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Kevin Smith (Sort of) Reviews Star Trek August 22, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) , trackback

TrekMovie previously reported that JJ Abrams has completed a first rough cut of his Star Trek movie and now it appears that he is showing it off. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back director Kevin Smith was a guest on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean show this morning and the subject of the new Star Trek movie came up with Smith giving a positive review of the movie, but in a roundabout way.

Kevin talks about what he can’t talk about
Although it was never said explicitly, it appears Kevin Smith was given an early viewing of Star Trek, but he was very much trying to deny that he had, or at least not come out and say anything that would break the ‘cone of silence’ around JJ Abrams ultra-secret project. Early in the show when Kevin joined in, one of the hosts said "somebody’s seen the new Star Trek movie, I understand?" At which point Smith sardonically dismissed the question. Then much later in the show, after recounting his thoughts on his early screening of the Watchmen movie, Smith was asked if he has seen anything else. Here is the exchange:


Host: So thumbs up on The Watchmen, what else you got?

Smith: I saw a movie last night that I cannot talk about.

Host: Was it good?

Smith: It was phenomenal.

Host: Any stars, any break out stars, and do they trek?

Smith: The stars absolutely trek in this film. It is fantastic. Anybody who was worried doesn’t need to be worried–about this film I cannot talk about…It was in very capable hands. The director did a phenomenal job–the director and his crew. Top notch cast and the guy that plays the lead is an instant star. That dude is going to be so famous. He is so wonderful. He picked up a role that I would say is pretty challenging for someone to step into the shoes of, because it is a role that has been played before many times by the same guy.

Host: How do you out Shatner, Shatner?

Smith: I don’t know what you are talking about.

Host: I was just saying that as an expression.

Smith: Yes, absolutely, in a world of expressions, I would agree with that…I am so not good with this game, you are going to bury me man.

Host: We had you on before The Dark Knight and I remember asking you if you could direct a movie like Dark Knight and you said ‘hell no’ it was so far out of your sphere…but I bring that up to preface this. Let’s say a franchise like Star Trek, not that you have seen the movie or we are talking about the movie, but we are talking about it for example. That is something that is so dangerous to attempt. Is that the kind of project you would like to do? Would you like to be the guy who gets to do a movie like that?

Smith: I would not like to be the guy. In the case of something like Star Trek, it would take a really insanely talented filmmaker–storyteller. Like in the case of Star Trek, JJ Abrams. So leave it to the people who are best equipped for it. I am just the guy who should be watching those movies.


You can listen to the exchange yourself, by CLICKING HERE (from the kevinandbeanarchive)

Thanks to Thomas and others who sent in this tip


Bonus Abrams Smith video: Smith hosts dinner with JJ and Luke Skywalker
Three years ago Kevin Smith stepped in for regular host Jon Favreau and guest-hosted the IFC show Dinner For Five, with guests  Jason Lee, Stan Lee, Mark Hamill and JJ Abrams. This was while Abrams was making Mission: Impossible: III and before it was announced he would be making Star Trek. The group discuss Alias, MI:III, Tom Cruise, Star Wars, Chasing Amy, Comics, screenwriting, and more. The entire episode is available on YouTube, check it out below.






1. Gibnerd - August 22, 2008


“Anybody who was worried doesn’t need to be worried”!

and this is without over half of the effects?! as if I wasn’t already insane excited…..

2. Negotiator - August 22, 2008

Whatever happened to free speech?
Not being able to talk about something seems un-American!

3. Littlenatey - August 22, 2008


It’s called signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Rule of Acquisition #17: A contract is a contract is a contract.

(But only between Ferengi.)


4. Ensign Ruiter - August 22, 2008

I think Smith was referring to Quinto as Spock, rather than Pine as Kirk, as the spectacular “leading man.” This is probably why he didn’t know what “Host” was referring to. It is not necessarily a foregone conclusion that Kirk’s character will be the protagonist in this picture. I don’t know that he isn’t, however.

5. Joel - August 22, 2008

Something tells me Star Trek is going to be huge next year. Whether fans like it or not, this new Star Trek is going to THE movie of next May.

6. Desertrat - August 22, 2008

Trek against Nia Vardalos?

Come on! Vardalos wins hands down.

//Joking..of course.

7. mayday - August 22, 2008

If Smith is referring to the “leading man”, does anyone know who is getting top billing – Quinto or Pine?

8. Xai Ping - August 22, 2008

#4 Ensign
I think he could have been speaking of either actor, Pine or Quinto. He was acting like he “didn’t know” because he couldn’t come out and say too much. I think he gave away quite alot and this is encouraging.

Now I’ll wait for the negative-spin people to arrive in… 5…4…3…2…1…. mark.

9. Trekkie16 - August 22, 2008

Is it May yet???? *fidgeting in my seat* Wish I had a time machine at my disposal.

10. Will.I.Am - August 22, 2008

Well, maybe “fantastic” is only for people who can watch it WITHOUT THE POLES ON THE WARP NACELLES!

11. Xai Ping - August 22, 2008

I thought the key phrase around here was “This is a disaster” and you’ve seen the completed Enterprise of which you bitch?

