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USA Star Trek Poster Revealed [UPDATED Japanese Poster Too] March 27, 2009

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Yesterday we showed off a number of European posters that appeared online and just today Paramount officially released the US poster for Star Trek on MySpace. Check out the final US poster below (and note the similarity to an early TMP poster). [UPDATE: Also check out a new Japanese poster]


At the risk of coming off as too American, we here at think the USA poster is the best of the bunch — Simple, clean, beautiful.

This USA poster is being revealed first on MySpace. On Monday it will be released in hi-res.

UPDATE: Similar to early TMP teaser?
The new poster is similar to an early teaser magazine image for Star Trek The Motion Picture, designed by John Berkey. Is it an homage or just a coincidence?


Euro posters
And in case you missed it, here are the European posters revealed yesterday. Note that some of these (except the UK poster at Empire), may not be finals.

UK Star Trek Poster (click to enlarge at Empire)

UK variant Star Trek Poster

German poster (click to enlarge at

Spanish Star Trek Poster

UPDATE: Japan Poster
Japanese TrekMovie reader Tatsumi points us to the Electro-ticket Pia site (a big ticket selling agency) that has a new Star Trek poster. The text above is "From the director of ‘M:iIII’" and below ‘Star Trek’ it says" His name is James T. Kirk." This has not been confirmed yet by Paramount, but looks pretty legit.

Japanese Star Trek Poster



1. Sloan47 - March 27, 2009

Ohh, very nice! I love all the posters to date!

2. I am not Herbert - March 27, 2009


3. The Governator - March 27, 2009

Yes! They chose the best of the bunch! Very awesome!

4. senwod - March 27, 2009

Are you kidding? What is up with this minimalist crap!?

5. Daniel Broadway - March 27, 2009

Cool poster of the Enterprise, but it’s too blurry. I like the UK one better.

6. Darkthunder - March 27, 2009

The spanish poster is more reminiscent of a disaster movie, and not a Star Trek movie :)

7. Sloan47 - March 27, 2009

#4: Sometimes less is more.

8. Nostalgic G - March 27, 2009

The U.S. poster is bland and boring compared to the international ones.
You get no sense of the new elements being used in relaunching the franchise from this poster.

I hope they put up some of those international ones in U.S. cinemas as well. They look much more exciting, plus you get to see the new young and hip faces of Star Trek.

-Nostalgic G.


9. Ampris - March 27, 2009

Beautiful. :’)

10. lukas - March 27, 2009

I think the US one is in fact the best of the bunch. And I’m from Europe….

11. jimmy tyrone - March 27, 2009

i’d still be happy if all it said was star trek

12. Kevin - March 27, 2009

They should have went with the German one IMO.

13. The Spirit of Truth - March 27, 2009

great!!!! When I saw this poster in yesterday’s post, I loved it. Now that I know that it is the USA poster, I am even more thrilled.

14. sir_robin - March 27, 2009

Where is McCoy!?!?!?!

15. Nostalgic G - March 27, 2009

The more I look at them the more I love those two U.K. posters. They’re action packed!!!

I gotta get my hands on some of those. I agree with sensewood, the minimalist crap won’t cut it for what should be a big summer blockbuster.

-Nostalgic G.

16. Chrono - March 27, 2009

I think the US one was the best choice. It’s simple yet not generic like the other ones.

17. Andrew F. - March 27, 2009


18. Ampris - March 27, 2009

Wait… I just looked more closely at the Spanish poster. Ha. Isn’t it really ironic to put ‘El Futuro Comienza’ underneath a picture of SF getting the crap smacked out of it? LOL.

19. That One Guy - March 27, 2009

I like it! It and the one where the ship is under attack by the Narada are my favorites. It’s nice, simple, and doesn’t look complicated.

20. Odkin - March 27, 2009

I personally prefer the slanted title font. I don’t know why they made a big deal about releasing the un-slanted font a few weeks ago when they were going to use the slanted one in the official poster.

I don;t know about the abstract design. Looks like the ship is going backwards to me.

21. Aaron - March 27, 2009

I don’t like the USA poster. It appears like the ship is facing us, but the way the b&w streaks look, the ship should be zooming away from the right, not the other way around. I also get a huge “teaser poster” vibe from this poster as well which we should be in the full-out-show-the-cast poster mode by now like the other posters are showing.

At least the film will kick arse.

22. SaphronGirl - March 27, 2009

14. LOL… :D

I just have to say, I love it. This poster is like an inkblot test… very subtle and evocative.

23. DJT - March 27, 2009

I like the US poster. It’s very Apple-ish. But I don’t think most people know what the heck it is. ‘Oh look a Rorschach’. A proper summer Trek poster needs more explosions and hot chicks to draw in the crowds. Why not throw in a few superfluous super models from IMDB and a couple of phaser shots to pique the interest of the regular Joe Schmoe?

24. What A Nightmare ! - March 27, 2009

W T F !! Does future Spock rub out McCoy ?? Does he only have a cameo ?

25. otherlisa - March 27, 2009

Yeah…where IS McCoy?!?! My favorite character and he always gets short-changed…

26. The Man from Del Monte - March 27, 2009

The Spanish one doesn’t really say “Star Trek” to me – indeed, without the Star Trek logo on the poster it could as well be an advert for any other sci-fi film.

I mean, there’s some ships flying around, and we know Starfleet is based in San Francisco, but to anyone who isn’t familiar with Star Trek it doesn’t have any particular meaning.

The UK ones, at least to me, definitely are the best-looking. They make the film look exciting and epic, and actually make an association with Star Trek rather than Generic Alien Invasion Flick #456 like in Spain. As for the American one… at least it has the Enterprise on it, and that counts for something I guess. It’ll probably grow on me over time.

27. jimmy tyrone - March 27, 2009

perhaps the reason it looks like the ship is moving backwards is because we have to be moving backwards to get a shot of the enterprise going warp speed

28. Matt Wright - March 27, 2009

I like the two UK posters better then the USA version which just like the Enterprise bursting through milk or something.

29. Jean Luc Plackard - March 27, 2009

At risk of sounding too British, The USA poster is my least favourite. I really have to disagree with trekmovie on this one, and I think in time, you will look back and agree with me. It looks rushed to me.

30. MvRojo - March 27, 2009

I prefer the UK variant a lot more, with the Spanish one a close second. The US one looks like someone just learned how to use Photoshop and wanted to play around with features.

31. Tony Whitehead - March 27, 2009

There is NOTHING likable in the USA poster. period.

32. Selor - March 27, 2009

I just prefer the UK Variant and the German one…

33. shadow - March 27, 2009

The USA one looks like an X-Files poster… I’m pretty sure that’s the X-files font for “I Want to Believe”

34. BrF - March 27, 2009

I like the US one. A poster that suggests is almost always more interesting than a poster that feels like it has to show you everything it can. The other posters look like variations on every sci-fi/disaster film poster made in the past twenty-five years. Kudos to Paramount for at least trying something a little less run of the mill.

35. BrF - March 27, 2009

But it still bugs me that they basically ripped the tag line from The Right Stuff, which used “How the future began.” If you’re going to steal, though, it is a good line.

36. Mr. AtoZ - March 27, 2009

I like the U.S. poster, the over seas poster look to much like the Star Wars posters. Clean and sweet.

37. Bella Donna - March 27, 2009

Shadow, I thought that same thing when I first saw it. Personally, I think the German one’s the best of the lot. The US one is just boring. That German one (and the UK variation by extension) just say “summer blockbuster.”

38. rebecca - March 27, 2009


I’ll always remember that the first poster I actually saw being displayed for this movie was a Spanish-language version of the Spock teaser poster, outside a grocery store in Costa Rica… so random.

39. fred - March 27, 2009

Looks like the ship is going into warp backwards!

40. CarlG - March 27, 2009

I like the US poster just for trying something different. The others are cool, but you could easily swap out all the design elements for, say, the cast and spaceships from Star Wars.

This “minimalist crap” might just stand out from all the other summer blockbuster-style movie posters.

I do like the one with the Enterprise in scaffolding, though, mostly because it’s such a gorgeous shot in the trailer.

41. Blowback - March 27, 2009

The USA poster reminds me of the of an early poster for TMP. The ship was at a similar angle although there was more detail.

42. Maximus - March 27, 2009

Blah. The third Euro poster is the best, though they should have had McCoy and Scotty on there as well instead of Chekov.

43. Diacanu - March 27, 2009

Eh, s’okay for a movie poster, but I hope either the UK or German one makes it to the DVD case.

44. Anslem - March 27, 2009

The spanish one is just amazingly hot – maybe more busy than the others, but such a great shot.

45. Erehwonnz24 - March 27, 2009

The USA poster is certainly the most eye-catching by way of being unlike typical movie posters, which is both what one wants in trying to get a new audience to Trek and in making the cinema-goer who walks idly by to stop and notice.

The other posters look like fan work, barring the San Francisco one. That’s not a good thing for selling a movie, when not only does a poster look pasted together, but it comes almost entirely from previously-released imagery that a fan could put together.

So I’m glad to see the USA poster!

46. Selor - March 27, 2009


How about a mixup of the UK Variant (Neros Grim Eyes) and the German one with an added McCoy below Sulu and Chekov? I think that would be the best thing!

47. Mike - March 27, 2009

I’m sorry, but the US poster is pretty weak

48. SciFiMetalGirl - March 27, 2009

Maybe the Enterprise actually does go into warp backwards at some point in this movie? That’d be cool! Different, but cool!

However, I suspect that it is just the new warp field generation effect that we are seeing here.

49. Et tu? - March 27, 2009

Very ethnocentric of you, Anthony. C’est la vie. :-)

Even if it is the best poster…

50. Sam Sandoval - March 27, 2009

Yeah. Just change that ship and you just might have a hit.

51. Drew - March 27, 2009

Most of the past Trek posters to date have been colorful yet busy. This new one is PERFECT! Its simple, clean, elegant yet ambiguous.

52. SerenityActual - March 27, 2009

Of them all, I like the UK one best. The US poster looks boring.

53. AJ - March 27, 2009

Happy Happy. Joy Joy.

