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More Details and Promotional Image For Star Trek Movie Prequel Comic November 24, 2008

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Last month TrekMovie reported that IDW will release a comic book prequel in January for the new Star Trek film from JJ Abrams. Today IDW issued an official announcement related to that book, including a promotional image and some comments from the IDW editor and Star Trek movie co-writer Roberto Orci. [UPDATE: plus a comment from artist David Messinia]


Countdown: connecting TNG to the new Star Trek
The four issue "Star Trek Countdown" series is ‘presented by’ Star Trek director JJ Abrams and ‘plotted by’ co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. The series is written by Mike Johnson (Superman/Batman) and Tim Jones, and features art by David Messina (Star Trek: Mirror Images).

As reported in our previous article, Star Trek Countdown will take place in the Star Trek Next Generation era and the focus is primarily on older Spock and Nero, the villain of the film. In the official release Orci states:

Star Trek: Countdown lays the groundwork for what happens in the movie. It’s our way of passing the baton from the Next Generation characters and their movies to the new film.

Hints in Promo image
From the promotional image (below) it is now clear “Star Trek Countdown” will feature Picard and Data in the Next Gen era (note they are wearing the TNG uniforms used from First Contact through to Nemesis). The image also features Spock and (interestingly) a younger looking Nero with no tattoos. The promo image is a take on the four quadrant Star Trek Comic Con 2008 posters. It would not be surprising if, like the Comic Con promotion, this image is actually made up of the four individual covers for "Star Trek Countdown."

Promo image for "Star Trek Countdown"
(click to enlarge)

This project is a long-time coming as noted by IDW Editor Andy Schmidt in the release:

There was a lot of back and forth about doing this project, how to do it, what it would be about, but what all parties agreed on was that we needed the right story and that it needed to matter. It had to count both on its own merits and when read in conjunction with the new movie. I couldn’t be happier with the project and what it means to the overall Star Trek franchise!

A must read for movie fans
Star Trek Countdown #1 will be available at Comic Stores in January ($3.99). The remaining three issues will come out in February, March and April respectively. This series looks like a must read for Trek comic book fans and also fans who are not regular comic readers. The "Star Trek: Countdown" trade paperback (which will compile all four issues) is now available for pre-order on It costs $12.23 and comes out on April 29th.

UPDATE: Messina speaks
In the comments section below, Star Trek Countdown artist David Messina has joined in the conversation, adding this thought:

I’m an old comics guy, and, in my opinion, Trek has always translated poorly to comics. Ships are badly rendered, and starfields are messy.

NOT this time! ;)

Also, the issue of canon is one thing, but will this comic actually reveal any of the well-kept secrets of the film (who is Nero, and whom he is angry at and why)


Believe me, you can’t imagine…



1. The Doctor - November 24, 2008


2. Bill - November 24, 2008

Neat. I like the style of the cover matching the imagery of the film poster. It adds a little more “cohesiveness” to the old and new.

3. SirMartman - November 24, 2008

neat !

4. Starfleet06 - November 24, 2008

As an avid fan of graphic novels, I simply cannot wait! The fact that it’s Star Trek (and deals with TNG) certainly sweetens the deal though.

5. Bill - November 24, 2008

Wait wha?!

It took me a second to process that. What’s Data doing here?

I hope there’s no lame brining Data back to life storyline here. Yes, I know B4 is around, but why would he be on the cover? (Except I suppose to pique interest)

6. Kroll - November 24, 2008

This looks like it would have made a great animated series/ straight to DVD ala the animatrix or the Batman one they did before Dark Knight. And finally First

7. LordCheeseCakeBreath - November 24, 2008


8. Matt - November 24, 2008

5 – Maybe it takes place prior to Nemesis?

9. MORN SPEAKS - November 24, 2008

Wouldn’t that be B4 since Data is dead? Man I just really wished TNG received one REAL last movie sendoff like The Undiscovered Country did for the original crew :(

10. Viking - November 24, 2008

I think Nero got his ink done on Rura Penthe. Romulan tribal prison art.

11. Steve From NY - November 24, 2008

Wow, that sounds great! I am looking forward to the movie, but would love to find out what’s been going on the the current Trek universe since Nemesis. It must take place before the last film though, as Data gets “killed” ( as we all know) in that movie. I’d really like to see a graphic novel written by Orci or someone thats worked on Trek, that focuses on TNG crew, perhaps even a Titan Graphic novel.

Just nice to see Trek getting good press again, hope the movie lives up to all the hype, although it’s very rare they do.

12. Viking - November 24, 2008

Hey, if I missed something in an earlier thread, just call me Captain Obvious. :-)

13. Captain Dunsel - November 24, 2008

#5 “I hope there’s no lame brining Data back to life…”

Interesting thought there – dip Data in a saline solution and… Naw – it’d never work.

14. Newman - November 24, 2008

Yes!!! I was so hoping that Picard would be part of this!!! I haven’t read comic books in a long time but in January I am going to pick this bad boy up!!!!