Do tell.

12. I'm Captain Kirk... I'M CAPTAIN KIRK! - August 22, 2008

No negative spin here! Awesome that he got to see it because he is just as big a fanboy as the rest of us, so his opinion I trust. I trust his filmic opinion so much that I’m pretty much ready to let out a big sigh of relief… Now the hard part– waiting.

13. Beam Me Up - August 22, 2008

Too bad Kevin Smith cant write or direct a movie to save his life.

14. CanuckLou - August 22, 2008

Cool. But wait Smith gave the Star Wars prequels good reviews too….


…the adventure continues…

15. KSFan - August 22, 2008

Kevin Smith is VERY good at what he does.

The Jay and Silent Bob films are HILARIOUS!

Of course, I wouldn’t expect any of you humorless Trekkies to understand or get the humor.

You’d have to have kissed a girl and moved out of your basement first.

16. KSFan - August 22, 2008

I meant to say your “parent’s” basement…

17. Anthony Pascale - August 22, 2008

ok people calm down with the personal attacks on KS and Trekkies. and KS fan warning for trolling

18. Turbolift - August 22, 2008

Although I imagine Quinto is excellent in this…my bet is that he’s speaking about Pine…JJ did a great job casting, as we shall all see…

19. Cato the Llama - August 22, 2008

#15 KSFan. Some of us have actually kissed girls in our parents’ basements. So would we understand half of the humor?

Anyway . . . I love Smith’s way of “not talking about” Star Trek. This article made me laugh, and made me more relieved at the same time. Cheers. :)

20. K. M. Kirby, esq. - August 22, 2008

Who can afford to see first-run movies now, anyway? It’s such a long drive to the mall.

Maybe some more early screenings will occur, as a prize or something.

21. The Gorn Identity - August 22, 2008

Honestly, when Kevin Smith gives his approval on a “fanboy” topic, I pretty much listen. I’m comforted by his approval for both Watchmen and Star Trek.

22. Sebastian Meyer - August 22, 2008

Wow, now that Kevin says its awesome, I can’t wait to see this movie… ;)

23. KSFan - August 22, 2008

Perfect comeback, Cato…

YOU obviously are not humorless…lol!!!

24. Pizza - August 22, 2008

RE 7

This would be a good poll.

Who gets top billing.

My guess woul\d be Leonard Nimoy

25. John Trumbull - August 22, 2008

It’s nice that he liked it, but Kevin Smith’s word doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot to me. I know enough of his tastes to know that they don’t always coincide with mine, and let’s face it — dude’s made some pretty crappy movies.

Still, I’m hopeful about the Trek movie. Gonna be LOOOOOONNNNGG wait til next year…

26. Izbot - August 22, 2008

Awesome endorsement! I’m very pleased.

27. Zinc - August 22, 2008

7 and 24

The credits in the teaser trailer just had the cast billed in alphabetical order with Bana and Nimoy getting the honorary “with” and “and” credits at the end. I imagine it’ll be the same in the film. Which means John Cho gets top billing.

28. jimj - August 22, 2008

Izbot: you aren’t related to Rick Berman, are you? lol Sorry, I was making a little joke (extremely little, ensign!)…

29. Sean - August 22, 2008

Didn’t Smith claim that The Phantom Menace was really great when it came out?

Anyway, I don’t doubt that the new Trek movie is great, and that Pine is excellent as Kirk. Glad to hear Smith thinks so, too.

30. Tanner Waterbury - August 22, 2008

@ KSFan

You say we dont know much about the humor in Kevin Smiths movies? I beg to differ. I have most of his movies and find the humor to be smart and hilarious. Anyways to stay on subject, I was LOLing here when they were discussing Star Trek, its soooooo obvious that he saw the Star Trek movie in rough cut.

31. British Naval Dude - August 22, 2008

Do ye’ think JJ even knows what tha’ new Starry Trek is like?

Ahhhh… sweet mystery o’ life…

I just seen “Ishtar 2″ but I signed me an agreement wherein I canna say how terrible it be…

Seems JJ has his own rather brilliant way o’ making sure tha’ fans do get attention… by showin’ his film ta’ folks who tha’ fans seem ta’ trust… Good idea actually, and it makes me feel like this will be a bonny film. Who sees it next? Anyone wanna wager?


32. Andy Patterson - August 22, 2008

Stan Lee is great!

Kevin Smith should have gotten Mark Hamill to do some more voices. He’s so great. So talented. Lost opportunity and great dinner entertainment possibility.

What a fun dinner to have.

33. Beam Me Up - August 22, 2008

I’d rather hear Stan Lee’s opinions than Kevin Smith.

34. erica rachel kathryn hernandez-garrett-janeway (lol) - August 22, 2008


35. Xai Ping - August 22, 2008

#34 erica rachel, etc, etc…

I doubt they move it again and you have to be kidding with the Hanna Montana movie… could you LOSE the cap lock please?

