibilities.)

Problem solved.

This would also reproduce, at a microcosmic level, the “handing over of the baton” – as happens when one ST series ends and another begins – from Spiner’s Data to a new Data.

As for a new series with previous actors…

If Frakes and Sirtis were still interested, they could certainly do a “Titan”-esque series – with Burton (and the new “Data”) included, as he’s clearly interested in continuing his role.

Also, LaForge and “Data” could continue exploring/expanding their friendship in a manner similar to Sisko and Dax – in other words, LaForge having to get used to Data in a new body. A female body for “Data” would certainly add a interesting angle! *winks*

(…Assuming his wife let’s him…!!)

If you really wanted to see a “TNG/DS9/VOY” get together, this could be done in the pilot episode – where Admirals Picard (and Ambassador Worf?), Janeway and (rank?) Sisko (with a same/new Dax?) saw them off at the launch of the “Titan” mission (whatever that would be).

Just a thought or two!

Kindest regards,


269. Dragan Glas - July 8, 2008


[quote]If you really wanted to see a “TNG/DS9/VOY” get together, this could be done in the pilot episode – where Admirals Picard (and Ambassador Worf?), Janeway and (rank?) Sisko (with a same/new Dax?) saw them off at the launch of the “Titan” mission (whatever that would be).[/qoute]

Just realised, of course, that “Nemesis” had Frakes/Sirtis launch with “Titan” already…

Well, the same TNG/DS9/VOY hand-over could be done with LaForge and (female!) “Data” as Captain and XO, respectively, on a new ship and mission – whatever that would be.

Kindest regards,


270. itibira - July 8, 2008

For me, having grown up with TOS (not reruns) and also TNG, i came to love TNG over TOS even though i still love TOS. Some here have indicated that TNG was too “nice”, not relevant because it depicted a too-idealistic society – but that’s precisely *why* i liked TNG more. Wasn’t Star Trek originally supposed to show an idealistic society of the future with people having more compassion and understanding for others including other species? For me, this was TNG much, much more so than TOS which (because of the times it was conceived in) still tended to portray the US vs. Soviet mentality, rather than one that was more Utopian like TNG. Of course, TNG also had its share of this kind of mentality from time to time but not nearly so much as TOS or especially DS9, Voyager and Enterprise – which for me became series that portrayed “Present-day America in space in the future” – which for me is far from idealistic or Utopian.

Star Trek could be a wonderful vehicle for teaching younger people the values of compassion, respect for others including other cultures, understanding of others, thinking a problem through (not simply reacting to a situation) including trying to really avoid violence and true universal brotherhood. Wasn’t that what the Federation was supposed to be all about?

My vote would be for another TNG movie to tie up the loose ends and give that franchise at least a decent farewell. As for Data, since he is an android and theoretically he can interchange parts and modify himself, why not get a younger actor (instead of CGI) to portray his character, and get Brent Spiner to do the voice-over? This could be explained by his wanting to give himself his required “30 year maintenance / refurbishment routine” of which his exterior appearance would be only one facet. This way the “new” Data would be more believable than a CGI representation. Eventually, even this new Data could change his voice (to that of the new actor) since Data can mimic others’ voices anyway so why couldn’t he also change his voice?

Sorry for the long comment.

271. Dragan Glas - July 9, 2008


#270 Itibara

I also grew up on TOS. When TNG was first announced and I saw the group photo of the main characters, I had very mixed feelings about a “different” crew/series being shown – there was something of “betrayal” in my mind(!)

Stewart and the others gradually brought me round till I think that, although different, it had it’s own place in “Trek” and my heart.

Both series had good and bad aspects – the one “bad” side, from my perspective, was the disjointed nature of both series.

It seemed that nothing was ever learned from previous episodes – new technologies were “forgotten”, as if they’d never been discovered; also, the “warp drive fo the week” syndrome was another bug-bear! Scotty’s “You canna change the laws of physics!” didn’t seem to hold from one episode to the next!

That applied to ALL the series, which really used to wind me up.

I know they keep saying “it’s character-driven”, but you can’t just change the laws of science and the capabilities of technology whenever you want so that you can set up an hypothetical situation for a character to show a flaw or strength.

Life isn’t like that!

You have to deal with circumstances as they are – and we all know that Life doesn’t make allowances for anyone. It is from these circumstances that we see how a given character deals with them – and either develops positively or negatively.

Your point about “thinking a problem through (not simply reacting to a situation) including trying to really avoid violence” is valid.

This was no more relevant to any of the series than it was to Voyager.

When they arrived in the Delta quadrant, they should have spent time deciding what they could and couldn’t do:

– no holodeck usage (except for testing scenarios/technology that were too risky to do in real-life);
– use the replicators only for food they couldn’t hunt/gather/grow (given that the replicating matter was limited, rather than concerns about “energy” – the holodecks used far more!);
– research all the technologies which have gone before in the previous series (history of Trak) and USE IT!!;
– invent new ways to do things (use transporters for mining raw materials for repairs/manufacturing parts, etc; the photon torpedoes were “irreplacable” according to Tuvok, yet they never ran out of them! – why not turn them into re-usable weapons?, add a phaser beam generator, tractor beam generator, shield, camouflage/cloak, self-transporter, etc – even a isolinear chip for a AI hologram like the EMH to turn a torpedo into a intelligent multi-role weapon that could be sent out to do whatever and return to the ship? – as a last resort it could still explode if need be, but with all those possibilities, would it really need to do so?; even more “irreplacable” is the crew! – why not clone at least one dead individual (Lt. Stadi) and secretly emgram (remember the TOS episode?) the senior staff who died (the XO, Doctor, Science, Engineer, OPs officers – and Lt. Stadi – turning them into a holo-crew. The Captain could have ordered the EMH to do so in secret to keep as a “back-up” if the ship/crew were taken over/captured – they’d also act as behind-the-scenes advisors to him/her). THAT would have given the series plenty of scope for “conflict” (holo-crew versus EMH and his complaints about not being treated as a real person; the crew’s relationship to a clone as well as the holo Lt Stadi’s reactions; in fact, the holo-Stadi could have “haunted” Paris and helped to change his “I’m a hot-shot pilot” attitude around, etc)

But enough of my rant…!

