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Star Trek At Comic-Con Update July 3, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Conventions/Events/Attractions,Star Trek (2009 film),Trek Franchise , trackback

Last week the news broke that Paramount will not be holding any movie panels (including Star Trek) at San Diego Comic Con coming up at the end of July. Since that time TrekMovie has been looking into the situation and today has an update on what we can expect for the movie and other aspects of Trek

Star Trek 2009 movie
Paramount has confirmed that (as of now) they are not planning on bringing any Star Trek talent to Comic Con to promote the film and there will be no panel discussion. A spokesperson did tell TrekMovie that Star Trek “will have a presence” at Comic-con, at the Paramount booth. The most likely presence will be the release of some new marketing materials. At the last two Comic-Cons there were new teaser posters released and last year there was also a T-shirt. Although Paramount isn’t bringing Trek talent to San Diego for a panel, it appears the entire ‘supreme court’ for Star Trek (JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Bryan Burk, Roberto Orci, and Alex Kurtzman) will be there for other projects, notably Fox’s Fringe , Dreamworks’s Eagle Eye and/or ABC’s Lost. It is also likely that Zachary Quinto will be there along with other cast-members of NBC’s Heroes.

Orci and Kurtzman were interviewed by ComingSoon regarding their new film Eagle Eye coming out this fall, and the subject of SDCC, came up, here is what Kurtzman had to say about it

We are trying to get our act together here in the last moments. We’re so focused on editing the movie that we’ve forgotten about promoting it. We’re not sure what we’re going to release it with. We’re trying to figure it out. We’re going to be there for “Fringe” and “Eagle Eye” and for other things. We’re all going to be there, so I’m sure we’ll figure out something before we get there.

Star Trek books and comics
The two publishing licensees for Star Trek (Pocket Books and IDW Comics) are going to hold a panel on Thursday (room 32AB, 4-5PM). Here is the description:

Star Trek without a blueprint. How books and comics keep expanding the boundaries of the Star Trek universe.
Andy Mangels moderator, Margaret Clark, executive editor Pocket Books, Andy Schmidt, senior editor IDW and the writers, Kevin Dilmore, Dave Mack, Scott Tipton and Dayton Ward

Both IDW and Pocket Books will also have booths. Both will have signings at their booths with Trek writers (and artists with IDW), both are currently working on schedules. IDW has confirmed that writers Scott & David Tipton and Peter David along with artists Gordon Purcell and Casey Maloney will be appearing (and signing) at their booth. Tokyo Pop (the makers of Trek Manga) will also have a booth, but it isn’t clear what they will be doing for Trek.

Trek product licensees
Although there will be no panels for Star Trek products, major product licensees will be at the show. These include Diamond Select Toys, Mattel, and Roddenberry Productions. Diamond tells TrekMovie they will be showing some of the latest announced Trek items, but there will not be any exclusives for the show. It isn’t clear yet what Trek prototypes (if any) Mattel will have on display. Playmates (the licensee for Star Trek movie toys) will not be at Comic-Con

Trek celeb autographs
Every year Comic Con hosts an autograph room and usually there are Trek stars available. The schedule has not yet been posted, but there will likely be some people with a Trek connection.

Party at Star Trek The Exhibition
As reported previously, Star Trek The Exhibition opened up at the San Diego Air and Space museum a couple of weeks ago. It will be open during Comic Con and they are planning a lot of tie-in promotions. There will be tons of outdoor advertising for The Exhibit around Comic-Con, inlcluding buses that are skinned to look like Starfleet Shuttles. There will be two Shuttle buses running every 15 minutes from Comic Con to the museum (Wednesday thru Saturday night). Tickets will be available at Comic Con registration and there will be flyers distributed at a number of booths offering discounted admission, free transportation and extended hours. On Wednesday night July 24th there will be a part at The Experience hosted by the 91X radio station…with live band and beer garden!

So…something, but not the big thing

So that is all we know for now. It is disappointing that there will not be a Trek panel from Paramount, but the movie will not be forgotten. And there will be other areas of Trek present, especially with publishing. Also there is likely to be an unofficial panel or two related to Trek. More will be known when the full schedule is released. TrekMovie will provide more SDCC updates as we get closer to July 24th.


1. Jon - July 3, 2008

FIRST comments are incredibly annoying.

I’m not sure why they aren’t doing anything this year? Why hype it last year but not this year, the last comic con before general release? Seems like a missed opportunity, things have sure gone quiet on the public front lately, perhaps they don’t want to wear out the hype like has happened for some big movies previously that had tediously long waiting times.

2. Bones Thugs & McCoy - July 3, 2008

Perhaps in one of Infinity’s Prism of the Myriad Universes they will screen the final cut of Star Trek XI starring Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner…..

3. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - July 3, 2008

L – A – M – E LAME!! LAME!! LAME!!!! – three cheers for Lame!!!!!

4. cpelc - July 3, 2008

first – awesome at least something

5. star trackie - July 3, 2008

Two years in a row, hyping and marketing, and they break momentum now? Weird.

6. Wes - July 3, 2008

They have really dropped the ball now, They think that w/o any advertising that people will be curious and go to the website! It seems to me that this ‘court’ has many projects and Trek is just one of the many projects. The hype for this movie was high, now it has crashed worse than the D in Generations

7. That Guy - July 3, 2008

The mighty and all powerful Garth has said it all.
He sees ahead (the future) without looking back.
I’m humbled and meek in his awesome presence!
Garth has asked me to convey this message.
Though you’re NOT worthy – he wishes you a happy 4th.
By the way…How is your HD TV and sweet sterero
setup? You mentioned it to me a little over a year ago.

8. Captain Otter - July 3, 2008

Wes, I have to disagree.

Paramount has the best possible hype- rabid fans compulsively checking into blogs like this hunting for any sort of clue or spoiler or just one little image.

They will string us out until we’re darn near starving for info, then they’ll cut loose and send us into a nerd-tastic feeding frenzy from which we fans will give them far more buzz and free promotion that they could possibly ask for.

In other words, they are intentionally creating a calm before the storm so that the storm will be that much more dramatic.