36. WannaBeatle - August 22, 2008

ya got that right…

I’m already standing in line for the Hannah Montana movie…nothing can beat Miley Cyrus…hehehe

37. The Last Maquis - August 22, 2008

it’s too bad that Kevin never does any Sci fi or Comic Book Movies. He has a Great sense of continuity.

38. The Last Maquis - August 22, 2008

Humorless Trek? Actually I thought Voyager was Hilarious, except for when they said something funny.

39. Thomas - August 22, 2008

“Thanks to Thomas and others who sent in this tip.”
Why, you’re welcome, Anthony!

40. steve623 - August 22, 2008

Keep in mind this comes from the guy who made Jersey Girl, so his taste is not 100% by any stretch.

41. Kevin Smiths calls STAR TREK “phenomenal” | Obsessed With Film - August 22, 2008

[…] show (note it was obvious he couldn’t actually come out and say he saw Star Trek), thanks to Trek Movie for the transcript… It was phenomenal…The stars absolutely trek in this film. It is […]

42. fakesteve - August 22, 2008

“The stars absolutely trek” in this film– sounds like a good T-Shirt for next may ;))

43. Mike - August 22, 2008

Kevin Smith gushed about Revenge of the Sith as if it were Citizen Kane.

44. SD - August 23, 2008

Is it May yet?

It’s so hard to stay virtually spoiler-free… (and keeping this itching mouse finger from clicking on spoiler posts).

45. Anthony Pascale - August 23, 2008

it is always interesting to see fans break into the ‘half empty’ and ‘half full’ camps after each revelation like this. It was just like this after we reported how well the preview went at Paramount.

Remember that some film when they get shown around do not do well, including many Trek films. in the case of one film, Generations, Paramount had to cough up money for reshoots.

There is no guarantee of success, but indications are good, unless of course you are pre-disposed to not wanting to be optimistic

as for liking SITH, well lots of people liked SITH. In my opinion it is better than JEDI and it has a 79% rating on RT:

So I am not sure where ‘he liked SITH, therefore is opinion is invalid’ comes from. Kevin Smith is a good nerd barometer in my opinion.

Of course, I will not make final judgements until I see the film, but I have no reason to not be optimistic at this point

46. Adam Cohen - August 23, 2008

To correct some history here–

Kevin Smith gave a pre-release rave review for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. I don’t know if he did the same for Revenge of the Sith, but I distinctly remember reading his enthusiastic take on Clones.

I personally disliked Attack of the Clones and didn’t agree with Smith’s take on it, but that is not dispositive of Star Trek being a phenomenal film. I’m fairly positive that Kevin Smith and Adam Cohen like a lot of the same movies. And the same goes for a lot of you as well.

Sit tight, people, we’ll all get to see the movie (eventually!).

47. Anthony Pascale - August 23, 2008

i wonder what it will be like when I review the film. Am I to be attacked like Smith in order for people to dismiss the opinion (either way I review it)

I vow now that if I see a film that reminds me of Star Wars Ep. 1, Star Trek Insurrection, Star Trek V, or any of the many other films that have been deep disappointments to me, I will not be shy of saying so. And I have said the same to the Abrams team, and they appreciate that. This site is not here to promote one particular project, but to prmote the franchise and inform the fans.

48. Adam Cohen - August 23, 2008


You’re right– there are two kinds of fans running around: the optimists and the pessimists. Now, I think its fine for a lot of fans to remain skeptical (I am in many respects) but when it starts to become some irrational bash-fest against those who are optimistic, that’s when things get really silly.

No matter how well you explain yourself, there will be readers who think you’re a shill for Abrams. If readers think that is the case, it really is their problem. For the majority of us reading this site, we are confident in your unbiased approach to reporting all things Trek. Not all of us chime in on every single article, but you get a lot of people who silently appreciate your efforts.

I just chose to not be silent tonight ;)

49. Devon - August 23, 2008

#34 – Let’s get real please.

50. erica rachel kathryn hernandez-garrett-janeway (lol) - August 23, 2008

HEY im not kidding…lets see dumb hannah montana stuff has made miley cyrus about a billion dollars in 4 years judging by that the hannah montana film should gross over a billion in its opening weekend and sadly it seems not even a film starring the real jesus of nazareth would top the hannah montana movie…its not berating the new star trek film, but look at the hannah montana tour and the 3d film and stuff…if it had waited til next year id bet even the dark knight wouldnt have been able to beat the accursed hannah montana movie…(wants to phaser miley cyrus)

51. Commodore Redshirt - August 23, 2008

Re: 47. Anthony Pascale
” i wonder what it will be like when I review the film. Am I to be attacked like Smith in order for people to dismiss the opinion (either way I review it)”

Well, sadly yes. I have noticed in my nearly 2 years of reading the comments here that there is a crew of posters who seem to always have a negative voice.

To me the oddest thing seems to be how fans of Trek could demand that things must always and forever stay the same.
Isn’t Trek about a NEW and DIFFERENT TOMORROW?
In order to advance our society, things must change; and by definition change requires making things different from the way they are now.