15. Ed - November 24, 2008

If the comic prequel is supposed to take place after Nemesis, from the looks of the cover – Have they found a way to bring Data back to life! :-)

16. the_law - November 24, 2008

So…..sort of to connect this with Mr. Trotter’s piece in a previous post, I’m curious if the events depicted in the comics will be counted as the all illustrious “canon”? If it’s a prequel to the movie, then why not? However, we all know that canon is only what was on the screen, big or small. I’ll let the powers that be determine, but it is an interesting thought to process.

Very excited and looking forward to buying a copy in January!

17. Carlo A. Flores - November 24, 2008

Actually I think I see the hint of a tattoo, there’s a little spike on his forehead right beneath the word “official.”

18. karanadon - November 24, 2008

Hopefully this will give TNG the send-off it deserved and give us a neat intro to the new film! I’m excited now; fingers crossed!! I’m glad to see Picard, but I am curious about the Data/B4 thing…

19. John - November 24, 2008

They should just use Data as if he never died–pretend Nemesis never happened like everyone else does. Don’t try to explain it, don’t worry about “making it fit in canon.” Just write the damn story, and put Data in it, and be done with it. Nemesis was lame as shit…I wish Paramount would officially disown that movie and emancipate it from the Star Trek universe. It sucked hard.

20. Marv - November 24, 2008


Sorry about the caps. But hey, it would be worth capitalizing if they actually did throw out that stinking load of a movie.

21. sean - November 24, 2008

I assumed that this series would track Spock and Nero over a number of years, presumably patching up Spock’s story between Unification and the new movie. Since Spock met Data and Picard last time, presumably it starts with them still in the picture somewhere?

22. Dierna - November 24, 2008

Considering this is a reboot of the franchise the events in TOS, TNG, ect technically never happened now. So Data could be alive again due to a change in history. Perhaps we should thank Nero for this??? Unless that IS B4?

Either way I was confused as to WTF Picard has to do with the story. Nice to know that he’s involved somehow tho…

23. Weerd1 - November 24, 2008

Well, depending on the character archetype, we may see Nero start on Romulus as a protoge of Spock in the reunification underground. When he decides to take a more violent approach, Spock rejects him, a situation which may leave Nero to a Klingon prison. Upon his escape/release he gets a hold of some time tech (because it is apparently pretty easy to get by that time) and decides to make some very personally motivated changes. Attack the world of his former mentor, ruin the life of his former mentor’s best friend, etc. It will be interesting to see what role Picard and Data play in this.

Is Nero Future Guy from ENT? Do we know things like the Kelvin and Vulcan are the ONLY changes he is making to the timeline?

24. Crusade2267 - November 24, 2008

Will this comic be canon? (Interesting question I know, considering the movie’s canon/reboot question.)

I am looking forward to it.

Of course, I’m going to have a little countdown of my own, and watch every TOS episode before the movie comes out. My wife can’t wait! (Hear the sarcasm?)

25. Weerd1 - November 24, 2008

Is it creepy the Data pose replicates the Uhura pose from the movie’s posters?

26. Steve From NY - November 24, 2008

Weerd1 – November 24, 2008 “Is Nero Future Guy from ENT? Do we know things like the Kelvin and Vulcan are the ONLY changes he is making to the timeline?”

Thats an interesting idea! It would also make sense, future guy tries to disrupt the enterprise NX01 and the formation of the Federation, now he tries to destroy Kirk, who was the biggest thorn in the romulan side with regards to them taking over the federation and destroying it.

Even if it has nothing to do with it, it still is a good idea, and would tie all era’s of Start Trek “History” together.

27. Holger - November 24, 2008

Looks interesting. I think I’m gonna get those comics.

28. AJ - November 24, 2008

The Data issue will probably be pre-Nemesis.

Or it is B4, which would cheapen the series considerably.

29. ucdom - November 24, 2008

Clearly…. (Jesus, here goes)… theileron radiation has the same effect as the Genesis device; therefore Data was reformed in the explosion which destroyed the Scimitar. Picard then stole the Enterprise-E to go back and find him, but that movie was so bad it went straight to DVD.

Is it just me, or does Picard look like he’s about to chew my face off?

30. Toddk - November 24, 2008

no..comic books arent canon..claiming the animated series is canon is just stretching it

31. Wrath - November 24, 2008

Love that TNG isn’t being forgotten. It may have been underserved in its final days, but I adore those characters, and I believe Mr. Orci does too.

Our gain.

32. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - November 24, 2008

Death of Picard??????????????????????

33. sean - November 24, 2008

Pfft. I’d just as soon they bring Data back, since his death was pointless and they completely undercut any meaning it might have had with B4.

34. spider1981 - November 24, 2008

Even though Nemesis is pretty much universally hated (I actually didn’t mind it) by most, didn’t Data copy his entire memory into B-4 in an attempt to give him the same level of awareness as himself? I think I remember there being some problem where the copy didn’t take or something. What if they solved that?

35. Daniel - November 24, 2008

Look guys… the question is… WILL WE SEE TNG time period in the beginning of the FILM or some time during it to set up the story. I think its freakin stupid this back story is a comic book… THIS shouldve been part of the movie INCORPORATING TNG characters, SPOCK, and the original crew members!!! WHY NOT MAKE AN EPIC FILM INCLUDING EVERYONE! Instead of a gay comic! CMON!! THE NEW MOVIE BETTER SHOW SOME TNG TIME PERIOD STUFF1!!!!