If you ask me, these guys are geniuses.

9. Ron Mosher - July 3, 2008

Throwing something together at the last minute doesn’t sound to good. If your not gonna do it right guys then don’t bother. We fans who have been waiting for years deserve some consideration don’t we?

10. Closettrekker - July 3, 2008

#6—-It is not even time for it to begin yet. How can it crash? My guess is, the “hype” will begin around X-Mas (but possibly preceeded by as new trailer at the end of Summer/beginning of Fall). If you need more than four and a half months to decide whether or not you’re going to see a movie, there’s something wrong with you.

The “hype” you’re speaking of was only “high” for people like us who scan the web for Star Trek news. Non-hardcore Trek fans (average moviegoers) that I know generally don’t know or care about it, and whether they learn about it now or in December really won’t make a difference as to whether they spend the money to see it in May.

11. snake - July 3, 2008

They should make sure the trailer will be attached to BOND as thats THE winter film and its the only film I’m going see late in the year..(think its out early Nov)

EVERYONE is gonna see Bond just like EVERYONE is gonna see Dark Knight so itd be a good idea…

Hopefully it will be an amazing trailer like that fake one sounded…

12. SPB - July 3, 2008


…a CAST photo, for cryin’ out loud. I’ve considered myself more patient than others where the promotion (or lack thereof) of the new STAR TREK is concerned, but c’mon… what are we gonna get–ANOTHER poster with just a logo and/or insignia??? It’s starting to get old and more than a little annoying.

At least a full cast photo (with Nimoy) of everyone in costume would be enough to get tongues wagging for another few months. Or a shot of the new Enterprise. Enough with the posters and t-shirts, please.

13. Tobor64 - July 3, 2008

These claims that Paramount & the Trek production crew will have nothing to show at Comicon are very odd, considering the new movie is listed as a “generous sponsor” of Comicon on the Comicon website.

14. Closettrekker - July 3, 2008

#9—-” We fans who have been waiting for years deserve some consideration don’t we?”

Honestly?….From a business perspective—no.

You are going to be there anyway.

I think some people here are letting past Star Trek film marketing campaigns color their perspective a bit. Unlike previous Trek movies, with miniscule B-movie budgets, this film is not completely dependant upon geeks who travel across the country to conventions. They have a much more mainstream-type marketing strategy, and with a $150 million invested, they had better.

I deal in “mainstream” marketing nearly every day for my business, and it’s all about timing. This movie is a product. I’m not foolish enough to spend valuable advertising time, space, and money marketing a product I will not debut until May of 2009 right now, and neither are they.

There is no way you can introduce significant “hype” right now, and expect to sustain it until May of 2009. It will, without question, run out of steam well before then. People may even get sick of hearing about it.

Concentrating the hype in a much smaller timeframe will produce a much more effective result.

Beyond all of that, consider that JJ Abrams does not have all of his eggs in the Star Trek basket. He is one of the busiest men in Hollywood. As inferred in the article, he (along with nearly everyone else involved) has a great deal more immediately in front of him than STXI’s release in May 2009. It should be enough that the Star Trek panel will be there in an “unofficial” capacity.

15. Prologic9 - July 3, 2008

A lot of people don’t get it when I complain of the lack of Star Trek at Comic-con. They think because the film is so far off there’s no need and look at is as just part of the regular promotion. It’s not.

Comic-con is THE event to communicate directly with your fans. It only comes once a year and if you have a big-geek-genre film coming out anytime before July the following year, you’d damn well be smart enough to have a presence at this years con.

Particularly when you’ve already done so much to piss off the fans with a film that has a LOT to prove. This was just another bad decision, plain and simple.

16. Andy Patterson - July 3, 2008

Will John Byrne be there signing Assignment: Earth books? It’s Trek related.

17. Myrth - July 3, 2008

They are not breaking any momentum that has not been broken already. Reacently big title fandome movies like Trek will be get two SDCC panels to hype. The first is the anouncement and pre-production panel (last years panel), and the second is the pre-release, show footage, get crowd really excited for the movie that is ABOUT to come out. That would have been this years panel, but then they moved the release date. That means their big, generate excitement panel needs to be moved to next year. Most likely to the New York Comic Con. In short, while it would generate a coolness factor to have a panel this year it would be wasted advertising money as the real excitment needs to be generated next year.

18. Uncle Twitchy - July 3, 2008

Byrne doesn’t do conventions anymore.

19. Paul - July 3, 2008

I’m all for being surprised when i go see the movie but isn’t this a bit ridiculous?

20. OneBuckFilms - July 3, 2008

The decision made by Paramount to move the Release Date to 2009 has thrown the whole marketing of the movie out of whack, big time.

Basically, the Christmas date would have been more appropriate for substantial information to be released at SDCC.

Closettrekker is right when he points out that releasing information too early would be unsustainable from a marketing perspective.

I also point out Kurtzman’s comment from the above article:

We are trying to get our act together here in the last moments. We’re so focused on editing the movie that we’ve forgotten about promoting it. We’re not sure what we’re going to release it with. We’re trying to figure it out. We’re going to be there for “Fringe” and “Eagle Eye” and for other things. We’re all going to be there, so I’m sure we’ll figure out something before we get there.

This tells me that regardless of the release date change, they still had to do a lot of work, since they all have other projects booked up for their time.

Yes, it sucks that there’s nothing Star Trek 2009 related, except maybe extra marketing materials, but truth be told, there are many who are now caught like a deer in CCI’s headlights.

Unfortunately, there may be hell to pay by the Supreme Court at Comic-Con this year, dispite the fact that much of it is simply not in their control.

I don’t envy them at this time.

21. OneBuckFilms - July 3, 2008

One thing that might have benefitted from Comic-Con, that many here are overlooking, is the release of Star Trek Remastered on DVD (Season 2 in August, Season 3 down the line).

Anthony, have you heard anything from CBS or CBS-Digital? Will Star Trek Remastered be represented?

22. Closettrekker - July 3, 2008

#15—“Particularly when you’ve already done so much to piss off the fans with a film that has a LOT to prove. This was just another bad decision, plain and simple.”

