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DST Announces New Star Trek Toys, Figures & More at ToyFair 2009 February 14, 2009

by John Tenuto , Filed under: Merchandise,Toys , trackback

At this weekend’s Toy Fair (New York), Diamond Select Toys revealed plans for some of their 2009 Star Trek line. Newly announced items include TOS & Wrath of Khan toys, an Enterprise D variant ship, a Pike bust and (of course) a bunch of action figures, including a Romulan Kirk and a ‘fascinating’ Spock. So buckle up and let’s see what DST has in mind in what is certainly the best year for Star Trek merchandise ever. 



ROLE PLAYING: TWOK Com & TOS Geo Tricorder
DST has announced the first ever role playing toy based on the communicators from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. In stores this November for a suggested price of $30, the communicator will feature lighting and sound effects from the classic film. The communicator joins the previously announced TWOK phaser which is available this March.

Wrath of Khan Communicator (Click to see at action-figure.com)

Collectors already anticipating the pending availability of two role playing versions of the 1960s era tricorder (a science version and an exclusive medical version from Entertainment Earth) will be pleased to hear of another item. Today, DST announced a third variety, a geological tricorder, will join these with a date and retail information to be determined.

TOS Geological Tricorder (Click to see at action-figure.com)

Continuing the 7" action figure versions of the original crew, the 2009 line from DST will include McCoy (surgeon version). Christine Chapel (a DST first for their 7" line), Kirk (from "The Enemy Within"), and two firsts in the history of Star Trek action figures from any company, the Romulan Commander from "Balance of Terror" and the Salt Vampire from "The Man Trap" (not displayed). Each figure includes nicely detailed accessories, from gloves for the Romulan Commander to McCoy’s medical equipment. These figures will be available this August and retail for $16. Also this August, there will be a new Kirk and Spock 2-pack, this time with a "Enterprise Incident" pairing of Kirk in Romulan Disguise and Spock (with his "fascinating" facial gesture). Fascinating, indeed!

TOS Sleeveless McCoy, Chapel (torso shown), & Green shirt Kirk
(Click to see at action-figure.com)

TOS Romulan Commander, Romulan Kirk & ‘Fascinating’ Spock
(Click to see at action-figure.com)

More Borg figures
The second wave of Borg figures was also announced. The line will include a silver outfitted Seven of Nine, Locutus of Borg (First Contact version), and the Borg Queen. It is our hope that sales of the Voyager themed figures might inspire DST to make more Voyager figures (besides the Seven of Nine figures, the only Voyager specific figure was a "Timeless" version of Geordi LaForge). 2010 is the 15th Anniversary of Voyager, and fans who grew up with the show might be willing to enjoy some nostalgia products.

Silver suit 7 of 9, Borg Queen, Locutus
(Click to see at action-figure.com)

Figures w/ chairs
Two more "figures that sit in their Captain’s chairs" are planned for 2009. Joining the already available Kirk, Pike, Picard, and Riker and Chairs versions will be 2009’s Captain Benjamin Sisko and his USS Defiant command seat (available this July for $25), and another Kirk, this time with his Mirror Universe chair (available this June). Halkans beware!

Sisko w/ chair (Click to see at action-figure.com)

Mirror Kirk w/ chair (Click to see at action-figure.com)

SHIPS: ‘All Good Things’ D variant
The All Good Things version of the USS Enterprise 1701 D has been hinted at by DST for months, and at Toy Fair they have finally revealed the first peek at the ship with details. Available this spring, the AGT version will feature the infamous tri-nacelle design, and lighting and sound effects. DST has promised more details about where this exclusive version of the Enterprise D will be available. The regular version of the Enterprise D is shipping soon and is available for preorder from Entertainment Earth.

"All Good Things" Enterprise D (Click to see at action-figure.com)

BUSTS: Capt. Pike
Good news for the fans of DST’s bust line. Although uncertain about if the line would continue, DST has revealed a Captain Christopher Pike bust available this year. The retail price is $45, which is the same as the previously released busts in the line (which have included the 5 captains, and an Admiral Kirk, and Commander Spock bust).