36. ucdom - November 24, 2008

Actually a gay comic sounds great.. topshelf android action….

I’m gay by the way, in case the irony was wasted

37. spider1981 - November 24, 2008


I didn’t read anything about any gays in the comic.
If you mean it derogatorily however, I take offense.

38. Rick - November 24, 2008

Interesting the first look at Spock (Prime?) the Nimoy Spock if you will and it is in comic book art form.;) Looks like it might be an interesting read. Someone mentioned a ANIMATRIX type STAR TREK DVD tie in. You know that might of been a fun idea. I believe it would be way too late to do something like that now. They did a somewhat similar thing with THE DARK KNIGHT this last summer with the GOTHAM KNIGHT DVD. Although it was not a direct connection with the film.

39. I'm dead Jim - November 24, 2008

Am I the only one who remembers that Data downloaded all of his memories and experiences into B-4? So even if the comic picks up after Nemesis, that’s how it would work. Data’s data planted in B-4 finally takes hold and he becomes Data. Problem solved!

Regardless of this, I really wish these Countdown comics could have been the new movie, giving TNG a proper send-off. Hey JJ! Why not create a made-for-tv movie based on this!

40. Jon - November 24, 2008

30 – If Paramount or the producers say they are canon, they will be.

41. I'm dead Jim - November 24, 2008

#34 … Ah, you remembered it!

42. ucdom - November 24, 2008

To continue a theme, I return to the most hilarious gay Star Trek spoof ever by the german comedian Michael ‘Bully’ Herbig. Spock (played) by Herbig, who I think is straight, minces around, checks his eyebrows in a flip-out mirror (communicator).
Sorry, the film is called Traumschiff Surprise. Funniest thing ever. Fact.

43. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 24, 2008

Yeah, baby!!! SPOCK PRIME!!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!

44. Daniel - November 24, 2008

Damn I apologize, i was typing without thinking… By gay i meant stupid… nothing more… I’m just a little worried that what seems to be an AWESOME story involving TNG time period and crew tieing into the movie will be done in a comic! When it wouldve been a BILLION times better if this story was part of the movie! Think of it.. what a GREAT way for the TNG crew to hand off the series to the New look and feel of the franchise! And all we’ll get of that is a comic book??? No thanks. I’ll watch the movie ONLY and count THAT as what happened.

Does anyone here think they will show some old SPOCK and NERO in TNG time period??? This is a big concern for me as I think it would just be sooo cool to see on screen! And maybe see some Starfleet ships and people with TNG uniforms??? T

45. Ty - November 24, 2008

Nero has the tats. You can see the point coming down just below the “C” in “Official.”

46. ucdom - November 24, 2008


Hey Daniel – no worries, just being a sensitive old queen.

I would LOVE to see Spock Prime and Nero in the TNG era!!!!!

47. Casper - November 24, 2008

@23- Weerd1:

I have been thinking down that line too.

-What if Nero is just another agent of the Temporal Cold War?
-What if Archer’s travels back and forth courtesy Daniels has enabled him to “orchestrate” things his way?
-Perhaps Daniels has found a way to prolong Archer’s life, that the Scotty/Porthos incident doesn’t involve a withered 130 year old man?
-Wouldn’t it be ironically hilarious if Daniels helps undo Nero’s tampering?

I was always waiting for some guy named Midland to team up with Archer and Daniels on the Temporal Cold War missions.

I agree with some others- as blech as the TCW theme was, it would tie Archer, Kirk, and Picard’s crews together- one mother of a fight!

And it was Daniels’ fault that Archer read the book about the “Romulan Star Empire”…

48. Rick - November 24, 2008

One more thing STAR TREK GENERATIONS had an element of the TOS pass the baton the the TNG ST series/films. Now this comic book seems to be doing the reverse of the process.;) Funny how this is all working out.

49. Ron Mosher - November 24, 2008

RE:44 Need to work on that apology gay doesn’t mean stupid.As for the comic I already pre-ordered the compiled comic so I can read it all the way through before I see the film.I won’t bash it based on an image. Give it a chance folks!

50. Lt. Barclay - November 24, 2008

About Nero’s tattoo… that black thing right below “C” of “Official” could well be a piece of his hair.

Ok ok, I know… Nero doesn’t have hair in the movie. But who said he didn’t have it when he was younger or something? Maybe he decided to shave it later and add the tattoos… who knows…

51. Commodore Wesley - November 24, 2008


Very cool…

52. Jon G - November 24, 2008

Its so simple guys. They took Lore out of storage and wiped his memory, then downloaded Data from B4 into Lore’s body and BAM… Data v2.0

53. Gary - November 24, 2008

Data alive? Maybe Q rebooted the Next Generation.

54. fred - November 24, 2008

Yeah, getting Data back since B4 has him in there would be easliy accomplished before lunch by Geordi. What a copout by the movie writers.

He might as well have touched his hand to B4’s face and whispered “remember.” What a waste of film.

