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EW Previews Star Trek Comic Con Posters – With First Cast Photos July 17, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: ST09 Cast,Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

Today Star Trek got a whole lot realer. In their Comic Con Preview edition, Entertainment Weekly has a sneak peek at some posters that are going to be given way at Comic Con next week…and for the first time ever we have images of actual cast members from JJ Abrams Star Trek. [MINOR SPOILERS]


Abrams: Sorry
Entertainment Weekly’s Comic Con 2008 edition previews a number of hot upcoming films and in their Star Trek section EW notes that director JJ Abram touted his new Star Trek at last year’s Comic Con and regarding this year EW asks ‘Abrams is bringing …almost nothing?’ Abrams tells the magazine:

Sorry, but hopefully when [fans] eventually do see more, it will be that much more exciting.

Not Nothing–Paramount is bringing new posters–with cast photos!
As reported by TrekMovie previously, even though Star Trek wont have a panel, it will have a presence at the Paramount booth in San Diego. EW reports that this presence will include four posters that form a single larger ‘one sheet’ poster. However, it appears fans will only get one section each so you will need three friends to get the whole effect. TrekMovie has also been told these posters are not the full extent of the Star Trek presence from Paramount.

Here they are
The first official images of Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), Uhura (Zoë Saldana), and Nero (Eric Bana). By the way, look closely at the eyes.

James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) looking cocky

Mr. Spock (Zachary Quinto), so logical

Uhura (Zoe Saldana), ready to communicate

…and the villain Nero (Eric Bana), seems angry about something

Put them all together and you get this:

UPDATED New composite image made from newly available desktops from the official site (see below)

Official Site Wallpapers
Friday afternoon the official site went through a redesign and added a download section with wallpapers based on the new posters. CHECK IT OUT.


Quick thoughts:

Thank you JJ
This is what we have all be asking for…and lets face it…whining about for so long. So a big thank you to JJ Abrams and to your band of brothers (Lindelof, Orci, Kurtzman, and Burk). And thank you Paramount.


Get your own copy in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly arriving on newsstands now.


Thanks to Michael, Florian and the many fans who sent in tips regarding this EW article




1. Trekky - July 17, 2008

These are awsome!

2. The Angry Klingon - July 17, 2008

Tattooed Romulans? Am I first…? wow

3. Tiberius Kirk - July 17, 2008

Super Bad!!!

Tiberius Kirk

4. Tiberius Kirk - July 17, 2008

Is it me or does Eric Bana’s ears look chewed/burned off?


5. captain slow - July 17, 2008


6. ferndawg1972 - July 17, 2008

Finally some images…Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and Nero…they have to have posters of the rest of the crew!

7. Turbonator - July 17, 2008

This move is going to rock so bad (in a good way), it’s gonna blow us all away. Now, I am officially excited, however I still worry that the uniforms and the “comm badge” will look like the TOS, and that is a definite no-no if Star Trek wants to restart and be in with the times. I mean skin tight spandex uniforms….

However, I can’t wait for the movie, and Uhura is smoking hot !

8. captain slow - July 17, 2008

no bumpy forehead on the romulan it seems! yehh, back to old school!

9. Eric - July 17, 2008

No offense to Uhura but the poster should have been of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy! The Romulan looks wicked.

10. El Rushborg - July 17, 2008


ALMOST…Reman? As in Nemesis?


11. captain slow - July 17, 2008


what can you say…they need to sell this movie …and sexyness sells

12. ferndawg1972 - July 17, 2008

Pine and Quinto (Nimoy’s clone?), look really cool in these images…and of course Uhura is looking as beautiful as I imagined!

13. captain slow - July 17, 2008

there is a reflection of somthing in their eyes?

14. oztrek - July 17, 2008

#4 I agree – that is a battle scarred ear;
Chris Pine does look Shatneresque in that shot.
Quinto is very believable as Nimoy.

Great stills but that is all they are. Gimme more!

15. Tony Whitehead - July 17, 2008

9. Eric
I see where you’re coming from, but on further reflection, the addition of Uhura to the teaser is a stroke of genius in that it makes the movie more accessible to a wider audience. I love the CYMK color scheme as well.
Very cool, without giving too much away…loveitloveitloveitloveit

16. Turbonator - July 17, 2008

13, yes the star trek comm badge crescent

17. treleth - July 17, 2008

It’s the starfleet/enterprise emblem reflected in their eyes. Pretty cool posters!

18. Sean4000 - July 17, 2008

looks like nero’s ears have been filed down or something. Wicked!!

19. MORN SPEAKS - July 17, 2008

Hahaha I finally get some cast photos, and I complain. They’re glamour shots, head shots, nothing we haven’t seen before. With the exception of Nero, what’s going on there?!?!?!?!?!

I like the look, but is it me or does Nero look like Fred Durst???

20. Norman - July 17, 2008

Nero looks like he went a round or two with Tyson…

21. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - July 17, 2008

Wow, it’s still freaky how much Quinto channels Nimoy’s Spock at least in the looks department.

I guess I can’t draw any conclusion from Pine as Kirk or Zoe as Uhura. Kind of nondescript pictures to me. But I will wait for the first looks at something tangible before I give an opinion on Bana as the tatooed, ear mangled Romulan. Curious that.

22. Darkwing - July 17, 2008

nice, trek insignia reflections, looks old school, just the way i like it!

23. Sean4000 - July 17, 2008

Quinto looks EXACTLY like Nimoy! DAMN! Awesome!

24. THX-1138 The Fandom Menace - July 17, 2008

And I didn’t know Andy Warhol was doing movie posters.

25. j - July 17, 2008

I hope Uhura features prominently in the movie. She never got enough screen time in the show!

26. Saul Tarsus - July 17, 2008

Good posters, now how about another trailer?

27. TK - July 17, 2008

Finally!!! The photos are awesome! In particular I’m relieved to see Pine’s Kirk looking v. kirkish!! yay!!! I can’t believe there’s still 293 days to go! The PAIN!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Can we get EW in the UK?

28. Newman - July 17, 2008

YES!!!!! Finally something!!!!!! These posters made me so excited!!!!!!

29. SPB - July 17, 2008


This… is gettin’… good!

(Cue Stanky, the resident Parade-Rainer…) >:P

30. Kertrats - July 17, 2008

Oh, cool, I see the Trek logo now… when you said look closely at the eyes, I thought you were referring to Chris Pine’s correct brown Kirk eyes!

31. Xai - July 17, 2008

Finally, something for THX to chew on.

There’s the bone you’ve been digging for.


32. elmachocombo - July 17, 2008

The forehead isn’t bumpy but there is something going on there, look at the folds of skin near his eyes. His ears do seem to be docked. Probably get in the way during close combat – or as a way to distinguish themselves from the weaker Vulcans. They all look fantastic. Hoooooraaaaah!

33. SPB - July 17, 2008


…not only did the Romulans clone Jean-Luc Picard, they traveled back in time to around 1978 and cloned Leonard Nimoy, too!

34. x0epyon0x - July 17, 2008

….I think I just shat myself.

35. Spockanella - July 17, 2008

I think I just fell in love with Chris Pine. He’s got that bad boy look, alright.

36. Dennis Bailey - July 17, 2008

Maybe the whole Romulan thing is misdirection. Bana looks a great deal more like a Klingon.

37. Action Justin - July 17, 2008

Pine looks great. Quinto, of course. Bana’s Nero: daring and puzzling.

Zoe’s Uhura: SEXY AS HELL.

I always though Nichols’ Uhura was just ridiculously hot–even as a kid. But Zoe looks bewitching and vulnerable.

Nero’s going to have a great story, that’s what I’ve been thinking. I’m glad to see the tats and damaged scalp/ears… it all adds up to a guy that’s frieken pissed, a guy who hates himself.

We may be free of the stupid wigs and ridges, but it does look like Nero’s nose has been widened a bit, in a Reman kind of way.

If Nero comes from far enough in the future, he could be the Kahn-like product of some post NEMESIS reunification of the Romulan-Reman line. Either that or he was raised in a spaceship with nothing but Mike Tyson fight videos to watch.

38. Ran - July 17, 2008

Can we have hi-res images? I really need a new desktop wallpaper.

39. Beam Me Up - July 17, 2008

Nice. Retro!

40. Beam Me Up - July 17, 2008

Also, Nero looks more Klingony.

41. Norm - July 17, 2008

Oh no, I hope thats not a trendy facial Tattoo on Bana. Hasn’t that been done to death.

42. Izbot - July 17, 2008

RE: Nero’s ear(?)

You think Nero and his crew were purposefully disfigured? To protect the timeline?? The Federation’s not supposed to have met Romulans face to face at this date…

43. Kertrats - July 17, 2008

Ooh, interesting thought Izbot… I like it!

44. Izbot - July 17, 2008

I meant to say “RE: Nero’s ear(s?)”

45. Fansince9 - July 17, 2008

Whoa, they’re good! I’m counting down the days, folks. I hope there’ll be a midnight showing the day before the premiere because if so I plan on having my ticket early.

46. Kertrats - July 17, 2008

Although, if Nero’s come back to disrupt the timeline somehow, what would he care? Hmm…

47. SPB - July 17, 2008


…face tats and chewed ear? Eric Bana seems to be playing Mike Tyson’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great-grandson.

48. That One Guy - July 17, 2008

I could look into Spock’s eyes all day…

49. GREAT JOB! - July 17, 2008

THANK YOU to everyone who made these posters possible. THIS is what I want to see: Style, substance and creativity as part of the marketing/publicity effort.

50. Jack - July 17, 2008

Maybe Nero’s disfigured ear says something about his character. Self-mutiliation in order to distance himself from the Vulcan culture, perhaps?

…and I’ll reserve my jugment of the tat until I see the whole thing. As of now, it looks a bit too absurd for my tastes.

Overall though, STAR TREK!!! Pine is starting to grow on me, and Quinto is perfect. I wonder how large of a character Uhura is going to be in this story.