54. CommanderDJ - March 27, 2009

I just resolved something in the back of my head that has been bothering me about the shipyards – ENTERPRISE is being built out in the open – basically open fields around it (albeit surrounded by fences) but San Francisco is appropriately overgrown with buildings, and even in Iowa, the structures in the background, huge ‘cities’? that loom up kilometers in altitude, and could even be hundreds of miles away, (KC? Chicago?).
All while the starships are being built out in the open, the sun and the rain…. It should be in a shipyard that should be kilometers on a side and obscuring all outside prying eyes..

55. fwise3 - March 27, 2009

I do agree that, although simple, the USA poster is both unique and beautiful. The other posters look like they could have been put together overnight by a fan. Definitely getting this one!

56. fwise3 - March 27, 2009

*Revision* Yes, the USA poster could also have been made by a fan very easily, but I do very much enjoy its simplicity.

57. ahkenatan - March 27, 2009

Yep. I think that the ship is about to come out of warp actually. Like the light is slightly ahead of the Enterprise. The light and the Enterprise herself are about to meet up as the ship slows.

Most likely not even close though. The whole poster could be just artistic license.

I like it alot.

58. Darkwing - March 27, 2009

i personally don’t like the white one. unless you know what the new enterprise is, you don’t know what it is, it looks sloppy. my mom (who has watched quite a bit of trek) just stated right now that she didn’t know what it was until she saw the word star trek on the poster. now i agree, i do some design and photoshop stuff, and for the most part, the simplest design is the best one. but this one is like it’s trying to be simple, but something got messed up. the smudginess doesn’t work for it, just distorts it too much. i personally think the UK one with nero’s eyes is the best. it’s a movie poster, it’s meant to be thematic, look cool, and thos one pulls it off nicely. the eye follows the subjects concisely without getting confused, yet it maintains a modern side of movie poster making. the enterprise beng blasted is really cool in my opinion, cause as much as i love the ship, i like it even better when it’s being shot at. it looks more visually exciting, so to put that on a poster looks really good

59. Colin Campbell - March 27, 2009


Am I the only one who sees it as the ship still “under wraps”?

But I’m sure this is just the first of many posters to come…

60. Rickroll'd. - March 27, 2009

I think ours at the good ol’ USandA’s was the best. I instantly got what it was. lol. I suck. The Spanish one looks like something between Independence Day and Godzilla. :)

61. Bella Donna - March 27, 2009

CommanderDJ, I’ve actually thought about those large buildings in the background, and the first thing that I thought of were that they could be foundries and assembly plants to produce the individual parts or larger components for the ship.

As far as it being out in the open, our navy assembles its top of the line aircraft carriers right out in plain view of any orbiting spy satellites. There’s a big difference in watching something be assembled and knowing what it can do. And on Trek’s Earth they can monitor for pesky Klingon spy sats. ;)

62. Commodore Redshirt - March 27, 2009

I like the US poster! It’s one of the better “one-sheets” I’ve seen in quite a while.

63. Jamie - March 27, 2009

So… err… which is the real logo?

If the logo used in the film is the square one, isn’t the logo on this US poster going to be a little out of style with the film? Not very good branding, is it?

64. Anthony Thompson - March 27, 2009

I like this one the best. It’s simplicity and energy should draw the attention of non-fans and hopefully be intriguing to them. That said, I’m surprised by the compositional similarity to the TMP poster. Coincidence? We’ll probably never know.

65. Captain Cameron goes Berserk!! - March 27, 2009

I hate collage Movie Posters, it’s Star Trek Not Ironman…..

66. Super Kal - March 27, 2009

it’s a bit… blah-ish to me :(

i was expecting something a bit better for the US than these… in all honesty, I’m more impressed with the UK poster than the US poster

67. Gojira Shippi-Taro - March 27, 2009

I like the US one sheet. As a former projectionist (about 20 years ago) I’d have this on my “this is mine” list.

To the guy that said “there’s nothing to like, period”, You’re nobody, dude. Period.

68. FS9 - March 27, 2009

Niyeeece! Very, very nice!

69. Gojira Shippi-Taro - March 27, 2009

Interesting note: the promo for ST: TMP that matches this new US poster features the Star Trek: Phase II model from before TMP was on the chart. Pretty close to what James Cawley’s group’s ship will look like soon, from the promos I’ve seen.

70. starfleetmom - March 27, 2009

i hate it
you can’t tell if it’s coming or going.
looks like it’s drowning to me.
i like the UK poster the best.
even the first one way back when that said 2008 on it was better…just the emblem.
oh well, the huge STAR TREK letters in the movie theater are the bomb!

71. Brett Campbell - March 27, 2009

Hmm… out of the preview posters we saw earlier this week, I found this one to be just about the least intriguing or aesthetically pleasing (perhaps only after the one that another comment in this thread nailed as looking like a poster for a disaster flick). But apparently a lot of people like it.

72. Darkwing - March 27, 2009

eh, well, it’s still a teaser poster i guess. like i said, design wise i don’t really like it, i mean there’s energy in the poster, that’s good, but the UK one feels more ominous or epic, which will probably fit this film from what we’ve read and seen to know. i see that as being the DVD cover.

73. TrekNerd - March 27, 2009

So that settles it!

The actual title of the movie is:


74. Multitrek - March 27, 2009

This poster would be cool it it wasn’t for these horrible and tasteless weight loss belly ads lately.

75. Javi Trujillo - March 27, 2009

looks like a teaser to me. as an image it is better than the headshot collage, but I wouldn’t care to hang any of these on my wall. I’ll stick to my struzan shatner as Kirk poster

76. Bill Peters - March 27, 2009

The US one is OK…nice Homage to TMP. the one I think Rocks is the spanish one! San Fransico gets picked on again! I also like the one that has the Big E being Chased by Nero’s Ship!

77. David West - March 27, 2009

I would say the US poster is unique, which does have an appeal.

The Euro posters all look more like Star Wars posters.

78. AJ - March 27, 2009

May I ask that the “TFB” people shut up? It’s not the film’s name.

79. Ampris - March 27, 2009

74: I’m getting these grotesque teeth whitening ads. (And I’m trying to eat supper, too, for crying out loud. Gag me with a spoon.)

80. Nelson - March 27, 2009

I really like it. It’s a clean simple design. And I appreciate the homage to the original poster to TMP.

This isn’t just another Star Trek movie. This has got to grab your attention. The other posters are boring and just what you expect.

81. TrekNerd - March 27, 2009

I hope you got the joke of my post, AJ?

82. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. - March 27, 2009

I’m sure we’ll get another few “official” posters. I like the latest one, it is simple, and therefore more timeless. The simple, original, italicized font, boldy going it alone.

No numbered sequel, no drawing attention to specific actors, whether old or new, and thus not dating it. No specific locations under attack. Star Trek is the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Just so.

83. cbspock - March 27, 2009

They all suck.

The Spanish one reminds me of the Star Trek 4 poster. They couldn’t come up with something better than these?

84. Elrond L - March 27, 2009

This is awesome. When I saw the European posters yesterday, this immediately jumped out as my favorite. It’s simple and striking, and should catch many eyeballs at the theater. :-) I want one for my office!

85. spiked canon - March 27, 2009

it is spot on perfect

86. spiked canon - March 27, 2009

85 yes….i had already put it on my desktop yesterday…….friends we are going to get AT LEAST three more Trek movies in our lifetime. This is three more than I thought we would have 3 years ago

87. Matt404 - March 27, 2009

I really like the US poster. It’s actually something I might hang on my wall. The UK and German versions, while nice, look like pretty much every single Star Trek movie poster produced in the last 15 years: Headshots of main good guys + bad guy in the background + small image of ship(s). I think the idea with the US poster is to do something totally new to get people interested and let them know this isn’t just another Star Trek movie.

As for the ship “traveling backwards,” I think maybe the idea here is that, since the ship is traveling at warp, it is being propelled by the collapsing space behind it. Having the streaks appear to be moving forward rather than back shows that space itself is “propelling” the ship, rather than the engines directly. That’s how I saw it anyway.

88. Will - March 27, 2009

I think the US poster is the best… but sadly, I don’t really like any of them. Especially the one that’s just the Golden Gate and the beam from space. That one looks excessively generic to me.

Oh well, I’m quite glad we got the best of the bunch. The rest look like the standard fare of non-US posters that movies get(lots of pictures of the cast, a couple of ships or other little details. Honestly, they remind me quite a bit of the Batman Returns international poster).

89. fwise3 - March 27, 2009

Okay I want to say something else. The USA poster is BRILLIANT in my opinion. The poster is going to get noticed. It’s different. People will walk by it and have to look at it because they might not understand what it is at first. I believe it will do its job perfectly by getting the word out that there is a new Star Trek movie in town! I agree, it is extremely simplistic, and maybe not the most imaginative poster ever, but it will definitely be seen… which is the point of a poster!

90. MONGO - March 27, 2009

Mongo like poster for U.S. peoples. It Enterprise. Not every movie poster has be Struzan. Mongo not think poster significant influence people go to movie.

91. VoR - March 27, 2009

Cool poster

92. freezejeans - March 27, 2009

Too similar to The Matrix Reloaded. If you don’t know the basic shape of the big E (face it, some people really don’t), then it’s just a blurry blob. They could have done better.

93. NaradaAlpha - March 27, 2009

the US poster sucks; looks like they took a model of the new ship, stuck it in a silk curtain and shot a black and white blurry image of it … i like the UK poster better…p.s.–i’m an American, so theres no British pride factoring in here

94. Ateban - March 27, 2009

This is Japanese version.

The copies are “From the director of ‘M:i:III'” and “His name is James T. Kirk.”
I think the ship is Kelvin. Why??

95. Will_H - March 27, 2009

Yeah, the US poster is a FAIL, so first they decide that a bunch of other countries are gonna see the movie first, then they give us the worst of the movie posters. Gee, thanks guys. Did someone forget that Star Trek is American?

96. AJ - March 27, 2009

This poster, combined with the endless ads on TV (I’ve been watching CN “Adult Swim”) are going to create quite a buzz.