Capt. Pike Bust (Click to see at action-figure.com)


Trekmovie will continue to bring news from Toy Fair as it is available. Thanks to Action-Figure.com for the pictures. More Star Trek DST images available at Action-Figure.com.



1. SciFiMetalGirl - February 14, 2009

Wow! These are awesome!

2. clavinbot - February 14, 2009

Those all look great.

3. MrAtoz - February 14, 2009

salt vampire !

4. jn - February 14, 2009

“Mirror Kirk w/ chair” is that kirk in blackface?

5. BrF - February 14, 2009

Those Kirk figures look strangely like… Kirk. Is this a first?

6. Spoctor McKirk - February 14, 2009

Mo’ money…mo’ money.

7. thorsten - February 14, 2009

That is nice, I have a green toga Kirk from 2003 right here on my desk…

8. Valar1 - February 14, 2009

Wow I gotta get the Sisko in Defiant chair,

Geebus look at the size of 7of9’s Garbanzoes!

9. bolianbob@yahoo.com - February 14, 2009

o my gosh….this is a really great time to be a trekkie, ain’t it?
awesome awesome awesome

10. Quarksbartender - February 14, 2009

All good stuff I just wish I still had my discount at the Experience.

11. Smittmaestro - February 14, 2009

TWOK comm is pretty basic, but it’s a welcome addition.

I’d like to see role play toys from all the Trek movies.

ST3 Phaser and communicator
ST4 Klingon Comm the phaser I dunno
ST5/6 Phaser

Those’ll be nice!


12. mntrekfan - February 14, 2009

Short sleeved McMoy! And the other green shirted Kirk! I’m grabbing these fo’ sure!

13. thorsten - February 14, 2009

Is Sleeveless McCoy from The Devil in the Dark?

14. Johnny - February 14, 2009

Capt. Pike Bust is pretty cool.

15. Capt Mike Of The Terran Empire - February 14, 2009

Ok. I like. I love the Mirrior version the best. Thats kool.

16. Iowagirl - February 14, 2009

Romulan Kirk & ‘Fascinating’ Spock are a great addition for any collection, for sure. And a green shirted Kirk is always welcome! :)

Ah, and the Salt Vampire, at last… This is very, very, very cool!

17. Elliot - February 14, 2009

I’ll be adding most of this to my collection!

18. WillM86 - February 14, 2009

Very happy to see the Enterprise D is shipping soon, been looking forward to that arriving for ages. Had time to try and clear some shelf space at least! Will definitely be ordering Sisko in the Defiant chair too.

19. screaming satellite - February 14, 2009

when it said TOS Romulan Commander i instantly thought of the sexy Enterprise Incident romulan commander….

so thats what a WOK commuincator looks like inside…

i imagine eventually there will be every different version of every different chracter throughout the TOS and movies avaliable…and maybe quite a few TNG, DS9 etc as well….im sorta glad i aint an action figure junkie…

20. LoyalStarTrekFan - February 14, 2009

11, agreed. Playmates never made a ST3 Phaser so it would be nice addition even for those who have the Playmates 1990’s Phasers. I would also like to see DST’s version of the ST6 Phaser, another excellent edition. I am also happy that they are starting to make items never made before (by Playmates in the 1990’s) such as the TWOK Communicator. It will become a part of my collection.

As a TNG fan, I’m pleased that they will soon be releasing the beautiful Ent-D and the “All Good Things…” Future Ent-D. I look forward to both of them. I would also like to see the TNG, FC, and NEM Phasers from DST as well as TNG, FC, and NEM Tricorders. Those would be welcome additions to my collection.

21. Katarina eggs - February 14, 2009

This is the best Trek news of the year!!!

Nurse Chapel!!
Finally some romulans!!!
Bones in his smock!!

This washed the taste of those crap playmates figures out of my mouth completely!!