51. Action Justin - July 17, 2008

drop the canon bs, already!

it’s a time travel story and villains don’t consult Memory Alpha before instituting plans of galactic domination.

you realize this means we’re going to see the E in San Diego, right?

52. Kertrats - July 17, 2008

Take it easy, we’re just musing here…

53. Duane - July 17, 2008

One small problem — when I look at Zachary Quinto as Mr. Spock, I actually see Zachary Quinto. Whenever I look at Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock, I see Mr. Spock.

Still, I really hope this works.

54. Denise de Arman - July 17, 2008

Oooh, cast pictures!!! A hot, smokin’ Spock, a cocky, droolicious Kirk and a sexy, tough Uhura –

That’s the way
Uh huh, uh huh,
I like it,
Uh huh, uh huh.

55. Anthony Pascale - July 17, 2008

I added a note of thanks to the article. I do believe that Paramount did listen to the fans and knew they couldn’t release another poster with another logo on it, so thanks for listening. Perhaps the level of whinging might ratchet down a bit…one can only hope

56. Ensign Ro- (short for Roland) - July 17, 2008

Loving the posters…very classy, creative designs. The only thing I’d suggect is filling the negative space with the Big-E…lol

I’ve had high hopes for this movie all along…and they just keep growing.

Thanks for posting them, Anthony.

57. OneBuckFilms - July 17, 2008

Nero’s Tatoos are kind of like war paint.

It could be that their mission is a secret one, and they mutilated their ears, and travel in an unrecognizable ship so that they won’t be recognized.

In case they fail …

It all depends on what they want to change, and what they want the result to be.

Look closely at Zachary Quinto’s top: Is that a Classic Trek uniform top?

58. Dennis Bailey - July 17, 2008

It is similar.

59. CmdrR - July 17, 2008

FINALLY! Verrrry nice.
Quinto can nail it with a look. That’s SO frakkin’ important and great to see.
Now, for the inevitable inane comment: are they all modeling Starfleet underwear or will Zohura be wearing short sleeves? Can’t tell whether Zpock is in uniform, but Cirk is definitely in a 23rd century James Dean mode.

God, it’s a long way until next May… even on a weekend when we’ll all be going Batz, this seems like the one center of the universe.

I’m totally geeking.

Denise, are you up for a little underoos photography??

60. Steve - July 17, 2008

Are those seams on Spock’s ear? Well that’s a real nod to the old show…

61. treleth - July 17, 2008

The reason they didn’t use McCoy is because they wanted the red/gold/blue, by having McCoy, they would have Gold/Blue/Blue

62. Beam Me Up - July 17, 2008

yeah, Paramount rocks for these! I hope we get some new trailer soon.

63. Anthony Pascale - July 17, 2008

61…and there is another reason…they wanted at least one female. They didn’t want Trek to look like a sausage fest.

Anyone who takes it as some kind of insult to Trek or Scotty or McCoy…well I think you need to refill your chillpill prescription

64. Leonel - July 17, 2008

Yippee!!! :)

65. CmdrR - July 17, 2008

**marking calendar. this is the day Anthony used the phrase ‘sausage fest’ like something out of the chat threads. hehehe.**

66. Denise de Arman - July 17, 2008

He he… (in best 2nd grade singsong voice)

Anthony sa-a-aid sausage fest!

CmdrR, bring on the camera. And will I look utterly insipid if I ask who James Dean is?

67. AJ - July 17, 2008

ZQ has it. 110%

Whatever Bana is, well, it looks like we may all get horrid hangovers from this, unless he shaved his ears, and is “blending in.”

68. Kevin - July 17, 2008

Although, Kirk in uniform would have been nice, I’m still happy.

Nero kind of reminds of Darth Maul with all those tatoos.

69. T.'. - July 17, 2008

Is it possible Nero is 1/2 Reman? This would settle some issues regarding the Romulan’s canonical first appearance.



70. HelloGirls - July 17, 2008

Finally, SOMETHING!!!!

71. Denise de Arman - July 17, 2008

Ooh, ooh, I cannot wait for the con in Vegas. I wonder if these will be given out there or if additional pics will be available. Only 3 weeks! (jumps up and down)

72. garen - July 17, 2008

hmmm….when i voted in te poll…i voted “dont like them”

i mean…its cool to finally have something and see it start to come to life…..but theres just something about the overall design that i dont like. the delta logo in the eyes is awfully though.

Im not really sure why the Quinto response is so positive. It good but not over the top, jump for joy good. im not usually a nitpicker or naysayer….but whats up with Quinto’s bushy eye brows. they really need to thin those suckers out!

73. The Last Maquis - July 17, 2008

Now There You F*#%ing GO!!!! Was That REALLY so Hard? Spock Looks Like Spock, as I figured, Kirk, well with no uniform it’s just Pine. Nero Looks Evil Dude!! (is that a Bird of prey on his chin?) Zoe……Uhm….Where’s the Bee Hive? Or The Round Hair Cut thing? Or the gigantic hoop Earrings? Hot, Yes, But Uhura?…. I’ll Give the Full Look the Benefit of The Doubt. and of Course, Thanks!!!!

74. CmdrR - July 17, 2008

Denise: James Dean made three major films, one a classic, one an overblown Hollywood thundercat, and one flawed attempt to bring a thinking man’s novel to the big screen. Having therefore accomplished the goals of every actor, he got in a car, drove real fast and past into mythology.

I have no idea how this ties into Trek. I need sleep.

Thanks, Anthony for posting this and for revealing your human side.

75. max - July 17, 2008

At last. Very cool.

76. Captain Hackett - July 17, 2008

Sweet Jesus!

I love these pictures! I just textmsged several friends of mine who are Trekkies to check here!

Soon we will get pics of Bones, Scotty, Sulu and Chekov!

God Bless Paramount!

77. Spock's Brain - July 17, 2008

57. OneBuckFilms.
“Nero’s Tatoos are kind of like war paint. It could be that their mission is a secret one, and they mutilated their ears, and travel in an unrecognizable ship so that they won’t be recognized. In case they fail …” TOTALLY MAKES SENSE. AND IT WOULD KIND OF HELP WITH CONTINUITY. IF THEY DON’T LOOK ALIEN.

“Look closely at Zachary Quinto’s top: Is that a Classic Trek uniform top?” I SAW THAT TOO.


78. Hat Rick - July 17, 2008

Good show!

79. SPB - July 17, 2008


…is a knock-down, drag-out, hand-to-hand fight between young Kirk and Nero. Give Pine a torn tunic, with a little bit of blood in the corner of his mouth, throw in some Shatner-esque Flying Leg Kicks and Lame Karate Neck Chops and I’m sold.

80. ShawnP - July 17, 2008

Loves it.

81. Natalie - July 17, 2008

Oh my gracious, at first glance of Zach’s Spock, I thought I was looking at Nimoy, he looks exactly like him.

These are awesome, I can’t wait to see this movie!

82. x0epyon0x - July 17, 2008

Is it just me, or does Nero’s goatee look like the bird emblem of the Romulan Star Empire?

83. Timncc1701 - July 17, 2008

Love the old school uni on Spock. He does look a lot like a young Spock except for the fact that Nimoy’s face was longer and with more pronounced cheek bones. Still, Quinto looks more like the original than do the other new actors. Only 10 more months. . .I hope the effects are worth the wait and wouldn’t mind if they could squeeze the Shat in with that vast expanse of time they have to work with.

84. e2 - July 17, 2008

is it my imagination or is pines look as kirk in the poster lookin kinda vaguely…’*gasp*–shinzon-like? and yes quinto looks amazingly like nimoy, although in my opinion his ears are too short…nero looks almost like somethin ECW-inspired and uhura….WOW—even beyonce couldnt have pulled off such sexiness as zoe does here–she even makes T’Pol, Seven of Nine AND Kes look like what id imagine a female Reman to look like in comparison LOL

85. Michelle - July 17, 2008

Seams on Spock’s ears? Goodness, I don’t see anything like that on the poster. I’d be shocked if they’d let something like that slip by on a promotional item especially. I think Quinto looks GREAT as Spock!

86. Jack - July 17, 2008

And so it begins…..
Just a taste from JJ. We eagerly await more and count the days! This is going to be the start of a wonderful relationship between the fans, the new trek cast and a great new creative team.


87. Spock's Brain - July 17, 2008

82. x0epyon0x: “does Nero’s goatee look like the bird emblem of the Romulan Star Empire?” YOU’RE RIGHT. IT IS!!!

88. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - July 17, 2008

Nero’s tattoo is too similar to Darth Maul… sorry.

89. Timncc1701 - July 17, 2008


At last we shall have our revenge. And we need a bird of prey tat to do it.

90. sean - July 17, 2008

Woah, Bana is 7 shades of badass in that picture! Is it possible we’ll have our first decent Trek villain since Gen Chang??!

91. Denise de Arman - July 17, 2008

Thank you Anthony!!

92. Capt Richard A - July 17, 2008

post deleted

93. bri - July 17, 2008

only the chin looks like Maul.

Here is a quick side by side shot


94. Kigs - July 17, 2008


ZQ looks gooooooood !!!!! :)

95. SPB - July 17, 2008

#83 –

Apparently, some here WERE expecting a Leonard Nimoy clone…

*sigh* “Nimoy’s face was longer with more pronounced cheekbones.” Please say that phrase out loud.

96. SPB - July 17, 2008

#92 –

DAMMIT!!! Rick-Rolled again! LOL!!! I’ll never learn…

97. Commodore Redshirt - July 17, 2008

wow…that should keep me fed for a month or so!

98. DJT - July 17, 2008

Now this is what I’m talkin’ bout!

99. Cato the Llama - July 17, 2008

Ok, I’m excited now.

I am a happy llama.

And to those who think Quinto doesn’t look enough like Spock . . . I challenge you to find someone who looks more right for the roll!

100. SPB - July 17, 2008

You know, I love women as much as the next guy…

…but that Chris Pine is one good-lookin’ dude. If it helps more women decide to check out STAR TREK XI, that’s fine with me.