It’s not plain and simple at all, and I think you mean that they have already done so much to piss YOU off. I cannot think of a single thing they have done to anger me a bit, and I consider myself a huge Trek fan and have been for decades.

“…you’d damn well be smart enough to have a presence at this years con.”

First of all, they will… just not in an “official” Star Trek capacity. JJ Abrams (the director) will be there, Damon Lindelof (the producer) will be there, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (the writers) will be there, and Zachary Quinto (the new Spock) will be there as well.

But I disagree with the notion that not having an “official” Star Trek presence there will be at all detrimental to the project. I don’t believe for one second that you won’t pay to see this movie because there wasn’t a booth that had “Star Trek XI” written on the front of it. Your presence here makes that very inplausible.

23. Spock with a crowbar - July 3, 2008

#8 Otter,

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve been starving for a while now.

I don’t check for updates nearly as often these days, because I know there won’t be anything except for a bunch of STXI crew talking about how great the movie looks and how great the script is (and an occasional appearance by Senator Vreenak any time I think I’m actually going to get to see something from this heartbreaking masterpiece). It further rubs my fan bone in the fact that, even though the movie is practically DONE, I’m not important enough to satisfy with a small bit of real material to keep me interested.

The whole thing has me feeling a little taken for granted as a fan.

24. Spock with a crowbar - July 3, 2008

Call me a WAHmbulance… and I want to stop for a WAHmburger as well.

25. D. McCoy - July 3, 2008

Not in their control? I don’t buy that. K just admitted to “forgetting”.

Not looking for “promotion”—duh—just looking for pictures. Don’t need a trailer. Cast photo in uniforms and/or shot of the final Enterprise (if it goes through changes during the movie—I’m wanting the the one the movie ends with).

26. Xai (Patience) - July 3, 2008

No surprises here… It’s too early to promote this movie beyond what’s happening now. If the original release had been next May all along, I doubt you would have even seen the trailer yet.

Too much sizzle too far in advance decreases the curiosity right when you need it most. Hints in the media, a few pictures, maybe a new poster (silhouette of the Enterprise maybe?) displayed at Comic Con is really what is needed now. It’s not yet time to build the hype. You can keep a dog salivating only so long before he starts to not care and the steak he sought spoils.
IMO, we’ll see trailers start in the November/Christmas movie season.

27. Kobayashi_Maru - July 3, 2008

Fans? They’ve forgotten about us LOOOONGGGG AGGGOOO….

I’m with Lord Garth….LAME!

28. Xai (Patience) - July 3, 2008

#14 Closet…

…right smack on the nail-head.
What business are you in? I’m in print advertising.

29. Trekkie16 - July 3, 2008

Well this just confirms that it is Paramount and not JJ that is driving the decision not to do a panel. I know JJ loves SDCC and I am sure he would have enjoyed a panel about ST. Dumb suits.

30. Dave - July 3, 2008

Methinks someone at Paramount has lost faith in this franchise rebirth. At first, I thought the shift to next Summer was a good thing; now, I’m not so sure – no promotion, little or no word on new trailers, now no presence at ComicCon…there’s a pattern here, and it isn’t good. I can’t imagine Paramount thinking that *not* promoting it is somehow a good thing.

31. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - July 3, 2008

#7 .. It’s fine be alot better with TMP restored Blu-Ray but guess what no Trek Blu-Ray more Lame Lame Lame!!!!! Three Cheers for Lame!!!! Oh look Paramount repackaged and rereleased yet another “highly collectible” version of stardard dvd episodes,.. whooooooooooweeeeeeee!!!!

32. Kevin Dilmore - July 3, 2008

Okay, so I’m not Zoe Saldana, but I look great in a TOS mini.

Hope to see you all there. Stop by and say hi.

33. angry but i'll get over it - July 3, 2008

the fact that they’re (JJ and crew) all there but not for trek is just a bad move, it makes it look like they’re more worried about these other projects’ success than Trek XI’s….which is both good and bad if you think about it, but when do they plan on making some revelations/marketing? What events are left? I think it would be best to just forget about this film until January…there’s no use in holding our breath this summer…after the closing of the experience, Trek at CC 2009 is another depressing story…but at least it won’t be completely absent….and there’s always surprises!

34. Anthony Pascale - July 3, 2008

RE: Dave and others

I guarantee you that Paramount has not ‘lost faith’ in this film. They are not promoting Transformers 2 or any of their other 2009 movies, they just made the decision to not do panels this year. It has nothing to do with ‘faith’ they just opted out. This isn’t a conspiracy

35. Tony Whitehead - July 3, 2008

The only buzz that counts is the buzz of the opening weekend. I am all for letting this team (who’ve already proven their marketing savvy) run with whatever marketing campaign that they choose to do. I have complete confidence in timing the marketing strategy in the time an amount of their own choosing.
As far as those of you constantly going on about ‘why haven’t they released pics of the Big E or uniforms’, etc., I have one word for you…RELAX!
May ’09 will come and go so fast you won’t believe it. Go out, enjoy the summer and remember to check in here daily for the trickle that will become the flood over the next nine months or so.

36. Ron Mosher - July 3, 2008

Re. #14
Since we fans pay $$$ it isn’t a very good business decision to just sit this one out. This is the last one before it comes out so at least something like what was mentioned before would be cool. A shot of Enterprise or a cast photo. We all know that it’s going to have an original series look to it so nothing major would be given away but the excitement that would be generated would be through the roof.

37. SPB - July 3, 2008


…but didn’t someone on these boards (a few months back) post a link to an old Parade magazine cover photo from December 1978 showing the crew as they would look in THE MOTION PICTURE, a full YEAR before the film was released in Dec. 1979??? Why is something that simple not afforded to fans 30 years later in 2008?

38. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - July 3, 2008

I know that nobody feels obliged to throw me a bone as far as the new movie is concerned. Hell, if it weren’t for this site, I wouldn’t be paying much attention at all. But since I feel that I have invested 2+ years of my time following the progress, it would be nice to get a little tidbit this summer. And honestly, I think I’ve been pretty patient. As have most of the people here. I’m not fed up mind you. I just want something to tide me over because, personally, I can tell that my fervor for the film has cooled off a bit. And I find that to be disappointing, not only in myself, but in the studios decision. I agree that timing can be crucial when promoting a film but another axiom of business is to strike when the iron is hot. I worry a little when I sense the iron cooling off. Another thing the studio shouldn’t count on is that all the Trek fans will automatically show up for the film like it was the Field of Dreams or something. Look at Enterprise. Granted, not many people liked that show, but it does serve to illustrate that Trek fans can turn on the franchise if they aren’t happy about something, be it the direction the show is going or the feeling, right or wrong, of being jerked around. I know that I’m tired of seeing the same old logo for the movie.

Xai, you mentioned that it would be nice to get some pictures or something at CC and I think that’s what the majority of us are asking for. I know that a trailer is too much to hope for and maybe not necessary right now. But doing nothing isn’t helping either. Do I feel a sense of entitlement sometimes? I must admit that yes, I do. I was too young for the first run on the network, but I have been there since it first ran in syndication all the way through to today. I’ll venture that’s longer than the film makers themselves. I’ve seen them all and, along with all of you, have supported Star Trek. It is no small part that we have played in it’s continued existence. Without us it may not be here today.

39. websbestcomics - July 3, 2008

It seems clear by now that no mattter how good this movie is, it will never live up to the overblown hype and expectations. Get ready for a lot of bitching from fans when this movie comes out.

40. Alex Rosenzweig - July 3, 2008

#30 – I think closettrekker has it right, really. One of the worst things that could happen is for the hype to start too early and then be on a big downswing when the film actually gets released.

It’s frustrating for *us*, maybe, to have to wait longer, but for that big general audience that isn’t yet waiting with bated breath, the studio’s gonna hit tthem with the heavy advertising a lot closer to the release to get them in the seats.

It’s really a more “conventional” (no pun intended ;) ) strategy than a Star Trek film has had in a long time.

41. OneBuckFilms - July 3, 2008

25 – They are WRITERS, NOT Marketers. The fact that they forgot to promote it does NOT change the amount of control they have from a marketing perspective.

37 – That was before the Internet, where information travels MUCH FASTER, although it would be nice to get some kind of tidbit.

It should be pointed out also that we don’t know what the new marketing materials will be for the Paramount booth. I expect very little though.

42. OneBuckFilms - July 3, 2008

25 – It is also possible that ‘we’ refers to Paramount, rather than them personally.

Is it not up to Marketing to call them up and say ‘We need you to promote the movie at Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego. What can you show us?’

43. MORN SPEAKS - July 3, 2008

Well it is a matter of opinion, I think “Star Trek” should have SOME presence. I don’t think it’s a waste of marketing dollars because I believe in permeating the collective consciousness. Albeit, there’s still plenty of time to do that, it never hurts to start early. AND no, it’s not just the geeks who are exposed to Comic-Con, watch any of those crap shows like ET or Access Hollywood. They now capture many of the things going on during that con. Either way the movie will be a success, but from someone with a marketing and sociology background you want to get the word out fast. HENCE, the teaser on Cloverfield.

44. TO TPTB (THE POWERS THAT BE) - July 3, 2008

I’d like to see Paramount do a “post mortem” panel at next year’s Comic-Con. Fans should be able to address what they did like — and didn’t like — about the new movie.

The “Supreme Court” should attend. :) Actors optional, although I’d like to see them there. They could always discuss the DVD release, too. (IF a reason is needed to justify a panel for a movie that will have already been released for two months at that point.)

45. Anthony Pascale - July 3, 2008

I have updated the article with some new info sent to me about STThe Exhibition…including a party

46. Closettrekker - July 3, 2008

#36—Calling it “a bad business decision” implies that people will spend less money at the box office in May 2009 because there was no official Star trek presence at this con. That’s absurd. The only people who will even remember such a deatil 308 days from now are such big geeks that they will probably be first in line to see it anyway.

Are you willing to boycott STXI because the STXI “Supreme Court” and Zachary Quinto will be there “officially” to promote other projects which are more immediately forthcoming? If not, then it’s not really a “bad business decision”, is it?

You are confusing the emotional effects of your “fanboy” impatience with the tangible effects of real world business and marketing decisions.

If I spent the same money and time advertising the products I plan to debut in May as I did the products I have planned for September, I’d go out of business very quickly. They have every reason to be there promoting “Fringe”, “Lost”, and (in Quinto’s case) “Heroes”, and very little reason to be there promoting STXI. I’m sure they will be happy to entertain questions about it (although probably in the same “not giving anything away”-type manner), and perhaps even reveal a new poster or announce the new trailer or something, but that’s about it.

Star Trek fans are going to be at the box-office in May whether their presence at the con is “official” or “unofficial”. So explain to me exactly why it is you believe this is a “bad business decision”, as opposed to simply being disappointing news to a impatient geek who is planning to attend the Comic-Con.

47. TO TPTB (THE POWERS THAT BE) - July 3, 2008

And if you want to build some hype, have a free showing following the panel. Make it a fund raiser, or an open event.

48. Sam Belil - July 3, 2008

For all my b—-ing and moaning for example no Gary Mitchell, etc, etc — I do believe we will see a very good movie. Based on what we know about the storyline, perhaps one of the best ST movies ever. Having said that I’m growing very impatient with this shroud of secrecy. Why can’t the powers that be “slip us” at least a couple of group shots in uniform just to serve as a visual appetizer. This has been my biggest pet-peeve!

49. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - July 3, 2008

I’d like to add that, although it’s not the fault of this production, there has been a bit of negative publicity for the Trek world this year. The remastered project HD fiasco, getting shut down, the online game failure, the movie’s release getting moved back to May 2009, ST:TE shutting down, and now not much presence at CC. Maybe this is making the “natives restless”, and that’s why we feel a bit “good news starved”.

Just a thought.

50. Izbot - July 3, 2008

8. “In other words, they are intentionally creating a calm before the storm so that the storm will be that much more dramatic. If you ask me, these guys are geniuses.”