I for one look forward to your review of JJ’s Trek, and even though we have never met, i will be excited by reading your descriptions and judgments. In the end i may or may not agree with you but I will VALUE WHAT YOU THINK.
Thanks for all your work here…

52. Commodore Redshirt - August 23, 2008

Re: 48 Adam Cohen

i agree 100%

53. Devon - August 23, 2008

#50 – Why not look at the last Hannah Montana movie? Got horrible reviews and $70 Million worldwide. Whoop.

54. Dom - August 23, 2008

Sadly, anyone who writes a review on this site is doomed to personal abuse: look at all the reactions to the Remastered reviews. Dennis Bailey gave us some fun, well-written, witty reviews and got slaughtered by humourless Church of Roddenberry freaks for being ‘disrespectful’ because they don’t believe anything related to Star Trek should be humourous (clearly they never watched TOS, which was a genuinely witty series!)

I’m really pleased to hear that the new Star Trek film has some humour in it. Given it’s Abrams, we should get some genuine humour and at least it won’t be that bolted-on, self-conscious, embarrassing, false humour that’s marred the last several films (everything since Star Trek V.)

55. The Last Maquis - August 23, 2008

#47. Anthony Pascale

I’ll bet you’ll like the Movie, but will only be disappointed when it comes to revealing any details to the Uber Canon People in these posts. Sugar coat nothing!! I say.

56. The Last Maquis - August 23, 2008


57. The Last Maquis - August 23, 2008

Glitch in the Matrix, Sorry.

Oh hey, a black Cat.

58. CanuckLou - August 23, 2008

Anthony we expect nothing less from you sir in regards to reviewing the movie!

I’m very optimistic too – just a little fun jab at Smith.

…the adventure continues….

59. Ali - August 23, 2008

Smith liked The Phantom Menace?

60. CmdrR - August 23, 2008

Anthony — So, how is it you aren’t in on these screenings? Not that I’m making fun of you — I just want to bug the crap out of you for clues. How “Trek” does it feel? Are any parts “uncomfortable” for longtime fans? That sort of thing.

Grr. I guess I was gonna be 9 months older anyway. Might as well spend it waiting for something I think will be good.

61. Holger - August 23, 2008

>Anybody who was worried doesn’t need to be worried<

I guess KS talks from the perspective of the Hollywood insider and movie expert here. I don’t know how much KS is into Trek but I guess he has no clue what things the serious Trekker is capable of worrying about.

62. VOODOO - August 23, 2008


I trust Kevin Smith’s opinion.

63. Redjac - August 23, 2008

People lump Sith in with the other prequels…but I agree with Anthony that it was much better than JEDI (God, I hated that one!).

The only thing good about JEDI (IMO) were the scenes with Palpatine and the FX sequences.

The prequels seemed to increase in quality with each film with Phantom Menace being the worst of the three (IMO).

64. garen - August 23, 2008

that was a fun read! KS trying to answer things but not actually admit to knowing what he’s talking about. i like this story a lot. and i sorta trust his opinion too.

65. Gatortrek - August 23, 2008

Must say i found Kevin’s comments interesting. I am in the optimistic camp because I liked MI:3, Trnasformers and i enjoy LOST, so i feel the franchise was placed in good hands. Two things i found encouraging. 1.Leonard Nimoy coming out of retirement because of the script and 2.after seeing the dailies the execs. moving the film to a summer release. This is as it should be since i’ve always felt that Star Trek films are not holiday films but summer films.
Anyway, i am also joining the camp of anxious trailer waiters. give me a new teaser trailer please!!!!!!
Anthony keep up the good work, love the site and hope you get to see the film soon so we can get your take on the film!!!

66. Kevin Smith Has Seen J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, Too?! « - August 23, 2008

[…] 23, 2008Source: TrekMovie.comby Alex […]

67. Janice - August 23, 2008

#45 AP said “………..Kevin Smith is a good nerd barometer in my opinion……..” Haha, can I see what a nerd barometer looks like? Who’s at the top of the scale, and who’s at the bottom? I would place myself in the middle.

I loved that exchange between KS and the “host,” very funny in its own right. Put me in the optimist camp.

68. AP - August 23, 2008

As to whether Smith is referring to Pine or Quinto, it has to be Pine. He says, “That dude is going to be so famous.” It seems to me that Quinto is already pretty famous, especially within the genre. Makes much more sense to say that Pine, who is basically an unknown, is going to be famous.

This is corroborated when Smith says he has “no idea” what the host means by saying “How do you out Shatner Shatner?” This is obviously a sarcastic comment meant to say, “That’s exactly what I’m talking about.”

69. Out There - August 23, 2008

It’s just a movie. A year from now it will already be out of the theaters and we’ll be looking for the DVD release shortly.

Three years from now, we’ll either be talking about how this movie killed the franchise, or we will be talking about another movie.

Ten years from now, we’ll be talking about how Star Trek is dead and it needs new blood. People will be crabbing because some new producer will be coming out with a new Star Trek that doesn’t fit with the canon of JJ Abram’s Star Trek. All of the original cast will most likely be dead.

25 years from now, there won’t be too many people left who ever saw the original series in its initial run. There will also be more people on the planet who were born AFTER Chris Pine was Captain Kirk than before.