101. Denise de Arman - July 17, 2008

Capt Richard#92- That was so wrong…

102. Thomas - July 17, 2008

96., 101. Don’t feel badly, I followed the link and was appropriately Rickrolled as well.

103. 4 8 15 16 23 42 - July 17, 2008

#93 — Thanks for the side-by-side comparison. I meant that having a villain with prominent tribal-style face tattoos was too much like Darth Maul, but it’s true that the actual designs are different.

I guess I’m a little touchy about Star Trek imitating Star Wars, but it can’t be helped — once something passes into the great stew of cultural references, it’s all fair game, I guess….

(At least Nero won’t be wielding a double-bladed lightsaber, or any lightsaber for that matter)

In all my uptightness, I forgot to remark that, indeed, Quinto as Spock rocks, as everyone else has already given praise.

But what’s up with Pine not wearing a proper uniform? It’s just a black T-shirt, as far as I can tell.

104. John from Cincinnati - July 17, 2008

Whoa! Great Shots! The uniforms look great! I love the TOS the best and their uniforms were the greatest! Quinto = SPOCK

105. Xplodin' Nacelle - July 17, 2008

It looks unfinished – like there are other panels missing to complete the Delta. Perhaps McCoy, Sulu, Scotty, Chekov, & The Big E???

106. Captain Hackett - July 17, 2008

Anthony, please ban Capt. Richard for sharing a fake link which rickrolled us.

107. Gary - July 17, 2008

If this is a younger Spock, why doesn’t his uniform collar match the ribbed collar seen in The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before?

108. Driver - July 17, 2008

Great teaser. I’ll bet Nero’s other ear is normal(pointed) and that is the Romulan emblem on his chin. And a Bat’leth on his head?

109. Beam Me Up - July 17, 2008

Maybe the Romulans disguised themselves as humans?

110. Andy Patterson - July 17, 2008

That’s actually very encouraging. Like the old look.

111. Doug - July 17, 2008

ah, you no doubt noticed the ears? perhaps you could explain the accident you had as a child… you see, he got his ears caught in a mechanical rice picker…

112. Van Banoovong - July 17, 2008

About time we see new images from the Star Trek XI movie. They’re all looking good as close to the originals as they can, especially the new Spock.

113. blake powers - July 17, 2008

Nero might be the coolest dude I have ever seen.

114. Beam Me Up - July 17, 2008

That tatoo is defiantly of a Romuland Warbird logo.

115. Captain Hackett - July 17, 2008



116. Negotiator - July 17, 2008

No Bones? WTF? Uhura is a freaking receptionist for crying out loud!
She wasn’t even the only one back there. The chick in the “Corbomite Maneuver” was actually hotter.

117. R - July 17, 2008

Seems to be catering to the core Trek fans.
The poster has a very old school vibe.
And with the heavy reliance on the Startfleet Insignia, it says to the non-fanbase, “You’re in for the same old ‘Star Trek’ that you’ve always found so corny.”

I want something new and fresh that keeps true to the spirit of Star Trek.

118. jimj - July 17, 2008

These posters rock, I am thrilled, especially about the uniform on Spock!

119. Boborci - July 17, 2008

This should hold you over for a day or two?

120. Denise de Arman - July 17, 2008

Mr. Bob! Why are you not attending the con in Vegas? I was looking forward to seeing you and Anthony ham it up for us (and yes, the pictures will definitely do – I am giddy with glee…).

121. ShawnP - July 17, 2008

LOL @ Bob.

122. Gary Seven - July 17, 2008

I am now more apprehensive about Chris Pine’s Kirk.

1) He sees his Kirk to be much like “Han Solo” which is WRONG

2) He has said little else on Kirk

Compare that to Quinto, whom I am very optimistic about.

And finally, this image, to me, is consistent with the first two points. The poster of Pine looks like generic 2008 slick cool guy (an updated Han Solo?) and not like the strong but vulnerable and intelligence Captain Kirk.
I hope I’m wrong- but remember, I said it here.

123. Thomas - July 17, 2008

107. Simple, the TOS uniforms are more recognizable than the Cage/WNMHGB uniforms.

124. Kertrats - July 17, 2008

116: Negotiator… not sure what you’re saying, because Uhura was in “The Corbomite Maneuver”

Bob! Yes, these will be fine. For now. :)

125. Mr. P. Technobabble - July 17, 2008

Alright, Pine should be a big hit with the ladies, and I can look at him and say, “Ok, it’s young Jim Kirk.” I had to do a double-take when I looked at Quinto… definitely Spock. I don’t mind seeing Zoe in this poster one bit… Bana looks rather heavy-metal or wrestler, so I’ll have to see him in action… Otherwise, very cool to get some new stuff…

126. krikzil - July 17, 2008

118 posts in how many minutes?! [more by the time I hit post, I’m sure] Gotta love it.

Now that’s the first picture of Pine that I find, well, smoking hot as others have opined. And Zoe sure is pretty. As for Quinto, eyebrows are a little bushier than I thought they’d be.

Denise – I’m sure we’ll get the poster at Creation and we won’t lose appendages there — I don’t even want to imagine the melee with 140,000 people at CC grabbing for stuff. I’ve bailed from CC since no Trek panel with JJ & cast.

127. Thomas Jensen - July 17, 2008

I agree with the assessment in the quick thoughts part of the article.

And I think this will be truly the first movie since the last original cast movie, that will move Star Trek back into notice with the general public in a big way, as well as those fans that can accept the updating and the changes.

I also hope, only judging from the Nero portion of the posters, that the aliens who figure prominently would be those who are known in the original Star Trek as “humanoid”.

I find as a viewer, as long as I can identify with the alien race in some way, then I’m accepting of the drama that much more. If the aliens get ‘way out’ in their customs and behavior, then I’m not really caring about their dilemma in any given presentation.

And I think with the original Star Trek, one of its charms was the way aliens were portrayed. Perhaps we might find out that many of the races on other planets are very much as we are. (Yes, perhaps not scientifically accurate, but for the sake of the drama, please…)

I’d like to see the movie go back to some of what the original Star Trek had. Not everything, but much more then anyone has done since the inception of the spin-off series and spin-off movies.

Oh, and I’m not wanting any further information about the movie, then the people who are making it want me to have at any given time. As a young fan of what we called, “Star Trek” I knew much more about every movie then I really needed. It never ruined each, but if I knew next to nothing, then the big surprises in each film would have been even more surprising at the time.

But, I do want to see the ship before the movie comes out, by the way…

I’m psyched to see the posters!

128. Tim Lade - July 17, 2008

I LOVE the fact that Uhura is getting major play here guys and gals. It is so awesome to see my favourite original series character get to step it up. I am so beyond excited for this! Helloooooo eBay to score those posters.

129. Adam E - July 17, 2008

I havn’t been this excited since the first trailer! Thanks Paramount and crew!

130. Denise de Arman - July 17, 2008

krikzil#125- Are you going to Vegas in August?

131. krikzil - July 17, 2008

Denise — I am indeed. Want to meet up girlfriend?

132. Denise de Arman - July 17, 2008

krikzil- Finally I find someone from Trekmovie who is going. So, what is your favorite drink at Quark’s?

133. Terpor - July 17, 2008

Chirs Pine as Coky Kirk “AWESOME” I WANT MORE

134. Reign1701A - July 17, 2008

Zoe’s eyelash makeup is identical to Uhura’s on the old show, brilliant touch. Looks like Spock is wearing the standard duty uniform, so why are Kirk and Uhura wearing t shirts? Oh well, I really love the expressions each of the actors is making. Oh, and Nero looks badass.

135. Ben - July 17, 2008

awesome ! love it.

can’t wait.

136. jabba the hut - July 17, 2008


137. Denise de Arman - July 17, 2008

Anyone notice that Pine has lo-o-o-ng, thick eyelashes in that photo, just like Shatner in his TOS closeups…

138. rehabilitated hitch1969© - July 17, 2008

thank you bob orci.

thank you anthony pascale.

star trek lives!



139. krikzil - July 17, 2008

“krikzil- Finally I find someone from Trekmovie who is going. So, what is your favorite drink at Quark’s?”

Warp Core Breach amuses me.

“Anyone notice that Pine has lo-o-o-ng, thick eyelashes in that photo, just like Shatner in his TOS closeups…”

Yes. Shatner sure was handsome back in the day. (He looks great too for 77.)

140. the king in shreds and tatters - July 17, 2008

I think the burned ears/tattoo/apparent brow prosthetic/photoshopping–ever so slight–is an awesome idea, if they’re going that way.

141. Denise de Arman - July 17, 2008

Krikzil- Meet me in chat. Top of page, click on chat tab. I will look under the bar and see if we have any Romulan ale in stock.

142. Harry Ballz - July 17, 2008

So, that’s the best shot of Pine they could get to signify a young Shatner?

Not good enough, damnit, not good enough!

Both his facial expression AND uniform should have been much different………………and better!

You blew it, JJ!

143. Captain Hackett - July 17, 2008


I have a question for you.

Will the movie be made in IMAX too?

144. Bill Peters - July 17, 2008

Wow!!!! This is AWSOME!!!! I love it……..Kirk and Spock look so cool and Uhura is looking Great, Can’t wait to see what Macoy and Scotty look like as well as Checkov and Sulu!

145. Oregon Trek Geek - July 17, 2008

Most satisfactory.

Zachary Quinto is cast as Spock? I had no idea!

146. thebiggfrogg - July 17, 2008

Dammit Jim, cool, but I want McCoy, my personal favorite.

147. Beam Me Up - July 17, 2008

Kirk MUST have his green shirt ripped in the movie!

148. Lousy_Canadian - July 17, 2008

Yes! Woo! Can’t wait to see more this year!

149. Evan - July 17, 2008

Zoe Saldana did make the Maxim Hot 100 list for 2008


150. DC - July 18, 2008

“Note the background colors, red, gold, blue correspond to the original uniform colors for Uhura, Kirk and Spock ”

um…about that……
in her first appearance, didn’t Uhura wear gold?