Thank you DST!!!!! It”s good to see people who actually know something about Trek staying involved!

22. OneBuckFilms - February 14, 2009

The WOK Communicator and Phaser would be great !!!!

Go with my Monster Maroons !!!

23. T'Vek - February 14, 2009

Wonder if they’ll have a Shatner Kirk from the new movie toy…..hes so in it……..unleash the debate!

24. Richard Daystrom - February 14, 2009

23…. I would like to think so.

25. spider1981 - February 14, 2009

Son of a….
So us Voyager fans (We are real) get crapped all over, again.
Well, I guess I can display the “Timeless” Geordi with the 3 Seven of Nines and call it my Voyager crew. At this point, I wish the whole crew of Voyager had enormous chests so at least they would have gotten a shot at a figure.
Come one, we’re now getting a season 7 Sisko, a Sisko in Defiant chair, a season ( Whatever seasons he still had hair an wore the older uniform) Sisko, but not even a single Janeway figure?!. DST, I pure and simply hate you now.

26. Andy Patterson - February 14, 2009

“Today, DST announced a third variety, a geological tricorder, will join these with a date and retail information to be determined.”

So when are they coming out with the other two versions I’ve already ordered which are behind schedule?

27. DavidJ - February 14, 2009

I gotta say, a lot of this stuff actually looks pretty cool.

Although, is there some rule that EVERY damn Spock action figure ever made has to have his hand in the Vulcan salute? It’s getting really freakin old. lol

28. Unbel1ever - February 14, 2009

Are you looking Playmates ?

29. Lousy_Canadian - February 14, 2009

Nice! McCoy looks very badass!

30. Fleet Captain Kor'Tar - February 14, 2009

It’s good to see the U.S.S. Enterprise D is finally down the shoot . And nice to see her in the wndow packaging . Soon , if all goes right that beauty will be warping in and docking on shelves all across the nation , including mine, once I make room for her that is LOL!

31. Richard Daystrom - February 14, 2009

Was 7 of 9 really that BIG??

32. CmdrR - February 14, 2009

Maybe they’re Borg implants…

That first group really is the best-looking set I think I’ve ever seen. Really captures Shat and De, as well as Marc Leonard.

33. Christine - February 14, 2009

Very, very nice! Definitely among the most detailed figures. :3 I’ll admit, I’m impressed.

34. Scott B. here. - February 14, 2009

This is a great line-up of items. That face sculpt on Locutus is Spot-On.

I went through the whole line-up of pix on the link, but didn’t see the Salt Vampire. Is it there? Very cool that they’re finally making one of those poor things.

Scott B. out.

35. NCC-73515 - February 14, 2009

So geology is not a part of science anymore?

36. Tim Lade - February 14, 2009

Great….another starship I will be forced to buy! Lords of Kobol help me!

37. USS Its Not Cannon - February 14, 2009

Yep there will be a old Kirk toy, as the Shat is soooooo in the movie

38. crazydaystrom - February 14, 2009

7 o’ 9 accurately proportioned. Hubba, hubba!

39. John Gill - February 14, 2009

Rather touching to see that they took time and interest in doing a Capt. Pike bust, I’m impressed.

40. Oregon Trek Geek - February 14, 2009

I always liked the green wrap-around command shirt variant that Kirk sometimes wore. It was spiffy. :)

As I was looking at the pics, I was thinking that ZQ as Spock looks so close to Nimoy as Spock that they could probably get away with not changing the mold….

41. T Drake - February 14, 2009

OMG – Gotta have – in no particular order- Sisko / Mirror Kirk in chair(s)!
Romulan cmdr- Kirk/Spock from IV….Wow…I need a job bad!!!!