55. hitch1969© is LOL. - November 24, 2008

re: “Damn I apologize, i was typing without thinking… By gay i meant stupid… nothing more…”

um, “Hi. I’m Sal Governale…”

That apology was easily the funniest thing I’ve read all day. And by funny, I meant gay – like happy, but definitely not stupid. and of course, nothing more.



56. garen - November 24, 2008

this is the coolest thing i’ve heard in a while. I’m genuinely excited for a comic series!

57. garen - November 24, 2008

Why would they put Data in Yellow and Picard in red? Either switch the posisiton on the colors or switch the position of the characters.

oh well. still looks cool.

58. garen - November 24, 2008

*#57 why WOULDN’T they put….

59. Darth Ballz - November 24, 2008

Does Nero have the tattoo? Um, maby the story is more the focas? This is a comic book, COMIC BOOK! Geeez…..

Darth “Tatsabovethecrack” Ballz

60. Mr. Anonymous - November 24, 2008

#48 –

Ha. That’s awesome. I guess we now know who the better Captain is afterall. =)

61. Jeffries Tuber - November 24, 2008

This is all around a great idea and some of IDW’s titles are cool. But I’m curious why IDW? Hardly an A-list label, when it would have been a great time to build Paramount-Marvel relations.

62. AJ - November 24, 2008

I would have preferred a novel.

I’m an old comics guy, and, in my opinion, Trek has always translated poorly to comics. Ships are badly rendered, and starfields are messy. and you read them in 5 minutes. I’ll give this one a try.

Also, the issue of canon is one thing, but will this comic actually reveal any of the well-kept secrets of the film (who is Nero, and whom he is angry at and why), or will it be so detached so as not to reveal any spoilers?

63. James - November 24, 2008


I don’t read comics as a rule, but I’m actually interested in this! It sounds cool!

Plus, I’m a TNG/DS9 man – anything with Data and Picard is going to be thumbs-up for me!

64. Adam Cohen - November 24, 2008

There’s a rumor that Picard is in the new movie. Completely unsubstantiated, but seeing this image reminded me of the rumor.

65. JL - November 24, 2008

Wouldn’t it be crazy is KIRK was one of the four character images….?

Shat fans would be shatting themselves right now.

66. JL - November 24, 2008

Off-topic, sorry, but

Why can’t we post URLs on here..? I keep trying to post a link to a funny Youtube vid and the post never works… is there a policy against or something?

67. bill hiro - November 24, 2008

There’s a rumor that Robert April is in the movie, as a janitor. Pass it on!

68. Shatner_Fan_Prime - November 24, 2008

#57 … I had the same thought. Odd choice on their part.

69. Steven - November 24, 2008

Can’t wait to read this! Hopefully the wait will be worth it!

70. JL - November 24, 2008

Hey Hitch, for the record, I use the term “gay” when I am refering to something askew or amiss. Not gay as in sexual orientation. To me, gay can mean a lot of things!

PS: I thought you weren’t going to post again until May.

71. Corinthian7 - November 24, 2008

My guess is that the story will take place prior to the events shown in Nemesis. The comic art implies we are seing a significantly younger Nero and I believe the new trailer shows Nero during his escape from Rura Penthe. Therefore I think this comic book series will show the events that lead up to Nero’s incarceration as opposed to the events leading upto his travelling back in time. I kind of get the impression that Nero will spended quite a few years banged up in Rura Penthe and that will no doubt add to his motivation in the new movie.

72. Third Remata'Klan - November 24, 2008

Knowing Picard and Data are in it just makes me even more interested to read it.

Looking forward to it!

73. SciFiMetalGirl - November 24, 2008

Please don’t use the term “gay” in a derogatory manner. It is hurtful and detrimental to those of the gay community. Thank you.

74. Trekmaster - November 24, 2008

The idea that Nero might be Future Guy from ENT has me actually chuckle while reading this here at work today (Nov. 24) and so I sincerely hope that this is in fact what Orci and Kurtzman are going for in the comic book. I’d also love to see if they can someone drop a mention of it in the film similar to how they’ve dropped in the mention of:


Scotty practicing transporter techniques on Admiral Archer’s prize beagle!

I know there are a lot of loose ends to tie up in Trek’s history but for a modern day fan such as myself, the whole Future Guy storyline left unresolved from ENT has always irked me.

I just hope that Decipher or somebody is able to make a new collectible card game based on the new film. Man, I miss that Trek game.

75. Sean4000 - November 24, 2008

This will be my first comic book since the War/Famine/Pestilence TMNT comic some 18 years ago!

76. hitch1969© is back in 2008. - November 24, 2008

JL, good buddy, I was going to retire but the power of gayness brought me back in 2008. Out of the retirement closet, I am here!

My point was this. Suppose every time we thought something was stupid, we called it negro? But no offense to the negroes and all that.

I think that gay people would rather that when we use the word gay, that it not mean something bad. Because to them, gay isn’t bad or stupid. It’s love… exciting and new. It’s a positive to them. Like, let’s get our gay on and be strong. bears n twinks, queens and trannies alike!