151. Thomas - July 18, 2008

150. Doesn’t matter, DC. Red is Uhura’s recognizable color.

152. cinemadeus - July 18, 2008

“This should hold you over for a day or two?”

Why? What’s coming next? An Orion lap dancer? Or even something hotter?

153. cd - July 18, 2008

119 – Does that mean there will be more in a day or two? >;>}
Good. I was hoping for brown/hazel (or whatever) contacts for Pine. I hope they don’t make Kirk too cocky. Remember, he was described a stack of books with legs. He should know more and be better than anyone else in the class (except of course he gets his ass beat by Finnegan). The “Han Solo” approach would be a caricature and not consistent with the character.
Of course, he could be cocky and something happens to make him more serious, but that would be very contrived, and again not consistent with Kirk’s character. Kirk should be driven: he want to be a starship captain: he is focused like a laser beam on that goal. Of course, I guess a certain lab technician could distract him…
but I digress. Quinto looks good as Spock (although I thought they were going to give him earlobes). Can’t see much of Saldana, and Bana looks…I don’t know. Good use of colors.
Obviously, we need to see more.
Cautiously optimistic.

154. fan - July 18, 2008

I am not surprised that Uhura is on that poster.
All JJA productions (Lost, Alias) I have seen so far strong women played a major part and Uhura maybe finally gets a bit longer and more important space in this movie. :)

Bana looks great on that poster, to change the skin by making a tatoo at the same position is a cool idea, so does Quinto,
only Pine reminds me a bit too much to Hayden Christensen and his bad Vader performance. We’ll see.

155. MiniKirk - July 18, 2008

Just, thanks. Seriously, this is GREAT.

156. jabba the hut - July 18, 2008

i WANT MORE!! :)

157. Adam E - July 18, 2008

RE: 119. Boborci – July 17, 2008
“This should hold you over for a day or two?”

Does this mean that in a day to two we’ll get more?! ;-)

158. Star Trek - Seite 7 - Soundtrack Board - July 18, 2008

[…] Star Trek Auf TrekMovie.com gibt es erste Charakterbilder aus dem neuen Star trek Film zu sehen: ST.jpg Oben Links: Erik Bana […]

159. Ollie Jay - July 18, 2008

Awesome posters indeed. I would have preferred to see McCoy instead of Uhura, but of course that would’ve screwed up the colour scheme… ;)

160. Wrath - July 18, 2008


161. First cast images of J.J. Abrams’ STAR TREK!!! | Obsessed With Film - July 18, 2008

[…] source – trek movie […]

162. captain_neill - July 18, 2008

why does it look like only Spock is wearing the correct uniform?

I love how it captures the colour schemes of the 60s uniforms and the correct colour for the character.

Nero looks unlike any Romulan I have seen.

163. GO - July 18, 2008

Whether by deep shaving or by CGI – it should be noted that Zachary Quinto’s ever-present mini-stubble is finally GONE!

164. Krky - July 18, 2008

Here I put all the images together in a full size version. I’m sorry I don’t no how to remove the words trekmovie under each picture. Enjoy!


165. Richard Daystrom - July 18, 2008

Looking pretty good. The poster reminds me somewhat of an old cover for a James Blish novel. Totally Retro.

166. Charles Trotter - July 18, 2008

These posters are awesome! And here I thought my anticipation level for this movie couldn’t get any higher. Silly me. :)

167. Krky - July 18, 2008

This one has better resolution, than the one above.

168. A Logical Promotion Strategy « The Whole Curiosity Blog (prop. Rick O’Shea) - July 18, 2008

[…] http://trekmovie.com/2008/07/17/preview-of-star-trek-comic-posters-with-first-cast-photos/ […]

169. I am not Herbert - July 18, 2008


S.T. WOOD!!!

170. Sean4000 - July 18, 2008

“””” why does it look like only Spock is wearing the correct uniform?

I love how it captures the colour schemes of the 60s uniforms and the correct colour for the character.

Nero looks unlike any Romulan I have seen.””””

Perhaps the whole, serving under Pike for X amount of years bit coming to light?

171. Enc - July 18, 2008

maybe a ferengi female to win miss universe :D

im glad some one finaly mentioned darth maul. i was thinking more of a ds9 frehead of the week meets darth maul with a hint of ming the merciless.
as to the release. i say thank you. quinto/spock is the only one imo that looks good. the others are just pictures of people to me and not wetting my star trek appetite.
but with it i still give this movie a thumbs down at this point.

after reading the JJ ‘sorry’ bit at top. i haft to wonder. it looks like sure he would love to show moree but ’cause the movie was pushed back till may his hands are kinda tied right now. and we’ll just have to wait. Now it mid july and w/ an original xmas release i haft to ask Bob (or JJ) what (if any one would know) what would the poster, trailer etc release schedule would have been. now thats torture. ‘they would have put out a new tv spot next week but…’ :D

i dont reecall corectly on that. but iirc sulu is said to be a helmsman instead of the dpt head he was in wnmhgb (astro physics ? ah thre it is astrosciences @memoryalpha)
sorry but this movie is targeted at non trek fans who wont know the differance. and to the core audiance who will.
oh thats torture.

172. Irishtrekkie - July 18, 2008

yea nero looks pretty cool

173. JJ Abrams Star Trek Movie Teaser Posters « Cool Aggregator - July 18, 2008

[…] (Trek Movie) […]

174. Bart - July 18, 2008

Isn’t command supposed to be red? The movies were red uniforms, Picard had red, so did Sisko and Janeway. Even Archer had a red line on the uniform… It must appear that red looks more important than yellow.

175. Devon - July 18, 2008

Great photos.. though… did is Nero fighting Mike Tyson in the film or something?

Thanks to all involved

176. SNAKE - July 18, 2008

Nice – Sort of retro looking…like if Shatner, Nimoy and Co had made that prequel film Roddenberry talked about making in the 1960s

177. Peter Lemonjello - July 18, 2008

Quinto looks just like a generic Vulcan, once again proving that Nimoy is the only true Spock.

178. Schultz - July 18, 2008


Pine looks great!! Well… everyone does! Love Uhura’s short sleeves.

Strange thing with Nero’s ears though… someone here mentioned the Remans. Some quick thoughts: doesn’t the new film involve time travel? If so, Nero and the rest of the evil bunch could somehow be connected to what happened in ST Nemesis… I’d actually like it if they somehow tied it to the TNG timeline.

#173 (Bart): wasn’t Kirk’s uniform gold? I had a replica once, and it definitely wasn’t red. :) Scotty’s was red, though.

179. Uncanny Antman - July 18, 2008

I like that Nero seems to have a forehead halfway between TOS and TNG.

Notice that the upper nose area flares out in a non-human manner.

Looks cool.

180. Charles Trotter - July 18, 2008

#173 Bart — wrong era, mate. :) Oh, and Archer’s uniform was gold-lined, not red.

On Enterprise (22nd century) and The Original Series (23rd century), command was gold, science was blue, and engineering/security was red. On TNG/DS9/Voyager (i.e. in the 24th century), the colors of command and engineering/security were switched.

The new movie takes place primary in the 23rd century (TOS era) and will follow the costuming scheme of that era.

181. Remco (Netherlands) - July 18, 2008

Eric Bana definatly DOES wear a prosthetic! Look at his nose and upper eyelid. There’s something of a Romulan eyebrow arch going on there, but not as high on the forehead as in TNG.

182. GraniteTrek - July 18, 2008

No reason the next poster – a companion one – couldn’t be McCoy (blue), Scotty (red), Sulu (or Chekov) (gold), and the other villain – or Len Nimoy, for that matter. This is a theme that could easily be carried over a set of posters.

183. Cobalt Ben - July 18, 2008

I wonder if all of the Romulans’ ears in this movie are mangled instead of being pointed, to differentiate them from Vulcans. (Like the fact that the Romulans are all going to be bald.) If so, that would suck. Otherwise, these posters totally rock!

184. Dom - July 18, 2008

I love the posters. The one of Chris Pine is the one that really stands out to me. There’s just the right amount of cockiness, mischief and humour there to make sure that this guy has ‘the look.’

These guys need to have ‘the look’ rather than be exact clones of their past characters. Zachary Quinto, predictably, is dead on. Zoe Saldana looks gorgeous. Personally, I have no issue with her not having the beehive hairstyle: she should wear what suits her look and figure. Also, we know that her Uhura is going to be a bit more in the action than Nichelle Nichols version was.

A nice set of slightly retro posters. I’d love to get these as postcards.

185. ArtfulDodger - July 18, 2008

New Posters of Kirk and Spock – just had to add a little something:


186. Agent69 - July 18, 2008

Wow, I didn’t even recognize Eric Bana at first. I love what they did with his look – he looks badass.

187. CanuckLou - July 18, 2008

Ah Mr. Orci you truly know the fans well! A day or two! hehe!

Now a shot of the Enterprise sometime this year and I’ll be content until next May.

….the adventure continues….

188. Cheve - July 18, 2008

>186. CanuckLou
>Now a shot of the Enterprise sometime this year and I’ll be content until next May.

I’m with CanuckLou

189. Cap10Kirk - July 18, 2008

Posters look cool
Note about Pine’s T-shirt (Spock wore the same shirt style in the “Naked Time” for you canonist out their)

190. Star Trek 2009 - Carteles y fotos del casting | Mujeres TIC - July 18, 2008

[…] Visto aquí […]

191. Smitty - July 18, 2008



192. John Gill - July 18, 2008

Nice to see Qunto’s eyebrows thick like Spock’s in The Cage & WNMHGB…

193. star trackie - July 18, 2008

Boy do folks get easily excited. I see nothing really new here, other than a confirmation of the TOS style uniforms being worn on Spock. Which is great, but we already knew from eyewitness accounts that we’d see the classic uniforms. We’ve seen Quinto as Spock already, so that’s old news and the others are just regular publicity photos.