I was one of the guys who had a knee-jerk reaction the last time this ComicCon thread came up. I was really pissed that Paramount wasn’t planning anything this year, but think I’ve changed my opinion on this now. It probably is a good idea not to hype the film this far in advance and just let people forget about Trek for awhile. It has been, after all, only a few short years since ENT went off the air and the longer period for the ground to go fallow, so to speak, may produce better results in the long run.

Even after that fake trailer business yesterday I think JJ and the supreme court know it’s way too early to start pumping out more teasers and trailers and nonsense. I’d rather wait for a fully-realised trailer with some finished effects shots than something either a.) like the current teaser featuring a sequence most likely not even in the movie or b.) a trailer with temporary, unpolished effects shots.

Again, the way to go with this is spark the public’s interest at the appropriate time, not bash them mercilessly over the head with advertising way in advance the way Lucas did with the Star Wars prequels. Incidently, I went and saw “Wall-E” yesterday in a full theatre (and yes, go see it, it’s great) and when the trailer ended for the new CGI Star Wars ‘movie’ (just the TV series pilot I understand), there was virtually no reaction from the audience. To me, it was just, “Ugh, more of this again?” Especially coming this soon after Lucas’ rather bland recent Indy effort. Meh. Trek has suffered too much in the past from oversaturation. Us diehards have had our curiosity piqued (just look how often folks post, “JUST GIVE US THE DAMN TRAILER, ALREADY!!!!” on this site), they know they’ve got us. Let them remind the public at large about the movie maybe around Christmas. Or even later.

51. DJ Koloth - July 3, 2008

#48: Hey you never know…maybe Gary Mitchell or Carol Marcus will be in the next one…

Promo for this film is going to shoot into high gear this fall and I’m pretty positive that our favorite Trek website is going to be along for the ride.

52. Doug Abramson - July 3, 2008

I’m glad that there won’t be a Star Trek panel. It gives me more time for comic book panels.

53. Dennis Bailey - July 3, 2008

54. Closettrekker - July 3, 2008

#28—I am in the business of designing, manufacturing, and selling solid hardwood furniture pieces to other furniture stores, interior designers, and retail customers. I have several Texas-based retail outlets and showrooms, as well as a carpentry shop and manufacturing facility abroad. We started out as a very small design firm about 12 years ago, but have evolved into an extremely competitive force in high end retail in very large markets like Houston, Dallas, Austin (and the Hill Country), Colorado, California, and New Mexico, and our online sales have extended our reach as far as New York, London, and Stockholm (isn’t the internet wonderful?).

I’m sure Anthony wouldn’t appreciate me misusing his site for advertisement, so I will not name the company (although Shatnerfan2000 has probably figured it out– if he cares), but needless to say, I sign alot of checks which end up in the hands of people in your line of work…

Happy 4th of July everyone (or simply have a good weekend to all our friends outside the U.S.)!

55. Wes - July 3, 2008

They even released a poster in 1978 with a Phase II Enterprise and small cast pics.! I have it on my wall! And it says, ‘coming Christmas 1979′ or something like that! They also ran ads in Comic books! I have a fantastic 4 that is from early 79 with the poster on the back!

56. Shatner_Fan_2000 - July 3, 2008

#54 … Tell you what, “my. old. friend.” … one day after the movie comes out, I’ll meet ya for lunch at Star Pizza on Washington Ave so we can discuss it. Hopefully we’ll both be happy with it and can geek out!

Now that I know you make all that $ though, you’re buying! I’ll contribute a pitcher of Shiner.

57. CaptainRickover - July 3, 2008

Sounds like Paramount has too much faith in their upcoming movies. Not be present on Comic Con is a missed opportunity to give us fans, and the media, some new bits. This is not the first time, a movie failed because of wrong marketing desicions (I remember there were nearly no visible marketing for Nemesis (besides the back-of-Shinzon-poster) and look what’s happend to it).

You can make people hungry, but they also can starving, if you give them nothing.

Star Trek should not be handled like a movie you just watch if you haven’t to do anything better. J.J, and, at some point more important, Paramount, should treat Star Trek the same way DelToro treats “the Hobbit”. Be open and face the questions and concernes of the fans and not hide behind thick walls.


58. AdamTrek - July 3, 2008

Something will occur at SCSS 2008 for “Star Trek”, I’m still not betting against it.

Something will happen, I guarantee it.

59. D. McCoy - July 3, 2008

Oh my goodness. No marketing is required for this film. Everyone at Comic-con already knows about it already.

But it also takes zero marketing effort to release PICTURES!


60. Littlenatey - July 3, 2008

Any thoughts that maybe with this year’s Lost ARG (Alternate Reality Game) kicking off at SDCC, that perhaps we’ll see some lead-in to the Trek ARG as well?

61. Xplodin' Nacelle - July 3, 2008

Tsk, tsk Paramount. – “We forgot to market it”


You guys need to remember how to promote this real fast.

62. Charles Trotter - July 3, 2008

If I understand Bob correctly, one of the reasons there won’t be a Trek panel is because they’re busy promoting other things?

Ok, I’ll buy that. That’s certainly a much more valid excuse than “the movie’s still a year away.” Personally, I think Trek should take precedence over everything else, but then again, I’m biased. ;)

I know Bob and the others will get around to promoting the movie properly when the timing is right. I know all of the “Supreme Court Justices” are immensely busy with other projects, not just Star Trek.

Despite the decision not to have a (official) movie panel at SDCC, I still have complete faith in the people responsible for making this movie and bringing it to the screen.

Still… I hope we can walk away from SDCC with at least one very nifty Trek ’09 related nugget. A new shot of the Enterprise or a sneak peak at some footage or even just an awesome new poster. Anything will make me happy… so long as it’s something. :)

63. Thomas - July 3, 2008

We’ve been following this production since before the cameras rolled, so anytime there seems to be a slowdown in news, we think something must be wrong. The truth is that Trek ’09 is barely a blip on the public consciousness while we’ve been living with it for two years. The marketing people (and JJ) are looking at the big picture when it comes to marketing this movie. They want to reach a much more mainstream audience which hasn’t noticed this movie yet, while Trek fans are chomping at the bit for any new morsels. JJ is playing his cards close to his chest because next May is still a long way off. We will undoubtedly hear and see much more as time passes. I think what’s so frustrating to Trek fans is now we are slowly being treated like regular audiences. We have had an opportunity to be closer to this production than we could’ve imagined, but now we have to wait and see like everyone else.