So if we use that word to mean stupid, or wrong, or amiss, it might hurt some feelings is what I am saying. As a rule, gays don’t appreciate for non-gays to point out that they are gay. Just as negros dont appreciate being singled out for being colored by whites. Black and gay is a double whammy so don’t even go there girlfriend, aiiiiight?



77. SPB - November 24, 2008


Good grief… haven’t they passed the proverbial “baton” about 103 different times?

“Encounter at Farpoint” (McCoy and Data)

STAR TREK VI & “Unification” (Final TOS film/Spock & Picard)


“STAR TREK: Countdown” (Now TNG is passing the baton BACK to TOS???)

Enough already!!!

78. JL - November 24, 2008


I see!

79. Anthony Brooks Fellows - November 24, 2008


So, I gather Nemesis was UNREAL?

They got a send off, sealed with the approval of Stewart and Spiner, and that’s it.

Enjoy the comic.

80. JL - November 24, 2008

If I use the term the way Burle Ives did, is that okay?

81. Spocks Brain - November 24, 2008

I could not bear to watch all of nemesis ……

it was painful… I could write a better story in half an hour.. no .. 10 minutes

82. Rastaman - November 24, 2008

Spock looks pissed! How illogical.

Or maybe he supposed to look old and toothless.

83. hitch1969© is back in 2008. - November 24, 2008

Burl Ives was old school, bro. It is now fully understood that gayness is out of the closet. But back in the day, it was a secret society. And they had a secret code and a handshake and all that. It was the underground railroad of gayness.

Burl Ives was an operative gathering intel, yet sympathetic to the cause. Think of him sort of like a back in the day William Boone, working as protectorate for the Companion Da’an, yet running with the resistance in his own spare time. Augur, Jonathan Doors. All that.

So in answer to your question, I would say be careful in the very least. Best practice, however, is to avoid the word gay at all costs. Unless of course you are gay, then throw it all around – good, bad, derogatory, whatever you wish. Like the negros use the N word. Same rule, diff subculture.



84. Weerd1 - November 24, 2008

Hey- here’s a convoluted time travel plot:
When Archer was in the destroyed 30th Century trying to get back to the 22nd, we never really see him make the transition back. An “Archer” just jumps out of Future Guy’s communication device. What if it wasn’t Archer at all, but actually a disguised Future Guy! Everything Archer does on the show from that point on is actually to the benefit of that side of the TCW! He actually sets the stage for Nero to make even deeper changes to the timeline later thus ENSURING the dark 30th Century where Archer is still trapped, waiting for Enterprise to be picked up for a fifth season!

That’s at least five issues of comic book right there…

Seriously though, I know Paramount is probably trying to put ENT behind it, and I think Mr. Orci was pretty tricky getting the beagle line in, but I would love to see this overt time travel plot tied to the TCW if only by a line of dialog somewhere.

85. AJ - November 24, 2008

I wouldn’t count on Nero being “Future Guy.”

It was an admitted plot failure by ENT TPTB, just as Nemesis was. I am sure Nemesis will be hardly mentioned as well (Who cares about the Remans anyway?) except as a passing event.

Comics don’t allow for that level of detail. Perhaps this will be a sequel of sorts to “Unification,” if Ambassador Spock’s plan managed to survive.

86. karanadon - November 24, 2008

#77 Don’t forget “Relics” either!!

87. Aragorn189 - November 24, 2008

I don’t usually read comics. I have a few trade paperbacks of some of the Star Wars Comics, but really nothing else. This actually looks interesting. However, I’ll probably wait for the Trade Paperback.

88. AdamTrek - November 24, 2008

Picard’s eyebrows are NOT CANON!

That is all…

89. Spock with a Crowbar - November 24, 2008

76, Hitch,

Well said! With that, I predict the new Trek film will be totally gay :D

(love… exciting and new…)

90. LostonNCC1701 - November 24, 2008

It is possible that maybe Nero got thrown into the hoosegow during the TNG era and only got out after Nemesis. It could be a story where each story takes place at a different time:

Issue 1: Shortly after Unification
Issue 2: Early TNG movie era
Issue 3: Later TNG movie era (maybe shortly after nemesis)
Issue 4: Post-Nemesis/pre-TOS (last page is a spread of the Narada attacking the Kelvin)

91. Dave - November 24, 2008

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome that they are sneaking TNG into this comic series. As much as I am crossing my fingers for a Frakes or Stewart cameo in the film, this might be better in the long run. Avoiding an over-reliance on quoting the other series is the way to go. Let’s not confuse non-fans with too much continuity wanking.

This comic will serve us Trekkies and give us the richly textured universe we love so much. Thank you, Team Bad Robot!

PS, better switch Data and Picard on that cover before you go to press!

92. The Gorn Identity - November 24, 2008

61. Jeffries Tuber – November 24, 2008

This is all around a great idea and some of IDW’s titles are cool. But I’m curious why IDW? Hardly an A-list label, when it would have been a great time to build Paramount-Marvel relations.