Well I have to take some of that back, the reveal of Bana’s character is cool, that’s a very different look for the Romulans and appropriately threatening…and the non-pointed ear is very interesting.

Also, the graphic design of the poster is very cool, but it really doesn’t offer much that we haven’t already seen. But yeah, it’s better than nothing.

194. Maxmacster - July 18, 2008

Forget Spocks eyebrows
Anybody else spot the Ming the Merciless style eyebrows on Nero?
One mean looking villain tho.

195. CanuckLou - July 18, 2008

C’mon Star Trackie don’t be a party pooper! ;D

Jump into the pool and join the fun!!!!

…the adventure continues….

196. Miles R. Seppelt - July 18, 2008

WHOO-HOOO! Thank you Parmount!!!!

197. Uruloki :: Blog » Previa Comic-Con 2008 (2): nuevo póster de Star Trek!, primera imagen de Drag Me to Hell, y nuevas imágenes de The Spirit, Ninja Assassin, Max Payne y Friday the 13th… - July 18, 2008

[…] es el característico logo de la franquicia, vamos, el de la Federación Espacial. Los pósters a mayor tamaño, escaneados de la revista, pero con marca de agua incluida en T…. Lo más curioso es lo colorido de la cartelería… la razón es la […]

198. bananarama - July 18, 2008

Eric Bana is cool as Nero I love it!!!!!!!!!

199. Angry Zen Master - July 18, 2008

[…] Trek Movie via Cool […]

200. Vestige - July 18, 2008

Uhura was used instead of McCoy for several reasons. One is she wears red and they wanted to show the three colors. McCoy and Spock both wear blue. But they also wanted to appeal to a wider audience than white men.

201. Woulfe - July 18, 2008

Bob Orci said “This should hold you over for about a day or two ?”

Like I said in the other thread, I don’t see HOW these new fans would of survived the 10 years the old fans did back in the day for TMP.

Yeah this will keep them busy for about a couple of days then they’ll whine for more and more until the whole movie is spoiled.

I can wait.

202. Kobayashi_Maru - July 18, 2008

Very cool. Very Cool.

Want to see more….

203. capt mike - July 18, 2008

Amazing how much quinto looks like the real spock. This is gonna be good.

204. The Sci-Fi Cast · - July 18, 2008

[…] James T. Kirk full of piss and vinegar. Cool! Head on over to the official site to check out the other two posters and get the skinny on Star Trek The Movie coming next year. These fans can’t […]

205. » Blog Archive » EW Previews First Images Of Star Trek - July 18, 2008

[…] You can grab a better look at all these posters – and get some further information about them here at […]

206. Chris Pike - July 18, 2008

Hope the slight retro feel carries through to the feel/look of the film, it is bang on. Zach IS Spock, no question, but Nero has more of a Sith look than a Romulan to me. Great artwork, lets see more of my favourite Trek typeface (one of my favourite typefaces of all) TOS title font, genius design that. Funny how it looks better now than in the 70’s-80’s….

207. Gary - July 18, 2008

During his academy days Kirk iwas supposed to be like a stack of books with legs, positively grim.. I hope Cris Pine uses some of that with his portrayal of Kirk.

208. Marian Ciobanu - July 18, 2008

…..- WoW…wOw..WoW… finally.. something new….cool ..!!!

209. Box - July 18, 2008

The tattoos look very bad. Tribal tattoos on a Romulan? For real? The rest of him and the crew looks great.

210. There Are Actual Star Trek Pictures Online - The Screamin' Demon - July 18, 2008

[…] this year in the form of posters, cast photos and, one would hope, something else. But, for now, TrekMovie has uploaded the posters from the upcoming issues of EW. There will be four character posters, […]

211. diabolik - July 18, 2008

At least they kept Uhura’s Egyptian eye makeup!

212. Steve - July 18, 2008


They are there.

Look at the top of the ear. Note how the light falls off drastically @ half an inch below the top edge. Appears to be the mold seams (similar to those on Nimoy’s ear pieces from the original show, which incidentally are more pronounced on the remastered series).

213. Friday Links #3 » FinalDog - July 18, 2008

[…] you’re into Star Trek you might be interested in this preview of the posters for the new upcoming Star Trek […]

214. sallah - July 18, 2008

Wow…so freaking cool! Very retro looking! I absolutely can’t wait for this…

215. Makky - July 18, 2008


“They are there.

Look at the top of the ear. Note how the light falls off drastically @ half an inch below the top edge. Appears to be the mold seams (similar to those on Nimoy’s ear pieces from the original show, which incidentally are more pronounced on the remastered series).”

Just looks like the lighting effect to me…

216. Remco (Netherlands) - July 18, 2008

@ 211

Egyptian eye makeup? That’s pretty different.
This is more of a retro 60’s makeup I think

217. sherlockfreak - July 18, 2008


218. British Naval Dude - July 18, 2008

Denise and 74…

James Dean makes real good breakfast meats. Bring some along ta’ tha’ aforementioned sausage fest.

Oh… wait a tic… did something else happen here? Oh- tha’ bloody movie! Forgot aboot that fur a sec…


219. diabolik - July 18, 2008

I noticed the seams on Quinto’s ears right away. Seems odd they’s still have them this many years later, with better makeup effects… Maybe it’s a trick of the light. Hopefully.

Any by Egyptian I meant the cateyes makeup Uhura always wore that made her look more distinctive.

220. Duncan MacLeod - July 18, 2008

192. John Gill

I hope that silences all the people saying his eyebrows are too thick. Sometime Canonists are too strict

221. Holger - July 18, 2008

Wow, Quinto IS Spock! And I really love the colorful sixties’ style of the poster!
But what’s that? A Romulan with a tattoo one is more likely to find around the aft section of a teeny girl?? Replacing 1960s kitsch with 2000s kitsch, are we, Mr. Abrams?

222. Action Justin - July 18, 2008

canon freaks should really be obsessing over THE CAGE uniforms. looks like Kirk’s the exception here, as Spock and Uhura appear to be wearing blue and red.

also, I wonder how Quinto will fill the spiritual aspect of Spock’s character. he looks very CAGE-esque here [angry, robotic], which is appropriate, but didn’t we all kind of fall for the guy with an identity crisis who meditates and plays the lyre?

223. captain_neill - July 18, 2008

139 and 141

I am also heading to Vegas

It’s going to be awesome

224. supernetuser - July 18, 2008

Man, they’re all young.

225. LAB1663.NET » Hell. Yeah. - July 18, 2008

[…] Yeah. TrekMovie.com has images from four teaser posters to be showcased at the Paramount booth at Comic Con ‘08 this […]

226. Duncan MacLeod - July 18, 2008

What is with all the sites shilling their crap without even making a comment. If i wanted to promote my site, id at least make an intelligent comment first.

227. Joel - July 18, 2008

What a great start! The fact that these have already been released and Paramount said this isn’t the extent of Star Trek’s presence leads me to believe we are in great shape. By reading through everyone’s posts, it seems some people’s fears are being laid to rest.

228. Duncan MacLeod - July 18, 2008

BTW I submitted my comment before i read #225. That proves my point aye?

229. treleth - July 18, 2008

#228, IIRC those are automatically generated posts that are made when another blog links back to trekmovie. It;s called a linkback. It lets Anthony and the rest of the trekmovie staff know who’s linking to them. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linkback

230. Commodore Lurker - July 18, 2008

Nero looks Perfect! Eric Bana is the one casting I got excited about! Once again he brings total impact with his presence. I wonder if the Cage match with Mike Tyson is in the film.

231. Devon - July 18, 2008

#226 – I believe that’s automatic when people add the news to their sites. It’s just showing who is linking back to the article is all.

232. sean - July 18, 2008


It’s called a pingback. They aren’t posting, Anthony just has it set up so that he’s notified anytime someone links to this article (or any other on Trekmovie.com).

233. PromoBoy - July 18, 2008

but I still want the Enterprise.
Throw me a bone, man!

234. skooldays - July 18, 2008

Amazing shots and love the uniforms and colours
The Swinging sixties are back
Seems to be catering to the core Trek fans or back to the Classic Trekkies
We have an article on the original episodes on our retro site.

Any fans want to leave there memories on the the original episodes would love to hear from you.

I think this will keep in with the true spirit of Star Trek – great move.

I really love the colorful sixties’ style of the poster!
But what’s that? A Romulan with a tattoo one is more likely to find around the aft section of a teeny girl?? Replacing 1960s kitsch with 2000s kitsch, are we, Mr. Abrams?

235. All Kinds of Awesome : Komikero Comics Journal - July 18, 2008

[…] The above image is of course, Zachary Quinto (Sylar in Heroes) as young Spock. I got this from Trekmovie.com, which got it from the Entertainment Weekly issue with the Watchmen […]

236. bdrcarter - July 18, 2008

I LOVE the retro feel from what we’ve seen thus far. It’s not (and shouldn’t try to be…IMHO) a duplication of 1966 aesthetics. But I think it’s great that there are clearly some strong influences of the era; the poster layout and colors (Warhol-ian), eye-liner, mini-shirts, what we can see of Spock’s uniform. I can’t wait to see how this translates to sets, ships and especially music.

237. Spocko - July 18, 2008

I can’t believe it! Spock’s picture actually looks like young Leonard Nimoy. Remarkably fascinating.

238. John from Cincinnati - July 18, 2008

I don’t know how anyone can make any kind of suppositions on the new movie based upon what little we’ve seen so far. I mean, the cast looks like the originals and the uniforms look retro, but for anyone to be disappointed this early in the process has to be mentally handicapped.

239. John from Cincinnati - July 18, 2008

What some fans don’t understand is this movie can be “retro” and new at the same time.

240. Captain Hackett - July 18, 2008

It looks like these pictures have silenced many canon Nazis.

241. AJ - July 18, 2008

I am extremely pumped about this, but I disagree with Anthony that this is some ‘gift’ to us. It is most likely the start of the marketing campaign.