The poster of the “E” is the first I’ve wanted to own for a long time. She’s a beauty, no matter how you slice her.

97. Will_H - March 27, 2009

And oh yeah, forgot to mention that of course they leave McCoy out again. Did JJ actually watch any TOS episodes. McCoy was a much bigger character than Uhura ever was. Not saying that she was a bad character, but I dont think its fair to change that element of it. Way to fail.

98. kmart - March 27, 2009

AdLIne for US poster should be either:
The Future’s a Blur
The Future’s so Glarey, I gotta wear shades.

Not as bad as a photoshop collage, but it’s a near thing.

99. cpelc - March 27, 2009

Has anyone figured out the music from the latest tv spot yet?

Was trying to make a pre-soundtrack soundtrack.

100. ksmsscu - March 27, 2009

@89 – You got it, friend!

The U.S. poster immediately compels you to look further at it and wonder what is happening. Then, even for casual fans, they know the iconic shape of the Enterprise (and will not say ‘Hmmm, the nacelle struts look different’) and will think WARP SPEED – COOL, and DIFFERENT!

No character faces, no ships in combat — something bold and unique.

Remember — This ain’t your father’s Star Trek any more.

101. cpelc - March 27, 2009

94 – That is just….wow.

Umm I can kinda see something in the background? haha

102. Jai1138 - March 27, 2009

Well, if that’s the North American campaign one sheet, great — it was the best of the ones on display here the past few days. It still srikes me as a teaser image though (and I’ll probably buy an original).

Still, it’ disappointing when one considers the great artwork that could have been produced. As I said in yesterday’s thread, there are so many great graphics artists and illustrators who love ST and could have produced a classic image. I’ve largely given up collecting movie posters because the studios have decided that contemporary tastes are quick, dirty, and disposable. It’s a sad reflection of popular tastes, I guess, and I hope it doesn’t reflect upon the movie which, so far, looks (and sounds) great and is very intriguing.

103. AJ - March 27, 2009


“The new poster is similar to an early teaser magazine image for Star Trek The Motion Picture, designed by John Berkey. Is it an homage or just a coincidence?”

Can you guys find out? ;-)

104. DavidJ - March 27, 2009

I don’t know. I really like the style and think it would be a perfectly fine alternative poster…

But as the MAIN poster? The one that’s ultimately gonna be on the DVD cases and on the shelves at Blockbuster?

I just don’t see it. It might grab your eye, but unless you’re already a Trek (or Starship Enterprise) fan it’s probably not going to get you too excited about the movie.

105. Phasers On Stun - March 27, 2009

I like the US poster the best. It draws you in, makes you wonder, makes you think. Some will say . ….Wow! that looks cool… and some will say….WTF is that. The point is, it will probably create more discussion than the conventional run of the mill movie posters.

But in the end, there is no need to have a cardiac arrest over it. They will probably issue another poster or a revision on this before the movie opens just for the hell of it.

You know those damn marketers, they really love to change things!

106. AJ - March 27, 2009


I would be hardpressed to call cinema posters “great artwork.” Most of the ones I have noticed in the last 40 years seem to be last-minute affairs, with a few artists who have distinguished themselves in this limited field of placement of concerned heads on backgrounds.

The “whoosh” Enterprise poster strikes me as classic and timeless. And, it’s movement forward. Optimism.

107. JoBlo - March 27, 2009

I like the Spanish poster.

108. S. John Ross - March 27, 2009

I like the German one best. Although, frankly, that old magazine-teaser ad is what’s really drawing my eye. :)

109. S. John Ross - March 27, 2009

#90: I agree with Mongo. Posters are fun on the wall, but I doubt they have much impact on whether anyone sees a film.

I think I’d like the U.S. one more if it were in color. One of the things I had trouble getting used to in Star Trek: The Motion Picture is that the universe was suddenly rendered in near-grayscale :)

110. SpencerJay - March 27, 2009

I personally like it. It’s a bold, original choice.

But I care more about whether the film does well than I do about what I like and with an emphasis on taking this film mainstream…this might be the first mistake in one of the most brilliant and disciplined marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen.

Maybe they’re taking all the credibility they’ve built up for a spin. Part of me can’t help but admire them a little…but a BIG part of me wishes they played it safe.

111. cpelc - March 27, 2009

For those who have saved the trailer music and the website music to their itunes – Here’s an “official” soundtrack cover I made using the new poster.


112. Weerd1 - March 27, 2009

My apathy for this poster is nearly palpable.

113. Blake Powers - March 27, 2009

That japanese poster is awful… And i’m never a naysayer on this site.

114. GaryS - March 27, 2009

Well, all these posters look good anyway.
Very nice indeed .

115. Jai1138 - March 27, 2009

to AJ at 106

I’m a serious collector of film posters and I can assure you that there are plenty of pieces that can be considered great and beautiful pieces of art. A movie poster has to serve many function, of course, not the least of which is selling the movie (whether it’s an accurate representation of the movie or not). But it is an art as much as it it “commercial graphics”.

A few pieces (and their artists) that are amazing any way you look at them:

Robert Peak: Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Excalibur, Apocalypse Now
Drew Struzan: Blade Runner (the final cut), Big Trouble in Little China, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the Star Wars Trilogy Special Editions
Tom Jung: Star Wars (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (“B”), The Right Stuff

I could go on and on, believe me, and none of those actually touch on Great poster Art that incorporates photo images.

My point is, the image they chose for the N. American campaign is a fine teaser image but it is not the classic piece of poster art I’d be excited to collect or that will linger in the imagination (or get the unconverted into movie theaters).

116. Ryan O'Brien - March 27, 2009

A big blurry ship?! That’s it?! We need action and familiar faces, even if they are floating heads! Well I’m picking up the UK version from EBAY. This US one sucks big time. It’s a teaser poster. I’m getting the poster with the ship being built or the blue that includes 5 cast members (though I wish McCoy was one of them!!!)

117. Jote - March 27, 2009


118. Julio - March 27, 2009

LOVE the U.S. and the Japanese posters… well done!

119. Ben IV - March 27, 2009

Yeah German/’UK Variant’ is the best.
Blurry ship says nothing, but then we’ve already had the “name only” and the faces up for months.

Comment on the starship under construction:
Maybe the ship that’s under construction isn’t the Enterprise? Maybe it’s the Intrepid, or the Defiant, or some other ship?

120. Jefferies Tuber - March 28, 2009

Only the the Japanese and the Americans get the real logo. Japanese translation anyone?

The Europosters are fromage frais. Whose bright idea was it to use the TOS end credits font in a wet metallic Transformers-style logo? That’s what the Europeans want, yeeaaaaah! Uh, yeah.

I really love this US poster. It’s iconic. It conveys danger, yet it also seems symbolic of what they’re doing to canon–shaking it up. Most importantly, it’s confident. Posters where the actors stare at the camera are beneath contempt.

p.s. I just watched a little of STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK. Poor Original Kirk. “Klingon bastard. You killed my son.” It made me realize that in this new Universe, Kirk could keep Carol Marcus and know his son. For all of the things that will go away in the New Universe, the characters we love can be more than they were the first time.

121. Spock - March 28, 2009

With all of that blur on, the Enterprise almost looks passable!

That one works for me. The posters with the cast photos look like typical Photoshop hack-jobs that you might see done up for a fanfilm… I miss the days when film posters were real art – y’know, the old Star Wars posters. Those were sweet.

122. Hytok - March 28, 2009

Mamma mia che schifezza! E’ la più brutta di tutte, ma come si fa a creare locandine così disgustose?

123. Sxottlan - March 28, 2009

I think the B&W poster is beautiful.

124. Robert Saint John - March 28, 2009

I love the US version. It is very dynamic, modern and eye-catching. It says “Yes, this is Star Trek, and it’s new, and it’s not like anything you’ve seen before”. Clean, simple. I can see where posters such as the UK and German versions would be more popular with the fans, but IMO there’s not enough contrast to jump out, and marketing those faces of relative unknowns is not going to help achieve the purpose.

125. Shatner_Fan_Prime - March 28, 2009

That’s the worst poster I’ve seen maybe ever. A black and white smudge heralds the return of STAR TREK……?


In these troubled economic times, Paramount could save a few bucks by firing the pretentious dolt who came up with THAT idea.

But whatever. Posters are not important. As long as the movie’s good…

126. thereare4lights - March 28, 2009

#8 Agreed, the USA poster is totally unspectacular and boring but the Japanese version is the worst. Worst poster not only for Star Trek but for any movie.

127. Darrksan - March 28, 2009

These are some of the worst posters in Star Trek History.
The White one is the most ugly poster of all movie posters.
I’ve been nice and had an open mind, but now I’m sick of all the bulls*** from JJ and Bad Robot.
anything I been seen come out has sucked and it is becoming clear to me that JJ and Bad Robot has F***-up Star Trek.
The i-prise is the most ugly ships in Star Trek History (next to the kelvin), no if and buts about it. Nero’s Ship looks like it rip from the matrix. The Superman Returns version of the TOS uniforms are a joke. The casting is horrible (like Chris Pine as Kirk and Winona Ryder as Spock’s mom). The sets are also a joke (like the cheap looking mac store i-prise’s bridge). The dialog is a nightmare (like “I like this ship…, Man, what are you talking to me and so on). Sulu doing bad cartooning hopping around swordfight like a jedi in the Star Wars prequels and Matrix like slow-mo shot make me sick. Don’t get me started on the plot details that we have hear about.

How can some Trek-Fans attack Star Trek: Enterprise (most even before it came), then turn around put up with JJ and Bad Robot’s bulls**** and say do not judge it before you see it. some Trek-Fans b****ed about Star Trek: Enterprise being true to the canon which it way more than JJ’s Bull and then some trek-fans (more likely the same fans) write things like “ban the canon in 2009″. WTF, What have some Trek-Fans had lost their guts.

128. Shatner_Fan_Prime - March 28, 2009

I see someone on AICN already said just what I was thinking: “Could’ve worked as a teaser but not a final.” Exactly. Would anyone actually spend $10 or more on a copy of this? If so, you hand over $ a lot more freely than I do.