50 years from now, probably only 1 percent of the people in a poll will be able to name the actor who played the original Captain Kirk.

100 years from now, about 1 percent of the people in a poll will even know that Star Trek was a television program.

1000 years from now, a dimwit will steal Leonard Nimoy’s head in a glass jar, and fly to a planet where the rest of the cast’s heads are being held captive by a green smoke creature.

5 billion years from now, the sun will explode — and there won’t be anyone around anymore to give a crap about surface detail on the Enterprise violating canon, or that Simon Pegg had 342,178 less hair follicals than James Doohan.

70. Closettrekker - August 23, 2008

#66—I agree. I never questioned from the tone of his answers that he was speaking of Pine.

As for whether fans here like KS or not, what does it matter? The truth is, his opinion is just that…an opinion. It certainly doesn’t hurt the film’s prospects. It would be even more ridiculous to contend that because KS liked it, it must be bad, than it would to contend that because KS liked it , it must be great.

71. CmdrR - August 23, 2008

I’ll sign on that Jedi was the weakest of the original 3 [saw it a few weeks ago with my 14 year old son and couldn’t defend the horrible, horrible acting and direction] and Revenge of the Sith was a good movie, overlooking Hayden Christiansen’s horrible, horrible acting and the clunker word ‘younglings’ used in what should have been a dramatic scene.

72. John from Cincinnati - August 23, 2008

Star Trek is going to be THE movie of 2009.

73. hawke5150 - August 23, 2008

Hey, #24-
The credit will read:

Leonard Nimoy

as the last actor named in the credits. That’s just the way it’s done thses days.

74. Mike T. - August 23, 2008

IMO I don’t think Paramount is going to make it to the release date. Didn’t Paramount distribute the movie “American Ganster” and that movie was out on bootleg video before the movie was released in theaters.

If Mr. Abrams finishes this before Christmas some low life at Paramount will end up leaking it to the internet.

By the way, Anthony this site is great. I have been here almost from the beginning and enjoy reading the posts. I wish Trek fans could relax alittle and realize this is just entertainment.

75. jbgestl - August 23, 2008

Of the Star Wars Prequels, I liked AOTC best. And I didn’t hate any of them.

My son, who is a teenager now & saw them with me when they first came out, likes them better than parts 4, 5 & 6.

We’ll see if his opinions change as he gets older. If they don’t I’m going to believe its a case of rose colored glasses that make us oldsters not like the prequels as much.

Good news from Kevin Smith. Stupid NDA!

76. What is it with you? - August 23, 2008

Anthony –

There is a great interview with Simon Peg on AICN, where he briefly talks about building the character of scotty. He talks of him as a brawler and a drinker.


77. Marian Ciobanu - August 23, 2008

– Sometimes i think that the difference between a trek fan and the other sci -fi fans is the fact that the trek fan is that guy who can easely like more DS-9 than TOS.. for example..

78. wes - August 23, 2008

“Remember that some film when they get shown around do not do well, including many Trek films. in the case of one film, Generations, Paramount had to cough up money for reshoots.”

Yeah they did, but, back then Trek was on a high and in the mainstream and it didnt matter if the movie sucked, it still became a big hit, now the problem is that there are so many kinds of movies and these scifi-superhero-fantasy flicks that the sci fi people and ‘geeks’ will go and see. Back in the Generations time Trek was high with TNG finishing it’s run DS9 being successfull and a new highly anticipated show- Voyager coming out.

“I vow now that if I see a film that reminds me of Star Wars Ep. 1, Star Trek Insurrection, Star Trek V, or any of the many other films that have been deep disappointments to me, I will not be shy of saying so”

I thought Insurrection was a good film, far more tight then Generations, V, III. It is also a very watchable film, with a good score and with the TNG actors being true to their roles. As for Star Trek V, I recently recieved a re-edited verson with all the stupid humor crap (Uhura dancing, Scotty hitting his head, etc) and the incorrect facts (like the scene with 74 decks, etc.) taken out of the film and new effects inserted and it is actually a pretty decent character driven film more like TNG than TOS and lets not forget, we found out much more about the characters in that film. As for the Star Wars movie, I have never really like Star Wars in general but I do like Jedi but, the new 3 were bad. Trek is far better!

79. Crusade2267 - August 23, 2008

I totally agree with you on Insurrection. It wasn’t First Contact, but it wasn’t bad either. Generations felt like a really long TNG episode, only it wasn’t as well lit. But still, I feel that the only TNG movie that is unwatchable is Nemesis. And that’s mainly, I feel, the direction. Frakes was the best TNG film director.

Looking forward to the new film, and hoping JJ Abrams is a Nicholas Meyer or Jonathan Frakes

80. Cervantes - August 23, 2008

#79 wes

I’d sure appreciate the full name of that Star Trek V ‘fan edit’ that you mentioned, and who it is done by. I’ll be able to track it down for myself from there. Thanks.

81. Hugh Johnson - August 23, 2008

Smith loved all the recent Star Wars movies. He also praised Mission Impossible III.