EW, which has always favored Trek, is mainstream, and has now put TrekXI in front of Joe Sixpack for the first time since the teaser came out. I would expect subsequent changes to the website, new posters with the other characters, and some more fat tidbits to show up soon. “Under Construction” will probably also disappear.

If Trek marketing recedes back into its shell, it’s just a waste of money due to loss of impact.

242. Anthony Pascale - July 18, 2008

Hacket and others
lets not pre-flame people, and throwing around the Nazi term is not cool

243. bill hiro - July 18, 2008

Neuvo-Spock looks terrific. My jury is still out on the rest of them, especially Pine.

244. bdrcarter - July 18, 2008


I don’t think they’re trying to signify a young Shatner. Pine is playing a younger version of a character named Kirk. If the ST IX team set out to re-cast the classic CHARACTERS simply on resemblance to the original ACTORS alone…we really would be in trouble (IMHO). The exception being the resemblance between the older and younger Spocks. There’s a greater need for a similar appearance since both versions of the character will be in the same movie…possibly on-screen together from what we’ve heard.

245. General Chang - July 18, 2008

63. Anthony —

You’re right, I’m sure they didn’t want the poster to look like a sausage fest. But in addition to that, hasn’t JJ, Bob Orci, and the others said that the movie has very strong female characters?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Uhura is on the poster because she has a really important role in the story — not just to balance it with her feminine qualities.

Which is fine with me! I can’t wait to see Uhura kick some ass!

(btw, Anthony, thanks so much for all your hard work and this great scoop!)

246. Vulcan Soul - July 18, 2008

Nero as depicted shows Shinzoneque lameness… you can almost see the mustache-twirling and hear the evil laughter… did they say “realistic”?!

247. Primeros Posters de Star Trek de JJ Abrams  »   Contrabando: Ni The Joker se la puede con nosotros - July 18, 2008

[…] Isla de Pascua en tener la noticia en exclusiva. Via io9 (el mejor blog sci-fi de l a galaxia) y trekmovie. Los 4 posters después del […]

248. EM - July 18, 2008

Wow! These look fantastic! I might explode, just like the deathstar!!

249. afternoon geekin’ | urban bohemian - July 18, 2008

[…] will be giving out some promo posters for Star Trek at Comic Con, Entertainment Weekly has a sneak peek at them. The four combine into the larger image, but fans are only getting one-per. I don’t think the […]

250. Tony Whitehead - July 18, 2008


Too true…

251. Capt.UK - July 18, 2008

The production crew will be reading these comments and grinning incessantly lol!
Quinto looks uncanny!


252. The Bova Effect - July 18, 2008

These posters have brought up more questions for me…

like… why do I want to do Captain Kirk? Have I changed genders and turned blue or green

253. Denise de Arman - July 18, 2008

#252- LOL!

254. Doug from Afghanistan - July 18, 2008

These posters are awesome!

I cannot wait (but will have to)!

255. Viking - July 18, 2008

I’m diggin’ those tribal face tattoos. Can’t wait to see what else pops up at the con next week…….

256. Jon - July 18, 2008

Zac looks frightningly accurate as mr spock, i wonder how they are going to address certain things such as the fact Sulu was senior botanist at the start of the show, and Uhura was in the command division in the first episode she appeared in – i reckon they’ll just ignore these minor details – i really wish they’d start giving us more with regards to the film, such as pictures rather than various small tidbits of info otherwise it could cause a backlash later on!

257. Andy Patterson - July 18, 2008



I want to start using “bloody”. We need to all start doing that in America. Watching “Extras” makes me want to talk that way. As well as using “cheeky”. As soon as I pinpoint exactly what that word means.

258. glass half empty - July 18, 2008

Man, you’ve all been drinking the kool-aid haven’t you?

259. Devon - July 18, 2008

#245 – If I may offer.. you would notice that Leonard Nimoy’s Spock is not on the poster either who undoubtedly has an even bigger role than Uhura. I’m going stick my neck out and say that what we see was a creative decision. Not to detract from Uhura at all, of course.

260. NC Trek Fan - July 18, 2008

The new posters kicks ass!!!

Picture of the Enterprise please Mr. Abrams! Please with sugar on top. Us fan boys will be good. Just one picture, pleaseeeeee!!!!

261. Dennis Bailey - July 18, 2008

The shadow people are pointing out is not the seam on the appliance and cannot be, because that is not where the appliance attaches and there are no seams there to be revealed.

What I think is funny is that the lighting makes it look a little like Quinto’s sideburn is floating free and casting a shadow on his cheek.

262. Scott - July 18, 2008

Maybe Nero (Eric Bana) does that to his own ear, maybe he hates Vulcans so much he doesn’t wanna look like them in any way.

263. Kayla Iacovino - July 18, 2008

Awesome poster! This is my new iPhone wallpaper.

264. DFG333 - July 18, 2008

That Chris Pine/Kirk photo is creepy as it look’s like ZQ’s Syler expression.

265. Denise de Arman - July 18, 2008

Scott#262- Hmm… I must go with the mechanical rice-picker theory…

266. Pat Payne - July 18, 2008

My… God. Leonard Nimoy will always be Spock, but after seeing that shot of Zach Quinto in the full ears, haircut and what appears (bless you, JJ) an honest to god TOS uniform, there looks like tis town IS big enough fer two Mr Spocks!

267. Star Trek Movie Cast Photos | Solar Flare: Science Fiction News - July 18, 2008

[…] Trek Movie Cast Photos Trekmovie.com have posted the first set of posters for the next Star Trek film. Each poster highlights one member of the new […]

268. Phil Smith - July 18, 2008

There appears to be some subtle prosthetic work on Bana’s character – obviously not the same as TNG era Romulans, but noticable and I like it.

269. Pat Payne - July 18, 2008

“As we knew it would, Quinto looks perfect as Spock”

Shouldn’t it be “As we knew HE would?” I’m assuming the pronoun is meant to refer to Quinto…

270. Captain Hackett - July 18, 2008


okay I am sorry. I will not repeat the word here.

271. Steve - July 18, 2008


The seam evident on the ear is the mold seam, not the edge of the appliance to Qunito’s skin. As such, it’s exactly where it should be.

“The shadow people are pointing out is not the seam on the appliance and cannot be, because that is not where the appliance attaches and there are no seams there to be revealed.”

272. Bones Thugs & McCoy - July 18, 2008

Nero doesn’t look that Romulan to me.

273. Teleportation Girl - July 18, 2008

planning to pick up my posters next week in san diego! fun fun fun!

274. demon barber of starfleet - July 18, 2008

Pfft. No Bones?

I like the Spock one. Kirk just doesn’t seem like Kirk.

275. sean - July 18, 2008


He was actually a staff physicist, not Chief Botanist. Though he obviously did have an interest in botany.

276. Captain Robert April - July 18, 2008

Yes, yes, very nice, WHERE’S THE BLOODY SHIP!?!

277. weeharry - July 18, 2008

looked at the pics
skipped to the end
barely read any comments
my comment
fookin awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwesome
to paraphrase my future countryman
‘ah cannae wait’

278. SNAKE - July 18, 2008

Its sort of reminded me of this promo shot from TOS :

Combined with the famous Beatles psycadelic art work from the 60s:

279. Dr. Image - July 18, 2008

It’s SO sixties!
In fact, it looks like a 1966 ad for a Polaroid Swinger or something.

280. weeharry - July 18, 2008

this plus the first watchmen trailer on the same day

what’s jj et al going to do when it’s actually my birthday ‘cos this is pretty much the best a boy could be hoping for!

281. 'Star Trek', nuevos posters de la película de J.J. Abrams - July 18, 2008

[…] | TrekMovie.com trackback ¿Recomendarías este post? Más noticias sobre: Posters Tags: Chris Pine, […]

282. Poster Boy - July 18, 2008

Looks superb. Very dark and moody.

283. John_Sullivan - July 18, 2008

I’m an optimist, and I’d do Uhura as played by any actress (wouldn’t we all?) but this all reminds me of the 1970’s Star Trek projects where “Kirk” and the rest were drawn so as to not appear too much like Shatner and the other actors but rather by an artist’s concept of the characters minus the actors. It was all about paying franchise image royalties to the actors for having their “likeness” replicated in the name of selling Star Trek, and Paramount’s 1970’s response to lawsuits by the actors. I can buy these actors as the characters, so long as we want to add gene pool manipulation into the mix which we already know involves alternate possibilities and time travel. But “Star Trek” is Klingon for “make a ton of money,” and all of that aside, I know just enough about this next film to be VERY excited about it, and hope that privately leaked details prove to be true. If so I will truly go from being one of the biggest skeptics to one of the top supporters of this next Star Trek film.

284. Scott Xavier - July 18, 2008

Ok I got my trek fix for the moment…

285. mada101 - July 18, 2008

Quinto and Saldana look awesome. Pine and Bana…less so.

286. Star Trek XI: Cast Posters Leak : Sci-Fi Heaven.net - July 18, 2008

[…] some excellent analysis over at TrekMovie.com, particularly: look closely at Spock and Kirk’s eyes. […]

287. Jason P Hunt - Devinshire Jamestown Pictures - July 18, 2008

I showed the Quinto poster to my son, who’s 6.
Told him it’s the new Spock, a new guy playing Spock. He’s seen the Nimoy version in TOS.

His answer: “But it’s still Spock.”
Which distills everything down to this: like Bond, like Batman, like Superman, these are characters that MIGHT just have a little room left for other actors to inhabit.

288. VOODOO - July 18, 2008

I can’t tell anything from this poster one way or the other and neither can you.

289. Hooah Wife and friends » Blog Archive » Star Trek Movie News - July 18, 2008

[…] image.Zachary Quinto could be Leonard Nemoy’s son he looks so much like him. You can go here to see larger images of the […]

290. Bull Shitner - July 18, 2008

The $64,000 question is..


Cant really tell from that pic..hold on take another look…yes…YES i think they have!!