IDW may be an independent, but they are hardly B-list. They consistently win “Publisher of the Year” awards, are often the number 3 publisher in regard to sales, and hold the license to many popular franchise properties like Transformers, Angel, and G.I. Joe. I think Star Trek is in better hands at IDW than it ever was at Marvel or DC.

93. Poetwarrior1978 - November 24, 2008

Clearly Nero does not have the tattoos that we’ve seen in photos from the new movie and in the trailer. His tattoo in the new film extends down over the bridge of his nose, and is clearly absent in this picture.

94. David (Flaming Wings Forever) - November 24, 2008

#92 IDW was the only publisher interested in Trek at the time the license was up for grabs. Both Marvel and DC had NO serious interest in it at the time (although now who knows), and Dark Horse would not approach it as it conflicts with their very good relationship at LucasFilm / LucasArts.

To the best of my knowledge, IDW has the rights until 2010.

95. David Messina - November 24, 2008

I’m an old comics guy, and, in my opinion, Trek has always translated poorly to comics. Ships are badly rendered, and starfields are messy.

NOT this time! ;)

Also, the issue of canon is one thing, but will this comic actually reveal any of the well-kept secrets of the film (who is Nero, and whom he is angry at and why)


Believe me, you can’t imagine…

96. Thelin - November 24, 2008

I recently received Star Trek Year Four “Enterprise Experiment” written by DC Fontana. It is without doubt the BEST Star Trek comic I have ever owned. I feel like I am finally getting the “lost” episodes of TOS, with some TAS thrown in for good measure. I highly recommend IDW Star Trek comics. I will eagerly be awaiting the Prequel Movie Comic.

97. Orb of the Emissary - November 24, 2008

I am so there! :-)

98. DavidJ - November 24, 2008

I’m not a big fan of the other Trek comics out there, but the “Mirror Images” artwork has just been PHENOMENAL. So glad to hear they’re working on this comic too.

99. DavidJ - November 24, 2008

Also, does this constitute our first look at Nimoy as Spock in the movie?

Or did the artists just do some guesswork based on what Nimoy looks like today?

100. Commodore Robert April - November 24, 2008

Maybe they declared Nemesis non-cannon since it was so bad and it is Data on the cover. If not, they should. Looking forward to the comic and the series!

101. Paulaner - November 24, 2008

Connecting TNG to the new movie is a great thing, so the whole thing will officially become canon. New series? New movies? TOS reborn!

102. Victor Hugo - November 24, 2008

hehe I saw this coming, but I was wondering a hardcover Pocket book by Peter David..

103. thebiggfrogg - November 24, 2008

Um what is up with Picard and the Joan Crawford eyebrows–penciling them in? Is this the REAL Picard, ’cause they say there isn’t bad rendering in THIS book. I’m afraid. . .

104. NoRez - November 24, 2008

“s this the REAL Picard, ’cause they say there isn’t bad rendering in THIS book.”

Technically, the front cover isn’t “in” the book, so there ya go…
TERRIBLE Picard. I don’t remember seeing him seriously dehydrated/dead for a few days. I’d like to see what photographs, if any, were the references for that drawing.

105. Catie - November 24, 2008

I’ve never read a Star Trek comic before, but I can’t wait for this!! Could the comic be pre-Nemesis so Data is alive?

106. The Wild Man of Borneo - November 24, 2008

Does it really matter if it’s Data or B4? Canon is messed up in this movie does it really matter? It’s funny how everyone is talking about canon now. I guess it’s KINDA important huh?

107. The Wild Man of Borneo - November 24, 2008

I have to make a second comment. I can’t believe how everyone is talking whether it’s Data or not. Does it really matter now?? The canon is screwed up to hell in the movie, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s Data or B4.

Is Data alive? Is this pre-nemesis? What you guys should be asking is where the heck Gary Mitchell?? Where is Kelso? Where is Captain Robert April??


108. AJ - November 24, 2008



Thanks for replying!

I’ll be giving your comics a whirl, for sure. Sounds real exciting.

109. VOODOO - November 24, 2008

Will this comic book be considered canon?

110. VOODOO - November 24, 2008

Spock kind of has a TNG “Sarek” look about him on the cover of the comic.

111. Dom - November 24, 2008

Oh well. If there has to be TNG stuff around, best it stays in the comicbook! :p

Actually, come to think of it, the man who really is responsible for all the political and temporal chaos in the TNG universe is the iteration of Picard from Yesterday’s Enterprise.

He sent the YE version of Tasha Yar back in time and her daughter masterminded triggering the Klingon Civil War and was involved with the attempted Romulan invasion of Vulcan. As a knock-on effect, the Klingons ended up going to war with the Federation in DS9. Effectively, anything post-Yesterday’s Enterprise is a different timeline and, for all we know, some events we saw in the previous episodes might have happened differently or not at all.

The regular continuity Picard was also given the ability to exist simultaneously in three different versions of history in ‘All Good Things . . .’ which Q implied was part of a personal ‘evolution’ that might continue for Picard.

As Guinan said in Redemption II, maybe all this is Picard’s fault!!!

Along with this, we have the rogue Admiral Kathryn Janeway from the future who returned USS Voyager to the Alpha Quadrant a decade early and laden with anachronistic technology.