But I think he was more or less right on The Dark Knight, which he called the Godfather II of Superhero films. Let’s hope he’s right on Watchmen and Trek.

82. TrekNerd - August 23, 2008

“The credits in the teaser trailer just had the cast billed in alphabetical order with Bana and Nimoy getting the honorary “with” and “and” credits at the end. I imagine it’ll be the same in the film. Which means John Cho gets top billing.”

By that logic, James Doohan should have gotten top billing in TOS and the TOS movies; LeVar Burton in TNG and the TNG movies; Rene Auberjonois in DS9; Robert Beltran in VOY; and Scott Bakula in — oh, never mind that last one.

The point being, the top billing goes to the lead(s) regardless of alphabetical order, i.e. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and DeForest Kelley in TOS and the TOS movies; Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes in TNG and then Stewart, Frakes, and Brent Spiner in the TNG movies (I’m pretty sure Spiner moved up from last in the alphabetical order of the TV series to third spot in the movies); Avery Brooks in DS9; Kate Mulgrew in VOY; and Scott Bak — oh, right.

So if any of the main cast of the new Star Trek gets top billing (i.e. the young Kirk-led crew of the Enterprise, excluding Leonard Nimoy), it most certainly will be Chris Pine followed by Zachary Quinto and perhaps Karl Urban, with the rest of the crew in alphabetical order.

Unless this is treated like a standard film rather than a franchise film, in which case it will be Leonard Nimoy and Eric Bana (or Bana and Nimoy) followed by Pine, Quinto, Urban, etc.

83. Johnny Ice - August 23, 2008

Good news.

#71: Star Trek is going to be THE movie of 2009.
Agree. I also think it will surpass Star Trek: Motion Picture as the most successful Trek movie at the box office. :)

84. Q - August 23, 2008

81. Cervantes – August 23, 2008

#79 wes

I’d sure appreciate the full name of that Star Trek V ‘fan edit’ that you mentioned, and who it is done by. I’ll be able to track it down for myself from there. Thanks.

I dont remember where I saw it, but, it is Star Trek V remastered, there is also a generations one out there w/o Kirk

85. John Trumbull - August 23, 2008

Anthony –

I don’t mean to be excessively negative about Smith’s opinion. It’s just that I know from past experience that I don’t automatically love the things that he does. I realize Smith’s been the mainstream media’s goto geek guy for the last decade or so, but I’ve never felt like he’s spoken for me.

For my money, a much greater testament to the film’s potential quality is the fact that Leonard Nimoy was willing to come out of retirement to shoot it. That speaks volumes.

86. Beam Me Up - August 23, 2008

Generations is great because we finally got to see the ED on the big screen. Of course, they go ahead and destroy it in the exact same movie.

87. Mike - August 23, 2008

Kevin Smith is a bright dude. His recommendation is encouraging.

I was just looking over the reviews for the Clone Wars, and I had a thought. THIS is what fan boy fetishism creates. Listless, lifeless, pointless but “chronologically and canonically accurate” tales better left untold. There’s no question that George Lucas knows everything there is to know about Star Wars lore, but that has nothing to do with making a good movie. In fact, it seems (as Ron Moore has said) to work against the drama. Stories aren’t about the technical specifications of the devices the characters are using or the color of their shirts. Stories are about ideas. Thank god Abrams and crew had the courage to ignore (politely) the canon purists whose obsession with the irrelevant and inability to see the forest for the trees would have sunk yet another Trek film into fan boy mediocrity.

88. Zinc - August 23, 2008

#82 TrekNerd

Hey, I’m just telling you how it is. The billing in the trailer went exactly like this:

John Cho
Ben Cross
Bruce Greenwood
Simon Pegg
Chris Pine
Zachary Quinto
Winona Ryder
Zoe Saldana
Karl Urban
Anton Yelchin
Eric Bana
Leonard Nimoy

Now the actual film’s opening credits could be different I guess, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

89. S. John Ross - August 23, 2008

#48: There are two types of _irrational_ fans: the optomists and the pessimists. Some of us aren’t irrational. Some of us are actually withholding judgment until we see the film and doing our best to give the creative team the benefit of the doubt without also giving them any _undue_ benefit of it. Some of us have hopes but no (current) expectations.

And it’s always important to remember that the optimists and pessimists are _equally_ irrational. Equally. 100%.

I’m glad that Kevin Smith liked it, but as others have said: his opinion is not necessarily one to take too seriously on these matters. On the other hand, I’m one of the seven people on the planet who really liked Jersey Girl, so mine may be dismissed as well, someday, when I’ve seen the film and have one :)

Current change in expectations: zero, plus zero, equals zero. Hopes remain all hopeful and stuff.

90. HiTrek Redneck - August 23, 2008

I read this site everyday, and this will be my first ever post. I have 2 things to say.
1) I trust Smith’s opinion on the matter. I have enjoyed everything I’ve ever seen him work in or on.
2) I have not seen a Trek movie or episode from any of the series that I did not like. I can only assume that this will be a great movie and I’m waiting as patiently as I can for May to get here.