Oh yeah and Kirk looks like James Van Der Beek from Rules of Attraction in that pic

291. Phaserhit - July 18, 2008

While there won’t be a Star Trek panel at ComicCon, there is an interactive “Star Trek: The Exhibition” at the San Diego Air & Space Museum just around the corner from it. It’s a world premiere of an official exhibition, so maybe they will use that venue to make some more announcements and surprises… ?

292. StarTrek Movie! : Untitled Jeff R Project - July 18, 2008

[…] EW Previews Star Trek Comic Con Posters – With First Cast Photos | TrekMovie.com […]

293. Timncc1701 - July 18, 2008


yo STD, it really does not sound like you like women “as much as the next guy”

*sigh* “…but that Chris Pine is one good-lookin’ dude”

Consider saying THAT out loud.

Those who live in glass houses really should consider not throwing stones.

294. Star Trek XI - Page 4 - DVDFILE.COM Forum - July 18, 2008

[…] 4 separate posters… EW Previews Star Trek Comic Con Posters – With First Cast Photos | TrekMovie.com __________________ “I Am Come To Stay.” “I’ve Retired More Men Than Social Security.” My DVD […]

295. T'Leisha - July 18, 2008

The versions they have on the official site are a lot clearer, and damn, Spock looks good on my desktop. Even with the clearer image, Nero’s tats are still making me nervous, and being able to see more of them doesn’t help.

296. Pete359 - July 18, 2008

All look very awesome!

Does anyone else think that Nero’s tattoo look sorta like a set of Raptor wings? You know… the kind the Romulans use are their emblem?

Just thinking…

297. Redjac - July 18, 2008

Nero doesn’t look alien enough. With the chewed off (or whatever) ear, he just looks like a bald human idiot…I knew getting rid of the ridges would be a mistake. Well, all you lunatics who were clammoring to get rid of ridges got your wish…and now (judging from this picture, anyway) we just have bald humans with pointed ears.


298. Gigastazio - July 18, 2008


Perhaps in JJ’s Trek, Romulans (or Nero’s little group of Romulans) purposely disfugure their ears as a way of denying their common heritage with Vulcans. Doesn’t seem so far fetched.

299. PoliSciFi: A PoliBlog Sideblog » New Trek Poster/First Images of New Cast - July 18, 2008

[…] Via TrekMovie.com: […]

300. Friday Knights » Archive » A comic…also… Star Trek with sexy Kirk? - July 18, 2008

[…] Wil Wheaton, my favorite source for great geek news, linked the new Star Trek Movie poster for all of us to see.  I literally went from not wanting to sit through a Kirk movie to […]

301. Harry Ballz - July 18, 2008


Redjac, if I follow your logic, and I think I do, you’re saying that if Ruffles have ridges, why don’t Romulans?

M’yeah, see your point!

302. NoRez - July 18, 2008

Loving the slighty Evil Kirk-iness of that shot. No, he doesn’t look like the great Shat, but there’s some sort of channelling going on there in that smile, those eyes… Rowrrr.

Ditto most everyone else’s comments. Quinto – wow…just, wow . If I were a guy or a different sort of girl, I’d certainly find “New-hura” quite fetching. And the Romulan is awesome.

So the casting is excellent (c’mon JJ, let’s see more!) Let’s just hope and pray (those who do that) that the movie delivers.

303. Chris Murphy - July 18, 2008

I think that this looks a lot like younger Shatner!

Maybe it doesn’t resemble the Star Trek: Year One version…

…but it does look like the Shatner from his pre-Star Trek days. He looks like Shatner from his Twilight Zone appearances.

I can’t wait for this film!

304. New posters for Star Trek hit the net | 14 Giants - July 18, 2008

[…] posters for 2009’s Star Trek hit the net. poster, Star […]

305. SNAKE - July 19, 2008

I imagine we’ll get other similar character posters making up the Starfleet ‘A‘ -..e.g. Scot, Bones, sulu, Chechov..then maybe more…

Maybe a similar poster has been prepared with Nimoy and Shatner striking similar poses to their counterparts and that this will be released closer to the film’s release date?

Just thinking out loud….

306. DIGINON - July 19, 2008

@ 305 SNAKE:
Unless Mr. Shatner is in the movie after all (contrary to what everyone connected to the production has been saying) I doubt that they’ll use his image for posters or any other official promo material.

307. Scott Gammans - July 19, 2008

Closeups aren’t kind to fake sideburns (I’m looking at you, Mr. Spock). Nonetheless, awesome poster. Chris Pine’s Kirk should especially put some of the Pine-Isn’t-Shatner worriers at ease. Zoe Saldana’s Uhura… smokin! And who knew they could make a guy as good-looking as Eric Bana look so… intimidating.


308. Platitude - July 19, 2008

sweet! I would like to see some more full size photos, but this is still a treat!

309. Katie G. - July 19, 2008

#117. R

“Seems to be catering to the core Trek fans. The poster has a very old school vibe. And with the heavy reliance on the Startfleet Insignia, it says to the non-fanbase, “You’re in for the same old ‘Star Trek’ that you’ve always found so corny.” I want something new and fresh that keeps true to the spirit of Star Trek.”

Sorry, but I don’t understand your comment.

In my opinion, it has an “old school” vibe because that’s what they were wearing in those days (i.e. at the time of the original series). You can’t expect them to violate history and change it. That would be poor movie-making whether it’s Star Trek or not. If you’re filming a period piece you HAVE TO GET THE COSTUMES RIGHT.

And to make a judgement on the quality of the movie just because they use the Star Trek insignia once, is ludicrous. Unless someone has seen the movie, one cannot make that comment. What was “corny” about TOS was some of the poor stories and some of the cheesy aliens or cheesy special effects. How can you derive that from the use of the familiar Star Fleet insignia in ONE photo? Heavy reliance? It’s the first official picture they’ve released. Good grief! I happen to think it’s clever and from the looks of the other posts, so do many others.

And btw, they ARE keeping true to the spirit of Star Trek. As you yourself mentioned, that was the symbol of Star Fleet. Um, why would they change that? Why would they have to? They ARE in Star Fleet and that’s how the insignia looked. Again, to be a credible director you must get as many details correct as you can.

Honestly, some of the original things have to look the same, don’t you think?


310. John - July 19, 2008

What a crappy nothing poster.

311. Buzz Cagney - July 19, 2008

shame that Pine looks bugger all like Kirk. WTF is that look all about? sheesh.

312. Galaxy Quest 2 - July 19, 2008

Uhura gets top billing over McCoy?
I don’t see McCoy on the poster.
True.Ilea was featured on TMP poster but she was not a series regular like Uhura.
Perhaps the producers are messing with the Kirk/Spock/McCoy chemistry? That’s what I call a 168 million dollar gamble.

313. SNAKE - July 19, 2008

hope they get the guy who did the original trek movie posters to do the main one sheet

i believe each film had a teaser and movie poster

TMP – Phase II Ent with charater insert photos (teaser)…rainbow with Kirk Spock and Ilia (main)

TWOK – logo (teaser)…painted with Khan prominant over Kirk, Spock and Savikk

TSFS – crystal outline of Spock (teaser)…painted Spock head with Kirk and co at bottom (MAIN)

TVH – words flying to earth (teaser)…BOP flying over Gate bridge with K&S heads

TFF – cinema seat with seat belt (teaser)…painted K&S heads with Ent..similar to TVHs (main)

TUC – Ent and flying klingon head (teaser)..Kirk, spock, bones heads amidst the Ent under attack (main)

314. Spockanella - July 19, 2008

You can love it or you can hate it; you can disagree with it; you can elaborate on any conspiracy theory that suits your fancy, but one thing you gotta admit…it’s got us all talking about it. Very clever, I think, to release tidbits in tiny dribs and drabs, to keep the anticipation high and interest intense.


315. KirkisTrek - July 19, 2008

Um, don’t mean to be a TOS geek but doesn’t a Romulan enemy conflict with the Balance of Terror episode, the TOS’ FIRST encounter with Romulans? Everytime new producers, directors and writers get involved they screw with the history (remember Khan recognizing Chekov…) Hope they can explain it…

316. Paul - July 19, 2008

Aw man, those are nice. I’m dying to see the whole thing. And I want Bones poster, too!

What’s up with the stubble, though? Is that some kind of trend or what? Kirk very obviously did not shave this morning, and neither did Spock. At least Uhura doesn’t have any stubble…

317. shatner's bassoon - July 19, 2008

Did anybody notice the delta sheild is reflected in all the characters eyes?

318. SNAKE - July 19, 2008

Someone should photostop a shatner, nimoy, nichols and ..erm…Montoban poster in the same style

319. Spockanella - July 19, 2008

316: That you can see in the picture, anyway.

320. Archie - July 19, 2008

The posters look just as stupid as this premise of this movie? Anyone who supports this movie is no fan of Star Trek!

321. Chryse - July 19, 2008

Can I just say that I love the shape of Eric Bana’s head? It looks like one of those helmets that the centurions wore in TOS. Love the tattoos also.

322. Pink is the New Blog | Everybody’s Business Is My Business » Blog Archive » A ‘Trek’ Peek - July 19, 2008

[…] via Source] Tags: ‘Star Trek’ addthis_pub = […]

323. The Last Maquis - July 20, 2008

We’re gonna Be So Sick of these things in a month.

324. Andy - July 20, 2008

The nerd in me is already screaming “They should be wearing the turtle necks from the Cage or Where No Man Has Gone Before!” But I’ve FINALLY got a new Trek movie so I’ve beaten said nerd with a dead fish to shut him up.

325. Harry Ballz - July 20, 2008

Andy, sounds like you’re going to see the new movie for the halibut!

326. TheGigaShadow - July 20, 2008

Quinto looks convincing. Bana looks cool. Pine sucks. I’m a JJ fan but overall this movie seems like a really bad idea. There’s only one Kirk and only one Spock. You can not re-cast characters as iconic as these.

327. Andy - July 20, 2008

Eh, I’d prefer to have something set after Nemesis. Star Trek: Generation 3 or whatever. But in this day of practically no good sci-fi, I takes what I can gets.