The teaser posters with the close-ups of the faces against TOS yellow, red, and blue…THOSE were cool. I collected all of those at Comic-Con. This black and white smudge in no way says ‘Star Trek’ to me.

129. silverplated - March 28, 2009

rick berman, jerry & joel goldsmith and jonathan frakes talk about star trek: first contact and its music composed and conducted by jerry goldsmith (and his son joel goldsmith). these interviews were on the enhanced cd part of the motion picture soundtrack audio cd:

130. One-Eye man - March 28, 2009

Where can I find the japanese trailer ??

131. John Tenuto - March 28, 2009

This is just my opinion. The posters are only area where I feel Paramount has made a mistake. What is there to entice the non-fan to go with this blurry ship? Will they even recognize this as the Enterprise? All of these posters are either photoshop-cheap (the European versions) or much too close to the X-Files poster in design and symbolism (the American film poster).

132. ucdom - March 28, 2009

Okay, first of all… I’m a Brit.

I love the IMAGE on the US poster. It’s very surreal and minimalist. I’d gladly have it as a desktop background. As a POSTER… it’s not saying an awful lot.
Of the rest, which are pretty bog standard, I’d go for the UK variant.

The UK Empire Exclusive poster is so bad it’s unreal, and the Spanish and Japanese posters are just crap and off message.

133. hmich176 - March 28, 2009

Why do you need people to recognize the Enterprise? It’s THE ENTERPRISE!!!!!!!

Goodness gracious! What do you expect from genre films…we’re talking about posters. They’re going to have similarities because that’s what you get in certain genres.

134. John Tenuto - March 28, 2009


There are many people in the demographic they wish to have see this film who have not seen Star Trek before. While it is only ancedotal, about 10% of my students have ever seen a Star Trek film when I asked the 200 I teach this year. If this is some of the audience they wish to get, the 18-22 crowd, this poster may not speak to them. The Enterprise is not recognizable if you are not familiar with it, and there is nothing about the American poster which says “Star Trek” or why someone should go to the theater.

135. Smitty™ - March 28, 2009


STINO write that when you or one of your butt buddies gets a freespace account for the site JJ Abrams Raped My Childhood!


136. Paulaner - March 28, 2009

I just *love* the blurred Enterprise. Minimalistic but dynamic and very strong. Star Wars-like posters (and a lot of Trek ones) with large and small faces are so boring.

137. Geoffers - March 28, 2009

I do love the original style type face of the Japanese poster.

138. Tiberiuscan - March 28, 2009

Is It Just me or is there a Dalek in the Spanish Poster?

139. William Kirk - March 28, 2009

The posters are nice. Hope someone makes a TOS style version of the posters like there was a TOS version of the Kelvin. That would be amazing :-)

140. Captain Presley - March 28, 2009

The US poster is cool for a teaser, but NOT for the official poster. As someone who is a 20 year graphic designer in advertising, it tells the audience nothing about the movie. For non fans this could be a sequel to Nemisis for all they know. The UK versions far better communicate action, new cast, TOS characters, etc. With the economy and high ticket prices, you really need to SELL movies. A vague enticement is not enough.

Also, they really need to decide on a logo. They should have nailed that down during pre-production and kept with the same font. Rather sloppy to be inconsistent this close to the release date.

141. Stanky McFibberich - March 28, 2009

re: 134. John Tenuto
“there is nothing about the American poster which says “Star Trek” or why someone should go to the theater.”

From what I’ve seen, the only reason to go is to fork over some money.

There seems to be quite a number of posters who are willing to do just that….over and over…NOT necessarily because they are excited to see it multiple times, but because they “need to support it so that the franchise will live on.”

How do we know we want the franchise to live on in this form?

I may have mentioned my opposition to the entire concept of the movie but, of course, I will end up seeing it (I stop to look at train wrecks, also).
If I happen to like it enough (current likelihood – 76,105,000,037 to 1 against) I will see it again, but I’ll be danged if I’m going to keep throwing money at the screen just to basically support a movie studio so they might make another twisted version or that it might somehow lead to some future TV series.

Oh, the poster is fine for what it is, I guess.

142. Tennessee - March 28, 2009

In the article, there is nothing wrong coming off as too American if you are American. Loyalty seems to be a value people these days have forgotten, and that goes for Paramount as well. Not that I mind the movie premiering at the Opera House in Sydney, that is an honor, however it seems that lately the US has been put in the back seat (nevermind, the movie was made here)–even, where the posters are concerned. That poster is nice, but 141 is right. What in that poster gives lean in any way as to what this movie is about, or why someone should see it? I still plan on seeing this movie, but I’m a little ticked at Paramount today. I’m disgusted!

143. Terpor - March 28, 2009

Japanese poster looked like Godzilla poster :D

144. John Tenuto - March 28, 2009


Thanks for the comments. I respect fellow fans who like these posters, although I do not. Some of this is merely our individual likes or dislikes.

My problem is that a movie poster is meant to accomplish a few goals, and theatrical posters have different goals (one of which is to clearly communicate what a film is about) than a teaser poster (of which the American poster would have been a good example). I do not think that the American poster achieves the goals of a movie poster (the Shawshank Redemption poster debacle is a good example of being too “artsy” with a theatrical poster).

The main problem is that the poster doesn’t tell the “non fan” who is desperately needed to become the “new fan” if Trek is to endure what the movie is about, who is in it. It doesn’t even have any recognizable iconography! The image of the Enterprise is almost unrecognizable to those unfamiliar with the ship. As fans, we have an orientation to this ship and it is recognizable. For my students, they will have no idea what this is. And they probably won’t care. The Enterprise is a wonderful symbol of Star Trek, yet this blurry image is so distorted that it isn’t recognizable to those who are unfamiliar with Star Trek. If you remove the words “Star Trek” and show this to a non fan, they will have no idea what the film is. You remove the word “Superman” or “Batman” from their posters, and people still know what the film is.

This may be a nice artistic image, yet it is a problem poster and one that will not service Star Trek well with the generic audience.

145. William Kirk - March 28, 2009

I like the British / German poster the most. It looks very dynamic and even the ugly ship looks here quite enjoyable. I am not sure that people who don´t know Trek would recognize the Enterprise from the US poster. But on the other hand in USA there is not such “danger”. I also like the Spanish poster. I am curious about the poster in my country – what they choose.

146. SciFiPulse.Net » Blog Archive » Star Trek Final Promo Poster Revealed - March 28, 2009

[…] appeared online this week for the upcoming eleventh Trek movie and have been featured on the TrekMovie […]

147. Galaxy Quest 2 - March 28, 2009

The USA poster is the most sophisticated (did I spell that right?)

148. screaming satellite - March 28, 2009

“His name is James T. Kirk” (dont you read history?)

was Generations a big hit in Japan?

149. SciFiMetalGirl - March 28, 2009

Japanese poster? Dang, now we have to re-do the poll!

150. Kirk's Girdle - March 28, 2009

The Japanese one is cool. I just picture some guy in a business suit pointing and screaming STAR TREK!!! It looks like they have the image of the imploding planet in the upper right corner, although at first glance I thought it was the Death Star.

151. Doug L. - March 28, 2009

re 08

The difference between the posters is that the US poster is subtle, and the other posters are “loud”. To me the US poster says everything without saying too much, and the foreign release posters shout at you without saying much of anything.

I much prefer the US poster. IMO.

152. Chris H - March 28, 2009

What’s the Death Star doing in the japanese poster?

153. DesiluTrek - March 28, 2009

I get the comparison with the old TMP teaser poster, but that’s where it ends, because at least in the old poster, it is immediately recognizable as a spaceship. To the general audience, this smudgy, shadowy silhouette is not recognizable for what it is. Part of the problem comes in tilting the ship 45 degrees, the other is since it’s the redesigned Enterprise, it has the same awkward, distorted proportions.

Matt Jefferies’ intent was for his ship to look good from any angle. This simply isn’t true of the redesign, as the first pic released of it proved, and as seen in this poster.

These are the criticisms of a die-hard, I know. I am gratified that a Star Trek revival has tapped the original, as I always knew it would one day. While I’ve become more optimistic that the story, performances and “feel” will win me over, I may never come around to liking the misfire that is the film’s production design.

154. thorsten - March 28, 2009


The “Death Star” could be the deflector dish, motion blurred…

155. Doug L. - March 28, 2009

to further that, the spanish poster might as well be independence day. The japanese poster suggests nothing at all about the movie other than the name. the other posters are just collages, and personally I am not a big fan of collages, i like a bold striking single image to drive a point home which i think the US release really does.

Doug L. (continuing my post from 151)

156. Chris H - March 28, 2009

I loved that STTMP teaser poster – I think it was on the back of a few Marvel comics way back in ’79; NCC 1701 looked wonderful and I was wetting my pants to get to see the movie.

157. JWM - March 28, 2009

Awesome posters — but it sure looks like a Death Star on that Japanese one.

158. thorsten - March 28, 2009


That is the Kelvin’s deflector, taken from the scene where she rams the Narada.

159. Doug L. - March 28, 2009

re 156

Me too! and it was most definitely the back cover of nearly every marvel comic for several months the summer and fall before TMP was released. I eventually found a poster sized version of that shot and framed it!

Doug L.

160. Chris H - March 28, 2009

155: the Spanish poster reminds me of a UK variant for The Voyage Home; has anyone got a copy to post? It suggested nothing that it was a Trek movie.

I prefer the US poster – it suggests danger, speed, the unknown. the UK posters remind me of the Star Wars posters we had over here – a medley of images as opposed to one striking image; Kirk on the bike just reminds me of Le Bouff in Indy 4 – and what a stinker that movie was.

161. screaming satellite - March 28, 2009

in old school movie poster terminology it looks like the US abstract TMP inspired ‘hyperspace’ Ent is poster ‘A’

the ‘Top Gun’ UK one is poster B

the Trek VI/FC inspired UK variant = poster C (german one is virtually the same)

the ‘star trek?..nah this is ID4 2!’ spanish one is sorta like the poster D? (but thats kind of like a special forgien only one…like that one for TVH with K/S on the streets of San Fran with the street cop/punk or the special japanese ones for I-IV you could buy from TOFC way back when)

162. Doug L. - March 28, 2009

re 144

I don’t think this is too “artsy”. I think most people who at least recognize the name James T. Kirk, also have a vague sense of what the Enterprise looks like. Even with the changes the general shape is still pretty iconic.