As for Spiner doing a voice-over for a new actor/actress, transitioning to their voice later on…

With all due respect, I don’t think that would really work.

It needs a clean hand-over – a new actor/actress with their own voice from day one.

The scene could show Spiner lying on the table with his eyes open – “dead”.

It would be a poignant moment for the rest of the cast as well as the audience.

Kindest regards,


272. john brooman - July 16, 2008

Nemesis was a good idea which didnt quite work.. A good film still but for me the last TNG film should of been the final confrontation with the borg there many unresolved areas. Like the rescue of all the people absorbed into the collective, the rebellion within the collective. An epic which would cost a fortune but would make a mint. I would write and direct it if they would let me! Give TNG the send off it deserved with massive commando groups trained by the Klingons, headed by guess who. Epic ship to ship battles, Borg origins, all rounded off with a few contemporary points i would I hope make Gene Roddenberry proud

273. Cybersoldier - August 1, 2008

Its possible to have a TNG without Spiner he wanted Data killed off and he got his wish. Patrick Stewart would need to be in the film if not as the star a guest appearence the death of Picard ala begin and an invasion leading to a 3 film deal.

274. Das Quadrom - August 7, 2008

More TNG!!!

275. sean reese - August 24, 2008

One more TNG movie would be fitting to what is considered to be one of the strongest collection of talent in the history of the Star Trek franchise. I am a TOS fan but if you honestly look at the history of Star Trek the acting talent of TNG with the technology of the TNG era makes them what they are. The one thing that producers and Paramount need to remember is in order not to offend Trek fans and the TNG actors you need to write a great ending movie and be prepared to pay and equally respectable amount of money to send off such an awesome cast.

276. Mike Moderelli - September 8, 2008

i have grown up on star trek. all my life star trek has been on or around in some fashion. i am a HUGE star trek fan. that being said, i personally feel the the original series is just awful. very campy, poorly acted and just basically uninteresting. as star trek progressed into the next generation it became more interesting, and then deep space nine, and then came voyager, which doesnt seem to be mentioned here alot for some reason. voyager to me is what its all about. the stories, the characters, the acting, the ideas….its perfect! i truly feel that after voyager ended these people really dropped the ball because, even now, there is soooooo much they can do with star trek and these characters from tng, ds9 and voyager and even with characters like spock who r still alive in this era. so what did they do? they make a prequel show called enterprise, which lets face it, was just uninspired and uninteresting, a few episodes notwithstanding. so now that that show has been cancelled, what is their next project? ANOTHER movie prequel to a time period where we really dont care about. im not trying to disrespect tos crew cuz i liked almost every single tos movie, but tos movies were not the same as the show because they were more mature and serious and not nearly as campy. now i will go see this new movie and ill probably like it just because its star trek, but they seriously need to take levars advice and either make a new series taking place right after nemesis (which i liked btw) or right after voyager cuz i really miss janeway and the doctor and seven and even belanna and tom (not so much harry lol) and i wanna know where their lives aregoing, as well as riker and picard and obrien and Q (who is more tame and understanding now thanks to janeway, not so much villain material)

277. Brett Dewey - October 15, 2008

The DVD movie might make sense – it’s working for Stargate SG1… obviously Patrick Stewart might be a problem, but if you treat it as another story in the STNG universe and have some cast members…

Perhaps a story set on Captain Riker’s ship…

278. Matt Jordan - February 21, 2009

the simple thing is that all Movie and television producers should be held accountable for tying up a movies series or tele series.

how many times in the past has a show finished and you say “WHAT THE”.

Here are a few to mention
Battlestar galactica the original
Quantum Leap
The Pretender.
TNG Nemesis

These guys should have the moral obligation to the fans who have perservered to watch a show from beginning to end, to actually finish it rather than “Oh our ratings have dropped so lets axe the show” and we are left hanging and scouring the net just to find an alternate ending or some obscure book that makes an attempt to finish it off

279. Das Quadrom - February 24, 2009

Ich würde alles für eine weitere TNG-Produktion geben!

280. Dorman. T Reign - March 18, 2009

Man, in all honestly people, Would you not be interested in just a new series of trek. I would, im jonesin for a new series man. I really don’t care what/where/who or how it takes place.

281. Mike - May 9, 2009

I agree with the first post, finish it ! Send the TNG crew off with a fitting movie, and Q would make a damn good part of it. I think Stewardt and Spiner would take it one more round, esp for the fans… I hope. Come on Hollywood types, give the people what they want. Besides these newbies won’t be able to fill the shoes of the TOS cast…nobody can. These folks just aint right

282. Paul - May 19, 2009

i want to see in the next star trek prequal film the enterprise e turns up to save the enterprise and bring spock prime back to the future it could be the ending for the tng crew but do two more prequal of the tng crew.

before what happens in the next star trek prequal show how the storyline from nero and how the enterprise goes back in time in 2011 star trek film it will give star trek 2009 a more believe story how it happed but at the end of star trek 2011 the entprise e fixes the timeline bacik to how it was before.

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286. Roulette - July 14, 2011

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