328. Jamie - July 20, 2008

Kirk has brown eyes!

Thank goodness :D

329. Closettrekker - July 20, 2008

#315—First of all, Khan recognizing Checkov is not a canon violation. Just because Checkov was not seen in “Space Seed” does not mean he wasn’t on the ship. 50 minute ST episodes often cover days of “real time”. Obviously, Checkov and Khan met at some point while Khan was aboard.

Second, the Romulans are travelling back in time with the apparent intent of “altering” the history we know. Perhaps they will show themselves prior tto “BOT”, or maybe only 24th Century Spock will see them.

330. krikzil - July 20, 2008

“There’s only one Kirk and only one Spock. You can not re-cast characters as iconic as these.”

I’m sure this is true for a lot of fans; equally untrue for a lot of other fans. I know for me, Shatner & Nimoy ARE Kirk and Spock and I’m still not convinced the movie is a good idea. But at the same time, I realize it might be entertaining and it might work for many people. A whole lot of fans enjoy the idea of Kirk and Spock and it isn’t necessarily dependent on the actual actors — more along the lines of the comic book or other iconic figures like James Bond as pointed out above. I will be curious to see if the general public goes for it.

331. Woohoo - July 20, 2008

Could it be that NERO will be a Vulcan who doesnt wish to be vulcan so the ears are knarled away!

332. ich56 - July 21, 2008

Hm, i don’t know what to say.
They look nothing like the Original actors. Except Quinto as Spock. And what’s so hot about the new Uhura? o_O I don’t get it. It’s just an Actress. No one special. She resembles in no way the original Uhura.
Nero is another Story. He looks like a Low Budget Sith with no pointy Ears.
I’m still convinced that this movie is not a good Idea and Time travel Episodes have been done so many times now.
So in my opinion this movie will be a 24th Century Post Nemesis Time Travel Episode. Nothing more. Nothing Special.
Oh wait. There is one Specialty. Abrams ignores most of Canon.
Thanks but no thanks.

333. websbestcomics - July 21, 2008

It looks good. Am I the only who noticed that Spocks’ sideburn appears lifted away from his skin? You can see a shadow under it, clearly.

334. Star Trek Posters | Pop Critics - Movies|TV|Books|Music|Reviews - July 21, 2008

[…] scanned them all and published all four on their website. They feature James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), Uhura […]

335. Scifigirl - July 21, 2008

Really cool… But Bones should have been there instead of Nero.

#331 – Could it be that NERO will be a Vulcan who doesnt wish to be vulcan so the ears are knarled away!

FYI, Nero is Romulan, not Vulcan. I still don’t understand why the pointy ears are missing, though. It seems…. wrong. And what’s with all the tatoos? Weird…

336. Star Trek - Comic-Con 2008 Posters - July 21, 2008

[…] EW Previews Star Trek Comic Con Posters – With First Cast Photos 07/21/2008 | Movies Tags: Chris Pine, Comic-Con, Eric Bana, movie news, movie poster, Star Trek, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana […]

337. Closettrekker - July 21, 2008

#335—It (one of the ears) has obviously been damaged. You can see the scars from the wound. Nero doesn’t look like someone who is overly concerned with surgically repairing it. How can you determine that it “seems wrong” without knowing anything about the character? And I am sure the tatoos hold some significance. Note the BOP art within it.

I think the probable cause for McCoy’s absence from the poster has been repeatedly addressed here. He wears blue, and that color was already represented on the poster. Scotty could have been featured in red, but they probably felt the need to include a female on the poster.

338. Star Trek Insignia Poster | Cool Addict - July 21, 2008

[…] to fans. The four solo posters, when combined, form the Starfleet federation logo, as seen here. [Source] I am pretty sure J.J. Abrams is going to do a good job with this movie. I have to admit that I was […]

339. Jamie - July 21, 2008

I wonder if there will be a point in this film where we see a future earth from space that has been colonised by alien invaders?

And only one crew can go back and change history…

340. The First Four Cast Photos For ST 11 - FileFront Gaming Forums - July 22, 2008

[…] believe Abrams has it right. More about this and other stuff here too. EW Previews Star Trek Comic Con Posters – With First Cast Photos | TrekMovie.com __________________ My Games: NR2K3(patched;300+ tracks;2000+ cars)online name-086goinfast […]

341. swirl - July 22, 2008

can’t wait to see it!

342. provocateer - July 22, 2008

Kirk hell….that looks like Norman Bates….this movie is heresy and is doomed for poor attendance and fast release to dvd.

343. Bones - July 22, 2008

Oh seriously if Abrams thinks non Trek fans are going to be flocking to the theater to see a Trek movie he’s in for a surprize. Why the h*ll would they ? They have no history or interest in the characters (which of course he is butchering) and most non Trek fans think Trek is nerd and really want nothing to do with it. A lot of real Trek fans are p*ssed about this film and won’t be going, so that leaves minimal Trek fans who really don’t care about canon and just want CG and action.

344. markyboy1000 - July 23, 2008

Love the colouring of the posters… each to match the colour of the uniform that is worn. Brill!

345. marina - July 23, 2008

i think this will be a great movie.
maybe not all star trek, but still a great movie.
fingers crossed for pine. ive been a big fan of his for a long time and im sure he’ll do an awesome job. i just hope he manages to pull off that han-soloness he’s been talking about. not really kirk.
and eric bana. dude, a semi-croatian AND star trek AND chris pine?

psyched for sure.

346. EnsignJulka - July 23, 2008

Wow, cool poster!

347. Orlando Rays - July 26, 2008

On Nero’s ears: Maybe Abrams is going for an idea where some Romulans are so set against the Vulcans’ embracing of logic that they mutilate their ears so they look less like Vulcans?

348. Jimtibkirk - July 27, 2008

Post #348. New record?

349. Canadalee - July 28, 2008

I’m tired of hearing people say that the Uhurah character shouldn’t be in the poster. For all it’s greatness, star Trek has never been particulary kind in developing Nichelle Nicols character on the series or in the movies. I’d like to see her get a much larger backstory. Why should the characters of color be designated as sidekicks with no history ?

350. To Boldly Go Where Only Fandorks Will Still Go | Sliver of Ice Design - August 6, 2008

[…] time to capitalize on Star Trek again. (J.J. Abrams is pushing out a new Star Trek movie, which the movie posters look fabulous, and hopefully, Abrams can follow up with a suitable plot ending for […]

351. Phantom Leap - August 9, 2008

[…] feeling JJ Abrams’ upcoming prequel yet. The first poster got me all excited, but the second one(s) did just the opposite. Now back to […]

352. Dan T. - August 10, 2008

I’m a huge Star Trek fan, but the franchise should have been let go a long time ago, everything after First Contact and the end of Voyager has just been one big waste of time. The Enterprise series for example has completly ruined the Star Trek time-line. First contact with the Klingons was supposed to lead to a distarous war, it didn’t. This new film, granted will look good, but in the end of the day Abrams is just cashing in.

353. First Look: ‘Star Trek XI’ Character Posters - August 10, 2008

[…] Check out the four individual posters below via TrekMovie.com. […]

354. LAB1663.NET » Just some stuff - August 12, 2008

[…] keeping an eye on developments in the world of Trek. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen two posters be released by Paramount, showing the first photos of the cast in costume, heard that […]

355. Hobo Dreams, part deux. (and trois) « Chris & Briony’s Exodus - August 12, 2008

[…] has them up on their site, so I wont go ahead an hotlink the images this time. Click this link to see posters of Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Nero, and click this link to see images of Sulu, Scotty, […]

356. Disappointed - December 10, 2008

Uhura = “Communications channel open/closed, sir.” Period. Nichelle herself has been quoted in interviews over the years as not having liked the role for that aspect of it.

Enterprise: WTF? It’s the NCC-1701 and the design isn’t even the same. I’m not talking about making it look more modern and cooler. I could have taken that. No, I’m talking about that third nacelle on top that we seem to see in the trailer. I’m talking about the see-through tops of the side nacelles. I’m talking about the struts for the nacelles curving out of the fuselage instead of coming straight out.

J.J. Abrams FTL. This one is gonna blow chunks, ladies and gentlemen. Time travel, ignoring canon, and a weak sauce plot.

Wait for this one to hit the “Two for $5!” bin at Wal*Mart. And even then, think twice about picking it up. You might catch something off it…

357. Disappointed - December 10, 2008

Apologies. I now see the ship with the nacelle on top is another ship. Fine. The Enterprise is still not the same design.

358. 286.857142857143 - January 21, 2009

ly9MYw hi! nice site!

359. To Dissapointed - March 2, 2009

Dissapointed: not that you’re ever going to read this but honestly the vast majority of people who will watch this film aren’t going to be the trekkies/trekkers etc who run around in their TOS jammies with battery powered phasers but ordinary joe public who really couldn’t care less if the movie isn’t entirely canon (I mean most of the ST series had major canon f-ups anyway).

While you might nitpick at the reason why Uhura’s nipple tassles aren’t of the canon length and colour, or the fact that gay butt sex between Kirk and Spock was always from behind (canon) not from the front (movie); majority of people aren’t going to care. At the end of the day the so-called reboot is a re-imaging of the franchise to make it more appealing to the masses of the cerebrally challenged rather than a geek laden intellectual sausage fest on whether Dianna Troy gives good head or the percentage probability of getting laid- refer to Galaxy Quest fanboy.

The film looks action packed, you have young sexy people, wardrobe, set and visuals look amazing – it is going have mass appeal beyond the fanatic die hard fans (who were probably the only ones who went to watch Insurrection and Nemesis anyway at the box office).

The two things we agree on though is that: time travel as a plot device is always a bad idea. Second that you should never go full retard when playing Wesley Crusher – otherwise everyone will hate you even your own mother.

360. Cool Star Trek Film Images « Sci Fi Alert - May 20, 2009

[…] a comment » TrekMovie.com has some really great posters featuring the cast of J.J. Abram’s Star Trek film.  […]

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