Too me the image coupled with the text leaves no question. The point of blurring the lines here is to create expectation that this is something new, and that there will be a reveal.

Doug L.

163. Chris H - March 28, 2009

159: Lucky man! LOL. Still got it?

164. thebiggfrogg - March 28, 2009

I agree with #77. the Euro character posters look same old, same old–like any old space opera flick from numerous Star Wars to numerous Star Treks. Throw in some pics of the cast and exploding ships and a space background and voila space opera flick de jure. Sort of like presidential campaign logos: standard and boring. The U.S. one is cool, like the Obama ‘O’ original, despite the potential homage. On the downside is anyone but a Trek fan going to have any frakking idea what it is (Rorschach, indeed).

165. thebiggfrogg - March 28, 2009

…and the Japanese poster looks like it features a disco ball (though it looks like it might be a blurred image of the Kelvin’s deflector dish).

166. Doug L. - March 28, 2009

re 160

Nice call w/ Indy 4 comparison. Kirk sitting on his bike does nothing for me as an image to sell this movie…

Doug L.

167. Chris H - March 28, 2009

Anthony – is there any way we can have a previous posters thread please?

The UK poster for TWOK was a photo montage – and looked really weak. Shame really when TWOK was the best of the bunch.

168. screaming satellite - March 28, 2009

the japan one looks like its got the Nexus in the background (as i said b4 maybe Generations was HUGE in Japan?)

169. Chris H - March 28, 2009

AND the US poster gets the original typeface for ‘Star Trek’. You lucky bastards! (Sits over the pond feeling hard done by).

170. crazydaystrom - March 28, 2009

The blurred deflector dish(if that’s what it is) in the background of the Japan poster looks like an eyeball to me.

I like them all a lot and the USA one was my fave from the first time I saw them.

171. klaatu - March 28, 2009

What a good taste of what the poster USA.
The Spanish one is bullshit. As always.
The relaunch of the franchise should have a more iconic poster, rather than look like a disaster movie.
I hope te actual respond to a good marketing study and the movie achieves a great success, but I think that Paramount executives in Spain do not respect nor understand the franchise. (Very poor poor translations and DVD editions…)

172. Stanky McFibberich - March 28, 2009

The blurriness of the poster may be to let the audience know there will be shaky hand-held cameras used liberally throughout the movie.

173. Chris M - March 28, 2009

All the posters for Star Trek look awesome!

I’ve taken a picture of one of the posters out of a magazine which is the same as the UK variant but without Nero’s eyes which I’m assuming is the Australian Poster maybe?! I’ve also entered a competition to win a trip to the World Premier. It is so cool that its here in Australia! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!

I also attended Qualifying for the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix today and saw Nero (Eric Bana) racing a Porche in one of the support races!

174. Trekwebmaster - March 28, 2009

Suffice it to say, this poster is fantastic!

175. screaming satellite - March 28, 2009

there was another (little known) TMP teaser poster which had the Phase II Ent on but also the bulk of the poster was taken up with painted Kirk, iIla, spock, decker, bones etc – its in the Making of The Trek films by Ed Gross (I-VI edition)

out of movie posters past i always liked VI the best..then IIs (big Khan with K/S and Savikk – not the logo with the photos) FC was pretty good too

176. DesiluTrek - March 28, 2009

@169: Amen to that at least. I’m nudnik enough that I feel a twinge anytime the E in TREK isn’t rounded.

I’m still nervous on this side of the pond too because poster fonts bear no relationship to on-screen titles, except coincidentally. Anyway, on your side you have Alan Partridge. Why Steve Coogan still really hasn’t cracked the US I’ll never know … If Ricky Gervais can …

177. AJ - March 28, 2009

Thanks to Jai1138 at #115 for the crash course in movie posters!

I’m not sure these posters are make-or-break marketing tools for films these days. Inside the multiplex cinema, as you’re buying popcorn, or heading to your screen, a poster may catch your eye for half a second, as it’s displayed with a dozen others. It is peripheral noise.

To Mr. Tenuto’s point, as marketing materials, they all fail. Focusing on the mugshots of the characters says nothing, as the actors are (up ’til now) relatively unknown. The Narada looks like a plant, the E is flying through milk (my fave), and someone dropped something in SF Bay. The Japanese one is like a blurry disco ball in a fire.

I would have gone with a straight big shot of the E firing phasers in space. Or use Nero’s face, or show what is obviously a rapidly vaporizing planet. It’s a space adventure.

178. John Tenuto - March 28, 2009


Hello AJ

Funny comment about flying through milk!

I also agree that the poster isn’t the only marketing item (which I think is good because the American poster doesn’t work as a marketing item).

I am by no means an expert, but as a college professor who teaches classes in Star Trek and uses Star Trek as an example in all my classes, at least the hundreds of students I teach each year are often vaguely aware of Star Trek. Many don’t know who William Shatner is, and the Enterprise is not at all an icon to them.

This poster could be for any movie and without the text, the image is merely interesting with no orientation for nonfans unfamiliar with the Enterprise.

Also, if someone is aware of Star Trek, this poster does not at all say “This film is different!” or “This film is new!” It doesn’t tell us there is a new, young crew. It doesn’t show us that there will be great special effects. It doesn’t tell the generic audience this is a science fiction film, or that it is an adventure set in the future without the text. Movie posters are about imagery, not text. If it was only about text, then the Japanese poster is all that is required. The poster doesn’t even tell us WHICH version of Star Trek this is, and I could see people at theaters thinking this is just another Star Trek sequel and might as well be a movie version of Enterprise for all they know.

Those who read my columns here know how excited I am about the new film and I hope it is marvelous. I also tend to like Star Trek items of all varieties. Yet, this American poster is a miscalculation and although it won’t have the effect of detracting people from the film, it won’t bring anyone to the theater, especially new fans. It is a disappointment and failure in almost every way as a marketing item.

179. Kirk's Girdle - March 28, 2009

Reading most of the posts over at Aint it Cool News, they tend to feel that this poster looks more like a teaser, and even though I love it, I tend to agree. The abstract mysteriousness of it should be something to create interest and make non-fans look twice to figure out what it is until the big reveal poster is shown. So, I don’t know. I think they may have done this backwards. I thing a genuine painted poster by either Trek veteran Bob Peak or the incomparable Drew Struzan would be preferable to the many permutations of photoshop-style posters being released.

180. Kirk's Girdle - March 28, 2009

Re: AJ Even if you want to show San Francisco being destroyed, show it from an angle looking skyward so you can see that it’s a weapon literally hanging from space, right? You can even show the Big E streaking toward it.

181. C.S. Lewis - March 28, 2009

Teaser or no, seeing the original Star Trek typeface, obliques and all, sends a chill up my spine. Here’s one to nostalgia. Star Trek is dead. Long live Star Trek. (Yes, I suppose that is capitulation to the ‘next’ generation of Trekdom…)

C.S. Lewis

182. Tiberiuscan - March 28, 2009

Though the American Poster is supposed to suggest speed it is not very convincing as the blurr affect is at the front of the ship and not behind as we would expect. Perhaps the blurred effect hides the differences between the new Enterprise and the one from the original series. Its a Juevinile effort to say the least, where as the UK and German posters are more traditional and correctly juxtaposition the importance of the main characters Kirk and Spock are larger with the sub characters a little smaller and of course the Enterprise being fired upon. The Spanish poster could be from any disaster movie and does not suggest Star Trek at all. And I still see a Dalek to the right of the water spout below the bridge. :). The Japanese poster like the American poster is just a waste.

183. AJ - March 28, 2009


That’d be better. This one shows the orbital platform is a just a few hundred feet above ground. And it’s making big waves. Where’s the Star Trek?

184. Neal - March 28, 2009

Nice clean crisp lines.

185. klaatu - March 28, 2009

Hi again.
I think the USA is the better in all ways.
Marketing is not information.
The USA realy can catch your atention for a second (al least while you are wondering what is…).
The others are more or less cool, but vulgar. People can, hopefully, discard them in an instant, but if they look it is worse, because they may involve vulgarity to the film: One more space movie (or one more disasters movie…?

186. Kirk's Girdle - March 28, 2009

Re: 182

The new warp effect is more like a slip-stream where the blur is both in front and behind the ship.

187. AJ - March 28, 2009


The word “iconic” is thrown around a lot these days. Star Trek has its set of ‘iconic’ images, but they’ve been on the shelf for too long.

My 6-year old knows who Darth Vader is. R2D2, a stormtrooper, and Yoda as well. Money has been invested in these characters even when there are no films to promote.

Star Trek’s iconic images have been in mothballs for years, and perhaps diluted by all the later shows. Nimoy’s Spock was an icon. The Enterprise was an icon. So was Kirk in a torn shirt, a Gorn, or an Orion slave girl.

The new film really has to start from scratch, and we have to hope that the message that this is new and exciting reaches the public via the fantastic trailers and TV spots, and what I am sure will be major PR in May.

188. Johnny Ice - March 28, 2009

US is the best poster. It is very artistic and unusual plus with homage to TMP. I don’t like Spanish poster because its remind me off disaster movie rather then Star Trek.

189. RedShirtWalking - March 28, 2009

What the hell is up with the Japanese poster? I thought the US version was the worst one and, now, I take it back. LOL

190. Shunnabunich - March 28, 2009

I love the USA poster; I think it’s elegant and visceral, and will definitely stand out from the assembly-line Photoshop collages standing on either side of it in a theatre. The Japanese one made me LOL, though.

/ __/_ __/ _ | / _ \
_\ \ / / / __ |/ , _/
/___/ /_/ /_/ |_/_/|_|
blurblur sutaa~torekku blurblur
_________ ___
/_ __/ _ \/ __/ //_/
/ / / , _/ _// ,<
/_/ /_/|_/___/_/|_|



191. section9 - March 28, 2009

The U.S. Trek poster is perfect for this market and for the target demographic of 16-34 year old young people with disposable income.