I have no problem if they drift out of canon, as long as they use good sense (which I have full faith that they have good sense or they wouldn’t have been given the project). Movie makers don’t tend to make A-list movies, dump tons of money into them, and then intentionally dump a crappy script on it (or in the case of Trek, a script so out of canon that no forgiveness could be given even in the eyes of a novice Trekkie). I’ve heard and read enough to believe this thing is gonna be AWESOME.

AND, I don’t live in a basement and my wife is gorgeous. And she hates Trek. I have forgiven her, though…… :-)

91. Beam Me Up - August 23, 2008

I wonder why Kevin doesn’t do more comic book action type movies. He always does comedy.

92. oztrek - August 23, 2008

I might be flying with sensors off-line here – because I only heard of Hannah Montana the other day when I asked a reliable source who she was and my teenage daughter dismissed her as a tween icon.

Its a big market out there. Trek will thrive

93. Cervantes - August 23, 2008

#84 Q

So ‘Star Trek V remastered’ then. Thanks, I’ll do some digging around….

94. » Blog Archive » Simon Pegg & Kevin Smith Say New Trek Is Phenomenal - August 24, 2008

[…] can read futher comments from Kevin Smith here at – and for the whole Simon Pegg interview on Ain’t It Cool News click here. […]

95. Holger - August 24, 2008

69: You may be right for the most part (I’m not so sure the original cast will all be dead in 10 years. Why shouldn’t e.g. Nimoy reach the age of 87??)
But what matters is: we are living here and now. Therefore, we mind the stuff which is around here and now.

96. Decker's Stubble - August 24, 2008

I only have a vague idea of who Kevin Smith is, and no clue why there is so much debate about what his opinion means. Does it really matter?

I only honor one opinion when it comes to movies – mine. I will wait, see it, and judge for myself.

97. JWM - August 24, 2008

The rift in the Star Trek fan base that appears to be developing is a bit funny to me. I have been a lifelong fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek, and what is happening in the latter’s fan base will continue and turn uglier, and uglier, as time goes on as it did in the former’s.

The best comment is actually #97 — “I only honor one opinion when it comes to movies – mine. I will wait, see it, and judge for myself.”

I personally love Star Wars Episode I. I “got it” when I first saw it, and unlike the majority of the fanboys who could cite that Joseph Campbell was an influence, and Kurosawa, and all that garbage, none of them understood that Lucas had just literally remade The Hidden Fortress right down to the acting styles, thrown in a little Iron Monkey and then added the dispirited musings of an onlooker living through the final days of Rome/America.

Regardless of my own opinion, though, and the fact that the film was ridiculously successful, the Internet allowed history to be rewritten so that people now look back and regard it as an epic failure. Those that liked it are disregarded as fanatically devoted to the franchise.

Similarly, this will happen with Star Trek. The difference this time is that the rift has started already. All the Internet is, sometimes, is a megaphone for the disaffected and bitter to shout down those with whom they disagree. If so much as 10% of Trek’s fan base dislikes this movie (guaranteed) then it will appear to the casual observer that the fans either disliked it as a whole, or there was a 50/50 split between “true, deluded believers” and “true, non-deluded believers.”

It used to be that people would see art/film/theatre, *reflect on it and digest it*, and then give an opinion. But now, with instant access and the almighty feeling of importance that the Internet can give an *instant opinion*, that important second step is dissolved. It’s truly a post-modern quandary — are you truly experiencing art if the entire time you are viewing it, you are questioning only how you are going to state what you thought of it? The opinion becomes important than the work itself, and as such, loses value.

And finally, Kevin Smith is a one-trick pony. It grates my nerves that his opinion is given merit on anything, just because he managed to make a string of movies based on the same joke. Congrats as a lover of capitalism, and I curse you as a lover of art.

98. Spangles - August 24, 2008

>> 83. Johnny Ice – August 23, 2008

“Good news.

#71: Star Trek is going to be THE movie of 2009.”

I think you’ll find that “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” will be THE movie of 2009… ;)

99. Commodore Wesley - August 24, 2008

Re. Hannah Montana: Never fear. I doubt that tweener girls will be interested in seeing Trek XI anyway. As for their families: any family members who are interested in Trek will either be in the auditorium next door, or will return to the cinema later to see Trek XI.

100. OneBuckFilms - August 24, 2008

I’m optimistic about the movie, but will wait and see how it turns out.

Anthony, no need to explain yourself. Whent he time comes, write your reviews, then let others have their opinions.

You have some insight into what it’s taking to make these movies, which to me gives you more credibility than many of the reviewers out there.

101. Khan's Ear Slug - August 24, 2008

I can’t believe how many peolpe here like The Star wars Preqels, Personally I thought they were terrible. That’s just me.

102. krikzil - August 24, 2008

>>i wonder what it will be like when I review the film. Am I to be attacked like Smith in order for people to dismiss the opinion (either way I review it)

I don’t think people will attack you on a personal level. Everyone seems pretty fond of this site and appreciative of your hard work.