42. Rusbeh - February 14, 2009

I would rather buy ten versions of Sisko then one version of the baddest captain ever in Star Trek Miss Janewayne.
Sorry but i love DST for that move. There is no market for Voyager except 7 of 9 the whole crew was a bunch of caricatures and no “real” Star Trek fan can enjoy and appreciate this series. It was a waste of 7 seasons with the first 3 seasons a complete mess and the rest medoocre and only in parts good.

back to topic:
The All good things Enterprise!!!!!!!
Boy, been waiting for that one for years.Legendary ship.
Locitus looks great too.
Wonder if these will be available here in Europe

43. screaming satellite - February 14, 2009

#23, 24, 37 – it will be a special edition talking Shatner doll and when you press the button it says ‘Im not in the movie!…this is a bad business decision!…leonards in it…but….im ….not!…JJ.. ‘ etc…comes complete with fake Trek XI script and laptop

actually talking of which – DTS or hot toys should do some non star trek figures for star trek actors….e.g. a TJ Hooker figure, Nightmare 20.000 bug eyed figure (complete with water cup and pistol), Rocket Man tux figure, The Intruder white suit figure, MI Paris Nimoy

and what about other retro SF stuff like a David Vincent Invaders figure or a Christopher Reeve Superman (actually would prefer an evil Superman III version)…sure someone will get around to doing the more obsure stuff eventually (ali notice companies like MacFarlene, DTS and HotToys are getting around to doing the more obsure stuff fans want now)

44. Javi Trujillo - February 14, 2009

Don’t care for the face sculpt on mirror Kirk, but whoever did the enemy within and romulan kirk deserves a raise! They FINALLY got it right! Now if I can do a head swap with my yellow shirt kirk!

Glad to see the WOK communicator and I have got to get around to pre-ordering a tricorder.

DST is doing some great work on TOS still. Does anyone know if they still have a version of the old AA message boards?

45. THE GOVERNATOR - February 14, 2009

not bad

46. captain_neill - February 14, 2009

these figures look fantastic

I want to collect them all

These look cooler than playmates ones for the new movie

47. Weerd1 - February 14, 2009

SO much for saving money this year… Let’s hope they follow up the BoT Romulan Commander with the Enterprise Incident Romulan Commander!

48. Viking - February 14, 2009

Damn……. I never even noticed the details of the TWOK communicator before. That’s an odd-looking unit, like some sort of generic, field-issue piece of backup equipment. And after looking at that bust, it reinforces my opinion that Robert Patrick was woefully overlooked as the new Chris Pike.

T-1000, indeed.

49. Jeffrey S. Nelson - February 14, 2009

I was so disappointed with the Kirk and Pike Captains in Chairs figures. Smudged Starfleet insignias….chipped paint on the chairs. And these are supposed to be new? How many mail orders do you have to place before you get a clean copy? I give up.

50. kirk09 - February 14, 2009

ummmm….that mirror kirk figure looks like he has the romulan eyebrows of the enterprise incident version… also the pike bust looks more like the new kirk with chris PINE’s real-life darker hair…

51. MVJ - February 14, 2009

25. I’m with you! There are plenty of Voyager fans out there and we’d love to see some new merch too. I keep hoping for at least a Janeway figure but, oh look, another Seven of Nine. What a shocker.

52. Dave - February 14, 2009

When are they going to make a Medical tricorder from voyager and make it worktable and affordable

53. Fast Attax - February 14, 2009

These are AMAZING!
I cannot believe the great lines coming out!
Between this new stuff and all the figues, ships, props from the new movie, I’ll become my own verison of a ‘Stimulous’ package! LOL
The Borg line looks awesome and the All Good Things… Enterprise is a MUST HAVE!

54. mayday - February 14, 2009

I’m going to date myself. These remind me of the old Johnny West series of the 70’s. A great collection!

55. Steven - February 14, 2009

These look pretty awesome!

God bless!

56. Shatner_Fan_Prime - February 14, 2009

Romulan Commander, yesss!!!!!!

“Danger and I are old companions.”