It grabs the eye and makes you think about what’s behind the image.

The poster does what it’s supposed to do, and becomes almost iconographic. Good minimalist graphics will do that for you. Throwing lots of trash at a movie poster can become almost campy.

I like the UK poster because it compares Kirk to Brando from “The Wild Bunch”, which was its intent. Kirk starts out as a Rebel without a Clue (throwing in a bit of James Dean, here). That’s part of JJ’s reinvention of the character for the 21st Century audience. It will be interesting to watch how James T. Kirk acquires that 50’s sensibility of “Grace Under Pressure” that we know so well.

192. SerenityActual - March 28, 2009

I really like the Japanese poster as well as the UK one. I love the brilliant colors in the poster and it would catch my eye instantly in any theater lobby.

193. section9 - March 28, 2009

By the way, speaking of the Japanese poster….

THIS POSTER JUST BEGS, BEGS, for the appearance of Godzilla, Rodan, and the Kamen Riders!

194. Chris Basken - March 28, 2009

The US poster is the only one that doesn’t scream 1980s. Me likey!

195. Jefferies Tuber - March 28, 2009

The UK and German posters manage to convey everything that’s supposedly been shed from the new iteration of Trek: the staginess of the actors looking at the camera, the cheese of a Photoshop collage, and the tired visuals of an Enterprise that looks unchanged and the Narada looking like Nebuchadnezzar from THE MATRIX.

The people responsible for the crappy Europosters wouldn’t be JJ, KO, their producers or Studio execs. They would have been produced en masse, along with maybe 30 other concepts, and then chosen by the regional marketing and distribution execs.

196. Darkowski - March 28, 2009

I actually like the TMP poster more than the others :-P

197. pock speared - March 28, 2009

the b&w poster is just astounding, wonderful. the simplicity and basic spacial layout finally undoes the cringe i’ve never recovered from on TVH poster, where the fukkin’ FONT had “whoosh marks” on it, and san fran took up about a tenth of the planet. it was a graphic freakshow, and it embarrassed me to look at it.

198. mikeat5280 - March 28, 2009

Is that the Death Star on the Japanese poster?

199. screaming satellite - March 28, 2009

40 – as i said in the other thread..maybe Paramount are hoping less than frequent moviegoers/non trek fans will think ‘aww cool! a new star wars movie!! with darth maul, han, luke, leia and the falcon gettin blasted!’ and think its episode 7 and star trek goes on to to monster BO overseas

200. screaming satellite - March 28, 2009

i have to agree with those screaming the US poster is a teaser…it really looks like it belongs with the teaser posters of the A badge and the logo…i understand they are going for something abit different, stylish and iconic but imo the UK variant should have been the official one sheet both both UK and US…

and regarding if it was TMP teaser homage/inspired – just look at the angle – they are exactly the same..its gotta be intentional

The Japan one looks like a cheesy flyer for some 2nd rate nightclub..(2 for 1 drinks before 10pm)

201. jim - March 28, 2009

makes sense that different regions have different posters. In the US, star trek is an established property. People know what it is. There’s less to say. In Europe, where people aren’t as familiar with the franchise, the poster has to give you more, or in the case of Spain, use the image to relate this movie to others.

202. jim - March 28, 2009

Also for the US, we fans know what the new ship looks like. But for more casual fans, it hints at the shape but preserves some of the mystery. I think they’re banking on the fact that many many americans can identify the enterprise. It’s iconic enough to be in the smithsonian.

203. screaming satellite - March 28, 2009

although saying that this film DOES NEED to differentiate itself from the previous ones abit ‘this isn’t ur daddys trek’ and all that..

Plus its vaguely star wars esque (not in terms of movie posters obviously – like the UK variant) but the Ent looks like its in hyperspace like the Falcon

the UK variant is pretty much in keeping with the others (VI, GEN, FC) and may work better in the UK to alert the trek fans that yes it’s a new Star Trek movie like the others..but the US is a much bigger piece of the BO pie so it looks like they going for abit of a retro/stylish/iconic/abstract approach – in the words of Pike ‘something different’

204. illogical - March 28, 2009

I think I must agree that the US poster is the best if the bunch – clean, stark, and elegant.

205. screaming satellite - March 28, 2009

plus using TOS logo for the title very much sets it apart from previous movies

206. EFFeX - March 28, 2009

Got to go with the UK poster. If you are a casual fan or non-fan, your going to walk by this poster and not even know what it is. If you didn’t read the Star Trek text and really take a look at the poster, there’s no way your going to be like “Oh, the Enterprise!”

207. harris250 - March 28, 2009

Bones gets shafted in all of them…since when is Uhura so important to Trek?

208. John Tenuto - March 28, 2009


Yes, I agree. An icon is a popular symbol, and I would argue that Spock’s visage or the Enterprise itself is iconic. The problem is that there are many people in the film going audience to whom those are not iconic, and if they have a vague awareness of them, this poster distorts that all too much to be effective.

As an autograph collector, though, I like that it has a good amount of whiteness for signing, though. That is about the only good thing about this American poster.

209. ClassicTrek - March 28, 2009

Thats a bad USA poster in my opinion. hardly likely to inspire anyone to go and see it based on that. It doesnt tell the non trek fan anything! The UK and Euro one’s are far better.

Im dissapointed with the USA one as i thought thbat one was going to be the best of the lot.



210. Capt. of the USS Anduril - March 28, 2009

Because she’s hot #207. That’s why.

Okay, not a bad poster, but I think it would’ve been better if the ship had been…I don’t know…less blurry? I much prefer the UK Variant poster, you get more of a sense of the crew and what’s going on. Yes, Bones would’ve made it much more awesome, I can’t disagree there.

Wow. The Japanese poster. That is god-awful. Were they even TRYING?! Okay, let’s try to advertise to a country where our last Star Trek movie barely made half a million. What kind of poster should we make? Alright! One that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the movie! Seriously. I hope that’s a fake, cause it just looks horrible.

211. TonyD - March 28, 2009

The final US poster is good in an arsty / minimalist / impressionistic sort of what but my favorite is the German/UK variant. In addition to really giving a taste of what the movie is about, the layout on that one is very reminiscent of last year’s Iron Man poster and that movie turned out pretty good.

212. crazydaystrom - March 28, 2009


Since this movie it would seem.

213. Alex Rosenzweig - March 28, 2009

I like the UK variant/German poster best, myself. The US one looks too distorted and unclear, the Spanish one looks like a garden variety disaster movie, and the Japanese one, while colorful, doesn’t hold my interest.

At least the UK/German one highlights some of the cast (though McCoy and Scotty are rather conspicuous by their absence) and you can see the Enterprise clearly. :)

214. McCoy - March 28, 2009

I think their main target has been the foreign audience all along. Several studios are doing this.

1. the move premieres overseas

2. overseas market is a bit less familiar with classic Trek (less saturated)

3. JJ and crew have spent lot of time promoting overseas

4. if you look at Mission Impossible III as a model (another Paramount/JJ film with a 150 million budget) you can see by the final numbers they are hoping and perhaps designing for a larger overseas return than domestic ($134,029,801 domestic and $263,820,211 foreign).

215. aries127 - March 28, 2009

I would be totally upset if the new poster was something I’d seen before or already expected, such as…

…the UK & German posters look like old Trek posters…

…the Spanish poster looks like every other disaster film…

…only the new USA image is cool, unique and artistically intriguing.

I think Paramount’s on the right track with this, not branding Star Trek in ways we all expect. Way to push the boundaries! It’s the only way anything creative is good.

216. Magic_Al - March 28, 2009

It’s always interesting what they choose to emphasize in different countries.

The German poster is reminiscent of the US poster for Generations but maybe the German poster for Generations was different.

217. spockatatic - March 28, 2009

sweet! Japanese poster! First comment?

218. Capt Mike Of The Terran Empire - March 28, 2009

All in all i think these are all outstanding posters. They all are targeting what needs to be done to get people to see Trek andn thats what we all need. Trek to do Bigtime numbers so we can have more Trek. Thats what we all want.

219. Chuck and Travis - March 28, 2009

Why is it that all the other posters look cool and the USA look’s
like crap!!!!! Just my opinion.

220. spockatatic - March 28, 2009

whoa… Definetly not first. Why did my screen show…? Oh, well. Mayehe next time…

221. Poster Doctor - March 28, 2009

I don’t like any of these posters. Sorry, but they are VER sub-par!

222. screaming satellite - March 28, 2009

Look you guys NOTHING beats the Trek V teaser with cinema seat and seatbelt….‘why are they putting seatbelts in the theatres this summer?’

THAT’S how to build anticipation!!

The marketing people for this could learn a thing or two from TFF…

223. screaming satellite - March 28, 2009

Makes you wonder what would have happened if Russel crowe had been cast as nero…where would he have figured in the marketing/posters as hes an above the title star…would it have been a sort of Star Trek v Russel Crowe approach? probably not i think as the star of a star trek movie is star trek…same with star wars – any star in that didnt get any special treatement really

bana is a pretty biggish name for a trek film…but not an above the title star (yet)

224. VOODOO - March 28, 2009

I like it.

It’s much better than the boring teaser posters that just showed close up’s of the actors faces… As a matter of fact those teaser posters may have been the worst movie posters I have ever see.

225. John from Cincinnati - March 28, 2009

“At the risk of coming off as too American”

Really? Does that really keep you up at night at Please define “too American”. Does that mean everyone should bow to the ulta liberal Europeans? Heaven forbid, an American website sounds, gulp, American.

226. Charlie - March 28, 2009


227. cpelc - March 28, 2009

you have to remember that the poster is going to be on a wall in a movie theatre lobby alongside many other poster. Most all posters these days are either black backgrounds with pictures, (Like the other variants we saw) or some form of bright and vivid color.

Imagine seeing all those and then one poster which is strikingly white and black with shades of grey. An excellent attention grabber.