64. Boborci - July 3, 2008

wise words, Thomas.

65. D. McCoy - July 3, 2008

#63. I don’t get it. It doesn’t add up.

The movie is in editing. They have images. Star Trek is like no-other franchise. Tell me what the harm is by showing uniforms or the big E now versus December.

Any images released over the net will not affect the mysterious non-trekies they are also hoping come see the movie. The fact that so many trekies exist should make “marketing” this film easier than any other film.

66. Myrth - July 3, 2008

#65 The harm is that showing those things will be a burst of big news. They want (and rightly so) to have that burst much closer to the release date than now. We all are going to see it anyway, but the larger audiance in general will respond positivly to these reveals, but the marketing effect only lasts so long. People are interested and attracted to the “new”. if its new now and old hat a year from now they lose the “wow i need to see that now” factor.

67. SPOCKBOY - July 3, 2008

I agree
Show us the Enterprise!
and here’s why…
Being that the new Enterprise isn’t THAT different from the original (a saucer, 2 warp engines etc)the public at large will be in 3 groups.
1)-PEOPLE WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT TREK-these people will not be affected whatsoever by the release of a pic of the Enterprise as they have no frame of reference anyway.
2)-PEOPLE WHO KNOW A LITTLE ABOUT TREK-these people will also not be affected as they don’t know enough about it to notice any real changes or have it spoil the so called “surprise” which isn’t really a surprise at all.
3)-PEOPLE WHO ARE DIE HARD FANS-these are the people who will create the buzz required that will build the momentum of interest needed among Trek’s fan base if the new Enterprise is to be shown.
I remember seeing ads for Batman (1989 ) at least a year before it came out. The hype about THAT film became MONSTROUS, and payed off quite well as I recall.
I suspect however that the MORE we cry to see it, the more JJ wants to hold it back.(sort of like that force field in GEM that got stronger the more you resisted it)

68. Sogh Ho'neH jorDe' taI-VamPyr - July 3, 2008

Paramount might be staying away because they knew that they were going to allow Star Trek, The Experience in Las Vegas to go under. They knew there would be a large Trek Fan base attending and didn’t want to be hit with questions why they allowed it to happen.
JJ Abrams is with the new Star Trek, and can just say “It’s not my fault. Talk to Paramount”.

69. Mac - July 3, 2008

Maybe promoting those “other things” will help promote STAR TREK. People will watch the other projects and then they’ll be even more curious to see the film when it comes out next year. Just my two cents.

70. D. McCoy - July 3, 2008

Sorry…the uniforms and the Enterprise should not be the big burst….those are only our interests. The general public did not make Iron Man a success because the design of the armor was released on “x” date. It’s like history buffs wanting to see the Titanic ship before the movie came out. Only history buffs would care….same here….only Star Trek buffs care about what we would like to see. It will make us happy to see them and have no effect on anyone else.

No amount of “marketing” will work. It will take a good story and execution to generate positive buzz with reviewers—that buzz will get the non-trekies there.


blair butler and chris gore sure do lool like asses whe you see them at the hilton

72. Thomas - July 3, 2008

Holy crap, Boborci responded to my post! That just made my day. In all honesty though, I think a major problem we as Trekkies face is that, as a group, we can’t look outside ourselves to see how this movie must be marketed. We’ve fallen into this trap where we think this Trek movie (or any Trek media, for that matter) is just for us, when it isn’t just for us anymore. It can’t be if Trek is to survive.

70. D McCoy, I agree with everything you just said. We as fans have to consider that this movie isn’t just for us, that these points we’re quibbling about are only of interest to us, and really won’t make or break this movie.

73. Anthony Thompson - July 3, 2008

Don’t forget the big surprise announcement there that The Shat is really in the movie! hahaha

74. Orion Man - July 3, 2008

The Star Trek fanbase is made up of wide-variety of special people. We grew up on the show and if it were not for family and other life circumstances, we may have had an opportunity to help develop Star Trek content somewhere through time like the current group. Like Star Trek, our lives are a mix of creativity and tech.

But although we are much like the filmakers, their colleagues and their friends, we do not have access to the story, production designs, photos, sets or visits to the editing bay.

John Favreau seemed to be our friend “on the inside” of the Iron Man set. Frequently sending updates and stills and later clips. Non of the information he released “damaged” the film’s success—obviously. He understood where the fans were coming from and took care of us. It wasn’t really “marketing”. It’s just releasing an update. There is no marketing plan required to release images.

75. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - July 3, 2008

OK, I’ll try to make clear what one side is trying to say.


Not a sneak preview. Not a trailer. Not even a 3 hour panel fielding questions from the audience. Just a picture of the Enterprise. It’s not like it’s a spoiler. I think we’ve gathered that the Enterprise will be in the new movie. Or maybe a picture of the crew. I think by now we’ve guessed who three of the major characters are going to be. But you don’t have to begin the marketing campaign right this second. It would just be a nice “thank you” for being patient and supportive of the Trek franchise. We just get the feeling from these announcements that it’s not a problem to keep waiting some more. And for many of you, maybe so. But I feel pretty confident that some of us are literally ACHING for a tid bit. And of course we are going to go see the movie. Don’t be ridiculous suggesting otherwise. Or suggesting that those of us who want a peak would even think of not going. That’s a bit insulting.

We just want some news. Is that too much to ask?

76. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - July 3, 2008

On preview: Right On #74

77. Thomas - July 3, 2008

74. Just because Jon Favreau did it, doesn’t mean JJ has to. They’re two different filmmakers with different ideas on how they wanted to make their movies. Yeah, Favreau’s decisions to let the fans in worked for him, but that doesn’t mean it would necessarily work for JJ or what he planned to do with this movie. It’s JJ’s prerogative, and it seems he has chosen to say “Wait and see.” Besides, JJ like secrets with big reveals.