And this figure shall join its companions, the brilliant Khan, Gorn and Kor DST figures, on my shelf as Kirk’s enemies. :-)

These figures are way better than the dodgy work being done by Playmates for the new movie…

57. steve623 - February 14, 2009

Huzzah for the TWOK communicator – an odd bit of archane propery, used once and never to appear again. I’ve never been able to add it to my prop reproduction collection, so I’m delighted that I can have it now without having to pay through the nose for it.

58. mntrekfan - February 14, 2009

Nobody has mentioned McCoy’s arms. The hair!

59. Joe Cocolo - February 14, 2009

a USS Defiant (Defiant Class) from DST would really ring my bell

60. mntrekfan - February 14, 2009

A Pike figure would be a nice addition. Maybe injured Pike too. Oh, yeah, I forgot they did Pike with chair. I’d love just a solo Pike without the chair…

61. spider1981 - February 14, 2009

@ #42
I respect that you have a right to an opinion, but you don’t see me pissing all over whatever your favorite series is. Voyager does have its fans despite your hatred.

62. Captain Pike - February 14, 2009

Hey DST ! Where’s my TOS Tricorder? I’ve been waiting almost 40 years for one.

Oh and TWOK Communicator? Meh. Offer me one of the cool transparent ones from The Cage, then we’ll talk.

63. Robert Bernardo - February 15, 2009

Oooo, more TOS tricorders. Yes, I must have them.

64. rumpcuż - February 15, 2009

Dolls? Busts? Meh.

65. Sean4000 - February 15, 2009

Bring on a big menacing Scimitar toy for me to crash my Art Asylum Enterprise-E into!

66. G-Boss - February 15, 2009

DST outs out some terrific stuff.

67. Spock's Brain - February 15, 2009

The likenesses of the Romulan Commander from B.O.T. and Kirk from E.I. are excellent!

68. William Kirk - February 15, 2009

Wow finally a Kirk who looks like Kirk…eh I mean Shatner :-)

69. tribble farmer - February 15, 2009

I want the one of Bones. It looks like it might actually bear some resemblance to De, unlike most others I’ve seen.

70. Holger - February 15, 2009

Great stuff! I’m gonna get the Romulan Commander, and maybe some other figures.

The TWOK communicator is butt-ugly… not the replica, the design itself.

71. screaming satellite - February 15, 2009

#70 – agreed, in TWOK when Kirk pulls out his commuincator to talk to spock i thought he was going to open his lunchbox and start eating sandwiches…

72. P Technobabble - February 15, 2009

Nothing like a good bust line

73. NoRez - February 15, 2009

43 – How about a three-pack Rocket Man Shat? Also, I would like a talking SNL Shat (I think we all know what it would say.)

I’m going to start clearing a bit of space on my desk on Tuesday for a few of these. I really don’t buy this sort of stuff anymore, got a closet filled with boxes and boxes of stuff beginning with the word ‘Star,’ but I like these Kirks. I don’t get why the larger ones (like the KAHHHNN! one) have such bad face sculpts though, when the ones on these smaller ones are pretty damn good.

Are there any Piece of the Action figures out there? Would dig those, and would LOVE a City on the Edge of Forever set, complete with Cordrazine Crazy McCoy.

74. Ensign Ro- (short for Roland) - February 15, 2009

The TWOK communicator is the only Trek prop I have ever truly disliked. I remember seeing the movie for the first time and asking myself “What the hell is that monstrosity?”. I couldn’t believe how clunky it appeared. Oh well…just my opinion. However, the items listed above are some VERY cool additions to the collectibles. Great article.

75. Darrell Kaiser - February 15, 2009

Will the Enemy Within Kirk have the scratches on his face? I hope it doesn’t. I’ve always like the green uniform from the first season. Save the scatched version for a two pack with Yeoman Rand!

76. Darrell Kaiser - February 15, 2009

Oh, is there any chance that we could get a Guardian of Forever playset (with soundclips) along with a drugged out McCoy? I’d buy that in a heartbeat!

77. thomoz - February 15, 2009

That Pike bust is indeed a dead-ringer for Jeffrey Hunter.