228. Thorny - March 28, 2009

Bleh. I really think that whoever’s doing the promotional artwork needs to be fired. The teaser posters stank (starring Chris Pine as Young Hannibal Lechter, no wait…), and now this official movie poster is an abomination. Isn’t a movie poster supposed to make people want to see the movie? This one just makes casual viewers say “what the devil is that… did someone spill a bottle of ink on the paper?”

229. SChaos1701 - March 28, 2009


Do us all a favor and SHUT UP!

230. SirBroiler - March 28, 2009

I’m really disappointed with all of the posters. There are some great artists out there who could have worked magic – can you imagine Trek poster by Alex Ross?

Instead, we get this ad agency Photoshop crap? And what’s up with the cast photography – are these the only images they have – same images from the introduction of the crew many months ago.

A poster isn’t going to keep me from going to this movie – but if they want to attract a wider audience, these posters aren’t the way to go.

231. Andreas -horn- Hornig - March 28, 2009

hi, why is there a deathstar in the upper background of the japanese version? ;)

232. OneBuckFilms - March 28, 2009

231 – It’s a blurred image of the Navigational Deflector of the Kelvin.

233. thorsten - March 28, 2009


John, that line about the europeans…
I always considered Cincinnatus a liberal.

234. SPB - March 28, 2009

New USA Poster:

Sorry, but you’re going to get a bunch of non-fans staring at that poster in the lobby and saying, “Um, it says STAR TREK, but what the hell is that picture supposed to be???”

Only fans will know it’s the Enterprise. Everyone will rightly be flummoxed.

235. OneBuckFilms - March 28, 2009

Unfortunately, I am less than impressed with many of these posters.

I Like the Empire and UK Variant posters, but the rest are not great.

236. The TOS Purist aka The Purolator - March 28, 2009

How come Europe gets the awesome ones, and we get the shitty poster? I don’t get it.

237. thorsten - March 28, 2009


I’ll get you the european ones and you send me a US poster, okay TTPTP?

238. SHCone - March 28, 2009


That’s the most ignorant thing anyone has ever written on this site. You have a lot of opinions about casting for someone who hasn’t actually seen anything longer that two seconds from a trailer. And no, you’re not smart enough to really understand anyone’s performance from that. You clearly lack the objectivity to have analyzed anything clearly.

You people are like kids the week before Christmas who pick up a wrapped package, shake it, and decide you don’t like whatever the hell’s inside. Even though you have no idea what it might be.

239. Jai1138 - March 28, 2009

to AJ at 177:

Hey there, go easy on the sarcasm, big fella!

I was just trying to point out that your original statement denying that movie posters can be “great art” was simply wrong. (As well as being a collector of posters,I’m also a filmmaker who has a hand in designing the promotional art and one-sheets for my work, so I feel I have the ability to contribute something from experience on this topic.)

But you are certainly correct that a movie poster in today’s movie going culture is hardly the lone promotional tool to work a film’s success. And, ultimately, it’s the quality of the film itself and (more importantly, it ability to generate word of mouth) that will lead to some measure durability in the market.

240. Galaxy Quest 2 - March 28, 2009

Where’s McCoy?
I see Uhura.
Star Trek is Kirk ,Spock and McCoy.
Is this political correctness?

241. RAMA - March 28, 2009

The American black and white poster is beautiful but more like a teaser poster than a main poster…a lot of people won’t know what that blurry image is! It needs to convey what people want to see, that poster doesn’t work. My favorite overall is the UK poster with the white background. It has pleasant blue hue to it.


242. Closettrekker - March 28, 2009

I like the Euro posters better. I appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the USA poster, and really wouldn’t mind it as a supplementary or alternative poster, but it doesn’t say “Summer Blockbuster” to me.

I like the UK poster the best.

243. Jefferies Tuber - March 28, 2009

This site has a nice overview of the the advance and release half-sheets for Trek films in US and UK:

It’s funny to see people carping about the abstraction of the new warp effect on the official poster.

What about the ‘disco explosion’ style warp effect highlighted on the first two movie posters?

McCoy gets bumped for Ilia on the TMP poster.

And TWOK’s poster is a goofy abomination, if only for it’s snicker-worthy emphasis on Merritt Butrick, who is staring at the camera with a Broadway stage version of ‘I’m dangerous!’ If they restore the print and do a 30th Anniversary limited release, all they’d need is a picture of Khan in his black desert gear and Michael Jackson glove with the stainless steel mask. I

Sorry to digress into TWOK, but everyone is constantly quoting Kirk’s famous “Khhhaaaan!”

But the line that preceded it is so fing exquisite:
“I’ve done far worse than kill you, Admiral. I’ve hurt you. And I wish to go on hurting you. I shall leave you as you left me, as you left her; marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead planet… buried alive! Buried alive…! “

244. ARGTREK - March 28, 2009

I really think that you American people got the best poster of all. it´s simple, effective , beautiful. Since i dont think i gonna get any poster where i live, i will print it in giant size. I´ll have to travel at lesat 1000 km to see this awesome movie in a decent theatre. but that´s ok. It will be my first time with Star Trek in the big screen, and i just can´t wait no more.

245. Stan Winstone - March 28, 2009

Arg- what happened in Japan. I know that is an image of the Kelvin getting pounded but no one who isn’t already familiar with Trek will. That’s taking abstract to the extreme.

246. Jote - March 28, 2009

I was wondering if Shatner managed to issue a “I regret not being on the poster” comment yet?

247. JWM - March 28, 2009

@158, yes, I get that. But at first glance, it looks like a Death Star.

Honestly, though, I’ve never ‘gotten’ Japanese media/advertising.

248. marco - March 28, 2009

the american one is rubbish…the u.k. is the best one

249. Marco - March 28, 2009

that ST:TMP poster is a beauty..

250. screaming satellite - March 28, 2009

i think the US poster is paramounts way of saying ‘yeah the ORIGINAL enterprise and the ORIGINAL star trek is back…’…not another long TNG episode on the big screen with a funny looking enterprise ;)

251. Charles Trotter - March 28, 2009

I’m going to guess that, despite what the guy on MySpace says, this will not be the “final” poster for the film. The image is far too obscured to appeal beyond those who actually know what that is supposed to be. To be honest, I was expecting the final poster to have the same kind of “wow” factor that was generated by the trailers; this just doesn’t have it. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, it’s a cool design, but as a final theatrical poster intended to draw in a wide audience, I don’t think it this makes the cut. I’m sure they could have though of something much better than this. It is rather eye-catching, though, I’ll give them that.

252. Charles Trotter - March 28, 2009

Having said the above, this is the best of the poster images released this week. No doubt about that.

253. Selor - March 28, 2009

The Japanese Poster is kinda funny^^

254. Closettrekker - March 28, 2009

#251—“The image is far too obscured to appeal beyond those who actually know what that is supposed to be. To be honest, I was expecting the final poster to have the same kind of “wow” factor that was generated by the trailers; this just doesn’t have it. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, it’s a cool design, but as a final theatrical poster intended to draw in a wide audience, I don’t think it this makes the cut. I’m sure they could have though of something much better than this. It is rather eye-catching, though, I’ll give them that.”

I agree. The “mainstream” marketing of this film has been some of the best (if not the best, certainly the best since TMP) we’ve seen for Trek, and somehow, I don’t feel that this is up to that standard if it is indeed the “final” poster.

It is definitely unique, but I expect something more conventional to surface.

I also think that all of the posters are missing the presence of Eric Bana’s character.

#252—“…this is the best of the poster images released this week.”

There—I have to disagree. It is the most unique, but I’m leaning toward the UK poster as the best of the bunch.

255. Anthony Pascale - March 28, 2009

RE: too American
Right now about 1/3 of visitors to this site come from outside the US, with Canada, UK and Germany topping that list. It is important to me that people see this site as covering Star Trek as a global phenomemon. We try to cover events overseas and will do so during the upcoming tour.

256. Tak Kovacs - March 28, 2009

Wow, what a beautiful movie poster. It’s been a long time since I’ve said that.
I’m guessing it is even better in the backlight frames.

I see a “science fiction” poster – definitely something that the marketing department never delivers. How fortunate and lucky. It offers some ambiguity. It’s nebulous. It’s like Bowman traveling through the star gate. What will we see?

Regardless, I’m a new fan and I’d proudly put this on my wall.
Yet another great choice for this film.

257. Kazman - March 28, 2009

I am from Spain, and I HATE the spanish poster !!!

258. Jote - March 28, 2009

#257: does it really make any difference where you are from with regards to liking/not liking the poster?

259. Scott B. here. - March 28, 2009

The U.S. poster is perfect … for a movie called “The Haunting of Starship 1701.” :-)

It is an eye-catching image, but as John Tenuto points out, a poor marketing tool.

The German poster is the best designed, though it’s rather pedestrian.

The problem with the UK variant is that the eye goes directly to the Narada — the old Golden Section at work. I’m not sure you really want that to be the focal point of the image. Maybe it is though. Beats me.

The Japanese poster is an object lesson in aesthetics not always translating between cultures. It’s certainly the most alien looking to Western eyes. :-)

Scott B. out.

260. Stanky McFibberich - March 28, 2009

re: 240. Galaxy Quest 2 – March 28, 2009

“Where’s McCoy?
I see Uhura.
Star Trek is Kirk ,Spock and McCoy.
Is this political correctness?”

I guess I would mind if they were not the fakes.

261. NoRez - March 28, 2009

I will have the black and white Enterprise poster in a frame someday soon. Very tasteful and VERY cool.

262. sean - March 28, 2009


Haha. Like how not to make a movie, maybe? I still remember the famous retort to those TFF teasers – “Why will moviegoers need seatbelts? To prevent them from leaving the theatre!”

That aside, I guess I’m in the minority in that I prefer the Spanish poster above all of these. The US version just looks like someone discovered the blur options in Photoshop. However, I’ll admit that the Spanish version is very vague and certainly doesn’t scream ‘Star Trek’. Then again, that’s probably the idea!

263. Jesse - March 28, 2009

My favorites are the US poster and the UK variant poster (and the TMP poster, of course).

264. Dion - March 28, 2009

why is uhura in all the posters? what about McCoy and Scotty? The only reason why she has a big face portrait is for political correctness.