78. Daoud - July 3, 2008

I’d like to see information on Star Trek 2009 released at strange places… like the big electronics show in Vegas… or the AAPT Physics meeting in Edmonton… or at the halftime of an NBA game… or a commercial during the World Series… or something really unexpected.

Boborci and Kurtzmannnnnn on David Letterman (since Tom Snyder’s not available)… that would be sly…

JJ Abrams interviewed by Barbara Walters… or going on The View…

Do something… like was done with ST:TMP. It was advertised to the general public that way.

79. sean - July 3, 2008

Wow, you guys would have us believe Comic Con makes or brakes a film. Given the fact that the poll here clearly shows that a majority of even the hard core fans (let’s face it, casual fans or the general public aren’t running to for every minute detail) don’t attend Comic Con, I don’t really think it’s the end of the world. JJ isn’t going to give away a lot of spoilers nearly a year before the movie comes out. We’ve had one teaser, and not even a real trailer yet. What’s a Star Trek panel going to talk about that hasn’t been discussed ad nauseum already?

I’d much rather they spend as much time as possible perfecting the movie in post than have them go to Comic Con with an hour of cyptic answers and teases (even though I’m highly entertained by Bob Orci’s amazing ability to avoid answering direct questions). Personally I like the fact that they aren’t revealing every last detail. I’d like to be surprised next May.

80. Tony Whitehead - July 3, 2008

What was that presentation that JJ Abrams gave a year or so ago about the magic box? Does anyone have a link to it? Seems as if I remember one of the main things he was saying in that is a magician has to keep his secrets in order to sell the magic act. I don’t think the present campaign (or as some might say, lack of one) is any different. We want to know every little tidbit of info, but for this film to really have the punch it needs, the magic act has to run its course. Hang in there, Boborci and company. We’re behind you all the way. Just give us a good story that will hold up to about a zillion viewings.
All I ask is that the DVD release has a lot of behind the scenes elements from all parts of the production crew.
Boborci, if you are reading this and can respond, are there plans to release this feature in IMAX or in 3D? I know the industry is moving towards this method of presentation. Would this be something that JJ is interested in?

81. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - July 3, 2008

Alright, I give up. I’ll see you all in May.

82. Orion Man - July 3, 2008

#80 “We want to know every little tidbit of info, but for this film to really have the punch it needs, the magic act has to run its course. Hang in there, Boborci and company. We’re behind you all the way. Just give us a good story that will hold up to about a zillion viewings.”

1) whether or not the movie has “punch” is dependent on us not knowing anything before the movie is out?

2) who is “we” ? Not everyone on the site is enjoying the lack of info.

3) it’s beyond me to understand that anyone would log onto this site (a place to get information) and proceed to say that they don’t want information.

83. Closettrekker - July 3, 2008

#79—Glad to have you aboard the USS Voice Of Reason…

84. Closettrekker - July 3, 2008

#56—-“Yes…Still…old friend.”
Your plan sounds good. Always game for a pitcher of Shiner Bock (or 2)…you’re on!!!

85. Iowagirl - July 4, 2008

– We’re so focused on editing the movie that we’ve forgotten about promoting it. –

Yeah, multitasking can be challenging.

– We’re trying to figure it out. –

Sounds oddly familiar.

86. snake - July 4, 2008

sorta off topic but:
This months EMPIRE magazine (Potter cover) has got a Trek article…with the pic of the Ent from the trailer that being seen all over….mainly about how the new film is an attempt to turn Trek mainstream…via a batman begins style approach

says it looks set to be the most accessible movie or series the franchaise has ever seen

abrams – “the whole point was to try and make this movie for fans of movies…not trek fans necessarily’

87. tom - July 4, 2008

If there was a Comic Con panel here are my questions
1. Is Star Trek the title of the film?
2. If they are not presented, when will we see cast photo and ship photos?
3. Update on Shatner from last year. Are you still working on this? if not what happened?
4. How cool was it to see Leonard Nimoy play Spock again
5. When is next teaser trailer
6. If new cast rocks and movie scores big when will you start working on next film?

Bob Orci..feel free to answer..

Anthony how about holding your own panel if Comic Con is not informative right here on trekmoviereport.

88. Uncle Rogi @ Denali - July 4, 2008

I agree with Closet.
Its far from being a bad decision.
If anything its quite canny.
Lets not burn out the hype too soon anyway. Theres a long way to go yet!
And I certainly dont believe that the fella’s have “forgotten” to cobble some promotion stuff together because they were so busy editing it. Hmmmm.
They know what they are doing.
They’re keeping the torch alight.
I’m gutted that theres possibly no more breaking news or promotions soon but its certainly keeping the anticipation up.

Then again I could be totally wrong and it is one big balls up! We’ll see.; )

89. David W - July 4, 2008

I hink some are missing the point here – Paramount has pulled a serious U-turn in how they’re marketing this film. It was aggressively promoted with the website, the promo poster teasers, the whole bit – then the release was pushed back until next summer.

Most generally, pushing back a film’s release date is a negative thing, but we were all generally convinced that the idea was to make this it a standalone blockbuster, but now we’re seeing the broader “concert” of promotion being pulled back. It’s no longer about overpromoting, its about killing the momentum that had already been built.

Is the absence of Trek at ComicCon by itself a bad thing? Of course not. But the broader view of a stale movie website, a stale trailer, with the promotional direction taking that conspicuous U-turn just as it seemed to be hitting stride, strongly suggests to me the possibility that there is some hesitation on Paramount’s part about how this is going to fare.

I’m sure the publicity machine will rev up late this fall/early winter, but I just don’t think this start/stop of promotional effort does this Trek reboot any favors.

90. Orion Man - July 4, 2008


Good point. I would agree that whatever momentum was generated within the fan base has not been managed properly.

They may have made the call that “it’s OK, the fans are a guarantee to see the film anyway”. Which is probably true but also taking the buyers for granted. Whether Paramount is responsible, or it’s JJ, it’s still my opinion that “normal” or “viral” marketing alone should not be used for this film. It has a fan base that has been around since the mid-1960’s. A built-in audience. It’s not like any other new blockbuster the head honchos could dream up—and it’s not like Cloverfield.