Kudos to the sculptor!

78. Mr. Bob Dobalina - February 15, 2009

The WOK communicator is an abomination. The utilization of that brick was not one of Trek’s shining moments and I wouldn’t take it as a gift. BUT the other TOS stuff rocks.

79. Frank - February 15, 2009

The sculpts of Shatner’s head on the Green Shirt and Romulan FINALLY look like him. They should just chuck all the other molds.

Whomever did those is amazing.

80. Michael - February 15, 2009

I recall inquiring many times and DST neither denied nor affirmed it would be produced…but it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, Instead of scrimping to save enough moola for a standard and medical versions in April, I now need to add a geological version to my must have list! But what sounds could it possible have? The only sound it uttered was a beep for a warning signal, and a lack-luster blank flashing screen. DST will hopefully be creative.
Maybe we’ll hear Sulu scream about the lady alien knowing everything about the Enterprise..Lucera from “That Which Survives:..the only ep. this device ever appeared.

81. Oregon Trek Geek - February 15, 2009

The TWOK communicator is…. odd. I don’t remember noticing the communicator much in my estimated 9 million viewings of the film. (Of course I remember Kirk using it in the Genesis cave, etc., but never paid much attention to the detail).

It’s an odd looking thing. Primitive. Like if they had communicators on (the new) BSG, that would be it….

82. steve623 - February 15, 2009

#62 “Oh and TWOK Communicator? Meh. Offer me one of the cool transparent ones from The Cage, then we’ll talk.”

I thnik Roddenberry.com is selling a Cage communicator, but unfortunately in the hundreds of dollars price range.

#73 “Are there any Piece of the Action figures out there?”

IIRC, Playmates put out a “gangster” Kirk and Spock back in the late ’90s, I *think* as mail-away exclusives, maybe in conjunction with Wizard or Toyfare magazines. I think there were also 9 inch doll versions of the same characters.

And I agree with everybody who thinks the TWOK communicator is a very ugly, clunky, inelegant prop. And I still want one. And if Diamond wants to continue re-releasing the TWOK phaser in perpetuity, like they’ve done with the TOS phaser, they should repackage it with an accurately sized STTMP wrist communicator.

83. dave - February 15, 2009

RE: TWOK Communicator…What a missed opportunity.. instead of DST making an item that fans truly want: ST3 Phaser, Phaser Rifile (from any other TNG Movies), VOY Phaser-Boomerang Phaser or anything like it, or a VOY Tricorder, they make a truly forgetable Prop Replica..

oh well… they will see the impact (with low sales)

84. Jovan - February 15, 2009

Wow. WOW. That is an incredible likeness of young William Shatner and far better than they’ve done before. I’m waiting for this figure to get Kirk in my collection.

85. Andrew - February 15, 2009

The Geology Tricorder was rumored about a year ago and denied by DST. Interesting ….

86. I am Kurok! - February 15, 2009

I really don’t like the TWOK communicator: looks a little ‘low-tech’ if you know what I mean.

87. Kirk, James T. - February 15, 2009

Apparently there’s an Excelsior coming “fall 2009″

here’s the link to the pic of the prototype that looks like it could be a air-fix model.

Also look what else is coming ;) :D


88. Imrahil - February 15, 2009

That Romulan is FANTASTIC.

89. will - February 15, 2009

They’d stopped showing the Borg Queen for awhile, which gave some people hope that they were resculpting her to look more like the sexy, snakelike Borg Queen that seduced Picard, Data, and who knows who else.

But no, the old “Granny Boobs” Borg Queen sculpt appears again, with her horse-face and, well, the elderly appearance. Shame on DST for always coming close to these characters but always missing. Don’t they have photos from the film to look at? Why do they get it so wrong?

90. They call me Stasiu - February 15, 2009

Snap, I can’t believe a TWOK communicator is coming. I considered myself lucky getting a prop reproduction, but I’ll definately be chasing this one!
And I was trying to wean myself off the action figures, but the McCoy and Chapel figures will just reel me back in.