But please, don’t hold back. I appreciate honest reviews, warts and all. I don’t like sugar-coating with my Trek. I’ve never understood the attitude (displayed here at times) that precludes honest opinion be it good or bad. You don’t have to “love” every aspect of Trek to be a “true” fan.

Now the movie..well. It’s going to be pretty emotional when we all actually do get to see it. Some are gonna absolutely love it, others hate it and a lot in between I imagine. I imagine it’s going to take me several viewings to come to a conclusion.

103. mayday - August 24, 2008

I’ll be in the latter. With 7 and 9 year old girls we will see Hannah and get a sitter for Trek XI. I can’t wait! (for Trek, that is).

104. Redjac - August 24, 2008

#102 — I agree. Whatever happened to objectivity? It’s ok to not love and fall down on one’s knees and worship everything that has the Trek name on it.

I think we all want Abrams, Orci, and Co to be successful with this film. Certainly the stakes cannot be higher.

If this one fails, I don’t think we’ll see any new Star Trek for a long, long time to come.

It has to be good — and it has to be a success.

The pressure is on.

105. Redjac - August 24, 2008

“And finally, Kevin Smith is a one-trick pony. It grates my nerves that his opinion is given merit on anything, just because he managed to make a string of movies based on the same joke. Congrats as a lover of capitalism, and I curse you as a lover of art.”

Um, I don’t know that he’s a “one trick pony”. We’ve not seen Watchmen yet. That will probably determine whether or not he’s a “one trick pony”.

Whether that label turns out to be true or not, the “one trick” he’s done so far he has done very well.

Personally, I love his films. I’ve also seen his “stand-up” DVDs and those are hilarious as well.

I’d like to party with KS. I don’t know him, obviously, but he seems like he is a cool dude…

106. Redjac - August 24, 2008

Whoops! I would like to amend my previous post by saying we have yet to see KS direct a film like “Watchmen” (which, I think he could do a great job with a superhero film based on his comments in the past).

I did not intend to imply he was working on Watchmen.

107. Lyle - August 25, 2008

Other than Jar Jar Binks and “Yippee!”, The Phantom Menace was a fine movie. Sure it wasn’t The Empire Strikes Back, but what else could it be? Problem with TPM was that it came at the end of a 16-year drought in SW movies, and the fanbase was so incredibly hyped beyond belief that their stratospheric expectations couldn’t help but be let down by a film that, by its very nature, couldn’t have the kind of spectacular space battles and other cool stuff that the earlier movies did. It did have Darth Maul in it, so give it a rest eh?

That having been said, I’ve personally enjoyed very much all of the KS-diected movies I have seen. If Silent Bob can give the new movie a thumbs-up, that is good in my book.

108. Lance - August 25, 2008

Should we trust a “review” from the man who brought us Daredevil? I vote for J.J. to redo THAT.

109. Steven Millan - August 26, 2008

I’m truly glad to hear some positive stuff about the upcoming “Star Trek” film,for it should be a massive box office success when it’s released next May(whether or not “Hannah Montana” is in the way),considering the absolutely monstrous fanbase that “Star Trek” has.

110. emperend - August 26, 2008

Very interesting comments from Smith.

111. Ten Ton Diesel Head - August 26, 2008

“It’s as close as you can get to the comic book page without looking ridiculous. These guys know what they’re doing. Mark is as passionate if not more so than anyone can be about making a DAREDEVIL movie. He’s done heavy-duty research. He’s read all the important DAREDEVIL work, and the not-so-important DAREDEVIL work like my own and he’s certainly not going to let any DAREDEVIL fans down from what I’ve seen.”

-Kevin Smith

112. Bob Tompkins - August 27, 2008

I was formely Seven of Five until I was blocked by the auto filter. Mr. Pascale says he doesn’t understand it, so I dropped it in favor of my real name.

Just so there is no confusion.

113. Bob Tompkins - August 27, 2008

Well, here we are heading into September and what we know about the new Trek couldn’t fill a thimble.

Neither of my kids nor their peers know or even care to know that a new movie looms.

What happens if Abrams made an absolutely brilliant Star Trek movie- 4 star ratings, Oscar buzz, the whole magilla- and it still doesn’t gross much more than $100million? That is what I fear the most.

I think Paramount had better start promoting the heck out of it soon to at least make the Gen X & Y’ers & the kids who like those horrible Levi’s ads [my kids and their peers] aware of its existence. Chances were squandered by all of this ‘secrecy’. Iron Man, Indy 4 or even Tropic Thunder would have been good spots for a new trailer.

Let’s take a look at Paramount’s release schedule for the rest of 2008. “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” seems the only movie likely to approach $100 million for the rest of the year. Not much to tie the next trailer to and nothing else of much interest until May of 2009. I guess the next trailer will have to be run a couple of minutes before the Trek movie starts if they want any actual worthwhile exposure at the theaters!

114. milbup - September 20, 2008


115. Jonathan Stryker - July 9, 2011

Well Star Trek JJ was a good action film. I know it didn’t have the vibe or the exploration elements of TOS, but I believe it was intended to introduce the cast and in that it succeeded. We can only compare this movie with the others when we have more than one to establish the cast and flesh out their stories. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.