It would very courteous for the filmmakers to include the fans on this ride (to a higher degree than they are). For those of you who don’t want to ride, you can avoid any surprises by NOT coming online. :o)

We’re not asking for everything. Just a greater recognition that the thirst exists and yes, we are fans too.

I Imagine Comic Con will have something. And that will be great when it comes, whatever it is. Don’t need a panel or quotes from actors. Just one or two key pictures. The issue is really how this has gone down so far and what as a result we think the next 10 months will be like.

More images….more often please.

91. Anthony Pascale - July 4, 2008


I looked into it and even though other sites are reported the quotes in Empire as new, they were taken from an interview from AP we reported on in May

We don’t report the same quotes twice

that being said please feel free to send UK magazine interview stuff to our tipline, it may be new

92. snake - July 4, 2008

91 Anthony – yeah i thought it sounded familiar..

every now and then Empire does a big preview of upcoming movies and Trek09 has had about three 1 page articles so far…

they will probably give Trek at least one cover issue next year along with some lengthy articles/interviews/overviews of trek in general..something that hasn’t happened for a trek movie before for Empire – all they have done for the previous movies (V – X…Emp started in 89) was a small review of the movie (usually including the obligatory ‘even = good/odd = bad’ paragraph) and a brief interview with Shatner or Stewart along with an article showcasing the weirdness of Trekkies…

That looks to change for this movie though J

(btw for those who are unaware Empire is the UKs biggest selling movie mag )

93. AJ - July 4, 2008

According to something Dennis posted over a year ago, there are around 2m Trekkers (fans like us) in the US (Dennis, please correct, if wrong). We tell two friends, and they tell two friends, etc.

We will be “of use” to TPTB, but not now. Not yet. I know I’ll get calls from my friends, “Hey AJ! I wanna take the kids to a flick! How’s that new Star Trek?” And repeat. And, you know that the news cameras will be covering the lines at the cinemas, and the fan reactions will be on local news.

We are all ambassadors for this thing to the masses. In fact, Paramount could cheaply get the names of the top 1000 posters on Trekmovie and send us all free tickets, and the viral effect would be quite interesting to watch, especially if the movie is good.

I agree with some, that a bone could be tossed, like the Bridge session awhile back. But patience will pay off in spades.

94. Beam Me Up - July 4, 2008

The book panel is pretty odd. I thought there weren’t many new Trek novels coming out anymore?

95. Tango - July 4, 2008

All I want for my birthday is a pony..and some new Star Trek trailers!

96. GaryS - July 4, 2008

I am sure it will all be worth the wait.

97. Daoud - July 4, 2008

I’m not so sure any more.

With the US economy “tanking” in more ways that one… it will turn out to have been a major mistake not to keep dropping carrots for fandom. I don’t have any carrots left. I need another.

98. David Mack - July 5, 2008

94 – “The book panel is pretty odd. I thought there weren’t many new Trek novels coming out anymore?”

There are 12-18 Star Trek books being published every year, and new comics every month. In fact, Star Trek publishes more tie-in media every year than any other franchise, despite the fact that it’s been off the air for a couple of years.

99. Andy Patterson - July 5, 2008


Shame. What else does he not do anymore?

100. - July 5, 2008

This is a stupid, stupid decision.

Look at the timing of Comic-Con vs release date: Almost the EXACT time frame that was in place last year for Iron Man.

And look at how THAT turned out.

This defies explanation – if they’re trying to resurrect the franchise Comic-Con is the place to make a massive impression.


101. Xai - July 6, 2008

100. – July 5, 2008
“This is a stupid, stupid decision.”

_ Sorry, I have to disagree. The forest is far bigger than the few trees you are seeing.

Most of the public doesn’t know about or care about Comic Con. And IMO, most Trek Fans are the same. I love Trek, but was unaware of that Con until last year and it’s too far away to attend. The tidbits of knowledge that resulted were nice, but not overwhelming. I didn’t see and drool for a year because IronMan was promoted at the Con.
This isn’t stupid..just too early.

102. Xai - July 6, 2008

And Iron Man doesn’t owe it’s box office to Comic Con.

103. GaryS - July 6, 2008

Comic Con got the buzz Started for Iron Man ..
And I think part of the point Vic is making is Paramount is saying
its too far out to start promoting the film but they promoted Iron Man a year before its release and it helped the film.
oh and by the way Vic runs An Iron Man website .
He is a HUGE Iron man fan .
he is not Dissing Iron Man with his comments .
I never met a bigger Iron Man fan then Vic !

104. Xai - July 6, 2008

103. GaryS – July 6, 2008

“he is not Dissing Iron Man with his comments .”

Never said he was. I am saying one Con doesn’t make or break a film… Iron Man or Star Trek.

105. krikzil - July 6, 2008

Hmm, I can’t decide whether to go to ComicCon now or not. I was only going for any Trek tidbits from panels.

106. Jayne - July 7, 2008

Simon Pegg will also be there, promoting the Region 1 release of Spaced on DVD.

107. Comic-Con: The Latest : - July 7, 2008

[…] presence at Comic-Con took another turn this week. checked with its many sources, and seems awfully certain that Paramount will not be hosting a big panel to show off Star Trek and its many other properties. […]

108. jmdiaz1234 - July 8, 2008

UHHH… is reporting that they just placed a huge Star Trek Poster next to the Comic Con poster on the building they are having the convention in……

Looks like we will get some big Trek news.

109. krikzil - July 8, 2008

Please read this New York Times article if you doubt the importance and impact of Comic Con:

Just because you haven’t been or don’t know about it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. 125,000 attended last year; 140,000 are expected this year.

110. Supergrande - July 14, 2008

No Star Trek at Comic-Con? Yeah, because marketing too early will probably hurt the franchise. That little known movie THE DARK KNIGHT hyped thier movie a year early and I wonder how that will do.

And the last Trek movies did soooo well at the box office.

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