91. THX-1138 - February 15, 2009

TWOK phaser shall be mine. Ugly TWOK communicator shall be mine. I still think the D I made looks better than DST’s, but if they have a “constant on” feature, I’ll buy it. My tricorder is on order.

And if they are really going to make an Enterprise B and an Excelsior they shall be mine as well.

I think that I won’t order stuff from DST until about 8 months after they say they are going to be released. That math seems about right.

92. Coffee Joe - February 15, 2009

Absolutely STOKED about the TWOK Communicator, and I’ve wanted a Romulan Commander and Romulan Kirk for YEARS!

93. Jorg Sacul - February 16, 2009

Saurian Brandy bottle. Best accessory ever!

94. bill hiro - February 16, 2009

I assume, with DST recouping their investment in new sculpts (and new molds) by re-using parts and doing different versions of characters, that the Mark Lenard Romulan Commander figure means its very likely that we’ll also be getting a Mark Lenard Sarek figure before long. I know I would be very happy to get a “Journey to Babel” Sarek & Amanda e-tailer exclusive.

95. Steve Short - February 16, 2009

The blue shirt Sulu figure from “Where No Man Has Gone Before” we saw pictures of two months back is this a two pack exclusive of Sulu & Scotty at Toy R Us? And a Toys R Us two pack Kirk & Spock from “Where No Man Has Gone Before”?

96. James - February 16, 2009

You should see toynewsi.com they have pics of Starship Legends Excelsior and 1701-B holy shit this is great even though I didn’t 100% like 1701-B I’m still stoked.

97. James - February 16, 2009

And its the Transwarp Excelsior no less. NX-2000.

98. -E- - February 16, 2009

Heh, the sculpt of Romulan Commander Kirk looks better than the real thing did!

99. Jeff Bond - February 16, 2009

No love for the Salt Vampire? I hope that finally sees the light of day. If we’ve reached the point where a geology tricorder is a viable product Hell must have frozen over…

100. bill hiro - February 16, 2009

I suspect there would be more love for the salt vampire if they had shown it. But I’m sure we’ll be suckers for it.
Oh gawd I’m funny.

101. Kirk, James T. - February 16, 2009

heh, the lack of Playmates Star Trek is a joke, all the big summer movies are out on show, Terminator, Wolverine, Transformers, Harry Potter, GI-JOE, the lack of Star Trek will do Star Trek no favors.

102. Steve Short - February 16, 2009

95- Looks like the Sulu figure in the blue shirt from “Where No Man Has Gone Before” is a exclusive mail away figure with the Blu-ray Star Trek season one out in April.

103. Ben Luna - February 16, 2009

So has anyone at TrekMovie got any official word on why Playmates left the new movie toys out of the American International Toy Fair? It seems as one of the summer’s biggest movies they would surely have them out.

104. Anthony Pascale - February 16, 2009

playmates have already announced their first wave and are selling it into all the big retailers. CBS have also made the toys available for the press during toy fair at their offices in New York.

105. Ben Luna - February 16, 2009


Will you all have any more of those pictures from the CBS showing?

106. jessica - February 19, 2009

can you make a new enterprise

107. Eva - April 9, 2009

Yes, I grew up thinking Mr Spock is real and there are space ships watching over us.

108. Mike - April 27, 2009

I’d like to see the Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Phaser with removable Type 1. That would rock. Other things I’d like DST to make are a Star Trek III Tricorder, Star Trek TNG Phaser Rifle and Star Trek TNG Medical Kit (including Medical Tricorder, Scanner and Hypospray)

109. fmag - December 23, 2009

Even thou the TOS and STIII -STV Communicators are wonderful in design and appearance (the best) the TWOK Communicator always interested me. I actually found photos of an older style U.S. Military radio telephone handset and the interior controls of the TWOK unit are pretty clearly taken from its design. It’s realistic and cool and I can’t wait to get one.

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