With all the messing about with history and all the alternate realities we’ve seen in the course of TNG, DS9 and Voyager, it’s no wonder all hell started breaking out through Trek history and Star Trek: Enterprise began to reflect distortions in history!

As for the comics, I immediately assumed that the ‘Data’ we see is simply B4 with Data’s memories.

112. Spock's Brain - November 24, 2008

24. Crusade2267 Will this comic be canon?

Excellent question!

113. ricker - November 24, 2008

Oh Come on, this is easy.

B-4 was the one that was destroyed. He programmed Data to be like him and took his brothers place.

Data never was destroyed, Geordi finds the programming and unlocks Data.

114. Spock's Brain - November 24, 2008

104. NoRez “TERRIBLE Picard. I don’t remember seeing him seriously dehydrated/dead for a few days. I’d like to see what photographs, if any, were the references for that drawing.”

NoRez, you do know that TNG ended 15 years ago and Patrick Stewart is 68.5 years old. This photo is 4 years old:

I’m an artist. That’s a great likeness of an older Picard. How many comics have you drawn?

115. DEMODE - November 24, 2008

Data is soooooo EASY to bring back. They downloaded his entire memory! With a workin android (B4) to look at, and all the specs they have on Data, I think it would be quite easy to bring the character back. The only memories he wouldn’t have would be from afte rhe downloaded, maning he wouldn’t remember his sacrifice, but everything else would be intact.

Remember… DATA isn’t human… he is an android.

116. May 2009 - November 24, 2008

It’s B4. It’s gotta be.

117. Enterprise - November 24, 2008

Isn’t it kinda odd they have to pass the torch BACK to the TOS, because TNG has sucked so bad recently?

118. Picard's barber - November 24, 2008

You know, I kinda like the fact that they incorporated the “Delta Shield” into Picard’s eyebrows. Ha ha!

119. zillabeast - November 24, 2008

The key to all of this, is Benjamin Sisko.

Mark my words.

120. vshar - November 24, 2008

aweseme cover…but shouldn’t Picard be red and Data yellow?

121. vshar - November 24, 2008


122. Green-Blooded-Bastard - November 24, 2008

Maybe I’m seeing things, but I think I see the tip of Nero’s tattoo in the picture. Expand it and take a look.

123. Automated Police Unit 924 - November 24, 2008

Im just curious, why is Data striking the Uhura pose? Did they not have a better pose to put him in?

124. RD - November 24, 2008

#120, HA!

Don’t you know … That’s the alternate timeline where the colors never switched. After Nero goes back in time, there is no more canon. That’s Paramount’s & Abram’s big ploy – they are going to erase all canon from “The Cage” forward, so they can rebuild the Star Trek franchise in their own image and eradicate the disastrous Berman, Brag decades. They also don’t have Gene Roddenberry to breath down their necks either so they can re-make it totally for the MTV generation.

125. The Wild Man of Borneo - November 25, 2008


yeah, they’re gonna F it up.

126. Devon - November 25, 2008

#123 – Good question. Though to me personally, and I don’t mean this in the critical sense at all, but it looks like everyone except for Picard was based on their original “Poster” Counterparts. One thing I point to is Nimoy’s nose in this. VERY much like Quintos sort of “fat tip” nose rather than what Nimoy’s looks like.

#125 – Explain it to us then.

127. V - November 25, 2008

Let me chip in with a little bit of observational info.

If I remember my Nemesis correctly, the uniform Data is wearing on this cover could be the B4 uniform that B4 was wearing at the end of the movie.

Then again, by Anthony’s report, it is NOT the B4 outfit, just a regular StarFleet uniform.

And I second the idea of having had the comic book material into the new movie.

An epic movie that would have had TNG and the new TOS guys, an altered timeline, Nimoy’s Spock trying to solve the mystery, etc, now THAT would have been awesome.

I would have been happy with a made for DVD movie from the material in comic book.

Or an animated movie…

Also, here’s another idea:

What if Nero is “Future Guy” from the Temporal Cold War storyline from the series “Enterprise”? What if Nero (aka Future Guy) has had enough of fighting a Temporal COLD War and decides to make it real, a real war fought with real weapons?

Now, if Nero is Future Guy, then he could have been responsible for a lot of the bad moments in the franchise: “These are the voyages”, Kirk’s death in Generations and Data’s death in Nemesis. It would be cool to see Nimoy’s Spock learning that Nero (Future Guy) is actually responsible for all this.

Perhaps Nero is acting much like Abraxxas in the Voyager episode “Year of Hell” ( ) and simply changing different moments in history for his own vengeful reasons.

Now since Nero has changed all those moments in history, it’s up to Nimoy’s Spock to go back through time, to specific moments and set everything right.

In this movie we see Spock trying to put things back together for the moment when Kirk took command of the Enterprise, what if in the next one it’s Spock trying to correct the error of Kirk’s death?

Just an idea. It would not really work in the movie(s), but an interesting idea. It would not work in the movies because it would demand that the audience have a pretty large amount of knowledge about Star Trek history. And the specific purpose of the new movie(s) is to re-introduce Star Trek to the general audience.