265. Uhura! - March 28, 2009

Geez… ENOUGH with the “why is Uhura in the movie posters and not (…)”

Because she’s the ONLY prominent female cast member. No Rand. No Chapel. Just Uhura in this movie.

This isn’t an all-boys movie.

And, yes, I would like to see McCoy in these posters. (Karl Urban’s performance is the one I’m looking forward to the most.) But it’s a welcome sight to see a female lead highlighted, not ignored.

266. Unmutual - March 28, 2009

McCoy was bumped off the ST:TMP posters by Ilia, so the “political correctness”criticism is not valid. Pretty girls on posters sold movie tickets in 1979, just as they will in 2009.

267. Chris Basken - March 28, 2009

I guarantee you the artsy b&w US poster will grab more attention than the stock Hollywood paste-everyone’s-face-in UK poster.

If people in the US saw the UK poster on a wall, they’d yawn. Oh, look, more of the same. But when they see the b&w one, they’ll look twice. They’ll see the name. They might even try to figure out what they’re looking at in the image. In short, they’ll get intrigued.

268. Berzerger - March 28, 2009

stop the katakana english!!!! 4 real man

269. Gary Evans - March 28, 2009

Personally, the US poster is horrible. No central focus and too blurry! The picture is just “too busy!” In fact, I get a bit nauseated just viewing it, LOL. The poster should convey a message about the movie, but the real question does the average US movie-goer even pay attention to these promo tools. I get to the theater and I’m concerned about tickets, seating and perhaps popcorn & soda (or H2O) – not lobby posters and even less interested in all the adverts that are shown in so many movie theaters today prior to the movie itself!
I know that many Trekkies will want copies of some or all of these but WHAT I want to see is the that second and third weekend box-office number to be out-of-sight. This movie has to make money or Trek will be in a long hiatus! A marginal profit in today’s world is NOT going to lead to additional Trek nor sequels nor any chances of a TV Series.
Depending upon the final tally to make and promote this new Trek movie Paramount will have $150 – $200 million tied up. I guess this movie needs to gross $350-400 million to be a ‘success.’
What Trek fans think of this movie will wonderful to hear after it released BUT the real issue is will average movie-goer really want to see this movie?
Which of these posters will attract their attention? I think teh attention getters world-wide will be the Japanese and Spanish posters. The Japanese because it has large bold English “Star Trek” overprinted with the Japanese. Simple, but effective. I look at this and know it is advertising Star Trek in Japan. The Spanish because it does look apocalyptic in that the water spout and energy beam are made to look like an atomic explosion near San Franciso and the GG Bridge!
As for the MySpace release – YUK. I have given up on myspace these past few months. It has been a poor performer in response and too much spam results from registration there, IMO.
Besides which I’d rather get my Trek news and info from a reliable siet such as or
As for the succes sof this movie – it truy has to appeal not to just Trek fans BUT to millions of people who are not yet Trek fans. If it acheives that with a great Box Office result then JJ will have acheived a major coup. I wish Paramount and the ST: XI the very best with this upcoming release!

270. Lord Garth, Formerly of Izar - March 28, 2009

Just watched Bottle Shock

Lone Star fighting a hippe haired Captain Kirk

Check it out kids

271. TomBot3000 - March 28, 2009

Nahhhh to ALL of them… I’d rather see a poster version of the wallpaper than most of these cookie cutter blahes. :-)

272. McCoy - March 29, 2009

The trio, we came to find, is the core of Trek (TOS). Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Again, it doesn’t matter what they did on TMP. They were moving forward in the timeline. If you are purposely making a movie about TOS, the emphasis SHOULD in fact be the trio and the original Enterprise.

Anything else is literally just another Star Trek movie from any point in time.

273. Don Farnsworth - March 29, 2009

The U.S poster sucks bad.

As an art piece it is fine but a movie poster is far more than just an art piece. It has to entice the viewer and create interest.

The U.S poster will get the fans excited but not a wider audience. which is why i really really do not like it.

I’m sure the other advertising will pull a wider audience but it’s a shame the poster won’t have that same wow factor so consistent with the rest of the promotion.

The U.K and German posters are the strongest graphically. The Spanish poster would have the widest appeal.

274. Chris Fawkes - March 29, 2009


Agreed. If these had been designed by two teams on The Apprentice it would be the guys who came up with the U.S poster who would be looking down Trumps finger while his voice echoed in their ears “YOUR FIRED”.

275. Blowback - March 29, 2009

I’m glad I was not the only one who noted the USA poster’s similarities to the early TMP advertisement…. Can’t be a coincidence…

276. Ralph F - March 29, 2009

Sorry, I just have a problem with the continual omission of McCoy from the poster. I understand the need to sell with some female sex appeal, but McCoy is part of the trilogy of friendship that made TOS so enjoyable.

Now, how about a photoshop/illustrator contest where you guys start sending in posters for the new TREK (I’ve been calling it TFB a lot) modeled after previous TREK movie posters (I can easily see that teaser one for the ’70s film above) or even the rainbow one for the same film.

277. Mark Lynch - March 29, 2009

I can’t understand or believe the lack of McCoy in these posters. Just dumb, dumb, dumb,

278. screaming satellite - March 29, 2009

276/277 etc – no McCoy on the movie posters for TMP, TWOK, TFF

they need Uhura on there to show that theres a hot chick in the new movie..and its not just a giant wang fest…they gotta sell this movie to as many people as possible!

im sure even Bones himself would see the logic –

Im a Doctor …not a movie poster!

279. Mr. Bob Dobalina - March 29, 2009

I love the poster, but then again, I love Star Trek. If I weren’t already familiar with it, I’d probably scratch my head and say, “What the hell is that supposed to be?” Maybe it’s not such a good idea and too abstract to get people into the theater.

280. sean - March 29, 2009

Yeah, it’s amazing people are still complaining about the lack of McCoy, when he wasn’t present on half the TOS posters in the first place. Besides, I get the feeling this simply isn’t McCoy’s movie (then again, which among the original 6 *were*?). This is a Kirk/Spock story, with Uhura given a higher profile not only to appeal to a wider audience, but to respect Star Trek’s ‘we’re all equals’ philosophy. Having Uhura on the bridge in TOS was a great message, but it would have been vastly improved had she actually been given something to do besides ‘Hailing frequencies open’. I think that’s being rectified here.

281. thorsten - March 29, 2009

Without Bones Kirk would not even be on the Enterprise
on the mission to Vulcan.

McCoy saves not only the Enterprise but earth, too.
Which makes him pretty important for the story.

282. Christine - March 29, 2009


I like the Euro posters. But the USA one’s all right.

And #280, I totally, totally agree. Uhura never really got a spotlight until TSFS, and she’s one of my faves!

283. GaryS - March 29, 2009

Martin Luther King considered Uhura important enough to ask Nichelle Nichols not to quit playing her.
Thats good enough for me.

284. screaming satellite - March 29, 2009


easy with the spoilers dude – believe it or notr some of us are trying to remain as spoiler free as possible (not very easy when frequenting message boards)

285. Brett L. - March 29, 2009

The U.S. version is so disappointing and does nothing to evoke a sense of wonder or excitement. This isn’t a contemporary art class… this is easily the worst Trek movie poster ever (with the possible exception of Nemesis’ mysterious “green gas” effect).

The European versions are much better and should be used in U.S. theatres instead. What a lost opportunity.

286. David B - March 30, 2009


take a look, it has a TMP feel about it now.


287. Scotty7 - March 30, 2009

It kind of bugs me that so many of the promo pieces show Kirk, Spock, and Uhura.

Kirk, Spock and McCoy are Star Trek . . . not Kirk, Spock, and Uhura.

I understand the need for sex appeal, but lets not get too crazy here.

288. thereare4lights - March 30, 2009

#286 That color alignment is national flag of a certain contry. Was it something intentional?

289. WolfTrek - March 30, 2009

I think the UK and Euro posters are much slicker than the US (which looks more like art than a “movie poster”.)
And wouldn’t you think that someone in the Japanese office would have noticed that the only object in the poster (besides the fire) looks more like the Star Wars’ Death Star than anything Trek?
Don’t they show these things to a focus group prior to releasing?

290. Juan - March 30, 2009

Too American?

Why is being ashamed of this country so popular. The last administration wasn’t so hot — agreed. But really, would anyone here rather live anywhere else? At least everyone in America has the right to complain about their conditions — a right that’s clearly exercised liberally.

USA poster rocks.

291. chadwick - March 30, 2009

i like it

292. turkish trekkie - March 30, 2009

All posters are like crap!!! Old Star Trek posters are so much better!!!


Damn!!! >:(


293. asdff - April 1, 2009

usa poster is nice. love the ship going into warp.
the euro poster designs suck. w.k. face blows
the asian poster blows

294. Denny - April 11, 2009

Yeahh… Agree that U.S.A poster is great and awesome. Spanish poster is also quite good… but hey! Where’s the sign of Star Trek??? The poorest i think is Japanese. Seems like ‘3 minutes done’ poster and with clumsy tagline: ‘Sono otoko no nawa James T.Kirk’ which means ‘That man’s name is James T.Kirk’.

295. john - May 6, 2009

Somebody said the USA poster looks “Apple-ish”. He meant it as a compliment.
A failed niche pc product made for people who can’t handle real computers.
Oh, and a Sony/Creative Technologies knock-off that breaks easily and has yet to discover drag-and-drop.
The future is better than that…I assure you.
Go Trek!

296. Nate - May 23, 2009

US poster = intriguing. Begs the question “What am I going to see?”

Euro posters = busy. Try to show the entire movie on posters. Just not successful in my book.

What interests me is the mindset of the cultures. I’m betting that these posters cater to the audiences’ preferences. I’m half-Japanese, and from what I understand of that side of my heritage, there’s a tendency toward big and bold in font usage. Hence the intensity of the text (much to my personal disliking).

@john: A “failed niche pc product”? If $24 billion in revenue is a failure, then I suppose you’re right.

297. Money for Movies « Notes on Life & Society - July 27, 2009

[…] ‘Star Trek’ poster obtained from […]

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