First Cut of Star Trek Complete – Paramount Preview Goes Well

Four months after wrapping principal photography JJ Abrams and his editors Mary Jo Markey and Maryann Brandon have finished their first cut for Star Trek. Late last week Abrams screened this cut for studio boss Brad Grey and other big shots at Paramount and according to sources it went very well.

The Paramount buzz on Star Trek went into high gear last week. One source tells TrekMovie that first cut showing was “a hit.” Another old studio hand who isn’t even working on the project called the cut “very impressive.” And yet another source said that the reaction in the screening room was “far beyond expectations” and as we know expectations have been high at the studio since the powers that be decided to move it from a Christmas 2008 release to their first summer tent pole of 2009.

Of course we are still nine months away from release, but Abrams is determined to stick with his original schedule, although due to the large number of effects shots needed this may slip a little to save some money on overtime. There is still a lot of post-production to be done on the film, with the visual effects from ILM being the biggest element that needs completing (so far only a few of the 1300+ shots are considered ‘finished’). Another major task yet to be done is the music by Michael Giacchino, but sources say the composer is already at work and that scoring sessions should get underway in the Fall.

The next major step for Star Trek is likely to be the release of the first theatrical trailer. The trailer itself is edited already, but apparently the effects are not finalized. Unlike the first teaser, this trailer will include live action shots from the film itself. No word yet on when this will be released, but it is expected (but not guaranteed) sometime in 2008. Other promotional milestones include official movie poster (and tagline), release of full picture of the Enterprise, and additional viral campaigns.

Another Star Trek milestone
Believe it or not the journey of JJ Abrams Star Trek movie is well into its third year. Below is a summary of the big events since we first learned Star Trek was headed back to the big screen.

4/20/06   Variety reports JJ Abrams in talks to produce Star Trek film
7/15/06 Paramount announce multi-pic production deal with JJ Abrams / Bad Robot
7/22/06   Comic Con: Paramount release first teaser poster (showing blue & gold uniforms, hinting TOS era), indicated ‘2008’ release
1/07 Script completed / Paramount gives green light, begin discussions on director
2/24/07   Paramount announce green light, Abrams as director, Christmas ’08 release date
4/07 Abrams first confirms Kirk-era storyline for Star Trek
7/27/07 Comic Con: Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy announced as ‘two Spocks’, release new teaser poster showing "Star Trek" as title
8/07-10/07 Casting rest of main ‘crew’ and cast
11/11/07  Principal photography begins
1/18/08  First teaser trailer released (w/ Cloverfield) + official movie site & ‘viral’ site launched
2/13/08 Release date changed to May 8th, 2009
3/27/08 Principal photography wraps
7/18/08 Comic Con poster with cast photos revealed + official site updated
8/1/08 First cut completed, shown to Paramount execs


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