128. Tobias Nicholls - November 25, 2008

I like the idea of this comic, I wanted some TNG links – but I was kinda hoping for more of a Riker/Titan link than getting Picard & Data back involved.

Will still be a must-buy!

129. » Archivo del weblog » Comic-precuela de la nueva Star Trek - November 25, 2008

[…] Trekmovie ha confirmado que la miniserie en cómic Star Trek Countdown será mensual y el primer número saldrá a la venta en enero, aunque el 29 de abril saldrá a la venta un TPB (tomo recopilatorio de tapa blanda) que recopilará la miniserie completa. La obra está escrita por Mike Johnson y Tim Jones, con dibujos de David Messina. […]

130. all things trek - November 25, 2008

ok, so this comic takes place before Data died, Nero ends up in prison (where he gets his tat’s from) and then escapes.
I dont see an issue. Long live trek in any form!

131. garen - November 25, 2008

As far as the colors and the poses go on the cover…theyre trying to mimic the Movie poster EXACTLY. That means same poses…same positions…and same colors for the given characters and place they take up on the cover.

Kirk IS yellow for command on the movie poster. therefore, Picard gets the same pose, same position and same color as the movies poster. Look at Data. Everythings the same as Uhura from the movie poster. The position, the color and EVEN the over the shoulder pose. Old Spock is exactly like Quinto’s Spock…bottom left, in blue and half cut off.

I’m sorry if i’m stating the obvious…but i hadnt seen that point addressed here in the comments.

132. I'm dead Jim - November 25, 2008


133. CaptainRickover - November 25, 2008

An animated movie (even if I’m not a fan of all the animation-stuff based on live-action shows) as bonus for the DVD/Blue Ray of Star Trek XI, based on this comics would be very, very nice. This comics seems to bee a good thing. Can’t wait.

134. usskelvin - November 25, 2008

Looks like Nero has TNG romulan ridges unlike the movie when he has sort of big round lifted forehead. Anyone notice this?

135. Max Choi - November 25, 2008

134–I’m not sure they’re TNG Romulan ridges. Besides not being able to see enough of his face to make a good determination, Spock’s brow seems to be protruding, too. Call it a trick of the “light” from the artist’s brush.

136. Max Choi - November 25, 2008

Not being able to see enough of Nero’s face, I mean.

137. Captain Obvious - November 27, 2008

#131… Picard isn’t in the same pose as Kirk from the poster

138. Ian B - November 27, 2008

Why is Gandalf in the bottom right corner?

139. McCoy's Gall Bladder - November 27, 2008

Damn I miss the old days when comics were written on paper with pencils. I’m a huge Will Eisner fan.

CGI sucks! I think it’s a cop out.

heh heh heh

Have to grouse about something…

140. Michael - November 27, 2008

Couple Points.

1/ I hope the Enterprise events are best left forgotten the best thing Manny Coto did when he took the reigns was dump the Temporal war in one cold smack down of a hit. Don’t get me wrong I started to like Enterprise and thought it had great potential it was just derailed by some sloppy writing the 4th season really started to pick the show up pitty it wasn’t given a 5th.

2/ I agree with Garen that the colours and styles of poses on the poster are to mimic the same style and poses of the actual movie poster (Picard = Kird, Spock = Spock & Data = … whoever is up there McCoy?

3/ As for Data I would think it most likely the events in the comic are taking place pre nemesis and is there anything wrong with that at all the movie does focus on time travel.

I would like to see the Guardian of Forever involved in the story it would be nice if the gateway was used to travel back in time would be kind of nice – Nero enters the planet and somehow uses the gateway to send his ship back, Spock in hot persuit is in the vicinity of the gateway when time changes and therefore is not affected and immediatly enters the gateway taking heavy fire from the now Romulan outpost there, he enters the past his ship heavily damaged he must seek help to defeat Nero and restore future events.

141. Crazy Guy - December 4, 2008

Man, I really hope they make the comic books canon after this. This looks promising.

If George Lucas can do it with Star Wars,, why can’t the guys behind Trek?

142. RD - December 8, 2008

140. Michael – November 27, 2008
“I would like to see the Guardian of Forever involved in the story it would be nice if the gateway was used to travel back in time ”

You know, the Guardian of Forever is a real problem. Forget Talos, the Guardian planet should be the most heavily defended planet in the universe – its secret should be the at least worthy of the death penalty.

That aside, all canon created in the Roddenberry universe is wiped clean with this movie, unless at the end they go back and set the timeline right. But this seems unlikely and unnecessary for a brand new audience.

Enterprise is a whole new franchise which except for the Federation itself established no new practical canon which TOS era stories even need to adhere (to tell a story that doesn’t bore the bejesus out of the audience). That said, if Paramount wanted to, they could just as easily go back in time and negate all of it too. But seriously who wants to remember it anyway?

So for all practical purposes in this new Trek universe, the Guardian of Forever is no longer known and is no longer a problem. While this may not technically be a “re-boot”, the practical application of this movie to canon enables them to completely ignore 99% of established canon going forward. And frankly, that’s a good thing, cause there’s a lot of crap floating around the Trek universe. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.